Guest12947I tried to... but have to admit I've forgotten most of my IRC skills from a decade ago.00:00
w30Guest12947, #samba irc is a good place00:00
mbrigdanHey, I'm trying to make sshd use a different directory for authorized_keys, but it won't change no matter what I do. Anyone know what could be going on?00:00
Dr_Willis /nick  I_am_Old_Skool_leet :)00:00
Guest12947Thank you w30!00:01
Guest12947Thanks for that Dr_Willis!00:01
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urlin2uansak-onepost, so you want to use grub2 in the install in  sdc2?00:01
ejvi find it hard to believe you could forget /nick :p00:01
quellhorsthow could i upgrade ubuntu 8.04 that is running on some "turnkey linux"?00:01
japanhow to delete folder with permissions00:02
sandkeydudeIt seems I'm becoming gifted at forgetting things I don't use as I get older!   ;)00:02
ejvjapan, sudo ?00:02
japani dont know howwww00:02
Dr_Willisjapan:  clarify a bit more...   sudo rmdir foodir   is one way00:02
ansak-oneposturlin2, 1st I want there to be a grub on sda that still points to sda1 so I can keep working from my CentOS system as I migrate away from it.00:02
ejvjapan: sudo rmdir <directory>00:02
quellhorstwhen i do sudo do-release-upgrade ; i get: https://gist.github.com/3c2dff2e98a31b8224d300:02
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* w30 has CRS00:02
ejvjapan: or better yet, `man rmdir`00:02
ansak-oneposturlin2, 2 I want there to be a grub on sdc that points to sdc1 and runs ubuntu00:02
ansak-oneposturlin2, for now... I am open to being told what The Right Way is.00:03
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japani tried rm -rf /opt/lampp but it doesnt work00:03
mbrigdanHey, I'm trying to make sshd use a different directory for authorized_keys, but it won't change no matter what I do. Anyone know what could be going on?00:03
ejvjapan: put a sudo in front of it00:03
ansak-oneposturlin2, for now, I still have a bunch of gotta-do-this-now stuff on the CentOS partition that I mean to migrate away from.00:04
japanok tnx very much00:04
ansak-oneposturlin2, long time user, just not heavy-duty distro-switcher.00:04
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wilderAnybody use playonlinux? I'm having trouble with an install00:04
urlin2uansak-onepost, you don't need a boot partition, as the script read grub is in the sdc mbr and points at that sdc1, can the sdc be moved to the first read in the bios.00:04
ejvwilder: does this look like #playonlinux ?00:04
wilderIt does not.00:05
ansak-oneposturlin2u, sdc becoming first: yes, that's what I want to do eventually.00:05
ansak-oneposturlin2u, actually what you're seeing in that pastebin is not the original results.00:05
ejvwhat is playonlinux wildbat ?00:05
ansak-oneposturlin2u, let me paste that one up, too and explain a bit more of what I've seen.00:05
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zykotick9ejv, it's a frontend to wine00:06
japani also installed php 5 mysql etc etc and i wanna delete it but i dont know where is it00:06
ejvdid he leave, found a forums link for him00:06
ansak-oneposturlin2u, pasted at http://paste.ubuntu.com/672018/ (or is it better etiquette to just say "672018"?)00:06
ejvansak-onepost: full link is fine :p00:07
ansak-oneposturlin2u latest paste is how I found things; sda spins up, reads mbr, boots narwhal off of sdc00:07
urlin2uansak-onepost, so this is a accurate as is of it now?00:07
ejvjapan: i'd use the package manager to remove any libraries/software you no longer want00:07
ejvjapan: eg `apt-get remove <package>`00:07
ansak-oneposturlin2u, 2nd pastebin is how it was, 1st pastebin is after i made one change which did not have the desired effect.00:08
urlin2uansak-onepost, we only want a script of what ity reads now, and any changes may need a new script run.00:08
urlin2uansak-onepost, put the sdc in the first read in the bios, the first script shows if possibly booting.00:09
drag0nzzykotick9, thanks dude00:09
drag0nzfor the info00:09
ansak-oneposturlin2u, this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/672007/ is how things are _now_00:09
ansak-oneposturlin2u, If I try to boot off of sdc (BIOS select boot device), I get a blank screen00:10
ApleEh, fuck Sublime :)00:10
ansak-oneposturlin2u, If I allow BIOS to boot off of default first device (sda), it boots narwhal off of sdc00:10
urlin2uansak-onepost, you don't need the boot partition sdc2 will boot as is.00:11
ansak-oneposturlin2u, okay. but I want to be able to choose to boot from CentOS on sda OR narwhal on sdc.00:11
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ansak-oneposturlin2u, are you saying that what I should do is add more grub-goo to the /boot on sdc1 and then I could accomplish this from menu choices?00:12
laserbledHi, any one using celestia here - need some help - I would like to know how can I set the recording resolution and codec in that00:13
urlin2uansak-onepost, hold on I will give you the commands in a pastebin ti be run from a live cd.00:13
ansak-oneposturlin2u, most kind00:13
mbrigdanHey, I'm trying to make sshd use a different directory for authorized_keys, but it won't change no matter what I do. Anyone know what could be going on?00:13
tomodachimbrigdan: just curious why would you want that?00:14
shygirl214I have a question00:14
mbrigdantomodachi, the default doesn't work if your home directory is encrypted00:14
ejvmbrigdan: you changed the path in /etc/ssh/sshd_config and restarted the service?00:14
ApleIs there anyway to delete a dir and everything in it all at once?00:14
shygirl214im trying to surprise my boyfriend and convert a bunch of wma to mp300:14
mbrigdanejv, Yeah, and other changes I made (as a test) took effect. But it won't let me login unless I have my key in the default directory00:15
EDinNYtrying to rip a CD to mp3...suggestions?00:15
w30Aple, rm -R00:15
EDinNYripperX does not encode...am I missing a lib?00:15
Aplew30: Thanks00:15
ejvEDinNY: banshee does it if im not mistaken00:16
ejvEDinNY: http://banshee.fm/support/guide/audio-cds/00:16
shygirl214any suggestions on converting wma to mp300:16
w30Aple, *smile* man rm is your friend00:16
spacebug-EDinNY: cdparanoia00:16
shygirl214they are scattered through out his music folder00:17
ApleAh, so that's what man pages are00:17
japanxamp is in my download folder, when i try to sudo tar xvfz xampp-linux-1.5.5a.tar.gz -C /opt      it tell me that there is not such file or directory00:17
ApleSweet :)00:17
ejvim sure amarok and rythmbox also support some form of 'ripping'00:17
szalspacebug-: to my knowledge cdparanoia only rips but doesn't encode00:17
EDinNYis cdparanoia from command line?00:17
Aplew40: I'm an Ubuntu newb in case you haven't noticed. *shows off his feathers*00:17
w30Aple, if you don't want to answer all the questions then -Rf00:17
spacebug-szal: no well, that is a second stage00:17
spacebug-EDinNY: yes00:17
Dr_Willisman = manual :)00:18
Aplenonono, I gotcha00:18
Apleman pages = sweet.00:18
EDinNYis banshee from command line?00:18
japanwhere to put xampp to sudo tar xvfz xampp-linux-1.5.5a.tar.gz -C /opt work ?00:18
ejvdid shygirl leave already?00:18
Dr_WillisIt pays to read docs and tutorials. :) - i used to have a Huge THICK book that was the man pages printed out. ages ago00:18
urlin2uansak-onepost, so sdc2 is Natty and you have a Natty cd correct?00:18
ansak-oneposturlin2u, yes00:18
rwwjapan: xampp is not supported in this channel. Use Ubuntu's packages instead.00:19
Quantum_IonI wish I code encode MP3 and WAVS to CD format and burn them too I don't know how to do that00:19
Dr_Willisjapan:  we really dont support xampp here.. theres the lamp stack in the repos.00:19
Dr_Willis!xampp | japan00:19
ubottujapan: We do not support XAMPP installs here. Please use the LAMP stack that is in our repositories; see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP for more information.00:19
japanthis is no about xampp , xampp is just banal example00:19
Dr_WillisQuantum_Ion:  the k3b burner app - makes it rather trivial to  make audio cds. once you install it and the right plugins. There prob. some gnome equiliv also.00:20
Dr_Willisjapan:  id just cd to where you want it to go.. and extract the archive00:20
ansak-oneposturlin2u, and sda1 is /boot to sda2 which is LVM containing CentOS5 that I still need to use00:20
japanwhere file shoud be to install it in that way00:20
japanit says acess is dained00:20
w30Dr_Willis, yeah, electronic data is fine but with a paper book you don't have to boot it up.00:20
urlin2uansak-onepost, notice the fdisk -l command to confirm that on the live cd the partitions are showing the same sdc2 or if different, adjust accordingly. http://paste.ubuntu.com/672028/00:20
Dr_Williscd  /opt  && unp /path/to/the/archive  :)00:20
Dr_Willisw30:  plus you can read it while sitting in the err... reading room every morning. :)00:21
Quantum_IonDr_Willis, Hmmm I have that installed and I have never used the application, might give it a try, thanks00:21
ejvif shygirl comes back, tell her to be more patient next time00:21
Guest71158how to expand the harddisk space in ubuntu? i have zero space left?00:21
urlin2uansak-onepost, grub2 will rad CentOS, you need sdc2 as the bootpartition, not sdc100:21
Guest71158i need to make the partition bigger00:21
japanthis is the answer tnx dude,00:21
Dr_WillisGuest71158:  you can resize partiions with gparted.  if you got other space to put in it..00:21
Quantum_Ionejv, Now you know the reason she is called shygirl00:21
ansak-oneposturlin2u, ? s/rad/read/?00:21
Guest71158so i have to download gparted ?00:21
ejvEDinNY: banshee is a gui app, do you need command line only?00:21
urlin2uansak-onepost, rad=read00:22
Dr_WillisGuest71158:  depends. you are resizeing your / partition? if so you may want to use a live cd.. or the gparted live cd.00:22
urlin2uansak-onepost, read the link carefully and follow as it is.00:22
ejvQuantum_Ion: indeed00:22
Dr_WillisGuest71158:  you do NOT resize a partition/fs thats in use. :)00:22
Guest71158how do i boot thel ive cd00:22
Guest71158i want to resize the partition of ubuntu00:22
Dr_WillisGuest71158:  put cd in.. power up...00:22
ansak-oneposturlin2u, reading carefully... will print out and ponder.00:22
Dr_Willisgparted is on the default desktop live cd i think.00:22
ansak-oneposturlin2u, thanks for the help; will come back if there are problems :)00:23
Guest71158Dr_Willis it wment to the gnome login screen00:25
Dr_WillisGuest71158:   be  bit more verbose in your statements..   the live cd autologs in - if it booted correctly. or did it just boot your normal install.....00:26
Guest71158do i choose recvoery mode?00:26
Guest71158it's GNU GRUB00:26
ApleWhat's a pretty/decent IDE for Ubuntu?00:29
Aplevim is a bit too ugly/obtrusive for my tastes00:29
deeptrouble2vim rocks !00:30
qinAple: gvim?00:30
Aplenono, they're both so ugly and I'm kinda sick of learning their commands00:30
* Aple awaits his execution00:30
deeptrouble2eclipse then00:30
Aple:) I'd just like a decent little editor that looks decent and doesn't flip me out00:30
deeptrouble2slow as hell but works00:30
DesyncifyHello, I accidentally removed my username from the panel up top, and it also removed the power button from top where I shutdown or restart, and my wifi icon, how do I get those back?00:30
qinAple: kate00:31
ApleSee, that's the other stipulation, Eclipse loads so slow, screw that00:31
Aplekate eh?00:31
hahaDesyncify right click on panel00:31
w30Aple, command editor that I use is pico or lately nano00:31
DesyncifyI right clicked and went to add to panel, but don't see my wifi or anything like that00:32
w30Aple, you can just apt-get install nano00:32
deeptrouble2Aple: give vim a chance .. once u learn the commands no going back..00:32
deeptrouble2been that way for past 10 years...00:32
* defunkt agrees with deem 00:33
qindeeptrouble2: Yes, there is- :u00:33
Dr_Willisi stupidify windows users when they watch me edit files in vim.... :)00:33
Dr_Willismad vim skillz00:34
Dr_Willisso i then let them try vigor.  or 'cream'00:34
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deeptrouble2Vigor ?00:34
Dr_Willis!info vigor00:34
ubottuvigor (source: vigor): nvi with the evil paperclip. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.016-15 (natty), package size 266 kB, installed size 680 kB00:34
Dr_Willisit has a paperclip 'helper' like that MS WORD thing. :)00:35
deeptrouble2lol :))00:35
ejvman i loved the einstein guy, if you cliked him enough times, he's make an explosion00:35
Dr_Willisnow cream is really interesting.00:35
Dr_Willis!info cream00:35
ubottucream (source: cream): VIM macros that make the VIM easier to use for beginners. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.42-1 (natty), package size 734 kB, installed size 2600 kB00:35
robbieI love cream.00:36
robbieOn coffee00:36
jackoriperim using ubuntu 10.10, winxp.vdi of hp laptop is not working on sony vaio laptop,  initial vbox screen is repeating as windows loading screen is coming ...00:36
ugartesurely you mean IN coffee00:36
robbieIn coffee00:37
w30thick coffee00:37
hahaDEsyncify: go to System -> Preferences -> Startup Applications and check if network manager is there.if it is try to reboot....00:37
jo-erlend_I spilled coffee on my keyboard, and now I can''t login anymore. How do I deactivate password login from an ssh session?00:37
robbieYou take your laptop apart and clean that crap out.00:37
deeptrouble2jo-erlend_: push ssh keys00:37
Dr_Willisjo-erlend_:  you an edit the  gdm configs to enable auto logging in.. but then what. :)00:37
JoeR1I have never really used git before and I just used it to get a program that I cannot find and does not respond to a terminal command of its name, am I perhaps missing a step that is needed when using git?00:37
jo-erlend_deeptrouble2, I'm talking about gdm.00:38
qinjo-erlend_: gdmsetup (sudo)00:38
jo-erlend_Dr_Willis, then I can watch movies and such until I get a new keyboard. :)00:38
Dr_Willis /etc/gdm/gdm.conf* files00:38
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robbieI thought it was /etc/gdm/Init/Default?00:39
Dr_Willisor use ssh X forwarding to run the gdm config app and enale it there, :)00:39
JoeR1Nevermind, I just figured it out00:39
Dr_Willis/etc/gdm$ cat custom.conf00:39
Dr_Willisautomaticlogin = None00:39
Dr_Willisim on 10.10 right now. so it may differ in 11.*00:40
robbieI'm still using 10.10, tried 11.04.... nope00:40
robbieImmediately downgraded back.00:40
jo-erlend_Dr_Willis, using x-forwarding to do that, seems nice. But how do I do it?00:42
qinjo-erlend_: gdmsetup00:42
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jo-erlend_qin, I need to ssh in as a normal user and run gdmsetup as root. How?00:43
qinjo-erlend_: No, you will have "unlock" button00:43
jo-erlend_I thought I could do ssh -x user@host sudo gdmsetup, but that doesn't work.00:43
qinjo-erlend_: Your user need to be sudoer.00:43
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jo-erlend_qin, hmm. Then... Shouldn't it be ssh -x host gdmsetup?00:44
qinjo-erlend_: Lets stert over, do you have Xforwarding enabled, use -Y switch insead of -X and try "gedit"00:45
jo-erlend_qin, I don't understand that message.00:46
qinjo-erlend_: ssh to your desktop, and run gedit00:46
jo-erlend_you mean ssh -Y host?00:46
Blue1qin: this might help:  http://pkill-9.com/getting-x-windows-to-work-over-an-ssh-connection/00:47
jo-erlend_qin, I don't have ssh forwarding enabled, it seems. I need to use xhost or something then?00:47
qinjo-erlend_: Either -Y or -X (-Y is trusted, and is enabled on Ubuntu)00:47
Aplebleh, I'll give vim a chance once I learn Django00:47
jo-erlend_I have't done this in many, many years.00:47
qinjo-erlend_: So edit file Dr_Willis gave you.]00:48
jo-erlend_that file doesn't exist.00:48
jo-erlend_but I'd like to enable ssh forwarding in any case. But since it isn't allowed, I need to make it allowed somehow.00:49
Aplegedit looks nice00:49
tony_nvr mnd00:49
kavurthttp://www.cic.gc.ca/english/pdf/kits/forms/IMM1344E.PDF i can't open this pdf. how can i install adobe reader 64bit?00:49
koudhello people, I need help with strange problem. I have set up pptp server and I got it working with clients connecting, but when those clients try to browse some homepages only google works. no other site00:49
qinjo-erlend_: sudo vim /etc/ssh/sshd_config00:49
koudbut I can ping other sites00:49
KM0201kavurt: i just opened it in adobe reader (32bit) and it's not working00:50
aadsdas8I have a problem: my laptop is overheating00:50
jo-erlend_qin, hmm? I thought I'd have to use xhost or something?00:50
aadsdas8and fan is making a lot of noise lol00:50
KM0201aadsdas8: that sounds like a hardware issue..00:51
KM0201does the noise/problem stop when you boot windows?00:51
aadsdas8it's new00:51
KM0201aadsdas8: new laptops ship w/ problems also.00:51
aadsdas8KM0201: in windblowz it doesnt make noise00:51
qinjo-erlend_: line: X11Forwarding yes00:51
KM0201aadsdas8: dunnno, sounds like you got somethin going on there.00:51
jo-erlend_qin, on the server?00:52
aadsdas8KM0201: thats vague00:52
qinjo-erlend_: Yes00:52
KM0201aadsdas8: well, you gave a vague explanation of the probl_em.00:52
KM0201aadsdas8: what model laptop?00:53
jo-erlend_qin, I'00:53
aadsdas8KM0201: toshiba satellite l65000:53
jo-erlend_qin, I'm still getting error messages that authentication is wrong and that display can't be opened.00:53
KM0201kavurt: i just installed adobe acro-reader 9, and that document opened up no problem00:53
aadsdas8toshiba tools dont work with the kernel n1 ubuntu00:54
jo-erlend_qin, are you sure X doesn't have to be configured to allow external connections?00:54
aadsdas8required kernel toshiba support not enabled.00:54
qinjo-erlend_: Never have to do it in ubuntu.00:54
kavurtKM0201: is there 64 bit available? i tried to install 32bit, but it said wrong structure or something00:54
jo-erlend_qin, ok, so tell me what I need to do? I've added that line. How do I proceed?00:55
qinjo-erlend_: On client: ForwardX11 yes ForwardX11Trusted yes00:55
KM0201kavurt: i'm honestly not sure...00:55
KM0201kavurt: can I PM you.?.. i might have a simple solution for you.00:55
aadsdas8it's like fan is at full speed all the time00:55
jo-erlend_qin, which file?00:55
kavurtKM0201: sure thanks00:55
qinjo-erlend_: Make sure that you do not have dupes in configs. Client /etc/ssh/ssh_config00:55
MK``Whenever I create a drawer on gnome panel and put something into it, and then restart, the drawer no longer works. It doesn't expand or anything. I am using 11.04 with  gnome 2, has anyone else had this problem or know how to fix it?00:55
zykotick9kavurt, if you have the 32bit deb you can install it using "sudo dpkg -i --force-architecture ADBOBE_BLAH.deb"00:56
jo-erlend_qin, and those are two lines, yes?00:56
qinjo-erlend_: Yes00:56
qinand on server: sudo service ssh restart00:56
kavurtzykotick9: thanks, i'll try it00:56
zykotick9kavurt, you need it ia32-libs for that to work BTW00:57
aadsdas8fan is running very fast00:58
jo-erlend_qin, I'm still not allowed.00:58
kingofswords hi if i played a game with wine where would my gamesaves be?01:00
aadsdas8why Ubuntu Natty doesnt support toshiba tools01:00
qinjo-erlend_: hm, cat you ssh -Y -vvv and run gedit?01:00
meth3how do i get rid of this envelop icon in the systray ?01:00
KM0201aadsdas8: i thnk the bigger questino, is why doesn't toshiba have toshiba tools for linux.. you're blaming the wrong party01:00
dagerivi just dicovered something awsome i want to share with you. if firefox wont install .xpi because incompatible; you can edit the max version in install.rdf, and it could work! i did this with moonlight01:01
zykotick9kingofswords, depends on the game but check in the ~/.wine directory somewhere01:01
jo-erlend_qin, no. I'm not allowed. /usr/bin/xauth:  error in locking authority file /home/jo-erlend/.Xauthority X11 connection rejected because of wrong authentication.01:01
aadsdas8KM0201: I installed toshiba tools from repositorie.s.01:01
kingofswordszykotick9, yeh i know ...im having trouble locating 'my documents' in wine..thats where gamessaves are normally01:01
qinjo-erlend_: You do not have .Xauthority, do you?01:01
aadsdas8KM0201: it doesnt work with this kernel01:02
jo-erlend_qin, yes. It belongs to root.01:02
zykotick9jo-erlend_, you could try "xhost +" to disable all security (as a test)01:02
qinjo-erlend_: In your ~01:02
KM0201aadsdas8: then that still isn't ubuntu's problem, toshiba needs to do a better job of making sure their package works w/ all kernels01:02
aadsdas8hm i think it's a ubuntu problem01:02
jo-erlend_zykotick9, cannot open display.01:02
aadsdas8one more problem01:02
ryan_46aadsdas8:  reinstall or switch OS. ???01:02
aadsdas8yeah im gonna back to windows just because of fan01:03
jo-erlend_qin, yes, I have that file in my home and it belongs to root.01:03
KM0201aadsdas8: actually, that would be pretty smart, a bad fan will brick a laptop very very quickly.01:03
qinjo-erlend_: ~/.Xauthority in not a root file, any way what permissions it has?01:04
KM0201aadsdas8: did you configure toshiba tools?01:04
jo-erlend_qin, but what would be much better, if it's possible, is if I can log in from the laptop using ssh and then run the applications on the servers monitor.01:04
jo-erlend_qin, 700.01:04
ApleHow can I share an external hard drive between Ubuntu machines on a Windows network? :)01:04
aadsdas8KM0201: the fan is working correctly as seen in windows 7. it is not working correctly in ubuntu 11.04. conclusion: it's ubuntu fault01:04
KM0201aadsdas8: i'm not gonna talk to someone who has drawn such a dense conclusion, but... ok.01:05
qinjo-erlend_: So you want vnc, for remote control.01:05
aadsdas8KM0201: lack of arguments but ok01:05
aadsdas8if you dont know how to help me just dont talk to me tks01:05
KM0201aadsdas8: no, the argument is, you don't know how to read, did you read this little tidbit ont hat package...  Note that these utilities work with APM features in the Toshiba BIOS.01:05
KM0201If your laptop's BIOS only supports ACPI and not APM, then toshutils will01:05
KM0201probably not work for you. Toshiba's newer models tend to support ACPI01:05
KM0201only, and therefore toshutils will not work with them.Note that these utilities work with APM features in the Toshiba BIOS.01:05
KM0201If your laptop's BIOS only supports ACPI and not APM, then toshutils will01:05
KM0201probably not work for you. Toshiba's newer models tend to support ACPI01:05
FloodBot1KM0201: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:05
KM0201only, and therefore toshutils will not work with them.01:05
jo-erlend_qin, I have to use vnc in order to start x on the desktop?01:06
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th0rKM0201: work for Burma Shave?01:06
KM0201th0r: lol screwed up.. :)01:06
KM0201aadsdas8: anyway, so that is obvbiously ubuntus' fault, since they told you a package probably woudln't know w/ your laptop...01:07
KM0201wouldn't *work01:07
urlin2uKM0201, let it go man. ;-)01:07
aadsdas8yeah man dont cry just because it sucks01:08
KM0201urlin2u: i just get annoyed by idiots very easily, then he had the nerve to say the problem was me.01:08
KM0201aadsdas8: well, like i said, remove it.01:08
aadsdas8KM0201: dont call me an idiot, idiot01:08
KM0201aadsdas8: i can read wha ta package does and doesn't do... you obviously cannot.01:08
qinjo-erlend_: I though we trying to set automatic lodin now.01:08
KM0201of course, thats ubuntus fault..lol01:09
jo-erlend_qin, I want to somehow be able to run my desktop.01:09
jo-erlend_the easiest possible way.01:09
qinjo-erlend_: Do you want to chown ~/.Xauthotiry to yourself?01:09
jo-erlend_qin, do I?01:09
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qinjo-erlend_: Sure.01:09
jo-erlend_ok. Done. Now what?01:10
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RPG-MasterAnyone here using a good usb 3 card?01:11
RPG-MasterPCI Express card01:11
qinjo-erlend_: Interesting: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RemoteXHowTo says: ln -s $XAUTHORITY ${HOME}/.Xauthority01:12
aadsdas8lol #ubuntu-sucks was moved01:12
jo-erlend_qin, that's for Breezy though. Six years old.01:13
jo-erlend_qin, but I really don't want to spend hours on this. If I could only activate automatic login, then everything would be fine.01:13
hatchI can't seam to get apache2 to parse htaccess files is there any trick to it with 10.04 ?01:13
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jo-erlend_hatch, #ubuntu-server01:14
hatchjo-erlend_: thanks01:14
scythefwdanyone have any experience with BURG?01:14
urlin2uscythefwd, yes01:14
koudhello people, I need help with strange problem. I have set up pptp server and I got it working with clients connecting, but when those clients try to browse some homepages only google works. no other site01:14
scythefwdurlin, where did you install it from and did the .deb's tell you there was something wrong with them, eg. using the wrong guid01:15
qinjo-erlend_: Hm, cannot find autologin option in gdm configs... is it 11.04?01:15
urlin2uscythefwd, mine is installed via a ppa I believe, as part of a multiboot usb01:16
RPG-MasterAccording to the Ubuntu certified page, any card using the uPD720200 chipset will work perfect.01:16
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jo-erlend_qin, I found it. I needed to make /etc/gdm/custom.conf and add a couple of lines.01:17
ubuntu_sucksit true when they say it01:17
qinjo-erlend_: Yes, AutomaticLoginEnable=true and line for user. Did not know what it goes to Default.01:18
jo-erlend_ubuntu_sucks, go away please.01:18
urlin2uscythefwd, Natty?  http://ubuntu-install.blogspot.com/2011/05/beautiful-burg-boot-loader-gets-ubuntu.html01:18
scythefwdurlin - yeah, natty... I already have it installed... I just thought the messages that popped up were odd.01:19
urlin2uscythefwd, have you installed it to the mbr?01:19
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scythefwdurlin - yeah, come to think of it, it wasn't burg itself that threw up the warning, it was burg-manager and buc01:21
scythefwdurlin - it was all guid based errors that I saw, not that the package failed.  Works fine with my win7 and ubuntu entries01:21
kingofswordshow can i upgrade xorg?01:22
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urlin2uscythefwd, you will have to be more clear if you have a problem, including the erorrs in a pastebim=n with all the text.01:22
ubuntu_sucksit doesnt even show the RPM01:23
urlin2u!ot | ubuntu_sucks01:23
ubottuubuntu_sucks: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:23
ubuntu_sucksit's not offtopic01:24
ubuntu_sucksit's related with ubuntu01:24
urlin2uubuntu_sucks, Ubuntu-related support questions01:24
scythefwdurlin - don't sweat it... it's working.01:25
urlin2uscythefwd, cool. ;-)01:25
kingofswordsif i upgrade to 10.10 will i have to re-do all my compiz settings and cairo dock/01:25
urlin2ukingofswords, plan on doing so.01:26
kingofswordsurlin2u, im need xorg 1.8 so upgrade seems simplist way01:27
kingofswordsdoes the upgrade take long/alot of dl?01:27
erossi installed ubuntu server 64 bit on virtual box, the dhcp works but when I set up as static, I can't ping my router or the internet.. in /etc/network/interfaces.  networkmanager is not installed01:27
scythefwdurlin - I'm familiar enough with linux to truely break things (about as familiar with it as I am with spelling  <- )  It was just a popup that asked me to ignore and install when I tried to install BUC.  I'd hav eto remove burg-manager to re-install buc and it ain't worth my time01:27
WallyJ2KSo when I try to active my VGA output to have its own resolution, the monitor prefs window says "requested position size for CRTC 80 is outside the allowed limit". Ideas?01:28
urlin2ukingofswords, upgrades have been known to break clone lucid first in case it does01:28
kingofswordsurlin2u, i dont understand ...what is clone lucid?01:28
ubuntu_sucksubuntu is destroying my hardware01:29
scythefwdeross - can you ping other systems on your subnet?  I'd double check your IP settings before you start really messing with things01:29
trevorjayubuntu_sucks: yep that makes sense. lol.01:29
urlin2ukingofswords, you can make a image=clone of Lucid,  http://clonezilla.org/01:29
scythefwdKing - clone the vm that lucid .. whatever it is, lynx was it???, was installed on01:29
ubuntu_suckstrevorjay: it's overheating laptop01:30
KM0201ubuntu_sucks: if thats the case, it's kinda silly you're still using it..01:30
ubuntu_sucksso it does make sense01:30
trevorjayWhere do trolls find the time? jesus.01:30
ubuntu_sucksKM0201: well it means it sucks?01:30
trevorjayubuntu_sucks: not ubus fault01:30
kingofswordsurlin2u,  isnt it easier to use update manager? im on 10.04 at moment01:30
ubuntu_sucksim not trolling im stating a fact01:30
* KM0201 sighs... he'll never get it.01:30
Dr_WillisYou are being vague..01:30
trevorjayubuntu_sucks: set your system up correctly it wont happen01:30
ubuntu_suckslol clean install01:30
urlin2ukingofswords,  suggest a extra so if the upgrade fails you just slip back in the lucid, it's insurance.01:31
ubuntu_sucksbios settings are good too01:31
KM0201ubuntu_sucks: there's a lot of blame... but its not ubuntu's fault.. 1. the package doesn't support your system, it said so in the package description, 2.  get upset w/ toshiba for not producing proper tools, 3. YOU should research laptops better, if you want to use linux on them.01:31
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kingofswordsurlin2u, an extra? u mean burn it to cd?01:31
trevorjayubuntu_sucks: its more than like your fans arent being controlled correctly01:31
ubuntu_sucksKM0201: HAHA n1 now it's mu fault01:31
urlin2ukingofswords, did you look at the clonezilla link?01:31
ubuntu_sucksspecial laptops for ubuntu01:31
ubuntu_suckstrevorjay: maybe01:32
laserbledHi - is there any application in ubuntu where I can set the screencapture video resolution to to more than my native resolution ?01:32
KM0201ubuntu_sucks: i dont see who else's fault it could be.. ..01:32
Dr_WillisUbuntu works very well on my Toshiba X505 - but theres a great deal of varity in power saveing/features/settings that are or are not supported in linux by laptop makers.01:32
trevorjayubuntu_sucks: look up your model and figure out what it needs01:32
ubuntu_sucksim looking01:32
scythefwdubuntu_sucks - not special laptops, just those that conform to the publish standards.01:32
urlin2ukingofswords, you v=can make a complete copy of lucid to a external drive in packets, so if your upgrade fails you still have the original01:32
th0rscythefwd: and the cheap ones the script kiddies purchase01:32
trevorjayubuntu_sucks: but first, stop trolling because your laptop is made incorrectly01:32
Dr_Willisive yet to figure out why hw makers always seem to change their standards.01:32
kingofswordsurlin2u, ah so its a ghost image?01:33
urlin2ukingofswords, in MS words yes.01:33
trevorjayubuntu_sucks: by incorrectly I mean different than all of their others01:33
kingofswordsurlin2u, can i make the clone image to my hdd or even the windows partition?01:33
Jordan_Uubuntu_sucks: You don't appear to be actually attempting to get support. If you'd like to stay in this channel please change your nick and keep your comments constructive.01:33
ubuntu_sucksJordan_U: well you dont help me at all.01:33
scythefwdkingofswords - what vm are you running it on?  Vmware, VirtualPC ??01:34
urlin2ukingofswords, yes if there is room, about equal to the data in Ubuntu needed, but on install back you need the same partition or bigger.01:34
kingofswordsscythefwd, erm ?01:34
Jordan_Uubuntu_sucks: This is your last warning. Please change your nick and keep your comments constructive.01:34
kingofswordsurlin2u, so itll be around 700meg? do i need to put it on the windows partition then?01:34
kingofswordsscythefwd, what are you talking about?01:35
ubuntu_sucksJordan_U: I was trying to get help with this but now I say FUCK YOU and ban me bye01:35
urlin2ukingofswords, your ubuntu install is where now that is a cd size a ISO size.01:35
henry-patience is a virtue.01:35
MK``What does %U mean in the command line of an application launcher?01:35
Dr_Willisand that ends todays lesson on how to not get help in an irc chat room.01:35
scythefwdth0r - is that the ones that will work???01:36
erossscythefwd - what do you mean by subnet, like the other devices either wirelessly or wired and connected to the server?01:36
Dr_WillisMK``:  Ive seen tht documented somewhere.. on the nautulus scripts docs. i think it may be the path to the file.   not sure where i saw it at01:36
scythefwdkingofswords - sorry, crossing conversations here.. NM01:36
kingofswordsurlin2u,  you mean what partition?01:36
urlin2ukingofswords, you have a installed ubuntu right, should be at least 3.5 gigs01:36
Dr_WillisMK``:  Hmm. not in the naut scripts docs.. You could try making a script that print the variavble :) to see what its set to.01:37
kingofswordsurlin2u, yeh im in ubuntu now it 10.04 lts alternate....to make clone image do i have to leave ubuntu?01:37
scythefwdeross - oh lordy.. this is usually a couple hour long block of instruction.01:37
urlin2ukingofswords, you're not understanding or communicating in a sense that makes sense this is a waste of time, sorry. ;(01:38
erossi can't ping my other intranet pc , can't ping the router gateway unless it's switched back to dhcp01:38
scythefwdeross - create a room and tell me where you went... there's too much chatter in here to try and explain Ip subnetting and how that effects network routing and connectivity  in here01:38
kingofswordsurlin2u, oh hang on i have 8gb usb stick....would that be best place01:38
FirefisheI'm using kubuntu 11.04, fresh install.  When I bring up konsole, then try to resize it from the bottom-right corner of its window, my entire system completely freezes, although the cursor seems to move around a bit, somewhat randomly, but also as if delayed touchpad or mouse actions are also getting through somehow.  I also lose keyboard (laptop) input.01:38
_deXter_Hi all, trying to mount a filesystem at bootup using fstab but it fails to mount; I get an error "Unrecognized mount option "uid=1000" or missing value"01:38
WallyJ2KAlso... when I see the login screen, the bottom gray bar is across the middle of the screen. Why would that be?01:39
Dr_Willis_deXter_: paste the exact line here for us to look at.01:39
kingofswordsurlin2u i dont really understand what u r saying01:39
_deXter_Dr_Willis: http://pastie.org/240908701:39
Dr_Willispastebin for a single line? :)01:39
fission6how do i turn my system bell on i am trying tp do print '\a'01:40
_deXter_Well, it's a long line..01:40
fission6in python which should work01:40
Dr_Willis_deXter_:  i would remove most of the options, i think some may be incorrect.. then add in the ones you need01:41
_deXter_Dr_Willis: Okay, will try01:41
Dr_Willis_deXter_:  and im not sure that fmask and dmask work with ext2/3/401:41
_deXter_Dr_Willis: oh!01:41
koud_ahhhhh I am going insane, why I can only access google pages................01:41
Dr_Willis_deXter_:  then again.. for ext2/3/4 you souldent want uid/gid either....01:41
fission6system bvell / Xfce Terminal terminall bell? how do i turn it on01:42
_deXter_Dr_Willis: I added that because I needed rw perms for the whole partition01:42
_deXter_So that I don't need to chmod/chown it01:42
Dr_Willis_deXter_:  and auto,users  just seems odd..01:42
Dr_Willis_deXter_:  that wont work   i belive...01:42
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_deXter_Dr_Willis: So there's no way to get rw perms without having to chmod ?01:42
Dr_Willisat least i dont think you can mount  fs and override the permissions on the files. for ext2/3/401:42
leifWhenever my Sony Vaio laptop is waken up from sleep, it acts as if it's a fresh boot up, does anyone have any ideas on how to fix it?01:43
Dr_Willis_deXter_:  not that ive ever seen..01:43
leif(Namely to get it to sleep/resume properly)01:43
_deXter_Thing is that is the /home partition for another distro I'm dual-booting so I don't want to change the perms01:43
Dr_Willis_deXter_:  i always add my users in the same order. so they get the same uid. but for differnt disrtos that may not work. ie: redhat starts at a differnt # i think01:43
kingofswordshow long does it take to update to next ver of ubuntu?01:44
Dr_Williskingofswords:  new release every 6 mo.01:44
leifI tried this to no avail: http://thecodecentral.com/2011/01/18/fix-ubuntu-10-10-suspendhibernate-not-working-bug01:44
_deXter_Dr_Willis: Yep, that's the problem, the uid is different01:44
kingofswordsDr_Willis, no i mean if i use update manager to go from 10.4 to 10.10?01:44
kingofswordsdoes it dl the whole 700megs and does it take long to install?01:45
Dr_Williskingofswords:  would depend on the speeds of your connection. its bsically downlading some 600+mb of data.. then working on the install..01:45
kingofswordsok thx....the install would take same or less time than a fresh install?01:45
SeriphinGood evening01:46
edbiankingofswords: depends of the speed of your system.  On modern hardware a normal install takes about 40 minutes01:46
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edbianSeriphin: hi01:46
leifI also tried this, with no luck: http://weswilliamz.blogspot.com/2010/11/fix-ubuntu-1010-sony-vaio.html01:47
kingofswordsedbian, thx...its 2.4 duo core with 4gb ram01:47
SeriphinCan someone direct me to an alternate download for the new 11.04 server torrent, the one on the offical website is bad redirect. I need the 32 bit ver please.01:47
edbiankingofswords: 40 minutes, maybe 3001:47
kingofswordsahhh if i upgrade can i go from 64 bit to 32/01:47
gr33n7007hSeriphin -- http://ca.isohunt.com/download/291288725/f083688df0b00675197aff464aa1c7eabf879c99.torrent01:50
leifHmm... this website (http://fabiostrozzi.eu/2010/12/09/ubuntu-10-10-on-sony-vaio-vpcf13v5e-work-in-progress/) says the line should be: SUSPEND_MODULES=”xhci_hcd”, as apposed to "xhci-hcd", would that be correct?01:50
SeriphinThank you kindly01:50
Guest71158HELP ME01:50
yeats!help | Guest7115801:50
ubottuGuest71158: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)01:50
Guest71158i need to resize my ubuntu partition01:50
Guest71158i'm in gparted01:51
Guest71158i have 5GB ubuntu partition - 500MB linux swapn then 5GB emtpy space01:51
Guest711585GB ubuntu - 500mb swap - 5gb free01:51
urlin2uGuest71158, take a screenshot of gparted and imagebin it and stae what you want>01:51
Guest71158what state ?01:51
Guest71158wath the screen shot do ?01:52
zelozelosits ok Guest71158 , just specify manually how you want the partitions, is the free space "unused" or is it partitioned too?01:52
kingofswordsdoes upgrding ubuntu ver keep my settings?01:53
Guest71158the free space is unallocated01:53
zelozelosmostly does cept if the prog is obsoleted01:53
urlin2uGuest71158, sisnce you know not how to do it it helps to have a picture, takes out the guessing, you would not want any guessing would you?01:53
zelozelosGuest71158, ok, just slide the slider to overtake the empty unused space , make sure to use the correct color01:53
Guest71158how to move the swap file to the end of the disk without breaking it?01:53
zelozelosthe color that matches the linux partition01:53
