gigenieksWhat is your problem?00:00
avihaygigenieks: the deafult keys to switch virtual desktops in kubuntu are ctrl+F(desktop number)00:00
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avihaycetta: it's a support channle, it has frendly peopel, ask questions and you should be answered.00:01
gigenieksavihay: ok, but not what I need; it is easier to use mouse and just press on one of workspaces. I need to SEE desktops00:02
gigenieksas in those pictures I provided earlier00:02
avihayso you want to see a mini version of all desktops at once?00:02
avihaylet's see wat we have in kwin's compositing plugins then00:03
gigenieks"kwin's compositing plugins"?00:03
avihayahh, the desktop grid effect sounds like it00:05
avihayI don't know what's th eofficiall name, it's in system settings->desktop effects->all effects00:06
cettahow do i find other chat rooms on konversation?00:08
avihaycetta: in the menue bar Window->channel lists for ubuntu irc00:11
avihayshortcut is F500:11
cettatheres 0 channels in this channel list.00:13
cettaoh okay, i got it. had to refresh it.00:13
cettaman everyone on irc is quiet huh00:25
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xzasedhi all. Im having a problem with the desktop effects. everything was working allright until I rebooted my machine and the desktop effects were suspended. I tried to resume them from system settings but it displays the error:02:09
xzased"Could not enable desktop effects due to the following technical errors"02:10
xzasedthats all it says02:10
xzasedonly xrender works, Im using kubuntu natty, my card is a ati mobility hd 420002:11
xzasedalso, this happens using either fglrx or the oss radeon driver02:12
mavenjinxim running 2 different linux machines one is mandriva 2011 and the other is ubuntu knatty and i have been trying to connect to an ftp server that i have setup on both machines now but keep getting the same result error saying No Route to Host02:16
mavenjinxanyideas i know the servers work because my windows machine can connect02:17
xzased@mavenjinx, does the network shows up when you type route?02:20
xzasedhow are you trying to connect?02:20
mavenjinxwith the ftp command this also happens with my ssh server on both machines to02:21
mavenjinxi have edited the hosts and networks files and added both hostnames and ips02:21
mavenjinxi have all firewalls turned off atm02:22
mavenjinxi cant even ping the machines from one another02:22
mavenjinxlemme try route02:22
mavenjinxit shows the gateway but not each other not sure if it would tho without an argument02:23
mavenjinxactually the destination shows up but the gateway ip just has a * in the field02:24
mavenjinxi thought at first it was ip tables problems so i turned off my firewalls02:25
BentFranklinAny idea why a Kubuntu 10.4 display would start oscillating on and off at 1 secon dintervals?02:26
mavenjinxyou might have the sleep or hibernate settings wrong02:26
mavenjinxthe alternative is that the monitor is going out02:27
BentFranklinThe monitor is fine.  The display is on for 3 secs then goes off for 1 sec, continuously.  I'll check the sleep.02:27
xzasedok, so you cannot ping them, not even from the windows machine, right?02:28
BentFranklinmavenjinx: I have System Settings -> Display -> Power Control off.02:28
BentFranklinmavenjinx: Aha, it was screen saver.  Thanks for the clue!02:30
mavenjinxno prob02:32
mavenjinxno sometimes the windows machine will ping them both others it wont02:32
mavenjinxsorry im newish to ircf02:32
mavenjinxi can actually connect to the ssh server on my ubuntu machine from windows and samba works to02:33
mavenjinxbut the mandriva machine witch is actually setup on the dmz on my router no joy02:33
mavenjinxi have setup the proper port forwardings and all for both machines there is a web server o on the mandrva machine it is accesible from the web and the ubuntu box so its really frustrating me this is like the 5 week i have had this problem02:35
mavenjinxo on the ubuntu machine the ftp localhost works but not on the mandriva machine and the ftp servers are Ubuntu pureftp and mandriva proftpd02:37
xzasedhmm, are they on different subnets?02:38
mavenjinxnope both on same sub mandriva is and ubuntu is
mavenjinxi have the router setup to only allow connections from my mac addressess02:39
mavenjinxon the lan02:39
xzasedweird indeed02:40
mavenjinxfor the wireless cause incription is to bandwith entensive to run netflix on with my router o if it helps the router is a wrt54g with a dd-wrt flash on it it works really well02:40
