* h00k waits patiently for Compiz/Unity update to drop to us.archive.ubuntu00:02
h00khey, there it was.00:02
h00kthere we go.00:07
h00kIt also required a reboot, dbus was being odd.00:13
penguin42anyone else tried creating a vm with virt-manager?00:16
DanaGOh yeah, something I noticed about Unity: clicking the "dash" button doesn't give any obvious indication that it's been pushed.00:26
DanaGI don't expect it to open instantly, but I do expect it to be drawn in a "pushed" state.00:26
DanaG... or else I just click it again.00:26
bjsniderDanaG, have you tried gnome-shell?00:32
IdleOneI would like to be able to right click an icon and have the option to Add to Startup applications00:45
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jo-erlendmy gnome-settings-daemon goes insane. Uses 160% CPU-time now. How do I figure out why?01:11
jo-erlendoh. Perhaps... brb01:12
DanaGbjsnider: tried gnome-shell, and found that the window decoration theme doesn't work.01:30
DanaGhmm, anyone familiar with the sync tool, unison?02:00
DanaGI'm trying to use it with -repeat watch... and it keeps syncing folders not listed to sync!02:00
IdleOneI'm guessing it has some default config02:02
IdleOnenever used it myself02:03
DanaGMy config has its roots in the home dir on both ends, and lists only "pictures" and "documents" folders.  Yet, it's syncing EVERYTHING in home.02:03
DanaGhmm, whatever, I'll just add specific ignores.02:07
Gredeui havea  video capture device that hasn't worked since lucid.  i've upgraded to oncelot 3.0.3 kernel and am wondering if the previously missing /dev/ mount points are back -- i know nothing about video capture02:38
bjsniderGredeu, start gstreamer-properties, click the video tab and click the lowermost test button02:45
bjsniderassuming the device is plugged in that is02:45
Gredeutest input works but video for linux does not02:53
Gredeuperhaps its not plugged in02:54
Gredeuplugged in, do get a single frame of video output but on streamig02:56
Gredeui'll assume another program will be fine.  how about video audio ?02:57
Gredeui have no /dev/audio02:59
bjsniderdoes the device have audio capability?03:00
Gredeuit does sir03:01
Gredeuits not worked since lucid03:01
DanaGwhat even is /dev/audio?03:02
DanaGIs it OSS?03:02
bjsniderif it's just a microphone going to the mic plug that will work right away but if it has some built-in sound hardware then you should check the sound indicator in the hardware list03:02
Gredeuthank you bjsnider03:03
bjsnideryou can also check what happens when you plug it in by running the dmesg command03:03
DanaGhmm, I just found an advantage (on Windows) to having headphone and speaker outputs be separate devices:03:04
DanaGWith headphones plugged in, volume keys control headphone volume.03:04
DanaGWith headphones unplugged, it controls speakers.03:04
DanaGEach maintains its own state!03:04
DanaGIt'd be nice to get that in Linux.03:05
bjsnideryou must be using either vista or win 703:05
DanaGYup, win7.03:05
DanaGWith default driver.  OEM driver ties the two together.03:05
bjsniderwell it uses a sound server just like linux and osx03:05
DanaGOh, and I can play different things to headphones and speakers at the same time.03:05
DanaGI like PulseAudio.03:05
DanaGBut ALSA doesn't currently expose multi-streaming.03:05
bjsniderthere's no reason why pulse shouldn't be able to do all of that, and maybe it already does03:05
DanaGIt can with two separate sound cards, but not with two outputs on the same sound card.03:06
DanaGIt's an ALSA decision... it ties the two together.03:06
bjsnideri don't know why alsa would stop it03:06
DanaGWell, if there's only front:0 and no separate headphone:0, that'd stop it.03:06
DanaGThere's only one output in ALSA>03:06
bjsnideron your system03:07
DanaGYou can't get two outputs through one output.03:07
DanaGMaybe the new jack-detection will make multi-sttreaming worth supporting.03:07
DanaGOh yeah, and ALSA can do two simultanous recording streams from two different inputs (or at least, it could last time I tried).... PulseAudio doesn't expose that, either.03:08