zelozelosGuest71158, DONT mess with swap, its fine where it lies01:54
ApleAnyone use GEdit? Where do I put third-party plugins?01:55
zelozeloseveryone always wants to change/modify swap, its not necessary unless its less or way more then the actual memory the machine has01:55
Guest71158ok man i understand now .. thanks01:55
htmlusb creator on ubuntu 10.10 dont work, and when i go and chosse my iso it doesnt show up,01:56
Guest71158thanks for the infos01:56
Dr_Willisnomally one has a swap partition also.. not a swap file.01:56
Dr_Willishtml:  whats the iso you are using?01:56
urlin2uhtml, what is the ISO?01:56
zelozelosfor the most part swap is pretty good at knowing what it needs to be..true Dr_Willis a swap file would be dos/microsoft hehee01:56
gr33n7007hhtml -- use unetbootin01:56
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Dr_WillisYou can have swap files and partitions. :) or some of each.. or several of each..01:57
_deXter_Dr_Willis: Changed my uid to match the other distro and I'm able to access the files just fine! Thanks for your help :)01:57
zykotick9gr33n7007h, +1  html01:57
Guest71158thanks zelozelos01:57
htmlfedora 15  i68601:57
koudany pptp experts here?01:57
zelozelosnp Guest7115801:57
Dr_Willisjust dont put your swap file in your ubuntuone dir. :)01:57
htmlpptp? whats that?01:57
leifWell that didn't work. :(  Any other suggestions?01:57
Dr_Willishtml:  thats why.. the tool  is for ubuntu disks only01:57
fission6wahts a good way to notify a user of an even in a bash script? like surfacing to the UI01:57
Guest71158Dr_Willis you told me to boot using live cd01:57
Dr_Willishtml:  check out pendrivelinux and its tools01:57
Guest71158i downloaded gparted live cd01:57
Guest71158next time be more specific01:57
Dr_WillisGuest71158:  i probley mentioned giveing more details in your responses also...01:58
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urlin2uhtml, at pendrive is the multisystem multi booter that works.01:58
toocoolmy system is partioned  150mb boot 520mb swap 16gb root 15 gb home01:58
Dr_Willisgparted live cd - is a very handy live cd to have in your toolbox.01:58
Dr_Willistime for me to go to work. bye all.01:59
zelozelosthere should be a bot answer for everyone that wants to change/modify partitions directing them to a page that has basic partition information and what they are, including swap, thers prob a link on the site that can be used01:59
htmlzykotick9,    what do you mean by +1 ? dont get it01:59
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edbianzelozelos: There should be a bot answer for every question! :D01:59
urlin2uhtml, means approval02:00
toocoolRTFM  :O)02:00
zelozelosedbian, naw just some of the most frequent things people dont understand and want to mess up..i mean customize02:00
htmlurlin2u,   is there one for ubuntu ? ,  im aware of it , but never one for linux02:00
edbianzelozelos: Is there a way to edit the bot?02:00
edbianIs there a way to edit the bot?02:00
zelozelosonly chan ops can02:01
urlin2uhtml, one what the thumb loader?02:01
htmlurlin2u,  of it not working?,, i have never really had much luck and go to use something else02:01
urlin2uhtml, I don't know what your talking about, can you be more clear. ;-)02:02
ApleAnyone know where to put GEdit 3rd party plugins?02:02
urlin2uhtml, Linux covers over 300 distro's at the least.02:03
urlin2uincluding Ubuntu02:03
htmlurlin2u,  i dont know why they even bother putting it in  the os'es  (usb creator)   and it sucks,   i wish theres a muliti- boot usb creator for linux02:03
urlin2uhtml, you are not looking close enough.02:03
zykotick9html, sorry, i just mean that unetbootin was a good suggestion.  I was agreeing with gr33n7007h02:03
Cas07Aple: ~/.gnome2/gedit/plugins/02:04
urlin2uzykotick9, I agree. ;-)02:04
koudsomeone got suggestion where I can ask network related questions?02:04
ApleCas07: Thanks man02:04
_deXter_html: You can use YUMI, it's a pretty good multi-boot usb creator02:04
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urlin2u_deXter_, windows loader02:04
_deXter_urlin2u: ?02:04
ApleCas07: No such file or dir, you sure?02:04
Cas07create it then02:04
htmlzykotick9,  oh... well i didnt have much luck in the past with it,  im still not sure how it even works02:05
Cas07Aple: ~/.gnome2/gedit/ should exist02:05
urlin2u_deXter_, runs in windows02:05
MagicJmy netbook has an internal microphone and also a plugin for an external one -  for some reason ubuntu is not offering these as inout devices - any ideas would be most welcome02:05
_deXter_urlin2u: I know02:05
ApleCas07: It does. Create a plugins folder and go?02:05
Cas07Aple: yep02:05
ApleThanks chief02:06
_deXter_html: Well if you're running it in wine, you'll have to give your usb drive a drive letter using winecfg first02:06
_deXter_html: once you do that it works great02:06
html_deXter_,   i know of that one  and i use it alott!  i just wish i knew of one that what for linux, or even better crossplatform02:06
_deXter_html: It works great under Wine02:06
AfflictoHey all. I'm trying to remotely view\control my ubuntu PC via my win 7 PC. (They are on LAN together). Using UltraVNC or TightVNC wll result in: controlling the desktop with mouse and keyboard, but frames do not update. I only see the first initial frame. Please help! (Teamviewer worked though, but it laggs like ****)02:07
html_deXter_,  never good at wime, ( your hit my most weakest spots ,  )  ive been at this for a 1-2 yrs.02:08
html_deXter_,  can you show me?02:08
ApleCas07: Do I have to source gedit or something to get it to pick up those plugins I installed?02:08
urlin2uhtml, http://www.pendrivelinux.com/multiboot-create-a-multiboot-usb-from-linux/02:08
urlin2uhtml, or use unetbootin.02:09
ApleCas07: Oh nevermind. Works now. Thanks so much man! :)02:09
ApleLove you IRC guys02:09
nsd_Quick printing question (hopefully): Anyone know if it's possible to specify a blank page in the gnome printing dialog page range field?02:10
zelozeloswhen i click on the main menu icon, and click logout< does anyone know the command it runs to bring up that logout dialog box to choose logout or switch users?02:10
nsd_zelozelos: Are you trying to use an alternate WM?02:10
zelozelosnsd_, no just gnome, but i use cario dock instead of the panels, but for some reason the power icon cairo dock has wont logout, only pulls up the shutdown dialog,02:11
nsd_zelozelos: Oh, okay. I don't think it's possible to get that dialog with a command unfortunately. In my case, I am using FVWM, so I wrote a script to emulate its behavior (but it's FVWM only)02:12
zelozelosnsd_, ah yeah, that wont work at all, you're prob right about the command i think the dialog is built into the applet, however i know one exists ive seen it b402:13
htmlurlin2u,  whats that abuot?  and how to get it02:13
nsd_zelozelos: Well if there is one, I don't know it, sorry. Have you tried using apropos to find it (as opposed to google?)02:13
nsd_The command apropos, that is02:14
zykotick9zelozelos, apropos searches man pages02:14
ubottuU is the 21st letter of the modern latin alphabet. Neither 'U' nor 'Ur' are words in the English language. Neither are 'R', 'Y', 'l8', 'Ne1' nor 'Bcuz'. Mangled English is hard for non-native English speakers. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/abbreviations/ for more information.02:15
urlin2uhtml, I assume you mean the multisystem.  http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=fr&u=http://liveusb.info/dotclear/&ei=tbtRToeiIKbhiALj34GfDw&sa=X&oi=translate&ct=result&resnum=1&ved=0CE0Q7gEwAA&prev=/search%3Fq%3Dmultisystem%26hl%3Den%26sa%3DG%26site%3Dwebhp%26prmd%3Divns02:15
zelozelosnsd_, so perhaps apropos logout? or what would be closer to what im looking for?02:16
nsd_zelozelos: Oh, I don't know, you just have to search a bunch of things, maybe grep the output for gnome02:16
zRomayni just installed vmware 2.0 on my ubuntu natty desktop02:16
vindozhi, I am confused about file permissions. I have a directory /var/www, which is owned by root, group root and has permission drw-rw-rwT. user tim is unable to read files or make new folders in that directory. I'd like to be able to.02:16
vindozwhat do I do?02:16
zRomaynthere was a prompt stating if i wanted to use  admin '' and the default was [no]02:16
zelozeloswhat i need is a way to capture the window id02:17
zRomaynso now it states that the user is "root"02:17
zykotick9zelozelos, i doubt you'll find anything in apropos for what you want :|02:17
zRomaynwhen I opened the https://localhost:8333/ui to access it, i cannot use root, since it doesn't have a password02:17
zRomayni cannot use my account either02:18
AfflictoPlease help me, I can connect to my ubuntu via VNC (using ultravnc) and I can control it with my mosue and keyboard but the screen isn't animated. it's a still picture! so I can't see what I'm doing unless I turn my back and look at the physical monitor that I'm controlling! Please help I'm clueless!02:18
StarminnI can't delete a directory from my USB drive. I tried doing so as root but it still won't work.02:19
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zykotick9Afflicto, perhaps try a different VNC client?  sorry i'm not familiar with the options on MS clients.  Good luck.02:20
zykotick9Starminn, is this a permission issue?  what output do you get when you try?  what filesystem type is it?02:21
Starminnzykotick9: It tells me that the folder that cannot be deleted is a "Read-only file system"02:21
AfflictoZykotick9: I have tried 2. ANd they both worked earlier today.02:21
zykotick9Starminn, remount the USB with r/w02:22
Afflictono. sorry. RealVNC and UltraVNC.02:22
zykotick9Afflicto, sorry i don't know then, best of luck.02:22
Starminnzykotick9: How do I do that? Everything else can be deleted, just not the directory (all containing files were deleted fine).02:23
urlin2uhtml, if you use the multisystem device, I have found it to only work with the fat32 partition on the thumb formatted in gparted.02:23
zykotick9Starminn, what filesystem type is the USB?02:23
htmlthat something to think about ....02:23
zRomaynzRomayn:  i just installed vmware 2.0 on my ubuntu natty desktop. there was a prompt stating if i wanted to use  admin '' and the default was [no] . so now it states that the user is "root" . when I opened the https://localhost:8333/ui to access it, i cannot use root, since it doesn't have a password. i tried it with the account i set initially in ubuntu and it doesn't let me in. any ideas?02:23
Starminnzykotick9: "msdos"02:24
zelozelosoHH! another idea, what command can i run via alt+f2 that will save and logout of the current session? (i guess it will work in a terminal as well..dk)??02:24
Afflictook I just tried TightVNC too. now I've tried 3 different ones. the problem must be on the ubuntu side.02:24
vindozAfflicto: what are you actually seeing?02:24
vindozyou say it's a still image, but is it an image of your desktop02:24
vindozor just a blank screen?02:25
zelozelosfor shutdown there this dbus-send --dest=org.gnome.SessionManager /org/gnome/SessionManager org.gnome.SessionManager.Shutdown02:25
gr33n7007hzelozelos -- sudo pkill KILL -u username02:25
zelozelosgr33n7007h, wont that just kill the current session, i want it to logout normally02:25
gr33n7007hah ok sorry ;)02:26
zelozelosdo u think if i switch .Shutdown to .Logout?02:26
speedrunnerG55help, can someone tell me how i can change the login screen?02:26
speedrunnerG55or, how i can make my own?02:26
zykotick9_speedrunnerG55, like with a theme?  easy answer is - you can't.02:27
speedrunnerG55i cant? why02:27
zelozelosspeedrunnerG55, thers a prog in the repo ummm...dont remember what its called, but you can change the background02:27
speedrunnerG55is that all?02:27
zelozelosits for customizing all of gnome02:27
zelozelosi believe it was new for 9.402:28
zelozelosim looking now02:28
wilderEvery release lately seems to be getting worse.02:28
zykotick9_speedrunnerG55, gdm3 doesn't support the old themes, and new ones have been slow to emerge.  It is "possible" to change a couple of themes, with Ubuntu-Tweak02:28
zelozelosah yeah its ubuntu tweak02:29
zelozelosvery nice prog, also check out grub customizer if you're dual booting02:29
zelozelosand if you do remember, sudo update-grub202:30
gr33n7007hzelozelos -- dbus-send --session --type=method_call --print-reply --dest=org.gnome.SessionManager /org/gnome/SessionManager org.gnome.SessionManager.Logout uint32:102:30
speedrunnerG55i cant find it in synaptic pakage manager02:30
zelozelosOH awesome gr33n7007h ill give it a try right now! thank you02:30
speedrunnerG55why cant i change it?02:31
speedrunnerG55can i in linux mint?02:32
wilderAnswer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and ...‎02:33
speedrunnerG55?me cries02:33
* speedrunnerG55 cries02:33
coz_speedrunnerG55,    http://ubuntu-tweak.com/02:33
zelozelosgr33n7007h, yup that works perfectly, ty again now i can get rid of the last panel on my desktop ;)02:33
gr33n7007hyour welcome02:33
rstreeterI am being asked to type in the root password when trying to mount an external drive, how can I correct this?02:34
zelozelosact, maybe i should just permanently hide it02:34
AfflictoVindoz: I see the image of the screen. but The framrate is at ZERO. Therefore, I only see the image of the monitor as it is the instant I connect.02:34
infinituxmaybe the device permissions are set to root.02:34
wilderI guess my jokes are extra bad today heh02:35
infinituxrstreeter: chown, chmod, and chgrp are the commands used to set permissions on files and directories.02:35
rstreeterI will give that a try thanks02:36
infinituxperhaps if you change the permission on the devices root folder(s) to match your user permissions you'll be able to automatically mount without a root password02:36
TonytouchDoes any1 know how to install mutiply firefoxs in ubuntu02:36
wilderYou could install one regular and one with one and one with playonlinux02:37
wilderone with wine*02:37
TonytouchThought about it that way interesting, say how stable is it through wine/playonlinux02:38
x0rsis there a way to reverse a sorted list so that it is higher to lower?02:38
zykotick9x0rs, sort -r perhaps?02:39
wilderI wouldn't call it unstable. But it's definatly got its quirks.02:39
wilderIt works fine.02:39
x0rszykotick9, oh sorry, thought i was in python channel02:39
jolynnhey I need some assistance setting up ATI Radeon X1200 on this laptop glxgears is just blank I'm running 11.04 in "ubuntu classic" whatever that is where is a good place to start?  It looks like it defaulted to the ATI Radeon drivers should I be using fgl stuff instead?02:40
Tonytouchindeed I go that route for now thx02:40
jolynnlike what logs should I check and soforth02:40
jolynnI cant even kill X cause gdm just restarts it so cant run xorgconfig02:40
AfflictoSo, nobody can help me? :(02:41
AfflictoI guess I'll reinstall.02:41
zykotick9jolynn, to solve that issue use "sudo service gdm stop"02:41
wilderWhat was your question afflicto?02:41
AfflictoI can't VNC my ubuntu PC.02:42
jolynnzykotick9: any other pointers before I exit X here?02:42
zykotick9jolynn, sorry i can't/don't assist with ATI stuff.  Good luck.02:42
AfflictoI'm trying to control my ubuntu-pc from my win 7. I can see the first initial frame of the desktop upon connection. and I can control it with my mouse\keyboard. but frames to not update.02:42
jolynnzykotick9: do you know how to at least reinstall drivers from commandline like what is the base dependency for apt-get or whatever?02:43
wilderhave you tried a different keyboard/mouse?02:43
AplePossible to reinstall Vim?02:43
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wilderLike if they are USB try a PS/202:43
AfflictoTherefore, it's useless because I have to turn my head and look at the physical monitor..02:43
zykotick9jolynn, for nvidia i do, for ati i don't.  sorry.02:43
ApleI broke it by adding a colorscheme that isn't there. :\02:43
rodhashHello all.. I want to upgrade a specific package (libdrm-intel1) but I'd like to backup the current version.. later perform the package upgrade... How can I backup this current package?02:43
jolynnzykotick9: k thanks dude02:43
zykotick9rodhash, have a look in /var/cache/apt perhaps you will find the DEB there?02:44
rodhashzykotick9: No, there's no deb file there02:45
zykotick9rodhash, sorry don't know then.02:45
Afflictoomg I think I found the solution. Someone said: "turn off compiz - set graphics effects to none." on a forum post...02:45
rodhashAfflicto: are you saying this to me?02:45
fission6is there a ubuntu notify / growl system i can use02:46
Tonytouch? is there an software available or service in ubuntu that can provide a link-layer topology discovery similar to windows02:46
Afflictorodhas: no to myself lol :P02:46
fission6is there a defacto ubuntu notificatoin s ystem?02:48
wilderCan you clarify your meaning?02:48
fission6a growl / "pop up" notification system02:48
AfflictoDoes anyone know how to completely disable all Compiz Effects? I need to disable it so VNC works. thanks.02:49
Starminnfission6: What do you want to be notified of that the default system does not do?02:49
fission6a running python script, i need some means of "notification" of a background job02:49
zykotick9Afflicto, Unity or Gnome?02:49
wilderfuck unity02:50
wilderDid I type that outloud?02:50
scythefwdafflicto - check out ccsm , it can be apt-get installed02:50
erossthanks again scythefwd02:50
zykotick9Afflicto, if Gnome you can use alt+f2 then "metacity --replace"02:50
fission6ok so no recommendations02:50
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wilderIs this channel always this serious?02:55
AfflictoYES! :D02:56
AfflictoI fixed it02:56
rypervencheAfflicto: You mean zykotick9 helped you fix it?02:57
Afflictoactually. I did this: gconftool -s -t string /desktop/gnome/applications/window_manager/current /usr/bin/metacity02:58
Afflicto gconftool -s -t string /desktop/gnome/applications/window_manager/default /usr/bin/metacity02:58
AfflictoAs far as I know it ovverides that other compiz thing so yea :P But thanks alot though :)02:58
wilderWAZZUPPP YOOO03:01
Starminnwilder: #ubuntu-offtopic is what you're looking for I think.03:02
ApleWhere do I put vim plugins in Ubuntu?03:02
hylianxfce doesn;t shutdown, it only logs out...03:04
rypervencheAple: You can get the package "vim-scripts"03:04
Cpt_Zyphhey guys i have a laptop hard drive thats starting to fail and i want to make a backup img onto my larger external drive so i can replace the drive.. any advice on some programs similar to norton ghost or something?03:04
rypervenchehylian: When you do waht?03:04
hylianrypervenche, when do i want?03:05
hylianrypervenche, wheni click shutdown or reboot, it logs out instead.03:05
gr33n7007hAple -- /usr/share/vim/03:06
Aplerypervenche: k, I have vim-scripts. Now what? :)03:06
rypervencheCpt_Zyph: dd03:06
hylianrypervenche, don't worry about my problem, help Aple my problem is not a big deal.03:06
rypervencheAple: Use the command "vim-addons"03:06
zykotick9Cpt_Zyph, clonezilla is a livecd similar to NG03:06
IAmNotThatGuyhydh, sudo shutdown -1 ? an alternate03:07
IAmNotThatGuyerr hylian sudo shutdown -1 ? an alternate03:07
rypervencheAple: For example, "vim-addons install gnupg"03:07
rypervencheAple: Do "vim-addons list" to see which you have.03:08
hylianIAmNotThatGuy, i know how to shutdown the system, but i want to do it from the gui, the normal way.03:08
Aplethanks ryper03:08
ApleCan I get Sparkup and Snipmate that way?03:08
rypervenchehylian: Are you clicking it? Pressing ctrl+alt+del to get it? Pressing the power button?03:08
urlin2uhylian, might be a bug.http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=10941852&postcount=403:08
ApleI tried sparkup with no success03:08
hylianrypervenche, i am using the dropdown menu on the top right.03:09
rypervencheAple: Is sparup in the list of plugins available in vim-scripts?03:09
ApleWhere can I find that?03:09
rypervencheAple: vim-addons list03:09
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ApleOh, those are the available ones. Hm03:10
ApleNo, it's not in there03:10
rypervencheAple: If not, you have to manually put the script in your vim scripts folder.03:11
ApleWhich is in /usr/share/vim/ ?03:11
hylianurlin2u, i see. i think i'll have to wait untill the repos catch up for this fix. thanks.03:11
hylianrypervenche, thanks for the help03:11
rypervencheAple: I have my gnupg.vim in both ~/.vim/plugin/ and /usr/share/vim-scripts/plugin/03:11
urlin2uhylian, in the add to panel are usually a shutdown button as well, I would try that as well, hard to say really.03:12
rypervencheAple: I think both would work, depending on if you want it for everyone's use, or just your own.03:12
mayenifeneed help installing WikidPad for Ubuntu. Can someone please help?03:12
hylianurlin2u, thanks. other than that, xfce runs like a charm.03:13
Apleryper: Just my own. Dude in #vim told me to get pathogen03:14
ApleThat he just puts everything in ~/vim_bundles and voila!03:14
ApleSo he has plugins like ~/vim_bundles/sparkup and ~/vim_bundles/snipmate and everything just works fine03:15
urlin2umayenife, which ubuntu release?03:15
urlin2umayenife, do you have the debi?03:15
mayenifenot sure what that means03:16
Matt_799if i install ubuntu dual boot on a laptop with windows already installed, should ubuntu be installed on a partition that is on the same hard disk as windows and how will drivers work??03:17
jiohdi2is bitchX availible for ubuntu?03:19
tensorpuddingit can surely run on ubuntu, but it might not be in the software center03:19
urlin2umayenife, debi is a package type, here is a link install gdebi to unpack it, it will tell you if your missing dependencies.  http://wikidpad.en.uptodown.com/ubuntu03:19
zykotick9jiohdi, bitchx is no longer support.  i believe irssi is an alternative.03:20
orificium anyone aware of any quick fixes for no sound in flash in either firefox or chrome after but I get sound through rhythmbox, mythtv, etc.  I've tried different versions of flash, the open source flash players, different versions of firefox - and I believe it happened after upgrading to mythbuntu 10.0403:20
jiohdi2zykotick9 thanks03:20
orificiumI've tried various fixes mentioned in threads with no luck03:20
orificiumsomething often mentioned is adding a line to firefoxrc but the file didn't even exist - and it wouldn't exlpain why it doesn't work in chrome03:21
zykotick9orificium, do you have pulseaudio installed?03:22
orificiumyes it's installed03:23
orificiumget rid of it?03:23
zykotick9orificium, no.03:23
KageI can't find any info about setting up my game pad03:23
Kageits a steelseries 3gc controller03:24
zykotick9orificium, sorry i don't have any suggestions, but I've had issues with only ALSA and flash.03:24
orificiumis there a way to tell if I'm using alsa versus pulseaudio03:24
zykotick9orificium, "ps aux | grep pulse" see if it's running03:24
orificiumis there a way to tell flash to route through pulseaudio as opposed to say alsa03:25
orificiumlike you can with VLC and other video players03:26
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:26
* hylian sings "Everybody wang chung tonight."03:26
RudyValenciahylian: you must be a Legend of Zelda fan, eh?03:27
hylianRudyValencia: ohh yes, i am.03:28
zykotick9Kage, setting up?  does the system recognize it?03:28
mayenifeit says i have to install python-wxgtk and python-wxversion03:28
mayenifewhere do i find those?03:28
hylianRudyValencia: most people don't recognize that, a gold star for you! :)03:29
gr33n7007horificium -- Try this : System -> Preferences -> Startup Applications the press the add button /usr/bin/pulseaudio it worked for me ;)03:29
urlin2umayenife, look in synaptic, it is in the menu.03:29
Kagezykotick9: dmesg sees it as a "DragonRise" device03:30
nykurMy wireless connection is very jumpy. Using a realtek chip and the rtl892ce module03:30
zykotick9Kage, in a terminal "cat /dev/input/js0" then press buttons/move directions - see if you get character feedback03:30
Kagezykotick9: yes03:30
zykotick9Kage, so it's working then.03:30
Kagezykotick9: well, it has two joysticks on it03:31
Kageand it sees it as one03:31
zykotick9Kage, that i can't help with - good luck.03:31
Kageand some of the buttons respond the same03:31
hylianKage: dragonrise is a type of video game joystick or gamepad.03:31
gr33n7007hoh and then reboot03:31
Kagehylian: ok...03:32
hylianKage: heh, i somehow think you knew that already... @)03:32
nykurIt will work for a short period of time, then slow down to a halt, even though it says it's connected03:32
orificiumgr33n7007h: start-pulseaudio-x11 is already in there - is that doing the same thing?03:32
hylianhtmlinprogress: hello03:33
nykurhad the same experience with LMDE, now running Natty03:33
htmlinprogresshow are you ?03:33
Kagehylian: I didn't actually, I thought it was a brand03:33
gr33n7007h/usr/bin/pulseaudio starts the deamon03:33
gr33n7007htrust me it works03:33
zykotick9htmlinprogress, do you have an ubuntu support question?03:33
orificiumalright I'll try it03:33
hylianKage: actually, that's what I meant, it's a brand of a usb gamepad...03:34
hylianhtmlinprogress: i'm a live...03:34
Kagehylian: well, this isn't made by dragonrise, its made by steelseries03:34
mayenifeurlin2u should i be good to go after that?03:34
gr33n7007hthen reboot03:34
Kagehylian: maybe I have the wrong driver?03:34
htmlinprogress whats this mean, it is from  usb creator (An uncaught exception was raised:03:35
htmlinprogress[Errno 13] Permission denied: '/media/6110-1EAB/casper') trying to use mabuntu 11.04,,,,,,, and yres i was bing friendly03:35
urlin2umayenife, if yu found what you were missing, probably, gdebi is pretty good at the install.03:35
hylianKage: is it possible it was made by dragonrise for steelseries? there's a lot of that kinda thing that goes on in the industry, i.e. dell monitors actually being sony's.03:35
zykotick9gr33n7007h, if you're adding something to startup applications, you really only need to log out/back in.03:35
mayenifeok. I've installed03:35
gr33n7007hi told to reboot03:35
hylianhtmlinprogress: let me take a quick look, brb03:35
Kagehylian: maybe, but I mean, is suppose to have motion feedback03:35
zykotick9gr33n7007h, i know, and that isn't required03:35
Kagebut I can't even figure out if that works03:36
zykotick9Kage, i've never seen a joystick/joypad driver before in gnu/linux03:36
mayenifeit just looks like its not working03:37
htmlinprogresshylian,  ok03:37
zykotick9htmlinprogress, if you don't get anywhere fixing USB Creator try Unetbootin instead03:37
urlin2umayenife, I didn't find much about it on the web I would look for a forum on that device.03:37
hylianhtmlinprogress: this error is sometimes caused by not being able to write to a folder. does the program you are using have permissions to write to the folder you are using?03:38
mayenifeok. Thank you very much for your help03:38
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hylianKage: so what you are trying to do is get the feedback to work, and nada? does the game you are playing have that option? (if it's fairly old it probably won't)03:39
Kagehylian: what gmae is there that can use a joystick, it doesn't seem to work in any of the games I've tried03:40
zykotick9hylian, i haven't seen any feedback supported games/emulators in linux - i know i've seen the "experimental" option in the kernel mind you03:40
htmlinprogresshylain , im admin!  so  how could that be ? ,  and if i didnt then how do i get it fixed?03:40
orificiumgr33n7007h: didn't help - daemon is definitely running03:40
nykurMy wireless is like it fills up and gets clogged.03:41
zykotick9Kage, be sure to try configuring the game to look at /dev/input/jsX they ususally default to the old /dev/jsX03:41
hylianKage most of the games can, but don't have force feedback. it just means the gamepad won't buzz in your hand if you get shot, for instance.03:41
urlin2umayenife, no problem.03:41
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hylianzykotick9: thanks, i am not a huge gamer, and the only thing with gamepads i have messed with was supertuxkart, for my nephews. :)03:42
zykotick9hylian, teamwork :)03:42
wilderwhat is the danger of having etc/passwd readable03:43
itiliouscan i discuss questions about "ubuntu one" in here?03:43
zykotick9wilder, it HAS to be readable!03:43
wilderso i should be able to cat it any time with any user?03:43
zykotick9wilder, yes03:43
zykotick9wilder, if you make it root only = system broken03:44
htmlinprogresshylain, im admin!  so  how could that be ? ,  and if i didnt then how do i get it fixed?03:44
zykotick9htmlinprogress, if you don't get anywhere fixing USB Creator try Unetbootin instead03:45
itiliousare any/all my files in "ubuntu one" available to the public? or only files in the public folder?03:45
zykotick9itilious, there is an #ubuntuone channel that may be able to answer that better03:45
hylianhtmlinprogress: you are, but not all programs and processes are, and some programs and processes need to be given permission in their group for programs to write out to a file in said folder. so if you are trying to write to /home/username/folder/ then it should be ok no matter what, but other folders are very pretected.03:46
wilderi guess i thought a jailed user shouldn't be able to read it03:46
itiliousty zykotick9 :)03:46
bastidrazorhtmlinprogress: in a terminal use "gksudo usb-creator-gtk"  to run it with admin permissions.03:46
wilderexample on this server user is jailed to home/user/ but i can cat ../../bin/passwd anyway03:46
zykotick9wilder, "jailed" what are you using FreeBSD?  do you mean chrooted?03:47
htmlinprogresshylian,  ok03:47
hylianhtmlinprogress: what program are you using that gives you this error?03:47
zykotick9hylian, USB Creator03:47
hylianzykotick9: thanks03:48
wilderits a jail ssh user03:48
wilderthat can do what I am asking about03:48
htmlinprogresshylian,  usb creator03:48
hylianhtmlinprogress: ah, this is actually a fairly documented problem. it's either an error with reading a file, or writing out to it. (usually)03:48
gr33n7007horificium -- Try this : sudo ln -s /usr/lib/libesd.so.0 /usr/lib/libesd.so.103:49
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
hylianhtmlinprogress: i haven't personally used this program, have you tried gksu usbcreator in alt-f2?03:49
htmlinprogresszykotick9,hylian,bastidrazor, thanks yall   but the flash drive was like had an attitude, so i fixed it :)03:50
gr33n7007horificium you there?03:51
nykurI have a problem with my wireless connection in my laptop. Using a Realtek chip.03:51
hylianhtmlinprogress: there's a report on this here: http://support.testflightapp.com/discussions/problems/406-errno-13-permission-denied-mediauploads227761301101421. the only problem is that this bug is marked as fixed, are you using a fairly old verion of ubuntu?03:51
hylianhtmlinprogress: i like to hear that! took charge and fixed it, sounds like me :)03:52
mayenifelast question: anyone know how to rename tabs in WikidPad?03:52
* hylian is listening to sky 80's, "Stevie Nicks - Leather And Lace""03:53
zykotick9mayenife, are you using windows or ubuntu?03:54
mayenifei want to make multiple tabs with different names03:54
zykotick9mayenife, then why does it say "WikidPad - wiki notebook for windows"03:54
mayenifei got the ubuntu version03:55
hylianzykotick9: it's available here: http://www.ubuntuupdates.org/packages/show/30764703:55
urlin2umayenife, try this http://wikidpad.sourceforge.net/help/KeyBindings.html03:55
zykotick9hylian, thanks03:56
Kagehylian: seem the game pad is hardwired the way it behaves03:56
Kagehylian: seems the left joy stick is tied to the left D pad03:56
hylianKage: hmm, sorry man, getting it to work is dooable, getting it to foce feedback however...03:56
Kagehylian: and the right joy, to the 1-4 buttons03:56
mayenifethanks urlin2u03:57
mayenifeim thinking it might be a bug because all the tabs are the same03:57
hylianKage ohh i see, it won't let you set them the way you want, strange. i think that's why i am a logitech man.03:57
urlin2umayenife, sounds like you have it working. ;-)03:57
Kagehylian: I bought it to play with, its fun, its has a turbo option too03:58
mayenifelol wont be too productive for my notetaking :p03:58
Kagehylian: but it seems there are a lot Linux games that joystick support is broken03:58
urlin2umayenife, why not eh.03:58
Kagehylian: comes with open source, I guess03:58
htmlinprogresshylian,  usb flash drive itself had premissions from windows so i had to reset them , ( hate vista )03:59
mayenifei wanted to create different tabs: like note name 1, note name 2, etc.03:59
nykurAnyone here know how to make wireless less buggy? using the rtl8192ce module03:59
Kagehylian: expect that many of those project developers don't have joysticks so they endup breaking it without knowing03:59
Kageor a way to test03:59
mayenifebut when i open the tabs, i find each are exactly the same, content and name03:59
zykotick9urlin2u, "why not eh" what are you canadian?  (i am)03:59
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hylianKage: Hmm, i have never had any problems getting my logitech to work, however my gaming is with the linux only stuff, and it's always the simple stuff my nephews can play, i.e. supertuxkart.03:59
mayenifecant edit one without editing all03:59
urlin2uzykotick9, no but I new you were. ;-)03:59
Kagehylian: they gamepad works great on supertux04:00
hylianKage: could be.04:00
Kagedoesn't work at all on two of the other games04:00
Kage(one of which I am a developer for)04:00
hylianKage: yeah, a "gamer" i am not, not really.04:00
Kagehylian: nor me really04:00
masterocHad anyone run ubuntu off an SD card? How as it worked? Near the speed of a HDD?04:01
zykotick9masteroc, much slower then HD04:01
hylianhtmlinprogress: ok, so you where using windows, or a i goofed up with this? i use unetbootin to put a live cd image on my usb, other that storage that's all i do with it.04:01
hylianmasteroc: i have, but just for purposes of installing the os. it ran very fast.04:02
urlin2uzykotick9, I missread the post I thought it basically said works great I'll use it, so my answer wa why not.04:02
uns0b1llany1 had any experience with GNS 3 here ?04:02
masteroczykotick9: even a class 10?04:03
hylianuns0b1ll: sorry, never even hard of it.04:03
uns0b1llhylian, its okay ) its very specific software anyway04:03
zykotick9masteroc, most SD cards interface using USB which is SLOW in compared to IDE/SATA/eSATA04:03
uns0b1llwhat about helping me setup static IP :)04:03
urlin2umasteroc, class 10 sandisk here good quality runs chunky.04:04
babuhow to see the remote desktop of window pc thru internet from my ubuntu pc04:04
hylianzykotick9: i used untetbootin to put xubuntu 11.04 on my SD card, it installed ubuntu in about 15 minutes, although xubuntu isn't exactly a taxing install os.04:04
zykotick9hylian, for install media it's ok, but for running an OS - SLOW04:05
mayenifeBy the way..can you get OneNote on ubuntu? thanks everyone for your help tonite, especially urlin2u04:05
syskoBuenos dias!04:05
hylianzykotick9: good to know.04:05
hyliansysko: hello04:05
zykotick9!es | sysko04:05
ubottusysko: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.04:05
hyliansysko: no hable en espanol04:05
syskospeack inglish?04:05
hylianis there a ubuntu spanish channel?04:06
zykotick9!es > hylian04:06
ubottuhylian, please see my private message04:06
syskoi dont04:06
hylian!es > sysko04:06
ubottusysko, please see my private message04:06
babuhow to see the remote desktop of window pc thru internet from my ubuntu pc04:06
zykotick9hylian, i already posted to sysko ;)04:06
uns0b1llbabu, look in your systems-preferences-remote desktop04:07
=== rafase282 is now known as Rafase282
hylianzykotick9: oops... :P04:07
masterocwell thanks for all the info on sd cards!04:07
urlin2umayenife, I found this which references a Onenote clone, kde so more dependencies possibly. http://www.asktheadmin.com/2007/07/microsoft-onenote-for-linux-2.html     http://basket.kde.org/04:08
babuuns0b1ll,  i want to connect over internet04:08
uns0b1llrdp protocol works over LAN or WAN, just configure firewalls on both sides04:08
hyliananyone know why after installing moonlight, silverlight websites still ask you to download and install silverlight?04:09
tp43My computer is connected to the internet via RJ45, can I use wireless card to share internet, like gateway04:09
mayenifeurlin2u, thanks again. nite all04:09
urlin2umayenife, take it easy.04:09
hylianmayenife: good night! :)04:09
nykur(just reposting in case someone who just joined knows...) My wireless connection is very jumpy. Using a realtek chip and the rtl8192ce module04:09
xanguahylian: moonlight doesn't support all silverlight features04:11
hyliannykur: are you asking a question? (i don't think i caught it...)04:11
nykurhylian: Yes, I'm having serious issues with my wireless. Don't even know where too start troubleshooting04:12
hylianxangua but it doesn't even report it's installed. if i atleast had a complaint about it, fine. but it acts as if moonlight is not even installed.04:12
hyliannykur: ohh boy... well i can try and help ya.04:12
ApleWhat's the custom "Open with" command for vim?04:13
nykurhylian: Many thanks! I'll try to describe the issue...04:13
Eugenicist's the command to list channels04:14
nykurhylian: It will work for a short period of time, then slow down to a halt, even though it says it's connected04:14
EugenicistI'm blind at the moment, don't see it in /help04:14
ApleAnswer: gnome-terminal -x vim04:14
bastidrazorEugenicist: /msg alis help list04:14
uns0b1llHow about some compiz training here ?04:14
nykurdid the same on LMDE on different networks04:14
hyliannykur: strange. when it does, can you try and ping google.com? have you seen if there is any net communications for anything, any port? although i don't know why that would happen.. maybe it's a hardware issue, are you using ndiswrapper?04:16
=== _jesse__ is now known as _jesse_
nykurhylian: It will work perfectly for a minute, sometimes longer. Then it's like it gets clogged. it'll stay connected but I can't actually connect to anything. I am not using ndiswrapper, maybe I should?04:18
uns0b1llhow to enable compiz on bootup ?04:18
hyliannykur: what hardware are you using?04:18
Cpt_Zyphso to use DD do i need a live cd.. becuase this HP laptop dosnt work off most live disks the video drivers are all messed up..04:19
urlin2uuns0b1ll, you need to state your actual problem probably, and which distro, and desktop.04:19
Cpt_Zyphi tried using a clonezilla boot cd but same problem i can't see anything or it errors out.. so figured i would try DD but .. well ya..04:19
ownerI have a problem with my HDMI being used as default in Pulse aduio and the analogue will not work. How do I disable HDMI on my computer so it can't default to it?04:20
nykurhylian: Realtek RTL8188ce wifi adapter on a Toshiba Satellite Pro c660. Should I be more specific?04:20
nykurhylian: Do you want output from any particular command?04:21
Cpt_Zyphcan DD be used to clone a drive if an OS is runing on it.. my guess is no.. im just wonder'n what to do sense i can't boot to a live img on this darn laptop..04:21
ownerhow do I disable: Audio device: ATI Technologies Inc SBx00 Azalia (Intel HDA)04:22
