bgamarimaxb: Thanks00:02
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micahgare we back to one e-mail per change on launchpad?  I thought they were being bunched every X minutes (10 IIRC)02:33
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micahghmm, I might be confusing changes w/comments...02:34
wgrantmicahg: Changes and comments are batched, but two comments are never sent together.02:37
micahgwgrant: ok, makes sense then02:38
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glatzorI would like to access a bug page, but it always creates a time out05:42
ubot5Ubuntu bug 799982 in aptdaemon (Ubuntu Oneiric) "aptd crashed with SystemError: E:Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (2)" [High,Confirmed]05:42
glatzorperhaps this is a result of the high number of duplicates05:42
StevenKThe traceback seems to point in that direction, yes05:43
glatzorStevenK, is there a way to access the traceback from the bug?06:18
StevenKglatzor: Sadly, not for you.06:19
glatzorStevenK, sorry, the traceback which is appended to the bug track06:19
glatzorwhich was submitted by apport06:19
ubot5Ubuntu bug 799982 in aptdaemon (Ubuntu Oneiric) "aptd crashed with SystemError: E:Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (2)" [High,Confirmed]06:21
wgrantglatzor: ^^06:21
wgrantNot pretty, but it works :)06:22
glatzorwgrant, thanks. but it doesn't contain a link a to the traceback06:24
glatzoronly dependencies and proc status and map06:25
wgrantglatzor: There must be no traceback, then :/06:27
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dpmhi good morning, could someone help me determine why translation templates are not being automatically generated for LightDM? https://translations.launchpad.net/lightdm08:52
dpmit seems that the trunk template hasn't been updated for a while:08:53
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candreaHello! Looking at https://launchpad.net/builders I see that i386 and amd64 builds for Ubuntu are going to the PPA builders instead of the official distribution builders (whose queue is empty). Is it right?09:47
mrevellbigjools, wgrant: ^^^^09:48
bigjoolscandrea: someone is doing a rebuild test09:49
bigjoolswe use PPA builders for that09:49
candreabigjools, mh... shouldn't rebuild tests get a lower score? (If I recall correctly)09:51
mwhudson__they do09:53
candreabut I'm seeing builds with a build score of 500009:53
bigjoolscandrea: they are being selectively rescored so that the rebuild doesn't take forever.09:54
bigjoolsnormally yes, they come last09:54
candreabigjools, ah, what a pity :(09:55
candreaI think I'll go with pbuilder; however thanks for your feedback09:56
bigjoolscandrea: are you having a problem?09:57
candreabigjools, I've submitted a build, but according to Launchpad it will start in 12 hours09:58
d34df00d_Hi there!10:06
d34df00d_Just wondering, what's the state of .ts (Qt translations format) files support in Launchpad?10:07
bigjoolshenninge or danilos? --^10:09
d34df00d_lconvert surely does the job of converting ts <-> po, but seems like it loses some translation strings, or such.10:09
d34df00d_At least, when I upload converted .pos back to LP after merging them with translations provided from other sources, LP doesn't recognize already translated strings, and the translation progress of the file is reset back to zero.10:10
henninged34df00d_: there is no plan to add support for more file formats.10:10
d34df00d_Oh, that's a pity.10:11
henninged34df00d_: I guess what you are seeing is a result of the fact that LP does not support the fuzzy flag.10:11
Zerealhenninge: why? That will be really great help for all translators10:11
d34df00d_I saw some feature requests regarding .ts support and was hoping it'd be implemented some day.10:11
d34df00d_henninge: what's fuzzy flag? I'm afraid I'm a total newbie in gettext world :)10:12
henningeZereal, d34df00d_: http://bit.ly/nb7tIk for info about fuzzy support.10:15
Zerealhenninge: thnx10:15
henninged34df00d_: http://www.gnu.org/software/gettext/manual/10:15
d34df00d_Oh, ok, thanks for the explanation.10:16
d34df00d_henninge: and is there some kind of best practices or recommended workflow for apps using Qt translations?10:17
henninged34df00d_: Not that I am aware of, sorry.10:18
d34df00d_Thanks anyway.10:18
d34df00d_I've looked through those bugreports, and seems like I'm also facing these fuzzy strings support issues.10:18
pfarrellhi! could someone please delete a project I registered: https://launchpad.net/adol-c ?10:33
* pfarrell is kinda surprised I can't delete projects myself10:36
wgrantpfarrell: Could you ask at https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad, to verify your identity?10:38
pfarreller, sure10:39
wgrantpfarrell: We don't let you delete them yourself because others may have uploaded code or other content.10:39
wgrantAnd deleting that too would be undesirable.10:39
pfarrellalthough I will point out that https://launchpad.net/~pefarrell lists my freenode username, and if you check, I am registered with NickServ: is that sufficient?10:39
pfarrell(it's no problem if not, I understand why you'd ask)10:40
wgrantIndeed, but it's handy to have a question filed for tracking and such.10:40
wgrantIt'll only take like 5 seconds :)10:40
pfarrellok, sure10:40
wgrantpfarrell: It's currently linked to the adolc source package in Ubuntu. Should I delete that?10:43