DanaGI do like PulseAudio, though... nice for dealing with USB sound card.03:08
bjsniderdeals with mine great03:08
DanaGMusic and videos to USB; web audio to onboard.  Get audio ad?  Hit mute, and it mutes the onboard.03:08
ubottuUbuntu bug 535453 in alsa-driver (Ubuntu) "USB-Audio CM106 USB Sound card causes weird errors in the logs" [Undecided,New]03:14
DanaGoh, and I can hard-lock my kernel if I unplug and replug the device several times really quickly.03:19
OnlyodinIn previous editions I've been able to set up additional locations in Time + Date settings, and have even been able to search for cities, etc.05:46
OnlyodinIs there a way to do this in oneiric?05:46
bullgard4_On my GNOME 3 why is there is no operating system user »couchdb«?05:47
bullgard4_Onlyodin: The answer to your question is Desktop Environment dependent.05:48
OnlyodinI'm using Gnome/Unity, but I think I've figured it out. What I was doing earlier wasn't doing anything, whereas now when I begin typing location names, it's doing a search and returning some results05:51
LynoureMy flashplugin is not installing, http://pastebin.com/hwQRqcn5 , is that a known problem?05:59
urlin2uLynoure, yuo can get it automatically installed two ways, first the retricted-extras for your desktop, second by installing the flash aid addon in firefox.06:05
Lynoureurlin2u: this was a package pulled by Kubuntu's package manager06:06
Lynoureurlin2u: and it looks to be broken, to me06:06
micahgLynoure: yes, there's a problem with flashplugin-installer ATM, workaround is to install flashplugin-installer:i38606:06
urlin2uLynoure, I haven't used kubuntu but just add the flash aid addon and it will ask to be run on restart06:07
urlin2uor the one above, whichever works.06:07
Lynoureurlin2u: you can see the package name there, in the paste06:07
Lynouremicahg: thanks, I think I can wait :)06:08
micahgLynoure: there's also been a bug with kubuntu installing flash before that idk if it's been tracked down either06:08
urlin2uLynoure, sure but personally I use the easiest method, the addon or the restricted extras, in your case in the terminal sudo apt-get install kubuntu-restricted-extras    this will cover other codecs you would use as well.06:09
Lynoureurlin2u: it uses something else than flashplugin-installer?06:11
Lynoureurlin2u: that sounds interesting06:11
urlin2uLynoure, not sure it just install adobe flash, your over thinking it.06:11
urlin2uplenty more can break06:11
Lynoureurlin2u: doing what you told me, and it's using the same package...06:12
Lynoureurlin2u: my goal is not to make other things to break, just originally wanted to know whether to file a bug report :)06:13
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micahgno, the restricted-addons uses flashplugin-installer06:13
urlin2uLynoure, hehe the ubiquitous bug report, never bothered myself. ;-)06:14
Lynoureurlin2u: I see.06:14
urlin2uis it al installing?06:14
Lynoureurlin2u: one of the reasons I jump to +1 is to help06:14
Lynoureurlin2u: did you read the pastebin?06:15
urlin2uI'm not using it06:15
Lynoureurlin2u: well, http://pastebin.com/hwQRqcn506:15
Lynoureurlin2u: sorry to break your pastebin diet =) It's just frustrating to explain the same things that are clearly there.06:16
urlin2uLynoure, I read it originally a dpkg error, not sure what that means other then literally, or how to fix it, sorry06:17
Lynoureurlin2u: I would have been grateful to hear that in the beginning :)06:17
urlin2uLynoure, okay, you get what you paid for here.06:18
Lynoureurlin2u: now for some minutes I have been expecting you to tell me how to patch it =)06:18
Lynoureurlin2u: not a complaint, just would have saved your time as well06:18
urlin2uLynoure, others have suggested it is broken, what were your exspectations there.06:19
Lynoureurlin2u: after micahg said it's broken, that you know a workaround06:19
urlin2uLynoure, this I have never seen, and the methods suggested work, when there are not problems, we don't all know every problem.06:19
