StevenKwgrant: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/673437/00:05
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wgrantPeople really seem to care about revision numbers matching.00:29
lifelesswe could make bzr handle sparse mainlines ;)00:30
wgrantYou are a bad person.00:30
wgrantAt least not as bad as whoever designed Mercurial revnos.00:31
lifelessI am an awesome person00:31
lifelesssolving the world, one line at a time.00:31
wgrantCompared to whoever designed Mercurial revnos, yes.00:31
wgrantDo you know how they work?00:31
wgrantThey are really, really useless.00:31
lifelessthey are perfectly useful for the purpose designed00:31
lifelessjust extremely local in scsope00:32
lifeless(and sparse on any given branch)00:32
wgrant>>> u.newPackagesetUploader(packageset=lp.packagesets.getByName(name='zope', distroseries='/ubuntu/oneiric'), person=lp.people['wgrant'])00:41
wgrant<archive_permission at https://api.qastaging.launchpad.net/devel/ubuntu/+archive/primary/+upload/wgrant?type=packageset&item=zope&series=oneiric>00:41
wgrantnewPackagesetUploader is in IArchiveView, so we are qa-bad.00:41
wgrantWe will be doing a 60-70 rev deploy tomorrow :D00:41
lifelessoh, assign-me-permissions to anhyone ?00:41
wgrantThis deploy will also have some really risky stuff in it.00:44
* wgrant dies.00:44
lifelessanything I can do to help?00:44
wgrantApart from declaring devel frozen.00:45
wgrantproduction is now 57 revisions behind tip :/00:45
wgrantI guess we should deploy the first 10 that we can do today.00:45
lifelessif its qa ok yeth00:47
lifelessI agree conditional on that being qa-ok :)00:47
wgrantWe have 13 deployable.00:48
wgrantLet's do that.00:48
StevenKwallyworld: (Wow, no underscores) WRT https://code.launchpad.net/~wallyworld/launchpad/rename-private-team-795771/+merge/72516 , does that mean that private teams can be renamed or this is just UI gubbins?00:54
wallyworldStevenK: just ui01:07
StevenKwallyworld: So you can't use the UI to perform a rename?01:08
wallyworldStevenK: you can once the branch lands01:08
wallyworldfor private teams01:08
wallyworldwhereas before private teams you couldn't01:09
StevenKwallyworld: Then I'd like a test that actually *tests* that. At the moment your test only checks the widgets on the +edit page01:09
StevenKAnd the error conditions01:09
wallyworldStevenK: that's all the doc tests that were replaced by unit tests ecer did01:09
wallyworldthe testing checks that the name field is or is not readonly in the right places01:10
wallyworldie it is read only for those situations where the team cannot be renamed01:11
wallyworldfrom there on, when the user hits Save, it's just a normal domain model update operation01:11
StevenKwallyworld: Even so, you (correctly) removed a test that private teams can not be renamed -- I'd still like to see an end-to-end test where you initialize the +edit view, submit it and assert the team name has changed.01:12
wallyworldbut if the name field is not display only, then existing tests will cover that01:13
wallyworldall we need to test here is whether the name field is display only or not01:13
wallyworldsince that's what the previous functionality did for private teams01:14
wallyworldseems like we would be duplicating tests01:14
StevenKwallyworld: No, existing tests will not. Since the code was previously written to forbid renaming private teams, I find it highly suspect that there is another test for what I'm asking.01:15
wallyworldso you think there is an existng end-end test for private team renaming? there's nothing at the db layer to prevent private teams being renamed (there is for the mailing list restriction though)01:16
wallyworldthe code that was previously written to forbid private team renaming was just inthe view and alit did was disable the name field01:17
StevenKwallyworld: No, I think there is *not* an existing end-to-end test for private team renaming.01:18
wgrantIf you're removing a special case like this, it's probably not immensely beneficial to test the special case that you're removing.01:19
StevenKI'm concerned that something else will pop up during QA01:19
wallyworldi can add an end-end test if you insist but it will be a brand new test - afaik we don't normally test simple crud stuff in the view tests?01:20
wallyworldso it wouldn't be a view test but a test in the model layer?01:23
wallyworldview tests normally just check that the view has rendered correctly and the actions have been wired up?01:24
lifelessanyone up for a simple review ? https://code.launchpad.net/~lifeless/python-oops-wsgi/foru1/+merge/7264001:25
* wallyworld has to go pick up kid from school for orthodontist appointment $$$$ :-(01:26
lifelessStevenK: ^01:29
StevenKYes, yes, I'm already looking01:29
lifelessI couldn't tell01:29
StevenKI'd be worried if you could01:30
StevenKlifeless: So why is there a lone '\' on line 284 of the diff?01:32
lifelessStevenK: that was a test. You pass.01:39
lifelessStevenK: (deleting it ;))01:41
lifelessStevenK: I forgot one commit01:46
lifelessto wire it all up ><. Doing that now01:46
lifelessStevenK: rev 18 pushed - should be able to look at it incrementally anytime now01:57
StevenKlifeless: r=me01:59
StevenKI already voted as approve, so meh02:00
lifelessStevenK: thanks!02:00
lifelessjamesh: python-oops-wsgi 0.0.3 (in trunk now) should have everything02:02
jameshlifeless: looks good.  Have you guys looked at things like SQL statement logging yet? (or any other data collection mechanism)02:10
lifelessjamesh: yes, thats handled via the on_create hooks02:10
jameshadding something to the WSGI environment that could be used to log additional info during the request processing stage could be useful02:11
lifelessjamesh: yes. Another way is thread locals, which is how I'd expect storm glue to be done, given storms global variable tracer implementation02:11
lifelessjamesh: FWIW lp is now running with on_create hooks for its sql gathering02:12
jameshthere was code for that in wsgi-oops, but it probably doesn't make sense to put storm-specific stuff in python-oops02:12
lifelessso tracer -> request_timeline   and in the on_create there is an attach_timeline which grabs the request_timeline (which ends up being a TLS thing) and snarfs it out into th db_statements variable02:13
lifelessjamesh: right, that was one of the headaches I had when considering generalising wsgi-oops02:13
lifelessjamesh: tarballs of 0.0.3 in lp/pypi and the lp download cache (in a minute)02:16
jameshand soon in the Ubuntu archive? :)02:17
lifelessin freeze at the moment02:17
lifelesshopefully one this stabilises a little (e.g. some of the key names are noddy) I can talk to pitti about adsorbing some of apport02:18
lifelessjamesh: so for instance, to do the 404 thing:02:22
lifelessset oops_on_status=['404'] in make_app02:22
lifelessand separate02:22
jameshI read the diff.  What you've added looks pretty good.02:22
lifelessadd to config.filters a callback to decide which 404's you trapped you actually want.02:23
lifelessthat callback might be generic enough with currying that we can put it in -wsgi02:23
lifelessor even (for twisted & zope environments) a common oops-http or even oops itself.02:23
jameshlifeless: for the WSGI case, one issue is that I might not know what oops config the middleware is using.  That is why I was suggesting putting something in the wsgi environment02:24
lifelessjamesh: I don't quite follow how you wouldn't know02:24
jameshdo you suggest storing the config in a global variable somewhere?02:25
lifelessjamesh: perhaps. What bit of code wants to know the config ?02:26
* jamesh should probably read through the rest of the python-oops code02:26
lifelesshttp://bazaar.launchpad.net/~canonical-launchpad-branches/python-oops/trunk/view/head:/oops/createhooks.py is the default hooks02:28
lifelessis the core event notifier02:28
jameshlifeless: so for example, lets say I want to add the Django user name to my OOPS report.  I create a special Django middleware class to run after the auth middleware and read request.user02:30
jameshwhere should I stash that so that it makes it into the OOPS report created by python-oops-wsgi?02:31
lifelessok, so we'd want a on_create hook to grab the data from the context02:32
lifelessstashing the data in the environment would be the easiest thing there02:32
jameshas an example, if python-oops-wsgi added a "oops.data" value to the wsgi environment as a dictionary that would be merged into the new OOPS, it could be as simple as: request.environ['oops.data']['username'] = request.user.username02:32
