cyberangerpace_t_zulu: intresting choice01:08
* wrst likes wordpress :)01:36
cyberangerwrst: as do I, just got the impression this is more a resemue site, not a blog01:37
cyberangermakes it an intresting choice01:37
wrstcyberanger: just tried 11.10 alpha whatever, and unity is much much improving01:39
* cyberanger wonders about that a little, deciedes lubuntu 11.10 should be tried again01:39
Unit193You may still need to add a PPA to get the oneiric theme01:40
wrstcyberanger:  they have really made some nice improvements01:54
cyberangerUnit193: for lubuntu or unity01:59
Unit193cyberanger: You think I know anything of Unity? ;)02:00
cyberangerif I'm using the 11.10 alpha, should be good02:00
cyberangerguess not, hrm02:06
Unit193You need to add a PPA to get it02:08
wrstthats pretty slick02:16
Unit193You're going to make me grep for that ppa aren't you?02:16
cyberangerUnit193: grep, sure ;-)02:40
Unit193cyberanger: Grep me logs and I found it :D02:43
cyberangerah, lol02:45
cyberangerpace_t_zulu: I like it, looks good04:52
Xpistoswhat up homies13:03
twaynepriceHey guys.  We are using these http://www.wyse.com/products/hardware/thinclients/C50LE/index.asp at work.  They use Suse Linux.  We are using touchscreens and the scrollbars are too skinny to use with your finger. :)  Any ideas on how to make them wider?13:05
wrst_workthose are cool looking twayneprice :) using gnome of some sort?13:09
twaynepricewrst_work: yup.  It is kinda stripped down though.13:09
wrst_workgnome 2.x? or gnome 3?13:09
twaynepricewrst_work: good question.  I'm not even sure how to check.13:12
pace_t_zulumorning Xpistos wrst_work twayneprice13:14
twaynepricemorning pace_t_zulu13:14
pace_t_zulusoliciting feedback on my website today ...13:15
wrst_worktwayneprice: I'm betting its 2.x i'm not for sure if there is a key in the gconfig-settings or maybe a theme change13:15
pace_t_zuluJohn Haitas http://johnhaitas.info13:15
twaynepricewrst_work: I think you're right.13:15
wrst_worktwayneprice: everything that I'm seeing look like its a theme type issue but I'm surely no expert on such things13:16
XpistosWow, we are a bit chatty.13:17
XpistosPiers Morgan? Really?13:17
twaynepricewrst_work: I would think it wouldn't be that hard but I sure don't see it anywhere.13:17
XpistosOh, nvm didn't see the RT13:18
wrst_workme either I think it is a theme specific thing twayneprice have you tried any different themes?13:18
wrst_worktwayneprice: you see this? http://mail.gnome.org/archives/gtk-perl-list/2006-July/msg00017.html13:18
twaynepricewrst_work: It is not that easy.  It has a 1G solid state drive and likes to change everything back to it's default settings after you reboot.  :)13:22
twaynepriceIf I can figure out the exact file to change, I might be able to fix it but I can't really add themes.13:25
wrst_workthere has to be a file with the theme it looks like twayneprice. everythign I'm reading sounds like the theming handles scrollbar width13:25
twaynepriceYea, I think you're right.13:28
wrst_workbut I have no clue where those files are :\13:29
twaynepriceI'm gonna try this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=165248313:52
wrst_workhmm twayneprice that seems pretty simple, it can't be that easy can it?13:53
twaynepriceThat worked.  Now to see if I can get it to stay after reboot....13:57
wrst_workcool :)14:02
* wrst_work finally rooted his phone16:11
Xpistoswhat phone16:12
wrst_workI'm tired of seeing bing on my phone Xpistos :)16:12
wrst_worklg vortex, low end phone but still i'm tired of seeing bing :)16:12
XpistosBURN BING16:12
XpistosBURN BING16:12
* Xpistos ran outside to get his pitch fork sharpened16:13
wrst_worki will get the torches lit all we need now is an angry mob16:13
* Xpistos is an angry mob all by himself17:18
wrst_workXpistos: you ever rooted an android phone?17:44
XpistosI have a track phone17:45
wrst_workhmm i have kinda screwed mine up :D17:45
twaynepricewrst_work: I got an apple tv this weekend and jailbroke it.  :)18:54
wrst_workcool twayneprice18:55
wrst_workI just got my phone back up and running but somehow 80% of my contacts are gone :\18:55
XpistosFreaking newschannel 5 is pissing me off19:12
cyberangerwrst_work: didn't do any backups, did you?19:42
wrst_workyes I did... taking for stinking ever to restore19:43
wrst_workusing titanium backup19:43
oriashave you made a nandroid backup yet?20:16
oriasif not, reboot into your custom recovery and do so, especially before messing with your phone :D20:17
oriasit will image your phone, so if it gets fubar'd, you can usually recover and restore it20:17
wrst_workorias: thank you for the words of wisdom :)20:18
cyberangerorias: until he's rooted, he can't really do a nandroid backup20:21
cyberangergreat advice once rooted though20:22
oriaswell if he's running titanium, then he's rooted now correct?20:23
wrst_workorias: yes I'm rooted now, that started my troubles :D20:23
oriasbut look at it like this20:24
oriasnow that you are rooted, its the last time you'll ever have to worry about data loss, just take the right steps from now on :) (titanium backup, nandroid, rsync for android, dropbox, contacts in google, etc)20:24
wrst_workorias: with titanium backup should it take forever and a day to restore something?20:26
oriasit can20:26
oriasare you restoring the app, app + data or the app + system data(no bueno)?20:26
oriasif you looked at the numbers in "batch operations" that should have given you an idea on how much/how long it was going to take20:27
wrst_workapp + data20:27
oriasit takes my oc'd phone a good 10-15 minutes to restore 100-200 apps20:28
orias+ data20:28
wrst_workahh orias I did a batch backup and trying to restore a single app, been working over an hour plus20:28
cyberanger5 minutes for nandroid20:28
oriasvs 5 minutes to restore a nandroid backup20:28
cyberangersomething seems out of place then20:28
wrst_workafraid of that should I just cull this?20:29
oriasi'd let it sit for another 15 minutes or so, then try to kill the titanium process20:29
oriasit may bork that app install, but you can always redo it20:29
cyberangerif it's literally taken 60 minutes, vs an entire system image in 5, hrm....20:29
oriasunless its a system app20:29
oriastitanium can go really slow sometimes20:29
oriaswhat part of the restore is it on? it should tell you what it's installing20:30
wrst_workjust says restoring app and twirling20:33
wrst_workahh oriasI got it now i think20:39
wrst_workI may even get my contacts back... hopefully!20:39
wrst_workbut looks not to be :\21:10
orias :(21:20
wrstorias: now i'm getting android.process.acore stopped and can't make phone calls :)22:25
cyberangerthat does not sound good22:40
wrstno i don't think it is :)22:44
wrstjust reset it to factory22:49
wrstfiguring out the problem seemed more of a pain22:50
cyberangerseems likely considering23:04

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