urlin2uI didn't say I new a workaround I suggested the methods thatwork.06:20
LynoureSorry, I was just too hopeful :)06:20
Lynoureurlin2u: got same error with same packege with restricted extras, so next time you know that does not work either on 64bit (until it's fixed)06:22
urlin2uLynoure, cool thanks.06:22
urlin2uLynoure, let us know if you trey the add on it was put together by a person who is a regular on the ubuntu forums and is on top of this stuff.06:24
Lynoureurlin2u: I try to stick to standard stuff, as otherwise I have to do a lot more digging before filing any bugs on related stuff.06:25
LynoureThere is another laptop with solid 11.04 on it still, after all :)06:26
urlin2uLynoure, its your hard work which lets the rest of us coast. ;-)06:26
urlin2uthankless work06:27
Lynoureurlin2u: no, not mine.06:27
Lynoureurlin2u: I've never fixed anything for ubuntu06:27
urlin2uyour following a good protocol though.06:27
Lynoureurlin2u: thanks.06:28
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urlin2uLynoure, you still here?07:47
guyMorning all08:18
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Guest47339I did a clean install of oneiric yesterday08:19
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guyvsIf I change settings like my keyboard layout, they disappear on reboot08:22
guyvsand I can't change my fonts anywhere08:22
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Lynoureurlin2u: (delay) I stay here idle even when I'm elsewhere, but most of the time I don't follow actively08:26
urlin2uLynoure, not sure you would be interested but the sevenmachines ppa has a 64 bit flash working08:27
urlin2ujust passing the info08:28
Lynoureurlin2u: thanks, that probably means it will get fixed in ubuntu+1 proper soon :)08:28
urlin2uprobably so it was working earlier I believe.08:28
* guyvs is going to reinstall natty08:32
bullgard4_Oneiric provides by default a "Guest Account". What can I do under this account, and what can I not do under this account?08:39
urlin2ubullgard4, no sudo08:43
topylii think it also has very restricted access to the filesystem, and lives confined to a temporary home directory08:48
topylior at least that was the plan at some point :)08:49
vega__is unity + dual screen ANY better in oneiric compared to natty? (which dual screen support is mostly crap)09:37
jtaylorI had no problems with dual screen in natty09:39
jtaylorno idea about oneiric because its broken since weeks for me :/09:40
jtaylorforced to use unity 2d where metacity crashes two times a day ._.09:40
bullgard4_ topyli What do you mean by: "The Guest Account lives confined to a temporary home directory"?09:41
topylibullgard4_: any files are written into tmpfs and deleted at logout. no access to the real filesystem09:52
bullgard4_topyli: Ah! Thank you.09:52
jtaylorits a tmpfs? does it have limits on usage?09:53
jtaylorelse its a nice way to dos09:53
topylii hope so09:53
bullgard4_topyli: Do you know by chance why I have to type in the guest account the  password of my main user account at regular intervals although I do not have to type a password at the beginning?09:55
bullgard4_beginning = guest account login time09:56
topylisounds like a bug09:56
topyliwhy would your guests know your password?09:56
bullgard4_Yes. This is an importantant argument indeed.09:57
bullgard4_topyli: The guest account's prompt for my password explains: "Authentication Required. The system policies prevent processing of network settings for all users."09:59
Ian_Cornejtaylor: by default, tmpfs "partitions" are 2gb in size i think10:00
jtaylorlogin with multiple guest accounts possible?10:00
Ian_Cornetry it, i don't know10:01
topylibullgard4_: that's gnome-keyring i suppose. you've setup something globally when using your own account, and it somehow travels to the guest account10:01
topylior something. i don't know, i've never even tried to guest account stuff10:01
bullgard4_topyli: I dared or endeavoured to test this default guest account a bit. May be I can put it to good use.10:03