lifelessdef attach_username(report, context): report['username'] = context.get(wsgi_environ, {}).get('django_user', None)02:33
jameshI suppose I could do my own hook for that, but it seems like it could be a useful addition as a general purpose way of collecting data.02:33
lifelesssure, i can see that02:34
lifelesswith the current rfc822 serializer we're quite limited02:34
lifelessI really want to nuke that, hopefully oops-tools will be using the interface soon and then we're very close to migrating away02:34
james_wdef attach_data(report, context): report.update(context.get(wsgi_environ, {}).get('oops.data', {})) :-)02:34
jameshI understand that.  I'm just saying that the wsgi environment is pretty easily available in Django (and is definitely available if you're doing a plain wsgi app)02:35
jameshrather than doing N different collection methods, we might be able to provide one that can be used for many simple cases.02:36
lifelessjamesh: yes, I'm in favour of that.02:38
jameshI would be able to rewrite the hacky traceback capture code U1 is using at the moment to work with that kind of API02:38
jameshto work without patched Django02:38
jameshrequest.environ['oops.data']['exc_info'] = exc_info02:39
lifelesswe need to decide if it goes into the oops context, or the report directly.02:39
=== jtv-afk is now known as jtv
lifelessthat exc_info example would make sense for going into the context.02:39
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lifelesspehraps two variables02:40
lifelessoops.report oops.context02:40
lifelessinclude a default hook in install_hooks to copy oops.report verbatim02:40
lifelessand do an update of the context from oops.context.02:40
lifelessnote that the rfc822 serializer drops anything unknown on the floor :( so need to work within that for the mean time - but you probably already are.02:41
jameshagain, I haven't read all of your new oops code yet.  I'd probably be a bit more coherent if I had02:41
lifelessyou're making plenty of sense.02:42
jameshWhile arbitrary data collection would be nice (and hopefully we can support it with a new report format), I'd be happy with a simple way to collect the standard data from deep in the request02:43
lifelessI need to context swtich for a bit02:43
lifelesscare to file a bug?02:43
jameshlifeless: filed: https://bugs.launchpad.net/python-oops-wsgi/+bug/83247703:08
_mup_Bug #832477: Provide a simple way to capture oops info from deep in the request <python-oops-wsgi:New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/832477 >03:08
lifelessStevenK: can I bug you for a follow-on ? https://code.launchpad.net/~lifeless/python-oops-wsgi/foru1/+merge/7264903:49
LPCIBotProject db-devel build #819: STILL FAILING in 5 hr 55 min: https://lpci.wedontsleep.org/job/db-devel/819/03:55
nigelbhm, when is next push to production?04:07
mwhudsonnigelb: wgrant will laugh at you shortly04:08
mwhudsonnigelb: in seriousness, i think there are quite a stack of revisions due to be deployed04:08
wgrantThere's around 60 revisions waiting to be deployed.04:09
nigelbmwhudson: hehe, oh QAblocking?04:09
wgrantCurrently held up by the buildbot slaves being contaminated by some nasty substances.04:09
lifelesswgrant: thats worth noting to the list I think04:10
wgrantlifeless: I was hoping it would be resolved before EOD.04:10
wgrantBut if it is not, I might notify the list.04:10
lifelesseven if it is04:11
nigelbOk, timeto find another bug to work on.04:11
lifelesshelps folk be aware of what caused grief/headaches04:11
lifelessdoesn't need to be a -long- message ;)04:11
nigelbSubject: Deployment blocked by something nasty on buildbot slaves<EOM>04:12
LPCIBotProject devel build #988: STILL FAILING in 5 hr 33 min: https://lpci.wedontsleep.org/job/devel/988/04:22
lifelessmwhudson: ping04:26
lifelessmwhudson: how do you spell 'pick an ephemeral port' for .tac files04:26
mwhudsonlifeless: specify 0 as the port number maybe?  not sure though04:27
lifelessand this will make folk weep04:27
lifelessin the config we specify 0 as the port04:27
lifelessstart the service04:27
lifelessthen rewrite the config with the real port. Win!04:27
lifeless+ parser to get the ports out of the readyservice handler I guess.04:28
lifelessStevenK: hi04:39
StevenKlifeless: Hm?04:39
lifelessSlightly off-topic, but every time I try to subscribe someone to a bug04:39
lifelessreport, the first time fails with "() Couldn't get subscriber details04:39
lifeless15:49 < lifeless> StevenK: can I bug you for a follow-on ? https://code.launchpad.net/~lifeless/python-oops-wsgi/foru1/+merge/7264904:39
StevenKlifeless: No. You've reached your branch limit.04:39
lifeless1 is the limit ?04:40
StevenKI didn't specify the duration04:40
lifelessheh. So are you serious or teasing?04:41
StevenKSeriously teasing? :-P04:41
StevenKlifeless: No real comments, r=me04:42
* StevenK grumbles at Jenkins faulures04:43
lifelessjamesh: ok, so thats in place. I'm going to hold off releasing for a day or two, let you see what else is needed.04:43
StevenKlifeless: Oh, did you bump the version, or no point?04:44
lifelessStevenK: I didn't04:45
lifelessStevenK: waiting for more feedback from jamesh :)04:45
wgrantStevenK: That's interesting. The hg equivalent of those failed with a timeout or something on buildbot this morning.04:46
StevenKI suspect the only failures we're left with are races or other buggy stuff04:51
jtvwallyworld: you're approved.05:39
wallyworldjtv: excellent, thanks05:39
jtvStevenK: very simple review?  https://code.launchpad.net/~jtv/launchpad/fix-more-utilities/+merge/7266605:40
StevenKjtv: I'm concerned about the clonePackages() change05:42
jtvStevenK: but taunts aside (sorry), what's the problem with it?05:43
StevenKjtv: It seems I had misremembered -- r=me05:44
StevenKjtv: Please don't land it yet05:44
jtvThanks.  You were right to be concerned about it, but I think the change I made here isn't the problem.05:45
jtvWhy not land it?05:46
StevenKjtv: Because we have a large amount of revisions to deploy, and wgrant and I would prefer people consider devel "soft-frozen" so we can get into a deployable state.05:47
jtvFair enough.05:47
wgrantLet's not try to break the record of 4 interlocked reversions.05:48
lifelessso I shouldn't r=me the upgrade to wsgi-oops 0.0.3 ?05:48
wgrantOr was it 5.05:48
lifelessbah oops-wsgi05:48
lifelesscause you know you want me to05:48
wgrantyes, after all that testing you did on loggerhead :P05:48
lifelesssomething like that05:49
StevenKwgrant: I think 405:50
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StevenKwgrant: It looks like DSP.latest_overall_component can die horribly06:23
wgrantHmmm, that is a surprise.06:27
wgrantThat sort of thing is still used a bit, but apparently not that one.06:27
StevenK+0/-8 makes me a little happy06:28
StevenKjtv: Tiny MP for you: https://code.launchpad.net/~stevenk/launchpad/lose-dsp-loc/+merge/7267606:34
StevenKwgrant: That also removes components from DSP06:36
wgrantStevenK: Ah, most stuff uses latest_overall_publication.component.06:39
lifelessso it turns out06:47
lifelessour keyserver implementation is much more than we use06:47
lifelessit has a human play-with-me interface06:47
lifelesswhich I doubt anyone has used in 3 years06:47
lifelessjamesh: I dunno if you've had a chance to look at python-oops-wsgi tip, but if you have feedback is solicted ;)06:48
jameshlifeless: I looked at the merge proposal you attached to the bug report, and it looked pretty good.06:49
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lifelessjamesh: that djano specific bug, I'm not sure its actionable in python-oops-wsgi, is it ?06:51
lifelesslike, if upstream reject it and the log hacking route is still needed, that isn't a generic wsgi glue, its django specific06:52
jameshlifeless: probably not, after having investigated it.06:52
lifelesshow would you feel about marking it invalid in oops-wsgi?06:52
jameshlifeless: and I think we could do equivalent hacks to what we currently do using the oops.report/oops.context extensions.06:53
jameshunless you want a tracking bug for "python-oops-wsgi should work with django apps"06:53
jameshI'll leave that up to you though.06:53
lifelessi think it can do that with the upstream task06:53
lifelessjamesh: thanks very much for kicking the tires on this beast06:56
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jtvStevenK: I'm looking at your review—sorry, everybody bothering me at once.07:31
jtvStevenK: done07:32
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adeuringgood morning07:50
jtvhi adeuring08:03
adeuringhi jtv!08:03
