thafreakDerath-Srvr: hey, sorry, I was AFK for days...mini vaca..., what did you need?14:21
thafreakDerath-Srvr: I still haven't gotten the check returned via mail, and it hasn't been cashed...so I'm not sure what's up14:21
thafreakDerath-Srvr: have you heard from the OLF folks whether they've gotten it or not? I copy/pasted the address you sent me and printed it straight on the envelope to prevent any errors hand writing it14:22
Unit193There is currently little chance of me going to OLF :(  (Not sure if you really wanted to know, but there you go)18:22
gilbertjust got the conf pack swag in the mail :)21:29
paultaggilbert: :D21:31
gilbertdidn't come with any discs tho :(21:36
gilbertcouple tshirts, hats, buttons, stickers, a book, but no cds...21:37
gilberthow goes it paultag?21:39
paultaggilbert: not bad, man! About to go for my DM-ship21:39
gilbertyeah saw ur blog on that.  awesome :)21:39
paultaggilbert: just sorta working away, dekrufting my friends' packages :)21:39
paultaggilbert: It's kinda funny --21:39
paultaggilbert: you've ended up doing Ubuntu work, and I'm heading to Debian land21:40
gilberti'm not a dd, but i can give u some props when you send your dm mail21:40
gilberthaha, yeah :)21:40
paultaggilbert: thanks, man! It'd be wicked cool, I'm worried about the whole process :)21:40
gilberti was too, but it wasn't that bad21:44
gilbertjust the waiting and hoping ppl say, yeah you do good stuff21:44
gilberti was just thinking today that it would be to have some kind of stat/award system.  say you do you fix an rc issue, you get a bronze award, fix 5 get a silver, etc...make developing like a game21:46
gilbertof course awards for other things too, then when you go to apply for things you can say hey i have all these awards21:46
paultaghumm, clever21:47
paultagyeah that'd be neat :)21:47
paultaggilbert: man, I just managed to screw up writing a lintian override21:50
paultagI think it's a good thing21:50
gilbertlintian overrides are a pain in the neck21:50
gilberteasiest way to deal with them is to put "tag *"21:50
paultaggilbert: fucking false+ on lintian's driving me nuts21:51
paultaglucky for me it's fixed in VCS, so it's pending :)21:51
paultagI feel good21:51
paultagit's like this asshole friend of mine always tells me I'm wrong21:52
paultagand I finally got to tell it that he's wrong21:52
paultagfeels good, man21:52
gilberthaha, yeah, awesome21:52
gilbertlintian really is an asshole21:52
paultaggilbert: for sure. It's a love/hate sorta thing :)21:53
paultaggilbert: hahahaha21:54
paultagthat's great!21:54
Cheri703so...not to be all "ooo look at me!" but...ooo look at me! http://blog.ubuntu-women.org/?p=25 :D22:07
gilbertCheri703: nice :)  wtg!22:18
Cheri703:) thanks22:18
gilbertCheri703: so i'm gonna try to make the panel at olf, but no guarantees :(22:19
Cheri703cool :) I'm still figuring out logistics...and need to write talk >.<22:20
gilbertnice, i just got the swag in the mail today22:23
Cheri703I'm looking forward to it all :)22:34
BonesHello all.22:38
Unit193Howdy Bones and welcome to the Ohio LoCo!22:38
BonesThank you.22:39
BonesHow is everyone this evening?22:41
Unit193Eating a little and just made some coffee :D  How about you?22:42
BonesNot bad.  Coffee sounds like a good idea. I am going to have to make some here in a few minutes.22:43
Unit193Kona Blend here. Might watch reruns of SG1 too22:44
BonesFoldgers dark roast.22:46
Unit193Bones, as in the TV show? ;)22:49
Cheri703or from star trek?22:49
Bonesjust a nickname22:52

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