ScottL*sigh* it's deja-vu all over again00:33
ScottLW: Failed to fetch file:/srv/cdimage.ubuntu.com/ftp-universe/dists/oneiric/main/binary-amd64/Packages.bz2  Hash Sum mismatch00:33
ScottLno ISO's this weekend :(00:33
falktx_ScottL: what's that error all about?00:34
ScottLastraljava, i'm going to make a few changes myself to the seeds, hopefully tonight, rather than suffer you with it00:34
ScottLfalktx_, apparently its the syncing of packages00:34
ScottLmy (bad) understanding that packages are being updated but not synced fast enough and we end up with hash sum mismatches00:35
ScottLcjwatson said that when they get new hardware this shouldn't be a probelm00:35
ScottLi am positing that the changes are happening faster than the current hardware can sync given the comments i've heard (including one of yours)00:36
falktx_I have no idea whatsoever about how these things work :(00:37
ScottLperhaps during a less busy cycle this would not be as bad as they appear00:37
falktx_ScottL: I think the feature freeze is in now, right?00:37
ubottucalendar is at http://fridge.ubuntu.com/event00:51
ScottLforget that one00:52
holsteinubottu is a dork00:52
ubottuholstein: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:52
holsteinoh... dont you worry ;)00:53
ScottLi wish i remembered how to set it to recognize calendar correctly00:53
falktx_ScottL: i think the ubuntu feature freeze is now in place, so there should not be too many package updates now02:21
falktx_it's the right time for US fixing I guess02:21
falktx_ScottL: btw, what to do with all the artwork in the wiki?02:21
ScottLwhich artwork do you mean?02:24
ScottLfalktx_, ^^^02:24
falktx_ScottL: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/Artwork/02:25
falktx_there is some pretty cool stuff in there02:25
ScottLto be honest and direct, probably nothing right now02:25
ScottLcory isn't active and no one else really knows about packaging artwork at this point02:26
ScottLunless you want to help02:26
falktx_I wish I could put some use to that artwork...02:26
ScottLyou can02:26
ScottLalso considering that we can't get an image to test i'm not sure where we will stand02:26
falktx_ScottL: can we just add new wallpapers?02:26
ScottLfalktx_, i would say that we could02:26
ScottLi would prefer something not so busy as we have had since hardy02:27
ScottLfalktx_, my favorite (but it's not *quite* exactly what i want) is the first on one the oneiric link02:28
falktx_has US changed his logo to the new font?02:28
ScottLlook at the bottom of the oneiric link02:28
falktx_ScottL: this one - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/Artwork/OfficialOneiric?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=ubuntustudio_v3_logo.svg02:28
falktx_I guess yes02:32
falktx_ScottL: have you considered changing the theme?02:33
falktx_afaik, gtk3 apps will be a problem02:33
* falktx_ hopes qtcurve gets gtk3 support soon02:33
ScottLfalktx_, yes, i believe that is the one we are going to use02:38
* ScottL is sorry to be in and out of the conversation, but is at home by himself with the kids02:38
* ScottL also likes to talk about himself in the third person ;)02:39
ScottLfalktx_, i would like to change the theme...very badly, but again, i don't know how at this time and don't have time to learn how02:39
falktxsorry my network stopped02:41
falktxstopped after 'ScottL: have you considered changing the theme?'02:41
ScottL<ScottL> falktx_, yes, i believe that is the one we are going to use02:42
ScottL* ScottL is sorry to be in and out of the conversation, but is at home by himself with the kids02:42
ScottL* ScottL also likes to talk about himself in the third person ;)02:42
ScottL<ScottL> falktx_, i would like to change the theme...very badly, but again, i don't know how at this time and don't have time to learn how02:42
ScottL* falktx_ has quit (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)02:42
ScottLthat's what i said :)02:42
falktxScottL: I guess the focus now is to get a working image, all the rest comes afterwards02:45
falktxmy work for the PPAs will really help US this time, I have some cool plans...02:46
falktxI'm just sad I don't know how the US processing really works02:49
ScottLfalktx, i have been told that it wasn't quite the lethargic in the past03:14
ScottLapparently it was very robust during the beginning03:14
scott-work*sigh* no image built today :(11:52
holsteinwe dont need one ;)13:39
holstein"we've already got one... its very nice"13:40
falktxholstein: who said that»14:04
holsteinfalktx: i was trying something from monty python14:07
