j0hndoeMy laptop spec is 1.8 Ghz / 384 Mb RAM / 764 Mb SWAP, on certain occasion my CPU would reach 100% even though I have 1 to 3 open programs with around 200 Mb of RAM used. I think, maybe it has to be with swap, so I'm thinking of reducing it to 128 Mb, Can I just do that thru Gparted, wont it mess up my system?00:00
Pegasus_RPGGreat work on the distro, guys. It's exactly what I'm looking for. It's been great in testing.00:04
Pegasus_RPGj0hndoe: you can use   top   from a terminal to see how much swap is in use00:05
Pegasus_RPGand which processes are sucking upt he CPU00:05
phillwj0hndoe: as Pegasus_RPG says, with low RAM, your swap is correct. Swap is usually 1 - 2X RAM, on a low RAM machine, 2X is correct. go hunt down what is using your resources :000:07
j0hndoeit depends00:09
Pegasus_RPGj0hndoe: (the process of swapping takes little CPU time compared to the waiting time for the disk)00:09
Pegasus_RPGbut if you're /thrashing/ then you need more RAM00:10
j0hndoesometimes when i watch flash videos in HD like 1080p on youtube,  so it shows up in Task Manager as chrome.....  or when I watch bluray 720p with around 2-4 gigs of file size, mplayer will show as 90-100% spike on task manager,  etc00:10
Pegasus_RPGthat is, swapping continuously such that the system response is abysmally slow00:10
phillwj0hndoe: your computer cannot handle that sort of video, soz :(00:11
Pegasus_RPGj0hndoe: I'd say the CPU can but you def need more RAM, or no window manager or something :)00:12
phillwfor you tube, choose the html5 version, that removes flash out of the equation and should make a difference.00:12
phillwj0hndoe: http://www.youtube.com/html500:13
j0hndoeya, i forgot about that html5 thing, ill try that out and see00:13
j0hndoePegasus_RPG, that's what I'm confused about, the ram shows it to be 200 something over 384, so my laptop definitely havent use all of it, but the cpu shows a spike between 90-100%00:14
j0hndoethat's when playing 720p video file with around 2-4 gigs of size00:15
j0hndoeI'm thinking of using USB speed thingie, to increase the ram00:15
Pegasus_RPGj0hndoe: well, run top, then press s then 1 to have it update every second. Then in another terminal window run  vmstat 1  and watch the si column. If that's anything other than 0 for more than a second or two, you could do with more RAM00:15
Pegasus_RPGof course let these run while you watch video00:16
Pegasus_RPGand look at them under load00:16
j0hndoehow do i run top? i click the button RUN type: top press ok but nothing happen00:20
j0hndoeyou might be right though, my laptop could be 'thrasing'00:21
phillwj0hndoe: you need to launch lxterminal, it is under 'Accessories'00:28
Pegasus_RPGhey, my CPU has PAE and NX...can I choose a kernel that supports NX?00:31
j0hndoewow i have like around 20 Mb ram free, omg.00:31
Pegasus_RPGah so00:31
j0hndoewhy does Task Manager says I have around 178 Mb00:32
j0hndoeof RAM free, when running top at lxterminal shows I have around 20 Mb free ram?? doesn't make sense.00:32
phillwtaskmanager is including stuff swapped?00:33
j0hndoeidk, i can see CPU usage  / Memory  then below it shows Command  CPU%  RSS PID00:35
phillwin theory, you have about 1000MB of RAM, because of swap, whereas in fact, it swapping to hell.00:35
Pegasus_RPGa.k.a. "thrashing"00:36
Pegasus_RPGso j0hndoe , you have two choices: 1) get more RAM 2) choose lighter applications00:36
Pegasus_RPGquestion for all: how can I make a certain application auto-start on login?>00:37
phillwj0hndoe: issue the command00:37
phillwin terminal00:37
j0hndoeyou know how in windows7 when you connect a usb it shows the options Speed Up My System blah blah, I'm hoping there is like that in linux?00:37
j0hndoetotal       used       free     shared    buffers     cached00:38
j0hndoeMem:        377572     341188      36384          0      14148     15433600:38
j0hndoe-/+ buffers/cache:     172704     20486800:38
j0hndoeSwap:       782332      31968     75036400:38