hyliannykur: no that's good. hmmm.. i'll be honest, i've never had any serious problems with wifi in linux, but i am gonna take a look, brb04:22
nykurhylian: thanks04:22
owneris there anyone here that knows about PulseAudio?04:23
SinghamCan any one tell which is better one ? VM Ware or VirtualBox04:24
gr33n7007hVirtual Box04:24
Gredeuhow well does synergy work on ubuntu.  also -- which direction is which desktop, becasue i don't want my other computer to float to the left past the launchbar ?04:24
zykotick9Singham, VBox is open source, VMWare is not.04:24
zykotick9Singham, KVM is faster CPU wise anyways then either04:25
Gredeuoracle has closed source virtualbox04:25
Singham<zykotick9> : But if I purchase VM Ware ,will it be more powerful ?04:25
nykurhylian: The funny thing is I used to have another Satellite runnning Xubuntu for years, but it suddenly started acting this way sometime after Hardy or Intrepid.04:25
Gredeui heard synergy works great04:25
=== bluemoon is now known as Guest41282
Gredeushare mouse and keyboard between 2 computers04:25
zykotick9Singham, no - it has a couple of cool feature, but I like vbox more (i use kvm though)04:25
Singham<zykotick9> : can you please send me the download link on kvm ?04:27
zykotick9Gredeu, doesn't look like its closed source http://www.virtualbox.org/ - not saying that it couldn't be04:27
zykotick9Singham, i'd recommend you use VBox over KVM, it's easier and has 3d support04:27
Gredeuits not the virtualbox available in the repo there are significant differences04:27
hyliannykur: ok, i managed to dig up that there is a new driver for that card, and this is a problem with the 11.04, and i think the 10's. here's the link to where i got my info: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=181467504:27
zykotick9Singham, PLUS you NEED virt support in your CPU for KVM!!!  "apt-get install kvm" should work04:28
hyliannykur: so i think yuo need to implement the new driver...04:28
nykurhylian: nice, thanks! I'll look into it. I just have to find the driver now:-)04:28
* hylian bebops to "Baltimora - Tarzan Boy"04:29
zykotick9Gredeu, LOL - you have things backwards, Oracle removed the OSE version and merged the propritary stuff04:29
ownerI need to know how to disable HDMI for good. My sound does not work. SOS Please Help.04:29
hyliannykur: there is a link to the driver, i believe, on that website.04:29
Singham<zykotick9> : Actually I want to run all the windows games in Virtual Machine.In vbox I am unable to run games like Counter strike.04:29
zykotick9Singham, you can't run games in ANY virtualization software - sorry not possible04:30
hylianowner: hmm, let me take a look at that for you, never had anyone ask me that question, what's the sound card, do you know?04:30
hylianedbian: me amigo!04:31
Singham<zykotick9> : Thanks dude..04:31
nykurhylian: yes I saw it now thanks. I'll try this. For what it's worth I can confirm that the 3.0 kernel in LMDE does not fix this. Running Natty now so hopefully this will:-)04:31
edbianhylian: I'd love to talk but I'm busy at the moment :)04:31
hyliannykur: hope it helps! :)04:31
edbianhylian: joined #ubuntu because my client does automatically!04:31
* hylian nods to edbian04:32
nykurhylian: Me to;-)04:32
* hylian jams to "A-Ha - Take On Me"04:33
IdleOnehylian: Please turn off that Now Playing script04:33
hylianIdleOne: it's not a script, it's my retardedness, and yes, i will be quiet :)04:34
ownerhylian thanks for getting back to me: Audio device: ATI Technologies Inc SBx00 Azalia (Intel HDA) is the one I must disable.04:34
=== Kasjopaja23111 is now known as Kasjopaja
ringberarhey...new used to ubuntu, was wondering if someone could help me out04:34
ownerI try disabeling it in the PulseAudio sound setings, but it keeps defaulting to it.04:34
lukas1321does anyone have the gwibber DM problem?04:34
hylianowner: i have seen this before in a dell. we actually had to disable this in the bios itself. are you familiar with your bios?04:35
=== Kasjopaja is now known as Guest57566
jeatonso is most people here pleased with unity?04:35
ownerYes, however the onboard is what we want, not the video card04:35
ringberarmy problem is that my partitions on my hard drive are all messed up, and i WANT to install pinguy 11.04 and whenever i try it wont let me install...it always fails to install. im currently on a live cd04:35
hrafnkell_hylian: nykur here, actually, do you know if it's possible to add this module to a running kernel?04:36
ringberaror should i say, i want to wipe my drive clean and install pinguy 11.0404:36
ringberarjust having a bit of trouble since i know nothing of ubuntu or linux04:36
ownerhylian it has an NVIDIA graphics card installed and being used, but it appears it's using the HDMI audio on the onboard video.04:36
ownerhylian so I need to figure out how to disable the onboard video for goo?04:36
hylianowner: i might be wrong here, but i think you have 2 competing sound cards, if i am wrong, then clue me in, and so you have a problem with audio not working.. am I right?04:36
hrafnkell_hylian:I'm not sure how to add the file04:36
ownerhylian yes.04:37
urlin2uringberar, hit install and choose the whole disc when asked,it will overwrite evrything.04:37
ownerhylian the ATI HDMI is taking over the analogue04:37
ownerthe option is there but it keeps defaulting back to HDMI.04:37
ringberari did04:37
ringberarand it still fails urlin2u04:37
hylianowner: i have to admit, with the dell we disabled the intel sound card... hmmm...04:37
zykotick9hrafnkell_, to add a kernel module use "sudo modprobe FOO"04:38
hylianhrafnkell_: did you download it already?04:38
ownerI'm going to reboot and try disabeling it in the BIOS04:38
hrafnkell_hylian: yes, I've downloaded it and extracted the folder.04:38
hylianhrafnkell_: did you see zykotick9's info? to add a kernel module use "sudo modprobe FOO"04:39
hylianzykotick9: thanks dude!04:39
hrafnkell_hylian: yes, and thanks zykotick9:-) I guess it would be a bin file?04:40
hylianhrafnkell_: well, first you will want to own it, using chown a+x nameofbinfile, then ./nameofbinfile04:41
zykotick9hrafnkell_, that i don't know, I just commented on your "module running kernel" part - i haven't been following04:41
hrafnkell_hylian: so I have to chown it, then execute it and then modeprobe?04:42
hrafnkell_hylian: I'll fire up a terminal...04:43
hylianhrafnkell_: i think*. hard to go the rest of the way with you since i have never had this hardware or the need to do this myself.04:43
hrafnkell_hylian: That's alright, I'll manage from here. It's just been a while since I needed to do use the modprobe command. That's what happens when everything "just works" all the time;-)04:45
=== puffin is now known as kentuckyfriedpuf
hylianhrafnkell_: what a problem to have, LOL.04:45
hylianhrafnkell_: i can tell you that as far as the binfile stuff is concerned, that i know.04:46
hylianzykotick9: is IdleOne a bot?04:46
hrafnkell_hylian: hehe, yeah, even Debian is plug and play now! But many thanks!04:46
hylianhrafnkell_: cool beans dude. :)04:47
zykotick9hylian, LOL NO!04:47
IdleOnehylian: human with bot like attributes.04:47
hylianIdleOne: ahh, my mistake.04:47
=== d_atharva_ is now known as Singham
zykotick9IdleOne, i think this might be the 2nd time i've seen you pass the Turing Test ;)04:48
hylianIdleOne: i see you are using irssi, like me.04:48
IdleOnehylian: I'm not. Please feel free to join #ubuntu-offtopic so that this channel can be Ubuntu support only.04:49
hylianIdleOne: ok, thanks.04:49
hyliani'm beat see you guys later.04:55
Rafase282hello, how can I conver a .tar.gz file to .img file? it contains a filesystem inside04:56
hatch(10.04) I plugged in a usb stick, deleted the files off of it but its still showing that the space is used - is there some 'trash' somewhere that needs to be cleared out?04:56
Rafase282hatch, yes04:57
hatchexcellent and I would access that how?04:58
IdleOnehatch: usually it is in a .Trash dir04:58
IdleOnenotice the . (dot)04:58
billybigrigger_in nautilus you can press ctrl-h to show hidden folders/files...the trash bin might show up then04:58
hatchthere it is!04:59
billybigrigger_or use a command prompt and ls -la will list all hidden files/folders04:59
hatchctrl+h was the key04:59
hatchbillybigrigger_: yeah I was going to try that but I coudln't figure out how to access it from the terminal :)]04:59
billybigrigger_hatch, well atleast you got it04:59
=== poop is now known as oBrian
bullgard4_On my Lucid there does not exist a process syslogd? What is the Lucid successor or substitute of a system logging daemon?05:00
hatchok now how to I delete them, when I delete them it goes back into the trash05:00
hatchoh there it goes05:01
billybigrigger_select what you want to delete, then press shift and the delete key05:01
hatchthanks for the help05:01
gryHi! I set System>Preferences>Appearance>Fonts>Details resolution to a large value. Now the window I used to set it doesn't fit the screen, and is also empty. I logged in as another user on the system, it is in sudoers group - what file can I edit to set the value to what it was before? A search wasn't quite informative. Thank you in advance.05:01
obrianwhy is my internet flashing on and off on ubuntu?05:01
obriandoes anyone have any idea as to this?05:01
aztekhi all...05:01
Rafase282anyone familiar with making bootable img files?05:02
billybigrigger_gry, are you talking about font dpi?05:02
aztekany body know how to burn iso using terminal?05:02
grybillybigrigger_: Yes.05:02
Rafase282I have a filesystem as a tar.gz file that I want to put on a img file formatted as ext305:02
billybigrigger_gry, ok so you have a gui correct?05:03
grybillybigrigger_: Yes.05:03
GasseusIs there any way to get dejavu to backup more then once a day automatically?05:03
billybigrigger_gry, open gconf-editor05:03
gryDesktop, gnome, font rendering, dpi, is it?05:04
billybigrigger_not sure if that is user based or system wide though05:04
Singhamwhat's the diffrence between virtual box open source and licensed version ?05:05
Gasseususer based05:05
Gasseuseverything in gconf is userbased05:05
Certhello. I am having extreme difficulties installing ubuntu, as much as Id like to make the switch to linux, it isnt going very smoothly :(05:07
CertI had to install using the nomodset flag, otherwise my display would "bug out"05:07
grybillybigrigger_: User based.  It worked. :-)05:07
bullgard4_Cert: Please deliver an exact description. In particular: What error message do you obtain?05:08
Certnow, after it is installed, I get a GNOME power management error05:08
bullgard4_Cert: Please deliver an exact description. In particular: What exact error message do you obtain?05:08
Certbullgard4_: an exact error message would require a reboot into linux, it was something similar to GNOME power configurations not installed correctly, please contact your sys admin05:09
CertI can  certainly get the exact message though if necesary05:09
GasseusCert try regenerating your initramfs05:10
bullgard4_Cert: I believe that you need to report here the exact error message in order that people here can help you.05:10
=== kentuckyfriedpuf is now known as puffin
melvincvHi everyone05:11
=== trevor is now known as static_void_
melvincvMay I know how to find the domain name from an IP address, other than by nslookup?05:12
gryI think 'host IP' uses it. So guess not.05:12
bullgard4_melvincv: Try the whois <ip address> command.05:13
ringberaru there?05:13
gryThe 'whois' is a pain to parse, if you want to use that for programming. It uses arin.net to obtain the results.05:13
melvincvThanks, but right now I'm on windows. And a whois search on the Internet did not give me what I wanted...05:13
=== zz_ng_ is now known as ng_
owen1i try to connect my laptop using vga to the tv. i reboot the laptop while the cable is connected. I see the splash screen but that's it. i can't see my computer on the tv anymore. the alt+f7 on my thinkpad is not doing anything. any ideas?05:16
neerajI am unable to connect to network using my system. I accidently removed the network manager packages? What all basic packages should I download so that I can connect to wifi. PS: I am using another system for downloading stuff05:19
bullgard4_neeraj: I do not understand why you are using another system for downloading stuff and asking here in this channel for help.05:20
neerajbullgard4, As I am unable to connect to internet using Natty(It is not detecting ethernet and not showing wifi notifications applet), So I will need to download the packages by using another system. I just wanted to know what all basic deb files I should download. Is this clear now?05:22
bullgard4_neeraj: How did you install Natty?05:23
susundbe1gneeraj: http://packages.ubuntu.com/natty/05:23
susundbe1g(search package there, and you will see the dependencies)05:23
susundbe1gneeraj: i would still go for manual network setup rather than move packages and install them manually05:24
susundbe1g(with ethernet: http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/setting-up-an-network-interfaces-file/ )05:24
neerajbullgard4, I installed it using bootable using pendrive, months back.  susundbe1g thanks !05:26
bullgard4_On my Lucid there does not exist a process syslogd? What is the Lucid successor or substitute of a system logging daemon?05:31
chpe88I need some help...I'm getting this error message trying to install Ubuntu Server on an AMD Athlon 64 system:  Unable to install the selected kernel;  Kernel package:  'linux-server'05:35
chpe88should I try to install x86?05:35
=== root is now known as Guest3115
Guest3115hey all, sorry guys may i ask a question here about back|track or i got the wrong place ?05:36
e_t_Guest3115: BackTrack is pretty heavily customized. You'd have better luck on a forum or channel dedicated to it.05:37
Guest3115e_t_, thanks, it sounds like it's not my thing since I'm a new dude in this field, is that correct?05:38
chpe88anyone available to answer my question?05:39
e_t_!ask | chpe8805:39
ubottuchpe88: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:39
bullgard4_chpe88: I would search in Launchpad for your exact error message.05:39
e_t_chpe88: sorry, didn't see your question earlier05:39
e_t_Guest3115: BackTrack is designed for penetration testing. If you're new to Linux and just want to get your feet wet, it's probably not for you.05:41
bullgard4_Guest3115: Newcomers to Linux should not use backtracks.05:41
bullgard4_Guest3115: (Bad English.) I meant: Newcomers to Linux better do not use backtracks.05:42
Guest3115e_t_, bullgard4_ thanks guys :) should i start with Linux Mint? i have been suggested that OS for many guys, is that really cool one for freshman ?05:44
sunitwhen I am trying to ssh with ssh demo@, I am getting error ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused05:45
lion42Guest3115, this is, if you have not yet noticed, a channel about #ubuntu. We generally sort of maybe like ubuntu, and most of us think its pretty good for new users.05:45
e_t_Guest3115: I started with Kubuntu, but I've heard good things about Mint too, though I've never used it myself.05:45
bullgard4_Guest3115: I believe that Mint is graphically appealing for freshmen. But you will get more help using Ubuntu.05:45
=== puffin is now known as PuffBot
bullgard4_sunit: 'man ssh' will probably tell you why.05:47
Guest3115e_t_, bullgard4_ Thanks nice guys :)05:47
tntcGuest3115: Personally, I've used Gentoo, Debian, RedHat, OpenSuSE, etc. etc.,05:47
tntcGuest3115: Ubuntu (stock ubuntu) seems to have the best support for general desktop usage.05:48
Guest3115I have heard OpenSuSE is extremely hard... i overheard that its the hardest Linux out there05:48
tntcGuest3115: That's not entirely correct. There is a lot of oneclick stuff that makes life in opensuse easier05:48
=== head_victim is now known as Guest97921
tntcGuest3115: I would say gentoo is probably the most challenging to install (other than Linux from Scratch)05:49
Guest3115tntc, your suggestion is to start with Linux gentoo ?05:50
tntcGuest3115: no, I would start with Ubuntu, and install gentoo in a VM.05:50
lion42not unless you have three days, very patient friends, and a strong desire to inflict pain upon yourself.05:50
bambanxhow can i use ls commando on console for this show me all files to begin with specific letter?05:50
lion42Masochism is absolutely essential. You -cannot- skip that step.05:51
tntcGentoo gives an important understanding of how the kernel and such works, but it is terrible for day-to-day use.05:51
=== PuffBot is now known as puffin
bambanxfor example ls sort me all files wich begin with letter A ?05:51
tntcbambanx: ls a* ?05:52
Guest3115tntc, got it:) thanks Sr for explanation, ok ill do so... ill remove backtrack now and install gemtoo and ubuntu )05:52
bullgard4_bambanx: "All"? Then you better use the find command.05:52
tntcGuest3115: I'd install Ubuntu, and then install Virtualbox05:53
lion42Guest3115, -just- install ubuntu for now05:53
lion42and -then- worry about exploring other os05:53
tntcGuest3115: Virtualbox will let you test a variety of linux distributions in a safe, contained way05:53
Guest3115tntc, I think in my case it would be better not using VB... because im running TB HDD and have no luck of space, would't this be better ?05:54
ubuntu_what kind of people have virtual box05:54
Guest3115lion42, Thanks so i don't need this so-called "Linux Mint" im pretty new i have no idea which works how...05:54
lion42Guest3115, you are a noob. partitioning manually = things can go wrong. Hard os = things can go wrong.05:54
tntcGuest3115: dual booting is kind of a pain. It requires a lot more work05:54
lion42Start with -just- ubuntu and go from there.05:55
bambanxfor example ls show me all directories wich begin with letter D ?05:55
ubuntu_there are no similations05:55
duineANaithnidhey everyone, is there anyone who can help me out with some indicator applet questions?05:55
tntcbambanx: find -name "D*"05:56
bullgard4_!prefix | bambanx05:56
ubottubambanx: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)05:56
tntcbambanx: though that will show files too05:56
bambanxtntc the find command look for on all my pc on the actual directorie of console?05:57
bambanxtntc sorry for my english is bad =)05:57
Guest3115tntc, lion42 got it guys:) thanks... sounds like im going to install ubuntu for now, as i done ill be back for some basic questions, thanks guys for support and your time05:57
edbianGuest3115: Linux is awesome!05:58
Guest3115edbian, for those who handle it well, for sure it is...05:58
tntcbambanx: it looks in the directory you tell it. find / -name "D*" will get all files starting with D05:58
tntcGuest3115: Good luck :)05:58
tntcbambanx: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Find has some decent examples.05:59
bambanxtntc thanks and what can i do if i need a list of directories wich begin with specific letter ?05:59
anaithnidjoin #ubuntu06:00
ubuntu_why linux06:00
sunitbullgard4_ : even when I am trying to ssh connect from remote machine I am getting error  -  Read from socket failed: Connection reset by peer06:01
anaithnidanyone here who can help me with an indicator applet question?06:01
e_t_anaithnid: ask your question and find out.06:01
wildbatbambanx: find / -name "D*" -type d06:02
wildbat!anyone | anaithnid06:02
bullgard4_sunit:  You could try to find the culprit in /var/log/auth.log too.06:02
ubottuanaithnid: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.06:02
GypsiRaeanyone here?06:03
GypsiRaeI've never used IRC before'06:03
bambanxthanks wildbat06:03
chris57i have the asus m4a88td-m/usb3 board and i am having a lot of trouble getting it set up. It gives me a black screen when trying to boot and i have to reset the computer. I read it has something to do with the pata controller and when i unplugged my pata dvd drives i got it to boot. Is there a fix to make it work with the drives?06:03
lion42Join channel with over 1000 users. Ask "anyone here???"06:03
anaithnidwell I am wondering how to go about removing redundant items (empathy and pidgeon) and what else I can do with it, I cou;d not find to much about where to even start looking for myself06:04
bambanxwildbat this show me to much thnigs , i cannot read the first lines on  console06:04
ubuntu_linux is good for estudy the system06:04
bullgard4_!ask | GypsiRae06:04
ubottuGypsiRae: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)06:04
wildbatbambanx: find / -name "D*" -type d 2 > /dev/null06:05
wildbatbambanx: find / -name "D*" -type d 2> /dev/null06:05
ubuntu_why the aconecions are still not ssh06:06
bambanxthanks wildbat06:06
GypsiRaeokay, well I recently edited an xcf file, cropped it, saved over and gimp quit. I thought I only changed one file but the jpg that originally came from the xcf file ended up cropped as well even tho its thumbnail is the full version. I want an uncropped version because i spent four days on it! is there any way I can restore the xcf file or jpg?? esp since the jpg's thumbnail knows what it really looks like?06:06
sunitbullgard4_ : please see http://pastebin.com/a7By0tNR  where can get auth.log06:07
ubuntu_save tin other format and kepp current cuality06:08
wildbatGypsiRae: highly unlikely , thou you can try with photorec.06:08
GypsiRaewhy would both files have changed, tho, if I only saved it once??06:09
ubuntu_its only a sugestion06:09
GypsiRaeI am running scalpel atm, will try photorec next06:09
=== Guest97921 is now known as head_victim
GypsiRaequery: the thumbnail refuses to show cropped version, despite restart and refreshes. does that mean the uncropped version exists somewhere??06:10
wildbatGypsiRae: may be when you close it, it ask you to save and you clicked it06:10
GypsiRaethat doesn't explain the obstinate thumbnail tho eh?06:11
bullgard4_sunit: Here is the culprit: "# Aug 22 11:12:00 starlite-laptop sshd[6045]: error: @@@; Aug 22 11:12:00 starlite-laptop sshd[6045]: error: Permissions 0777 for '/etc/ssh/ssh_host_rsa_key' are too open. # Aug 22 11:12:00 starlite-laptop sshd[6045]: error: It is recommended that your private key files are NOT accessible by others. # Aug 22 11:12:00 starlite-laptop sshd[6045]: error: This...06:12
bullgard4_...private key will be ignored."06:12
wildbatGypsiRae: thumbnail is just cached, presized pic. it don't reflect any thing06:13
LizHi. I am having problems booting xubuntu 11.0406:14
GypsiRaeI just don't understand how saving one image would change two06:14
=== Liz is now known as Guest60556
GypsiRaeI guess i clicked something without seeing it idk idk06:14
Guest60556it loads the kernel but the graphics never load.06:14
=== Guest60556 is now known as lizbeth
lizbethHi. I am having problems booting xubuntu 11.0406:14
lizbethit loads the kernel but the graphics never load.06:15
wildbatGypsiRae: may be ~ may be you exported one and saved one06:15
GypsiRaedoes GIMP save temp images that might could get grabbed by scalpel??06:15
urlin2ulizbeth, fresh install?06:15
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
wildbatGypsiRae: may be ~ search /tmp06:15
lizbethurlin2u, almost. I had 10.10 with /home in a separate partition.06:15
lizbethurlin2u, I installed xubuntu 11.04 over that with the same /home06:16
urlin2ulizbeth, choose r=the reovery and failsafe in the next gui scroll with the arrow buttond=s 4th or 5th linr down.06:16
urlin2ur= misstype lizbeth06:17
lizbethurlin2u, I am on the recovery right now.06:17
K-Richhi all06:17
lizbethWhat do?06:17
urlin2uchoose failsafe scrool to that line06:17
wildbat!hello | K-Rich06:18
urlin2ulizbeth, in recovery did you mean the desktop?06:19
lizbethurlin2u, its on a loop right now.06:19
lizbethurlin2u, no I mean the recovery option when you are booting and want to correct errors.06:19
urlin2ulizbeth, didn't go to a command line from the failsafe?06:20
lizbethurlin2u, it kicked me back into the option menu of the recovery mode. FailsafeX didn't worked.06:20
lizbethurlin2u, nop, it kicked me back into the menu with the "resume", "clean", "dpkg", etc options.06:21
urlin2ulizbeth, try hitting e and replacing splash in the kernel with nomodeset, then crtl-x to boot06:21
urlin2ulizbeth, last was for at gry=ub menu.06:21
lizbethurlin2u, ok. What do I do on the grub menu now?06:22
urlin2uhet e and replace splash with nomodeset then hot crtl-x to boot06:22
* K-Rich wants what urlin2u has been smoking06:23
lizbethurlin2u, e doesn't do anything besides printing an e on the screen.06:23
urlin2ulizbeth, at the grub menu e does not open the edit06:25
lizbethurlin2u, nop06:25
ubuntu_i know how works a pen06:26
urlin2ulizbeth, strange it should with a new install and a separate home I have no idea otherwise.06:26
lizbethDo you want me to start a sesion as root from the grub?06:27
lizbethin terminal mode?06:27
urlin2ulizbeth, know what the grub menu is at poweron right?06:27
GypsiRaeokay here is a questino. I just recovered a lot of files with scalpel, but they are unknown file type and won't open. how do i open files scalpel has recovered??06:28
lizbethThe one which let you choose among recovery and normal?06:28
bullgard4_On my Lucid there does not exist a process syslogd. What is the Lucid successor or substitute of a system logging daemon?06:28
urlin2ulizbeth, that is where your getting no e for edit?06:28
lizbethurlin2u, got it now.06:29
lizbethubuntu linux 2.6.23-8-generic.06:29
urlin2uhit e then replace splash with nomodeset06:30
htmlinprogressi have an iso, how do i use the checksome (fedora 14)06:30
urlin2uor after it06:30
bullgard4_htmlinprogress: This is the Ubuntu help channel.06:30
urlin2uhtmlinprogress, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM06:31
GypsiRaethey are .art files? how do I open then??06:31
urlin2ulizbeth, after the edit hit crtl-x for boot06:32
=== ng_ is now known as zz_ng_
lizbethurlin2u, now I can see the sesion manager but it doesn't pass beyond that. Its a progress at least :D06:32
urlin2ulizbeth, the only theory if all is in order that the fstab isn't mounting home, not my area though seperate home.06:33
lizbethurlin2u, in recovery mode on terminal the command 'ls' seems to work.06:34
lizbethwith the home I have. urlin2u06:34
urlin2ulizbeth, still beyond my help really.06:34
lizbethurlin2u, thanks. Do you know any command to reconfigure x server?06:35
urlin2ulizbeth, ?? is this it http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/xorg06:36
bullgard4_lizbeth: ~$ sudo dpkg-reconfigure x11-common06:38
ubuntu_jer jer have debian programed another kernel06:42
bazhangubuntu_, debian? ask in #debian06:42
ubuntu_ok, thanks06:42
ubuntu_firetarter brokes so easy06:43
bazhangubuntu_, try gufw?06:44
bazhang!info gufw | ubuntu_06:44
ubottuubuntu_: gufw (source: gui-ufw): Configure system firewall. In component universe, is optional. Version 11.04.2-0ubuntu1 (natty), package size 197 kB, installed size 1252 kB06:44
htmlinprogressbullgard4,  duh ,,,, i  just try to get help  with the check some, the os is  not important06:45
htmlinprogressurlin2u,  thanks06:45
Thornhello. I need to start a daemon which requires X (actually dbus) when an X server starts or user logs in, how do I do that automatically?06:46
urlin2uhtmlinprogress, no problem.06:46
bullgard4_htmlinprogress: You are seeking help from the Ubuntu community but you are not contributin gto the well-being of the ubuntu community.06:46
ubuntu_these questions are dificult for me06:47
ubuntu_have you helped....06:47
bazhang!cn | honsen06:49
ubottuhonsen: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw06:49
glebihanThorn, build an upstart script and use "start on dbus started" as a start condition06:49
=== arch is now known as Guest95783
glebihanThorn, see http://upstart.ubuntu.com/ for details on upstart06:50
htmlinprogressbullgard4,  ture at this monument ,yes  but i have spent whole days on here helping or learning,,,,, not to forget im getting old as the linux fan06:51
Thornglebihan: thanks, looking now06:51
bullgard4_htmlinprogress: Ok. No worries.06:52
Guest95783hello everyone06:52
Guest95783so , this is a command06:53
GummyBearhello everybody... skuse me... I need help with this: wanna echoing the numbers inside a string (i.e. mystring32, then echoing only 32)... how do I do?06:53
e_t_GummyBear: You may want to look up how to turn a string into an array. Then you can return the values you want from the array.06:55
gryGummyBear: good question06:56
GummyBeare_t_: is there any fast method with AWK??06:57
whoppergatorGummyBear: echo "string123" | grep -o '[0-9]*'06:57
* Guest95783 is a pink bunny06:58
GummyBearwhoppergator: ok, it looks like I'm looking for... let me try06:58
bullgard4_GummyBear: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/intrepid/man3/string.3erl.html06:59
GummyBearwhoppergator: no, I've no oputput06:59
sunitbullgard4_: what shall I do ?07:00
whoppergatorGummyBear: what did you type in exactly?07:00
GummyBearI'm trying with AWK but is printing all the entire line... DEVICE=`echo $STRING | awk 'BEGIN { FS = "/" } ; /[0-9]*/ { print $4 }'`07:00
GypsiRaeOMG photorec is getting corrupted versions of my gimp file!! that means I'm only two days of work behind instead of four07:01
GummyBearwhoppergator: I need only the numeric part of a string... where string is string123 I need only '123' as output...07:01
bullgard4_sunit: Give less access rights to that file.07:01
Abc1hi..how can I disable screec lock password ?07:02
whoppergatorGummyBear: don't use ``, use $(), so try DEVICE=$(echo $STRING | grep -o '[0-9]*')07:02
GummyBearwhoppergator: one guy suggested me to treat the string as an array... is a cool solution, but I don't know if with AWK is there any 'only one line' solution07:02
Guest95783hi , i want my machine boots faster , how can i achieve that ?07:03
whoppergatorGummyBear: I've tested both suggestions that I've sent to you and both work. What results are you getting?07:04
Guest95783and  my sys is 11.0407:04
ttmrichter|workIs there any way in which I can tell udev to forget an old piece of hardware?  I've got a problem in a virtual machine where an old NIC's information (MAC => name mapping) is making a new NIC get named as eth1 instead of eth0, although all the networking setup references eth0.07:04
ttmrichter|workCurrent system is 10.04.307:04
Mortahhello. I'm hoping someone can point me to the right words to google. Just installed 11.04. 10.10 was fine but the upgrade broke :D Now, whenever I open a menu for the first time all my windows disappear for about a second and then reappear. But, it only happens on a menu that hasn't been opened before.. :S07:04
GummyBearwhoppergator: ok, I'm using your solution... it did it... I was making a pipe after my AWK script but nothing else was happen, now using the grep expression alone with the AWK result is working07:05
GummyBearwhoppergator: thanks a lot friend :D07:05
MortahGuest95783: get an SSD. By far the best investment you can make for speed :)07:05
whoppergatorGummyBear: you shouldn't need awk at all, but if you have something that works, then i am content :)07:05
valthyxhello, just upgraded my ubuntu, to ubuntu 11.04. It looks totally different. The startup menu is not there anymore, which is difficult for me to find applications as i have categorised them in the startup menu. Any solutions to bring back the old interface?07:05
Guest95783Mortah: what is SSD07:06
Mortahvalthyx: on the login screen after selecting your username there are some options at the bottom07:06
Mortahprobably says "unity" atm07:06
Mortahchange it to ubuntu classic :)07:06
GummyBearwhoppergator: oh, ok, I found why it was not working, I had a bad sintax... now is right: DEVICE=`echo $STRING | awk 'BEGIN { FS = "/" } ; /[0-9]*/ { print $4 }'  | grep -o '[0-9]*'`07:06
Mortahsolid state drive, type of hard drive07:06
bullgard4_Abc1: Probably System > Administration > Login Screen > Unlock > Screensaver > De-assert "Lock screen when screen saver is active".07:07
urlin2uvalthyx, at the login window choose your user name look at the bottom panel and choose the classic desktop07:07
valthyxMortah, thank you, maybe i again know where is the menu.lst for boot sequence?07:07
Mortahno idea07:07
Guest95783Mortah: what should i do exactly , give me a step by step method07:08
Abc1<bullgard4_> : Thanks dude...Hpoe it works.. :)07:08
MortahGuest95783: sorry I haven't got the time to do that. Try google07:08
valthyxurlin2u, thank you. Do you know where the grub menu.lst is located? i tried to find in boot folber, but couldnt find07:08
whoppergatorGummyBear: i don't fully understand what the awk is doing in the middle, but if it works you should go with it :)07:08
Guest95783valthyx: hi , what your problem07:08
Guest95783Mortah: thanks anyway07:09
valthyxi would like to chenge the boot menu order07:09
whoppergatorttmrichter|work: you can control udev, and its exclusion rules through the /etc/udev/rules.d/ local configuration folder07:09
Guest95783valthyx: do you know grub07:09
GummyBearwhoppergator: the awk script is need as I need only the part at $4, basically the fifth column... avoiding the AWK script makes the entire line is parsed by grep and returning all the other numeric values (of course, I only need those at the fifth column)07:09
valthyxGuest95783, yes,07:10
valthyxGuest95783, is it grub.cfg?07:10
GummyBearwhoppergator: c/is need/is needed07:10
Guest95783valthy: there is a way to edit the grup config file07:10
Guest95783valthyx, you can do that07:10
whoppergatorGummyBear: oO! yeah that's good then. you might also check out 'cut' which is handy for delimeter splitting07:11
overcluckervalthyx: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub207:11
Guest95783valthyx, do you using the ubuntu 10.0407:11
ruby_on_tailswhere can i find the configuration editor on ubuntu ?07:12
whoppergatorvalthyx: /etc/default/grub07:12
ruby_on_tailsGUI Configuration Editor07:12
Guest95783valthyx, right , checkout the overclucker send to you07:12
valthyxGuest95783, ubuntu 11.0407:12
whoppergatorruby_on_tails: configuration editor for what? for gnome, there is gconf-editor07:12
ttmrichter|workwhoppergator: Is there any way to get udev to not just tack on to the end of 70-persistent-net-rules?07:13
valthyxwhoppergator, thank you07:13
ttmrichter|workThe problem is that instead of wiping out the file and rebuilding based on existing hardware it just tacks on an extra record.07:13
Guest95783valthyx, yeah , ok , could you tell me what you want to do again , i was forgetable07:13
ttmrichter|workEvery time the MAC changes.07:13
xeuxquestion - anyway to strip the GUI out of ubuntu desktop?07:13
xeuxsort of like - convert it to ubuntu server07:14
valthyxGuest95783, i have runnign on a dual boot machine. windows and linux, so i would like to change their positions07:14
melvincv_perhaps remove the package ubuntu-desktop ?07:14
Guest95783valthyx, you want to change the order in grub , and you want to login win first, right?07:15
whoppergatorxeux: of course you may remove all gui packages from a desktop install. then you could switch the sources to the server sources and you would be running ubuntu server after an update. it might be easier though just to start from scratch with a server install07:15
melvincv_But it's better to install Ubuntu Server than just strip the GUI...07:15
overcluckervalthyx: read the section on configuring grub 2 in the link i gave you.07:15
melvincv_The kernel is different07:15
sunitbullgard4_ : 550 ?07:15
valthyxGuest95783, yes07:15
xeuxthanks whopper07:15
Guest95783valthyx, there is a easy way , download a software in ubuntu , it is small!07:16
whoppergatorttmrichter|work: i'm not sure i understand what you are trying to do. are you trying to exclude a specific piece of hardware?07:16
AtharvaHey !! can anyone tell me that what's the diffrence between virtual box free edition and paid edition ?07:16
ttmrichter|workwhoppergator: I'm trying to exclude a device that no longer exists.07:16
Guest95783valthyx, it is "startup manager"07:17
ttmrichter|workI've changed the MAC in my virtual machine.07:17
melvincv_The free edition does not have USB 2.0 support.07:17
Guest95783valthyx,  in the ubuntu software07:17
ttmrichter|workudev is seeing this as new hardware (correctly) but not noticing that the old hardware is no longer there.07:17
ttmrichter|workSo my "old" hardware (the old MAC) is still set up as eth0, despite there being no backing hardware.07:17
valthyxGuest95783, ok, thank you07:17
GummyBearwhoppergator: ok... I'll do... thanks a lot again :)07:18
ttmrichter|workAnd my "new" hardware is being named to eth1, which is causing problems.07:18
Guest95783valthyx, my pleasure07:18
Atharva<melvincv_> : Does it also have more powerful motherboard settings ?07:18
Mortahok... looks like gnome is broken for me07:19
MortahKDE runs with no flicker :D07:19
valthyxby the way, is there any way to delete the linux version that i am not using?07:19
* Guest95783 is a pink bunny07:19
valthyxfor example, in the grup menu, i have a newer version and an older version, i would like to delete the newer version from my computer, how do i do that?07:20
whoppergatorttmrichter|work: i'm not sure why eth1 is causing problems, but something is definitely not right if it shows eth0 and there is no device07:20
Guest95783valthyx, wait a sec , let me check my 11.0407:20
valthyxGuest95783, okay07:21
whoppergatorvalthyx: yes, you can purge the older kernel, then run update-grub07:21
valthyxwhoppergator, how do i purge it?07:22
valthyxi am sorry, i am still new to linux07:22
=== tfilipczuk is now known as makak
bullgard4_sunit: 550 is probably too restrictive. But I do not know the best value. I myself would probably start with 550. If it does not work, I would gradually allow more access rights.07:23
ttmrichter|workwhoppergator: eth1 is a problem because there's nothing in /etc/network/interfaces for eth1 (or eth2 if this gets further cloned and so on).07:23
whoppergatorvalthyx: np at all. if you are new, you should consider keeping the old kernel for backup/emergency cases07:23
Guest95783valthyx, to remove the new kernel from grub list , you should do07:23
ttmrichter|workSo when the new guest OS is launched, it has no network active.  I have to go in and hand-edit files to make it work, which kind of resists automation.07:24
valthyxwhoppergator, actually i want to remove the newer kernel, some of my devices do not work07:24
[deXter]Hi all, xsane takes a long time to search for my network scanner. Is there a way I can force it to look at a specific IP? (the scanner has a static IP)07:25
Guest95783valthyx,  you should  just edit the  grub.cfg07:25
whoppergatorvalthyx: take a look at uname -a for your current kernel version, then do an apt-cache search linux-image to see your options. then you can apt-cache purge the newest and run update-grub07:25
whoppergatorvalthyx: sorry, that's 'apt-get purge' at the end there07:26
valthyxwhoppergator, thanks alot.07:27
Guest95783hi , i want my my computer boot faster , is there any way to make it ?07:27
ttmrichter|workD'oh!  Sorry, braino there.07:28
lizbethI am having problems starting the desktop environment in ubuntu 11.04. I think its because of ati driver.07:29
lizbethDoes someone know how to fix that?07:29
bullgard4_Guest95783: Use a newer Ubuntu distribution.07:30
Guest95783bullgard4, mine 11.0407:30