pfarrellthe linking, you mean?10:43
wgrantEr, yes, that.10:43
pfarrellyes, delete the linking10:43
pfarrellit is an upstream project that isn't mine10:43
pfarrelland it happens to be packaged in ubuntu10:43
pfarrellbut isn't managed via launchpad10:43
wgrantYou can still have a project for it, if you want.10:43
pfarrellI wanted to use bzr on it because I thought they only had an svn repository, but it turns out they use git etc10:43
wgrantThere are lots of upstream projects registered for code imports.10:43
pfarrellso I may as well live with them10:43
wgrantAnyway, it is gone now.10:44
pfarrellgreat, thanks :-)10:44
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Laneybigjools: do you think a sync blacklist feature in lp would be generically useful? we have an adhoc one for Ubuntu currently12:53
tumbleweedLaney: isn't that what the "ignore" feature in +localpackagediffs tries to achieve?12:54
Laneydon't know12:55
Laneyis that enforced? can you query it through the api?12:55
Laneyit'd be nice to make sync-blacklist.txt go away so that is_blacklist is a bit less shonky :-)12:55
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dpmhi again, could someone help me determine why translation templates are not being automatically generated for LightDM? https://translations.launchpad.net/lightdm13:21
henningedpm: Hi!13:21
dpmhey henninge :)13:22
henningedpm: That problem is not new, is it?13:22
henningeI think I have heard about that before.13:22
dpmhenninge, I filed a bug for another package a while ago, but I don't know if it's the same13:22
dpmIt was bug 81739813:23
ubot5Launchpad bug 817398 in Launchpad itself "Launchpad doesn't generate a translation template for lp:eog" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81739813:23
henningedpm: how urgent is this? LightDM, I mean.13:27
henningedpm: is there a similar bug about LightDM?13:28
bigjoolsLaney: yes, that's what "ignored" is for, although it doesn't enforce it like the existing ubuntu scripts do, hence the slight difference in nomenclature13:28
Laneywill it fail an API copy?13:28
bigjoolsthe API script needs to check the status13:28
bigjoolsI think there's enough API to emulate the current dev scripts13:29
Laneycan you get/set it via the API?13:29
dpmhenninge, in terms of urgency, it's not urgent. But it's an Ubuntu project, our default desktop manager and it'd be great that it could use LP correctly13:29
Laneyah, that's good13:29
bigjoolsyes :)13:29
Laneywho can set? uploaders or administrators?13:29
dpmhenninge, there is no bug yet, no, I figured out I ask here first13:29
bigjoolsarchive admins13:29
dpmin case it's something that can be investigated quickly13:29
bigjoolsthe we UI uses the API actually, since it's all JS13:29
Laneytumbleweed: cjwatson: ^13:29
Laneycan we use that in syncpackage instead?13:30
bigjoolsI can't remember the last time I did a feature that someone described as sexy13:30
Laneydude, this whole thing is sexy as far as I'm concerned :-)13:30
bigjoolswe've been working on it for the best part of a year!13:30
tumbleweedLaney: ok, I can look at supporting it too, but obviously we still have to use the old sync list until it goes away (if it does)13:32
Laneywell, it should be imported into LP13:33
Laneyand then deprecated13:33
henningedpm: figuring this out will be a bit of work, so I'd like to finish my current task first.13:34
henningedpm: which will be sometime tomorrow.13:35
dpmhenninge, ok, thanks. Let's talk about it tomorrow13:35
cjwatsonLaney: deprecating the old file involves not using sync-source.py any more, and there are still some blockers to that13:46
Laneycjwatson: well, you could generate from Launchpad in the interim13:47
LaneyI mean deprecate as the interface for blacklisting13:47
cjwatsonor we could nobble sync-source to use the LP status bits13:47
cjwatson(not volunteering)13:47
Laneyif it uses the API in other places, that shouldn't be too bad13:49
cjwatsonLaney: it's not an API script, but it can talk to the database directly13:54
Laneycjwatson: oh, that's probably outside of my fear threshold to mess with then13:55
tumbleweedLaney: just looked at the API, blacklisting appears to be between a particular parent and child pair, and I could only query it by looking for "Needs attention" differences (if there are any, then presumably it isn't blacklisted)14:18
Laneytumbleweed: right, we want a global blacklist I suppose14:42
Laneybigjools: is this possible?14:42
tumbleweedLaney: there's also nothing currently blacklisted for all versions (but a bunch of packages blacklisted for the current version)14:43
tumbleweed(it would help to have some stuff for testing)14:43
Laneyshould be easy to copy one from the sync blacklist14:43
tumbleweedif I were an archive admin :)14:43
Laneyor prod a friendly archive admin to do it for you14:44
bigjoolsLaney: there's 2 types of blacklist: 1. for current versions, 2. for all versions14:50
tumbleweedbigjools: from the API, they appear to be between a parent:child, rather than being child-wide. Correct?14:57
Laneytumbleweed: are you looking at devel?15:00
LaneygetDifferencesTo there looks useful15:01
tumbleweederr I thought you meant the IRC channel15:01
tumbleweedyes, that's what I'm proposing to use15:01
tumbleweedyeah, all this stuff is only in the devel API version15:02
Laneythere's some stuff in 1.0 but it doesn't look really usable15:02