nigelbGood Morning!08:20
jtvadeuring, you may be the best person to deal with this: my experimental interfaces checker found one or two small mismatches in HWDB utilities.08:25
lifelessok, calling it. see you all tomorrow08:30
bigjoolswgranted (n): to roll back a bad commit08:31
jtvadeuring: canonical.launchpad.systemhomes.HWDBApplication does not fully implement lp.hardwaredb.interfaces.hwdb.IHWDBApplication: the title attribute was not provided.08:31
adeuringjtv: argh08:31
lifelessbigjools: (vt) surely08:32
jtvIt's not serious, but it is the sort of thing I want to automate checking against.08:32
adeuringright, i can look into this08:32
jtv(ahem, I'm talking to adeuring here)08:32
bigjoolslifeless: it's too early to think about verbs and nouns and I've only had one sip of coffee08:32
lifelessearly hah!08:32
lifelesswe can talk early at the TL meeting :)08:33
jtvadeuring: thanks.  The other one was HWSubmissionDeviceSet.create having too many parameters, but if that was a "self" then I've got a fix in EC2.08:33
bigjools2 hours kip all night, feels like I've not actually been to bed :)08:33
lifelessstub: any word on pgbouncer?08:33
lifelessbigjools: ugh08:33
lifelessbigjools: kids ?08:33
bigjoolsI wish it were but no08:33
bigjoolsmedical issues ...08:34
stublifeless: same same. Waiting on the config file rollout, which is really frustrating when I keep seeing these NDT rollouts happening.08:34
stublifeless: Think we need to bump the priority to 90?08:34
lifelessI'm not quite there yet.08:34
lifelessI will ping mthaddon now - he's said its getting worked on this week08:34
wgrantThere's still a lot of puppet breakage right now.08:35
wgrantSeveral hosts failed to roll out.08:35
lifelessnot unexpected tho08:36
mthaddonyeah, there's a puppet branch in progress that should fix it08:36
wgrantGreat, thanks.08:36
wgrantThen i guess I should RT the rest of the cronspam.08:37
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StevenKwgrant: buildbot done, waiting for asuka09:30
LPCIBotProject devel build #989: STILL FAILING in 5 hr 26 min: https://lpci.wedontsleep.org/job/devel/989/09:48
pooliemrevell: i'm glad the bugs page is going to get some love10:13
pooliei wonder if some of the ones you're retagging may be better off with a task-oriented view rather than getting the user to customize them though10:14
mrevellpoolie, Hey there, at the moment I'm tagging anything that could fall in the scope of our "customisable bug search columns" project, which is coming up next. I'm not sure what you mean by a "task-oriented view". Could you help me understand,please?10:23
pooliefor instance, if i ask about inprogress bugs, the assignee is likely to be relevant10:25
poolieif i ask about new bugs, the heat is more likely to be relevant10:25
poolieif i ask for bugs sorted by #affected, the #affected is probably interesting10:25
mrevellOh, yes, I see.10:25
pooliei don't know if this actually works but istm it is at least indicated by some of the bugs and comments10:25
poolieit's a chance to do better than the typical nerdy "you can configure every possible query, why aren't you happy" :)10:26
poolieit may be too hard to predict what people want to see10:26
mrevellHeh. I like the idea. I think that some user research could come up with some pointers towards what people want to see.10:27
mrevellI was the QA CoP sprint for a day last week and it seems they have some  scenarios where they need particular info; they've partially solved that with a Greasemonkey script so far10:27
jmlwere it me, I'd still try to provide the 'customizable columns on advanced search' feature first10:28
poolie'by milestone' is especially poignant because it doesn't show you the milestones10:28
poolieperhaps adding the generic thing first is better, it's just an idea i was reminded of seeing them go past10:30
mrevelljml, Yeah, agreed, poolie's idea seems to me to build on that. A set of canned customisations, almost ... for want of a better way of describing it.10:30
poolieconfiguration plus sensibel defaults10:30
jmlfwiw, the reason it's been scheduled next is because it was requested by a bunch of stakeholders. it's also the first feature we've had in the feature queue that isn't massive.10:32
jmlfor my part, more than privacy or derived distros or whatever, I think that each week spent on it is another week without, say, a combined issue tracker.10:34
jmlbut maybe it's better to improve the default bug searches10:34
wgrantMmmm, the last two features didn't need to be massive.10:34
jmlnot my place to say, and I don't really have an thought out opinion.10:34
wgrantThey could have been split into several each.10:34
wgrantBut I guess they'd been hanging around for three years and needed to be dealt with :/10:35
wgrantAt least they're nearly done now.10:35
jmlwgrant: basically, I agree with what you just said. :)10:35
jmlprivacy seems not nearly done, but maybe that's just because project pages aren't being updated.10:35
wgrantIt's barely started.10:35
wgrantBut DDs is nearly done sort of maybe.10:36
jml80% done, 80% to go?10:48
jelmerpoolie: before I forget, are you happy for me to land the import of the other three tools from ubuntu-dev-tools in lptools as well?10:48
poolieyes, thanks!10:48
pooliei wonder if it ought to be mentioned on u-devel or something10:49
poolieor perhaps it can be just handled through dpkg dependencies10:49
poolieto make sure people don't see those tools just disappear10:49
jelmerpoolie: We were going to handle it through dependencies (add a Recommends: lptools)10:50
pooliewfm, thanks10:50
jelmerwe'll need a new upload of lptools to Debian as well though (ubuntu-dev-tools is in Debian)10:50
* jelmer looks at lifeless10:50
pooliedon't rely on mail to humans to do what machines can d10:50
pooliecan i persuade someone to make a release of lp:restfulclient to get the fix for bug 626960 out?10:51
_mup_Bug #626960: Collection dictionary access incorrectly folds all HTTP errors to KeyError <lazr.restfulclient:Fix Committed by mbp> <Ubuntu Distributed Development:In Progress by mbp> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/626960 >10:51
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cjwatsonwhat am I doing wrong to get http://paste.ubuntu.com/673718/ from buildmailman.py?11:05
cjwatsonlib/lp/services/mailman/monkeypatches/defaults.py exists; lib/canonical/launchpad/mailman/monkeypatches/defaults.py doesn't11:05
bigjoolscjwatson: you might need to make clean;make11:06
cjwatsontrying that, thanks11:06
bigjoolsthat's guess, don't shoot me if it doesn't work :)11:06
* cjwatson nods11:06
mwhudson__shoot barry instead!11:07
matsubarabigjools, hi :-)11:09
bigjoolsmatsubara: ok so ""Parent series has sources waiting in its upload queues that match your selection, see help text for more information." means that there's stuff in +queue11:10
bigjoolsthe help text doesn't exist - yet :)11:10
matsubarabigjools, right. it's in my notes to file a bug about that help text11:10
bigjoolsmatsubara: we recently added extra checks to make sure that you cannot init from a series that has builds or binaries in +queue that match the sources you're copying11:11
matsubarabigjools, is there any way for me to cancel whatever is in +queue so I can play with the initialization?11:11
cjwatsonbigjools: excellent, thanks, that seems to have worked11:11
bigjoolsmatsubara: check with rvba, he's doing some QA.  Otherwise, pick different packagesets.11:11
matsubaraah, so if I choose different sources that those in the +queue, I should be able to initialize?11:11
bigjoolscjwatson: the Windows approach.....11:11
matsubaragood. thanks!11:11
matsubarabigjools, I don't see anything here: https://qastaging.launchpad.net/testbuntu/foo/+queue. is it another +queue page?11:14
matsubaraI tried all the filters and they return nothing11:15
jmljelmer: great stuff btw.11:17
bigjoolsmatsubara: it's the parent's queue11:27
matsubarabigjools, ah right. I tried with natty as the parent and the series initialized successfully. thanks!11:30
bigjoolsmatsubara: do you understand what is happening?11:30
matsubarabigjools, I understood the check, don't know why it's in place though.11:31
bigjoolsmatsubara: that's what we'll explain in the help text :)11:32
matsubaraif the parent has the same packagesets queued, it won't allow derived ones to be initialized with the same packages. is that right?11:32
matsubaraah, cool!11:32
bigjoolsmatsubara: it's packages that matter, not packagesets11:33
bigjoolsbut basically if there's a pending build upload or a build in progress, you can't inherit it11:33