Guest95783bullgard4,  i means: to forbidden sth  to let the os boots faster07:31
kapilkaisareGreetings all. I am trying to edit the /etc/hosts file of my 11.04 installation to use a few hosts via a VPN I intend to use. Trouble is, whenever I restart the system, the /etc/hosts file returns to its original state. Does anyone have an idea why it might be happening? I tried using auditd to watch the file, and I get a possible write by a check-new-release - most likely a python script.07:31
whoppergatorGuest95783: what are you finding to be slow? how many seconds does it take currently?07:31
bullgard4_Guest95783: My Ubuntu 11.10 boots even faster than Ubuntu 11.04. But I can not recommend it to you using it before October or November, 2011.07:31
Guest95783whoppergator, about 39 secs07:31
[deXter]Guest95783: Take a look at startup applications and you'll find several things you can uncheck, like the bluetooth stuff. Also, depends on your partition layout.. if you can put your / right a the top of the drive (after /boot, ofc) it'll be better07:32
Guest95783bullgard4, Wow , you are using 11.1007:32
bullgard4_Guest95783: Yes.07:32
lizbethI am having problems starting the desktop environment in ubuntu 11.04.07:33
lizbethDoes someone know how to fix that?07:33
bullgard4_Guest95783: If you do not use the X Server, your computer will boot much faster.07:33
whoppergator!patience | lizbeth07:33
ubottulizbeth: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/07:33
Guest95783deXter, yeah you right , i07:33
Guest95783have done that07:33
bullgard4_lizbeth: Please analyze your dmesg log.07:34
Guest95783bullgard4, ok , i have forbidden that .07:35
lizbethbullgard4, how?07:35
whoppergatorttmrichter|work: sorry i'm not more help with your issue, it doesn't sound like a configuration issue to me, but something old thing still hanging around from before. maybe you could purge and reinstall, but i don't know if that's safe for udev on a running system07:35
bullgard4_lizbeth: By reading this text and understanding the messages about desktop environment.07:36
ttmrichter|workwhoppergator: purge and reinstall what?07:36
whoppergatorlizbeth: dmesg | less07:36
whoppergatorttmrichter|work: udev? i'm just shooting in the dark here. if there was some way to completely rebuild the intial networking settings, i would say go for it07:37
goerAre ther any animated .png  (?) icons I can use on the Gnome Panel for my Luckybackup07:38
lizbethbullgard4, whoppergator I am reading it but can't see anything interesting.07:38
almagestHello. During some group management, i accidentaly did a usermod -g instead of a usermod -G (replace instead of add). Now im unable to 'use' sudo. Can anyone assist me please? Id be very grateful07:38
ttmrichter|workwhoppergator: This is still not a solution for automating the process of creating test servers.  I can't purge and reinstall udev without putting in a manual step to do so.07:38
ttmrichter|workI need to be able to clone a VM with new MAC addresses and actually have Ubuntu *WORK*.  Currently this isn't happening.  :(07:39
jpdsttmrichter|work: Have you deleted 70-persistent-net.rules ?07:40
ttmrichter|workjpds: Yes.07:40
ttmrichter|workAnd edited it and ...07:40
overcluckerkapilkaisare: i'm not sure that it is still true, but i remember having a problem where NetworkManager would make alterations to /etc/hosts on boot. In my case, simply changing the file to immutable solved the issue. sudo chattr +i /etc/hosts. chattr -i to make it mutable again.07:40
dttahhey guys i have a question, exactly what filesystem type should be a partition(fat...ext4... etc) for Data file purposes ? my filesystem partition is ext407:40
ttmrichter|workWhen I clone the VM, however, there's obviously a 70-*.rules.07:41
ttmrichter|workAnd that's when the problem happens.07:41
whoppergatorkapilkaisare: what edits are you making. network-manager controls some of those settings07:41
ttmrichter|workUdev is just not smart enough to figure out that the eth0 hardware no longer exists and instead tacks on a new entry.07:41
almagestto be able to use sudo, which group do i have to be part in, admin? can anyone running ubuntu please do a groups <username> to check?07:42
dttahhey guys i have a question, exactly what filesystem type should be a partition(fat...ext4... etc) for Data file purposes ? my filesystem partition is ext407:42
overcluckeralmagest: admin is the default ubuntu sudo group07:42
ttmrichter|workdttah: What kind of data and what use case scenario?07:42
whoppergatorttmrichter|work: is there anything you can do with udevadm?07:42
kapilkaisareoverclucker, That looks like it might just work! Danke!07:43
lizbethI am having problems starting the desktop environment in ubuntu 11.04. XFCE loads when I start recovery session as root but doesn't load when I try to start it as a regular user.07:43
jasonmsphey all.  Anyone have a good link that explains how to share my internet connection (source is ethernet) by creating a wireless network within ubuntu 11.04?07:43
kapilkaisarewhoppergator, I was adding a few IP->Hostname maps in there. I suspect the network-manager might be behind the overwriting.07:43
whoppergatorkapilkaisare: yup that probably the case. network-manager wants to be the boss, so you could make the mappings in its configuration, or just turn it off07:44
kapilkaisarewhoppergator, Is it possible to make such changes via the network-manager itself.07:44
dttahttmrichter|work: the partition is going to be used for pics,movies,videos,music..., what filesystem type should i decide for it? please.07:45
sunitbullgard4_ :  I am getting  -   Permissions 0550 for '/etc/ssh/ssh_host_dsa_key' are too open07:45
ttmrichter|workdttah: Do you want it accessible to Windows or anything like that?07:45
almagestoverclucker: thanks! and since i need to be in that group to add myself to that group, i should reboot, change runlevel and hopefully manage that there?07:45
whoppergatorjasonmsp: are you connecting to an AP, or do you need to BE the AP?07:45
dttahttmrichter|work: no, only linux07:45
ttmrichter|workWell, if your main partition is already ext4, you might as well use it for your data partition as well.07:46
jasonmspwhoppergator:  I need to be the AP.07:46
dttahttmrichter|work: so ext4 can work well for my data files? like music videos pics ?07:46
jasonmspwhoppergator: i have an incoming internet connection and I want to transmit that to the other laptops.07:46
ttmrichter|workdttah: Define "work well" here?07:47
ttmrichter|workIt's a file system.07:47
ttmrichter|workIt stores data.07:47
ttmrichter|workIt gives the data back on demand.07:47
whoppergatorkapilkaisare: yeah, there is a scripts folder for network-manager07:48
dttahttmrichter|work: I mean to say " is ext4 supposed to be used for data files, I mean can that type of filesystem run data files normally and accurately ? "07:48
overcluckersunit: ls -l /etc/ssh/ssh_host_dsa_key it should be -rw------- , otherwise sudo chmod 600 /etc/ssh/ssh_host_dsa_key07:49
ttmrichter|workdttah: What, precisely, would a non-data file look like?  I'm confused.07:49
bullgard4_sunit:  What about 540 ?07:49
jasonmspwhoppergator:  bump..  I need to be the AP.07:50
sunitbullgard4_ : i am trying.07:50
goerOr maybe my questions should be, are animated icons possible on Gnome panel?07:50
codingenesishow can i record my desktop ??07:50
codingenesisi want to prepare tutorials07:51
dttahttmrichter|work: lol like system files are't data files, data files are considered such as music...vidoes text documents, music, pics... such things are data files, and i was wondering if i recreate my partition as ext4 would it be ok for my data files ? I hope now you understood me :)07:51
codingenesisany  software like bb Flash back07:51
whoppergatorkapilkaisare: a google search on working through network-manager turns up some useful stuff07:51
Unknown_MonkeyHey how do I find a connected serial device like a usb example /dev/tty07:51
=== jcrigby_ is now known as jcrigby
goercodingenesis: ffmpeg-x11grabcode. Awesome!07:52
codingenesisi have to use it thorugh command line ??07:52
sunitbullgard4_: thanks. it's working07:52
codingenesisgoer how to use that will i be able to find it in ubuntu software centre ??07:53
sunitthanks for your suggestion. bye07:53
Unknown_MonkeyI have a program called phone manager and It connects to my phone via usb and then it allows my text messages to come up on my computer and It wants me to specify a serial port and it give a example of /dev/tty1 and I was woudnering is there a way of viewing all connect usb devices like lsusb but shows the connection path07:53
goergoogle it for latest version. Put icon on desktop. Click icon. :)07:53
ttmrichter|workdttah: 99.44% of system files are files.  Only the /dev, /proc and /sys trees aren't really files.  But the kernel?  Is a data file.  /bin/ls?  Is a data file.  So any file system will allow you to store and recover data.  The various file systems each have their limitations and their quirks (which is why I wouldn't recommend, say, FAT unless you need to share with Windows).  But yes, ext4 will easily store and retrieve files,07:53
goerGoota go now. Bye all :)07:53
whoppergatorjasonmsp: you're going to be looking into hostapd then. you might start here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WirelessAccessPoint but i'm sure there are better and more up to date tutorials out there07:54
misaqhello everyone! I can't compile codes in Ubuntu. I used to do it before. I don't know what the problem is07:54
misaqcan anyone help me?07:54
dttahttmrichter|work: Thanks Sr. this answer is what i was looking for, thanks man :)07:54
misaq! I can't compile codes in Ubuntu. I used to do it before. I don't know what the problem is07:55
ubottumisaq: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:55
almagestas a single user on the system, how can i add myself to the admin group? can this be done by booting a live cd and do chroot ? i am not able to use sudo currently.07:56
misaqdoes anyone know how to compile c++ codes in Ubuntu?07:56
mint_i do07:56
overcluckermisaq: g++ ?07:56
urlin2ualmagest, did you forget the password?07:57
mint_use g++ compiler07:57
Flannelalmagest: it's easiest to reboot into the recovery console07:57
misaqoverclucker, I used make before and it was ok. but now I can't compile. error says permission denied07:57
almagesturlin2u: i know the password, but did a usermod -g instead of usermod -G. Then i cannot use sudo since im not in admin group07:58
misaqmint_,  I used g++ too. i receive errors07:58
Sp4rKymisaq: pastebin full log07:58
Flannelalmagest: you probably did -G without the -a, -g will change your primary group, but shouldn't remove you from the secondaries.07:58
Flannelalmagest: in the future, consider using adduser instead of usermod.07:58
misaqSp4rKy, can you delineate more?07:58
Sp4rKymisaq: put your log on http://paste.ubuntu.com/07:59
urlin2ualmagest, you need a password to edit the group file.07:59
Sp4rKy(the result of your make, with the "permission denied" errors)07:59
almagestFlannel: thanks for the tips. i actually did both of them, first -g then -G. Bad idea. The recovery console will make me root then?07:59
Flannelalmagest: yep.07:59
misaqSp4rKy: and then?08:00
almagesturlin2u: yes, i know the password luckily, but the group file needs admin rights. catch-2208:00
Sp4rKymisaq: and then give us the link of your paste08:00
misaqSp4rKy: ok08:00
urlin2ualmagest, but needs admin rights to edit.08:01
windowsoutso... how's everyone?08:03
misaqSp4rKy,  http://paste.ubuntu.com/672262/08:03
misaqSp4rKy:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/672262/08:03
Sp4rKyohh that's not the compile itself08:03
iceroot_misaq: chmod +x test08:03
iceroot_misaq: but what should that file contain?08:04
iceroot_misaq: c++ code?08:04
Sp4rKyiceroot_: a binary I guess08:05
CyberWorldback like herpes :)08:05
CyberWorld"The gift that keeps on giving!"08:05
misaqiceroot_: here's the code http://paste.ubuntu.com/672263/08:05
iceroot_misaq: the file is holding that code?08:05
misaqiceroot_: yes08:05
iceroot_misaq: you cant execute a file with c++ code. you have to compile it first08:05
iceroot_misaq: ##c++08:05
misaqiceroot_: ##c++?08:06
=== trevor is now known as static_void_
CyberWorldI'm going on vaca08:06
iceroot_misaq: this is ubuntu-support, not c++ support08:06
Sp4rKymisaq: /join ##c++08:06
iceroot_misaq: ##c++ is the c++ channel08:06
misaqiceroot_: yes08:06
iceroot_misaq: also think about using a gui instead of hacking on the shell08:06
misaqiceroot_: thanks for the tip. you know, I used to compile and run with make easily before. but now i receive these errors08:07
mint_make space between #include and <iostream>08:07
almagestFlannel: just to be certain, i reboot into recovery, then issue a; adduser -G admin <myuser>08:08
Sp4rKymisaq: if "test" contains your code, then you have to compile it. If it's the result of your compile, then you might need to add +x permissions08:08
almagestFlannel: to fix the group issue?08:08
Sp4rKymisaq: and make is not a compiler08:08
misaqSp4rKy: I know. but I used to type "make test" on the cmdline. and it worked fine08:09
Sp4rKydepends of your makefile08:09
iceroot_misaq: use a gui08:09
jjp_misaq: sorry, I take in route. What's the actual error for target 'test' of your makefile ?08:10
misaqSp4rKy, is it probable that the ubuntu include files have been displaced?08:10
ttmrichter|workGah!  I clicked wrong and didn't notice.08:10
oisgamguys guys i need hel p08:10
iceroot_misaq: we told you waht your syntax error is08:11
jjp_oisgam: just ask08:11
ttmrichter|workSo, I've figured out a fugly hack to my problem.  What's the best way of making sure something is done at system shutdown?08:11
iceroot_misaq: #include<iostream>08:11
iceroot_misaq: please join ##c++ for c++ related questions08:11
Thelmariaalmagest: can use usermod -a -G admin <user> to add <user> to group admin while maintaining status in other groups.08:12
misaqjjp_: this is make error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/672269/08:12
iceroot_misaq: we told you waht your syntax error is08:12
almagestThelmaria: thanks! ill give it a go!08:12
misaqiceroot_: but what was it?08:12
iceroot_misaq: #include<iostream> is wrong08:13
iceroot_misaq: #include <iostream>08:13
iceroot_misaq: and if i am correct its called iostream.h  but please go to ##c++08:13
oisgamthe thing is that the update manager in my ubuntu 11.04 want to install the gjome display manager and so i let it do itand it messed up my ubuntu so i had to return to unity and it was a big mess and now it tells me to do it again and thereś a lot of update packages that want to install too and idk wich ones chose and wich ones don chose08:13
misaqiceroot_: thanks for tips. I switch to #c++08:14
zagibumaybe you installed some gnome thing that now wants to pull in the rest of the gnome stuff?08:14
oisgamdo u know what could be ?08:15
zagibui have no idea08:15
iceroot_misaq: using namespace std; is the next issue08:15
zagibui always do a apt-get install -sy blah >> XXX_blah.install before installing something, this way I have a history of all apt changes08:16
jjp_iceroot: Still, regarding misaq's issue, the error log display no compilation error, but a linker error. I would have expected a compilation error when an incorrect include directive occurs. Anyway, this definitely is a question for #c++08:16
ravigdrkis there anyone to help me08:16
Guest95783what is your prob08:17
oisgamand i have other issue since i've configured the compiz cube and all that stuff the loading screen of ubuntu looks weird do u know how can i solve this ?08:17
ravigdrki need to share folder in ubuntu 10.04 lts08:17
Guest95783share with who08:17
ravigdrkwindows user08:18
ravigdrkI need to set permission08:18
Guest95783ravigdrk, you want your windowns08:18
ravigdrkthey can past content and copy but not remove or delete08:18
ravigdrkI don't know what you called that08:19
Guest95783wait , i still  can't understan what you say exactly08:19
ravigdrki configure samba I can share the folder but i am struck at permission setting08:19
minthey guys, i have a this question, im the way to install this OS, and during the installation it asked for "mount point" for filesystem i have chosen "/" now im going to create my second partition which is supposed to be used for musics,videos,pics etc... what "mount point" should i use for that partition ??08:19
Guest95783are there two os in your computer08:19
Guest95783oh , got it08:20
ravigdrkNO I want to share my ubuntu folder to my network08:20
th0rmint: /home08:20
oisgamthe clasic partitions are / (root) /home (your files and a swap08:20
misaqjjp_: I can't send to #c++08:20
oisgamswap is comonly the twice of your ram08:20
iceroot_!register | misaq08:20
ubottumisaq: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode08:20
Guest95783yes , samba can achieve that08:20
ravigdrkadvance thanks' for your help08:21
ravigdrkI can able to share using samba08:21
mintth0r: so... well, filesystem mount point = "/" Data files partition(music,videos,pics) = "/home"? sorry for making sure twice, i dont wanna be mistaken08:21
gryhttp://i.imgur.com/X3m3z.png <--- What can I do to fix the fonts that should label the axis, please?08:21
ravigdrkbut I don't know how set  permission to that folder08:21
xt3mp0rWhat is x11? Does ubuntu 11.04 GNOME use it ?08:21
oisgammint: swap -> twice your ram root -> 50 gb home -> whatever you want it's for all you files08:22
Guest95783do you know the command -- chmod08:22
iceroot_!x | xt3mp0r08:22
ubottuxt3mp0r: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution08:22
ravigdrki want set like this they can  past content and copy but not remove or delete08:22
th0rmint: correct. And if you have less than about 2G ram, or want to suspend, you need swap (1.5 - 2 times ram)08:22
xt3mp0riceroot_: Thanks ^^08:22
Guest95783ok , how about using ftp08:22
Guest95783we are using ftp , and it works perfect08:23
oisgammint : root (/) and home (/home) need to have ext4 format or ext3 depending on the version u want to install08:24
mintth0r: I run 16GB overclocked DDR3 ram, so now how many GBs should i provide for swap-space? and my next question please if i can, previous times i always used to check "nothing" in mount point for NON-filessystem partitions, that was wrong ?08:24
oisgammint : and let swap without format then choose  linux swap08:24
jjp_misaq: try to link with g++ instead of cc : g++ test.o -o test08:24
mintoisgam: thanks Sr :)08:25
Guest95783who can use command chroot08:25
zagiburavigdrk: not sure if it applies to samba as well, but you might want to look up the "sticky bit"08:25
oisgammint np ;)08:25
Guest95783help me08:25
Guest95783i am comfused08:25
Guest95783about chroot08:25
jjp_misaq: BTW, 'test' is a very bad name for a program, because a 'test' command is likely to be higher in your path, either as a shell builtin or as a command08:25
zagibuwhat is your question exactly?08:25
misaqjjp_: dear jjp_  i tried it. not ok. can it be because of my include files displacement?08:25
bambanxGuys in console how can i copy my last output?08:25
th0rmint: with 16GB ram I wouldn't mess with swap, and you don't need to mount non-filesystem partitions...you can always change that later if you need it08:26
bambanxor reuse it08:26
paradoxxGreetings all. I'm having a problem with Ubuntu1. The sync deamon is taking up over 1g of memory and ~90% CPU usage. Why is that?08:26
=== kent2 is now known as khjh
Guest95783who kent208:26
jjp_misaq: sorry, I obvioulsy lack background on your issue. You moved your include files ?08:27
Guest95783hi , how can i make my sys boots faster?08:27
misaqjjp_: not really. but I remember once I tried to recompile my kernel. however, it was not complete because of the complexity08:28
oisgamok... there's a lot of diferent threads and idk if somebody told me something about my loading screen issue xD08:28
mintth0r: but the thing is, when i dont mount NON filesystem partition and trying to go ahead by pressing Install a dialog pops up and asks " no mount point is assigned for the ext4 file system in partition #5 of SCSI1 (0,0,0) (sda)." and in this case partition 5 is the partition which im going to use for videos pics music... it forces me to choose mount point08:29
misaqI cannot send to #c++. even !register is not possible08:29
Guest95783anyone who can lfs08:29
Guest95783tell me08:29
Guest95783/who misaq08:30
th0rmint: if you mounted /home to sda5 you shouldn't be getting that. did you designate sda5 as ext3/4 for /home?08:31
mintth0r: of sorry i have forgotten to check it as /home, i did, and it passed away thanks:) now just tell me how many GB i need to provide for this swap-space? is 5gb enough ?08:32
th0rmint: with 16GB ram, I wouldn't bother with swap08:33
discostu2can i force ubuntu, or ubuntu recovery console, to force VGA graphics from the boot options in grub? i cannot get past ubuntu selection because hardware acceleration on my card is fubared but i can load win xp because i was able to delete the nvidia driver through win xp safe mode.08:33
th0rmint: just checking, you are installing either 64 bit or pae kernel, correct?08:33
mintth0r: mhhh have no idea wha "pae kernal" is, but for sure im installing 64bit one08:34
th0rmint: the pae kernel allows 32bit systems to use more than 3GB ram08:34
mintth0r: question question please, if i check in the box "Format?" it will format the partition before it will install OS in it ?08:35
dr-williswouldent make sence to format it after the install ;)08:36
th0rnubt: correct. If you were installing an upgrade, you would NOT format /home, that way all your personal data and config files would remain intact. But for a new install, format both / and /homt08:36
Shambler[BishopI have latest Ubuntu running in VirtualBox, and the screen has turned black, but it is still working away in the background (it is encoding a DVD and CPU is still going processing that etc.). I've tried switching VirtualBox from fullscreen back to windowed etc., but I can't fix the black screen issue. what might be wrong here? (have asked on VirtualBox channel with no help)08:36
Shambler[Bishopwant to find a way to fix this without reboot08:37
mintdr-willis: lol no im about due the installation when you divide HDD for partition there is a checkbox BEFORE installation it says "Format?" I guess it stands for, format the partition then install OS :)08:37
yourstrulyI would tend to disagree with that viewpoint08:37
discostu2can i force ubuntu, or ubuntu recovery mode, to usa VGA graphics from the boot options in grub? i cannot get past ubuntu selection because hardware acceleration on my card is fubared but i can load win xp because i was able to delete the nvidia driver through win xp safe mode.08:38
chavoShambler[Bishop: it probably locked the screen, i've had that happen08:38
Shambler[BishopI turned the screensaver off though08:38
dr-willisShambler[Bishop:  sounds like the screensaver or powerssver /screenlock. you could ssh in and restert gdm but that wull reset x. but nit reboot08:39
Shambler[Bishopwhen I switch virtualbox to 'seamless' mode, it draws the windows, just in a very bugged state, like they are not rendering properly (or at all)08:39
chavoi was able to focus the window and enter my password here08:39
Shambler[Bishopif I restart gdm would that interrupt running programs?08:40
lynx____I'm getting some serious kernel problems08:40
lynx____how do I reinstall the kernel08:40
dr-willisShambler[Bishop:  restarts X so x aps get killed..08:40
Shambler[Bishopya okey, is there some way of fixing this whilst avoiding that?08:41
misaqlynx____: if you are a newbie like me, i recommend you to reinstall the OS not the kernel alone. kernel is hard to reconfigure08:41
lynx____  How do I reinstall the kernel, aptitude --reinstall instlal kernel package name08:41
lynx____well it's getting annoying I already wasted a CD08:42
lynx____my computer keeps crashing08:42
dr-willislynx____: perhaps state the real probmems08:42
dr-williswith details08:42
lynx____I keep seeing IRQ-type errors, and even worse... the computer keeps crashing if it seems to be using too much memory, or if I use a program for a long time08:42
misaqlynx____: once i tried to recompile kernel. it was not a success.08:42
discostu2can i force ubuntu, or ubuntu recovery mode, to usa VGA graphics from the boot options in grub? i cannot get past ubuntu selection because hardware acceleration on my card is fubared but i can load win xp because i was able to delete the nvidia driver through win xp safe mode.08:42
lynx____It's as if my IRQ is08:42
misaqlynx____: did it use to work fine before?08:43
dr-willisbefor what.08:43
misaqlynx____: is your machine Intel?08:43
lynx____before nothing, the kernel started giving horrible IRQ errors08:43
lynx____it doesn't matter what machine type it is08:43
lynx____like I said, it's the vmlinuz file itself08:44
discostu2lynx____: calm down08:44
dr-willisi doubt if reinstalling the kernel will fix anything.08:44
bjhaidis there anyway i can ensure my network manager starts immediately @ startup, because I have an app in my startup application that needs network to start and it wouldnt start because network manager starts only when ubuntu has completed startup08:44
dr-willisunless the fsgot cyrrupted.08:44
lynx____ I think that's what happened08:44
lynx____I kept getting errors when running "Parellizing fsck"08:45
kwtmbjhaid: You might use the ifconfig command to connect to the network without using network manager.08:45
lynx____bu tit was only a few files08:45
lynx____I power off my computer, not shut down08:45
lynx____that could also be why08:45
kwtmbjhaid: nm is more for a user-friendly connect.  Check out  man ifconfig08:45
bjhaidkwtm: i place the ifconfig in my script08:45
dr-willisthen it maybe best to reinstall. you can try the kernel iguess.08:45
=== dayanand is now known as djd
kwtmbjhaid: You do?  And it's not working?08:45
bjhaidkwtm: i got a bash script that starts up my app, just asking if i should place it in my script?08:46
dr-willisapt-get has a --reinstall option08:46
lynx____so I type aptitude --reinstall install nvidia-kernel-2.6.32-5-686?08:46
lynx____or apt-get08:46
dr-willisthats not a valid kernal package name is it?08:46
OldFarterIf im sitting next to the wifi router why  does it take half of eternity to connect?08:46
kwtmbjhaid: That is what I am suggesting, that you use ifconfig in your script.  There may be other ways as well, but I've used ifconfig to force a connect and it seemed to work.  This was some time ago, though.  Just tossing out an idea.08:47
lynx____thanks, apt-get worked, aptitude didn't08:47
bjhaidkwtm: thanks08:48
kwtmbjhaid: Ethernet (wired) connection?08:48
rethusis there easy way to switch from 32 bit natty to 64 bit natty?08:49
bjhaidkwtm: yes08:50
bjhaidkwtm: still did not work08:50
kwtmbjhaid: ifconfig fails to give you a connection?  Or it reports a connection but programs aren't able to use it?08:51
discostu2can i force ubuntu, or ubuntu recovery mode, to usa VGA graphics from the boot options in grub? i cannot get past ubuntu selection because hardware acceleration on my card is fubared but i can load win xp because i was able to delete the nvidia driver through win xp safe mode.08:51
kwtmbjhaid: After you use ifconfig to connect, you might want to ping www.google.com to see if there's a connection. (For debugging, not for permanent.)08:52
bjhaidkwtm: if i include ping www.google.com in the script, how do i get the response?08:53
kwtmbjhaid: Redirect.  Something like       ping -c 4 www.google.com > "$HOME/debug.log"    or something.08:55
kwtmbjhaid: You are familiar with shell programming?  Bash programming?08:55
bjhaidkwtm: a little08:55
bjhaidkwtm: would do that now08:56
kwtmOk.  So, "still did not work" means ... what?  Computer did not respond?  Exploded?  Your application failed to connect?  etc.08:56
rootls -alh08:57
kwtmbjhaid: ^^   (Oh, and you can ask for help in #bash, too, although they are not as noobfriendly)08:57
jasonmspanyone know why I am getting "SET failed on device wlan0 ; Operation not supported." after - iwconfig wlan0 mode ad-hoc  ???08:57
=== root is now known as Guest46016
bjhaidkwtm: ping:unknown host to www.google.com08:57
kwtmbjhaid: What are you getting for ifconfig?  Is the ethernet connection up?  Do you have a IP address?  (I'm guessing you're DHCP)08:58
bjhaidkwtm: i run a static address on that machine08:58
kwtmjasonmsp: Is it because your wlan0 device doesn't do adhoc?  Or that your wlan0 device isn't working/isn't what you think it is?08:58
creative2innovatenjoying Ubuntu :)08:59
bjhaidkwtm: or any idea how i can specify the static address for the machine to use?09:00
kwtmbjhaid: Okay, do you have another static address to test?  Another machine?  Your router?   The fact that you have an unknown host means that DNS is not working to translate google.com to
bjhaidkwtm: how about if i ping the machine i need to connect to and see what the response would be?09:00
kwtmbjhaid: ??  What do you mean?  The fact that you have a static address set up means that you have the static address already, no?09:00
kwtmbjhaid: If you ping the machine to connect to, and fail, you don't know if it's a connection problem.  Google probably hasn't failed, so pinging it to see if it works will narrow down the problem.09:01
bjhaidkwtm: its on a local network and cannot fail, but i would ping google like you said09:01
kwtmbjhaid: I'm assuming this is all on bootup and that nm takes effect by the time you get control of your machine.09:02
bjhaidkwtm: you are right09:02
kwtmbjhaid: Well, if all is on local network then you can ping more than one machine to make sure it's not the pinged machine that's failing.  Maybe ping the router if it responds.09:02
bjhaidkwtm: thanks, would do a remote connection to the machine get that done, gimmie some mins09:03
kwtmbjhaid: What is the output of ifconfig?  Does it show the connection up yet?  Maybe it's still booting, and you just need to wait till the connection is there before running your app.09:03
bjhaidkwtm: ifconfig shows nothing09:03
kwtmbjhaid: Sorry, bit of a noob here, not sure what you mean by a "remote connection".  You don't mean VNC or something, do you?  That's way after bootup.09:04
kwtmbjhaid: What do you mean "ifconfig shows nothing"?  Surely it must show something, like  Does it see the ethernet interface?09:04
bjhaidkwtm: i am chatting on another machine, so i use vnc to connect to the machine09:04
kwtmbjhaid: Do you need to set your DNS?09:04
bjhaidbjhaid: no since i dont need to connect to the internet right away09:05
susundbe1gHi! Does anyone else have problems with Skype and natty? My first call gets 'scrambled' and while booting up the login sound of skype is also disturbed.09:05
bahamashello. i've installed the latest updates for 11.04 and now my wireless can't see any existing wireless networks anymore. how can i debug this?09:05
kwtmbjhaid: Oh, I see what you mean: you are currently using a VNC connection to set up the machine in question.  That's fine, it doesn't matter what you use.  I thought you mean doing VNC at bootup.09:05
rethuson kubuntu-page i see in download section 32bit is recommended... why  is 64 bit not stable?09:05
bjhaidnope, else i would have to log-off and login to communicate with you09:06
bahamasi don't have access to the computer right now, so i can't try out your suggestions09:06
jasonmspkwtm:  the device itself supports ad-hoc. and lsusb lists 'Bus 001 Device 003: ID 0bda:8189 Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTL8187B '09:06
jasonmspjasonmsp: any thoughts where to go from here?09:06
kwtmjasonmsp: Oh.  Then I don't know.09:06
Shambler[Bishopso, is there a way to recover from a black screen in ubuntu, where the programs are still working ok etc. just screen is black, without losing programs active state?09:07
rethuson (k)ubuntu-page i see in download section 32bit is recommended... why  is 64 bit not stable?09:08
gryAdd a new monitor? I'd not be sure we would be able to move X instance to that, though09:08
Shambler[Bishopdon't think I can; is running in virtualbox09:08
bjhaidkwtm: yet to set it right, but ifconfig showed as the ip address09:08
bahamasrethus: it probably is, and if you want to use more than 4 GB of RAM, you need a 64-bit system09:10
kwtmbjhaid: Okay, you have multiple interfaces to connect over the net.  "lo" is the one you always have.  So, ifconfig does not "show nothing".  What does it show?  Does it show a "eth0" interface?   Is it up? Down?  etc.  Your lack of detail is not really helping.09:10
Shambler[Bishopdoes ubuntu try to automatically recover from graphics driver failures?09:10
rethusbahamas: but why on ubuntu and kubuntu page in download-section 32 bit is recommended09:11
Shambler[Bishoplegacy computers prolly09:11
Shambler[Bishopancient shitboxes09:11
bahamasanyone have any suggestions about how to debug this wireless issue or where to look? the wireless card is active. it just can't find any networks09:11
bahamasrethus: not all applications are compiled for 64 bits09:11
rethusbahamas: is there a list which show which are missing09:12
rethusi think about to create a new partition.... install 64 bit and switch to 64 bit.... is this possible? Which would be the best way to do this09:13
bjhaidkwtm: i would paste the result of ifconfig09:15
oratedI'm getting following errors on every upgrade, installaion - debconf: unable to initialize frontend: Dialog debconf: (Dialog frontend requires a screen at least 13 lines tall and 31 columns wide.) debconf: falling back to frontend: Readline. What's the reson and how to fix i?09:15
kwtmbjhaid: Sorry, this seems to be unproductive and you have still not responded to the question of "what is the output of ifconfig?" which I asked 10 minutes ago09:15
kwtmbjhaid: Oh, there you are.09:15
bahamasrethus: do you need a 64-bit system (using more than 4 GB of RAM)? you can use a virtual machine to install a 64-bit version and play with it09:15
bjhaidkwtm: sorry just looked away a little09:15
bjhaidgoing to paste it now09:16
votzWell crap. I accidently set the permissions to /etc/sudoers so that I can no longer sudo (can't be read by my user). And I can't change the permissions back b/c that requires sudo ;). How can I login to root and fix the priveleges?09:16
rethusi have problems with ati driver, which should work on 64bit09:16
kwtmbjhaid: Ok, I am going to stay around a little bit longer to see if I am helpful to you, and if I am not, then I will wish you the best of luck in seeking help elsewhere.09:16
kwtmbjhaid: I do need to do a few other things IRL.09:16
kwtmbjhaid: like sleep, etc.09:16
bjhaidkwtm: lol https://gist.github.com/116199009:17
mantascan somebody help09:18
kwtmbjhaid: So, either you are running IPv6 or you don't have an IP address set up.  How are you specifying the machine you are connecting to --by IP address or name with DNS lookup?  Is it IPv6?09:19
votzmantas: In general on irc, just ask. No need to ask to ask09:19
mantasno wi-fi on dell vostro 345009:19
mantasdesperate already09:19
bahamasvotz: su09:19
bjhaidkwtm: by ip address, i specified a static address for the machine, just wondering if i could specify an address for the guy in my script?09:20
votzbahamas: Right, but that prompts me for the root pword which I have no clue what it is09:20
kwtmbjhaid: What is "the guy"?  And where do you specify "a static address"?09:20
bjhaidkwtm: my local machine, i am currently specifying the static address in the network manager09:21
kwtmbjhaid: Please be clear.  The way I understand it is: you have decided what the address of your machine in question (let's call it MIQ) is.  Is this IPv6 or just IPv4?  Also, you want to connect to Some Other Machine called The Guy (SOMTG).  Where on the network is it located?  What address?09:22
kwtmbjhaid: Okay, so do I understand correctly that you are telling Network Manager what the address of MIQ is, and now I am suggesting that you use ifconfig before network manager even comes up, and you are wondering why ifconfig does not know what address of MIQ is?09:23
bahamasvotz: talk to your system administrator then09:23
bjhaidkwtm: MIQ uses IPv4 to connect with SOMTG (10.10.5.x)09:23
votzbahamas: I am my system admin, heh09:23
bjhaidkwtm: i see why ifconfig doesnt know what the address of the machine is09:23
bjhaidkwtm: anyway i can specify it in my code?09:23
votzI just went through the basic ubuntu install. No password entry for root09:23
acethese captchas are vuntu release codenames in terms or rhythm09:24
acethese captchas are ubuntu release codenames in terms or rhythm09:24
laserbledHi, can anyone suggest an application which can record my desktop video in 1080p HD please09:24
kwtmbjhaid: You mean can you specify what your MIQ's IP address is?  Yes, of course.  Isn't that the whole purpose of using ifconfig?09:25
aceanyway, I've just formatted my machine and made a clean install of ubuntu only.. wooo hooo... hoooo .hooo09:25
bjhaidkwtm: thanks09:25
acenay ideas of the best apps out there I might need?09:25
kwtmbjhaid: Okay, in case I wasn't clear, you want to do     ifconfig eth0  or whatever the IP address is.    Near the end you want to do  ifconfig >> "$HOME/debug.log" to find out of it worked.09:25
bjhaidkwtm: i think i need to go readup ifconfig, though i dont mind if you could give me the syntax:)09:25
bjhaidkwtm: i would do that gimmie say 5mins, thanks09:26
kwtmbjhaid: Ok, sorry, I am willing to provide help but I am not going to work harder than you.  Please do "man ifconfig".09:26
bjhaidkwtm: thanks alot09:26
kwtmbjhaid: Best of luck.  I am going to go to sleep now.  It looks like there are a few pieces missing from your script but some basic homework on your part should fill in the missing gaps.09:26
laserbledbefore that, is it possible to record video from desktop at a resolution greater than my native resolution ?09:26
bjhaidkwtm: thanks a million09:27
kwtmbjhaid: Ok.  Good luck!09:27
farrukhjonHi all, I bring in my server BIND9 awarded a -) ip for example.com (figuratively), another provider has given two real IP and want to assign news.example.com forum.example.com how to register properly in the files  db.example.com and /etc/network/interfaces ? Thanks an advance09:28
recon69_laphi all, anyone know a command for cleaning away updates to free disk space, probably have about 3 years worth on system09:29
philipballewhey! my cd's are not showing up  in my /media folder. how can i tell if there just not mounting or its a hardware problem09:31
iceroot_recon69_lap: sudo apt-get autoremove && sudo apt-get clean09:31
kwtmbjhaid: One more summary, just in case I was unclear (my fault).  So, MIQ is trying to connect to SOMTG, but nm (network manager) is not yet ready.  The point is to use ifconfig to replace nm, because ifconfig is much easier on scripts (and faster).  So you run ifconfig to say "connect to network. Use eth0.  This is our (MIQ's) IP address.  This is the address of the DNS server." Then you optionally check the results of the ifconfig.09:31
kwtm Then you go run the program that connects to SOMTG.09:32
recon69_lapthx iceroot_, i'll give them a spin09:32