topyliit's good to have for when your laptop is stolen. the thief should have an easy way to login and use the internet, so that my laptop can start phoning home location, and sending mugshots of the thief :)10:06
bullgard4_topyli: Somehow my main account and this default guest account are liinked together: I was surprised that the Tilda program in the guest account is ready for use although I did not install its DEB program package. The same applies to mysql.10:06
topyliapparently you installed them system-wide, not sandboxed in your home directory10:07
bullgard4_topyli: Well, '~$ which tilda; /usr/bin/tilda'.10:08
topylithere you go10:09
topylihrm. my screen has recently started to go blank again when i close the laptop lid10:34
topylican't figure out what's changed, i still have the action set to 'nothing'10:35
Lynouretopyli: Is that bad, if it recovers?10:36
topyliLynoure: it does recover, but it's bad when i have an external monitor and would like to work10:36
Lynouretopyli: I'm kind of under the impression that in some laptops that what happens, no matter what you set it as (but in yours at least, clearly not)10:37
Lynouretopyli: with mine, with 11.04 both go blank, I open it, it recovers, close it again and only the laptop goes blank, not the external10:37
Lynourea tad annoying extra move, but better than fail.10:38
topylimine consistently blanks10:38
Lynouretopyli: that sucks10:38
topylithere's a new gsettings key, org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.power/lid-close-ac-action. setting that to 'nothing' worked in gnome 3.0 but in the latest unstable releases, it's being ignored10:40
topylioh well. maybe it's just a regression and will be fixed10:42
Lynouretopyli: check if there is a bug filed?10:43
topyliLynoure: searching right now :)10:45
topyliLynoure: live and learn. the external monitor wakes up again if i simply move the (external) mouse :)11:02
topyliLynoure: in fact i can even leave it to the default 'suspend', and it won't suspend if there's an external monitor. in other words, it works just as designed11:17
Lynouretopyli: s/designed/desired/ ? :)11:22
topyliLynoure: designed :)11:24
Lynourewell, that's good. and then when you detact the external monitor, it immediately suspends?11:24
topyliLynoure: apparently not. i just did that, waited a bit, opened the lid, and had the display on laptop11:27
LynoureOk, seems kind of sane.11:31
LynoureHave to remember that11:32
topylino warranty beyond this particular laptop of course, some will work and some won't, i'm afraid11:34
drusselltopyli: can you do me a favour and test something for me?11:40
drusselltopyli: can you try and disable the laptop screen so you just get the output on the external monitor?11:40
drusselltopyli: I've got an open bug I'm trying to get more reproducers for...11:41
drusselltopyli:  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-control-center/+bug/82862311:41
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ubottuUbuntu bug 828623 in gnome-control-center (Ubuntu) "gnome control centre does not allow you to disable the laptop screen while leaving an external connected screen working" [Undecided,Confirmed]11:41
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psaldenhey, I was wondering... pidgin doesn't seem to be working right with the messages indicator. Setting status works, but there's no way to re-open the contact list. Is this work in progress, am I doing something wrong, or?11:52
OnlyodinIn the last couple of days pidgin has disappeared from the messages indicator menu altogether - on my machine that is.11:55
topylidrussell: sorry, but works for me. can't reproduce12:05
topyli(in fact that's my regular setup)12:05
zhiweitoday, when I update my ubuntu11.10,I can't use unity,but can use unity2D.12:06
drusselltopyli: are you using vga or dvi/hdmi/displayport12:29
drusselltopyli: because I think that makes a difference...12:29
topylidrussell: vga. just thinking about adding a comment just in case it turns out to be relevant12:29