holstein"we seek the grail"14:07
holstein"we've already got one... its very nice!"14:07
holsteinfalktx: we do need an image :/14:07
holsteinwell, at some point we doo14:08
scott-workhahah, just saw this :)15:00
astraljavaHey folks, sorry I've been AFK (well not really, but from hobbies.) Gimme another hour, and I'll start hacking.15:22
astraljavaAlmost two hours, but what the heck. Sat down now.17:10
astraljavaNo disks for two days, damn.17:12
astraljavaXubuntu, on the other hand, does have an alternate for today.17:13
astraljavaBut I didn't see a healthy check for neither yesterday nor today. Damn.17:16
scott-worki'm feeling frustrated18:10
ailoscott-work, You need to de-frust18:23
astraljavaSo, it's not a direct dependency that's pulling gnome-session in, that apparently pulls unity in.18:26
scott-workailo: lol18:29
scott-worklike, i should be 'grunted' rather that disgrunted?  ;)18:29
astraljavaDamn, network-manager-gnome pulls in libgtk-3-018:29
falktxastraljava: I think gtk3 is ok18:37
* falktx updates to check out this issue18:37
falktxbtw, I'm running oneiric now, so I can dig this too18:37
scott-workcharlie-tca: what does xubuntu use for network manager?18:38
scott-workfalktx: that would be very helpful :)18:38
scott-workastraljava:  if  netowrk-manager causes problems maybe we use whatever charlie-tca is using for xubuntu18:38
charlie-tcaIt mostly works. What about wicd?18:39
falktxcharlie-tca: xfce uses gnome network-manager?18:40
charlie-tcaI show 'network-manager' and 'network-manager-gnome'18:41
falktxI guess wicd would be an option here18:41
charlie-tcaI think Xfce recommends them too18:42
* astraljava grumbles18:44
astraljavaIT's all alacarte's fault.18:45
falktxscott-work: unity is probably pushed by a recommends, not a real dependency18:45
astraljavaIt brings in gnome-panel, which brings in gnome-session, which brings in unity.18:45
falktxah, astraljava, right18:45
* astraljava grumbles again18:45
scott-worki'm not even sure what alacarte is used for 18:46
scott-workah, menu editing18:46
scott-workmaybe we pull alacarte for now and see if we can work a solution18:46
astraljavaYeah I'm definitely taking it off.18:46
falktxhm, nm-gnome does not push gnome-panel18:47
astraljavaBut I'm gonna read up on germinate output for other unneeded stuff, the .iso is HUUUUUUUGE18:47
falktxscott-work: alacarte doesn't seem to be the problem either18:47
* falktx installs US metas18:47
astraljavaYeah, I suppose network manager is alright, xubuntu seems to have it too.18:47
astraljavafalktx: I just checked from germinate output.18:48
charlie-tcaYou have to pull alacarte with a --no-recommends to not get most of gnome with it18:48
astraljavacharlie-tca: Is that what you're doing?18:48
charlie-tcaWe don't install alacarte by default18:48
astraljavaOkay, then I seem to have left it by accident.18:48
astraljavagerminate seems to take recommends to the images nowadays.18:49
falktxastraljava: it is the default since karmic18:49
charlie-tcaWe just tell the users:18:49
charlie-tcaFor Xfce 4.8, 'sudo apt-get install alacarte --no-install-recommends' in a terminal will let you use an editor to change the menus.18:49
falktxcharlie-tca: so the problem is "gnome-menus" pushed by alacarte18:50
* falktx is still installing the metas18:50
charlie-tcaand debian won't change that, either18:50
astraljavaJudging from: gnome-panel                            | gnome-panel                    | alacarte (Recommends)18:50
charlie-tcaIt is considered a "gnome-menu"  editor18:50
scott-workwhich since we are ubuntu xfce we don't really need ;)18:50
falktxbut how xfce does this then?18:51
falktxit has alacarte in there18:51
charlie-tcaThey are just a desktop environment, so they don't have to worry about throwing things together to fit the users needs so much.18:51
falktxoh, I see lighdm being pushed, is that what US will use?18:51
astraljavafalktx: Yep.18:52
astraljavaWe just don't have a theme for that, yet. *grin*18:52
falktxcharlie-tca: yes, but using alacarte should push unity, or am I missing something?18:52
falktxhm, I can hack a theme18:52
charlie-tcano, it will push gnome3 instead, I think18:52
astraljavafalktx: That's what I just tried to explain.18:52
falktxastraljava: but are you sure it's alacarte?18:52
astraljavaalacarte -> gnome-panel -> gnome-session -> unity18:52
falktxother packages could be pushing gnome3 too18:52
falktxI see a lot of stuff that we don't need in the metas... :(18:53
astraljavaYeah, that's why I'm combing the germinate logs to make sure it doesn't happen from any other direction.18:53