kwtmAnd, in case you didn't realize already, ifconfig needs superuser to run.  Root, or get root privileges.  Afterward, you can still run nm; I think it will take over from ifconfig, but it might disconnect briefly while it rearranges connections the way nm itself likes it.09:33
kwtmok bye09:33
ethanolwhat can't fcgi user write to my /tmp ?09:33
=== [Sanyi] is now known as AlexC
ethanoleverytime I reboot I have to manually create the file and chmod 777 it09:33
ethanolI thought /tmp was writeable by everyone?09:34
=== AlexC is now known as [Sanyi]
MrNthDegreeethanol, /tmp itself is09:34
ethanolbut I cannot create a file in there?09:34
MrNthDegreeyou need to do the following:09:34
MrNthDegreedrop to a command line09:35
MrNthDegreeyou need to delete all of /tmp, including the directory itself as root09:35
MrNthDegree(to become root do: sudo -i)09:35
mplhi, using 10.04 here. why isn't my choice for visual effects saved upon reboots? how can I make it persistent?09:35
MrNthDegreeto delete /tmp and all it's contents do: rm -r /tmp09:35
=== [Sanyi] is now known as AlexanderC
ethanolI'd rather want to find out white I cannot write to it with the fcgi user09:36
MrNthDegreebe *very* careful when using this command and ensure you have not typoed before running it09:36
ethanolwhy* not white :<09:36
MrNthDegreeethanol, and then you need to recreate it in the following way09:36
MrNthDegreemkdir /tmp && chown root:root /tmp && chmod 1777 /tmp09:36
kwtmMrNthDegree: Why does he need to delete all of /tmp first?09:37
MrNthDegreekwtm, because there are hidden files which can interfere with write processes09:37
ethanolyeah it makes no sense to do that09:37
ethanolI just want to write to /tmp/test.log09:37
kwtmMrNthDegree: ?? Not sure what that means.  What are the negative consequences of doing   sudo chown --recursive root:root /tmp   ?  What write processes would be interfered with?09:38
kwtmethanol: Is your    /tmp   confirmed to be writeable by everyone?09:38
MrNthDegreekwtm, how about every pipe related to the GUI apps the user is running?09:38
MrNthDegreekwtm, and when the user reboots they may not be able to even login that way09:38
=== AlexanderC is now known as [Sanyi]
ethanolstupid person that wrote the class only used is_writable on the filename, but if the file isnt there yet it is not writeable obviously...09:39
kwtmethanol: Ahh... that would explain it. :P09:39
ethanolgonne add checking if dirname() is is_writeable() or file_exists()09:39
kwtmMrNthDegree: Still not sure how pipe would be affected, especially if it's made all writeable first before chowning, but what do I know, I'm just a noob.  Anyway, sounds like problem's been found.09:40
hermanushi all. I've been using FileZilla for years, and it was always very stable, but last year things are degrading and it hangs a lot. I'm really dependant on my FTP-client, so I need it to 'just work'. Are there any alternatives for FileZilla that come close to its functionality but run very stable? Much thanks for any answer.09:41
MrNthDegreekwtm, orbit-<username> is a good example09:41
MrNthDegreekwtm, that directory contains pipes which GNOME apps use a lot09:41
fatih1993is exist a way to reach my music files in win7 from ubuntu? ( I ve built ubuntu on win7)09:41
MrNthDegreekwtm, the directory is only accessible by the one user (the owner)09:42
RedEloquehi, i've got some weird issues with XFS, i've got files named like "?????????? ? ? " at lotsa places, xfs_repair isn't able to fix those, anyone have any clue what is going on? This started after a powerfailure09:42
MrNthDegreekwtm, if that gets changed to root ownership, things are almost guaranteed to start breaking09:42
wildbatfatih1993: just mount the drive ~ ubuntu support ntfs09:43
kwtmMrNthDegree: Okay, I will take your word on that.  I don't use GNOME -- it sounds like it breaks pretty easily.  Anyway, carry on, then.09:43
fatih1993wildbat, whati s ntfs?09:44
wildbathermanus: curlftpfs ;p09:45
MrNthDegreefatih1993, NTFS is the filesystem Windows 7 uses09:45
wildbatfatih1993: ntfs is the  file system used by windows.09:45
hermanuswildbat, thanks, that might work out with a gui09:47
RedEloqueno XFS experts?09:47
fatih1993wildbat, ok09:47
wildbathermanus: hehe ~ nautils can access FTP anyways09:48
hermanuswildbat, yeah but i need decent bookmarking, not intervening with my filsystem bookmarks09:49
hermanuswildbat, all clients are on different servrs09:49
jakeriveris there somewhere a channel for 'the open source community' if there is such collective?09:50
recon69_lapdon't think oss works like that jakeriver, SourceForge.net might be worth a look09:53
DC182Okay, I'm sure this is a common question. I've got an HP lappy, there are already 4 primary partitions on it for some reason. Trying to install ubuntu to dual boot with win7. Help please?09:54
wh1zz0Hi guys.. Please I'm trying to install elegant gnome theme on my natty but it looks as though it's not in the repositories. It looks as though there is no PPA for the Natty Distribution, only for Lucid & Maverick. Please is there a workaround to get this to install and work on my natty? Because I followed this guide: http://www.techdrivein.com/2010/09/elegant-gnome-theme-pack-for-ubuntu-is.html but I keep getting this error: W: Failed to f09:54
jakeriverrecon69_lap: yeah, i've noticed :). thanks anyway.09:54
mantasWi-fi drivers for dell ?09:58
stealzI am running lucid, and my update manager keeps popping up saying Not all updates can be installed, run a partial upgrade. Whenever I click close, I cannot click anything as its all greyed out, and I never get asked for my su password either09:58
stealzI've read partial upgrade is not recommended, but how do I get the updates that are available for my distro?09:59
openbeesstealz : sometimes partial upgrade may work fine . atleast in my case it worked fine10:00
stealzopenbees ok I will nag you if it goes wrong =)10:00
openbeesstealz:  u can't catch me10:02
wh1zz0Okie never mind guys.. I found a video on YouTube showing how to do this.10:02
artur__Hi #ubuntu. I've got a problem that I can't resolve since very long time. How do I make my line-in jack on my soundcard work like a heaphone jack? I've got 2 heaphone jacks and 1 microphone jack in my laptop and I want to get 5.1 surround sound. My sound card is: Intel Corporation 82801I (ICH9 Family) HD Audio Controller (rev 03)10:05
stealzopenbees, my nvidia drivers stopped working -_-10:06
stealznag nag10:06
Duesentriebhi all. after playing a bit with ccsm, unity crashed. and it doesn't come back, even after rebooting the box. i can still log in, but i don't have any window decorations and no starter panel.10:11
Duesentriebany idea how to rfix this?10:11
Duesentriebwhen logging into "classic" gnome, everything works10:12
Guest71158how to delete a file in the terminal ?10:12
DuesentriebGuest71158: rm somefile10:12
flechaHow do I change compiz hotheys. I mean mod+a, mod+d, mod+w, mod+s. I want to use them for other things.10:14
chiiiiizdo you use any independant boot loader, and if yes what boot loader?? I use 3 different OS, and I would like to update of the boot info not to be dependant of 1 OS10:14
Duesentriebflecha: probably through the compiz settings manager (ccsm). you may have to install that though10:17
recon69_lapchiiiiiz: you might what to try startupmanager , you need to install it though10:20
mantas Who knows how to enable wi-fi after ubtuntu 10.10 install on new dell vostro 345010:20
=== denny- is now known as denny
ninjaaronmantas: what isn't working?10:22
chiiiiizrecon69_çlap: thanks. I searched about it, and it is said it is not compatible with latest natty changes in Grub2... they say to consider Grub Customizer, but it is not a boot loader, only a tweak app10:22
ActionParsnipmantas: is the OS fully updated?10:22
mantaswi-fi light switches on, but it seems no drivers present for the device10:23
ninjaarondo you know which wireless card you have?10:24
ActionParsnipmantas: can you give a pastebin of:  sudo lshw -C network; lsb_release -a; sudo rfkill list          Thanks10:24
recon69_lapmantas: you could also have a look at the trouble shooting guide https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WirelessPCMCIATroubleshooting?action=show&redirect=WifiDocs%2FWiFiTroubleshooting10:25
discostu2is there a problem with ubuntuforums? i have requested my password 3 times now, and even tried to set up a new account with a different email address. i have never had problems receiving mail from ubuntuforums to gmail before, and there is nothing from ubuntu in my spam folder10:25
mantasnetwork UNCLAIMED10:25
mantas       description: Network controller10:25
mantas       product: Intel Corporation10:25
mantas       vendor: Intel Corporation10:25
mantas       physical id: 010:25
FloodBot1mantas: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:25
mantas       bus info: pci@0000:01:00.010:25
ActionParsnipmantas: use a pastebin like I said10:25
ActionParsnipdiscostu2: ask in #ubuntuforums10:25
=== zz_RobinJ is now known as RobinJ
discostu2ActionParsnip: ty dude, was just about to ask if they had a channel10:26
ActionParsnipdiscostu2: ;)10:26
=== discostu2 is now known as dusf2
dusf2ActionParsnip: you wouldn't happen to know how i can force ubuntu to use vga from grub would you?10:27
dusf2ActionParsnip: i have tried gfxpayload=keep and vga=794 and separateley vga=79110:28
dusf2ActionParsnip: i think the gdx acceleration on my card is fubared because i see blue lines behind the dell logo on boot and screens full of exclamation marks - but with win xp safe mode i was able to removeth envidia driver and it let me load windows xp then and i'm trying to  do t he same with ubuntu10:29
=== RobinJ is now known as zz_RobinJ
mantasthe actions done...http://paste.ubuntu.com/672337/10:29
ActionParsnipdusf2: I've used this in the past: http://idyllictux.wordpress.com/2010/04/26/lucidubuntu-10-04-high-resolution-plymouth-virtual-terminal-for-atinvidia-cards-with-proprietaryrestricted-driver/10:29
ActionParsnipmantas: see how the paste allows you to post multiple lines without spamming the channel10:29
bjhaidplease i need to run ifconfig @ startup as root, how do i get that done?10:30
bjhaidso my machine can pick up addresses @ startup10:30
ActionParsnipmantas: ok can you pastebin the output of:  lspci; lsusb     Thanks10:30
ActionParsnipbjhaid: add it in /etc/rc.local10:30
ActionParsnipbjhaid: above the exit 0 line, it will run as root10:31
dusf2ActionParsnip: do i not need access to a terminal to use that link?10:32
flechaDuesentrieb, I installed compiz manager... but not sure if the keys I want are set there10:32
bjhaidActionParnsip: would it run before any other app, that runs with a regular user permission @ startup?10:32
mantaslspci; lsusb : http://paste.ubuntu.com/672340/10:32
flechamaybe they are not set by compiz10:32
Duesentriebflecha: i'm not sure *all* keys are configured there. but al *lot* of them are10:33
flechaDuesentrieb, in compiz?10:33
flechahotkeys where disabled there10:33
Duesentriebbut it might be that e.g. unity has some stuff hardcoded10:33
flechaoh no...10:33
Duesentriebflecha: oh, the "hotkeys" section is only for "extra" stuff. key bindings for all the plugins are in the plugin settings10:34
Duesentriebe.g. you will not find the hotkeys for the app switcher under "hotkeysw", but under "app switcher"10:34
flechaI will look again them10:34
=== dusf2 is now known as dusf
=== dusf is now known as dusf2
ActionParsnipmantas: how does the network device connect to the system? Is it internal? USB? PCMCIA?10:38
frassinohi is it possible to have a dual boot (win, ubuntu) with a gpt disk? ubuntu should be able to boot from a gpt but win?10:39
ActionParsnipdusf2: pretty much10:39
mantasinternal wi-fi (intel 6150 abgn with wimax i think )10:39
dusf2ActionParsnip: i cannot access the command line10:39
dusf2ActionParsnip: because graphics load first crashing my pc10:39
ActionParsnipdusf2: press CTRL+ALT+T10:40
dusf2ActionParsnip: at what point exactly?10:40
ActionParsnipdusf2: or press CTRL+ALT+F110:40
dusf2ActionParsnip: when?10:40
ActionParsnipmantas: try: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/showthread.php?s=f48c9fb9b9bebce86da30f837aee5e19&p=4342453#post4342453    seems to need ndiswrapper + windows driver10:40
ravigdrkhi is there anyone to help me!!10:40
dusf2ActionParsnip: my boot does not get very far...10:40
ActionParsnipdusf2: when the system has started, should give a TTY prompt and switch of the graphical stuff10:40
dusf2ActionParsnip: i can't get that far10:41
ActionParsnipdusf2: so you get a black screen at boot?10:41
ravigdrkI want share a folder using samba with only copy & past the content but no delete or overwrite?10:41
dusf2ActionParsnip: it's the graphical stuff which crashes it10:41
dusf2ActionParsnip: black screen/or a screen with hundreds of !!!!!!!!10:41
dusf2ActionParsnip: but sometimes it will show xubuntu 11.04 and three dots10:41
ActionParsnipdusf2: !nomodeset | dusf10:41
dusf2especially if i set grub to vga=79410:41
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter10:41
ActionParsnipthat's the one10:42
dusf2ActionParsnip: will that load the lowest settings?10:42
ActionParsnipdusf2: it may help, you can definately boot to root recovery mode and tweak the OS there10:42
m_fulderanyone here tried to run nullmailer? I just installed it instead of postfix but when I try to telnet localhost 25 the connection is getting refused :O10:43
rethusanyone knows if such a programm exist (mobilecam over Bluetooth as webcam use)10:43
dusf2ActionParsnip: let's try it! :) thanks10:43
dusf2ActionParsnip: when i get there, to force vga graphics will i just sudo apt-get remove nvidia?10:43
glebihanm_fulder, did postfix run fine before ?10:44
ActionParsnipdusf2: you can drop to root recovery mode and remove the nvidia driver there10:44
ActionParsnipdusf2: I suggest you run:  dpkg -l | grep nvidia    to see what the actual name is10:44
dusf2ActionParsnip: yes, with sudo apt-get remove nvidia?10:44
dddbmt_Hi guys. For some reason when viewing flash videos on the internet, they're at double speed and there seem to be no sound. I have done anything (on purpose) to set it off.10:44
m_fulderglebihan no I really couldn't get it working :S .. have managed to set it up before 1-2 times but I thought that because I only need a relay-smtp I could use some easier solution10:44
glebihanm_fulder, do you have a firewall running ?10:45
ActionParsnipdddbmt_: can you give the output of:   lsb_release -a; uname -a; dpkg -l | egrep "flash|gnash|swf"10:45
ravigdrk I want share a folder using samba with only copy & past the content but no delete or overwrite how do that!?10:46
m_fulderglebihan you mean a firewall as an router where I can open ports etc?..when I think of firewall I always think of something like windows firewall which I can stop but I haven't seen anything like that on ubuntu :O10:46
dddbmt_ActionParsnip, http://paste.ubuntu.com/672345/10:46
glebihanm_fulder, well I mean both actually. there are also firewalls on ubuntu, could you check the output of 'service ufw status'10:47
ravigdrk  I want share a folder using samba and user can  only copy & past the content but no delete or overwrite how do that!?10:47
ActionParsnipdddbmt_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/672346/10:48
gryravigdrk: Set read-only permissions.10:48
ActionParsnipdddbmt_: gives 64bit flash for your 64bit OS10:48
m_fulderglebihan ufw start/running10:48
glebihanm_fulder, ok so you do have a firewall running10:48
rethusanyone knows if such a programm exist (mobilecam over Bluetooth as webcam use)10:48
m_fulderglebihan oh hehe :O so I should stop ufw?10:49
ActionParsniprethus: do you use Android on your phone?10:49
rethuswindows mobile10:49
ActionParsniprethus: oh :(10:49
rethusit has bluetooth and wireless lan10:49
pirloHi, i have an error while updating my packages : "E: /var/cache/apt/archives/xul-ext-ubufox_0.9.1-0ubuntu0.10.04.1~mfn4_all.deb: trying to overwrite '/usr/share/xul-ext/ubufox/components/ufoxHTTPListener.js', which is also in package ubufox 0". Can anyone help me fix it ?10:49
glebihanm_fulder, either you stop it, or you allow connection on port 25, via "sudo ufw allow 25"10:49
dddbmt_ActionParsnip, thanks you very much! Will I have to reboot?10:49
m_fulderah yeah thats better glebihan..but do I really need a connection on port 25 on my machine if I only want to use relay-smtp?10:50
ActionParsnipdddbmt_: no, this is linux. Just close all web browsers and rerun. You are good to go10:50
m_fulder@ glebihan  *10:50
ActionParsnipdddbmt_: the only real time you need to reboot is to change kernels10:50
ravigdrkeven it don't help me10:51
ravigdrkthey can't  past the file10:51
glebihanm_fulder, yes your machine will still be seen as a mail server from any client connecting to it, and you will need to allow smtp connections to it10:51
dddbmt_ActionParsnip, I asked because it's still the same after restarting chromium.10:51
ActionParsnippirlo: I suggest you log a bug. You can always force install the deb. The package system doesn't like packages containing the same file. Is the deb from a PPA per chance10:52
m_fulderaha oki then I get it glebihan but still after allowing port 25 and trying to telnet localhost 25 I get the same error message while running nullmailer10:52
ActionParsnipdddbmt_: does it happen in all browsers?10:52
dddbmt_ActionParsnip, yes.10:52
ActionParsnipdddbmt_: do you use any flash based extensions to the browser?10:52
dddbmt_ActionParsnip, the only extension I have for chromium is Speed dial.10:53
fastaI put in a usb key, but it gets mounted read-only. Why is that? I want it mounted with read and write options.10:53
ActionParsnipdddbmt_: could try a reboot, doesn't hurt10:53
glebihanm_fulder, is the nullmailer service running ?10:53
dddbmt_ActionParsnip, okay. brb10:53
ActionParsnipfasta: when you last pulled it out of a system, what steps did you take. What file system is the USB partition?10:53
pirloActionParsnip, i don't think so, its from a package called "xul-ext-ubufox"10:54
m_fulderglebihan yeah I guess :P10:54
glebihanm_fulder, to be sure, "service nullmailer status"10:54
fastaActionParsnip: it is vfat, it is a long time ago that I last used it.10:54
gigenieksHi all,10:54
ActionParsnippirlo: if you run:  apt-cache policy xul-ext-ubufox    where does the latest version come from?10:55
dddbmt_ActionParsnip, it's still the same.10:55
fastaActionParsnip: write-protect is off.10:55
m_fulderglebihan didn't work they want me to use /etc/init.d/nullmailer instead of service and then there's no status attribute :O10:55
dddbmt_ActionParsnip, Could I by a mistake have changed a setting somewhere?10:55
ravigdrk I want to share a folder using samba and users can  only copy & past the files and folders t but not to delete or overwrite how do that!?10:55
ActionParsnipfasta: ok, when you are done with the device and want to remove it, what steps do you take?10:55
glebihanm_fulder, then try "sudo /etc/init.d/nullmailer restart" and then try to connect via telnet again10:55
ActionParsnipdddbmt_: doubt it, if you make a new user is it the same there?10:55
fastaActionParsnip: I click somewhere in the GUI that I want to umount it.10:56
m_fulderglebihan still same error :P10:56
fastaActionParsnip: can you just say why mount /dev/sdb1 -o rw /media/blah does not work?10:56
glebihanm_fulder, ok, then back to the firewall... could you pastebin the output of "sudo ufw status" ?10:56
m_fulderglebihan: http://pastebin.com/e8uiM3Y410:56
ActionParsnipfasta: good :). You may need to use remount to make it writable. I suggest you scan the data to make sure the data is healthy10:56
ravigdrkhi anyone helpme !10:56
pirloActionParsnip, this is what i get "xul-ext-ubufox:  Installed: (none)  Candidate: 0.9.1-0ubuntu0.10.04.1~mfn4  Version table:     0.9.1-0ubuntu0.10.04.1~mfn4 0        500 http://ppa.launchpad.net/mozillateam/firefox-stable/ubuntu/ lucid/main Packages"10:56
gigenieksmy friend can't install Lubuntu have tried standard LiveCD (graphical) and Alternate install in either cases it just freezes on "Install Lubuntu" - nothing happens. Hardware specs are ---> CPU Intel Celeron 900MHz, RAM: 384MB SDRAM PC100 VGA: Intel 82810E Graphics Controller (32MB)10:57
fastaActionParsnip: that is, it does work with a good exit status, but I am still unable to write to it as root.10:57
ActionParsnippirlo: then you are getting it from a 3rd party. You can force install the deb file and it will ignore the overlap. I suggest you log a bug10:57
gigeniekstrying mini.iso (minimal install) I havent done it, and he havent used Linux10:57
m_fulderglebihan don't you mean "sudo service ufw status" ? .. sudo ufw status returns Status:inactive but sudo service ufw status returns ufw start/running10:57
gigenieksinstructing via skype10:58
gigeniekson his other computer what to do10:58
ActionParsnipfasta: get it checked, just so we know it's all good. I've seen that make vfat mount read-only. It's not a very robust filesystem10:58
pirloActionParsnip, Ok Thanks for your help10:58
dddbmt_ActionParsnip, It worked correct for the new user.10:58
ActionParsnipgigenieks: if you haven't used Linux I suggest you use the desktop install ISO10:58
ActionParsnipdddbmt_: ok so we now know its your user settings, not the app10:58
glebihanm_fulder, no I meant "sudo ufw status", but then it means that the firewall isn't enabled... so the problem does not come from there unless you have some other firewall running10:59
m_fulderglebihan I have a new installation of ubuntu and haven't installed some other firewall :)10:59
ravigdrkhelp !! help!!10:59
gigenieksI have used, my friend havent! and as I said we tried already dektop install...10:59
gigenieksAcitonParship: ;)11:00
ActionParsnipdddbmt_: could try:   mv ~/.config/chromium ~/.config/chromium_old   then rerun the browser to get new settings in yuor current user, see how that goes11:00
fastaActionParsnip: get it checked? What do you mean?11:00
m_fulderglebihan while I was running postfix before I managed to telnet just fine but then the authentication failed :S11:00
coz_ravigdrk,  i didnt see your initial post,, but if you repeast the issue ,, if anyone can help, I am sure they will jump in11:00
ActionParsnipfasta: use fsck or you can do it with chkdsk in Windows11:00
m_fulderglebihan so I guess it's not the firewall11:00
ravigdrkthank you !!   I want to share a folder using samba and users can  only copy & past the files and folders t but not to delete or overwrite how do that!?11:00
ActionParsnipgigenieks: the mini ISO needs a web connection to install11:00
fastaActionParsnip: I also do not care about the data on it, btw.11:00
gigenieksyes we know11:00
fastaActionParsnip: so, if I can just format it, it would be fine too.11:01
monty156hi all11:01
fastaActionParsnip: if that is faster..11:01
dddbmt_ActionParsnip, but wouldn't this only affect chromium? The problem was in firefox as well.11:01
ActionParsnipfasta: i guess, it's faster11:01
ActionParsnipdddbmt_: hmm, that is strange11:01
fastaActionParsnip: is there some gui for that?11:01
ravigdrkmy spare hdd file system is ntfs11:01
ActionParsnipfasta: gparted11:01
coz_ravigdrk,  ok if no one answers here right now you can also try the ##linux channel since that issue concerns linux in general  so they could probably help as well11:02
ActionParsnipravigdrk: I always use smb.conf personally. lots easier if you ask me :)11:03
dddbmt_ActionParsnip, didn't do anything (mv chromium). How do I switch it back?11:03
glebihanm_fulder, after looking at the documentation, it appears I didn't understand what nullmailer was...11:03
ravigdrkthak YOu Action Parsnip11:03
ravigdrk ##linux11:03
ravigdrk  I want to share a folder using samba and users can  only copy & past the files and folders t but not to delete or overwrite how do that!?11:03
ActionParsnipdddbmt_: rm -r ~/.config/chromium; mv ~/.config/chromium_old ~/.config/chromium11:03
glebihanm_fulder, it only handles outgoing messages, so you won't be able to connect to it via smtp11:03
gigenieksso I guess noone has a clue what to do...?11:03
coz_ravigdrk,  if you want to join another channel,, where you type here  type t his     /join ##linux11:04
glebihanm_fulder, have a look at the manpages for nullmailer, nullmailer-inject, nullmailer-queue and nullmailer-send11:04
m_fulderglebihan how do you mean only outgoing ? should I still be able to send a message using another SMTP with nullmailer?11:04
dddbmt_ActionParsnip, thanks! But do you have any suggestions for the doubble speed?11:04
glebihanm_fulder, yes, but it won't allow you to connect to your machine remotely to do it11:05
glebihanm_fulder, nullmailer is only a set of tools used to send mail from your machine using a remote smtp sever11:05
m_fulderglebihan aha but still e.g. PHPs mailfunction should work?11:06
m_fulderaha great glebihan that's what I need11:06
glebihanm_fulder, then you should be fine11:06
spo0kzGuys im having some problems with virtualisation as a whole, virtualbox and vmware are causing my cpu 100% usage when i run a virtualbox. Any thoughts ?11:06
gigenieksOkey thank you, I guess..11:08
gigeniekswill go to other channel11:08
gigenieksto crowded here, bye :)11:08
ActionParsnipravigdrk: I can give you a pastebin of my smb.conf if you want11:08
ActionParsnipdddbmt_: not sure man, very strange indeed11:08
dddbmt_ActionParsnip, thinks I'm just gonna make a new user. My ubuntu installation is only a few days old. Thanks you very much for your time!11:08
ravigdrkyes you can do it11:08
dddbmt_ActionParsnip, it sure is!11:09
ActionParsnipdddbmt_: np man, very weird indeed11:09
flechaIs there a way to force focus to a window in GTK? I used all the methods I found... is it possible Unity is blocking it?11:10
m_fulderglebihan but still my simple PHP script won't let me send my mail :S .. maybe I should change something in my php.ini so the scripts will use nullmailer? I have it set to use sendmail atm :O11:10
dddbmt_ActionParsnip, yeah - thanks anyway;) have a great day!11:10
ActionParsnipdddbmt_: and you man11:10
ShogootHi fedora people :) Just wondering if anyone could help me finding out why i cant make a fedora 15 64 bit persistent usb stick. when it boots it says i got wrong cpu. Im running a core i7 and excecuting a fedora 15 64 bit live cd11:11
dusfActionParsnip: success! :)11:11
ActionParsnipdusf: sweet11:12
dusfi can survive with ubuntu and low graphics for a few weeks until i get the money together to build a new pc, i had thought i may have had to speak to win xp11:12
dusfperish the thought :)11:12
dusf*stick to win xp11:12
glebihanm_fulder, I don't think you can use directly nullmailer in php, but it should work if you symlink sendmail to nullmailer-send, eg "sudo ln -s /usr/sbin/nullmailer-send  /usr/sbin/sendmail"11:12
monty156hi all11:14
m_fulderglebihan tried that but still php fails to send my mail :(11:15
ActionParsniphi monty15611:15
monty156just put 11.04 on my laptop. so far i think it's great. taking a bit of getting used to though. just wondered what peoples thoughts were on it? any tips?11:16
ActionParsnipmonty156: keep updated is a great tip11:17
no_faceubuntutweek is another good tip11:17
monty156i thought about tweak but unity seems pretty locked down so i didnt think  there was much point11:18
glebihanm_fulder, did you try sending mails using directly the command-line before trying in php ?11:18
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ravigdrkwhat is the command for Remove broken package?11:20
=== xtor_ is now known as extor
m_fulderglebihan when I do sudo nullmailer-send I only get Rescanning queue. and it loads forever :P11:21
spo0kzDoes anybody here manage to use virtualbox without compromising your cpu usage  ?11:22
extorIf I want my mailserver to reside on mail.mydomain.com but I also want to be able to send mail to *@mydomina.com and *@client.mydomain.com and *@support.mydomain.com then how do I do the MX and CNAME and A entries for mydomain.com to reflect all that?11:22
rumpe1spo0kz, define "compromising"11:23
monty156you can all relax, im back now lol11:23
ActionParsnipspo0kz: depends on your spec, you can always tell virtualbox to use less CPU (I believe). I suggest you ask in #vbox too11:23
spo0kzrumpe1,  anything over 50% while the virtual guest is idle11:23
spo0kzActionParsnip,  been to #vbox sent logs had it out for good hour or two, no joy11:24
vkushnerI need to apt-get update an old jaunty server but all the sources seem to be gone… where can I get a sources.list for jaunty?11:24
ActionParsnipspo0kz: which version of virtualbox?11:24
spo0kzActionParsnip, 4.1.211:25
ubottuUbuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope) was the tenth release of Ubuntu. End Of Life: October 23, 2010. See !eol and !upgrade for more details.11:25
ActionParsnipvkushner: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=99789011:25
rumpe1vkushner, jaunty is dead11:25
wolfrici have a strange issue with the screen not updating sometimes. I'm not exactly sure on what level it is. So if i change workspace and then try type in a terminal or a text editor or even do something in the browser, the image stays still and i can't see anything. if i just do alt tab (even if there aren't any other windows) the changes start appearing and it's fine from then onwards11:25
wolfricit doesn't always happen though. i'd say every 15/20 mins?11:26
ActionParsnipwolfric: is your video chip onboard or is it on a dedicated video card?11:26
vkushnerrumpe1: well, duh! I know its officially dead. this doesn't change the fact that I got this client with a couple years old jaunty server and I just need to install some package.11:26
glebihanm_fulder, I think you have to use nullmailer-queue then nullmailer-send, once again you should have a look at the manpages, also for it to work in php, you may have to edit your php.ini file and set the sendmail_path to "sendmail -t -i -f<name>@<domain>"11:27
wolfricActionParsnip: onboard nvidia and i have the restricted drivers11:27
ActionParsnipvkushner: the jaunty servers are all off, you won't be able to get any packages online11:27
vkushnerso the question is still: is there any place still hosting old jaunty repo?11:27
ActionParsnipwolfric: have you tested your RAM?11:27
sipiorvkushner: which package? might be easier just to install from source at this point.11:27
ActionParsnipvkushner: very very unlikely11:27
wolfricActionParsnip: no, you mean with a memtest right?11:27
ActionParsnipwolfric: yes, in Grub11:28
wolfricActionParsnip: i seriously doubt there's a problem there but sure i'll give it a shot next time11:28
wolfricActionParsnip: any other ideas in the mean time11:28
KcGenesishello i am new .please any can help me what is this about11:28
vkushnersipior: no, thats a whole server configuration script that is running and failing.11:28
rumpe1vkushner, what's the point? jaunty isn't even LTS.11:28
ActionParsnippretty cool link: http://www.sourceslist.eu/tag/jaunty/11:28
spo0kzActionParsnip, i get high cpu usage with vmware and virtualbox, what could that mean ?11:28
ActionParsnipKcGenesis: this channel is for support. That's what it is about11:28
sipiorvkushner: configuration script? we were talking about software packages, as i recall...11:29
ActionParsnipspo0kz: what speed etc is your CPU?11:29
vkushnersipior: well, there is this server configuration script that as part of its running does apt-get update and then tries to install some packages11:29
spo0kzActionParsnip, its perfectly capable, its an i3 2.9ghz i run 3gb of ram11:29
KcGenesisActionParsnip, thanks11:30
sipiorvkushner: i see.11:30
zfeno luck installing ubuntu on my mac11:30
zfeboth the burnt images say11:30
zfe"no livefs media found"11:30
KcGenesisActionParsnip, one thing guys  who are u guys actually11:31
ActionParsnipKcGenesis: that is moot here11:31
ActionParsnipspo0kz: I see, what destktop is the guest OS using?11:32
spo0kzActionParsnip, Teh cpu hangs with backtrack and xp11:32
rumpe1spo0kz, default version (which? which ubuntu?) of vbox or something more fancy?11:33
KcGenesisActionParsnip, how does this chat actually works11:33
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ActionParsnipspo0kz: hmm, not sure then personally, maybe others can advise. Have you tried a light OS like xpud/puppy etc, see if it happens there11:34
spo0kzrumpe1, ubuntu is 11.04 vbox is 4.1.2 nothing fancy going on here lol11:34
ActionParsnipKcGenesis: you are doing it now. You ask a support question. If people can help they will reply11:34
m_fulderglebihan ok I have now read through the docs for nullmailer-queue and nullmailer-send .. I have also added the -f flag to my php.ini .. but I don't get one thing in the nullmailer-queue doc. there is written I should terminate all lines with single line-feed character? Which one is that?11:34
spo0kzActionParsnip, yeah man its frustrating, something is conflicting somwhere11:34
rumpe1spo0kz, afair there are some options with warnings in virtualbox (3d-acceleration, etc.) which maybe cause problems. Try to deactivate as much stuff as possible and try again.11:35
spo0kzrumpe1, tried it all11:35
ActionParsnipspo0kz: try disabling stuff like ACPI and APIC in the vbox config11:36
glebihanm_fulder, it is the "\n" character11:36
rumpe1spo0kz, well... do you think it's a hardware-specific problem?11:36
m_fulderglebihan you mean a simple line break?11:36
spo0kzrumpe1, no, most definitely not11:36
glebihanm_fulder, yes11:37
KcGenesishow to know which software is installed in ubuntu.?software that mostly run from terminal.11:37
m_fulderglebihan cause when I as in the documentation of nullmailer-queue write: senderAddress-ENTER-reciptienist-ENTER-ENTER-message-ENTER .. nothing happends :S11:37
ActionParsnipKcGenesis: how do you mean?11:38
ActionParsnipKcGenesis: you can run all comamnds from terminal, some will just spawn graphical applications11:38
glebihanm_fulder, well I won't be able to help you much more with nullmailer as I've never used it, but why do you want to use it anyway instead of sendmail11:38
glebihanm_fulder, I've been googling a bit on it and nullmailer does seem very php-friendly11:39
glebihandoes *not* seem11:39
KcGenesisActionParsnip, i mean which application doesnot have GUI and doesnot show up in menu .11:40
m_fulderglebihan aha weird :S maybe I should try sendmail instead then11:40
glebihanm_fulder, I would recommend it anyway11:41
m_fulderglebihan btw how can I just unlink nullmailer from sendmail now :P ?11:41
oratedI'm getting following errors on every upgrade, installaion - debconf: unable to initialize frontend: Dialog debconf: (Dialog frontend requires a screen at least 13 lines tall and 31 columns wide.) debconf: falling back to frontend: Readline. What's the reson and how to fix i?11:41
glebihanm_fulder, just delete /usr/sbin/sendmail11:42
ActionParsnipKcGenesis: thats a LOT of commands, what do you want to achieve?11:42
ActionParsniporated: can you give a pastebin of the output of:  lsb_release -a; sudo apt-get update11:42
KcGenesisActionParsnip, i want to know which commands are there to run. or installed11:43
rumpe1KcGenesis, dpkg --get-selections | grep '[^e]install$' | cut -f 1 | less11:44
ActionParsnipKcGenesis: Its very ambiguous dude11:44
spo0kzrumpe1, if vmware and virtualbox are producing the same problem, what on gods earth could that mean to you ?11:44
ActionParsniprumpe1: s/he wants the ones which don't fire a GUI app11:44
glebihanrumpe1, that'll give package names not commands11:45
rumpe1KcGenesis, what problem do you want to solve (effectively) or it this more a theoretical question?11:46
spo0kzrumpe1, could it have been the kernel update that recently came through ?11:46
rumpe1KcGenesis, i really have absolutely no idea, in which situations such a list would be helpful11:47
rumpe1spo0kz, maybe. You could try older kernels, if you have any.11:48
KcGenesisrumpe1, not actually few month ago i installed a security application and i can't remember its name and and i have no idea how find it that why.11:48
glebihanKcGenesis, what was that application doing ?11:49
rumpe1KcGenesis, well... you could search with "apropos <term>"  with word=security or something relevant  ... or "aptitude search <term>", or "apt-cache search <term>"...11:50
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KcGenesisglebihan, that was a ip/portscanner11:50
Guest53740hi yall11:51
rumpe1KcGenesis, try "apt-cache search portscan"11:51
oratedActionParsnip: Sorry, I lost connection. I'll pastebin what you asked for in a moment11:52
glebihanKcGenesis, or variant "apt-cache search port | grep scan" "apt-cache search scan | grep port"...11:52
spo0kzrumpe1, well luckily this is all set up on an external hard drive, i use clonezilla but only have a clone of this new kernel update, might try reinstalling ubuntu and see if it still lags idk, seems like alot of work just to play poker11:53
spo0kzcloning more often seems wise11:53
spo0kzgonna go for a bacon butty first11:53
spo0kznah mean lul11:53
spo0kzmust be an easier more technical way of troubleshooting this11:53
FloodBot1spo0kz: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:53
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spo0kzget up that werent flooding11:54
glebihanspo0kz, the bot disagrees11:54
spo0kzi noticed ...11:55
rumpe1spo0kz, grub stores per default more than one kernel... except you have customized the config.11:56
oratedActionParsnip: http://pastebin.com/pNwyrYd6 . I don't see it on update but on upgrades followed by installation11:56
spo0kzrumpe1, yeah clonezilla did that right11:56
spo0kzrumpe1, im running of a restore as i stand11:56
KcGenesisthanks guys it worked..one thing what is difference between "aptitude search<term>" and "apt-cache search"11:56
ActionParsniporated: can youu pastebin the output of:  sudo apt-get upgrade    please11:57
spo0kzbrb commiting suicide11:57
rumpe1KcGenesis, aptitude is a higher level interface to APT than apt-cache, which only queries the cache, but apt-cache is faster.11:58
flechaIs there an option on Unity that avoids focus stealing?11:58
=== Guest74279 is now known as gerula
KcGenesisrumpe1, and how to logout windows from terminal ?12:00
Night-Hacksi want to add natty repos to my 10.04. will i face any problem ?12:03
bazhangNight-Hacks, yes, dont do it12:03
ActionParsnipNight-Hacks: yes12:03
Night-Hacksbazhang: just want to install gettext.1812:03
ActionParsnipNight-Hacks: is it a desktop install?12:04
Night-HacksActionParsnip: yes12:04
Night-Hacksi wonder there just gettext.17 available for 10.04 !12:05
Night-Hacksthere is*12:05
auronandace!info gettext lucid | Night-Hacks12:06
ubottuNight-Hacks: gettext (source: gettext): GNU Internationalization utilities. In component main, is optional. Version 0.17-8ubuntu3 (lucid), package size 1691 kB, installed size 7084 kB12:06
KarpEnOkkhi to all)12:06
root-jri have got a problem12:06
Night-Hacksauronandace: but thats 017 version12:07
root-jrmy notebook acer 5745g12:07
KarpEnOkkwhat's you problem?)12:07
root-jrcan't open cd-drive12:07
auronandaceNight-Hacks: why do you want 018?12:07
KarpEnOkkok =)12:07
Night-Hacksauronandace: im working on gnu grep which depends on 1812:08
root-jron another system it works12:08
ActionParsnipNight-Hacks: why not just rinstall natty, the desktop of Lucid is EOL around the time Natty is12:08
root-jrbut here - nothing12:08
