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htorquegood morning, everyone! I'm getting this when building unity - should i be worried? http://paste.ubuntu.com/673572/06:14
htorqueDBO: hi, are the switcher pips supposed to show "behind" the tile and get blurred? → http://img.xrmb2.net/images/820785.png06:21
DBOthose aren't behind the tile06:21
htorquealso, that black borders around the pips don't look like intended. that's with latest nux + libunity(-misc) + unity.06:21
DBOthey are just "soft"06:21
DBOwhats with the black border?06:22
DBOwhat video hardware are you on?06:22
htorqueintel hd 300006:22
htorquewill test on a second machine06:22
htorqueso the softness is intended?06:22
DBOthe blurriness is due to the texture being doubled in size for now06:24
DBOthe boxes however are a rendering artifact, probably from the linear filtering06:24
htorquealright then, thanks! another question: should there really be a transparent gap between the switcher pane and its border?06:25
DBOthe design says yes06:26
htorquei disagree with the design, but thanks for confirming :-)06:26
DBOI stopped worrying and learned to love the bomb06:27
DBOhtorque, you build front trunk I presume06:40
htorqueDBO:  yes06:43
DBOhtorque, IconRenderer.cpp06:43
DBOtexxform.SetFilter(nux::TEXFILTER_LINEAR, nux::TEXFILTER_LINEAR);06:43
DBOthere is a line like that06:43
DBOaround line 75306:43
DBOcomment it out06:43
DBOsee if it fixes your black borders issue06:43
DBOI'll quirk it out for intel cards if it does06:44
htorqueDBO: yes, black borders are gone. will also test it on a hybrid gpu system.06:51
DBOhtorque, do the pips look blockier?06:52
htorque(hybrid as in nouveau/i915)06:52
DBOyeah I thought so...06:52
DBOI guess I'll have to get proper resources06:52
mardyKaleo: 'morning! I updated the RTL branch, now it should merge without conflicts.06:52
DBOrather than just stretching06:52
mardyKaleo: also I re-tested it, and it still seems OK :-)06:52
mardyKaleo: I'm actually out of tasks now, so unless you have something specific, I'll look at the bug list and pick something from there06:53
htorqueDBO: rats, those black borders don't show on my laptop (intel hd 2000, pc has intel hd 3000)07:05
DBOhtorque, sexy07:06
DBOits hardware dependent07:06
DBOI dont know what to say07:06
DBOsome hardware sucks07:06
oSoMoNgood morning07:06
htorqueDBO: this cannot be caused by something else, can it? my system is free of PPAs, but i build nux/unity from trunk all the time...07:07
DBOhtorque, no this is really just your hardware doing linear interp differently07:10
DBOits down to the shader being dumb07:10
htorquelike "let's report this upstream and make the world a better place"-dumb? :-)07:11
htorquewill switch disks to be completely sure, brb07:13
htorqueDBO: like you said - same disk, intel hd 2000 yay, intel hd 3000 nay.07:20
DBOits upstream report kind of dumb07:21
DBObut this could easily be an issue in teh hardware07:21
DBOit looks to me like a rounding issue07:21
htorquemy shiney new cpu? oh noes! :P07:21
andyrockDBO, https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/727903 without input redirection i think that it is almost impossible to fix07:33
ubot5Ubuntu bug 727903 in unity (Ubuntu) "Dropping a file into a window via the 'drag file to Launcher, then drag file to Spread' interaction fails to load the file into the selected window" [High,Confirmed]07:33
DBOandyrock, actually because its XDND, it's possible to fix, just fucking difficult07:34
andyrockwe should create a kind of xdnd proxy right?07:34
DBOandyrock, I am going to bed now07:36
DBOgoodnight :)07:36
andyrocki'm just woke up07:36
andyrockgood night DBO :)07:36
Kaleomardy: hi hi07:55
Kaleomardy: great stuff07:56
Kaleomardy: I have a big one for you :)07:57
Kaleomardy: https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity-2d/+bug/79120507:57
ubot5Ubuntu bug 791205 in unity-2d "Metacity needs command line options to activate capture before unmap and compositing without effects" [High,Confirmed]07:57
mardyKaleo: sounds scary, but interesting too :-)07:58
Kaleomardy: I thought you might like it :)08:02
Kaleomardy: tiny question: do you experience https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity-2d/+bug/822605 ?08:03
ubot5Ubuntu bug 822605 in unity-2d "[dash] "View photos" in the dash launches gwibber instead of shotwell" [High,New]08:03
mardyKaleo: it starts Eye of Gnome here08:04
