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mikeputnamBarCampMadison is this weekend. http://www.barcampmadison.org12:10
lostsoni would wager that you will be going dow mikeputnam12:29
mikeputnamthe DHMN BarCamp bus has room for one more13:03
mikeputnamjust emailed the DHMN list13:03
mikeputnamlostson: u goin'?13:04
lostsonno im working all weekend13:04
h00kI'd go, but I have some family coming this weekend14:36
* Cheesehead wanders in, yawning and dishevelled.16:17
* h00k hands Cheesehead a coffee16:27
Cheeseheadh00k: Thanks.16:28
* Cheesehead jumps in surprise17:12
CheeseheadIt worked!17:12
Cheesehead(Teaching myself irssi today)17:12
Cheeseheadh00k: Are we doing another meeting this wednesday? The channel topic claims we are...17:15
h00kCheesehead: I haven't changed it yet ;)17:19
h00kCheesehead: I accidentally set #ubuntu-offtopic topic.17:23
Cheeseheadh00k: Oooh. Are they having a meeting now?17:24
h00k12:21 ::: topic/#ubuntu-offtopic: (Welcome to the Ubuntu Wisconsin LoCo! | LP:  http://goo.gl/Td4Co | Wiki: http://goo.gl/fN3cu | Forum: http://goo.gl/YbxrT |  Mailing list: http://goo.gl/TsX2P) by ChanServ17:24
CheeseheadAh, now that's the cryptic topic I've grown accusomed to.17:24
=== ChanServ changed the topic of #ubuntu-us-wi to: Welcome to the Ubuntu Wisconsin LoCo! | LP: http://goo.gl/Td4Co | Wiki: http://goo.gl/fN3cu | Forum: http://goo.gl/YbxrT | Mailing list: http://goo.gl/TsX2P
h00kYo, Favrenation18:36
lostsonho hum19:18
h00kneed coffee19:18
* h00k wanders off19:18
lostsonmonday afternoon i am moving my office to a new room so i cracked a beer19:22
lostsongonna be nice though a whole room all to myself19:23
lostsonlow class geekery will resume19:23
lostsoni still cant believe how much time it has taken to get things squared away need to get back in a rhythm around here again19:25
h00kI'll be moving a couple times here in the next month :(19:26
lostsonouch i feel for ya19:28
lostsonwe still have stuff stashed at my parents and her parents19:28
lostsoni would prefer to never have to go through this again19:29
h00kYeah, we'll be moving in with her parents for a month, and then to our own place19:29
h00kWe have a house lined up for house-sitting, which is awesome. One yer.19:29
lostsonthat is an interesting deal19:33
lostsonyou guys gonna build or buy a new house then while sitting ?19:33
h00kYeah, the guy works for the UN, and he has this bear dog19:33
h00k6 bear dogs19:33
h00kso, he needs someone to watch his house and the dogs for a year (free)19:33
h00kwhile he goes to work, wherever he is going19:34
h00kSomething security.19:41
Favrenationsaid my name?19:41
h00kFavrenation: just hi19:41
Cheeseheadh00k: According to The Fridge and the O Release Schedule, Thurday Oct 13 is the O release20:02
CheeseheadSeven weeks. When should we start thinking about Release parties?20:03
CheeseheadI know it's early. I'm just thinking ahead about planning meetings and such]20:10
lostsoni think its a toss up between lxde and xmonad20:30
lostsonbut its fun testing both20:30
CheeseheadIs my eyesight fuzzy, or do we really have *four* bots in this channel?23:40
CheeseheadCan anyone tell me what they all do? (Since I'm obviously too lazy to Google them)23:40

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