th0rroot-jr: have you tried using a paperclip to open it manually?12:08
auronandaceNight-Hacks: can you update to natty?12:08
root-jrth0r: what?12:09
Night-Hacksim developing right now upgrading is time consuming12:09
th0rroot-jr: you said your cd drive won't open, have you tried to open it manually? There is a small hole in the front, a paper clip should release the drive12:09
root-jrok wait a minutr12:09
Night-Hackswonder why it calls LTS !!!12:09
auronandace!lts | Night-Hacks12:10
ubottuNight-Hacks: LTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Lucid (Lucid Lynx 10.04)12:10
shaneohi guys wuick question it seems someone has been trying to remote access my pc is there a way to check logs for the incoming ips12:11
Night-Hacksjust mean why they dont upgrade some packages12:11
root-jrth0r: i can't open it12:11
auronandace!latest | Night-Hacks12:11
ubottuNight-Hacks: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.12:11
th0rshaneo: login attempts should show in /var/log/messages among others12:11
ActionParsnipshaneo: what service are they trying to connect to?12:11
bjhaidhow do i configure ifconfig to run @ startup and as root, before other apps startup?12:11
th0rroot-jr: How did it get jammed? Is there a disk in the drive?12:12
shaneoi woke up and multiple connections were trying to connect to my pc via  ubuntu ccess12:12
rumpe1bjhaid, try /etc/rc.local12:12
root-jrbut i installed ubuntu from cd12:12
shaneo*ubuntu remote access12:12
bjhaidrumpe1: i did but somehow my machine didnt pick the address12:12
gulzarhow to install "Canola Media Center " in Ubuntu 111.04?12:12
th0rroot-jr: could you feel the release mechanism when you tried to release it with the paperclip>12:12
ActionParsnipshaneo: what is "ubuntu access"?12:13
richard_how do i find the ip address of my parents computer I want to hack in remotely12:13
rumpe1gulzar, manually executing rc.local works?12:13
bjhaidrumpe1: i had (ifconfig eth0 x.x.x.x broadcast x.x.x.x netmask x.x.x.x) and it didnt work12:13
oratedActionParsnip: I was searching for an example to show the problem. Upgrade won't show it now as there is nothing to install but http://pastebin.com/83kntL9u12:13
richard_Oops Hi my name is richard12:13
shaneosorry mistyped the stadard ubuntu remote desktop12:13
richard_Im new to Linux12:14
rumpe1bjhaid, so manually also don't work?12:14
th0rrichard_: do you have access to the computer to check from there?12:14
root-jri don't want to open it  manually12:14
ActionParsniporated: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=48588512:14
root-jris there any program for this12:14
root-jror any command in terminal12:14
ActionParsnipshaneo: oh, so vnc then. Why are you allowing vnc access from the WWW?12:14
th0rroot-jr: it usually will open with the command12:15
th0rroot-jr: (oops) eject /dev/cdrom12:15
ActionParsnipth0r: needs sudo12:15
shaneoim not12:15
Guest71158ActionParsnip some guy tell me to type cd $home <-- why not cd /home/ ?12:15
Guest71158what's the difference12:15
shaneolike i said i woke up and there were to connections asking for acess12:15
th0rroot-jr: make that 'sudo eject /dev/cdrom' (thanks ActionParsnip)12:15
rumpe1Guest71158, $HOME = /home/user12:15
bjhaidrumpe1: it sets it for current session but the problem is that i  have an app that runs @ startup, but if it doesnt detect network it wouldnt run, and when i included ifconfig in the script, it require root access to do it12:15
oratedActionParsnip: Your link is asking me to login to that forum12:16
root-jrsudo eject /dev/cdrom works12:16
fantomasHow can I know the type of RAM w/o opening my laptop?12:16
shaneowhat log would i check for vnc login attempts12:16
root-jrthx man :)12:16
tomodachifantomas: often memory companies have nice webapps that tell you what ram. Like kingston memory configurator12:16
oratedActionParsnip: Usually, its available to take help from afaik12:16
th0rroot-jr: it would have been easier if you had just asked how to open the drive...it wasn't really stuck12:16
=== himcesjf1 is now known as himcesjf
rumpe1bjhaid, which ap? what has it to do with ifconfig? and why is it an problem, that ifconfig needs root-access?12:17
ActionParsniporated: I see, gimme a sec and I will pastebin12:17
wildbat!cn | wei12:17
ubottuwei: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw12:17
ActionParsniporated: http://pastebin.com/TEhYpFMu12:17
DJones!cn | wei12:17
gulzargetting this -  W: Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/canola/ppa/ubuntu/dists/natty/main/source/Sources  404  Not Found  W: Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/canola/ppa/ubuntu/dists/natty/main/binary-amd64/Packages  404  Not Found12:17
ActionParsnipgulzar: the ppa doesn't support natty: http://ppa.launchpad.net/canola/ppa/ubuntu/dists/12:18
bjhaidrumpe1: i wrote an app that needs to run @ startup, the issue is that the app doesnt run @ root, it runs @ user level, but i want to use ifconfig to set a static address and let the machine pick up the address before it starts my app12:18
ActionParsnipgulzar: I suggest you remove the ppa12:18
gulzar<ActionParsnip> Is there any for 11.0412:18
prodigelhi all. I have a linux server, ubuntu installed, and I forgot the password for my only account in the system. root password is not set, and when selecting recovery mode in grub, and going to root shell, it asks me for the root password - which is not set afaik. Is this something new? Before I was greeted by the root shell, no questions asked. Can I bypass this step to change my password(s)?12:18
aiseridthat`s too bad12:19
japanhow to add my latter in lxde ?12:19
oratedActionParsnip: Thanks! But why I was not able to view that post myself here12:19
rumpe1bjhaid, still don't get it. rc.local runs with root-permissions and you can always let root execute a script as a user12:19
bjhaidrumpe1: would rc.local run before any other app @ startup?12:19
chewed-onYo !12:19
japanhow to add my language on keyboard ?12:19
japanin lxde12:20
rumpe1no... as last boot-script i guess. Another solution would be upstart, but rc.local is much simpler.12:20
chewed-onHow big is Ubuntu ? I'm planning on installing it on Virtual Box since Mac is so incompetent to even just mount a ntfs-3g drive.12:20
gryjapan, No clue and try #xubuntu / #lubuntu please or wait here12:20
grychewed-on, just 4GB space requirement12:20
japani have ubuntu and i installed lxde12:20
grychewed-on, lubuntu/xubuntu might be even smaller12:20
chewed-ongry: is that everything ?12:20
bjhaidrumpe1: i need something that would start ifconfig, if possible before other scripts12:21
chewed-onwhat if I download just the standard ubuntu from the website12:21
wildbatprodigel: you mst have set it . try in LiveCD remoce the root passwd or chroot there12:22
ActionParsniporated: some posts require logons I guess, not sure12:23
antonycould you help me12:23
ActionParsnipgulzar: 11.04 == Natty12:23
chewed-onUbuntu is commercial ?12:23
chewed-onor commercial supported ?12:23
ActionParsnipchewed-on: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements12:24
Picichewed-on: Canonical does offer commercial support contracts.12:24
Calinouchewed-on: nope12:24
prodigelwildbat, luckily I don't need to do that, because I've just remembered the password :). Still, since when you need to to that. If you're able to reboot the machine and access grub console, you're probably also able to plug a bootable usb stick and do nasty stuff... I see no reason in the extra security measure...12:24
chewed-onoh right12:24
antonyi whant convert a h264 video 1920x1080 to 1280*72012:24
antonyxhithout rencoding i want keep h264 codec12:24
wildbatprodigel: errr? good that you remember but extra security measure? what do you mean ?12:25
bazhangantony, convert how then?12:26
prodigelwildbat, asking for the root password in recovery mode, I mean12:26
ActionParsnipchewed-on: about 7Gb to 10Gb space and you'll be fine12:26
wildbatprodigel:  you lost me ~ i said to remove it12:27
japanhow to delete all without asking ?12:27
bazhangjapan, delete what12:27
antonybazhang, what ?12:27
japanevery thing, i know there is some code for deleteing everything without asking12:27
iridiumjapan, lets say you want delete a directory, rm -rf directory/12:28
bazhangantony, you want to convert without re-encoding; how do you propose to do that12:28
antonybazhang, i want to keep h264, but simply reduce the resolution12:28
prodigelwildbat, never mind, it was just smalltalk. Thanks for the help anyway!12:28
ActionParsnipjapan: you can use gparted to format partitions easily, is that what you mean?12:28
antonybazhang, ok for reencoding12:28
wildbatjapan: everything? as the whole harddrive? whole folder? whole ...errr world?12:29
japanbut ye12:30
Pici08:27:15 <?japan> how to delete all without asking ?12:30
bazhangjapan, use gparted then12:30
ActionParsnipantony: try mencoder, or maybe handbrake can do it12:32
kyle_Qucick command to eject Cd-ROM ??12:32
Picikyle_: 'eject'12:33
japani cummed on dead bird12:33
antonyi think this is a good command: ffmpeg -i input.mp4 -s 1280x720 output.mp412:33
overcluckerantony: ffmpeg -i in.mp4 -sameq -aspect 16:9 out.mp412:33
antonyha no it is mp4 now...12:34
kyle_pici: unable to eject, last error: Input/output error12:34
antonyoverclucker, where is resolution in your command ?12:34
overcluckerthe aspect ratio 16:9 = 1280x72012:35
LABcrabHello everyone!  i can't boot from a real CD.  Can i boot from an ISO using GRUB2 instead?  Please let me know.12:35
ActionParsnipLABcrab: yes you can. Did you MD5 test the ISO you downloaded?12:37
branantPici (japan), You need to learn the basics of Linux/Unix before abusing dead birds.12:39
LABcrabActionParsnip: Pretty sure.12:39
LABcrabActionParsnip: To double check, how is it done?12:39
ActionParsnipLABcrab: you either did or didn't, it's a concious process12:39
ActionParsnip!md5 | LABcrab12:39
ubottuLABcrab: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows12:39
LABcrabActionParsnip: Why do people do this?12:39
ActionParsnipLABcrab: so that you know the file you have is complete and consistent12:40
FeldegastLABcrab to confirm the downloaded iso is error free12:40
LABcrabFair enough.12:40
ActionParsnipLABcrab: you clearly didn't check it12:40
LABcrabHow fast is it?12:40
ActionParsnipLABcrab: as fast as your PC, takes a few seconds12:41
LABcrabSorry.  :(  i usually don't.12:41
ActionParsnipLABcrab: you should12:41
LABcrabActionParsnip: Why can't, say, Opera do this automatically?  i'm guessing there's a Fx add-on?12:41
alksi get a very interesting boot problem with ubuntu with lots of back history of how i got where i am now .. i have dual boot win7 and ubuntu. if i start PC in WIN7 and then shut down PC and launch again to win 7 everything is fine. IF i restart o launch at first to ubuntu and then SHUTDOWN from ubuntu i get bios startup crash/restart and  i am able to boot to win7or ubuntu again from grub. If I REBOOT from ubuntu i can boot to ubuntu with no problem but if i try12:41
alks WIN7 it crashes on login screen. i updated my bios (did not help) and have no idea what to do next as i can not find any more info12:41
SomelauwAny xrdb experts here?12:41
LABcrab8b1085bed498b82ef1485ef19074c281.  Yes, it's good to go.  But how does it work, and why the cryptic code?  ActionParsnip & Feldegast12:42
ActionParsnipLABcrab: possibly, torrents add extra error checks12:43
FeldegastLABcrab i have not seen a firefox add-on12:43
ActionParsnipLABcrab: it calculates some values based on the data within the file. When you boot the CD, do you get a black screen?12:43
LABcrabSo now the check is done.  Why does it say "bed" in the check?  Where do we go from here?12:44
LABcrabActionParsnip: The computer is unable to boot from CD, and probably doesn't even detect the drive(s).12:44
LABcrabalks: Sorry.  :(12:45
ActionParsnipLABcrab: can it boot usb?12:45
alkssry no idea if my msg were shown12:45
=== arch is now known as Guest12234
LABcrabActionParsnip: Likely not.  800mhz Precario 5000 series.12:45
ActionParsnipLABcrab: do you have a floppy drive?12:45
LABcrabRecap: alks says something about Windows 7 dual boot.12:46
LABcrabActionParsnip: Yes.12:46
Guest12234is there anyone who can LFS12:46
overcluckerGuest12234: ask on the lfs irc server12:46
=== iqpi is now known as iqpi|comida
LABcrabLife For Sharing?  Let Frank Swim?  Little Friendly Seal?12:47
overcluckerlinux from scratch12:47
Guest12234overclucker, i tried , but i have some problems to enter the lfs irc server , could you teach me hoe12:47
LABcraboverclucker: Why?12:48
ActionParsnipLABcrab: there is a floppy image on pendrivelinux to make the system boot usb12:48
Guest12234i am using xchat , and i can not enter the lfs irc12:48
Somelauwxrdb anyone?12:48
ylmfoshello  :)12:48
japani cum on dead birds12:48
alksmaybe anyone could suggest where i could go to solve the problem12:49
ylmfosi`m running from live CD ylmf (ubuntu based) and i have a problem:12:49
Guest95319How to join yahoo chat rooms on ubuntu as yahoo massenger don't support linux?12:49
ActionParsnipGuest12234: did you burn the CD as slowly as possible?12:49
ylmfosit doesn't detect the hdd (sata 120 gb) ...12:49
LABcrabActionParsnip: Yes, he burned it by taking little baby steps.  ;)  Trying to find an empty USB.12:50
overcluckerGuest12234: /connect irc.linuxfromscratch.org12:50
Guest95319How to join yahoo chat rooms on ubuntu as yahoo massenger don't support linux?12:50
Guest12234ActionParsnip,  what your mean12:50
auronandaceGuest95319: tried using pidgin?12:50
LABcrab2 gigs is enough ActionParsnip12:50
Guest12234overclucker,  let try12:50
Guest95319Pidgin have facality to join yahoo chat rooms...?12:51
ylmfosguest95319 : tried gyachi?...12:51
LABcrabGuest95319: Ditto with auronandace.  Pidgin, although for some reason,12:51
LABcrabEmpathy is default.12:51
ActionParsnipGuest12234: sorry, crossed wires in my brain12:51
LABcrabAre Y! Chatrooms discontinued?12:51
Somelauwbitlbee is what I like12:51
ActionParsnipLABcrab: did you burn the CD as slowly as possible?12:51
gryLABcrab: No clue.12:51
ActionParsnipLABcrab: no, yahoo is still around12:51
ylmfosanyway, can anyone help me?...12:51
Guest95319Guys they connect person to person not allow to join yahoo chat rooms12:51
gryylmfos: If you ask.12:51
BluesKajHiyas all12:52
ActionParsnipGuest95319: gyache lets you use voice and webcam in yahoo rooms etc (afair)12:52
LABcrabActionParsnip: Is two gigs enough for the USB?  i don't remember how slow i burned it, but the fat penguin must have been walking sluggishly.12:52
ylmfosthis ylmfOS (ubuntu based) live CD doesn't detect my laptop hdd (amilo LI 1718)12:52
Guest12234en , it dosen't work .12:52
FeldegastLABcrab k3b will do an md5 check after burning the cd.....12:52
Guest12234in xchat12:52
LABcrabFeldegast: Konqueror?12:52
ylmfosi want to install it on the laptop, and i wiped the hdd... still, it doesn't detect it12:53
ActionParsnipylmfos: ylmfOS isn't supported here12:53
FeldegastLABcrab i have never used Konqueror to burn cds12:53
Guest95319M haveing a 3G modem but unable to change the mode to edge12:53
ActionParsnipGuest12234: its another Ubuntu spinoff thing12:53
LABcrabFeldegast: What is k3b?  Text-based?12:53
ylmfosjust consider it ubuntu, for 3.0 is kind of purely ubuntu, just some themes and stuff like that :) ...12:53
Guest953193G to edge and edge to 3G .....?12:53
ylmfoswhat can i do?... terminal stuff, or whatever?...12:54
FeldegastLABcrab k3b is a cd buyrning application for linux12:54
Guest12234yeah, got it !12:54
LABcrabGuest95319: Move away from the edge or else you will fall!12:54
ActionParsnipylmfos: it's not supported here, this is ubuntu support only. The multitude of other spinoffs are equally not supported here12:54
=== nik is now known as Guest89628
ActionParsnipylmfos: this includes (but is not limited to): backtrack, mint, gnewsense, moonOS and so on12:54
Guest95319M haveing a 3G modem but unable to change the mode to edge12:54
ylmfosmint detected my hdd ...12:55
Guest95319M haveing a 3G modem but unable to change the mode to edge12:55
Guest953193G to edge and edge to 3G .....?12:55
Guest12234ActionParsnip, i want my ubuntu faster , how should i do?12:55
FeldegastLABcrab if you want to boot the 700mb iso from usb a 2gb usb is big enough12:55
LABcrabGuest95319: Go to the network icon, modify connexions.12:55
ActionParsnipylmfos: mint isn't supported here either12:55
ylmfosi understand...12:55
ActionParsnipylmfos: thanks12:55
tsimpsonylmfos: we have no clue what changes were/wern't made to ylmf, so we wouldn't know how to help anyway12:55
Guest12234ylmfos is a nick of someone12:56
ylmfoscan you at least give me some ubuntu konsole cmds to check if it detects somehow the hdd, just that i didn't find them?...12:56
LABcrabGuest95319: When you modify your connexions you can change it to 2G only.12:56
Jensitxubuntu is supported here right?12:56
LABcrabJensit: #xubuntu12:56
ActionParsnipJensit: yes, it is an official canonical release12:56
Jensitokay thanks :)12:56
Feldegastylmfos if it is mounted, then you can use df -h12:56
ylmfosno, it is not mounted. i mean something like fdisk or dd ...12:57
LABcrabJensit: No worries.  :)  #ubuntu is good if it's not xubuntu-specific, but Xubuntu's been bloaty over the years.12:57
tsimpsonylmfos: in general, look for /dev/sd*, and "sudo fdisk -l" to list all disks and partitions12:57
LABcrabGuest95319: Where are you?12:57
winutis amarok worth installing? thanks12:57
Guest95319My dear frnd LABcrab wen signals r lost in one mode then again on restarting it don't change the mode...untill same signals are available12:57
ylmfoslol, fdisk -l doesn't list anything :) ...12:58
Guest95319M in india12:58
ActionParsnipwinut: if you want amarok, then yes12:58
JensitLABcrab: im just looking for a channel to give support for xubuntu users ;)12:58
winutwow, thanks :-)12:58
Guest12234you should use this command as a root12:58
Guest95319LABcrab m in india12:58
ActionParsnipylmfos: i suggest you find the channel for your OS12:58
overcluckerGuest12234: oh fir xchat it's: /server irc.linuxfromscratch.org12:58
LABcrabGuest95319: Have you changed the settings so that it does 2G only or 3G only?12:58
Guest12234let me see12:58
auronandace!xubuntu | Jensit12:58
ubottuJensit: Xubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce instead of !GNOME. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org and http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels12:58
ylmfosi would, just that it has a chinese developer so i don't know where i can find an English help channel :)12:58
LABcrabauronandace: That wasn't necessary.  :|12:59
LABcrabBut anyway.12:59
Guest95319How to make file system in a flash device12:59
ylmfosi think the point might be that i wiped completely the hdd using some disk wiper in Ultimate Boot CD 4 windows12:59
Guest95319How to make file system in a flash storage device12:59
ActionParsnipGuest95319: use gparted13:00
cameron_Hey - can anyone here help me with GRUB2 .. it's not showing up my windows 7 and when I add it manually it says "signature error" .. I went through a few threads yesterday (10+ pages) and still can't figure it out13:00
Guest95319I wrk in embedded systems will it work there ActionParsnip13:00
ActionParsnipylmfos: you do realise you can install a proper ubuntu then run a script to make the OS look like XP....13:00
alkscameron_,  try boot-repair13:01
ActionParsnipGuest95319: sure, as long as it and all it's dependencies are installed13:01
ylmfosyou think it will detect the hdd?... :) 'cause i`d try that if so :)13:01
ylmfosalso, i have a dual core with 2 gb ram, which version of ubuntu you recommend?...13:01
ActionParsnipylmfos: i'd say try it13:01
Guest95319OpenCV can be cross compiled for an arm processor13:02
cameron_alks: is that a package or command?13:02
alkscameron_,  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair13:02
ActionParsnipylmfos: using spinoffs like that isn't too smart. The community for Ubuntu dwarfs any other, and I'm sure you want good support from more users...13:02
Guest95319Any dedicated channel server for embedde linux or simply linux13:02
cameron_alks: excellent yI've yet to see this.. all those threads were from 200913:03
cameron_alks: I'll get back in a minute13:03
ylmfosit's my sister's laptop and she wants linux :)13:03
ylmfosshe's got enough of Windows :)13:03
ActionParsnipylmfos: then install Ubuntu13:03
Guest95319Any dedicated channel server for embedde linux or simply linux13:03
Guest95319Anybody knows cross compilation13:03
ylmfoslast version of ubuntu won't work too slow?... i wanted a fast way to get an ubuntu windows-like to make it easier for her, but i stuck on stupid things like no hdd detection or different errors :)13:04
ylmfosthis live cd with compiz started works pretty smooth :)13:04
Craw^Hi. When creating a bootable USB drive, does the USB drive need to be a clean one (no other files in it except for Ubuntu)? Also, what's the minimum capacity of the USB drive I need to use? Thanks.13:05
chroothi , ubuntu13:06
chroothi , how can i boot my ubuntu faster?13:07
VictorCl2I can't do updates it tells me that some libraries are not trusted13:07
chrootVictorCl2, maybe you should update your source list of apt13:08
VictorCl2equires installation of untrusted packages = "dhcp3-client dhcp3-common firefox firefox-branding firefox-globalmenu firefox-gnome-support firefox-locale-ca firefox-locale-en isc-dhcp-client isc-dhcp-common libreoffice-base-core libreoffice-calc libreoffice-common libreoffice-core libreoffice-draw libreoffice-emailmerge libreoffice-gnome libreoffice-gtk libreoffice-help-ca libreoffice-help-en-gb libreoffice-help-en-us libreoffice-impress libreoffice-l1013:09
VictorCl2n-ca libreoffice-l10n-common libreoffice-l10n-en-gb libreoffice-l10n-en-za libreoffice-math libreoffice-style-human libreoffice-writer libxfont1 python-uno ttf-opensymbol uno-libs3 ure"13:09
FloodBot1VictorCl2: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:09
VictorCl2didnt know it was that long13:09
chewed-onUh…that's a bit of a false advertisement here: http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu  "With Ubuntu, you can do everything you can do with other operating systems. But faster. And for free!"13:09
hiwkI recently installed ubuntu 11, and sometimes the unity bar (?) gets messed up (graphics get stuck on it, needs a refresh from buffer), how can I force it to re-draw without logging out from X?13:10
hiwkI bet it really is a nvidia driver issue, but it seems easier to mitigate than to fix13:11
chrootVictorCl2, can u tell me what you want to do13:11
VictorCl2to do about what?13:11
chrootmeans , your problem13:11
VictorCl2ahh. well update manager tells me that13:12
VictorCl2Requires installation of untrusted packages13:12
VictorCl2I dont know what to do13:12
chrootoh  , maybe you want to update your sys , and the issue occurs13:12
VictorCl2no the update manager pop ups telling me that there are updates13:13
VictorCl2when I click .. Update .. it tells me that13:13
chrooti have met them before13:13
chrootfirst , type this command  in a console13:14
chrootsudo apt-get update13:14
cameron_alks: no such luck13:14
cameron_alks: http://paste.ubuntu.com/672420/13:14
LABcrabWhat is the point of a FloodBot?13:14
chrootthis will refresh your source list13:14
chrootit is safe13:15
compdoca bot that floods the feilds so you can grow your crops13:15
auronandaceLABcrab: to prevent people flooding the channel13:15
hiwkif anyone answers my question (force re-draw of unity bar), please higlight me13:15
chrooti'd like to13:16
chroothiwk , tell me how highlight you13:16
cameron_I see the bit where it is finding OSs, and it simply doesn't SEE windows at all13:16
hiwkchroot: like that :)13:16
cameron_however, i can pick it out of the /sda/1 things13:16
chrootlet me try13:16
chrootnot work , as you see13:17
hiwkchroot: what?13:17
LABcrablol auronandace.13:17
chrootok , tell me what is your problem13:17
hiwkchroot: do you happen to know how to force a re-drawof the unity bar/interface when it gets messed up?13:17
alkscameron_,  sry i am not expert :/ when i had problems with dual boot, i played with boot repair and it fixed everything13:17
cameron_alks: bummer - thanks13:18
hiwkchroot: I suspect that it really is a nvidia driver problem, but it seems easier to mtigiate than to fix13:18
Jensithiwk: give me a sec i think i found something on ubuntuusers.de13:18
chrootand what problem u enconter13:18
auronandaceLABcrab: what's so funny?13:18
auronandaceLABcrab: flooding the channel with text (sometimes bots spam the channel)13:19
cameron_Can anyone help make windows appear on boot menu? http://paste.ubuntu.com/672430/13:19
chroothiwk, is that when you login x window , the desktop can't be represent imeadiately13:20
doriadI just installed 11.04 and there doesn't seem to be a package named kde4-devel - anyone know what it might be called?13:20
chrootare u there13:20
hiwkdoriad: why do you want that?13:20
chrootso , what is your ubuntu version13:21
doriadI am getting "ERROR: Could not find KDE4 kde4-config" when configuring kdevplatform13:21
wsagentHow can I install tweetDeck on ubuntu 10.1013:21
cameron_chroot: 11.0413:21
chrootcameron_, are u install the ubuntu first on your computer13:22
hiwkdoriad: 'apt-file search kde4-config0 willl give you kdelibs-bin'13:22
chrootwsagent, download tweet through the internet explore13:23
hiwkdoriad: hm, I failed that paste :)  executing 'apt-file search kde4-config' will point you to the package 'kdelibs-bin'13:23
Piciwsagent: Install the adobeair package, and then download the tweetdeck air app from their website.13:23
cameron_chroot: yes13:23
etfbIs there a way to tell if ACPI is working properly on my laptop?  I suspect it isn't, which is why many things are currently not working.13:23
tsimpsondoriad: why not just install kdevelop?13:23
wsagentThanks Pici and Chroot13:23
chrootcameron_, and u install the windows afterward13:23
cameron_chroot: oh no, Windows was first, ubuntu came afterwards13:24
doriadtsimpson, there are very recent patches that I need13:24
chrootcameron_, and in the grub list when booting , there is no windows entry13:24
doriadhimcesjf, I was not aware of "apt-file" - I had been trying "apt-cache search"13:24
=== sysadamin|away is now known as sysadamin
chrootam i right13:25
tsimpsondoriad: you probably want to make sure you have kdebase-workspace-dev installed then13:25
cameron_chroot: there is no windows entry13:25
hiwkJensit: did yyou find anything?13:25
Jensithiwk: just some spam posts -.-' got many stuff to search through ^^13:25
tsimpsondoriad: and probably some boost stuff too13:25
chrootare u sure about that, when u booting os , there is no entry in grub list for windows13:26
cameron_chroot: I am positive13:26
cameron_chroot: there is no entry13:26
cameron_this thread shows pastebin13:26
LABcrabi can't execute a Java file!  Please help me!13:26
iceroot_LABcrab: error? the command you used?13:27
chrootwhat pastebin13:27
chrootlet me have a look13:27
LABcrabiceroot_: Works from GUI but not terminal.  Thanks anyway!13:28
etfbIs there a way to tell if ACPI is working properly on my laptop?  I suspect it isn't, which is why many things are currently not working.13:29
rocket16Is there an easy process to use the Maverick kernel in Natty? (Natty kernel isn't working well with my USB modem and sound, and maverick was indeed well). I mean, without changing the sources to Maverick sources13:29
chrootthe same situation , the first os in my computer is windows , and later i installed the ubuntu  too . but in my grub list , that is ok .13:29
cameron_chroot: any ideas?13:30
chrootthere is a grub.cfg in /etc13:31
chrootif you want to add a entry for win  , u need edit this file13:31
chrootjust add a windows entry  in this file13:31
auronandacechroot: grub.cfg shouldn't be edited directly13:32
bazhangchroot, thats not correct13:32
cameron_and i already wrote the function13:32
bazhang!grub2 | chroot please have a read13:32
ubottuchroot please have a read: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)13:32
auronandacechroot: you either want /etc/default/grub or the individual files in /etc/grub.d/13:32
chrooti know , the offical  document said too ,13:32
cameron_i wrote a function to add it.. and it looks like it does.. but then i get "signuatre reror"13:32
cameron_I added an individual file to /etc/grub.d13:33
bazhangchroot, the wiki says do not edit that directly, very explicitly13:33
cameron_can someone just tell me what the proper (hd0,x) code is given my pastebin?13:33
chrootthere is three file , i have changed that  before , to add a picture on my grub men13:33
cameron_/dev/sda2    *     30,801,920   383,628,349   352,826,430   7 NTFS / exFAT / HPFS13:35
cameron_this is my windows partitoin13:35
cameron_it's the second one down and has a asterisk under BOOT13:35
cameron_is that (hd0,1) or (hd0,2) (regardless, I already tried both of those13:35
csu010245I have a running printer - works fine with lp - I need to send things directly to it, I assumed I could just send to /dev/lp0 but this is not the case, how do I do it13:38
chrootcameron, there is a one way , find a ubuntu livecd , using it , and reboot your sys , and then fix your grub right13:38
zagibui think (hd0,1) should be correct in your case for sda213:39
chroothi, who knows how to forbidden  network when booting ,13:40
chrooti want my computer boot faster13:41
chrootfaster is best13:41
auronandacechroot: how fast does it boot now?13:41
chrootha ,about 4413:41
chroothow about it ,13:41
chrooti heard that ubuntu is faster13:42
chrootbut , in my situation , it is the same as windows13:42
chrootauronandance , got any idea13:43
auronandacechroot: 44 seconds sounds reasonable to me13:43
chrooti want it faster , about 3013:44
markitoxshi there, anyone knows why an ssh session would become completely unresponsive after executing certain commands (as in "top","history" )... speed is not an issue as the machines are on our own network13:45
chrootand also , do u know the command --chroot13:45
chrootwhat is time now13:46
=== iqpi|comida is now known as iqpi
chrootmarkitoxs, maybe the config not right , u should check the document for more detail13:48
silverarrowwhen will ubuntu get the latest VLC version (1.1.11 , current in package manager is 1.1.0913:48
chrootwhat is vlc13:48
auronandacechroot: a good media player13:48
chroota good media player?13:49
chrootfor what13:49
auronandace!latest | silverarrow13:49
ubottusilverarrow: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.13:49
auronandacechroot: to play media files13:49
skim1776did anyone has problem with endless boot from usb drive?13:49
silverarrowlatest VLC are major upgrades, but bug fixes13:49
chrootoh , i remember , like gnome mplayer13:50
chrootthanks auronandace]13:50
skim1776Did anyone have problem with endless boot from usb drive?13:50
auronandacechroot: no worries :)13:51
chrootauronandace, what is your time now13:51
silverarrowI might just go for download from vlc site13:51
=== nik is now known as Guest76003
silverarrowcan't be that much difference13:51
ActionParsnipsilverarrow: what are you after?13:51
auronandacechroot: uk 2:51 pm13:51
silverarrowvlc that works13:51
markitoxschroot, what config?13:52
silverarrow;- )13:52
ActionParsnipsilverarrow: what version are you using?13:52
ryankaskdo any of you guys know of a program that monitors network connections made from a specific process?13:52
chrooten? mine  21:4413:52
chrootfunny uh13:52
ActionParsnipsilverarrow: there is a 1.1.11 PPA13:52
silverarrowin package manager?13:52
silverarrowI have been looking13:52
ActionParsnipsilverarrow: what is the output of:  lsb_release -c13:52
ActionParsnipsilverarrow: you'll need a 3rd party ppa13:52
chrootmarkitoxs, i think there is something in your ssh config file , read it ,13:52
silverarrowclever Parsnip13:53
chrootmarkitoxs, and also search ssh with ubuntu in google13:53
ActionParsnipsilverarrow: what is the output of the command I gave?13:53
markitoxschroot, the host machine you mean? because i am trying to ssh from different  machines and still experiencing the same issue, so i assume its the host that has a problem13:53
silverarrowActionParsnip natty13:54
chrootyes , ssh server is on host , and u shoul check out host13:54
Ramsesyou welcome13:54
ActionParsnipsilverarrow: sudo apt-add-repository ppa:chimerarevo/vlc/ubuntu; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade13:54
dreichsilverarrow, I agree.  ActionParsnip natty.13:54
ActionParsnipsilverarrow: I can suggest ditching VLC (unless you need one of it's features) and use gnome-mplayer13:55
chrootyeah , gnom mplayer is great13:56
chrootRamses, hi13:56
silverarrowActionParsnip, something is happening !!13:57
ActionParsnipsilverarrow: read the screen, you can see the version being installed13:58
silverarrowActionParsnip, I would, but in my experience gnome can't handle everything, so I go for both Gone and vlc13:58
chrootActionParsnip, are u installed vlc the same time13:59
ActionParsnipsilverarrow: same, I only use vlc for the remote control via my Android phone13:59
ActionParsnipchroot: sure why not :)13:59
zagibuchroot: if you want it even faster, get an SSD13:59
chrootActionParsnip,  i just wonder.13:59
zagibu<10 sec boot of ubuntu for me13:59
chrootzagibu, what is ssd13:59
zagibusolid state disk13:59
=== RA_drc____ is now known as RA_drc
compdocSSD is pretty nice, but expensive14:00
bazhang!ot | chroot14:00
ubottuchroot: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!14:00
chrootthere is only ubuntu11.04 on my computer14:00
silverarrowActionParsnip, yes, sometimes gnome has behaved better, so I like to have them both14:00
JWelchMorning, all14:02
ActionParsnipJWelch: afternoon14:02
vtt4JWelch, morning14:03
chrootbazhang, ssd , is hardware , need but it14:03
JWelchSo this morning, my Empathy client's contact list is empty. I can chat with folks, so I'm connected, but nothing appears.14:03
bazhangchroot, chat in #ubuntu-offtopic Ubuntu support only here.14:03
JWelchHave rebooted, killed/restarted Empathy, and searched, but haven't found a fix - is this the right place to check on that?14:04
silverarrowActionParsnip: was I suppose to get VLC 1.1.11? darn, I still have 1.1.0914:04
skim1776is it possible to install full OS from liveCD?14:05
zambai have an old fx5200 graphic card.. it has dvi, vga and tv-out.. does it support dual screen? does anyone know?14:05
silverarrowskim1776, yes14:05
silverarrowskim1776, it is pretty much identical, just following the install guide from desktop, at least in Ubuntu14:06
=== RA_drc_ is now known as RA_drc
ActionParsnipsilverarrow: restart the app14:07
vtt4JWelch, why don't you use another program instead of Empathy?14:07
skim1776I have endless loop while boot - the sign is "automatic boot will be in 10"...9 - 0 then again from 10 to 014:07
JWelchvtt4 - I could, but I like Empathy's integration into the OS14:07
ActionParsnipskim1776: is that on the liveCD or has the CD not booted yet?14:07
skim1776I install from usb drive14:07
Dans326Im looking for a way to clone a hard drive of a networked windows  computer with a ubuntu server and then restore it later via network boot is this possible?14:07
silverarrow<ActionParsnip, I have, maybe I need to reboot14:08
skim1776it's not livecd but minimal-iso14:08
ActionParsnipskim1776: ok, did you MD5 test the ISO you downloaded?14:08
JWelchSo, to answer the question more directly, personal preference. It's worked for over a year, so I'm curious as to what may have changed over the weekend.14:08
skim1776yes, md5 is the same as in the repository14:08
ActionParsnipsilverarrow: for a media player, not at all14:08
matarieldoes empathy work with a skype account?14:08
silverarrow<ActionParsnip, I have to do some thinking then, hmm14:08
Picimatariel: Not to my knowledge.14:08
ActionParsnipsilverarrow: what is the output of:  apt-cache policy vlc     us a pastebin to hold the text14:08
ActionParsnipskim1776: is the system set to boot USB first?14:09
vtt4materiel, i don't think so14:09
auronandacematariel: no, only skype does14:09
lestathi folks14:09
auronandacematariel: skype is closed source14:09
skim1776ActionParsnip, of couse, the process is being started but then endless loop goes14:10
vtt4JWelch, do you know emesene?14:10
lestatit seems the command add-apt-repository is broken concerning proxy etc. I'm trying to use it over a socks proxy but it just fails as you can see here http://pastebin.com/vmFjQ5n114:10
TheMatrix3000Anyone here using NFSv4 on Ubuntu Server, and is able to explain to me what would be involved in migrating NFSv3 to NFSv4?14:10
lestatany clue about that problem ?14:10
mah454Gnome3 or KDE-4.7 for Laptop ?14:10
JWelchHad not looked into it, vtt414:10
JWelchWill go poke about a bit14:10
ActionParsniplestat: do you use a proxy?14:11
auronandacemah454: why not xfce? lxde? enlightenment?14:11
ActionParsnipmah454: either14:11
lestatActionParsnip: yes otherwise second command wouldn't work14:11
lestatActionParsnip: actually using ssh -D14:11
LABcrabHow do i use chntpw with Vista?14:11
silverarrowactionparsnip http://pastebin.com/bCya5tf214:11
JWelchStill curious as to what broke a long-functional app - I can honestly say that there's been NO change since it was last working14:11
vtt4JWelch, you should try it14:11
bazhangLABcrab, try ##windows14:11
bazhang!gnome3 | mah45414:11
ubottumah454: Gnome 3 is not currently supported on Ubuntu. A PPA for natty is available at https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome3 but these packages are EXPERIMENTAL and UNSTABLE, will break Unity and possibly other parts of your system, and cannot be downgraded safely.14:11
ActionParsnipsilverarrow: you chopped of the top lines. Can you pastebin the whole output please14:12
ActionParsnipLABcrab: vista isn't supported here, try ##windows14:12
silverarrowactionparsnip http://pastebin.com/8z16vEyn14:13
mah454ubottu without checking distrobutions ... I use Arch linux . Gnome3 or KDE-4.7 ?14:14
ubottumah454: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:14
Dans326My wife crashes her computer more than anyone Ive ever seen so I want to simply install windows and her apps then clone the hard drive to my server then next time she crashes it I just go to the server and tell it to restore her computer is this possible14:14
bazhangmah454, #archlinux NOT here14:14
silverarrowmaybe it's hardware issues, like hard drive error?14:15
silverarrowDans326: maybe its' hard ware issues14:15
mah454bazhang distobutions not important for me ... . only comparison Gnome3 or KDE-4.7 in Laptop ...14:15
Dans326silverarrow: 2 years ago I got us identical systems  with in three months hers had crashed twice the second time the hard drive was toast  shes on her third computer and countless reinstalls14:16
bazhangmah454, arch is not supported here14:16
ActionParsnipsilverarrow: try:   sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get clean; sudo apt-get --reinstall vlc;14:16
ActionParsnipsilverarrow: without the last ;14:16
auronandacemah454: then ask in a generic channel like #linux14:16
tensorpuddingmah454: this is not the appropriate place to ask, ask in #ubuntu-offtopic14:16
silverarrowprobably too much facebook or pron14:16
mah454ohhh ... ! Ok i use Ubuntu . OK ? unity or KDE netbook edition for laptop ?14:17