Kaleojibel: sorry to bother, on a fresh system, do you experience https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity-2d/+bug/822605 ?08:05
ubot5Ubuntu bug 822605 in unity-2d "[dash] "View photos" in the dash launches gwibber instead of shotwell" [High,New]08:05
jibelKaleo, hum, no here it launches Firefox :)08:09
jibelKaleo, I'll try on a fresh install.08:09
mardyrodrigo_: hi, I'm new to metacity (among other things :-)) and I need to work on bug 79120508:13
ubot5Launchpad bug 791205 in unity-2d "Metacity needs command line options to activate capture before unmap and compositing without effects" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/79120508:13
mardyrodrigo_: which bzr branch should I clone? or should I do it upstream?08:13
Kaleojibel: :)08:21
Kaleomardy: you want to use the ubuntu branch08:22
mardyKaleo: damn, I was hoping to use git again for a while ;-) OK, thanks :-)08:23
rodrigo_mardy, not sure, I guess upstream if possible08:27
rodrigo_mardy, talk to the metacity devs08:28
mardyrodrigo_: I thought you were "they" :-) Where can I find them?08:28
rodrigo_mardy, see the .doap file in metacity git repo08:34
rodrigo_mardy, well, I can see it for you, hold on08:34
mardyrodrigo_: thanks :-)08:35
rodrigo_Olav Vitters <olav@vitters.nl> seems to be the most active person08:35
jibelKaleo, on a fresh install it launches Eye of gnome08:47
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Kaleojibel: thank you!09:06
Kaleojibel: same in unity?09:06
jibelKaleo, I can't try it now, it was in a VM. I'll do a smoke test on HW next friday. I'll let you know if it's not too late09:08
andyrockJohnLea, about hover timeout in dnd09:11
JohnLeaandyrock; hyia09:11
andyrockwell i'm not sure which is the wanted behavior09:11
andyrocki mean...09:12
andyrockthe timer should be reset every time a new spread window is hovered?09:12
andyrocknow it is reset every single pixel motion09:13
andyrockJohnLea, ^^^09:14
JohnLeaandyrock; yes, basically a little less sensitive to pixel motion.  A second improvement would be to center the selected window under the cursor09:15
JohnLeaandyrock; e.g. at the moment when you leave the spread, the window you have selected can be in a different part of the screen09:16
andyrockJohnLea, i know :)09:16
JohnLeadropping on windows while is spread is the more important issue of course, but also the harder issue to fix ;-)09:17
andyrockJohnLea, i've worked on it yesterday09:17
andyrockbut it's really really hard to fix without input redirection09:18
andyrockwe can create a kind of dnd proxy09:18
JohnLeaandyrock; re. the timer, it really is a matter of feel.  Making it less sensitive to minor pixel motion might be a good enough improvement by itself, if we make it too easy to exit the spread that will also be annoying09:18
andyrockbut sam doesn't like it09:18
andyrockJohnLea, about the timer i will do some test and i will try to find the "perfect" timeout and the perfect minor pixel motion ;)09:19
Kaleojibel: oki doki; note that my virtualbox allows Unity to run09:20
JohnLeaandyrock; I saw Sam's comment, so I suppose it has to be fixed the harder way09:20
JohnLeaandyrock; great, thx09:20
JohnLeaandyrock; timings like this are a matter of feel, and can only really be done by experimentation09:21
andyrockJohnLea, there is an option in ccsm to change it09:21
andyrockso this should not be a problem ;)09:22
JohnLeaandyrock; hyia, has your fix to bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ayatana-design/+bug/727901 landed in the latest release of Oneiric?10:47
ubot5Ubuntu bug 727901 in unity "When dragging and dropping a file on to the Launcher, the Launcher icons that are valid drop receptacles don't highlight until the cursor is over the launcher." [Medium,Fix committed]10:47
andyrockJohnLea, ^^^10:48
andyrockJohnLea, i'm not sure it is a fix released10:48
JohnLeaandyrock; it looks like it has landed, but not being fix released I am not sure10:48
JohnLeaandyrock; if it has landed I am doing some testing and there is some minor tweeking needed10:48
JohnLeaandyrock; shall I add my feedback to the bug and ping you, and you can test on your computer?10:49
andyrockJohnLea, of course ;)10:49
JohnLeaandyrock; thx!10:49
andyrockbtw i think that it should be fix commited in unity and fix released in unity10:49
andyrockwhen njpatel release another unity version it should be fix release also in unity10:50