matsubaraunfortunately I can't see https://qastaging.launchpad.net/ubuntu/oneiric/+queue as it's timing out.11:34
bigjoolsyes that page is a PITA11:34
matsubararight. is that because would be a waste of resources to initialize from a old, previously built for that parent series, given that we know there's a new build in progress?11:35
bigjoolsmatsubara: not exactly - the problem is that you get complications later because you built your own binaries that will differ from the ones the parent compiled11:36
matsubarabigjools, ok. and could we not schedule the initialization to fire automatically after the in progress ones are finished? or this adds too much complexity to the use case?11:37
bigjoolsmatsubara: way too much :)11:40
jelmerjml: thanks, which stuff? :)11:40
matsubarabigjools, :-)11:40
jmljelmer: getting rid of lptools stuff from ubuntu-dev-tools11:41
jelmerjml: ah11:41
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wgrantrvba: Will you be able to QA bug #826870 today?11:49
_mup_Bug #826870: native syncs from Debian non-free default to Ubuntu universe <derivation> <qa-needstesting> <Launchpad itself:Fix Committed by rvb> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/826870 >11:49
stubWe reverted bzr to 2.3 ? Looking at the merge conflict stable -> db-devel11:50
wgrantstub: I believe 2.4 is still only in db-devel.11:50
wgrantFor testing on staging.11:50
jelmerstub: no, but db-devel has 2.4 for testing11:50
wgrantjelmer: ^^11:50
stubTa. I'll keep db-devel on 2.4 then.11:50
rvbawgrant: for that I would need my changes to make it into db-devel (I need to test that on DF)11:51
wgrantrvba: stub should be arranging that as we speak.11:51
wgrantrvba: But you can always merge devel on DF.11:51
jelmeris there any news on pgbouncer and when staging will be updated?11:52
wgrantjelmer: The next staging update is meant to work.11:52
wgrantIf it hasn't disabled itself due to failures...11:52
wgrantSomewhat concerningly, it stopped logging 9 days ago.11:52
wgrantstub: Do you know what's going on there?11:52
wgrantstub: Doesn't look like it's going to retry, so the sudo access isn't much good.11:53
wgrant(looking at https://staging.launchpad.net/successful-updates.txt)11:53
stublosa ping: Lock needing to be killed for staging updates to work again?11:53
rvbawgrant: *I* cannot since I don't have shell access to DF ;). But I'll QA this as soon as r13769 is included into db-devel then.11:53
wgrantrvba: Ah, forgot that detail.11:54
rvbawgrant: I'll monitor db-devel and ask you to update DF and restart it when my changes will be db-devel.11:56
wgrantrvba: Sure.11:56
cjwatsonCould somebody with access update the EC2 test images (https://dev.launchpad.net/EC2Test/Image)?  There was some discussion about it on #soyuz but it was inconclusive12:02
StevenKcjwatson: I've done so12:11
wgrantstub: You're not in the access list...12:11
wgrantStevenK: ^^12:11
StevenKcjwatson: I'm waiting for a deployment, and then I'll land my branch that adds me to VALID_AMI_OWNERS12:11
StevenK(As well as two others)12:12
StevenKrvba: Or you could just ask for your branch to merge anyway12:14
wgrantDF is currently restarting...12:14
StevenKWell, duh. If it's on the deployment report, it's certainly in db-devel12:15
StevenK(The duh is at me for being a numpty.)12:15
wgrantStevenK: Not necessarily.12:15
wgrantStevenK: There was a conflict.12:15
wgrantSitting around for a few hours until stub resolved it a few minutes ago.12:16
StevenKAgain? That's like the fourth in 2 days.12:16
wgrantWe haven't merged db-devel for several weeks.12:16
wgrant6.5 weeks, in fact.12:16
StevenKThe proposal to merge lp:~jtv/launchpad/fix-more-utilities into lp:launchpad has been updated.12:17
StevenK    Status: Approved => Merged12:17
StevenKAnd he's not here. How convient.12:18
StevenKWho can I yell at now? :-(12:18
wgrantMeh, it was harmless.12:19
wgrantIf need be we can kill buildbot.12:19
wgrantrvba: dogfood should have your rev now.12:19
StevenKAnd then gary has 3 revisions of QA.12:21
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StevenKAnd bac12:21
nigelbBuildbot b0rk is fixed?12:22
bacStevenK: mine is easy...doing it now12:23
StevenKnigelb: Yes12:23
StevenKgary_poster: O HAI! You haz two lots of QA to do so we can deploy many many lots revisions.12:35
jelmerjust when I thought I was getting the hang of strine12:36
StevenK"many many lots" is from one of the Discworld books12:37
jelmerouch, now I am embarrassed12:37
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StevenKWhere many many lots in this instance is 45 revisions12:38
rvbawgrant: Thanks for the heads up.12:39
jelmerStevenK: that is indeed quite a few12:39
gary_posterStevenK, ack, on it12:40
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rvbawgrant: I'm trying to QA #826870 and think I need your intervention: I've called """archive.copyPackage(source_name="emacs23-non-dfsg", version="23.3+1-1", from_archive=from_archive, to_pocket='release', to_series=oneiric.name)"""12:58
_mup_Bug #826870: native syncs from Debian non-free default to Ubuntu universe <derivation> <qa-needstesting> <Launchpad itself:Fix Committed by rvb> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/826870 >12:58
rvbaBut now I suppose the job needs to run on DF.12:58
rvbawgrant: could you please do that for me?12:58
wgrantrvba: It's hopefully running now.13:01
rvbawgrant: Thank you, I'll see if my package shows up in oneiric's queue.13:01
wgrantrvba: Ah, it actually runs automatically every 2 minutes.13:03
wgrantemacs23-non-dfsg 23.3+1-1 in wheezy (same version has unpublished binaries in the destination archive for Oneiric, please wait for them to be published before copying)13:03
* StevenK prepares a bug list13:03
StevenK45 revisions, 2 rollbacks, 31 bugs13:03
rvbawgrant: Ok, I'll find another package from non-free. Thanks again.13:04
nigelbStevenK: *wheee* :)13:05
StevenKnigelb: One of them is your four-digit bug closure ...13:07
nigelbStevenK: I know! I'm waiting ernestly and patiently to see it marked Fix Released.13:08
deryckMorning, all.13:12
rvbawgrant: done: qa-ok13:19
cjwatsonStevenK: the archiveuploader tests all pass for me with dpkg-xz-support and updated launchpad-dependencies, FYI13:20
StevenKcjwatson: Excellent.13:20
cjwatsonI thought that would be the case but had to check ...13:20
StevenKabentley: QA! You're lucky last.13:22
abentleyStevenK: take a pill13:23
StevenKabentley: I'm perfectly calm. But I'd like to deploy before I go to bed, and that time is fast approaching13:24
abentleyStevenK: my work day just started, and I am in fact investigating wgrant's QA of my work.13:24
dobeyany code hosting/reviews masters around? i am seeing a very odd issue that i'm trying to debug. there is a branch proposed for merge into another, but the target thinks it has no proposals.13:29
deryckadeuring, ping for standup.13:31
adeuringderyck: oops thanks13:32
dobeymaking it very hard for tarmac to land this branch :(13:32
abentleyStevenK: qa done.13:42
matsubaraabentley, that's bug 82946013:43
_mup_Bug #829460: TypeError: object of type 'NoneType' has no len() loading qastaging oops report <OOPS Tools:Triaged by matsubara> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/829460 >13:43
StevenKabentley: Thanks!13:43
abentleymatsubara: okay.13:44
matsubaraabentley, I'll try to get that fixed this week.13:44
matsubarabigjools, does the series initialization process needs a script to run to successfully complete?13:47
matsubarabigjools, on qastaging I mean13:47
jambenji: are you around? (I'm not sure what your regular work schedule is)13:50
benjijam: yep, I'm here13:50
jambenji: just wondering if you worked out some of the loggerhead stuff or not.13:50
jamit sounds like it got put on the back burner13:51
jambut I figured I could try to help out13:51
benjiI'm working on it now.  I may have some questions in a couple of minutes.13:51
benjijam: when I try to push with a specified port number I get a connection refused: http://paste.ubuntu.com/673831/13:54
benjibut when I remove the port number I get a password prompt but the user's LP password doesn't work13:54
jambenji: are you running raw on your machine, not in a vm, etc?13:54
jambenji: well you probably have openssh running on your machine13:54
jamso it makes sense that you can get a password prompt13:55
benjijam: it's in a VM13:55
benjiah, I forgot that bzr+ssh runs over the normal ssh port13:55
jambenji: then 'localhost' doesn't make sense, or are you running that in the VM as well13:55
benjijam: I am13:55