mavenjinxyeah it is buggin me really bad   the other day i could ping the ubuntu machine from the mandriva machine and vise versa but an hour later no joy i thought i had it fixed02:41
mavenjinxanyhow its dinner time here if you think of anything give me a email my address is mavenjin@yahoo.com02:42
keithzgMAC address filtering? I guess that'll keep frat boys and grandparents out of a wireless network, but damn is it easy to spoof a MAC address . . .02:46
mavenjinxyeah i live in an appartment in a small town02:47
mavenjinxits not a prob02:47
mavenjinxbesides if they do connect to my network its fare game cause all connections are logged02:47
keithzgfair enough02:48
ansgar_is it normal to be able to read from /etc/* as a normal user?02:58
antoranzHi, guys!03:15
antoranzI'm trying to start fail safe mode on kubuntu natty, but it fails to start03:15
antoranzI expected to get a plain X with a console, but instead I go to kdm screen again03:15
mavenjinx are you getting an error and can you start up normaly03:16
antoranzmy kde is fine... no problem with that03:16
antoranzit's just that I want to start this plain session and it doesn't start03:16
mavenjinxhave you checked your log files03:17
antoranznot really03:17
antoranzlet me see if there's something on the xorg.log03:17
mavenjinxgood idea but i didnt think failsafe started a gui03:17
mavenjinxshould just be console mode03:18
antoranzwell... it always did.... just a plain screen with a terminal03:19
antoranzbut under X03:19
antoranznot a VT03:19
antoranzwhere's the place where all available "session types" are set up for kdm?03:21
antoranzI mean, there's a file defining kde and failsafe, right? where's that?03:21
antoranzI see nothing on /etc/kde4/kdm03:21
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antoranzI think I got it: /usr/share/kde4/apps/kdm/sessions/03:22
antoranzthere's something funny03:27
antoranzall the files defined there are all the available sessions visible from kdm03:27
antoranzthe ones that are active and the ones that are not (because the software is not installed, for example).03:27
antoranzI could theoretically create a simple file here and just start a simpĺe terminal like rxvt, right?03:29
antoranzbut then how does kdm make it available to me? where are the available session types defined?03:30
antoranzI meanm, the active ones03:30
cettahey how do i join other servers?03:43
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schijnndraeffIs there a way to copy a playlist from my iPod to my computer, and have it refer to the tracks on my computer?05:02
valorieschijnndraeff: try gtkpod05:07
valorieapple puts a non-standard database on the ipod, so it's difficult to say05:07
ubottuFor information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod05:08
naftilos76hi everyone, i cannot see the temperature of the CPU in system control plasmoid. Can anybody help?05:45
naftilos76i am on Kubuntu 11.04 & KDE 4.6.505:45
cettaguys i have a question about ubuntu. i'm new to it, so don't bite my head off if this isn't true, but does it make your internet faster?06:01
cettamy torrents are dling faster than normal.06:01
tsimpsoncetta: your OS should not have any influence on your download speeds06:16
cettawhat about the torrent client? i'm using transmission06:17
tsimpsongenerally, it really doesn't matter which you use06:17
cettaoh weird06:17
keithzgTHat isn't strictly true, in a way; for example, Windows has some silly built-in limits for the number of connection attempts that can be made at a single time, and  depending on the torrent that can seriously hamper performance.06:37
keithzg(and the Linux networking stack is just saner than the NT stack in general)06:38
keithzg...but I guess that guy has gone so whatever, heh.06:38
scifiwasabi2can someone help me fix my start up screen (boot) :-( it's all messed up06:48
eshloxhi, someone try install drivers from nvidia website? i have nvidia gt525m in laptop and with default installed drivers glxinfo shows Error: couldn't find RGB GLX visual or fbconfig etc. Its good idea to install this drivers from nvidia?07:02
valorieeshlox: it's always a good idea to use your distro tools07:16
valorieand not some random .deb07:16
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto07:16
valoriealso, just try jockey-kde07:16