JohnLeaandyrock; I have added my testing feedback to bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ayatana-design/+bug/72790110:57
ubot5Ubuntu bug 727901 in unity "When dragging and dropping a file on to the Launcher, the Launcher icons that are valid drop receptacles don't highlight until the cursor is over the launcher." [Medium,Fix committed]10:57
JohnLeaandyrock; thoughts?10:57
andyrockJohnLea, well there is a timeout of 200ms10:58
JohnLeaandyrock; hummm, I seem to repeatedly get this issue when dragging and dropping using the touchpad on my Dell XT2 testing computer10:59
andyrockJohnLea, yeah this issue is visible only using a touchpad11:00
andyrockthe problem is just one11:00
andyrockwe can use a small timout11:00
JohnLeaandyrock; yup, there is more movement in a mouse11:00
andyrock*timeout, 50 ms11:00
JohnLeaandyrock; that would be worth a try?11:01
andyrockbut using a small timeout you there will be another issued11:01
andyrockin other words when you start dragging11:02
JohnLeaandyrock; btw, really excited about this feature landing ;-)  one of the really cool issues with the Launcher is using it to switch data between applications, but without this feature it is not obvious that you can do it11:02
andyrockwhen you start dragging you will see a impulse11:02
andyrocki don't know if impluse is the right English word11:03
JohnLeaimpulse?  do you mean there will be a slight stutter in the drag movement?11:03
JohnLeaor do you mean a visual glitch?11:04
andyrockslight slutter11:04
andyrockit is present also now but is not so visible11:04
andyrockthe really problem is that opening (to read its type) a file make too time11:05
andyrocki need to talk with DBO about the timeout and find a solution to make it as short as possible :)11:05
JohnLeaandyrock; will need to test to see how bad it is, but I think it could be worth the cost.  When dragging with a touchpad it effect is only occasionally triggered and that feels buggy and is inconsistent11:06
JohnLeaandyrock; that would be really cool ;-)11:06
JohnLeaandyrock; I'll update the bug again ;-)11:06
andyrockJohnLea, i will test it... btw with the touchpad we need an extra movment11:07
andyrockmaybe it would be great if we could read the drag data in nux in processdndenter11:07
andyrockand not processdndmove11:07
andyrockit will be remove the problem11:08
andyrockand i need to talk with DBO about this11:08
andyrockmaybe njpatel know why we can read drag data in processdndmove11:08
andyrockand not in processdndenter11:09
JohnLeaandyrock; thanks for looking in to this11:09
njpatelandyrock, actually, no, either DBO or gord would know11:09
andyrockJohnLea, yw11:09
andyrocknjpatel, DBO is sleeping11:09
andyrockjay is not here :)(11:09
njpatelgord, might know11:10
andyrocki have to eat something11:10
andyrocksee you later11:10
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cdbsnjpatel: ping11:55
cdbsnjpatel: Really sorry for this, but it seems like I won't be able to complete SC integration before UI freeze11:55
cdbsmpt: ^11:55
cdbswe might well need a UIFe then11:56
cdbsI'll handle it all11:56
cdbsBlame Canada11:56
njpatelcdbs, what was left from your branch?11:56
cdbsrather blame me for moving to Canada :)11:56
cdbsnjpatel: Uhm, your review11:56
njpatelno, apart from that11:56
cdbsnjpatel: I never got time to fix the branch11:56
cdbsnjpatel: apart from that, there's the smooth sc-to-launcher animation11:57
cdbswhich can be done outside UI freeze11:57
njpatelcdbs, did the apt-daemon side of it land into O?11:57
cdbsnjpatel: The branch in its current state, if it were fixed of your points, can enter before UI freeze and the remaining changes can land later as well11:57
cdbsnjpatel: s/aptdaemon/software-center/11:57
cdbsnjpatel: It will land the moment my branch lands in Unity11:58
njpatelit can't land sooner? it's not depending on unity right11:58
cdbsits done11:59
njpatelis it in O? i.e. testable?11:59
cdbsnjpatel: What did you say since "did the aptdaemon..." ?12:00
cdbshad lost connectiong12:00
njpatelcdbs, just asking whether that dbus side of it (aptdaemon/ssc) has landed in Oneiric, i.e. it's testable with your branch12:00
njpatelif I have time, I can update your branch to land it12:00
cdbsnjpatel: The SC side is complete, its just put on hold and not merged with sc master, but will be merged and uploaded the moment my branch gets in Unity12:01