phillwj0hndoe: nope, linux does not work that way. You can use it as swap, but usb2 is slower than a hard drive.00:39
j0hndoeoh ok00:39
Pegasus_RPGUSB3 however...00:39
phillwj0hndoe: you system is swapping it's nuts off :/00:39
j0hndoeare usb3 out yet, i dont see products like it like ssd00:40
j0hndoehow do I make it swap less, can I just reduce swap size? to like around 128mb00:40
phillwj0hndoe: and then your system will halt. Swap is only used when there is not enough RAM00:41
KM0201j0hndoe: thats not a good idea.00:41
KM0201woops, phil beat me00:41
Pegasus_RPGj0hndoe: what apps are you running? Perhaps lighter alternatives exist00:41
Pegasus_RPGor you can try out Tiny Core Linux00:42
phillwWindows had the same system of swapping to the hard disk.00:42
j0hndoeyeah, im using heavy resource applications00:42
phillwonly much worse, hence them trying it onto a usb2 device :P00:42
j0hndoei remove the lightweight ones like abiword and gnumeric and installed the whole libreoffice package lol00:42
phillwj0hndoe: invest in some RAM, then :)00:42
KM0201pretty much, get more ram.00:43
Pegasus_RPGOr a Commodore 64 and run apps designed for it ;)00:43
j0hndoeI tried tinycore but I can't get it to install, i try mounting but i dont see the intall button, i might have to do some more research or howTo00:43
phillwother options are SSD harddrive. but it will still not give the benefit of extra ram as you are hitting the bus bandwidth instead of your CPU chatting directly to RAM.00:44
j0hndoewhen i ran slitaz live USB i saw 40 Mb ram used, but I can't get the network going, so I go back to lubuntu lol.00:44
j0hndoeya, ill see what i can do with getting more ram00:45
phillwj0hndoe: untill you have a silly amount of RAM, 384 to 512 MB will make such a difference to your system.00:47
phillwbut, your system is not really to spec for playing BluRay movies!00:48
KM0201it's barely spec for playing hidef youtube videos.00:48
Pegasus_RPGSo does anyone know how to get an application to auto-start on login?00:50
phillwPegasus_RPG: yup, it is called RTFM :P00:51
phillwPegasus_RPG: to save you hunting through the topic links, the link to FAQ is https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Documentation/FAQ00:52
Pegasus_RPGoh thank you00:56
KM0201can somebody do me a favor, right click panel, panel settings, panel applets tab, highlight menu, click edit, and tell me the path/name that is there.00:57
KM0201that's assuming you have the default lubuntu menu icon of course00:58
Pegasus_RPGwill vino work to remote control the primary desktop in lubuntu too02:27
jmarsdenPegasus_RPG: Yes.  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/RemoteDesktop04:37
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jmarsdenWelcome to #lubuntu08:24
pete__I'm having a little stuggle with Lubuntu x64,08:25
pete__I want compiz to load by default on start up08:25
pete__So, I went to Desktop Session Settings > Advanced Options08:26
pete__and put in Compiz08:26
pete__but it didn't work08:26
pete__so I changed it to compiz --replace08:26
pete__still doesn't work08:26
pete__so, now I reckon, I just want to load the command "compiz --replace"08:27
jmarsdenWell, Lubuntu is mostly designed for lower spec machines and getting useful work done, not fancy 3D glitz and glamour.  There was a blog about doing that... http://www.dwasifar.com/?p=144208:27
pete__at startup but don't know where to put it08:27
pete__funny, I followed that guide...08:28
pete__though it needed a couple of tweaks...08:28
jmarsdenHmmm, he talks about emerald --replace not compiz --replace, I thought...08:28
pete__now I just want to load that command at startup.  How do I do it?08:28
pete__yes, emerald --replace08:29
jmarsdenThat's not what you said earlier... ?08:29
pete__compiz --replace what I put in Desktop Session Settings > Advanced options08:29
avelldirollif you want a light compositing WM if find xcompmgr a good choice for lxde08:29
pete__I put emerald --replace in the Compiz configuration08:30
pete__we've lost the point here.08:30