eshloxvalorie: in jockey-kde i have only NVIDIA accelerated graphic driver (version current) [Recommended], i removed this and jockey show new option, experimential 3d nvidia graphic driver but this is wort then previous drivers ;-)07:34
valoriethat sucks a bit07:34
excognacHi all, knotify4 eats up 3.2GB RAM out of 3.7(should be 4)GB, why is that? Two firefox windows namely a bbc radio and bridgebase were running only08:17
excognacnow I closed them and the machine (laptop) is still sounds very busy08:18
excognacstill the same values in sysmonitor08:19
valorieexcognac: try htop08:25
valoriemight give you more info08:25
excognacwhat should i look for? htop is running now08:30
excognacok, will reboot know cos for the first time my system turned close-to-bluedeath-of-windows-slow08:33
excognacback soon08:33
excognacwhat does red numbers (e.g. -4; 19) mean in hptop under NI?08:48
alvinexcognac: If your system is slow due to high I/O. Also try iotop08:48
alvinNI: niceness08:49
excognacok will look up does niceness means in this sense.08:50
excognacgot it08:52
alvinexcognac: info coreutils 'nice invocation'08:52
FlashDeluxehi! is there somebody using a deployment tool which can update linux clients or install new software on multiple clients?09:54
James147FlashDeluxe: you mean something like cononicals landscape?10:03
James147other then that its quite easy to write a script to ssh into a box and update it :)10:05
alvinI use clusterssh for that. (Granted, it's more of a hack)10:05
alvinBut clusterssh on a dualscreen with 25 windows open is just too cool to pass up.10:05
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BlaXpiritAAAAARRRGH!!! I've looked thru so many pages on google about "how to make a shared folder on lan between 2 linux machines" and still have no success. Will you please help me share a folder between 2 Kubuntus? Or, even better, synchronize files on 2 computers over LAN.10:47
James147BlaXpirit: many ways... with samba, ssh, nfs...10:48
BlaXpiritWell, I've tried samba without success, and didn't understand one guide with ssh+unison10:49
James147BlaXpirit: if its just between two linux boxes then ssh is probally the easiest and most secure, once openssh is insatlled and running on the remote computer then you can use dolphin to browes the files by going to "sftp://remote-host-ip/path/to/share"10:50
BlaXpiritsftp, eh10:50
BlaXpiritwhat about password fuss?10:50
James147(or sftp://user@host/  )  you should be prompted for a password10:51
James147or you can set up a public/private key pair10:51
* James147 notes that kde can store the password in kwallet ^^ )10:52
BlaXpirityes, that's the part i did not understand.10:52
James147BlaXpirit: first can you access the remote computer using sftp://... ?10:52
BlaXpiriti bet i've messed something up with those keys -_-10:53
James147BlaXpirit: can you do it though "ssh user@host" on the terminal?10:53
BlaXpiritwait a sec.. i'll change the language so i can copy error msg10:53
BlaXpiritLOL error message is still in my language -_-10:54
BlaXpiritJames147: ok, so i can connect via ssh10:55
James147BlaXpirit: :) what error does sftp give then?10:56
BlaXpiriti'll try to translate...10:57
BlaXpiritConnection to host Could not find key [something] this server, but there is other kind of key. evil guy (lol at my translation) could have changed the typical key of the server ...10:58
BlaXpiritetc etc10:58
Piciprefix your command with "LANG=C " for it to appear in english10:59
BlaXpiriti actually changed the language.10:59
BlaXpiritand the whole program is in english, except for the stupid error message.11:00
James147hmm, thought sftp would fall back to password is the keys didnt work :p ... BlaXpirit: you could try moving the keys out the way (they are located in ~/.ssh)11:01
BlaXpiritok, i removed the .ssh folder11:01
BlaXpiritLOL just before you told it!11:01
James147or that ^^ :P11:01
BlaXpiritwhat does that username mean? can i connect to the thing with guest account??11:02
James147BlaXpirit: its a username on the remote box you want to connect with11:03
James147(you will effectivally log in as that user so only have their permissions)11:03
BlaXpiritJames147, thanks for information.11:03
BlaXpiritis the ssh server running all the time a (security) issue?11:04
James147BlaXpirit: note if you want you can mount a folder onto your local filesystem using sshfs via mount :_)11:04
James147BlaXpirit: not as mush as samba :)11:04
James147BlaXpirit: ssh is how most servers are accessed remotly ^^ even in large orginisations11:05
