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ScottKGood morning bambee.12:36
ScottKQuintasan: Did you give up on -runtime?12:36
QuintasanScottK: rbelem is doing that12:36
ScottKBeta freeze is tomorrow, so now is a REALLY good time.12:36
ScottKRight, but you are helping him.12:36
ScottKAlso was it you that was going to test k3b?12:37
QuintasanWell, I looked at what he did and it was fairly good however he was supposed to push something more12:37
QuintasanScottK: I can't remember volunteering for that12:37
ScottKJust searched the backscroll.  It was yofel.12:38
ScottKyofel: How's k3b?  12:38
QuintasanAlso, I need to fix workspace :S12:38
ScottKcjwatson would like to know if his patch worked.12:38
Quintasanyofel: MoDaX told me to use dh_shlibdeps -L12:39
bambeeCan someone push touchegg in archives please ? the beta freeze is tomorrow... 13:25
Quintasanbambee: I'd ask ScottK13:37
bambeeScottK: ping13:37
bambeeCould you upload touchegg please? thanks in advance13:37
Quintasanrbelem: PINGO13:37
ScottKbambee: I can accept it, but you want some other MOTU to upload it so I can do that.  If I upload, I can't accept.13:38
ScottKQuintasan: ^^^13:38
QuintasanScottK: Put you admin hat on13:38
ScottKQuintasan: Is it uploaded already?13:38
QuintasanWill be within 3 minutes13:38
bambeeI need at least 2 motu13:39
QuintasanScottK: I'll need your hat for https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kde-workspace/+bug/831673 as welll13:40
ubottuUbuntu bug 831673 in kde-workspace (Ubuntu) "kde-window-manager-gles should depend on libkwineffects1abi2-gles" [High,Confirmed]13:40
QuintasanScottK: touchegg uploaded13:42
bambeeQuintasan: my hero <313:46
ScottKbambee: I'll have a look in a bit.13:49
yofelScottK: sorry, nowhere. I forgot my desktop was on natty and I need that one working and I can't find the optical drive of my thinkpad currently :/13:55
Quintasanyofel: What needs to be tested?13:58
yofelQuintasan: http://paste.ubuntu.com/671830/13:59
QuintasanWe need to test whether it builds or works?14:00
Quintasanor both?14:00
QuintasanI see. If I manage to get workspace done then I'll do it14:01
rbelemQuintasan, pong14:02
Quintasanrbelem: How's runtime? I think you said you had to push something else14:02
ScottKyofel: You could do it using a live CD.14:02
rbelemQuintasan, it is almost ready14:03
rbelemQuintasan, it is already building twice14:03
Quintasanrbelem: Great, let me know if you need help, review or both14:03
rbelemQuintasan, just need to adjust the .install files and the debian/control14:03
Quintasanprepend them with debian/build-whatever-younamedit14:04
rbelemQuintasan, i could not finish these days because my son is sick14:04
rbelemQuintasan, and i spend me free time take care of him14:04
Quintasanrbelem: I would prefer you informed me about it so I could do it :P14:05
rbelemQuintasan, sorry :-(14:05
Quintasanrbelem: Next time take care of your son longer instead of doing packaging :O14:05
rbelemQuintasan, :-D14:05
ScottKbambee: Can you talk to upstream about not including .svn dirs in their next release.14:06
rbelemQuintasan, what i already have is in bzr14:06
rbelemQuintasan, do you have free time to take a look on that?14:07
bambeeScottK: sure14:07
QuintasanRight now? Nope. Later? Yes.14:07
ScottKbambee: Also license headers in the code.14:07
bambeeScottK: what is/are the package(s) ?14:08
rbelemQuintasan, i will have time to finish that in about three hours14:08
ScottKbambee: ls -a * and then look at .svn.14:08
ScottKrbelem: Great.14:08
Quintasanrbelem: Oh I see. I'll hurry up with the books then14:09
rbelemQuintasan, :-)14:10
ScottKbambee: Touchegg source accepted.14:13
ScottKQuintasan: What did you need?14:14
yofelScottK: true, maybe I'll do that if I have a digikam package done in time since _Groo_ never finished that14:15
QuintasanScottK: nvm, gotta get to know how it works in the first place14:15
bambeeScottK: thanks!14:17
ScottKbambee: Thank you!14:18
bambeeScottK: sorry but none of these packages http://websvn.kde.org/trunk/KDE/ have a .svn here...14:25
ScottKbambee: touchegg does.14:25