jambut certainly the VM is running openssh, or you wouldn't be connected13:55
benjito clarify: I'm running these commands in a shell on the VM13:56
bigjoolsmatsubara: yes13:57
bigjoolsmatsubara: we're not running the DD scripts on staging yet until the new hardware arrives13:57
jambenji: so you have to use "bzr+ssh://user@"13:58
jamit doesn't bind to all addresses13:58
jam'localhost' usually resolves to I think13:58
matsubarabigjools, can you run them for me? Or it can't be run on the current hardware?13:58
jamI set up an ssh config alias, and forgot about it13:58
benjijam: progress!  It's complaining about not having an ssh key now, I'll add my public key to the user I'm using13:59
benjijam: hmm: http://paste.ubuntu.com/673840/14:01
jamsort of14:01
jamwhat command are you running to run the host?14:01
jam(to run launchpad + codehosting)14:02
jamIn the past, I've seen that failure when the Twisted ssh service is running, but the LPForkingService is not14:02
jamI think "make run_codehosting" should be enough, though.14:02
wgrantbenji: I found that the forking socket is sometimes left around. rm /var/tmp/launchpad_forking_service.sock and make run_codehosting again14:03
wgrantbenji: You can also use 'utilities/make-lp-user $yourusername' to create a user with the name and your SSH key.14:03
benjiwgrant: killing the socket and restarting worked!14:04
* benji needs to write this down somewhere.14:04
wgrantbenji: The service will fail to create it if it already exists.14:04
wgrantI guess it should try to remove it.14:05
bigjoolsmatsubara: I can't run them personally, you need to poke a losa14:06
bigjoolsmatsubara: this one will init the new series: cronscripts/run_jobs.py -vv initializedistroseries14:06
benjijam (or wgrant): now when I visit http://bazaar.launchpad.dev/~name16/+junk/1/files I get redirected to https://launchpad.dev/14:06
matsubarabigjools, will do. thanks!14:06
benjioh, maybe I need to kick off a branch scan14:07
jambenji: try bazaar.launchpad.dev:8080 (still in the VM)?14:07
matsubarabigjools, how long should it take approximately?14:07
wgrantbenji: Restart apache.14:07
jambenji: shouldn't need a scan for loggerhead14:07
bigjoolsmatsubara: how many packages did you copy?14:07
wgrantbenji: branch-rewrite probably isn't running (it's a LP script run by apache, yeah, a bit evil)14:07
benjijam: adding the port worked (no I generally run my browser on my host, not the VM)14:08
matsubarabigjools, I initialized 2 series, both derived from Natty, one with the core package set and the second only with the kernel. the first series is set to copies the packages while the second to rebuild the packages14:08
benjiwgrant: thanks, I'll try that14:08
jambenji: If you run :8080 it goes directly to the loggerhead process. Apache proxies it14:08
bigjoolsmatsubara: should be quick-ish, probably 15-30m14:08
benjijam: gotcha14:09
matsubarabigjools, great! thank you14:09
wgrantbigjools: That's almost /Quotes worthy.14:09
benjithe apache restart got the proxying working14:09
benjijam: thanks much; now I just need to reproduce the original race and then verify that my branch fixes it14:09
bigjoolswgrant: /me waving hand around furiously14:09
jambenji: right. So if you have the original code, "make run_codehosting" and load something that is 'slow' in 2 browser windows should work14:10
jamThe key, is that after the *first* request succeeds, generally you have no more lazy-import objects around14:10
benjioh, it doesn't have to be a loggerhead request per se?14:11
jambenji: it needs to be a request on loggerhead, such that you get 2 of them at the same tim.14:13
jamso the first time a loggerhead instance comes up, it gets > 1 request immediately14:13
jamwell, I should say14:13
jamwhenever it gets 1 request, there is already a second request.14:14
jam(the first request)14:14
benjijam: hmm, I'm having trouble getting an exception; I have http://bazaar.launchpad.dev:8080/~name16/+junk/1/files loaded in five tabs, I stop and restart codehosting, and tell firefox to reload all tabs; all of them load fine and there are no errors reported on stdout14:21
benjiI'm trying now with ab doing 10 concurrent requests.14:22
henningederyck, abentley: bad news, the problem already existed in my last branch, so it will break js on some pages but I don't know how badly.14:24
wgranthenninge: Should the rollout be aborted?14:24
henningewgrant: oh, are we having a roll-out?14:24
abentleyhenninge: oh dear.14:24
deryckhenninge, "the problem" ?  What is the problem?  And yeah, should we abort and do a rollback?14:25
henningeI thought that was held off14:25
wgranthenninge: It is in progress.14:25
wgrantWe've been holding off for a week now :)14:25
henningewgrant: let me check how bad the breakage is.14:25
deryckhenninge, what is the problem exactly?14:25
deryckhenninge, not including the mockio from testing?14:26
henningeimporting from app/testing14:26
henningeit is, yes14:26
wgranthenninge: If it is rollout-blocking-critical, you need to revert it now.14:26
wgrantWe have already got two reverts and 50 revisions in the pipeline; we cannot afford to risk a fix.14:26
wgrantAnd also poke someone to abort the rollout :)14:26
henningewgrant: np, nothing depends on it.14:26
deryckhenninge, yeah, what wgrant said :)  abort the rollout, revert, and land it correctly.14:27
wgrantDon't land it correctly until we are safely rolled out and confirmed good.14:27
henningewgrant: it hadn't started yet.14:28
wgrantAh, good.14:28
wgrantAnyway, you have 90 minutes to land the revert.14:28
wgrantBefore the next buildbot run.14:28
=== wgrant changed the topic of #launchpad-dev to: please avoid landing things before we've rolled out -- qa is a mess right now | https://dev.launchpad.net/ | On call reviewer: StevenK, jtv | Critical bugs: 238 - 0:[#######=]:256
deryckwgrant, I don't follow why we should avoid landing things?  not arguing, just not sure I see what not landing gets us.14:30
wgrantderyck: Landing gets us into this situation.14:30
wgrantWe now have three chained rollbacks, making around 55 revisions undeployable.14:31
deryckwgrant, how does a new rev get us into this?  marking qa-ok when it's not gets us into this, no?14:31
wgrantderyck: If there is another bad rev in there, and people land stuff before we can detect and roll it back, we can then not deploy until all those new revisions are QAed, and we have to hope they are not bad.14:32
wgrantThe last three times this has happened this week, one of those revisions has been bad.14:32
wgrantSo we end up in a chain of non-deployability, and have to deploy a week of work in a very risky and difficult to roll back operation.14:32
wgrantThat is, we now have: ... bad revision a ... bad revision b ... rollback a ... bad revision c ... rollback b ... rollback c14:33
wgrantNothing between bad revision a and rollback c can be deployed.14:34
* deryck is thinking14:36
wgrantBasically, we need a more thorough, quicker test suite, so QA is less important and able to be done more quickly.14:36
deryckwgrant, I don't think saying "stop landing things" is the right way to fix this.  if we feel it's serious enough to stop landings, then we should block the builders merging to stable while we sort it out.14:37
deryckwgrant, and completely agree we need a quicker test suite :)14:37
wgrantIt's half-past midnight and I'm not sure I can be bothered walking a LOSA through reconfiguring PQM.14:38
wgrantBut I also don't want to break the rollback record.14:38
wgrantWe currently have more than 6 days of work blocked.14:40
wgrantBy the time this is fixed, it'll be 7.14:40
wgrantAny more breakage that lands in the meantime will take it over 8.14:40
wgrantAnd large deployments have a very bad track record of reliability.14:40
deryckwgrant, I take the seriousness of it.  I don't think changing the topic here is the way to fix it.  I'll start a thread on the launchpad-dev list taking up the issue there if that's cool with you.14:42
deryckwgrant, cool.  thanks for the chat about it.14:42
wgrantReconfiguring PQM is heavyweight and awkward, so I am reluctant to do it.14:42
deryckcompletely understand.14:42
=== deryck changed the topic of #launchpad-dev to: deployment is a mess right now, be cautious or avoid landings until fixed | https://dev.launchpad.net/ | On call reviewer: StevenK, jtv | Critical bugs: 238 - 0:[#######=]:256
benjijam: ok, I think I'm now able to reproduce the race, but I'd like to make sure this 500 is the one I'm looking for, where does loggerhead log errors?14:46
dobeyderyck: congratulations. i choose you! there seems to be an issue with merge proposals, and private branches?14:48