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bigjoolsyeah, look at devel15:04
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bigjoolsbut let me check, I've not looked at the API definition for a while15:05
bigjoolstumbleweed: what do you mean by "child-wide" exactly?15:09
tumbleweedbigjools: I mean if we blacklist something for syncing from unstable, will it be mentioned if I search for blacklisting from experimental?15:09
tumbleweed(the API generally seems to assume multiple parents, but I don't know how much that is usable)15:10
Laneydo you search on the parent rather than the child?15:11
bigjoolstumbleweed: ah ok.  Differences are always between a child and a parent.  A child can have multiple parents (but Ubuntu does not).15:11
bigjoolsso it won't be blacklisted from experimental in your example15:11
tumbleweedLaney: you search on the pair15:11
tumbleweedok, so I should use unstable -> devel15:12
Laneywhat if parent_series is None?15:12
tumbleweedwill those be copied to new devel releases?15:12
bigjoolsyou can leave parent_series blank and it defaults correctly to the context series parent(s)15:12
tumbleweedah, good15:12
bigjoolsit should say that in apidoc15:13
LaneyI don't seem to be able to get the source package name and the comment from the DSD?15:13
tumbleweedthe differences API objects seem to have lots of blank attributes15:13
bigjoolshuh, it doesn't expose the package name, that sucks15:16
tumbleweedyeah, best I could come up with is searching for 'Needs attention' on the desired package name15:17
bigjoolsyeah we could do with exposing more attributes15:17
bigjoolscan you file a bug?15:17
* tumbleweed also wishes there was a way to get package changelogs out of LP15:18
tumbleweedat the moment we are using packages.debian.org's extracted changelogs15:18
bigjoolsfile a bug :)15:19
bigjoolsLaney: there's a getDifferenceComments() on IDistroSeries15:21
Laneybigjools: right, but shouldn't I be able to get that from the dsd too?15:21
bigjoolsLaney: no, we are trying not to encourage potato programming15:21
Laneyi don't know what that is15:22
bigjoolsone potato, two potato ...15:22
bigjoolsit's more efficient to call once and get all the results you need15:22
bigjoolsif the DSD has a method to get comments it would probably mean some people loop through all the DSDs15:23
tumbleweedfiled bug 833080. I see someone else has already asked for changelogs and was pointed to the .changes files which are available15:26
ubot5Launchpad bug 833080 in Launchpad itself "distro_series_difference objects don't have package names" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83308015:26
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meoblast001suppose i have some old projects i want to delete16:59
meoblast001they were personal projects that i never finished16:59
meoblast001do i just email the names of them to staff and ask for them to be deleted?17:00
meoblast001hm, saw other questions on there like this, so i just joined the bandwagon17:03
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danilosmeoblast001, it's better if you file them as questions on https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad (that way we can easily verify your identity)18:31
meoblast001ok, that's where i found all the other ones18:31
meoblast001so i asked it there18:31
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CrazyLemonhey guys..one question..when using bzr and i commit to a branch... it doesnt display my name in code.lp.net nor my nickname..but it displays value (user@pc) of SSH key21:02
CrazyLemoncan i change that?21:02
beunoCrazyLemon, sure, use "bzr whoami Name <email address>" to do that21:03
beunoI guess that'd be: bzr whoami "Name <email address>"21:03
beunoquoting quotes is messy  :)21:03
beunolaunchpad will match up commits by email address21:03
CrazyLemonbeuno dude..you're a name saver ! :D tnx man21:04
* beuno adds that badge to his suite21:04
CrazyLemonmust be a big suite! :) any..thanks again and have a  nice night21:06
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jpdsbeuno: http://tinyurl.com/3fzflde21:38
beunojpds, rofl21:38
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poolieit seems kind of strange i can be shown as "subscribed to all notifications" but not listed in the subscribers23:30
wgrantpoolie: Are you in "Maybe notified"?23:32
pooliei wish that didn't list so many random people23:33
ubot5Ubuntu bug 810083 in gnupg2 (Ubuntu) "gpg2 crashed with SIGABRT in raise()" [Medium,Confirmed]23:33
wgrantpoolie: Oh, right, you don't show up in the "Other bug subscribers" section, because you are you.23:33
wgrantThis changed in the complete redesign of the subscriptions UI a month after the subscriptions UI was released.23:34
pooliei am me?23:34
wgrantie. not you.23:34
poolieoh seriously23:34
poolieso it just never shows up?23:35
wgrantYou never show up to yourself, no.23:35
pooliethe party of the first part is never listed23:35
wgrantYou have to read the paragraph at the top of the portlet above.23:35
poolieok, that's alittle confusing23:35
poolieif it was part of the same portlet perhaps it would be less confusing23:35
wgrantBecause a Subscribe/Unsubscribe button is too easy.23:35
wgrantI guess.23:35
poolie"you: ..." "other people"23:35
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