ScottKls -a in your touchegg source.14:25
bambeeyou was talking about touchegg :D14:25
ScottKI was.14:25
ScottKSorry for the confusion.14:25
* bambee drinks another coffee14:26
_Groo_hi/2 all14:35
_Groo_anyone awake?14:45
shadeslayer_Groo_: ssup14:48
yofelhm, digikam packaging is fun - they ship the headers in the main binary package o.O14:49
_Groo_shadeslayer: not much14:49
shadeslayeryofel: they do what14:50
yofelshadeslayer: install digikam and run dpkg -L14:50
* shadeslayer installs14:51
yofelwell, digikam2 doesn't install any headers anymore it seems14:55
shadeslayerhuh, thats all sorts of weird14:56
_Groo_yofel: yeah it doesnt :)15:19
QuintasanHmm, that worked yofel15:20
QuintasanI think15:20
* Quintasan uploads15:21
QuintasanI wonder if VBOX talks gles15:22
Quintasanit does?15:22
tazzyofel: are you using google+ ?15:22
QuintasanIT'S ALIVE15:23
* Quintasan orders party for everyone15:23
Quintasankubotu: order party for everyone15:23
* kubotu is going to his secret storehouse to get party for everyone - might take some time.15:23
* kubotu is back and slides party down the bar to everyone15:23
Quintasanone-eye-rick has gles now officially15:23
* Quintasan does "I did it!" dance15:24
_Groo_Quintasan: go run and buy me a hp touchpad while you are at it... ill pay!15:25
Quintasanyofel: It is good day to be running GLES15:25
Quintasan_Groo_: I would order one too -_-15:25
tazzyofel: https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/113125189443372384611/albums/5643327620208523937/564333485861796206615:26
yofelQuintasan: my driver doesn't support GLES so I don't care :P15:26
* Quintasan thinks yofel looks like some sort of a wiseman15:27
* yofel rather thinks he sucks at smiling...15:27
* _Groo_ thinks yofel has the same firefox thingy around is neck has he does15:27
Quintasanyofel: You look like: "I know my share of stuff, don't mess with me,yo!"15:27
_Groo_nah he looks like a grown dwarf from disneyland15:28
_Groo_or a big smurf... 15:28
_Groo_let me put a blue alpha layer to see what comes out :D15:28
_Groo_yofel: it was a compliment :D15:28
QuintasanNah, you didn't see people roleplaying as dwarves15:28
_Groo_yofel: it means you look... .. hum.... hmmmmmmm... 15:29
_Groo_yofel: nice? oO15:29
Quintasanlike, braid on beard15:29
yofelI looked friendlier with my cap on :P https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/113125189443372384611/albums/5643327620208523937/564333298508326462615:30
QuintasanThat's how a dwarf look like15:30
_Groo_yofel: you look like frodo with a beard lololol15:30
yofel_Groo_: I think I'm a tad larger than frodo :P15:30
_Groo_yofel: matters of scale :D15:31
Quintasanyofel doesn't has a bigass axe and some sort standard15:31
Quintasanyofel: Is that beer you are holding?15:31
yofelyeah, that was the preregistration party at c-base15:32
Quintasanyofel++ for holding beer15:32
QuintasanThat should be a requirement for taking any photos there15:32
Quintasan"photo must contain beer somewhere"15:32
_Groo_Quintasan: beer in belly counts?15:33
tazzQuintasan: i had to take yofel's cap off of his head for that photo.15:33
Quintasan_Groo_: Nope.15:33
tazzi bet yofel is wearing his cap right now.15:33
yofeltazz: nope, I don't wear it at home - but it's with me as soon as I leave the door :P15:33
Quintasan_Groo_: If the photo depicts someone in the process of drinking the beer then bonus points15:34
_Groo_Quintasan: ah ok15:34
* Quintasan goes back to sorting books15:34
tazzQuintasan: you mean like this https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/113125189443372384611/albums/5643327620208523937/5643330664852790850 15:34
_Groo_Quintasan: what gives more points, holding beer + girl or beer + gadget?15:34
QuintasanIt's hard to decide but if you have both then you get over 9000 points15:34
_Groo_tazz: ahah nice15:35
Quintasantazz: Exactly.15:35
_Groo_Quintasan: you are not a true nerd! the gadget ofc!15:35
QuintasanYou can't possibly go wrong with girl AND a gadget!15:35
_Groo_Quintasan: nerds think that if you have gadgets(n+1) you eventually get the girls15:35