drusselltopyli: yeah, mine is displayport12:30
drusselltopyli: which I think gets treated differently12:31
topylileft one in any case, no harm either way12:31
drusselltopyli: thanks12:31
drusselltopyli: and that's 11.10?12:32
topylidrussell: yep, up to date as of this morning12:32
drusselltopyli: great thanks12:33
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BluesKajHiyas all14:08
h00kwait a minute, do I not have global menus?14:49
h00kI do, just not for gnome-terminal14:49
h00kis this normal?14:50
Ian_Cornei do14:51
Ian_Corneso, i'd guess no?14:51
h00kI wonder how I get that back14:52
BluesKajhmm kde here, kb & mouse keep freezing on my other pc, shortly after login14:53
drussellBluesKaj: ctrl+alt+F1 get you to a console?14:54
BluesKajbetter reboot to a tty14:54
BluesKajyeah , drussell...gonna try it now14:55
BluesKajok, did an update/upgrade at the recovery kernel and all seems fine now ....ssh'd into the other pc and it responds properly to keyboard commands from this pc15:14
Ian_Cornemy usb ports just don't anything anymore on my laptop :p15:26
BluesKajlsusb doesn't show anything , Ian_Corne ?15:28
Ian_Cornehmm it does15:29
Ian_Cornealso it discoverd my stick now15:29
Ian_Corneaha, 2 usb slots don't15:30
Ian_Corne1 does15:30
Ian_Cornethe one that works is an esata/usb combo :p15:30
BluesKajweird , I encounbtered that the other day too15:30
Ian_Cornewhere do i change the automated action for when a usb device is plugged in?15:32
BluesKajnotifier /15:34
BluesKajdevice notifier , maybe, or at least the file browser15:35
Ian_Corneh00k: i don't even have any borders for my gnome-terminal atm15:48
Ian_Cornesame with eclipse..15:48
h00kIan_Corne: that's fin :)15:48
h00k*fun, rather15:48
Ian_Cornewell, there's no window controls either :p15:48
Ian_Cornedoes work on chromium but it's not using the systme borders15:49
Ian_Corneyep they're gone when i enable them15:49
ChipacaIan_Corne: run unity-window-decorator15:53
Chipacaor gtk-window-decorator15:54
Ian_Cornethanks :D15:54
Chipacanot sure of the difference, but one of those will work15:54
Ian_Cornethe unity one worked15:54
Chipacathe other will eat all your memory and burn your savings on horses15:54
Chipacaor was it that one eat all your memory, and the other ... i don't know any more.15:55
SpamapSSo, I'm still dealing with Unity 2d's panel service crashing constantly. Has anyone else seen this?15:55
amitranaHi, I just upgraded to 11.10 from 11.04 and my skype stopped working. it gives error "skype: error while loading shared libraries: libXss.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory" . can anyone help me how can I fix it? These libraries are present16:11
terry_Did you do a search for libXss.so.116:11
amitranayes it gives this "/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libXss.so.1.0.016:12
terry_amitrana: ln -s /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libXss.so.1 /usr/lib/16:12
terry_amitrana: Oh wait.... It's a 64 bit system.16:13
amitranayes I did that and got "skype: error while loading shared libraries: libXss.so.1: wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS64"16:13
terry_was it 64 bit before?16:13
terry_Was skype working before?16:13
amitranayes earlier I had 11.04 6416:13
amitranaand it was working then. This morning I did update-manager -d and upgraded16:14
terry_well, skype is more-than-likely looking in the wrong place for it.  Run skype from terminal and see if you get a clue.16:15
amitranayes I am trying from terminal only now and it was complaining about libXss. Do I have to downgrade to 11.04? or is there any easier/shorter way? :) I am not an expert, just a user.16:15
terry_amitrana: Try installing  libxss116:16
amitranaok will try now. thanks.16:17
terry_or see if it is there for 11.1016:17
terry_apt-cache search libxss16:18
amitranaI searched in synaptic, it shows its already installed. Let me try your command16:18
Ian_Corne!info libxss16:18
ubottuPackage libxss does not exist in oneiric16:18
Ian_Corne!info libxss116:18