BlaXpirithmm... mount wouldn't make much difference. i'm thinking about some kind of file syncing11:05
James147BlaXpirit: but to answer you question... yes... running anything that allows remote users in is a security issue :) though ssh isnt normally a big one (and gives more benifits then disadvantages)11:06
BlaXpiritdropbox does LAN sync incredibly well, but it's evil, and it uploads to internet as well.11:06
James147BlaXpirit: rsync ^^ one way sync over ssh can work well11:06
James147or unison... though I have neveer relly played with that11:07
alvinIt's not evil. Yes, they can see your files. But at least you know.11:07
BlaXpiritunison has some issues with those ssh keys11:07
alvinOh, it's really both way syncing? That's not easy.11:07
James147(which are now gone)11:07
James147alvin: unison is a two way sync11:07
James147BlaXpirit: alternitivly mount the folder on both computer then you dont need to sync :D (asuming at least one is always up)11:08
alvinYes, that's the only program I know that can do it. But it's no longer maintained, isn't it? Not that that is necessary if  a product is finished.11:08
BlaXpiritso many things, none is perfect. welcome to linux -_-11:08
BlaXpiritno, those computers are desktop and laptop, so i need the files on both.11:08
James147alvin: dont know... ahvent looked at it in a while... and a product like that is never "finished" there are always security things to fix :)11:09
James147BlaXpirit: there is also owncloud... (like dropbox, but you can run it localy) though its sync client isnt yet finished11:09
James147^^ but taht works best with an always on computer11:10
BlaXpiritnope, that's not good for me.11:11
BlaXpiritUnison seemed a nice option, but, hell, the documentation stinks as usual11:11
James147BlaXpirit: yeah... rsync is easier... but needs to be run both ways and dosnt handel conflicts at all11:12
alvinIf you want to sync manually, Krusader has a great sync tool.11:12
BlaXpiritmanually? meh. i could as well copy the files over.11:12
James147actually, if i remember luckybackup (a frount end to rsync) and a sync option11:15
BlaXpiritlooks nice.11:16
BlaXpiritas usual, ubuntu has old version in repoitory. i'm so tired of that.11:16
James147not sure how well it handels conflicts though11:16
James147alternitivly there is always git :D11:17
BlaXpiritwhy doesn't ubuntu have newest versions?? it always lags behind.11:18
James147BlaXpirit: because after a release (actually a while before a release) they freeze the package versions and only apply securty patches to them inorder to try to maintain a higher level of stability11:19
James147BlaXpirit: only rolling release distros have the latest and grretest software... but can often break when updating :)11:20
BlaXpiritgrammar nazi would die when they start luckyBackup.11:21
BlaXpiritall buttons in different case, smileys, exclamation marks like "successfully !!"11:21
James147BlaXpirit: you could always help tidy it up :)11:21
BlaXpiritwell, looks like I can't use that luckyBackup11:24
BlaXpiriti probably needs some stfp or smb or something anyway -_-11:24
James147why not?11:24
BlaXpiriti can't set it up11:24
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BlaXpiritdamn, dropbox would be perfect without upload to internet. is there something similar??11:27
James147BlaXpirit: owncloud... when its sync client has been finished :(11:29
BlaXpiritwow, how many dropbox clones now.11:32
James147but all just do the same as dropbox... upload to a remote server11:32
BlaXpiritwell, thanks for help!11:36
FlashDeluxehi! does anybody know a tool which can update linux clients or install new software on multiple clients? i would prefer one with a nice gui :)11:47
alvinSeriously, clusterssh! Otherwise, there's puppet. (never used it. no gui I think) and Lanscape. That one has a web interface, but it's very expensive.11:49
FlashDeluxealvin: i nee open source of course :)11:50
FlashDeluxethe problem is that clusterssh is not useful for >20 clients11:54
alvinIt's a but much, but that's why I use dualscreen.11:55
FlashDeluxei will try out puppet first i think :)11:59
AimOn_I'm trying to make my kubuntu machine to a wifi hotspot for my smartphone13:19
AimOn_Has anyone experiance doing so?13:20
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avihayAimOn_: I was trying to make my kubuntu into a hotspot for my freinds13:30
AimOn_any success?13:30