pete__I want to run a command at startup.  how do I go that?08:30
avelldirollyou will have transparency and shadows, no 3D eye candy though08:30
pete__if I wanted skype to load at startup - how do I do that?08:30
jmarsdenYou're welcome.08:31
pete__pete@Acer:~$ cp /usr/share/applications/urxvtd.desktop ~/.config/autostart/08:33
pete__cp: cannot stat `/usr/share/applications/urxvtd.desktop': No such file or directory08:33
bioterroryou know urxvt is not skype08:33
bioterrorit's just an example08:33
LXCC-Vincenzojoin #Ubuntu-it09:35
gentoo_drummeranyone here?13:00
gentoo_drummerafter uninstalling lxdm startx wont launch lxde13:00
gentoo_drummerany ideas?13:01
silverarrowanyone using VLC in lubuntu?14:37
silverarrowI downloaded VLC, and it ran fine for a while14:37
silverarrowthen after attempting to add nightlies, it does't work at all any more14:37
silverarrowwhat ever I play, there is audio, but no picture14:38
silverarrowany idea?14:40
silverarrowmaybe I shall wait for the new release and not fuzz at all with it14:41
KM0201silverarrow: or don't fuzz w nightlies?  nightlies tend to be buggy.14:50
KM0201well yeah14:50
silverarrowbugg is that nothing works now14:50
KM0201dunno, works fine here (not using nightly)14:51
silverarroweven youtube videos?14:51
silverarrowI had trouble steaming and playing dowloaded youtubevideos,14:52
silverarrowno, nothing works14:52
silverarrowbioterror, I am still trying to find the ideal coffee for the coffee maker15:38
silverarrowvery high brow nick!15:39
silverarrowLAcan I  mean15:39
LAcanlol thx15:43
j0hndoeI'm planning to create multiple partition on my hdd, is there a defragmenting software/tool for linux?16:28
silverarrowother than G parted you mean?16:30
KM0201j0hndoe: defragginging isn't something linux has to do... you can used gparted, to partition the drive.16:30
KM0201if you want to defrag your drive, you need to boot windows, and do it w/ windows.16:30
j0hndoeya ty, i found out ext4 doesnt get fragmented16:31
silverarrowI mean, you just sort of make the partitions in linux,16:31
silverarrowoh, that is why16:31
j0hndoenow my questions is, why cant I edit the partition, it says Sda1  with a key on it16:31
j0hndoei can't shrink or edit the partition16:31
j0hndoeis it lock?16:32
silverarrowI might have to mark it off, or something like that16:32
Unit193You need to boot from a liveCD to resize the partition you're using16:32
silverarrowg-parted is a bit fickely like that16:32
j0hndoeoh ok, ty. brb16:32
silverarrowI found it easiest to make partitions from puppy linux for some reason16:33
Pegasus_RPGHello. Just checking: If I want to install Lubuntu via PXE boot, I would just get the ubuntu netboot image then apt-get install lubuntu-desktop, right?16:33
silverarroweven though it is the same gparted, it sort of easier to maneuver16:33
KM0201silverarrow: its the same program, unless puppy has re-written a GUI for it.16:34
silverarrowyeah, it is the same16:34
Unit193Pegasus_RPG: Natty? IIRC, Natty still needed sudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop --no-install-recommends16:34
silverarrowat least in name and generally, a bit different16:35
silverarrowKM0201, but still it is slightly different16:35
KM0201silverarrow: well, it'd be silly to download and burn puppy, just for gparted, when you have another cd w/ it alrady on there.16:36
silverarrowlol, its' all right16:37
Unit193I think this is more fitting of -offtopic16:38
silverarrowI too use g'parted in the lubuntu cd when installing lol16:38
Pegasus_RPGUnit193: yes, current stable16:38
LubuntuPoweredthere's no button for bookmarks in chromium? the only way to get to  it is with a new tab?16:38
* Pegasus_RPG prefers to edit /etc/apt/apt.conf to never install recommends and suggested packages :)16:39
silverarrowthere is a star16:39
LubuntuPoweredthat's just to add a new bookmark16:39
Unit193Ctrl+b should bring it up16:39
silverarrowa star at the right in the address line16:39
Unit193silverarrow: Only if he wants to ADD a bookmark16:40