ubottulibxss1 (source: libxss): X11 Screen Saver extension library. In component main, is optional. Version 1:1.2.1-2 (oneiric), package size 8 kB, installed size 72 kB16:18
amitranagot this: libxss-dev - X11 Screen Saver extension library (development headers)16:18
amitranalibxss1 - X11 Screen Saver extension library16:18
terry_apt-cache search libXss16:18
amitranalibxss1-dbg - X11 Screen Saver extension library (debug package)16:18
amitranait gives exact same results as with libxss16:19
terry_apt-get install libxss-dev16:19
amitranaterry_: ok, doing that.16:20
terry_adn ^^16:21
amitranaok, installed both but skype still complains16:22
terry_getlibs -32 libXss.so.116:22
terry_getlibs -64 libXss.so.116:22
PiciThis is probably related to the multiarch migration16:22
terry_I donno16:22
terry_try: getlibs -64 libXss.so.116:22
amitranaok. I dont have getlibs, getting it.16:23
terry_I know this is old and outdated info, but may still be useful info.  Go to bottom 1/4 or so of the page:  http://divyad.wordpress.com/2007/11/11/install-skype-20-beta-on-ubuntu-gutsy710-amd64/16:25
terry_I'm not finding anything else, so...16:25
amitranagetlibs says I already have newest version16:26
terry_I said that wrong, the top 1/4 of the page16:26
terry_Forgive me.  My brain seems to malfunction.16:26
terry_What version of skype is it?16:27
terry_And where did you download from?16:27
amitranai got it from skype website only, the latest one. I think it was 2.2.1 or something, let me check16:27
amitranayes, skype-ubuntu_2.2.0.35-1_amd64.deb is what I got16:28
amitranaone basic question, if i downgrade to 11.04 now, what all do i lose?16:28
PiciDowngrading is not supported.16:28
amitranaah nice :)16:28
amitranaBy the way, is this a bug? or just work in progress so I should just wait for updates?16:30
terry_You'd have to talk to the folks at skype about that.16:30
amitranahmm. ok I will try but I guess they will ask me to wait for 11.10 final release.16:31
terry_That is latest ^^^  and may be what you already what you have now.16:32
amitranaterry_ : Thanks, thats where I downloaded it earlier.16:32
terry_I suppose it's off to ubuntu beta forum16:34
terry_But  you can tinker with it some more and maybe find a clue.  Maybe someone else on here has some idea, but that's all I have.16:35
amitranaterry_: Thanks a lot, really appreciate your time.16:35
billybigrigger_so is fglrx with jockey completely borked or what?17:24
charlie-tcaAFAIK, jockey is broken for everything - bug 83144717:27
charlie-tcaand since the bot appears broken:17:28
charlie-tcajockey-backend crashed with MemoryError in run_dbus_service()17:28
charlie-tcain progress as a critical bug17:28
AlanBellusing unity how can I browse my installed applications by category in Oneiric?17:28
AlanBellso I want to see all the graphics applications I have installed and run one of them17:28
charlie-tcaDoesn't software center do something like that?17:29
* charlie-tca doesn't use unity17:29
AlanBellsoftware centre is for stuff I don't have17:29
charlie-tcaI thought it also has a "installed software" category17:29
AlanBellI am trying to use unity, but I can't find and run applications I have on my computer, which is kind of fundamental17:30
charlie-tcaI see17:30
AlanBellin Natty there was a dropdown in the applications lens for changing category, pretty horrible but it kind of worked17:31
AlanBellbut would do crazy stuff like show me 6 of the 20 applications I have in a category, plus try to sell me another 6 from the software centre17:31
AlanBellideally I would like to replace the dash which is almost entirely useless with an applications lens that shows me all the stuff I have grouped into categories17:33
AlanBellhttp://bazaar.launchpad.net/~unity-team/unity-lens-applications/trunk/view/head:/src/daemon.vala#L170 there is clearly code in it that knows about categories in some way17:34
astraljavaAnybody have a working oneiric schroot config handy? I can't seem to get mine working, it falls back to / and groups says it cannot find gid 1000.17:36
nperryAnyone else getting the bzip errors?18:12