falktxastraljava: gnome-bluetooth should be removed18:54
astraljavascott-work: Agree?18:54
falktxhm, he's probably busy18:57
scott-workfalktx: astraljava :  agreed18:57
scott-worki had that on a far range culling of the seeds18:58
astraljavaOkay, taken.19:00
astraljavaBut that was already taken. So something else pulls it in.19:01
falktxhm, ubuntustudio-recording depends on audacious, why?19:01
astraljavaXubuntu-dev meeting, bbl.19:01
astraljavaHa. Looks like we're going by the default lightdm greeter theme.19:07
astraljavaUI freeze this Thursday.19:07
* astraljava is so sorry19:07
astraljavaThe day that comes after Wednesday.19:08
falktx_beh, still enough time!19:08
falktx_astraljava: which is the default US wallpaper right now?19:08
astraljavaIf you're an excellent artist, knowing how that works, then by all means, have at it, please. :)19:09
astraljavafalktx_: I'm not knowledgeable about the artwork at all.19:09
falktx_hm, there's a qt greeter in there...19:09
falktx_scott-work: ?19:10
falktx_hm, I need some starting theme19:11
scott-workfalktx_: i'm not sure i understand your question19:11
scott-workare you asking if a qt greeter can be removed?19:12
charlie-tcalightdm-gtk-greeter is working now, and looks not too bad19:12
falktx_scott-work: I'm asking what is the current default wallpaper19:13
scott-workfalktx_: it's the same as we had for natty right now19:14
scott-workastraljava: falktx_ : do either one of you know if we have lightdm in the image right now?19:14
falktx_scott-work: it's pushed by *-desktop19:15
falktx_astraljava: creating a lightdm theme seems easy19:15
falktx_not sure how to change themes though19:15
scott-workfalktx_: you could see what xubuntu is doing, i'm okay with leaving default for now though19:16
astraljavafalktx_: We'd need to nail the configuration in (probably) less than three days, too, so..19:16
scott-workfalktx_: but thank you for knowing that and telling me :)19:16
astraljavascott-work: Thanks! :)19:16
falktx_I'm using the mythbuntu lightdm theme as base, seems easy19:17
falktx_scott-work: astraljava: default US font?19:17
astraljavafalktx_: madnick over on #xubuntu-dev has worked on it for quite some while, to get it look cool. I'm not sure we can do that in a few days, but if we can, then yeah, let's get it on. It's not like it'll cost us anything.19:18
falktx_astraljava: I'm sure I can do this in a matter of minutes now19:18
falktx_I just need to know the details19:18
falktx_scott-work: astraljava: should guest logins be enabled?19:18
scott-workfalktx_: i think default us font is fine....wait, you mean the old font or the new font?19:18
falktx_scott-work: new font, the default on desktop19:19
astraljavafalktx_: No, none at all. That's a huge pain in the 4$$.19:19
scott-workfalktx_: astraljava: i don't think guest shoudl be enabled myself19:19
astraljavascott-work: Whole-heartedly concur.19:19
scott-worki should say that i think all this hacking is cool :)  sadly i'm not directly participating :(19:19
scott-worki still want to update the language packs tonight19:20
falktx_damn, I can't remember the default wallpaper19:20
astraljavascott-work: Oh but you are, by voicing opinions (which we interpret as orders) :D19:20
falktx_is it the mixing table photo?19:20
scott-workfalktx_: is the weird six sided extruded polygons...i'll see if i can find a pictures on google19:21
scott-workit's small but that's it19:21
falktx_scott-work: thanks19:21
scott-workbigger one19:21
falktx_it's ok19:21
falktx_scott-work: but the default font?19:22
scott-worki would actually prefer a very simple, uncluttered desktop19:22
scott-workthe ones we have used are pretty but not very functional IMO19:23
ubottuFind your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy19:23
scott-worki like the first image on this page:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/Artwork/OfficialOneiric19:23
scott-workmove the logo to the bottom right out of the way and maybe fade it a bit and that would be better IMO19:24
scott-workthat is NOT an order, just an opinion19:24
astraljavaHeh, one other thing. Do we have a plymouth theme? I guess we do, as plymouth was already used in natty, right?19:27
falktx_astraljava: yes19:29
* astraljava has totally dropped the ball19:29
scott-workach, webchat froze right after i said to please disagree :/19:30
falktx_astraljava: US is not in such bad state!19:30
scott-worki thought hte channel had gone strangely quiet ;)19:30
astraljavascott-work: :D19:30
astraljavascott-work: Sounds good to me.19:30
astraljavaBut I'm not really graphical person.19:30