andyrockJohnLea, good news :)12:03
andyrocki've changed my patch (just a little)12:03
andyrocki used a timeout of 20ms12:03
andyrockand everything works well12:03
andyrocki've moved my touchpad as fast as i can12:04
andyrockand launcher slide out12:04
andyrockwithout any problem ;)12:04
andyrockJohnLea, maybe if i put it on LP you can build it and check yourself12:07
andyrockbut if it works well on my test computer (that is not so good :) ) thant it should work everywhere :)12:08
cdbsnjpatel: Thanks, I'm leaving now12:09
cdbsgotta go12:09
njpatelcdbs, one sec12:09
mptHi cdbs, anything I can do to help?12:09
njpatelcdbs, what I'm saying is that, even if we miss UIF from unity, if that branch lands it's one less thing to put in the UIFe12:09
njpatelcdbs, though I will try and fix up your branch and land it, this would make things easier if I can't (i hope that makes sense)12:09
andyrocktesting, testing, one, two, three.12:22
flechaHello! Is there a way to set the Super+W and Super+S hotkeys to other things?12:28
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flechano way to use Super+W/S hotkeys?12:43
andyrockJohnLea, btw have you seen my video on "drag behind launcher" interaction?12:58
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JohnLeaandyrock; not yet, have you got a link handy?  I couldn't see it attached to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ayatana-design/+bug/76487913:20
ubot5Ubuntu bug 764879 in unity "Launcher - dragging and dropping behind the Launcher interaction is broken when the Launcher is hidden" [Low,Confirmed]13:20
andyrockJohnLea, http://ubuntuone.com/p/1CHB/13:22
andyrockthe quality is awful btw13:22
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andyrocknjpatel, any plans to restore the fullscreen dash in unity?14:04
njpatelandyrock, yeah, today :)14:05
andyrocknjpatel, cool.... what about adding a ccsm option to use as a background just a blurred wallpaper, without any windows?14:06
njpatelandyrock, that would be interesting14:07
andyrockof course only for fullscreen dash...14:07
coz_I believe smspillaz  already created a plugin name  overlay image14:07
coz_although that plugin comes with an image showing Unity keybindings,, any image can be set for it14:09
andyrockcoz_, any link?14:12
coz_andyrock,  looking for it now,, let me ask sam,, I installed a while back  , hold on14:12
andyrockcoz_, thx14:13
coz_darn he is not online,, let me check my bookmarks14:13
coz_andyrock,  I asked him to make this because a fewllow had created the image for keybindings  and I thought it would be great for Unity beginners  as well as a good plugin to start learning how to create a plugin for compiz so hold I know I have it somewhere14:14
andyrockwell but what i want is just a dash without any window behind14:15
andyrockif i'm not wrong gnome shell does the same14:15
andyrockusing a fullscreen dash which sense make having the blurred window behind the dash?14:16
coz_andyrock,  then I dont think this plugin is what you want,, it could probably be changed to do that but not sure14:16
andyrockcoz_, it should not be so difficult changing (a little) unity code and adding a new ccsm option ;)14:17
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JohnLeaandyrock; I've just watched the video, looks great!  One more bug solved ;-)14:18
andyrockJohnLea, spread interaction is triggered btw... maybe when you have time you can update bug description14:19
JohnLeaandyrock; you mean we still have the issue with the spread being triggered?  I'll update the bug description now14:20
andyrockJohnLea, yep...14:21
coz_andyrock,   I can be thick sometimes,, just googled it  lol    http://git.compiz.org/~smspillaz/image-overlay/14:21
andyrockJohnLea, btw https://code.launchpad.net/~andyrock/unity/other-dnd-fixes/+merge/7271514:22
andyrockit should improve dnd performance...14:22
andyrocki think that nobody can move the touchpad so fast that the mouse movement is not catched ;)14:23
andyrockcoz_, thx14:23
coz_no problem14:23
JohnLeaandyrock; I have reported a new bug for the spread issue, see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ayatana-design/+bug/83298814:27
ubot5Ubuntu bug 832988 in Ayatana Design "Launcher - a spread can accidentally be triggered during the 'dragging and dropping behind the Launcher' interaction " [Medium,Fix committed]14:27