avihaymy network card doesn't support access point mode, so I couldn't make it work the usuall way with encription13:31
avihayI managed to get my friends and me on an ad-hoc network. as for internet sharing, I have yet to manage that, though frankly, I havn't really given it enough effort13:32
AimOn_so I need to check if my card supporst access point mode13:32
AimOn_I'll look into that13:33
avihayor go the ad-hoc way: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Ad-hoc_networking13:33
AimOn_I thought that adhoc woud share internet too. too bad13:33
avihaythe #starts the ad hoc server works, but I haven't tried the #forwards the ad hoc network to the router      part yet13:34
avihayon your machine ath0 might be wlan0 or something else, also note that ad-hoc is not secure in any way, and everyone can ride your net or sniff out your traffic within a 100 meter radios13:36
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avihayoh, if someone else has a better way to do it, PLEASE SHARE!!!13:36
AimOn_thanks for the link, i'll look into it13:37
avihayAimOn_: ok, a second look at my link suggests that with wpa_supplicant, you can even encrypt the ad-hoc connection. I haven't put much research into it, so I don't know13:38
James147avihay: you sure you cannot create a secure ad-hoc network?13:46
James147avihay: ^^ :) yeah.. you should be able to encrypt it the same way you can infastucture connection13:46
avihay <avihay>ok, a second look at my link suggests that with wpa_supplicant, you can even encrypt the ad-hoc connection. I haven't put much research into it, so I don't know yet13:46
James147avihay: yeah :) didnt finish reading before I replied :)13:47
AimOn_knetworkmanager has all the options but I never managed to see/connect an adhoc form my android13:47
James147AimOn_: androids cannot do adhoc networking without rooting them13:47
avihaywish knm knew how to do that stuff, you have to enable the user to do anything he wants, because he might want it13:48
AimOn_erm, what does rooting mean? sorry, I just got it today...13:48
James147AimOn_: android phones basically run a linux kernel ^^ so like kubuntu has a root account so does the android... noramlly you dont ahve access to this account but there are exploits you can use to gain access, which allows you fiddle with files that your not normally alloud to touch :013:49
AimOn_ah I see13:50
James147AimOn_: bydefault most android phones donot allow adhoc networking, but they can be configured to do so by chaning the right files (which requires rooting them)13:50
James147AimOn_: you might want to try: http://www.su-root.eu/computing/turn-your-linux-computer-in-a-wireless-access-point-using-hostapd   though I havent tried it before13:51
AimOn_James14: Your link looks good, I'm going through it atm. will take a while tough, I'll let you know if it works14:03
BluesKajHiyas all14:07
allegrem_hi !15:00
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ryan__Is there any way to fix refresh rates in Kubuntu besides the gui...Some of my computers have a limited refresh option and the screen and pointer and other stuff is glitchy16:45
ryan__monitor this is16:45
ryan__the ubuntu 11.4 version works fine...  but I like Kde better16:46
alexoloyedeI mistakenly unchecked my main menu bar in the view tab, now I can't see my view button to reverse it. How do I get my main menu back?16:53
ryan__alexolyede, what version?16:56
James147alexoloyede: most kde applications you can toggle the menu with ctrl+m17:00
James147(konsole is ctrl+shift+m)17:01
alexoloyedePhew!! Thanks man. Noobie's thankful for the life raft!17:02
phoenix_firebrdhow can i see the qdebug or kdebug messages in kde17:02
alexoloyedeJames147: Thanks!17:03
James147phoenix_firebrd: run "kdebugdialog" and enable the messages you want to show17:03
phoenix_firebrdJames147: ok17:04
mariannI have a problem with my task bar...17:06
mariannI could not see any icon (of programs, who are already running) on it17:06
James147mariann: right click [ > panel options ] > add widgets > looks for "task amanger" drag it back17:07
phoenix_firebrdJames147: it works, thanks17:08
James147(you can move them around by opening the panel settigns and dragging them around while the settings dialog is still open)17:08
mariannJames147: IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!17:10
mariannJames14: thanks so much!!!17:10
EvilRoeyghostcube:  wow, that's a great nick17:50
ghostcube:) hehe17:54