falktx_ok, ready to test!19:30
scott-workeven if it is in a bad state, i think we have a much clearer path to make it better since we identified an audience we want to address19:31
falktx_time to test the lightdm theme!19:31
scott-workcool :)19:32
astraljavacharlie-tca> UI freeze is at August 25, 2011 at 21:00 UTC19:33
astraljavaSo, yeah. Three full days.19:33
astraljavaAhh... sorry, two full days. "Last minute updates should be done 1 full day earlier"19:35
scott-workastraljava: i caution everyone again, given our currest status and that we serve a niche audience, we probably have some latitude19:35
scott-workthat is not meant to imply we should do nothing until after the UI freeze, mind you ;)19:36
astraljavaSure, sure. :)19:37
falktxdamn it,19:40
falktxit's not picking up the us theme19:40
falktxnor any other theme at all19:40
falktxI have no idea how lightdm works :(19:40
falktx_sorry, bad network19:44
scott-workfalktx:  does the default theme work?19:44
falktx_I was saying19:44
falktx_the theme installs, but I can't get lightdm to change themes19:45
falktx_I have no idea how lightdm works, but there's no proper docs out there too :(19:45
astraljavafalktx_: I'll try to have the xubuntu guys here soon, hopefully even after the meeting. Stay put, if you can.19:45
falktx_how do I change the lightdm theme?19:45
* falktx_ asks in #ubuntu-devel19:48
falktx_damn, how is that such simple thing is not documented?19:52
scott-workdid it work or did someone tell you how to do it?19:55
falktx_scott-work: I got it working19:56
scott-worksweet :)19:56
charlie-tcait's all changed so much so fast, the docs are way behind19:58
falktx_scott-work: astraljava: charlie-tca ^19:58
scott-workfalktx_: you continually amaze me :)19:59
falktx_scott-work: it seems to be using gtk3, so the theme doesn't catch up?19:59
astraljavaNow to package it, then file a FFe.19:59
falktx_we'll still need a way to set the default greeter method to gtk20:00
falktx_ubuntu sets it to unity20:00
astraljavaYeah, true.20:00
scott-worki have code to set GDM to gnome 'classic', i wonder if that will still work20:01
scott-workmight also look at the xubuntu code as well (that's where i stole it from)20:01
charlie-tcaw00t! looking good20:03
falktx_packaging here - kxstudio.sourceforge.net/tmp/ubuntustudio-lightdm-theme_0.1.tar.gz20:04
falktx_astraljava: it's almost ready (YES!), just tweak where needed20:04
falktx_scott-work: please take a note of this:20:05
astraljavafalktx_: Excellent! Well done!20:05
falktx_we need to change a value in this file - /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf20:05
falktx_and it will work20:05
falktx_astraljava: thanks, I'm just trying to help ;)20:06
scott-workfalktx_:  do we need to add the /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf to the ubuntustudio-default-settings package?20:06
astraljavafalktx_: Not necessarily, there's a way for derivatives to do this without touching the original.20:06
falktx_don't ask me how it's done20:06
astraljavaBut hopefully we have the xubuntu guys explain it how it's done.20:07
falktx_astraljava: the package comes from mythbuntu-light-theme, so I assume it works fine20:07
astraljavaOh okay, cool.20:07
astraljavafalktx_: Can you push that to LP as a code tree? You're currently in studio~dev, right?20:11
falktx_astraljava: I prefer to leave that to you20:12
falktx_I have plenty of stuff to do now20:12
astraljavafalktx_: Sure, that's fine.20:12
falktx_I'm happy I contributed something20:12
* astraljava is happy too :)20:12
falktx_astraljava: you probably know it better than me20:12
astraljavaI bet you've done a lot more packages then me. :)20:13
falktx_astraljava: my work is more about backports and re-using/fixing stuff, not much as creating packages from scratch20:13
astraljavaSure, sure.20:14
falktx_heck, I don't agree with the debian rules at all...20:14
astraljavafalktx_: The meeting is about to end. Do we need the guys here now?20:14
falktx_too many stuff, gets complicated20:14
astraljavaYeah, but it does have advantages, ultimately.20:14
falktx_astraljava: maybe to know how to set gtk greeter as default20:14
astraljavaOkay, I'll ask if they have time.20:15
astraljavafalktx_: Are you in a hurry? madnick needs to take care of something, before he wishes to join here. But can come briefly, if it's really urgent.20:20
falktx_astraljava: no prob20:21
astraljavaCool, thanks!20:22
falktx_I can watch another episode of leverage20:22
astraljavaHehe, coolness. :D20:22
scott-workah falktx left, i was going to tell him i am happy he is contributing to this too20:31