om26erKaleo, Hi!, trying to cmake trunk give me this http://paste.ubuntu.com/673870/14:38
om26erapt-get build-dep unity-2d is already done14:39
andyrockom26er, have you tried with sudo apt-get install libindicator-dev right?14:45
om26erandyrock, yes its already installed14:45
KaleooSoMoN: let me have a look15:03
Kaleoi meant om26er15:03
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jjohansenis unity being completely broken since yesterdays update a known bug, or should I file16:03
jjohansenyes I have searched in lp, but the search is didn't return anything16:03
njpateljjohansen, file a bug please16:10
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jjohansenso launching mumble in unity2d results in a metacity crash.  Should I file the bug under unity2d or metacity16:36
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vishCimi__: hi, why do the non-symbolic icons have to removed? I'm not sure what problem they are causing17:50
Cimi__vish: some icons (magnified and so, has to be removed)17:51
Cimi__vish: because since the toolbars are dark17:51
Cimi__vish: I asked daniel fore to change them17:51
vishright, but other apps also use them17:51
Cimi__vish: and he simply removed some icons to use the fallback17:51
Cimi__vish: they will use the fallback17:52
vishfrom GNOME?17:52
Cimi__I think so17:52
vishlet me check if we can fix it without removing icons17:53
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apinheirotedg, do you have time to a question?18:58
apinheirodo you usually work with panel-service?18:58
tedgapinheiro, Uhm, sure.  What is it?18:58
tedgapinheiro, Well, kinda.  That's where things get loaded, but I test with the indicator-loader18:59
tedgapinheiro, I didn't write the service though.18:59
apinheirowell, using the recipe here http://askubuntu.com/questions/28470/how-do-i-build-unity-from-source18:59
tedgapinheiro, That was njpatel18:59
apinheirowhen I made the unity-replace18:59
apinheiroyes, but njpatel is not here, so ;)18:59
apinheirowell, using that recipe18:59
apinheirowhen I made unity --replace18:59
apinheirothe panel service running is the one at /usr/lib18:59
apinheiroinstead of the local one18:59
apinheirothe one Im looking at19:00
tedgapinheiro, Yeah, because it starts via dbus-activation19:00
apinheiroIm looking at this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/81003919:00
ubot5Ubuntu bug 810039 in unity (Ubuntu) "unity-panel-service crash with a11y enabled on Unity at Oneiric (dup-of: 817477)" [Undecided,Confirmed]19:00
ubot5Ubuntu bug 817477 in unity (Ubuntu Oneiric) "unity-panel-service crashed with SIGSEGV in main_arena()" [High,Confirmed]19:00
apinheiroso, there is something missing on that recipe?19:00
apinheirowhat should I do to use the panel service that I'm modifying ?19:00
apinheirothe local one I mean19:00
tedgapinheiro, If you edit /usr/share/dbus-1/services/com.canonical.Unity.Panel.Service.service you can change the path of which one gets activated by default.19:01
apinheirotedg, ok I will try that19:01
apinheirotedg, and there is any kind of avoid that activation? because in order to debug it, I would like to just run it using gdb19:07
apinheirobut if I execute that manually19:07
apinheiroit fails because there is one already running19:07
tedgapinheiro, You can just rename that file to something else, and then it won't activate.19:07
tedgapinheiro, If you just want to run the service on it's own for debugging you can also use dbus-test-runner to create a clandestine dbus session.19:08
apinheirook, thanks19:08
bittin_Hello, using Unity for the first time ever now =)20:46
bittin_they have it on a netbook on this hackerspace i found20:47
nhainesbittin_: congrats!  It's a little different but nice and efficient.  :)20:48
bittin_i use pekwm myself mostly and Darwin20:49
nhainesI'll have to check that one out... never heard of it.20:54
bittin_darwin is what mac os x uses and pekwm is a fork of fluxbox20:55
nhainesI've heard of darwin, it's a Mach derivative and BSD-related I blieve.  pekwm I haven't heard of.20:55
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bittin_How do i open nautlius?22:31
jjohansentype nautilus in a shell, or click on the folder with a home icon in the unity launcher22:33
jjohansenbittin_: ^22:33
bittin_jjohansen: thx :)22:33
bittin_the shell thing worked fine22:33
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