deryckdobey, ok, rockstar is also telling me something similar.14:51
rockstardobey,  I'm already chatting with deryck about it.14:52
wgrantPossibly r1371614:52
deryckI wonder if our aborted rollout is somehow to blame, or a bad landing.14:52
wgrantIf it was a regression just today.14:52
wgrantWe deploy 13715-13727 today.14:52
rockstarWell, I don't know if it's a regression just for today.14:52
rockstarAt some point, we did have a test that covered this situation.14:52
dobeyi am pretty sure it's a regression just for today14:53
dobeyat least, today is when i get people asking me about it :)14:53
rockstarYeah, today is also when we noticed (it breaks tarmac's ability to find things to land)14:53
wgrantdanilo_: ^^14:54
deryckwgrant, and is the rollback of r13716 in the stuff we aborted?14:54
deryckwgrant, or no one knows r13716 is bad?14:54
deryckI'm guessing this is new, just looking at qa pages and bzr logs.14:55
wgrantderyck: 13716 is not known to be bad, but is very relevant.14:56
deryckI understand now.  Thanks, wgrant.14:56
wgrantIt was deployed today, and alters the MP privacy code.14:56
wgrantWoo, #4/14:56
wgrantGoing for the record.14:56
deryckabentley, it seems merge proposals and private branches have an issue now.  see scrollback.  Can you take this issue, open an incident report, and start tracking down what's going on?14:58
wgrantIt would be excellent if it was diagnosed and rolled back in the next 60 minutes :)14:59
wgrantBut it is 1am, so I should really leave again.14:59
abentleyderyck: looking...14:59
deryckwgrant, go sleep. :) we got it.14:59
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deryckabentley, thanks!15:00
wgrantThanks abentley, deryck.15:00
* wgrant sleeps.15:00
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sinzuimrevell, I fell off IRC and you may have thought I was off this week15:05
mrevellsinzui, Company calendar says you are :)15:06
sinzuiI am pretty sure I am off next week15:06
henningeabentley: what was it that I had to do to keep the rollback-revision from removing my stuff next time I merge devel?15:09
henningeis it bzr revert --forget-merges ?15:10
abentleyhenninge: merge the revision immediately before the rollback; commit; merge the rollback revision, do "bzr revert ."; commit.15:10
henningeoh, the ".", right.15:10
henningeabentley: thanks15:10
abentleyhenninge: np15:11
abentleyderyck: this preloading stuff is not my forté.15:11
deryckabentley, so we need a db/preloading expert to jump in here?15:12
abentleyderyck: that would help, yes.  Also, we could use a test that used to pass, but fails now.15:12
deryckabentley, I would have recommended allenap help, but he is afk.15:13
* deryck looks around more....15:13
mrevellsinzui, otp just now, ping you in a mo15:13
abentleyrockstar: can you give me an idea what test I need to write to detect this issue?15:14
deryckabentley, yeah, let's pursue that angle, i.e. finding a test to confirm, and I'll look at the suspect rev more closely with you here in a second.15:15
dobeyabentley: we have merge proposals that are generally fine, except the target doesn't think it has any merges proposed for it. and this seems to only affect private branches.15:16
rockstarabentley, it appears that a private branch doesn't have any landing candidates even though there are merge proposals.15:16
abentleyrockstar: do we know whether all users are affected, or just Tarmac?15:17
rockstarabentley, it appears that even the website is affected.15:17
rockstarSo you can look at the Branch Merges section of a branch page and see that they are missing.15:18
abentleyrockstar: okay, so it sounds like the view check is broken, then15:19
mrevellsinzui, Are you available to talk now?15:20
bachi bigjools, would you have a moment for a preimp call about a build recipe bug?15:23
bigjoolsbac: I am not an expert on recipes but I can try15:23
bacbigjools: i'm looking at bug 82891415:24
_mup_Bug #828914: +request-daily-build oops with an AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'published_archives' <oops> <recipe> <Launchpad itself:In Progress by bac> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/828914 >15:24
bacbigjools: skype?15:24
bigjoolsor I am already on mumble15:24
baci haven't used mumble in a while and may take some setup15:25
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deryckabentley, did you start and incident report yet?15:39
abentleyderyck: no.15:40
deryckabentley, I'll start one and update topics.15:40
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=== al-maisan is now known as almaisan-away
mtaylorany of you guys run wiki.ubuntu.org?15:45
=== deryck changed the topic of #launchpad-dev to: deployment is a mess right now, be cautious or avoid landings until fixed; abentley looking into issues with merge proposals and private branches | https://dev.launchpad.net/ | On call reviewer: StevenK, jtv | Critical bugs: 238 - 0:[#######=]:256
mtaylorand/or have any idea how they integrated it with login.ubnutu.com?15:46
deryckmtaylor, no, not us.  maybe ask in #ubuntu-devel?15:46
beunomtaylor, it's a moin open id plugin15:46
deryckabentley, I started https://wiki.canonical.com/IncidentReports/2011-08-24-LP-merge-proposals-and-private-branches15:47
deryckabentley, it's a skeleton, but I'll fill in what we know now.15:47
mtaylorbeuno: thanks!15:50
mtaylorbeuno: wow. that's so not open source :)15:51
beunomtaylor, it is AFAIK15:56
* beuno looks15:56
abentleyderyck, rockstar: does this test look like it would pass if the error is fixed? http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/673926/15:58
beunoflacoste, ping. The moin-openid page says you have the task of looking to open sourcing15:59
beunoany ideas on where that's stalled?15:59
flacostebeuno: really!!?!15:59
flacostebeuno: i don't know, that's now owned by ISD, I'd ask maris or stuartm16:00
beunoflacoste, that's what this says in the comment: https://launchpad.net/moin-openid16:00
deryckabentley, as I understand the problem, yes, I think that's good.  I'll wait on rockstar to say for sure, though.16:00
beunothanks flacoste, I'll chase them16:00
abentleyderyck: I've gone back 400 revisions and it's not passing.16:01
beunomtaylor, it seems we're not using that anymore, the plugin is now in upstream as of moin 1.916:01
deryckabentley, hmmm, that doesn't sound good then.  can't be correct.16:02
mtaylorbeuno: oh neat!16:02
abentleyrockstar: are you using getMergeProposals or landing_candidates?16:02
beunomtaylor, if you run into problems integrating into login.u.c, you can head over to #canonical-isd16:03
rockstarabentley, landing_candidates16:07
=== matsubara-lunch is now known as matsubara
abentleyrockstar: okay, I think the problem is that landing_candidates should be the same as getMergeProposals, but is not.16:07
rockstarabentley, yeah, I was thinking they were.16:07
abentleyrockstar: or rather, it was not, but now is, and getMergeProposals has always been broken.16:08
rockstarabentley, does that also explain why the merge proposals aren't listed on the page?16:08
abentleyrockstar: dunno what that page uses.16:08
rockstarOh, I guess that would explain it.16:08
deryckrockstar, abentley -- are we certain the web version is broken and not just an api/tarmac thing?16:09
rockstarderyck, I am, yeah.  That's what made me escalate.  dobey pointed it out when we were debugging.16:10
abentleyrockstar, deryck: I rolled-back 13716 and the landing_candidates version of my test passed.16:11
deryckabentley, ok, cool.  so let's land a rollback of that and update the corresponding bug.16:12
abentleyderyck: we could, but I think the fix is a one-liner.16:12
deryckabentley, hmmmm16:12
deryckabentley, here's why I'm hesitant.....16:14
deryckabentley, the deploy has already been delayed a lot.  I worry this fix either blocks the deploy another day or doesn't make it in the deploy, and then is 2 days out from being deployed.16:15
deryckso I wonder if the straight rollback isn't easier to get this fixed quicker.  we can easily hold the deploy for one more rollback, I think.16:15
abentleyderyck: Here's the fix: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/673945/16:17
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abentleyderyck: A rollback would affect the other work, too.16:17
deryckabentley, yeah, true.16:17
abentleyderyck: But if you prefer, I'll do the rollback.16:18
deryckabentley, land the real fix.  let's make sure we understand from rockstar how to easily qa this when it lands, so we don't lose time waiting on qa for it.16:19