LubuntuPoweredctrl+b doesnt work16:40
silverarrowand from the "wrench tool" you can choose to show a book mark line16:40
LubuntuPoweredoh yeah16:41
silverarrowwrench-preferences-always show bookmark line or something like taht16:41
LubuntuPoweredgood job16:41
silverarrowI like chromium because you can use only the ikon as book mark without adding name16:43
Unit193That can be done in others too16:44
silverarrowand it is a bit like Opera with the "fast dial" on the screen16:44
silverarrowyes firefox16:44
silverarrowbut not, IE, or Midori and some16:44
KM0201i like the "Fast Dial" option in Opera... was glad to see Chrome implement it.. there's a Firefox extension that adds it to ffox16:46
silverarrowthere are?16:50
KM0201of course16:51
silverarrowI remember when I helped my brother with his new latop (when vista was current), there was a FF version with fast dials as default16:51
silverarrowbut I never saw it again after that16:51
silverarrowI like opera too16:52
KM0201i like that "feature" in opera, not much else16:52
silverarrowfor a while I Used Puppy Linux, for some reason Opera was the only one working fast and trouble free for a while16:53
silverarrowit got better after some fixing, but after that I was sort of into Opera16:54
silverarrownow I have lubuntu on both of my computers, even though the stationary one easily takes ubuntu16:54
KM0201silverarrow: same here, my new laptop will run ubuntu fine, but.. lubuntu has won me over, even w/ some of the things that irritate me about it.16:55
silverarrowthere's always something lol16:55
mkoerhi all19:42
mkoeri am new here19:42
mkoerlub    is there Alternate19:42
mkoerlub 11.0419:43
Unit193mkoer: Are you asking for Lubuntu 11.04 Alt install CD?19:48
Unit193There isn't one exactly, but you can do a mini (also called a netinstall)19:49
Unit193mkoer: There should be a link in the /topic for it19:50
KM0201the netinstall just takes forever19:50
Unit193Here is direct link https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Documentation/MinimalInstall19:50
bioterrorKM0201, why it takes forever? ;)19:51
KM0201dunno, just took me forever when i did one19:52
Unit193Slow internet19:52
KM0201which makes sense, it's downloading all the junk from the net19:52
bioterroryeah, guess what19:52
KM0201Unit193: not really, 8 down, 1.5up19:52
bioterrorthat iso file is leeched from net19:52
bioterrorand then you upgrade it from the net19:52
KM0201say what?19:52
bioterrorwith net install you're up-to-date instantly19:53
bioterror(or atleast you should be ;)19:53
mkoerbut my Friend‘s adsl  only  512bit/s    he in Western china    :-(19:55
bioterrormy parents has 1/0.5 ;)19:56
bioterrorit's slow19:56
bioterrorI can surf image boards with that19:56
mkoeris there Alternate cd at lub 11.10?19:59
mkoeris there Alternate at lub11.1020:00
bioterrorhttp://cdimage.ubuntu.com/lubuntu/daily-live/20110818/ no there's not20:01
mkoerI think the computer's memory using linux are less than 256MB20:07
mkoeryour think??  :-)20:07
poluxcrsBonjour - hello22:46
poluxcrsi'm french - so sorry for my bad english but i've a question to Lubuntu for my netbook22:49
phillwhiyas poluxcrs I will try my best, unless gilir is still about?22:51
j0hndoehey guys I got a question, so this is what happen, the new version of puppy-linux 5.2.8 says it can now run .deb package, sounds enticing right? so yea I went and install it on another partition like I did before, didn't install grub because I want to use Lubuntu's grub2, so I went and log back into lubuntu & did 'sudo os-prober' then 'sudo update-grub' then it shows 2 O.S. which is lubuntu and no puppy-linux, am I doing something wrong?22:52
j0hndoe I did it before...22:52
phillwj0hndoe: that sounds like a grub issue, not a lubuntu one?22:53
ubot5GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)22:53
poluxcrsmy display is in 800x600 but i could change this resolution to 800x480 and 1024x600 but i haven't got xorg.conf to /etc/X11/22:54