astraljavaHe should be around soon enough.20:44
astraljavafalktx: madnick: Hey there, so how about that lightdm, then?20:58
astraljavaDo we need to change a value in file /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf?20:59
falktxafaik, we need to change the greeter engine from [default] unity to gtk20:59
astraljavaIIRC, xubuntu had some tweak for that, so that derivates don't need to patch/update that file directly.20:59
madnickYou change the seat-defaults21:00
* astraljava hasn't yet had time to read the backscroll when this was discussed over on #xubuntu-devel21:02
astraljavafalktx: Does that mean anything to you?21:04
madnickWell, I am not sure what you guys are wondering :) But http://people.ubuntu.com/~robert-ancell/lightdm/reference/ and the gtk-example-greeter provides alot of insight into greeter development :)21:06
madnickWhat I've done, is integerated a html renderer, in it, to render the UI21:06
astraljavaOh cool.21:07
falktx_sorry, my network is having issues21:07
scott-workmadnick: i think the goal is to make sure that the lightdm session is set to xubuntu directly after the initial installation for the default user21:08
scott-workwe did soemthing similar with GDM last cycle to use the 'gnome classic' session rather than unity21:08
madnickI have not looked into anything like that, Im just the code monkey :) you may want to ask mr_pouit, he has made that utility :)21:09
astraljavaRight, okay. :)21:12
scott-workmadnick: have you hear the jonathan coulton song "code monkey"?  http://www.jonathancoulton.com/2006/04/14/thing-a-week-29-code-monkey/21:13
madnickyes :)21:13
madnickInfact I never heard the expression before I heard that song :P21:13
astraljavaWell, hopefully we can now work on that issue with these instructions. Thanks, madnick, for sharing!21:15
astraljavaI don't wanna stress you more, seeing as you're swamped already. :)21:16
astraljavaBut feel free to hang around.21:16
astraljavaThere's good people in here. :)21:16
scott-upstairsastraljava, i'm am making changes to the 'ship' seed to adjust the language packs22:45
scott-upstairsi'm tired of the 400+ lines of "unknown ship package" from the build logs22:46
scott-upstairssee for reference:  http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/cd-build-logs/ubuntustudio/oneiric/daily-20110527.log22:46
scott-upstairslol, was looking for some notes and ran across this:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/Sandbox22:47
scott-upstairsi forgot how decent i made this part of the wiki look ;)22:47
scott-upstairsfalktx_, okay, my notes to add ladish, gladish, and laditools22:55
scott-upstairsany objections, corrections, suggestions?22:56
falktx_scott-upstairs: hm, gladish is enough22:56
scott-upstairsreally? will it pull in the others?22:56
falktx_gladish depends on ladish, and recommends laditools22:56
falktx_scott-upstairs: "keep it simple"22:56
scott-upstairshmm, how do you write that?  righty-o22:57
scott-upstairsdon't know22:57
falktx_don't ask me22:57
falktx_I usually just say 'yep'22:57
scott-upstairsi think it's righty-o22:57
scott-upstairssounds like hank hill from that cartoon show22:57
scott-upstairsoi, and that jack pulse bridge thiingie22:58
scott-upstairspulseaudio....yeah, that one22:58
scott-upstairsthe only problem i had with this is this....22:59
scott-upstairsi got decent latency with onboard sound card22:59
scott-upstairsi got very good latency with delta4422:59
scott-upstairswhen i added the pa-jack module onboard was practically unusable via jack but delta44 remained pretty good23:00
scott-upstairsare we sure we want to add this?23:00
scott-upstairsfalktx_, any plugins you recommend to be added?23:01
falktx_scott-upstairs: adding that won't do anything23:01
falktx_scott-upstairs: only when the user activates it via special commands, it will work23:02
scott-upstairsah, okay...what's the command?  i made it work before23:02
falktx_for any other things, it won't affect jack at all23:02
falktx_pactl ... whatever23:02
falktx_I just use my pulse-jack script for this23:02
scott-upstairsi think i used instructions from david h. in an email23:07
scott-upstairsokay, done23:07
scott-upstairspushing to bzr23:08
* falktx_ is making launchpad slow with all his uploads23:08
madnick /names23:09
scott-upstairschanges pushed, yay!  time to celebrate with dinner23:10
falktx_time to eat something23:10
scott-upstairsadding stuff to the seeds is much more fun when others are around hacking together ;)23:10

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