RokenXFCE for a laptop, but thats just my opinion14:18
auronandacemah454: try both, see what you like14:18
RokenUber lightweight, and I use it on my laptop14:18
ActionParsnipmah454: depends which apps you intend to use, if you use more KDE apps then use KDE, if you use Gnome apps then use Gnome14:18
rypervencheI agree. Unity and KDE are not my type. Xfce or Gnone 2.x14:18
ActionParsnipRoken: use Lubuntu, it's super light14:18
Myrtti!polls | mah45414:18
ubottumah454: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.14:18
silverarrowactionparsnip, invalid operation vlc?14:18
ActionParsniprypervenche: Natty uses Gnome 2 and uses Unity14:18
Roken@Action I'll have to check it out, but I've been mainly running ubuntu inside of VMs as of late14:19
ActionParsnipsilverarrow: sudo apt-get --reinstall install vlc14:19
ActionParsniprypervenche: unity isn't a DE14:19
RokenGuys, this is completely unrelated to ubuntu, but how do I change my nick without relogging? =D14:19
Dans326silverarrow: nope Ive done scans of her machine checked for anything and everything  hell last time I did a reinstall got it all working she installed her sims game then rebooted and it came up with system restore14:19
ActionParsnipRoken: use:  /nick name14:19
Dans326Roken  "/nick new nick"14:20
=== Roken is now known as pixel_shift
pixel_shiftThere we go =]14:20
ActionParsnippixel_shift: simples14:20
pixel_shift@dans326 Is it a dual boot system?14:21
rypervencheActionParsnip: I know, it's a shell interface, but I still don't like it. To each his own though.^^14:21
silverarrowDans326, really weird14:21
ActionParsniprypervenche: but then you can't say you prefer gnome 2.x ...makes no sense14:22
rypervencheActionParsnip: Gnome 2.x without Unity, I sure can.14:22
hobbelhey there, i completely destroyed my wifi capability's. How can i restore it to the default drivers etc. Tried to get ndiswrapper running due to slow wifi speed bug (Intel 3945) but right now I have no wifi at all14:23
silverarrowActionParsnip; worked !!!!14:23
ActionParsniprypervenche: unity desktop which is installed i Ubuntu USES gnome 2, it just has the extra shell. You need a DE to be running to get Unity, the default DE is Gnome 2.x in Natty14:23
ActionParsnipsilverarrow: cool14:23
silverarrowDans326 : something is definitely messing up14:23
Dans326silverarrow so Ive basically given up on figuring out what she is doing to it and just looking for a quick fix for it. So is there a way to just install everything and then clone the HD to my server  and then later restore using network boot14:24
ActionParsniprypervenche: when you use Ubuntu Classic, the unity shell doesn't run and Gnome panel runs instead. Both use Gnome 2.x14:24
auronandacehobbel: slow wifi? i use the same wifi, works fine for me14:24
silverarrowDans326, like full backup?14:24
pixel_shift@dans326 I'm jumping in a little late here, but have you tried reinstalling grub to the MBR via a live CD? (I'm assuming its a dual boot sytem)14:24
JWelchvtt4 - Does emesene support Jabber? All I see is live messenger as an option14:25
hobbelauronandace intel3945, its maxed out at 1mbit down on ubuntu. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/62126514:25
ubottuUbuntu bug 621265 in Linux "Slow Wireless Connection in Intel 3945abg" [High,Confirmed]14:25
hobbelthats the bug14:25
silverarrowDans326, regular back up hard drive is common though?14:25
auronandacehobbel: itel wifi is usually very good under linux (at least in my experience)14:25
Arilyni imagine a fast connection14:25
Arilynubuntu bug 621265 in the list is pretty epic hahahha14:25
rypervencheActionParsnip: I'm aware of that. You don't need to be completely politically correct here. I have tried Unity and do not like it. That is that.14:25
hobbeland its annoying, so tried to evade it with windows drivers, but its completely gone now14:25
Dans326silverarrow yea just clone it once and then use that same starting point14:25
Arilynfuck yea14:25
hobbelArilyn, I have 50/50mbit, i can use 1/50 due to the bug14:25
Arilynwhich modules to my site due to buying14:25
Max00355hey how can i make my own IRC server ?14:26
ActionParsniprypervenche: that's fine, just making sure you don't confuse what unity is ;)14:26
Arilynam not have tried unity and it was bored and it pains me open the drama fuck yeah14:26
bazhangArilyn, stop the cursing14:26
rypervencheActionParsnip: It's all good. We all use what use because of preference. That's the great thing about Linux.^^14:26
auronandacehobbel: you using maverick?14:26
Arilynhobbel: itel wifi is egotastic faggot!14:27
ActionParsnipMax00355: http://nickmcd.tv/2011/01/set-up-a-irc-server-in-ubuntu-tutorial/14:27
silverarrowI'm not shore really, i have always had a separate harddisk for that14:27
hobbelauronandace Arilyn im on 11.04 and this bug has been haunting us for ~2 years now. Fixed it in the past with ndiswrapper14:27
silverarrowdans326; really crashing the os irreparable should be rare stuff14:28
auronandacehobbel: hmm, sorry i've never had a problem with it (i know that doesn't help you, but i'm not sure what to suggest)14:29
=== Fuchs_ is now known as Fuchs
pixel_shift@hobbel The only thing I know of to fix wireless driver problems is ndiswrapper =(14:29
silverarrowDans326 : I'm not shore really, i have always had a separate harddisk for that14:29
Dans326silverarrow destroying 3 sets of hardware in 2 years should also be unheard of14:29
ActionParsniphobbel: if the wifi device is an internal PCI device then it can be changed easily14:30
hobbelpixel_shift any idea how I can fix ndiswrapper then? driver loaded but no Wifi or wlan014:30
silverarrowDans326, yeah, a bit weird14:30
ActionParsniphobbel: some laptops even have mini-pci wifi cards14:30
Dans326silverarrow:  its been theorized that my wifes body has an excess electrical charge that effects electronics but the only proof of this is the number of toasted computers she leaves in her wake14:30
silverarrowDans326; a laptop on a bike or something like that?14:30
silverarrowDans326  lol, a seriously led-padded laptop lol14:31
pixel_shift@hobbel Try this is terminal sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart14:31
pixel_shiftBut other than that... I have no idea14:31
hobbelRunning /etc/init.d/networking restart is deprecated because it may not enable again some interfaces14:32
pixel_shiftEven manually restarting from terminal?14:32
silverarrowDans326, I have heard of that, one guy had to walk around with one onion in each of his hands every day, for his body to decharge14:32
hobbelpixel_shift yes14:32
pixel_shift@hobbel Had no idea, but thanks for the info! lol14:32
hobbelits pretty dead right :P14:33
pixel_shift@hobbel Have you tried finding drivers for the chipset on the card and not the card itself?14:33
hobbelpixel_shift it has the right driver for the wifi chipset, and hardware has been found14:33
Dans326silverarrow:  I dont know about that but my wife cannot wear digital watches they never last more than a week or so even with coating the metal portions with nail polish14:34
pixel_shift@hobbel Some other drivers for other cards may work (Thats what I had to use ndiswrapper for in 8.04) if they have the same chipset as your card.14:34
hobbelpixel_shift might try that14:34
hobbelpixel_shift but is there anything i should do beside loading the driver in order to get wifi?14:34
filo1234hey guys wich is the name of amministration server tool that can I use instead of not yet supported webmin?14:34
ubottuzentyal is a web-based GUI interface for administering a server. It is designed to work with Ubuntu/Debian style configuration management. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Zentyal (Project formally known as eBox - including in Lucid/10.04).14:35
hobbelmight as well just reinstall14:35
filo1234ActionParsnip: thanks14:35
silverarrowDans326, maybe she should try a good walk in nature, every day, with one onion in each of her hands LOL14:35
PhoenixzI have a Dell E6400 latitude, BCM4312 WiFi card, have tried just about everything to get it to work, but it wont.. At first modprobe b43 did it, I had wifi, rebooted, and it was gone. Ever since, with the b43 driver loaded, ifconfig -a shows a wlan0 device, with MAC address which seems to be correct, but I can not use it.. Any help? OS is Kubuntu 11.0414:35
pixel_shift@hobbel Make sure your wireless switch is on =P14:35
=== Guybrush_Threepw is now known as Guybrush88_
ActionParsnipfilo1234: useing pure SSH will make your OS more secure and enable you to manage servers without GUI14:36
silverarrowActionParsnip, update was successful, playing downloaded youtube videos are till a mess14:36
ActionParsnipPhoenixz: can you give the output of:  dmesg | grep -i firm14:36
fission6is zenity prefered means of cheap dialogs?14:36
ActionParsnipsilverarrow: can you give the output of:  lsb_release -a; uname -a; dpkg -l | egrep "flash|gnash|swf"14:36
silverarroware there any other super hero vegetables here?14:36
PhoenixzActionParsnip: one sec14:37
hobbelpixel_shift wireless switch has never worked, i think im just going to reinstall. Allows me to get rid of Unity as well14:37
filo1234ActionParsnip: yeah isn't for my own use...I use only SSH :p was an info for a new user :)14:37
compdoc< captain carrot14:37
ActionParsnipsilverarrow: there is a carrot based nick on sometimes14:37
PhoenixzActionParsnip:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/672480/14:37
pixel_shift@hobbel Was the problem non-existant on a fresh install of 11.04?14:37
hobbelpixel_shift well, partially. One of the kernels did work14:38
hobbelothers did not14:38
ActionParsnipPhoenixz: you need the firmware cutter package14:38
silverarrowactionparsnip, didn't result in anything?14:38
ActionParsnipPhoenixz: the device can't come up due to missing firmware files, as you can see from the paste14:38
pixel_shift@hobbel If you can afford a reinstall, then hey... Why not? =D14:38
=== rafase282 is now known as Rafase282
ActionParsnipsilverarrow: it doesn't it gives text you can pastebin14:38
hobbelpixel_shift it takes time.. but might be the best option. Back to gnome as well then :P14:39
ActionParsnip!broadcom | Phoenixz This link shows how to get the cutter14:39
ubottuPhoenixz This link shows how to get the cutter: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx14:39
silverarrowactionparsnip, no nothing14:39
PhoenixzActionParsnip: mmmm, well, I have the b43-fwcutter package.. tried the firmware-b43-installer package, but that failed to install.. So I did everything manual, got the driver, ran b43-fwcutter, but after that, I have found no instructions.. How would I proceed?14:39
tjiggi_focan Debian and Ubuntu share a /Home partition?14:39
pixel_shift@hobbel I've, unfortunently, been in your shoes with wireless problems on Ubuntu. 9+ got rid of my ndiswrapper problem, though14:39
=== marcelo is now known as Guest68303
pixel_shiftWell, got rid of my use for ndiswrapper14:40
=== Guest68303 is now known as marcelo__
hobbelpixel_shift i would like to.. but this wireless card has been a pain since its been released. and the dev's havent managed to fix it either14:40
ActionParsnipsilverarrow: http://paste.ubuntu.com/672482/   trust me, it works14:40
silverarrowactionparsnip, what am I doing wrong? copy and paste is correct14:41
ActionParsnipsilverarrow: copy the command as I gave it and it works14:41
ActionParsnipPhoenixz: try: sudo apt-get --reinstall install b43-fwcutter firmware-b43-installer14:41
hobbelpixel_shift thanks for your help, going for a full reinstall now :)14:41
pixel_shift@hobbel NP, man. Hope you can find a good fix14:42
yao_ziyuanis there a plan to use chromium as the default browser in ubuntu?14:42
hobbelpixel_shift yeah, lets hope so14:42
PhoenixzActionParsnip: the apt-get install firmware-b43-installer fails on --configure, cheking logs it mentions somehting about an unsupported mini card, but AFAIK, the BCM4312 IS supported ,right?14:42
ActionParsnipyao_ziyuan: it is default in Lubuntu14:42
hobbelbtw gotto separate home partition first14:42
marcelo__i need a help, how change the local of Documents folder in a /home?14:42
ActionParsnipPhoenixz: yes14:42
CoverSlideapt-get install chromium14:42
ActionParsnipCoverSlide: chromium-browser14:42
ActionParsnipCoverSlide: chromium is a game14:43
CoverSlideo yeah14:43
PhoenixzActionParsnip: anyway, so I installed b43-fwcutter, then got the drivers, then ran the cutter, got fw files in there , which I moved to lib/modules/b43 (just now)14:43
Phoenixzrmmod b43, modprobe b43, but no resultt14:43
silverarrowactionparsnip http://paste.ubuntu.com/672487/14:43
ActionParsnipPhoenixz: cool, reboot and it should be ok14:43
silverarrowactionparsnip, I closed and reopened terminal window, then it worked14:44
PhoenixzActionParsnip: so rmmod will not do it? (as in, I have to go the way of the windows?)14:44
ActionParsnipsilverarrow: weird. ok try: sudo apt-get --purge remove http://paste.ubuntu.com/672487/14:44
ActionParsnipsilverarrow: this: sudo apt-get --purge remove flashplugin-installer; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree14:44
=== Timic_ is now known as Timic
PhoenixzActionParsnip: last dmesg shows http://paste.ubuntu.com/672489/  will try reboot now14:45
marcelo__how to change  the location of the Documents folder in linux?14:46
ActionParsnipPhoenixz: its all about those files :)14:46
ActionParsnipmarcelo__: I suggest you make a folder and move the files across. Then delete ~/Documents and make a symlink from the new location to ~/Documents14:47
silverarrowactionparsnip, no change, it plays sound, but no picture14:47
ActionParsnipsilverarrow: in all browsers?14:47
marcelo__ActionParsnip,  thanks,  but how do I do this?14:47
JWelchHrm. Uninstalling/reinstalling Empathy fixed it - I can see my contact list now. Still wonder what was up, but meh.14:48
ActionParsnipmarcelo__: ok where do you want the new folder to be?14:48
marcelo__ActionParsnip,  in windows partition14:48
ActionParsnipmarcelo__: ok but what path?14:48
silverarrowno, not browser, but downloaded youtube video, neither flash streams14:48
gulzarI messed the nautilus-elementry. The sidebar,menubar,and navigation bar are gone .... I deselected then in the options.... Now how to have them back ? The option to select and deselect needs atleast one BAR....14:48
ActionParsnipmarcelo__: you can't access raw block devices, it needs mounting14:48
ActionParsnip!info nautilus-elementary14:49
ubottuPackage nautilus-elementary does not exist in natty14:49
silverarrowActionParsnip no, not browser, but downloaded youtube video, neither flash streams14:49
silverarrowactionparsnip, in browser it's only adobe flash player14:50
ActionParsnipsilverarrow: have you installed ubuntu-restricted-extras14:50
ActionParsnipsilverarrow: could try minitube14:50
silverarrowyes, well two packages called "lubuntu restrickted" and lots for the dvd player14:50
ActionParsnipsilverarrow: so you are using lubuntu?14:50
gulzar<ActionParsnip> yes but I installed with ppa.... and want to reset the bars... Any shortcut key?14:51
ActionParsnipsilverarrow: i see, ok you need lubuntu-restricted-extras14:51
ActionParsnipgulzar: then its14:51
ActionParsnipgulzar: then it's not supported here14:51
silverarrowVLC, has worked no problem a couple of months ago ActionParsnip14:51
gulzar<ActionParsnip>  OK14:51
marcelo__ActionParsnip,  For example, I want my music files, videos and documents, I can access it in windows and  ubuntu, so I'll have to put the three folders to mount at startup, and after it, link to  sites that I set up folders?14:51
ActionParsnipsilverarrow: tried as a different user?14:51
PhoenixzActionParsnip: Just rebooted, no result14:51
silverarrowactionparsnip, I have those I think, but I suppose there are lots of them?14:51
ActionParsnipmarcelo__: you will need to make the partition mount at boot, do you have that already?14:52
ActionParsnipsilverarrow: its just a metapackage if you are talking about lubuntu-restricted-extras14:52
marcelo__ActionParsnip, no, i dont14:52
silverarrowyes, I found two in package manager and always install them14:53
Travis-42I'm having some problems booting into Ubuntu after the latest kernel update, with claims about the "disk drive for /dev/mapper/cryptswap1 is not ready yet or not present" -- when I boot into the root recovery command line and run fdisk -l, it locks up. Is this a hardware problem?14:53
ActionParsnipmarcelo__: you will need to get that sorted first, then you can simply make symlinks to the docs in your windows partition to your home folder and you will have easy access14:53
silverarrow<ActionParsnip I found two in package manager and always install them14:53
ActionParsnipsilverarrow: cool, then I'm not sure dude, never used vlc for youtube etc. Always flash or minitube14:54
TarovenTravis-42: If it only happens under the new kernel, no. Have you been able to try with an older kernel?14:54
silverarrowactionparsnip, minitube?14:54
Travis-42Taroven, how do I run the old kernel?14:56
Travis-42Taroven, ah nevermind I see it under Previous versions14:56
marcelo__ActionParsnip,  in fstab?14:56
TarovenTravis-42: Yep, you got it. Try there, if it works just remove the new kernel and don't worry about it.14:56
Travis-42Taroven, heh nope, same error and still won't boot. I guess something is going on with the drive. thanks14:57
TarovenTravis-42: Possibly. Give a live cd a shot before doing anything drastic.14:57
TarovenTravis-42: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=1076668914:59
winuthow do i set up alsa to work at 24/96? i am trying to play flac at 96khz but it gets resampled to 44100 or 48000, not sure (slow)14:59
nronksrOff Topic, but could really use some advice.  I don't know gps units at all, but I need a decent one for work.  Anybody have suggestions? (Most appreciated) - Thanks!15:00
Picinronksr: #ubuntu-offtopic15:00
nronksrkk, thanks.15:00
Tarovenwinut: You'll be looking into your .asoundrc file for that.15:00
Tarovennronksr: Get a smartphone :)15:01
winutdo you have to make one?15:01
Hemangpateli need some info about ubuntu15:01
Travis-42Taroven, ah, I'll give that a try... didn't find that page in my search15:01
tensorpuddingHemangpatel: just ask15:01
Tarovenwinut: Sometimes, depends entirely on the installation. Quick google for "alsa 96khz" should point you in the right direction15:02
Hemangpatelubuntu support gnome 3 ?15:02
TarovenHemangpatel: Depends on who you ask. :)15:02
tensorpuddingin 11.04, not yet15:02
tensorpuddingin 11.10, it will15:02
=== marcelo_ is now known as macfiree
TarovenOfficially not yet, tensorpudding is correct.15:02
tensorpudding11.10 will release in october15:02
tensorpuddingright now it's in alpha15:02
tensorpuddingnot recommended15:02
Hemangpatelunity support ?15:03
Hemangpatelubuntu support unity ?15:03
tensorpuddingHemangpatel: by default, 11.10 will have unity, on gnome 315:03
Hemangpateland on 11.04 ?15:03
tensorpuddingit will be gnome 3 underneath, but use the unity panel/launcher/dash15:03
tensorpuddingon 11.04, unity on gnome 2 is default, with a fallback to gnome 215:04
tensorpuddingthe fallback behaves like 10.10 and previous ubuntu versions15:04
Hemangpatelfrom where i can downlad nvidia drivers ?15:04
Hemangpatelfor ubuntu >15:04
=== zz_RobinJ is now known as RobinJ
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto15:05
tensorpuddingHemangpatel: there is an nvidia driver available, just search nvidia in the software center15:05
nicofsWhat can I do about "sudo: must be setuid root" when trying to "sudo -s" in xterm?15:05
tensorpuddingactually, run the Additional Drivers program15:05
tensorpuddingif you have an nvidia card, it should give you the option to install a driver for it, quick and easy15:06
macfireehow i mount a partition?15:06
tensorpuddingmacfiree: by default, partitions should be mounted automatically15:06
UldicsAnyone could help me on sharing folders, so Win users can access them? Have set it up with Nautilus share and it worked, but now somehow it just doesnt work anymore. Hav reinstalled nautilus share package, samba, samba4, at some time got it working, but then it disappeared again.15:07
ActionParsnipnicofs: use:  sudo -i15:07
goodtimes_ecaHello all, anyone have any advice on where to go for help for networking problems with atheros cards (aspire laptop)15:07
ActionParsnip!mount | macfiree15:07
ubottumacfiree: mount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount15:07
ActionParsnipUldics: installing samba and samba4 will cause all sorts of complications15:07
Uldicshow do I get it without complications?15:08
ActionParsnipUldics: I'd uninstall samba and samba4 and then reinstall samba15:08
macfireeActionParsnip,  tks15:09
Uldicshmm, i think have done that , but will try15:09
HemangpatelVery good support15:10
blupis there a way to send a running process to the background? i know i can start it in the background with 'process &', but i'd rather not stop it.15:10
zagibugoodtimes_eca: how about manufacturer support channel?15:10
Hemangpatel:-) keep it up..15:10
TarovenIssue of my own: On a 10.04 server box which is still kinda in the works, I was unable to set a static IP via the GUI, ended up going through /etc/network/interfaces and /etc/resolv.conf to get it working. Somewhere in there, the connections manager 'lost' eth0 (not on the list), and now when the computer boots I need to run 'ifup eth0' manually - works fine from there. This is a box with no keyboard or mouse, so a bit problematic. Any ideas?15:10
nicofsActionParsnip, same error15:10
UldicsActionParsnip: you also mean I have to reinstall samba-common and samba-common-bin along samba?15:11
goodtimes_ecacheers zagibu, I've tried everywhere, i thought at least, I installed 10.04 but i can't seem to get the drivers working for the card15:12
TarovenNote on that: I've got no problems with bash scripts to work around the problem, but I'd really rather just fix the problem itself.15:12
zagibugoodtimes_eca: well, if you have already tried everywhere, your question is kind of redundant15:13
hp00pranyone which directory fms is installed in by default ?15:13
genii-around!info fms15:13
ubottuPackage fms does not exist in natty15:13
zagibugoodtimes_eca: is it a built-in wifi card?15:13
goodtimes_ecazagibu: yep15:13
jo-erlend_I've made an ssh key and a GPG key. Now I want to use those on my laptop as well. Can I just copy ~/.ssh and ~/.gnupg?15:14
hp00pri looked on adobe site but it says go to the root folder I cant find it15:14
goodtimes_ecaits not just the wireless though15:14
zagibugoodtimes_eca: then I suggest buying a cheap and known to work usb wifi adaptor off ebay15:14
goodtimes_ecaits the whole card,15:14
zagibuhmmm, that's a bigger problem of course15:14
goodtimes_ecazagibu: good idea15:15
zagibuwhat are the lspci lines, have you already googled them?15:15
OerHekshp00pr,   fms to Determine a tape’s capacity and a tape device’s filemark size ?15:15
goodtimes_ecazagibu:  thanks, gtg15:15
hp00prno, i meant flash media server, sorry15:15
genii-aroundOerHeks: I believe it's Flash Media Server15:15
derpellahello, my dvd drive won't mount, my fstab looks weird15:16
hp00pradobe just says rootinstall/conf ect I cant find it!! :|15:16
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=== Neytiri is now known as _Neytiri_
qwazIf i install gentoo along side my ubuntu will  gentto automatically use the ubuntu swap partition for itself?15:18
_Neytiri_where can i find the autoexpect package?15:18
Piciqwaz: Ubuntu doesn't have a problem with other distros using the swap partition, but whether it will do that automagically is a question for #gentoo15:19
rypervenchejo-erlend_: Yes, you can just copy them.15:19
skim1776who uses natty narwell?15:19
qwazPici, k thanks15:19
Piciskim1776: Just ask your question please. No need for something as vauge as that.15:20
hp00prbah, I found it.. sorry guys I feel retarded15:20
jo-erlend_rypervenche, is there any good reason not to sync them on ubuntu one?15:20
_Neytiri_where can i find the autoexpect package?15:20
hp00pr_Neytiri_, did u try apt-get ?15:20
rypervenchejo-erlend_: Security reasons.15:21
skim1776do you have problems with suspend and hibernate modes?15:21
Pici_Neytiri_: What is autoexpect?15:21
rypervenchejo-erlend_: Just copy them once, and then you'll be done with it. You only need your private keys.15:21
_Neytiri_it interacts with the passwd utitility so i can write a script to auto creat user accounts15:21
=== hacked is now known as vinces
jo-erlend_rypervenche, yes, you mean canonical has access? I meant syncing in general, really. I've just been working so much with u1 lately that sync and u1 have become almost synonymous. :)15:21
Pici_Neytiri_: It appears to be part of the 'expect' package.15:22
rypervenchejo-erlend_: You never want to share your private keys, syncing them is not wise.15:22
jo-erlend_rypervenche, right. I actually meant known_hosts and such.15:22
UldicsActionParsnip: No, did not help reinstalling samba. I got some error at starting samba and now it shows with flags, my old shares, but nothing is visible on network15:22
Calinouwhere do I disable the compiz effects on unity?15:23
Calinoubeen searching for 30 minutes the setup menu15:23
rypervenchejo-erlend_: known_hosts is a useless file to sync.15:23
jo-erlend_rypervenche, why is that?15:23
Calinousorry for being an idiot, though15:23
kaellanhow to find and instal riched30? (need to get the txt echo in zmud to work)15:24
rypervenchejo-erlend_: Because you can delete it and it will just ask you if you want to add a host to it when you connect. For what you'll be doing it has no use really.15:24
kaellanopps wrong channel15:24
funkyHatblup: ctrl+z followed by bg. That might cause problems for some processes though. What are you trying to background?15:24
kiko_need help. been getting an error on metadata installing ubuntu on windows  7. i tried saving the wubi and ubuntu-10.04-netbook-i386 in  one folder but i still get the error15:25
Uldicsand actually, when I try as root entering: samba stop, i get info, that samba is not installed ... but I just have installed it, restarted the machine15:25
skim1776does unetbootin always work sooo long?15:25
funkyHatUldics: you probably want service smbd stop15:26
claudiuj security15:26
skim1776has anyone used unetbootin? it copies files for 2 hours15:27
claudiuhello, everyone15:27
=== daavis is now known as aldcor
Calinouskim1776: what's your connection's speed15:29
skim1776Calinou, how can I determine?15:29
gr33n7007hGood afternoon from Manchester England ;)15:29
skim1776no, I'm making it from local ISO15:30
aguiteli am running amsn ,how block some contact by the way this contact not to see when i am online?15:30
Uldicsso, anyone - how do I get my samba shares working?15:31
adnchello, I've an icon pack called Iris. I like them very much, unfortunately the application icons are not shown. still the old one is used. for example the icon for xchat is called xchat.svg in .icons/iris/scalable/apps/ does someone see if it is a problem with the filename? is there somewhere a list how they need to be called?15:31
=== claudiu is now known as claudiuvlad
rulliehi, is there a switcher that switches between same application windows? like just between terminal or jsut between firefox15:34
Calinouto disable the compiz effects on unity15:35
silverarrowis there a clever way to use terminal to install vlc nightly ?15:35
Picisilverarrow: There might be a PPA for it.15:35
silverarrowI cant find  any Pici?15:36
silverarrowI have been googeling east and west, and the direct downloads from the nightly site, I cannot make work15:36
genii-aroundsilverarrow: https://launchpad.net/~videolan/+archive/master-daily15:36
ActionParsnipgenii-around: nice15:40
Calinouhow do I switch to gnome?15:43
Calinoulogging out doesn't allow me to switch to gnome15:44
manoyneed help installing ubuntu in windows 7 netbook. i get this everytime. cannot download the metalink and therefore the ISO15:44
sprungHello, After mush reluctance to upgrade to Natty I finally did it, and am encountering two problems: 1) I have to reinstall my NVIDIA driver on every reboot of the system from the command line, it is extremely annoying and even after killing gdm completely and installing the driver and starting gdm, then rebooting, I have to do it again15:45
silverarrowgenii-arround, it doesn't work, do you know if directions for karmic is too old?15:45
sprungthe second problem i am having is now when i use Synergy, there's about a 1 second flicker every time i switch between desktops, which is NOT acceptable.15:45
chewed-onhow come ubuntu feel so sluggish on Virtual Box ?15:46
chewed-on(64 bit Ubuntu)15:46
wmoxamchewed-on: because yer computer sucks15:46
zykotick9wmoxam, not helpful15:47
silverarrowPici, are you clever with ppa-s and terminal?15:47
Picisilverarrow: Depends what the question is.15:47
chewed-onhar har har15:47
sprungLinux mybox 2.6.38-11-generic-pae #48-Ubuntu SMP Fri Jul 29 20:51:21 UTC 2011 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux 11.04 natty narwhal15:47
anthony_what is the name of the function in Compiz that allows you to place windows on your screen with the keypad hotkeys (top left, left half, bottom left, bottom, bottom right, right half, top right, top, full screen)15:48
silverarrowgenii-around, I think directions for karmic might be too old?15:48
zykotick9chewed-on, are you using Unity in VBox?15:48
chewed-onor the interface is not written properly15:48
wmoxamchewed-on: HW limitations could very well be the reason. How much RAM and how many cores are you running?15:48
chewed-onDual core, 4 GB DDR 3 ram.15:48
silverarrowpici, I'm using this guide, and I get messages like "no such file or directory"15:48
chewed-onNot sure what's Unity doing but Mac OS X Lion with all it's fancy GUI effects runs quite smooth.15:49
chewed-onThen again, this is emulation15:49
Picisilverarrow: is The python-software-properties package installed.15:49
silverarrowPici, might not be15:49
chewed-onhey…how come fdisk -l in Virtual Box doesn't show my external hard drive ?15:50
Picisilverarrow: try to install it, that package provides  add-apt-repository15:50
maalacchewed-on: it may not be mounted properly .15:50
zykotick9chewed-on, you might be interested in the #vbox channel for VBox specific questions/issues15:50
genii-aroundsilverarrow: It works fine here. eg: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:videolan/master-daily && sudo apt-get update    ... then apt-cache policy vlc shows the ppa version (in my case of: Candidate: 1.2.0~~git20110731+r780-0~r32~oneiric1 )15:51
cwoodOn Ubuntu 10.04.2 LTS, which component of Upstart checks /etc/init for new files? I added a config for monit but it's not starting, or logging about not starting.15:51
genii-aroundsilverarrow: Then you can install it with sudo apt-get update vlc15:52
genii-around*upgrade* rather15:52
=== RobinJ is now known as zz_RobinJ
iceroot_genii-around: sudo apt-get install vlc15:56
silverarrowgenii-around; can you make any sense of this ?  http://pastebin.com/b0s5CUAx15:56
gdea73um, hi. I'm running Ubuntu 11.04 in Classic Gnome, and when I change my output in 'sound preferences', terminal opens (and it's not closable), and something says audibly "welcome to orca" and then something ending with "classic Gnome"15:56
iceroot_chewed-on: because you are not using sudo15:56
gdea73silverarrow: also, sudo apt-get up*grade* vlc15:57
TheEvilPhoenixgdea73:  no, its not.  "upgrade" will do a full upgrade15:57
TheEvilPhoenixgdea73:  just do `apt-get install vlc`15:57
TheEvilPhoenixafter you've done the update15:57
iceroot_genii-around: silverarrow please use "sudo apt-get install package" to install OR upgrade a single package15:57
silverarrowgdea73, "invalid operation" ?15:58
gdea73TheEvilPhoenis: oops, sorry. I'm not that great with terminal :X15:58
chewed-oniceroot_: I did use sduo15:58
iceroot_chewed-on: sudo fdisk -l  ?15:58
iceroot_chewed-on: what you expect?15:58
trijntjeHow can I insert ctrl+alt+f1 into vbox guest? All websearches suggest hostkey+f1, but this does not work for me15:58
iceroot_trijntje: #vbox15:58
silverarrowiceroot,  something is happening !!15:58
chewed-oniceroot_: to see my samsung external usb drie15:59
AerHi I was wondering if anyone is available to give me a hand with the ubuntu "Remote Desktop Viewer" as I have a small problem with ?15:59
chewed-onthe live cd for ubuntu seems to show it no problem15:59
chewed-onnot sure what's  up with the one I installed to virtual box15:59
iceroot_chewed-on: vbox-nonfree? usb enabled? sounds like the general usb-vbox issue. please use #vbox15:59
iceroot_!ask | Aer15:59
ubottuAer: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)15:59
chewed-onvirtual box is free isn't it ?15:59
gdea73well anyway, can anyone tell me why my computer talks to me? it's kind of creeping me out :P15:59
Aerthe ubuntu machine im trying to connect to shows in the remote desktop preferences16:00
Aer"Your desktop is only reachable over the local network. Others can access your computer using the address "16:00
iceroot_chewed-on: #vbox, the free version doesnt support usb, the nonfree version supports usb16:00
Aernow does that mean when i leave home tomorrow I will not be able to connect to my ubuntu PC using my Ubuntu laptop ? cus it isnt on the same network anymore ?16:00
iceroot_chewed-on: free as in free speech not as in free beer16:00
chewed-oniceroot_: ah crap = /16:00
sprungHello, After mush reluctance to upgrade to Ubuntu Natty I finally did it, and am encountering two problems: 1) I have to reinstall my NVIDIA driver on every reboot of the system from the command line, it is extremely annoying and even after killing gdm completely and installing the driver and starting gdm, then rebooting, I have to do it again and 2) my Synergy desktop will flicker for about 1 second every time i switch desktops, which is unacceptable.  nvid16:00
sprungia 280.1316:00
zykotick9iceroot_, FYI but the free/non-free VBoxs have been merged (obviously not yet in Ubuntu repos)16:00
sprungplease help16:01
genii-aroundsilverarrow: The vlc ppa page top right shows some "failed to build", but it should still try to pull the last good one16:01
iceroot_zykotick9: so the free one supports usb now?16:01
silverarrowiceroot, still a bit difficult, http://pastebin.com/qWEbuGiu16:01
Aeranyone know if my "Remote Desktop Viewer" message is normal and will work when im away from home ?16:01
zykotick9iceroot_, from the site yes - there is no "free one" anymore, just one version now16:01
chewed-oni was hoping to install ubutnu onto my virtual box so I can mount my external hard drive because Mac is unable to mount it.16:01
iceroot_zykotick9: oracle......16:01
silverarrow<genii-around>, i see, thanks16:01
cwoodchewed-on: What filesystem is the external drive?16:01
zykotick9iceroot_, seems out of place for Oracle to do something right for a change ;)16:02
iceroot_silverarrow: i dont see an error16:02
iceroot_zykotick9: they destroy every free software... openoffice, vbox, java...16:02
cwoodchewed-on: There's an "ntfs" kernel module. If you enable that with "modprobe ntfs" you might be able to mount that drive.16:02
iceroot_zykotick9: ksplice16:02
zykotick9iceroot_, oh, i hear ya!16:03
chewed-oncwood: kinda disappointing how fat 32 is windows and ntfs is also windows but can't be written to like how fat 32 can.16:03
Aer"Your desktop is only reachable over the local network. Others can access your computer using the address " means I cant access my computer remotely with remote desktop viewer away from home ?16:03
cwoodchewed-on: or, "sudo modprobe ntfs".16:03
gdea73why is speech-dispatcher running when I open Sound Preferences?!16:03
iceroot_chewed-on: its not a ntfs issue16:03
chewed-oncwood: I'll get it a shot and see.16:03
iceroot_chewed-on: i already told you why you dont see the drive16:03
chewed-onI had to modprobe that kernel on gentoo linux too, I remember that16:03
cwoodiceroot_: Aha, wasn't following along. Didn't think the drive was unavailable.16:04
AerHow can I make Remote Desktop Viewer in Ubuntu work over internet instead of just local home network ? I have forwrded the 5900 port on my router still no luck16:04
chewed-onmodprobe command not found16:04
silverarrowiceroot, genii-around, gdea73, VLC is working !! ;- )16:04
iceroot_chewed-on: sudo but again!!! that is not the problem16:04
gdea73silverarrow: great16:04
iceroot_chewed-on: you are using the "wrong" version of vbox which doesnt support usb16:04
chewed-oniceroot_: I did type sudo! I just pasted the error it returned16:05
gdea73but, @everyone: "Welcome to orca. Current desktop environment is classic gnome." it says this when I open sound preferences.16:05
iceroot_chewed-on: and you dont need to modprobe anything to write on ntfs16:05
edbianAer: If you nmap your public IP address do you see 5900 open?16:05
gdea73lol, I thought my box was hacked or something weirder16:05
=== anthony_ is now known as anth0ny
chewed-oniceroot_: wait…are you talking about mac osx or ubuntu ?16:05
Aerwhere do you mean do i see 5900 open ? in my router ?16:05
sprungHello, After mush reluctance to upgrade to Ubuntu Natty I finally did it, and am encountering two problems: 1) I have to reinstall my NVIDIA driver on every reboot of the system from the command line, it is extremely annoying and even after killing gdm completely and installing the driver and starting gdm, then rebooting, I have to do it again and 2) my Synergy desktop will flicker for about 1 second every time i switch desktops, which is unacceptable.  nvid16:05
sprungia 280.1316:05
silverarrowgenii-around, I wish I could remember what I did though16:06
iceroot_chewed-on: you said you are using vbox and dont see your external usb drive there16:06
edbianAer: In the output of nmap16:06
edbianAer: Have you ever used nmap?16:06
Aerive never used nmap :s16:06
sprungwww.nmap.org read16:06
edbianAer: install it: sudo apt-get install nmap16:06
Aerok ill install now16:06
Mkaysi_Zenmap could be easier16:06
edbianAer: then what we want to do is : nmap <public ip>   It's output is pretty clear I think.16:06
chewed-oniceroot_: fdisk -l would show the hard drive it vbox free version had support for it.16:06
Mkaysi_It's GUI for nmap.16:06
Aerill go do it now16:07
sprungMkaysi_, wow, fail16:07
chewed-onI know how to mount the hard drive on linux with write permission16:07
chewed-onthis channel is very laggy...16:07
Aerim assuming nmap on the computer i want to connect to right ? just making sure lol16:07
iceroot_chewed-on: if you dont see the drive with fdisk -l you cant mount the drive because its not there16:07
edbianAer: nmap on the computer you're using to nmap16:07
edbianAer: Umm, this isn't clear :P16:07
sprungnmap is a port scanner, Aer. it just helps find port connectivity problems.16:07
edbianAer: no.  You want nmap on some other computer16:08
edbianAer: I suppose is really doesn't matter16:08
iceroot_Aer: if you want to access your ubuntu over the internet you have to use port-forwarding in your router16:08
sprungi'm going to ask for help in #linux i'm not getting what i need here16:08
edbianiceroot_: he knows, we're checking using nmap16:08
iceroot_edbian: ah ok, because someone said use nmap on the local machine16:08