_Groo_Quintasan: a girl will NEVER get near a nerd.. not sober .. and even worse drunk15:36
_Groo_Quintasan: thats what restraining orders are for!15:36
_Groo_Quintasan: also known as "ME space"15:36
Quintasanmgraesslin: Oneiric now has kwin-gles package which works!15:36
_Groo_Quintasan: will it have any advantage over normal OPENGL for desktops?15:36
QuintasanAsk mgraesslin as I'm not well-versed enough in the GL department15:37
QuintasanNuff' said.15:37
* Quintasan goes back to sorting15:37
maco_Groo_, Quintasan: uhh....what?15:37
mgraesslinQuintasan: cool - I will probably try a live cd :-)15:40
mgraesslin_Groo_: in general better drivers, a little bit faster thanks to no GLX15:41
mgraesslinbut also a few glitches with blur, logout effect not working...15:41
_Groo_mgraesslin: hmmm ok,  tks...15:41
_Groo_mgraesslin: its mostly a big help for mobile for now :)15:42
mgraesslinoh and GLES is the future15:42
_Groo_mgraesslin: but will be default in 4.8 right?15:42
mgraesslinalso for Desktop - keyword Wayland15:42
_Groo_mgraesslin: yes yes :)15:42
mgraesslincannot become the default as long as there is the NVIDIA blob around15:42
mgraesslinbut 4.8 will hopefully get runtime detection (we are close, very close)15:42
_Groo_mgraesslin: oh oh.. i have nvidia blob :P15:46
_Groo_mgraesslin: and it works quite nicely with opengl + kwin.. its rock solid...15:47
mgraesslinyou want a bug list for NVIDIA?15:47
Quintasanmgraesslin: I just want to know how long it is :P15:48
yofelnvidia doesn't usually fall apart at some random moment15:48
yofelnot that I don't have any issues with it15:48
mgraesslinyeah like freezing kernel when resizing konsole...15:50
Quintasanyofel: Did you manage to subscribe to TouchPad restock infolist?15:50
_Groo_anyone knows whats going on with LP 64 bits builds?15:50
yofel_Groo_: what's wrong?15:51
Quintasan_Groo_: Probably prebeta rebuild15:51
_Groo_did apachelogger sold all 64bits servers for booze again?15:51
Quintasanyofel: queue is like 15h+15:51
yofelonly? :P15:51
_Groo_Quintasan: ahhh that might explain :)15:51
apacheloggerthe empire's CI farm is faster than that15:51
Quintasanrbelem: I'll be back around 18 UTC15:54
shadeslayeryofel: Quintasan oh yeah, they fixed the reminder email link15:58
ScottKbambee: Why does the touchegg desktop start with #!/usr/bin/env xdg-open?16:32
ScottKbambee: I can accept the binaries, but I think that needs to be fixed.16:33
bambeewoo! good catch16:34
ScottKbambee: Lintian run on the binaries will catch that.16:36
ScottKAccepted, so you can fix that in ubuntu2.16:37
bambeeusually, I try to pay attention to lintian...16:37
ScottKYou probably just ran it against the source (.dsc)16:46
bambeeScottK: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/touchegg16:58
ScottKbambee: Usually we just use REVU for new packages, but I'll have a look.17:03
ScottKbambee: Did you report this bug upstream?17:04
ScottKbambee: Uploaded.  Thank you for your contribution to Kubuntu.17:06
bambeeScottK: reported on upstream17:17
ScottKGreat.  Thanks.17:17
bambeeI've uploaded to revu because it's useful platform to review packages which goes to archives :)17:18
bambeeit's noted17:18
kubotubambee: You did something wrong... Try s/you/me/ or tell me "help sed"17:18
bambeeScottK: once the package has been uploaded into archives, we need to update the changelog in lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/touchegg . right?17:27
bambeeI mean, replace "UNRELEASED" by "oneiric"17:28
ScottKbambee: Yes.  You can do that now that you're a member.17:28
nixternalScottK: do you have a write up of the newer processes in regards to packaging that I can review? I can do the packaging still, haven't lost that touch, just want to know the process/workflow as it has changed since I have been away17:30
ScottKHeya nixternal.17:31
ScottKnixternal: We were using bzr branches for the debian dirs when you went on hiatus, right?17:31
ScottKThen other than the location, nothing has really changed.17:31
nixternaloh, well that was easy17:31
