discostu2 is there a problem with ubuntuforums mailserver? i have requested my password 3 times now, and even tried to set up a new account with a different email address. i have never had problems receiving mail from ubuntuforums to gmail before, and there is nothing from ubuntu in my spam folder10:27
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alkshi anyone here ?12:51
stricklyhi s-fox16:54
s-foxHello strickly 16:55
s-foxHow are you?16:55
stricklynot bad here yourself?17:07
stricklyjust got up17:07
stricklyits 2pm lol17:07
s-foxI just finished work and thinking about going home.17:08
stricklythats a good plan I bet17:09
s-foxBack in a little while.17:09
stricklyalks iNDA HOUSE17:19
TadcrazioHey guys, I need help with something. I use Clementine as my music player and i'm trying to export my playlist as some sort of readable document. Is that possible?17:36
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