Aeryeah, i have forwarded the port 5900 but the remote desktop viewer still says its only connetable on the local network16:09
edbianiceroot_: I guess it doesn't matter right?  He wants to nmap the public IP16:09
iceroot_sprung: feel free to do so16:09
edbianAer: The gui doesn't know what it's talking about16:09
somethingintereswhy does GPGDir ask for the name of the recipient over and over again how do I use -r to tell it that each file goes to the one person?16:09
edbianAer: ignore that, have nmap yet?16:09
iceroot_edbian: no the router is seeing that the wan ip is maped to itself16:09
Aeryup just installed it16:09
iceroot_edbian: so its a lan request16:09
sprungiceroot_, thank you for your permission16:09
iceroot_edbian: let me correct, most routers act like that16:09
iceroot_edbian: so you have to use nmap outside from the lan16:10
gdea73fyi: figured it out, it was this bug:16:10
ubottuUbuntu bug 773450 in gnome-orca (Ubuntu Natty) "sound preferences opens speech-dispatcher" [Undecided,In progress]16:10
edbianiceroot_: I don't think so if you use public IP16:11
Aeredbian, my results are here http://pastebin.com/Wv5bUySj16:11
Aerhope i done it right16:11
edbianAer: reading...16:11
Aerok :)16:11
root_Hi guys16:11
iceroot_edbian: but your request is not from outside16:12
iceroot_edbian: the request is coming from the router to the router16:12
sprungHello, After mush reluctance to upgrade to Ubuntu Natty I finally did it, and am encountering two problems: 1) I have to reinstall my NVIDIA driver on every reboot of the system from the command line, it is extremely annoying and even after killing gdm completely and installing the driver and starting gdm, then rebooting, I have to do it again and 2) my Synergy desktop will flicker for about 1 second every time i switch desktops, which is unacceptable.  nvid16:12
sprungia 280.1316:12
iceroot_edbian: and the routers sees the reuqest is coming from and he has a route from wan <-> so its a local request because of the nat16:13
fastaIs there anyone here who actually knows something about Linux?16:13
iceroot_!ask | fasta16:13
ubottufasta: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)16:13
sipiorfasta: one imagines so.16:13
rypervenchefasta: Nope, we're all Windows users :P Yeah, what do you need?16:13
bobweaverhi there I messed up my terminal bad up and down arrows are not working so that means no control in nano vi ect... any one know how to compleatly reset terminal or where the conf file might be ?16:13
sipiorbobweaver: try "stty sane"16:13
silverarrowanyone using minitube ?16:14
fastaI get mtrr: type mismatch for e0000000, 10000000 old: write-back new: write-combining.16:14
edbianiceroot_: yeah, but the request is going to a public IP so it at least ends up at the outside of his LAN16:14
iceroot_edbian: no because of the nat16:14
edbianAer: port 5900 is not open (because it isn't listed)16:14
Aeroh :/16:14
fastaWhile I understand the function of mtrr, I feel that as a user I should not have anything to do with it.16:14
bobweaversipior: will look into Thanks bro16:14
Aermy router is set to allow for 5900 though :s16:14
edbianiceroot_: What does not have to do?  So it NAT's and send it out to <public address X>16:14
fastaCurrently it takes 5 _minutes_ to boot my system, not seconds.16:15
edbianAer: What address does it forward 5900 too?16:15
edbianiceroot_: His nmap would indicate that 5900 was open if you are right correct?16:15
iceroot_edbian: the router knows that the public_ip is himself. because of that thr reuqest is NOT leaving the lan16:15
fastaSo, it would be nice if someone with some actual clue would be able to respond.16:15
sprungHello, After mush reluctance to upgrade to Ubuntu Natty I finally did it, and am encountering two problems: 1) I have to reinstall my NVIDIA driver on every reboot of the system from the command line, it is extremely annoying and even after killing gdm completely and installing the driver and starting gdm, then rebooting, I have to do it again and 2) my Synergy desktop will flicker for about 1 second every time i switch desktops, which is unacceptable.  nvid16:15
sprungia 280.1316:15
Aeri have it set to any so any 5900 will be open for any computer connected to this router16:15
iceroot_edbian: nmap -p 5900 wan-adress should be open16:15
=== fantomas is now known as onkeltem
silverarrowiceroot: can you explain how you added a ppa?16:16
iceroot_edbian: when -p 5900 lan-ip is open  and the reuqest is coming from inside the lan on most routers16:16
Aerjust noticed 5900 isnt set in my "inbound" services though...that could be part of the problem i guess :s16:16
iceroot_silverarrow: sudo add-apt-repository ppaname16:16
bobweaversipior: no dice but thanks any way16:16
=== zz_RobinJ is now known as RobinJ
edbianAer: It doesn't work like that.  You have to tell the router (when you get a request for 5900 send it to ip address X).  I think you're allowing 5900 requests to go out (which is fine)16:16
zykotick9sprung, 280.13 doesn't appear to be the natty version, did you install directly from nvidia.com?16:16
iceroot_edbian: sudo traceroute wan-ip16:17
fastarypervenche: well, I just described what I need.16:17
silverarrowiceroot, then I am adding a source to dowload from or check for updates?16:17
Aerhmm ok ill take another look and see about setting it to the computer i need to connect16:17
iceroot_edbian: on my router the requstion is going to my router and directly answered by the interlan lan ip from the router16:17
iceroot_!ppa | silverarrow16:17
ubottusilverarrow: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa16:17
Aerif it dont work like that, routers are annoying lol means i need to make a 5900 exception for every computer i wanna connect to remotely whilst away >.< lol16:17
sipiorfasta: http://linuxindetails.wordpress.com/2010/06/27/mtrr-type-mismatch-for-e000000010000000-old-write-back-new-write-combining/16:18
iceroot_silverarrow: a ppa is another repositoryxy, holding new packages16:18
fastasipior: of course I tried that.16:18
fastasipior: and no, it does not work.16:18
edbianAer: that's right16:18
iceroot_silverarrow: you can just install new packages from that ppa with "sudo apt-get install package"16:18
Aerdamn xD16:18
sprungzykotick9, <zykotick9> sprung, 280.13 doesn't appear to be the natty version, did you install directly from nvidia.com?  <-- Yes, I did, and I have to do it every time i reboot.16:18
sipiorfasta: wow, nice. hope you suffer greatly.16:18
edbianiceroot_: What router?16:18
iceroot_edbian: fritzbox 73xx16:18
silverarrowiceroot; how risky then? like when they ask you to consult your doctor for any vitamin out there?16:18
edbianiceroot_: a real router!16:18
silverarrowiceroot, thanks16:19
edbianiceroot_: mine is a linksys wrt54g16:19
iceroot_edbian: dont know if it is also the english name16:19
edbianiceroot_: It's a great name regardless :)16:19
iceroot_edbian: :)16:19
iceroot_edbian: because the linksys wrt54gl doesnt have a modem, i am not using it16:20
edbianiceroot_: indeed, it is garbage16:20
Aeredbian, THANK YOU :D its working now you were right i had to assign the local IP address to that port in my router settings lol16:21
edbianAer: sure16:21
Aerso i gotta create rules for that port for every comp on my network lol16:21
edbianPeople are always so surprised when I'm right :(16:21
fastasipior: just because you can only Google for information, does not mean that you should treat me like that.16:21
Aerlol i just thought it worked a litle differntly thats all :P16:21
iceroot_Aer: you can only forwarding a port ones16:21
Aerhuh ?16:21
iceroot_Aer: you cant forward 5900 to and
Aeroh :s16:21
edbianAer: well now that doesn't make sense.  Every request for remote desktop will be 'remote desktop to publicIP port 5900' how do you know which computer you'll get to?16:22
iceroot_Aer: you have to to something like 5900 on 5901 on and so on16:22
edbianiceroot_: (ones = once)16:22
iceroot_edbian: :(16:22
edbianiceroot_: :P16:22
sipiorfasta: why not? so you can cop a bigger attitude? please.16:22
iceroot_edbian: ( edbian = debian) :)16:22
Aerso I have one rule iceroot_ ? but i set it to more than one IP in one rule ?16:22
iceroot_Aer: you have one rule for every port-forwarding16:23
edbianAer: You have one rule for each computer16:23
Aerhmm ok16:23
Aerill have to look into this then :) but i have atleast got the ball rolling and have an idea what to do now :) got one computer working online atleast :P16:23
Aerthanks a lot for your time guys :)16:23
yuvatejathere is a need of any packages for java beens program16:23
edbianAer: sure :)16:23
iceroot_Aer: and use a good password :)16:24
Aeryeah :P16:24
AerI needed to get this working because im moving out tomorrow and got my parents on ubuntu lol, they are quite noobish xD im going to be needing remote control now and then to help them :P16:24
edbianAer: teamviewer is also a good solution16:25
Aeryeah i tried that one :) it seems to be running in wine though ?16:25
=== michael is now known as Guest6643
iceroot_Aer: yes16:25
Aerthat kinda put me off id prefer to be using something that runs native16:25
Aerincase of any bugs etc16:25
edbianAer: I agree16:25
Aerim guessing im more likely to find a bug in remote control in wine than a native program16:25
AerTeam viewer is my main choice for a windows computer though it is a good program :)16:26
iceroot_Aer: and you dont have to "fight" with NAT16:26
silverarrowI cannot make minitube work, neither update to 1.1.5 from 1.1.316:26
Aerlol yeah :P16:26
iceroot_silverarrow: whats the error when starting it?16:27
Max00355how can i go about making an IRC channel that is public and not only local?16:28
iceroot_silverarrow: ah i saw "minicom" never heard of minitube16:28
Aeranyway guys thanks for the help but i need to go now I have to finish preparing to move tomorrow :)16:28
iceroot_Max00355: /join #foobar16:28
silverarrowirceroot, cannot connect to source, or something like that, it finds videos, they get listed, but doesn't run16:28
rypervencheAer: TeamViewer has prevented people from using it for more than 55 seconds now. :/16:28
Aerprevented them from using what ? :S16:29
rypervencheAer: Their software. You have to buy the pro version to be able to use it for more than 55 seconds now. :(16:29
Aerreally ? :s16:29
silverarrowiceroot_, I tried adding a ppa too, but it didn't work16:29
Aerthats kinda...well not gonna swear but you know lol... i been using team viewer for ages when connecting to a windows comp16:30
Aergonna need to find something new16:30
rypervencheAer: Ditto :(16:31
cwoodHow often does upstart re-read /etc/init?16:31
Aerwe can connect to windows "Remote Desktop client" using ubuntus Remote Desktop Viewer I guess, just need to find out how xD16:32
Aerbut for me thats a task for another day too busy today lol16:32
xeuxAer - that's essentially a VNC client not an RDP client16:33
Aerahh ok16:33
scoundrel50aI am running ubuntu 10.10 and last week there was a update, and a new kernel and it broke Google Chrome and Chromium, aned now I cant use it.......Bug 827198 I was asked to do this command sudo dpkg -i linux-image-2.6.35-30-generic_2.6.35-30.58~01d376eab177859e859416c23416f6fd2a9ec3c769_amd64.deb but i I get an error, and I would liek to get to be able to use Chrome again, can somebody help?16:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 827198 in linux (Ubuntu Maverick) "Kernel update google Chrome and Chromium freeze" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82719816:33
silverarrowanyone using minitube?16:33
Aeranything internet related isnt my strong point lol :P16:33
=== jamsux is now known as J_sux
PolahAer: rdesktop <address> You can specify options for screen size and suchlike.16:34
Aerohh ok, cool16:34
silverarrow<scoundrel50a, have you tried reinstalling the packages from package manager?16:35
=== nick is now known as Guest97333
scoundrel50ayep, and nothing it wont work16:35
Aerbut ill cya guys later thanks again :) but i have a lot of work to do before i move tomorrow16:35
ActionParsnipscoundrel50a: you may need to run:  cd /var/cache/apt/archives     first16:35
gr33n7007hwhat runs on port 100116:37
benworkI have ubuntu 11.04 installed, and it works fine in ubuntu classic mode. I have ATI with proprietary drivers installed with 2 monitors, both in single display mode. The issue is one display (the non-primary one) opens apps ala unity style with the title bar being part of the top bar, how can I styop this?16:37
benworkgr33n7007h, cat /etc/services |grep  100116:37
cwoodbenwork: that's a superfluous use of cat (grep 1001 /etc/services)16:37
scoundrel50aI think it might be a  problem with the update though, they forgot to include Maverick in the updates to Chrome, how do I get over the install problem, that I added in my first post16:38
benworkI prefer the superfluous cat16:38
xeuxbenwork - sudo apt-get remove unity16:39
rypervenchescoundrel50a: Use chromium maybe?16:39
scoundrel50asame problem16:39
scoundrel50aits affected both16:40
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ekebbehhow are u?16:41
Pici!zh | majormeng16:41
ubottumajormeng: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw16:41
calwighi, I have a bit of an issue with the scrolling of the mousepad. Seemds like either code changed in xorg.conf or somewhere. What happens now is that I cannot scroll anywhere, and I used to be able to before (like 3 days ago) so where can I check this?16:45
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ActionParsnipscoundrel50a: could try the daily build ppa16:47
calwigThe mouse is out of whack. How can I reset it? I mean the Mouse settings work but still its too sensitive. Ubuntu 8.04. on an Inspiron E150516:53
nicofshow do i generate a new .Xauthority file?16:54
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flametai1Hey guys need some help, I'm trying to convert using vlc and I get this message. http://pastebin.com/mvyHQ8kB16:57
flametai1What do I need to do to fix this? o-o16:57
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=== luigi is now known as \l
\nCan anyone point me to an *open source* driver for Broadcomm wireless B43 card? I've been going absolutely bonkers trying to make buggy proprietary drivers work with ndiswrapper!17:01
Jojo__hi, i recenly updated my 10.10 version to 11.04 through the update manager and now its takes about 20 second for the desktop to show up after loggong in. Any solutions ?17:02
nicofsflametai1, the ffmpeg version provided by ubuntu might be out of date... it *might* help to compile ffmpeg yourself...17:02
zykotick9!broadcom | \n does this help?17:02
ubottu\n does this help?: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx17:02
=== mrslv_ is now known as mrslv
flametai1nicofs, more than likely lmao you have a point. Thank you for the idea.17:02
\nLet me check - this is such a relief finding folks looking to help!17:03
nicofsflametai1, otherwise try #fmpeg17:03
nicofsflametai1, sorry, #ffmpeg17:03
calwigcan anyone give me tips on the Mousepad?17:03
Jojo__arrrm, hi, i recenly updated my 10.10 version to 11.04 through the update manager and now its takes about 20 second for the desktop to show up after loggong in. Any solutions ? Anyone?17:03
zykotick9calwig, mousepad or touchpad?17:03
tystrI'm running ubuntu server 10.04....I just did a apt-get dist-upgrade....now, I've got broken php packages :(17:04
ActionParsnipJojo__: what video chip do you use?17:04
zykotick9calwig, 8.04 isn't supported any longer17:04
\nBut won't I have to cut out of the windows driver? I think this is what's been causing my problem. You mean nobody's written an open source Ubuntu compatible driver? I think every Acer out there uses Broadcom...17:04
\ltystr: Next time, use aptitude for a full upgrade like that.17:05
doriadeverything that uses opengl seems to be horribly slow on my new 11.04 install. I'm using the nvidia driver that ubuntu recommend I install17:05
\ltystr: Try opening aptitude, and see if it can resolve your dependency problems.17:05
tystr\l: what do you mean? I used apt-get17:05
\ltystr: run "sudo aptitude -u"17:05
zykotick9\l, aptitude isn't included in ubuntu by default!17:05
\ltystr: It has a text user interface.17:05
Slartdoriad: it might be using the nouveaeu driver instead of the nvidia binary driver17:05
\lzykotick9: I assume he uses ubuntu-server, since he's talking about PHP.17:06
ActionParsnipdoriad: can you pastebin the output of:  sudo lshw -C display; lsb_release -a; dpkg -l | grep nvidia17:06
Jojo__ActionParsnip: i have an hd577017:06
doriadSlart, how would I check?17:06
glebihanflametai1, installing libavcodec-extra-52 might help17:06
zykotick9\l, i doubt it's there either...17:06
ActionParsnipJojo__: try uninstalling the ati driver then reinstalling it, often proprietary drivers do not survive release upgrades17:06
Slartdoriad: cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | more     see if it mentions what driver it is using17:06
Slartdoriad: it should be near the top17:06
tystrIt's nothing I can't fix by downgrading php, but I don't understand why it would upgrade php, but not be able to upgrade, for example, the php5-intl package17:07
\lzykotick9: It is. Of course it's on the server install.17:07
Jojo__ActionParsnip: i'm a little noobish with linux codes and stuff, could you please tell me how?17:07
tystr php5-intl : Depends: php5-common (= 5.3.2-1ubuntu4.9) but 5.3.3-1ubuntu9 is to be installed17:07
doriadActionParsnip, http://pastebin.com/U8QPgHww17:07
tystreven doing sudo apt-get -t maverick install php5-intl gives the same error...17:07
\ltystr: This is after running an update of the apt-cache as well (-u?)?17:08
Slartdoriad: there should be some lines that look like  (==) Matched nvidia as autoconfigured driver 0    and more lines for other drivers17:08
tystr\l: apt-get update ?17:08
doriadSlart, http://pastebin.com/5Z0B6xjP17:09
tystri did that before issuing the upgrade command17:09
\ltystr: Yes, same thing. Opening aptitude, does it recommend anything at the bottom to fix the issue?17:09
doriadSlart, I don't see that17:09
\ltystr: It would have a red notice saying "Recommend X keeps" or "X installs" or similar.17:09
tystr\l: looking at that now...17:11
ksinkari am trying to use the calendar utility17:11
Slartdoriad: here's what mine looks like http://paste.ubuntu.com/672559/17:12
\ltystr: Aptitude has better dependency resolution than apt-get most of the time. There are other utilities out there that can be ever smarter (like synaptic), but I don't think they're supported anymore.17:12
Slartdoriad: I don't see those lines in your output either.. odd17:12
p_gringoireHey people, is there a way to get internet connection from chrooot?17:12
p_gringoirewicd  says "rename failed"17:12
doriadSlart, anything you could suggest I try?17:13
Dans326anyone use Fog?17:13
Slartdoriad: it seems you're already using the binary nvidia driver.. 280.13 which I think it the latest one17:14
Slartdoriad: not really sure what else to try then17:14
Slartdoriad: oh.. wait .. that was my pastebin =)17:14
doriadSlart, in the NVIDIA server settings it says 270.41.0617:14
Slartdoriad: yes.. it's still the nvidia binary driver though... and I doubt you'll get much extra performance from just updating the driver17:15
jubeihello! Can somebody help me troubleshoot gdm? I installed a new nvidia driver and even though it worked fine, after the reboot xwindows do not load properly (even though GDM apparently is running)17:16
Slartdoriad: what kind of numbers do you get if you run glxgears? fps in single digits? or better than that?17:16
doriadi mean its not just kind of slow , it is REALLY slow. When I do an operation that should be instantaneous, the program freezes for 10 seconds before updating17:16
doriadglxgears seems very choppy, but the numbers are good17:16
nicofsHow can I generate a new .Xauthority file?17:16
doriad5132 frames in 5.0 seconds = 1025.592 FPS17:17
phrostbiteI just upgraded to the newest version of ubuntu and I cannot find where to edit the repositories. What setting is that under?17:17
Slartdoriad: mm.. I get the same thing.. I think it's a problem with compiz17:18
Slartdoriad: my system almost freezes totally when I run glxgears.. but, as you described, the numbers still look good17:18
doriadSlart, so I am running "ubuntu classic" because I don't like the sidebar thing (unity?)17:18
tystr\l: got it worked out...thanks for the help.17:18
os1risif i am in an ssh session and i want to dl a file in the DIR i am in.. What is the best tool to download the file to my local machine.. IE what context17:18
Slartdoriad: same thing here17:18
gigenieksGuys NEED hep - I explained it very detailed here -----------> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=11176283#post1117628317:19
gigenieksCan't install Lubuntu 11.04 on old PC!17:19
Slartdoriad: there are some suggestions out there on how to fix it.. I've tried most of the stuff I've seen but nothing has helped so far.. I had no problems on 10.10 but since I installed 11.04 it's just been horrible17:19
doriadSlart, ok, I just didn't know what "compiz" was really17:19
genesectok, i will share the requirement quickly maybe, and no, it's a lot like gentoo that of 317:19
nicofsphrostbite, if everything fails it's /etc/apt/sources.list - but i don't know if that's the right approach...17:20
genesecti just upgraded to do [] this the right place to set to fill parent, as well i have a scrollview on top vertically followed by the way, just want to change the id of my wifi17:20
Slartdoriad: it's the background system that does the woobly windows, windows burning up and such17:20
genesectthe user does not ?17:20
UberCanuckos1ris; scp filename sourcemachine:~17:20
doriadSlart, can I just turn that off? do you think it would help the slowness?17:20
Slartdoriad: yes.. you can switch desktop effects off, if you like17:20
genesectdoriad: yes.17:20
Slartdoriad: I think you'll find that the performance improves quite drastically17:21
genesecti get much extra performance from just updating the woobly windows, windows burning up on this laptop in the wiki, you know17:21
zykotick9doriad, FYI 1000FPS is NOT fast17:21
genesector better than deb/rhel distros, how is not i plan on android.r.layout.simple_spinner_item17:21
Jubeigenesect: ?17:21
genesectdoriad: it a layout ?17:21
doriadgenesect, layout?17:21
genesectgenesect, gnome 317:21
Jubeigenesect: sry I switched irc client, did you say something?17:21
genesecti think it would help the usb resolution did not so much extra performance from just want to make a semi transparent color in single digits?17:21
os1risso scp text.pdf mymachine ?17:21
genesectos1ris; scp filename sourcemachine:~17:21
p_gringoireis there a way to connect to the internet from command line, when I can't start wicd "rename failed" and I'm chrooting from livecd which has internet access?17:21
genesectthrow the checkedtextview inside a scrollview on realtek cards i'm sure what else to do this, i have an activity where a user can create multiple messages, each message has a title and i'd like a scrollview on top vertically followed by a linearlayout17:21
UberCanuckos1ris, yes17:21
TadcrazioHey guys, I need help with something. I use Clementine as my music player and i'm trying to export my playlist as some sort of readable document. Is that possible?17:22
doriadSlart, how do I turn it off? all the tutorials I see say "system -> preferences -> appearance -> visual effects", but I don't have a "visual effects" tab?17:22
zykotick9doriad, to test (not permanent change) ALT+F2 "metacity --replace" (no quotes)17:23
Slartdoriad: hmm.. not really sure where the desktop effects settings are any more.. on my system I've just installed something called "fusion-icon" that gives you an icon in the task try you can use to choose if you want to run compiz or not17:23
doriadzykotick9, yep, that totally fixes it17:24
Slartdoriad: the settings used to be in preferences, appearance but it's not there any more.. not sure where they've moved it to17:24
Jubeiwhen I reboot gdm doesn't start but if I re-install the nvidia driver from it's installer, then gdm starts17:24
Slart!info fusion-icon | doriad17:24
ubottudoriad: fusion-icon (source: fusion-icon): tray icon to launch and manage Compiz Fusion. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.1.0-2ubuntu1 (natty), package size 29 kB, installed size 264 kB17:24
SDrhi guys!17:24
doriadzykotick9, so how can I replace it perminantly?17:24
SDrany oneliner to find the biggest sized directory on /  recursively?17:25
SDreg. order all directories by size desc?17:25
zykotick9doriad, i don't know of an easy way sorry?  i say a "reg-hack" type solution yesterday.  Hopefully someone else knows.17:25
genesectand no, it's not more user does not there a way to connect another router to my usb installation has  i dont have to) that all directories by a version of the scrollview is *behind* the linearlayout, and i'd like a scrollview on top vertically followed by a large resolution did not that easy to customize.17:25
Tadcrazioanyone familiar is exporting playlist as readable documents?17:26
FreezingColdHey guys, I'm stripping Ubuntu for a key manager.  What types of programs should I remove?17:27
konsumerhi, my screen resolution wont go up to its max (1280x1024) I tried the Nvidia recommended driver and alternative driver and they both wont go past 1152x864. Any suggestions?17:27
SDrSDr,  du|sort -nr|more17:27
doriadSlart, I installed fusion-icon - where is the icon?? haha17:27
Slartdoriad: run it.. it should be in applications, system.. then you'll get a light blue icon in the task tray17:28
FreezingColdI guess I should keep gnome right?17:28
FreezingColdWhat other programs are some "must-haves"17:28
FreezingColdI decided to go with 10.04 LTS as I won't be updating it for a few years =P17:29
doriadok awesome, thanks guys17:29
enjoyhello everyone17:29
doriadi can deal with running a single command everytime i reboot, (if the icon doesn't change it permanantly)17:29
enjoyhello   who's here17:30
stercorHow do I remove unwanted addressbook categories in Evolution?17:30
DebolazI'm having some problems with LVM, it wont let me open a volume that itself contains volumes, it says its busy. I suspect this is due to LVM locking the device to use the volumes inside it, is there any way I can prevent this?17:31
Travis-42every time I reboot, I get an error from grub "no such device" and it drops me into rescue mode. I'm able to get things to boot, but how do I get this to work permanently?17:31
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salvatorehello everybody i've got a problem with mysql configuration anybody can help me?17:37
salvatorein mysql log file i got this message: innodb operating system error number 13 in a file operation17:38
glebihansalvatore, could you pastebin the complete error message ?17:41
salvatoreyes one moment p17:41
UberCanucksalvatore, i remember this from a couple years ago - was something to do with apparmor17:43
FreezingColdHey, how can I get my system to do a sumcheck of itself to see if it's been changed at all at every boot?17:43
salvatore18:15:49 [Note] Plugin 'FEDERATED' is disabled. 110822 18:15:49  InnoDB: Initializing buffer pool, size = 8.0M 110822 18:15:49  InnoDB: Completed initialization of buffer pool 110822 18:15:49  InnoDB: Operating system error number 13 in a file operation. InnoDB: The error means mysqld does not have the access rights to InnoDB: the directory. InnoDB: File name ./ib_logfile0 InnoDB: File operation call: 'open'. InnoDB: Cannot continu17:44
bodhi_zazenFreezingCold: Tripwire or Aide17:44
salvatorethat is repeted 3 times in log file at each restart of mysql17:44
glebihansalvatore, could you also pastebin the output of "sudo ls -al /var/lib/mysql" ? but use pastebin17:45
glebihan!pastebin | salvatore17:45
ubottusalvatore: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.17:45
thusI'm using a dark theme on 11.04 and it's really made controls in some apps (Firefox especially) look really bad.17:45
SlartFreezingCold: well. some things are bound to have changed.. log files and whatnot17:45
thusIs there a way to revert to a different theme for a given app ?17:45
SlartFreezingCold: but sure..you could do a crc32 or md5 hash of the system disk.. it might take a long time though17:46
glebihanFreezingCold, you system will change on every boot17:47
glebihanFreezingCold, depending on what you call system17:47
salvatoredrwxrwxrwx  4 mysql mysql     4096 2011-08-21 18:53 . drwxr-xr-x 64 root  root      4096 2011-08-21 17:31 .. -rw-r--r--  1 mysql mysql        0 2011-08-21 17:21 debian-5.1.flag -rw-rw----  1 mysql mysql 10485760 2011-08-21 18:53 ibdata1 -rw-rw----  1 mysql mysql  5242880 2011-08-21 18:53 ib_logfile0 -rw-rw----  1 mysql mysql  5242880 2011-08-21 17:00 ib_logfile1 drwx--x--x  2 mysql mysql     4096 2011-08-21 17:22 mysql -rw-rw----  17:49
genesecti mean does debian armel support qualcomm omap 4 chip17:49
Picigenesect: Best to ask #debian17:50
FreezingColdCan I safely remove ubuntu-docs?17:50
salvatoresorry i had problem using pastebin17:50
genesectgenesect ?17:50
glebihansalvatore, once more, please use pastebin... it's not very readable that way17:51
genesectsalvatore, could you can switch desktop effects off, if you like17:51
FreezingColdWhat is Ubuntu-docs anyway?17:51
FreezingColdIt's huge17:51
glebihansalvatore, you just have to paste in it and give the url17:51
bodhi_zazenglebihan: that is what both tripwire and aide are for, but yes they both require some post-install configureation17:51
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salvatoreok i try17:52
glebihanbodhi_zazen, I don't know those tools and I believe you, I was just pointing out that he wasn't very clear about what he was looking for17:52
bobweaverHi there again is there any way that I could see someones /etc/X11/app-defaults/XConsole   to compair17:52
Slartbobweaver: http://paste.ubuntu.com/672621/17:54
glebihansalvatore, while you're at it, could you also your /etc/mysql/my.cnf file ?17:54
bobweaverSlart: thanks man I am between a rock and a hard place right now17:55
salvatorewant my /etc/mysql/my.cnf file on patebin also?17:55
Slartbobweaver: you're welcome17:55
glebihansalvatore, if it's possible17:56
salvatoreok i am doin registration to pastebin17:56
glebihansalvatore, you don't need to17:57
J466where is the /etc/profile in ubuntu ?17:57
=== klebers[afk] is now known as klebers
ubottuTo mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.17:57
glebihansalvatore, just go to paste.ubuntu.com and paste your text there17:57
jerwarei have xf86-video-nv drivers.  How do I configure x to use them?17:57
donavan01is there a way to make ubuntu act like a router/wireless reapter... I have an old netbook I would like to use as a range externder for my WLAN17:58
steinemcan anyone help mee?17:58
Pici!ask | steinem17:58
ubottusteinem: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)17:58
steinemHi, So I've installed ubuntu and xubuntu previously, and have had the wireless settings working right out of the box. Now, it doesn't even recognize my network card. I have a thinkpad t410 2516-CTO machine. Can anyone help?17:59
glebihansalvatore, ok I think I see where the problem comes from18:01
glebihansalvatore, why did you change the location of the database files ?18:01
salvatorebecause i am trying to move tahta folder on dropbox18:01
salvatoreto share whit other machines18:02
glebihansalvatore, ok then could you check if all files in your data folder are owned by mysql ?18:02
FonRithironghi, how do you give all the resource of your CPU to a specific program?18:03
glebihansalvatore, sudo ls -l /home/sanet/Dropbox/Localhost/database18:03
glebihansalvatore, if there not owned by mysql, you'll have to run "sudo chown mysql:mysql -R /home/sanet/Dropbox/Localhost/database"18:03
h00kFonRithirong: it's not a good idea to give all to a specific program, what are you trying to do?18:04
glebihansalvatore, anyway, you'll also have to edit /etc/apparmor.d/usr.sbin.mysqld in order to allow mysql to access that folder18:04
salvatoreyes i did it18:04
h00k!nice | FonRithirong18:04
ubottuFonRithirong: 'Nice' is a property of a process that determines how willing it is to give CPU time to other processes.  A higher value makes it more likely to give away time.  A negative value makes it less likely. Values are from -19 to 19, with 0 being the default.  For more information, type 'man nice' at a terminal.18:04
glebihansalvatore, editing /etc/apparmor.d/usr.sbin.mysqld ?18:05
steinemHi, So I've installed ubuntu and xubuntu previously, and have had the wireless settings working right out of the box. Now, it doesn't even recognize my network card. I have a thinkpad t410 2516-CTO machine. Can anyone help?18:05
glebihansalvatore, or changing the permissions ?18:05
salvatoreeditin apparmor i mean18:05
glebihansalvatore, ok so did you get to check the permissions ?18:05
sharp66steinem, was it enabled during install?18:06
FonRithirongh00k, trying to run gnuradio/usrp, i'm getting an overrun but my cpu usage is only +10% for it18:06
sharp66steinman, more importantly, is it enabled now?18:06
steinemit is not enabled now18:07
steinemive tried lspci18:07
J466how do i do this ?    b. Add the following line to /etc/profile18:07
J466   export PATH=$PATH:/opt/brcm/hndtools-mipsel-linux/bin/:/opt/brcm/hndtools-mipsel-uclibc/bin/18:07
sharp66steinman, does it show up in ifconfig?18:07
zRomaynteam, i'm having an issue where i cannot delete the /etc/group-, /etc/sghost-, /etc/passwd- files in ubuntu natty narwhal18:08
zRomayni have tried it with sudo rm -v command and just get permission denied18:08
glebihansalvatore, ?18:08
steinemno wlan018:08
TadcrazioI can't export my songs in clementine as m3u, anyone else?18:08
PicizRomayn: Why do you want to delete those files?18:08
salvatoreyes i am pasting the result on pastebin18:08
salvatoreso you can see18:08
steinemeth0 and lo are only enabled18:09
sharp66steinman, is the hardware light on (on the computer)18:09
glebihansalvatore, ok18:09
zRomaynPici  - that's because i assigned myself to the root group and removed myself from the default groups18:09
prowerhello everyone :> i have a netbook that has windows xp and ubuntu on it, but at present the option to boot into windows isn't working...could anyone tell me how i could remove grub as the bootloader?18:09
steinemno it is not18:09
PicizRomayn: That doesn't explain why you would want to remove those files though.18:10
salvatorei am trying to work with 2 pc18:10
glebihansalvatore, run "sudo chown mysql:mysql -R /home/sanet/Dropbox/Localhost/database"18:10
sharp66steinem, can you turn it on with the switch or Fn-F5?18:10
salvatoreSalvatore-pc is windows machine, sanet is Ubuntu18:11
glebihansalvatore, and you want to share the database between them ?18:11
zRomaynPici - it is because those files are locking the files /etc/group, /etc/sghost, and /etc/passwd18:11
steinemsharp66, no i cannot18:11
keyboardtalkHow to create a cron task to execute x amount of time after a reboot?18:11
zRomaynpici - so i cannot assign myself to the default groups18:11
steinemit does not work18:11
glebihansalvatore, you really (I mean really) don't want to do that18:11
PicizRomayn: Are you not using usermod?18:12
steinemsharp66, where is the switch?18:12
salvatorewhy not?18:12
zRomaynpici - yes, i am18:12
sharp66steinem, usually on the edge of the laptop18:12
PicizRomayn: With sudo?18:12
sharp66my t60 and w520 both have it on the front18:12
zykotick9keyboardtalk, to my knowledge "cron" can't schedule based on events like that - I believe it's only time based18:12
glebihansalvatore, because database files should never be shared between several serverse18:12
zRomaynPici - if i try sudo usermode i get the following "romayn is not in the sudoers file.  This incident will be reported"18:13
Matt_799where do i type sudu commands?18:13
steinemsharp it's on18:13
steinemi'm going to try to install the drivers using ndisgtk18:13
glebihansalvatore, plus, from what I've seen you're also trying to sync those files some way, but the correct permissions will never be set that way18:14
PicizRomayn: Is your user not the one that was first created at install time, or has something happened to your group permissions?18:14
glebihansalvatore, the good way to do it would be to configure one of your computers to allow remote access from the other, and use a remote mysql connection18:14
salvatoremmm..i see...i thought that it might have been useful because i work on different machine18:14
zfefreeasinbeeranybody with a macbookpro?18:14
sharp66stienem, was it off?18:14
glebihansalvatore, see my last post18:14
zRomaynPici - yeah, i removed myself from the default groups by playing with the usermod command18:15
thebishopI get "Error: Failed to retrieve share list from server" when connecting to a windows7 shared folder.  How can I debug this?18:15
PicizRomayn: If you boot to the recovery console you should be able to use usermod to put yourself back into groups.18:15
zRomaynPici - so here are the groups that i'm now "uid=1000(romayn) gid=1000(romayn) groups=1000(romayn),0(root)18:15
steinemsharp66, it was not off18:16
zRomaynPici - and how do i boot in recovery console?18:16
salvatoreyes...so i myght set one of my machine as "MASTER" and allow other to connect to www folder  and database?18:16
=== sins-- is now known as sins-
PicizRomayn: Reboot, and press shift while booting to bring up your GRUB menu, then select it from there.18:16
zRomaynPici - will i log in as root or as the user i created during installation?18:17
PicizRomayn: I believe  that should log you in as root.18:17
jerwareWhat file to I put a list of commands I want to execute at startup ?18:17
jerwarelike when a user logs in ?18:17
FreezingColddpkg is still listing packages I already removed with apt-get, how can I update it?18:17
glebihansalvatore, yes that would be an acceptable solution, be careful about security once you allow remote database connections, be sure to correctly configure your firewall18:18
newbie435645Windows 7 is best!18:18
h00knewbie435645: please do not troll in here.18:18
zRomaynPici - aight, gracias, i'll try that to see if i can put myself in the default groups so my sudo command can work again18:18
GridCubewell windows 7 is the best of all windows, at leas compared to vista and xp, but not by far is best than most linux boxes18:19
sharp66steinnem, http://coldfusion-guy.blogspot.com/2011/03/lenovo-thinkpad-t410-wireless.html18:19
h00k!windows | GridCube18:19
ubottuGridCube: For discussion on Microsoft software, or help with same, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubottu equivalents18:19
salvatoredo you know a tutorial i can read to do this ?18:19
sharp66steinem, this shows the switch18:19
glebihansalvatore, you may also want to have a look at http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.0/en/replication-howto.html18:19
zykotick9FreezingCold, what letters does dpkg list to the left of each entry?  (it keeps track of things you remove as well)18:19
newbie435645linux is crap18:19
glebihansalvatore, ^^18:19
zfefreeasinbeerso what sould i do?18:20
zfefreeasinbeerit seems there is no way to install ubuntu on my mac18:20
zfefreeasinbeerusing a cdrom18:20
steinemhey sharp66, it'