terry_nperry: What error?18:15
billybigrigger_nperry, nope, what command are you running?18:26
nperrynaptitude update18:28
nperryjust not seen it before18:28
nperryanother update didn't give the same error18:28
nperrymaybe a baddownload on my half18:28
billybigrigger_did that last compiz update break anyones system?18:47
h00kbillybigrigger_: today's or yesterday's?18:48
BluesKajcompiz ... why bother with it ?18:48
h00kHaven't done it yet, maybe I should wait.18:48
billybigrigger_synaptic won't launch for me either now...."Problem cannot be reported....you have obsolete package versions installed. Please upgrade the following packages and check if the problem still occurs: synaptic, libcups2"18:49
billybigrigger_  Installed: 0.75.2ubuntu118:50
billybigrigger_  Candidate: 0.75.2ubuntu618:50
billybigrigger_  Installed: 1.5.0-418:50
billybigrigger_  Candidate: 1.5.0-518:50
DanaGCompiz is useful and nice, once tweaked to not be stupid.18:51
burneris flash broken or just me?  http://paste.ubuntu.com/674053/18:51
billybigrigger_no tweaking done here, still a stock .10 install, besides the fact of installing xchat18:52
billybigrigger_burner, i use SevenMachines flash11 from his ppa18:52
billybigrigger_works like a dream on my .10 64 install18:53
BluesKajburner, 64 bit ?18:53
burneryep, 64-bit18:53
BluesKajburner, ^18:53
burnerhrm... i think i b0rked something :\18:55
BluesKajburner, it's a known bug18:55
billybigrigger_finally got the new kernel update as of right now too...wonder what b0rkage that will bring :)18:56
burnerwoohoo... thanks amigos!  :)18:58
BluesKajodd goings on with my other pc ,  hw freezes like KB and mouse etc ..updates/upgrades fix it for a while then kernel panics on the boot , until I upgrade again19:00
billybigrigger_what mouse theme do you all use?19:03
billybigrigger_i can't seem to get DMZ-White to list in gnome-tweak-tool19:04
* BluesKaj thinks the pc is getting too old , kernel source hw drivers look like they're becoming iffy, from it's behaviour19:05
billybigrigger_how old is it?19:06
BluesKajmaybe it should be relegated back to windows19:06
billybigrigger_that isn't old at all19:07
BluesKajsingle core 64bit amd cpu and 2G ram19:07
billybigrigger_should be a great linux machine19:07
BluesKajgawd I hope so19:07
BluesKajnot handling 11.10 very well , tho19:08
billybigrigger_most machines aren't :P19:09
Ian_Cornewell we knew what we were getting into, gnome3, gtk updates 3.x kernel, it was bound to be a rough ride :)19:09
billybigrigger_any fglrx users here?19:09
BluesKajno gnome here , I'm kde on all linux19:09
Ian_Cornebillybigrigger_: me19:10
billybigrigger_i ran kde 4.5 when it first came out, on an arch install, i'm tempted to go back19:10
Ian_Corneit doesn't work for me on 3.0.0-919:10
Ian_Corneusing radeon is a breeze tho19:10
billybigrigger_Ian_Corne, which driver? 881 just came out today i think19:10
Ian_Cornei'll check later19:10
billybigrigger_im stuck will gallium drivers, i havent been able to install fglrx yet19:10
billybigrigger_jockey has been holding me back, but i was reading today on a forum post that there is a fglrx-installer package in the repos, which i haven't been able to find... :(19:11
billybigrigger_how did you install your drivers?19:11
Ian_Cornewell it was just there in the repos :p19:11
billybigrigger_not for me :( wtf19:12
Ian_Cornei'll check what repo19:13
Ian_Cornealso later19:13
Ian_Cornewhen i'm at that computer19:13
Ian_Corneat my laptop with nvidia now19:13
billybigrigger_only repo i don't have enabled is source code19:14
billybigrigger_ubuntu 2d it is19:24
DanaGToo bad Radeon sucks so much power.19:26
DanaGThat's a showstopper for me.19:26
DanaGSo I need fglrx.19:26
DanaGRadeon uses like 10-20 more watts than fglrx.19:26
DanaGeh, probably 10.  Not 20.19:26
Ian_Cornebillybigrigger_: but radeon works for normal ubuntu19:30
Ian_CorneI'm using a 6950, and it's supported19:30
billybigrigger_i have a 4200 hd on this laptop19:31
billybigrigger_and i can't find fglrx-installer in any of my repos19:31