rockstarderyck, abentley, I bet the easiest way to QA it would be checking to see if a private branch's page has merge proposals in the Branch Merges section, when it really does have merge proposals.16:20
abentleyrockstar: probably.  At this point, I haven't confirmed that.16:20
deryckabentley, so I need to step away for 5 minutes, sorry.  but I'm fine to go ahead with landing the proper fix.16:22
abentleyderyck: ack.16:22
adeuringabentley: fancy a lazr.batchnav review? https://code.launchpad.net/~adeuring/lazr.batchnavigator/slicing-error-for-too-short-last-backwards-batch/+merge/7274516:24
abentleyadeuring: handing an incident.16:24
adeuringah, ok16:24
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* adeuring needs to learn to read the channel topic more carefully16:25
adeuringStevenK: are you up for a review? https://code.launchpad.net/~adeuring/lazr.batchnavigator/slicing-error-for-too-short-last-backwards-batch/+merge/7274516:25
abentleyrockstar: is there a bug?16:28
abentleyrockstar: I mean has the bug been reported?16:28
nigelbmrevell: Congrats!16:30
mrevellHey thanks nigelb :) I still have the bug on my to-do list :)16:30
nigelbmrevell: sure, I've been busy well, so I didn't want to poke you and not have time myself :)16:31
rockstarabentley, no.16:32
deryckabentley, are you filing a bug for the incident?16:36
abentleyderyck: did: bug 83314716:36
_mup_Bug #833147: landing_candidates does not show proposals for private branches <Launchpad itself:In Progress by abentley> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/833147 >16:36
deryckabentley, cool.  added the regression tag, just to help with the tracking of this sort of thing.16:38
abentleyderyck: also updated incident report.16:39
deryckabentley, thanks!  I'll handle all the successes and problems sections, and make sure it's all complete.16:40
abentleyderyck: The fix landed as r1377916:41
deryckok, cool.16:41
nigelbmrevell: Oh, btw, for that bug. I was thinking if we could have a heading in there. Helps a lot!16:42
mrevellnigelb, Could you add that as a comment please?16:42
nigelbsure, still needs  userting though.16:42
Ursinhamrevell: \o/16:48
mtaylorany losas around, we've been waiting on a bug import for a while... https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/16846316:49
nigelbmrevell: also, ironically, I'm not subscribed to the bug ^-^16:49
abentleyderyck: I am going on lunch.16:57
deryckabentley, cool.  Thanks for taking care of that this morning!16:58
abentleyderyck: you're welcome.16:58
=== deryck changed the topic of #launchpad-dev to: deployment is a mess right now, be cautious or avoid landings until fixed | https://dev.launchpad.net/ | On call reviewer: StevenK, jtv | Critical bugs: 238 - 0:[#######=]:256
james_wcongratulations mrevell17:16
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LPCIBotProject devel build #990: STILL FAILING in 5 hr 59 min: https://lpci.wedontsleep.org/job/devel/990/17:54
=== abentley changed the topic of #launchpad-dev to: deployment is a mess right now, be cautious or avoid landings until fixed | https://dev.launchpad.net/ | On call reviewer: abentley | Critical bugs: 238 - 0:[#######=]:256
mrevellthanks james_w :)18:09
LPCIBotProject db-devel build #820: STILL FAILING in 6 hr 10 min: https://lpci.wedontsleep.org/job/db-devel/820/18:22
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lifelessjelmer: hi; don't look at me for updating lp-tools in debian, EWAYTOOBUSY just now :(18:43
lifelessjelmer: you can add yourself to uploaders though :)18:44
nigelblifeless: is it hard to fix bug 520413?18:45
_mup_Bug #520413: All changes by user must be revertable <feature> <lp-bugs> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/520413 >18:45
nigelbwell, at least the bits that you mentioned in there.18:45
lifelessnigelb: glad you qualified it :)18:45
nigelbhiding the comments by a user when their account is disabled18:45
lifelessnigelb: so, as tom berger said there are few journals of changes within Launchpad18:47
lifelessthere may be enough for *bugs* in particular with the bugactivity log.18:47
lifelessI think its a multi-part issue18:47
nigelblifeless: no no, I'm only looking at your comment, not my bug :)18:47
lifelessminimally - and perhaps too minimal (might not get past 'is it a good idea' :P) just check the authors status as part of querying for bug comments to show18:48
nigelbhmm, can I *try* to do it? :)18:49
lifelessthats probably too minimal because folk that were legitimate users of LP may well get suspend when only a few of their artifacts are a problem.18:49
reedhello folks18:49
bacmatsubara: OOPS-2062AZ69 shows a past week count of 13.  can you tell me the ids for those related OOPS?18:49
lifelesshi reed18:49
nigelblifeless: hm, this means introducing a new field into the db along with deactive.18:50
nigelbdeactive and hide interacation.18:50
nigelbor some such18:50
lifelessnigelb: less minimal, extend the account status/standing enum to have 'dude was a spammer' and exclude that status specifically - and then if we believe a user was nothing but a spambot we set it to that, so less automatic but also less false-positives18:50
nigelbthis involves doing a db migration.18:51
lifelessnigelb: I don't believe it needs a new field. its entangled with being inactive.18:51
reedwondering if you've evaluated integrating this zope3 based http://www.groupserver.org/groupserver/ into LP18:51
nigelba new state rather18:51
nigelbhm, intereting.18:51
nigelbI should dig into the code to figure out if I can even read the bits that are relevant18:51
lifelessnigelb: so it needs: teach the code about the new enum value but don't set it18:51
lifelessnigelb: then once thats deployed add code to set it.18:51
nigelbooo, so change the display bits first18:52
nigelband then change the enum bits.18:52
nigelbdo one in devel and one in db-devel?18:52
lifelessnigelb: close enough :) - change the things that -read- the enum first. Land. Deploy. Then change the things that -set- it.18:52
lifelessnigelb: otherwise you have a race condition where the new value could be read by old code that does not expect it.18:53
nigelbRight, makes sense :)18:53
lifelessreed: I don't believe anyone has looked at it18:53
reedthanks lifeless... now my next question is: where can I find the roadmap for the LP mailing list future development?18:55
lifelessreed: it looks like 50-60% overlap with our existing code, but direct assumptions about layout and schema that would make running it as an integrated service non trivial18:55
lifelessreed: things that are planned in the short term are at dev.launchpad.net/LEP18:55
lifelessreed: things that are far enough out that noone is directly planning when they will work on them just live as bugs18:55
lifelessreed: https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bugs?field.tag=mailing-lists18:56
reedgot it ...  thank you18:56
lifelessreed: also zope 5 - aieeee.18:56
jelmerlifeless: g'morning18:56
jelmerWe seem to get almost 24 hour coverage with just .au and .nz alone..18:56
lifelesswell, .nz is +12 ;)18:57
nigelbI see lifeless almost every hour that I glance in here :P18:57
nigelbOr wgrant.18:57
bigjoolsdid you not know that they are bots?18:57
nigelbcontrolled by each other? :P18:58
matsubarabac, <Oops: OOPS-2056DQ6>, <Oops: OOPS-2056AU7>, <Oops: OOPS-2056E8>, <Oops: OOPS-2056F11>, <Oops: OOPS-2056DZ13>, <Oops: OOPS-2056EC14>, <Oops: OOPS-2056N16>, <Oops: OOPS-2055D50>, <Oops: OOPS-2055H38>, <Oops: OOPS-2055N31>, <Oops: OOPS-2062AZ69>, <Oops: OOPS-2062O68>, <Oops: OOPS-2062DR81>18:58
bacmatsubara: thanks!18:58
matsubarayou're welcome18:59
jelmerlifeless: wrt lptools; thanks, I know you're busy. Happy to add do an upload myself though.18:59
mtaylorreed: I see you've met our friend lifeless19:36
reedmtaylor: that sentence is sooo meta ...19:37
mtaylorreed: I'm good like that19:37
reedmeeting lifeless friend19:37
mtaylorlifeless: reed is working with me over in openstack-land19:38
reedhi lifeless, i'm the new community manager19:38
lifelessmtaylor: reed: I'm just OTP at the moment, you'll have my attention soon19:41
reedlifeless: no worries, nothing urgent19:42
lifelessmtaylor: reed: ok, am here :)20:12
nigelbqastaging.lp.net timesout20:18
nigelband suggets I visit the homepage20:18
nigelbwhich of course, is qastating.lp.net, which what timed out in the first place!20:18
nigelbrecursion ftw.20:19
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deryckjcsackett, ping20:48
jcsackettderyck: pong.20:49