ScottKLook at debian/control in the source for where to find them now.17:31
nixternali am going to be busy the next few days working with a client and then i should have some free time available17:32
ScottKnixternal: Could you fire up the PPC box?17:32
nixternalit went up in flames17:32
ScottKSo I guess the answer is "I already did ...:17:33
nixternalit was turned on when the room was flooded and it fried it17:33
nixternalhad no idea it was going on until i heard the cracking and popping coming from the old office space17:33
nixternalinsurance gave me a whopping $50 for it :D17:34
nixternalwater cooling isn't always the best :p17:34
ScottKProbably about right.17:34
bambeeScottK: do you have a documentation somewhere explaining how to put a package on the CD?17:36
nixternalok, i will be back later tonight maybe, depending on if i pass out after doing this crap tonight :)17:37
ScottKbambee: Not really.  First step is to get a MIR approved.  Since we're past FF, you also need an FFe.17:37
ScottKbambee: There's no way to get a MIR approved before beta freeze and I'm a little reluctant to add this to the default install after beta.17:38
ScottKbambee: Would it make more sense to defer adding it to the default install for O?17:39
bambeejust asking because I see "put <package> on the CD if space permits" on the blueprint17:39
ScottKUnless somebody REALLY wants it, I think that should be deferred.17:40
txwikingerDoes Kubuntu mobile work on an HP touchpad?18:47
bulldog98txwikinger: try it18:51
Quintasanshadeslayer: Can you link me to it?18:52
Quintasanrbelem: ping18:53
txwikingerbulldog98: that is not an answer!18:55
Quintasantxwikinger: I'm not sure anyone tried booting Linux on it yet18:55
QuintasanAFAIC there is $2,500 bounty on porting Android to it18:55
bulldog98txwikinger: I don’t know if anyone tested it yet. Is this answer apropriate?18:55
txwikingerWell.. there are some efforts to put Android 3.0 on it18:55
txwikingerIs there anywhere a list of devices which have been tested with Kubuntu mobile?18:56
Quintasantxwikinger: If you call $2,500 "some" effort :P18:56
Quintasantxwikinger: iMX53 board18:56
Quintasanhttps://wiki.ubuntu. com/ARM/iMX53QuickStartBoard18:57
txwikingerhmm.. I have an arm dev board at home.. maybe I should try it there18:57
txwikingerNot sure if it is a iMX53 though18:58
ScottKThere's a MX kernel in Oneiric, so that'd be a start.19:27
shadeslayerQuintasan: same link, hold on19:36
shadeslayerQuintasan: http://www.hp.com/united-states/webos/us/en/tablet/touchpad-availability.html19:37
eMylleri just installed something from neon, but everything goes into /opt19:42
eMyllerto where could i symlink stuff so things will appear at menus and stuff?19:42
shadeslayereMyller: you login into neon and then compile whatever you want19:43
shadeslayerand it should appear in the menus19:43
shadeslayereMyller: also, #project-neon19:43
eMyllershadeslayer: i installed from the ppa19:44
eMylleroh, ty19:44
rbelemQuintasan, i'm still busy :-/20:25
QuintasanNo probs. I'll look over at what you have in some time20:25
rbelemQuintasan, i will ping you when i'm back home20:26
* yofel uploaded a digikam2 package to ninjas21:04
Quintasanyofel: Brilliant!21:21
* Quintasan waits for rbelem to nail down runtime21:22
yofelwell, it's missing gphoto2 support unless someone figures out how to fix the build21:22
Quintasanyofel: Are we losing much due to missing support on this?21:23
yofelwell, not sure actually since I don't know what features it provides21:27
yofelalthough with 2.0 geolocation works again, so we fix one feature and loose another21:27
yofelthe package needs a translations recheck though21:36
yofelit has "export KUBUNTU_DESKTOP_POT=extragear-graphics_digikam" but it ships the translations for kipi-plugins too21:37
yofeland I'm clueless how our translation mangling works21:37
QuintasanI'm not actually sure it works at all21:37
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* Quintasan goes to bed22:20
* JontheEchidna is now gles'ing on the desktop23:42
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