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* danilos -> food10:44
* danilos -> switches locations12:14
gary_posterhm, sorry about that12:29
gary_posterI didn't notice my IRC client hadn't actually joined12:30
gary_posterbac benji danilos gmb, call in 1 min12:30
bacanyone else having trouble with the kanban board?  i just have a field of blue12:32
* bac realizes he had JS disabled for testing. kanban likes the JS12:40
=== danilo_ is now known as danilos
gmbgary_poster: Sorry about that. 1965 called; they want their bakelite handset back.12:40
gmbI have nothing of import to add anyway.12:40
gary_postergmb, ok :-)12:41
* gary_poster needs to go out and get some meds for my wife. back in a few.12:46
gary_posterAnother thing we need to do if no-one else does: handle merge of stable to db-devel12:50
danilosgary_poster, there's two revisions from stub merging stable into db-devel, hopefully that settles it13:10
gary_postercool danilos13:23
* gmb dreams of a fast test suite14:36
bacbenji: would you mind swapping CHR times tomorrow?15:11
benjibac: sure15:11
gmbgary_poster: Is there any news on the proposed Yellow Squad Sprint15:23
gary_postergmb, nada15:23
gmbHah, okay.15:23
danilosgary_poster, btw, I'm looking at LP production crontabs, I do see a script-monitor for distributionmirror-prober but I don't see the actual script anywhere17:26
gary_posterdanilos, ack.  um.17:30
gary_posterdanilos, lib/lp/registry/scripts/distributionmirror_prober.py ...17:31
danilosgary_poster, right, but I don't see it mentioned in crontabs... ah, mirror-prober.sh, let me check that17:32
danilosgary_poster, ack, mirror-prober.sh is in the production crontabs, l'll keep looking further17:34
gary_postercool thanks17:34
* gary_poster really ought to take lunch before the team lead call17:41
* gary_poster takes lunch17:41
baci really wish launchpad had 'su'19:04
baci cannot figure out how to trigger this bug i'm working on.  but one user is doing it a couple of times a day.19:05
* bac - chr20:21
bac"Zen is a new programming language with simple syntax, a mix of C, Ruby and Pascal."20:40
bacthat does sound simple20:40
gary_posterrun away20:50

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