Cheri703so it seems that fluttrsh is not a troll, but I had a moment of doubt when I saw "fluttrsh (mlp@2001:470:8c72::b00b:babe:cafe)" because frankly, b00b:babe:cafe doesn't sound too innocuous...but perhaps just an unfortunate choice?01:16
pleia2or a coming from a server owned by someone else01:25
akgranerPoll Closed and new leadership team has been announced on the mailing list and the former leadership was emailed along with the new leadership team:  The new UW 2011-2012 leadership team is * Elizabeth Krumbach (pleia2)* Jessica Ledbetter (jledbetter)* Cheri Francis (Cheri703).  Thanks everyone!12:02
akgraneroops sent to the wrong UW list - fixed and sent to the right list now :-)12:08
akgranerOk I've tweeted, Facebooked, google+ the announcement.  I'll blog then post to the Fridge is there anywhere else I need to add the announcement?12:16
nigelbakgraner: uwn? ;)12:16
akgranernigelb, the cuttoff has passed, but I don't think anyone would mind adding it  - I can do that this morning  as we haven't published yet...12:18
elkyYeah, just slap a huge "Breaking news!" section at the top12:20
akgranerIt's on the Fridge :-) - http://fridge.ubuntu.com/2011/08/22/new-2011-2012-ubuntu-women-leadership-team-announced/12:37
PendulumCheri703 jledbetter pleia2: congrats!12:51
jledbetterThank you, Pendulum :) Congratulations pleia2 and Cheri703!12:53
Cheri703Thanks and congrats as well! I just woke up, so am only partially coherent. :) but it was good news to wake up to12:55
Cheri703well, just means <20 minutes ago12:56
akgranerOn so it's on the Fridge and my blog so it hit the planet twice :-)13:04
pleia2thanks for setting that up akgraner16:06
pleia2probably should have announced it on our blog before fridge :) but I'll copy it now16:06
akgranerpleia2, anytime16:06
akgranerpleia2, sorry totally forgot about that one - do I have access?16:06
pleia2akgraner: not yet, I'll give you an account ow16:07
akgranerthanks!  That way I can help out there if you need me too...16:08
pleia2akgraner: you should receive an email16:08
akgranerk thanks16:08
pleia2akgraner: did you want to post it, or should I? (I think better for you to :))16:14
akgranerWill do16:14
pleia2k, thanks16:15
akgranerpleia2, not seeing the email yet16:17
akgraneras soon as I have it I'll post the results..16:17
pleia2akgraner: should have come immediately, I'll try to resend16:21
akgranerthanks which email address are you sending it to ubuntu.com or gmail.com16:22
akgranerOk it's on the UW Blog as well  - http://blog.ubuntu-women.org/2011/08/new-2011-2012-ubuntu-women-leadership-team-announced/16:28
akgranerI <3 the look of it!16:28
pleia2thanks :) putting it on twitter/identica/facebook now16:29
pleia2and launchpad updated16:35
MichelleQcongrats to everyone.  :-)16:37
akgranerI did the FB page16:57
pleia2akgraner: odd, I am not seeing it on facebook.com/ubuntuwomen16:59
pleia2facebook hates me :(16:59
akgranerhmm there are 2 facebook groups16:59
pleia2we've been cross posting everything from identica/twitter to facebook as the UW user16:59
akgranerI posted it on the one with our logo16:59
akgranernot the other one16:59
pleia2there is a group we're retiring, and a new page16:59
akgranerright I used the new page16:59
pleia2yeah, your update isn't showing up for me17:00
pleia2but it's probably facebook being dumb17:00
akgranerwell if it's showing up for you it might not be for others..17:00
akgranerI don't have admin there so I just posted it on the wall - you may want to post as UW on FB17:00
pleia2the identica/twitter one was xposted, so we got it out there anyway :)17:00
akgranerthat might make it show up..17:01
pleia2yeah it's there now17:01
pleia2akgraner: btw, I made you a full admin on the blog so you'll get comment emails - we moderate *everything* and only let CoC-friendly posts through (we've gotten a couple nasty comments I didn't approve)17:11
pleia2(sorta similar to our vague policy for fridge comments :))17:11
akgranerthanks - I'll be happy to write more posts about the team and what's happening - but I'm all over the place so if you all want something written up just poke me and say  - write about whatever and post to the Blog...17:12
akgraner(just give me 24 hours notice if it's something I need to read up on :-D)17:13
pleia2cool, much appreciated17:13
valoriecongratulations to the new leadership!21:42
pleia2valorie: hugs! thanks for running :)21:47
valorieI wanted to get the ball rolling, and I'm glad it did21:49
valorieI know you will continue to rock21:50

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