mariannI can not to connect with my computer using Samba...17:57
mariannI'm sure, that put the right user and password17:58
James147mariann: unix user or samba user?17:59
mariannJames147: Samba user18:00
mariannI can connect with smb:// in Mac OS18:01
mariannusing the same user, and password18:01
mariannbut here it does not work18:01
DaskreechSOmeone just mentioned smb:// in dolphin18:10
Daskreechworks for the most part but kinda strange for saving18:10
asoiuhdpasudHello, folks!18:23
asoiuhdpasudDoes anybody know if there is the possibility to integrate thunderbird with the kde message indicator?18:24
asoiuhdpasud(TB6 and KDE 4.7)18:25
DaemonFCwouldn't know, I usually disable that widget and set everything to use the system tray as they are supposed to18:26
DaemonFCthe idea of that thing is just ridiculous, it removes all the right click options of every program in it18:27
DaemonFCthankfully it is not as difficult to get rid of as Ubuntu's18:27
asoiuhdpasudI think would be nice to have an integrated indicator that shows only if there is something to known, instead of an icon in the system tray for every program18:31
DaemonFCI'm interested to know why nobody was concerned with using a bunch of horizontal screen space back when 16:9 and 16:10 aspect ratio monitors were not common18:36
DaemonFCnow that they are, saving a half an inch doesn't really seem prudent, especially if it adds extra steps to the workflow of managing running programs18:37
* James147 tends to move his panels to the side of the screen :) vertical space is more valuble then horizontal 18:41
asoiuhdpasudI choose to install firetray and remove from the system tray kde message indicator18:43
asoiuhdpasudMy intentions was only to make kde message indicator usefull..18:43
asoiuhdpasudbut I can't succed in it18:43
BluesKajasoiuhdpasud, firetray ? pls expalin18:45
asoiuhdpasudI install the firetray extension for thunderbird18:46
asoiuhdpasudshows thunderbird icon when there is no new mail18:48
asoiuhdpasudand a numbered icon with the amount of the unread message when there are unread mails18:49
BluesKajok , haven't used t-bird in 3 yrs , so i'm out of the loop18:50
asoiuhdpasudBluesKaj: what are you using?18:50
asoiuhdpasudMe too until yesterday..18:51
* BluesKaj is not in a work environment18:51
asoiuhdpasudthen I want to try gpg for mail..18:52
sergejjпривет всем18:54
ubottuПожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.18:54
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asoiuhdpasudDaemonFC: Are you using thunderbird? How do you put application in the system tray?18:59
sergejjподскажите Qute Com работает со скайпом?19:00
Unit193sergejj: Вы можете присоединиться к Русской канал для поддержки, как я использую переводчик19:03
mikeosanyone on oneiric using plasma-widget-networkmanagement  and able to establish openvpn connection?19:10
EvilRoeyI come bearing evil.20:02
DaskreechEvilRoey: I come bearing a bear20:15
DaskreechSic him bruin!20:15
jgelihow do I fix K network manager to make it manage my pppoe connection?20:21
jgelianyone smart enough to think of the answer?20:23
BluesKajmost router dsl connections are pppoe , so network manager  should work if it's an ethernet conn , wifi is a different story20:27
BluesKajjgeli, ^20:27
jgelii connect direct to modem20:27
BluesKajmodem connection is ppoe dsl ,so ?20:28
BluesKajjgeli, btw ,knetwork manager is deprecated ..no longer default on kubuntu ...have you updated recently?20:30
jgeliwhats the default now?20:31
James147jgeli: the network manager widget20:32
jgelithe one with the blue logo? default in KDE 4.6?20:32
James147jgeli: yea20:40
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jgelithats the one thats not working for DSL connections. Even if you add a DSL Connection it wont even show up on the available connections20:41
jgeliall distros using 4.6 have this issue and its always command line solution which i believe is escaping from the true issue which is the network manager itself20:41
James147jgeli: might want to take to 'kde then20:42
James147#kde ^^20:42
James147and ile a bug report20:42
James147file :P20:42
jgeliwith the KDE support chatroom now20:43
jgelino one is replying on the right answer20:43
jgelibug reports? they have hundreds on this, no solution20:45
BluesKajjgeli, is it really necessary for you to use network manager?...the alternative (what I use ) is to remove network manager and use this : http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/setting-up-an-network-interfaces-file/20:54