j0hndoeya, like i did before, I installed lubuntu and want to use its grub2, so when I install other distro like puppy linux, i skip its grub install and use lubuntu's grub2 instead by doing os-prober then update-grub  but this time its not working22:54
z3rodsHow would one go about connecting to a samba share? I've been searching on Google for about an hour now22:55
phillwpolBonjour, le seul orateur français je sais, c'est notre tête de leur développement. Il est très occupé, mais je vous aiderai du mieux que je peux.22:56
j0hndoeso basically the problem is, how do I make grub2 detect puppy linux22:56
poluxcrsphillw speak french ?22:56
phillwz3rods: samba is seen by the later pcmanfm systems - ensure yours is up to date.22:56
poluxcrsI managed to change it on ubuntu as it existed on the Lubuntu 11.04 xorg.conf file does not exist22:57
poluxcrsis this normal?22:57
phillwpoluxcrs: non, J'utilise Google translate pour plusieurs langues. il n'est pas parfait, mais il semble acceptableListenRate translation 22:58
poluxcrsme too22:58
phillwxorg n'est plus installé par défaut. Si vous en avez besoin (le système ne fonctionne pas sur les paramètres par défaut), alors vous pouvez forcer le système à créer un.23:00
phillwj0hndoe: if os-prober cannot find it, I have no idea. os-prober is pretty darn good at its job :/23:01
z3rodswell there are updates. I'll try updating23:01
j0hndoeyea, i did os-prober, it ask for password, then nothing.23:01
poluxcrsI already have a website xorg.conf "www.ubuntu-fr.org" if I put it in / etc/X11 is this correct?23:02
z3rodswhat would you guys recommend for network sharing between Ubuntu and Lubuntu PCs? I'm sure there's a better method than samba23:03
j0hndoephillw I might have to talk to puppy-linux guys see what's up, cuz the installation ask for some weird stuff I never seen before from previous puppy-linux version23:03
j0hndoephillw, but thnx anyways23:03
z3rodsIn fact, I only have samba because this PC used to be Windows before I found Lubuntu23:03
knomez3rods, ssh23:03
poluxcrshow else to force the system to create one ?23:03
z3rodsknome: ssh for file sharing?23:04
knomez3rods, or ftp.23:04
Unit193j0hndoe: I take it you did    sudo os-prober   and not just  os-prober ?23:05
z3rodsI was considering that solution23:05
z3rodsIt wouldn't be much more difficult than an HTTP server23:05
knomez3rods, i'm acutally using xubuntu, but sshfs is a great tool to do easy filesharing over ssh23:05
knomez3rods, no, just install openssh-server23:05
knomez3rods, then 'sshfs other-machine:/path/to/somewhere /mountpoint/on/local/'23:06
knomez3rods, (from the other machine of course)23:06
knomez3rods, well, you also need to install the sshfs package of course :)23:06
z3rodsseems easy23:06
knomeit is extremely easy23:07
z3rodsthanks knome23:07
poluxcrsphillw : http://doc.ubuntu-fr.org/hercules_ecafe_ec800 , Here is the doc in French with the xorg.conf file is that I can directly put it in X11, or should I force the system to create one before23:07
Unit193j0hndoe: I see you did. Mind giving   sudo blkid   a shot to see what it finds?23:07
z3rodsI hope updating this time around doesn't break my wireless :(23:07
phillwpoluxcrs: les instructions sont en anglais, je pensais que Ubuntu a eu un principal forum en français? .. En fait,j'étais aussi dit qu'ils n'étaient pas poli de Commers nouvelle.23:09
phillwLe lien est http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=140183523:09
j0hndoeUnit193, /dev/sda3: UUID="8e0b4d89-244d-4662-8b15-02a5f82520f0" SEC_TYPE="ext2" TYPE="ext3"23:10
j0hndoe/dev/sda1: UUID="b652aef8-b567-412f-be51-d0a16bc0a69e" TYPE="ext4"23:10
j0hndoe/dev/sda5: UUID="0e6a102a-7cb2-406e-b002-63fe08c6e126" TYPE="swap"23:10
j0hndoeUnit193, I installed puppy-linux on sda323:11
poluxcrsThanks Phillw i'm testing , I wish you all a good night23:13
phillwj0hndoe: pop onto #lubuntu-offtopic I will be there is a few minutes as Unit193 needs to head off for bed.23:15
j0hndoephillw, ok23:16

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