deryckjcsackett, hey hey.  where are we at with qa for r13774, "Updates dsp vocab to use the dsp in db in the search query." ?20:49
jcsackettoh, we're done and i forgot to update the bug. :-P20:49
jcsackettone sec.20:49
deryckjcsackett, oh happy day, thanks!20:50
jcsackettderyck: updated. report should reflect it shortly. :-)20:51
deryckjcsackett, rockin!  Thanks man!20:51
deryckjcsackett, you're not blocking yet.  but soon would have been.20:51
abentleystatik: Just figured out an easier way to access a remote launchpad instance.  Use ssh's built-in SOCKS proxy (ssh -D 8080) and then set your browser to use that proxy.  Assuming you have the standard mappings of lp.dev to 127.* in your /etc/hosts.20:56
statikabentley: thanks!20:57
mtaylorlifeless: I think reed was wanting to poke about better mailing list archives21:03
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deryckLater on, everyone.21:15
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=== abentley changed the topic of #launchpad-dev to: deployment is a mess right now, be cautious or avoid landings until fixed | https://dev.launchpad.net/ | On call reviewer: - | Critical bugs: 238 - 0:[#######=]:256
lifelessmtaylor: sure would love that :)22:09
lifelessreed: mtaylor: for that, I would look at - https://dev.launchpad.net/ArchitectureGuide/ServicesRoadmap22:10
* reed reading22:10
lifelessreed: mtaylor: specificxally <https://dev.launchpad.net/ArchitectureGuide/ServicesRoadmap#mhonarc (the lists.launchpad.net UI)>22:10
reedlifeless: read that ... any plans to include reply and post via web UI?22:12
lifelessreed: none so far but actually it should be very easy.22:12
lifelessreed: step 1) implement that refactoring above; step 2)  add reply/post buttons on the now-live web pages22:13
lifelessyou could do step 2 directly with cross-domain links back into LP itself22:13
lifelessif step 2 is particularly urgent22:13
reedthe basic need is to give users the possibility to pick their fav system between mlist or forum22:14
lifelessthere are many differences between email and forums22:16
lifelessdo you want to reconcile all of them, or just provide a web UI to the mailing list ?22:16
reedwell... a mlist with a great looking web UI to post/reply would be good enough22:17
reedI don't like forums particularly, never found one that was pleasant to hang around but I see the value for casual, non committed users22:18
reedgmane.org does a decent job (the ui needs work though)22:19
wgrantAre we up to #5 yet?22:20
wgrantNo, but qastaging is screwed.22:21
* wgrant sighs.22:21
wgrantOh, buildbot is broken.22:21
wgrantAnd has been since 2 hours after I went to bed.22:21
lifelesswgrant: we're up to 7 I believe.22:24
wgrantSadly only 4.22:26
wgrantWith one very hairy bit of QA in the middle.22:26
wgrantbuildbot was broken, but the deployment report is the really broken thing.22:30
wgrantqastaging is on 13779, deployment report still 1377522:30
wgrantHasn't updated in 2 hours.22:30
wgrantlifeless: Can you investigate, please?22:31
lifelessis staging down ?22:31
wgrantThat doesn't normally affect the stable report.22:31
wgrantAnd no.22:31
lifelessINFO:qa-tagger:Last revision now is 13779.22:32
wgrantThis is amusing.22:32
lifelesswgrant: looks fine to me22:32
wgrantWed Aug 24 22:28:40 UTC 2011 Finished updating code22:32
lifelessLast revision deployed to QAStaging is 13779. There are 35 revisions waiting in the queue.22:32
wgrantThankyou, qastaging, for that absolutely perfect timing :)22:33
wgrantArgh, no --rollback.22:33
wgrantAh, but production wasn't reverted, so qa-tagger will happily ignore that.22:38
wgrantYay, green.22:42
LPCIBotProject devel build #991: STILL FAILING in 5 hr 20 min: https://lpci.wedontsleep.org/job/devel/991/23:15
lifelessreed: sorry I went quiet on you23:17
reedlifeless: np, I think I know what I needed to know23:17
lifelessreed: we'd be delighted to support sensible reply-in-the-web, and anything making the archives nicer would be great.23:18
lifelessreed: we have no specific work queued in this area but its all fairly straight forward if someone wants to patch it.23:18
reedlifeless: at the moment I don't know what resources I have, i'll let you know though23:18
lifelessof course23:19
lifelessif you or someone you know wants to work on it, we will mentor23:19
lifelessnigelb here has been doing patches recently, with great success ;)23:19
lifelessmtaylor: interesting mail on ppas23:22
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mtaylorlifeless: it seems to have stirred up a few shitstorms23:22
mtaylorlifeless: especially where I perhaps wasn't clear enough on the "I think PPAs are amazing" front23:23
lifelessIf you want callbacks from PPAs, I know whats involved ;)23:23
mtaylorlifeless: hehe.23:23
lifelessoh oh23:23
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mtaylorlifeless: well, I _do_ want callbacks - but I also want synchronous runs and streaming output :)23:23
lifelessmtaylor: new toy you might like - lp:python-oops / lp:python-oops-wsgi23:23
mtaylorooh. /me goes to look23:23
lifelessmtaylor: we have the latter, the former you're already escalated in priority23:23
mtaylorlifeless: you have streaming output in my jenkins?23:24
lifelessmtaylor: no, we have (slightly jerky) 'streaming' in LP build logs :)23:24
lifelessthats a shallow fruit to tune FWIW23:25
* lifeless mixes metaphors23:25
* mtaylor tunes fruit. picks a seed out from his muffler23:25
mtaylorlifeless: I think the main points that are harder to handle are "I need to be able to build packages for debian in a way similar to ppas" (the hard one) and "I'd really like to get things more integrated in to my CI system" (doable, but definitely some dev work- especially with no java launchpad api)23:27
mtaylorlifeless: callbacks would make #2 doable - but jenkins isn't really good at the wait and respond to async events for job completion thing ... and jenkins url triggers are COMPLETELY broken when openid SSO mode is enabled (sigh)23:30
mtaylorbut then we'd still be stuck on #123:30
lifelessso url trigger fixing is a bug :)23:42
lifelessdebian is technically doable.23:42
lifelessOne way you could do it that avoids any political aspects would be a custom LP instance just for debian builds23:42
lifelesssame API23:42
wgrantYou could take the well-separated Soyuz and run it for Debian PPAs.23:43
wgrantThere's already an LP instance for Debian PPAs.23:44
lifelessmtaylor: ^23:44
StevenKOr you could submit patches? :-)23:44
StevenKAlthough, PPAs for multiple distributions is going to break a LOT23:45
lifelessits not clear that we *would* build for Debian. But that is a whole-different-discussion.23:45
wgrantStevenK: Only two bits need changing.23:45
wgrantStevenK: The activate form and URLs.23:45
wgrantEverything else works.23:45
mtaylorit is a whole different discussion, most of the time I've brought it up over the last 2 years it's been met with "no"23:45
wgrantThe issue is mostly builder time.23:45
wgrantI believe.23:45
StevenKIs deployment still a mess?23:51
LPCIBotProject db-devel build #821: STILL FAILING in 5 hr 29 min: https://lpci.wedontsleep.org/job/db-devel/821/23:52
wgrantWe hope not, but maybe.23:52
wgrantWe'll see in a couple of hours when the deployment is done and tested.23:52
StevenKwgrant: Did you have a branch to move the updating into DSPC?23:53
wgrantThey are approved.23:53
StevenKI'm guessing they're both used? :-/23:54
wgrantDSPC² are both used slightly, yes.23:54
StevenKUsed slightly? How slightly?23:54
wgrantDistributionSourcePackageCache is used for package searches, DistroSeriesPackageCache for searches and some DSBP and DSPR properties.23:55
wgrantBoth are also used to create the package counts for PPAs, but that is easily fixed.23:55
StevenKI looks like DistributionSourcePackageCache might be the easiest to remove23:56
wgrantRight, it can probably be replaced by the new DSP or whatever we end up with.23:56
wgrantDistroSeriesPackageCache is a little harder.23:57
StevenKBah, I was hoping to just remove DistributionSourcePackageCache :-)23:57
lifelessplease do23:57
lifelessits implicated in some seriously poor performing queries.23:57
lifelessof course, you need to get replacement queries as fast first.23:57
wgrantlifeless: Are you sure? It's only ever used in package searches on Distribution.23:57
lifelesswgrant: bug 81687023:58
wgrantWell, unless you count the 20h update-pkgcache.py as a poor performing query.23:58
_mup_Bug #816870: Distribution:+search (package search) timeouts <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/816870 >23:58

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