jgelicommand line is ok but I prefer GUI20:56
BluesKajit's not command line . it's editing with the run command and text editor21:00
BluesKajcement heads21:01
cherHmm, maybe I'm dumb regarding this, but somehow I can't get Amarok play my CD. Kubuntu 11.04 64 Bit. I inserted a CD, a popup comes and suggests to play with amarok. I say okay, nothing happens. I try to add the CD to the playlist in amarok, but that fails no matter how "hard" I try. I tried adding the audiocd: URL, the .cda tracks, the .mp3 tracks, nothing worked. How do I get amarok to play my CD?21:28
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cherAh I got it. I re-inserted the CD and now amarok shows it as local collection.21:30
linux-beginner-hwhat's wrong with kwin? it's using 80% cpu... the whole time!21:30
cherHmm... doesn't help. I have the CD's in the playlist, but the playlist doesn't play...21:32
James147cher: you ahve the codecs? (install kubuntu-restricted-extras)21:33
cherWTF? Do I need a "restricted-extras" codec for a normal Audio-CD?21:34
cherIt played .mp3 files before...21:34
cherIt says I already got kubuntu-restricted-extras.21:35
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Daskreechcher: does audiocd:/ in Dolphin show it up?21:39
Daskreechcher: A number of CDs put out now no longer are Redbook or Yellowbook21:40
Daskreechlinux-beginner-h: how many windows?21:40
linux-beginner-hDaskreech: it does not matter.... on a pure desktop without windows... same problem21:40
cheraudiocd:/ shows in Dolphin, and this CD from 1992 was playing nicely in Noatun, mplayer and others on Linux for years before.21:40
Daskreechlinux-beginner-h: Do you have a scripts loaded for it?21:41
Daskreechcher: :-/21:41
linux-beginner-hDaskreech: no21:41
Daskreechlinux-beginner-h: desktop effects on?21:41
linux-beginner-hDaskreech: alredy disabled desktop effects...21:41
DaskreechMakes no difference in CPU usage?21:41
cherAmarok is able to do the cddb lookup and correctly displays it as Qtopia from ST-Melody. And Amarok shouldn't konw that ST-Melody is done with an Atari ST and I as an Ex-Amiga-Fan are doing blasphemy by listening to it ;-D21:41
linux-beginner-hDaskreech: it does not matter what I do... or if my pc is idle... always using 60%21:42
Daskreechcher: Maybe it is penance?21:42
Daskreechyou said 80 before21:42
Daskreechlinux-beginner-h: try popping into #kwin and asking them for help on debugging though somehow I think it will be back to a driver bug21:42
linux-beginner-hDaskreech: thanks21:45
cherIs there a recommendable command line CD player? I don't need interactivity. Just something to type like "cdplay /dev/sdb" or so, that's already enough for me, as long as it works reliably and if something doesn't work at least prints error messages to stderr where I can read them.21:45
well_laid_lawnI'd try mplayer21:45
Daskreechmplayer isn't a bad choice21:47
cherWoah: There must be something seriously wrong. mplayer says: "Playing /dev/sr0" then "Seek failed", exits. /dev/sr0, however, is the correct. This is the device parameter for which audiocd:/ also does the correct CDDB lookup in KDE.21:50
cherI'm in groups "cher adm dialout cdrom audio plugdev lpadmin admin sambashare" and /dev/sr0 is 0660 on root cdrom21:51
cherI'll try a reboot.21:51
cherCu later.21:51
Daskreechcher: kscd ?21:52
cherI'll give that a try, installing.21:53
cherWoah that one worked.21:53
cherI thought it no longer existed, didn't know that it just is not part of kde-base etc. in kubuntu.21:53
cherDaskreech: Thanks!21:54
cherWasn't kscd able to perform a CDDB lookup in previous versions?21:54
DaskreechLordy knows. I haven't used it since KDE 3.321:57
cherStill I would really like to find out why amarok and mplayer refuse to play audiocds on this machine with Kubuntu 11.04 when they did fine with Kubuntu 9.04.21:58
DaskreechChrisGagnon: #amarok ?22:06
cherI guess you mean me. Well, since mplayer also has problems doing a seek on /dev/sr0, I doubt the problem is only with amarok.22:07
Daskreechcher: Whoops. Sorry ChrisGagnon22:07
cherBut maybe they still now the issue, I'll try #amarok.22:08
cettahey guys22:36
cettahey all.22:41
vinz_91french here ?22:41
BarkingFishevening guys :)22:41
vinz_91no answer ...22:46
draik!fr | vinz_9122:52
ubottuvinz_91: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.22:52
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