billybigrigger_Ian_Corne, you have in it oneiric repos, or in a ppa somewhere?19:34
Ian_Cornethe x swat ppa only has 85019:36
Ian_Cornebut as I said19:36
Ian_Corneit's not working19:36
Ian_Corneor at least I head it, removed it yesterday19:36
billybigrigger_fglrx package shows 881 now19:39
billybigrigger_maybe i'll just try and install it without the installer package19:39
Ian_Cornewell, i've learned that jockey does alot behind the scenes for fglrx19:40
Ian_Corneso I don't know19:40
Ian_Cornejockey doesn't work for me atm19:41
=== kancerman_ is now known as kancerman
billybigrigger_Ian_Corne, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=177385119:44
billybigrigger_everything went ok, dkms seems fine, going to reboot i guess :)19:47
billybigrigger_Ian_Corne, when you open system info, what graphics driver does it list for you?19:54
Ian_CorneGallium 0.4 on AMD CAYMAN19:56
Ian_Cornefglrx: Installed: (none) Candidate: 2:8.872-0ubuntu219:57
BUGabundoevening peeps19:57
Ian_Cornehello BUGabundo19:57
billybigrigger_Ian_Corne, ok so your not even using fglrx19:58
Ian_Corneas I said20:00
Ian_CorneI removed it, because it was broken20:00
Ian_Corne  Candidate: 2:8.881-0ubuntu120:00
Ian_Cornei could try it20:00
Ian_Cornebut i cba to do all the manual steps atm20:01
Ian_Corneand jockey is still broken20:01
billybigrigger_well system info shows VESA for me20:02
billybigrigger_even with radeon.nomodeset=1 in grub20:02
BluesKajbillybigrigger_, try just nomodeset20:03
billybigrigger_BluesKaj, ill give er a go20:03
billybigrigger_grub won't list 3.0.0-9 either, even after finding the images... wtf20:04
billybigrigger_stuck on 3.0.0-7 still20:04
BluesKajdid you dist-upgrade?20:05
billybigrigger_just regular updates, i got 3.0.0-9 pushed to me via repos20:05
billybigrigger_glxgears reports 1000fps20:13
billybigrigger_nomodeset seems to work, but compiz is borked so im stuck with ubuntu 2d for now, can't really tell if things are working properly20:14
Ian_Corneyou know20:14
Ian_CorneThe framerate should be20:14
Ian_Corneapproximately the same as the monitor refresh rate.20:14
Ian_Corne302 frames in 5.0 seconds = 60.377 FPS20:14
Ian_Cornewith radeon20:14
Ian_Cornethat's the only driver for which that sentence is actually true..20:15
BluesKajfr depends how much real estate the app takes up on thr scrn20:17
billybigrigger_i get an 8.8s test in gtkperf so i'm assuming i'm using the right driver and it's working, direct rendering reports yes....20:17
billybigrigger_can't test much more than that20:17
billybigrigger_well i was getting 300 fps before using gallium, 1000 using "fglrx" i hope, so i'm assuming the driver is working20:17
Ian_Corne/usr/lib/nux/unity_support_test -p20:17
Ian_Cornetry that billybigrigger_20:18
Ian_Corneand that was probably 300 frames per 5 seconds20:18
Ian_Cornenot fps i guess20:18
billybigrigger_unity_support_test doesn't exist there20:18
billybigrigger_its in /usr/lib/nux/ fyi :P20:19
billybigrigger_everything there checks out ok20:19
billybigrigger_now if i could just downgrade my compiz update from this morning i'd be happy :)20:19
Ian_Corne22:17:56 < Ian_Corne> /usr/lib/nux/unity_support_test -p20:20
Ian_Cornethat's what I said, no?20:20
billybigrigger_yes, i can't read hah :P20:20
billybigrigger_i read /usr/lib :P20:20
Ian_Corne:D ok20:21
billybigrigger_yeah, Ubuntu 2D (VESA) glxgears shows 400fps ~ 5s20:26
billybigrigger_in Ubuntu (RADEON????) it's over 1000fps ~ 5s, so i'm assuming the new 881 drivers than came down the pipe today are working properly...with "nomodeset" in my boot line20:27
billybigrigger_on 3.0.0-920:27
billybigrigger_i had to edit my grub line and change 7 to 9 and add nomodeset manually although20:27
BUGabundo467 frames in 5.0 seconds = 93.218 FPS20:32
billybigrigger_what hardware are you using bug?20:36
h00kBanshee got through one song, barely, and then ate up memory and died.20:39
billybigrigger_so is dist-upgrade the new preferred way of updating broken packages in a testing cycle?20:40
Ian_Cornethe alt tab thing is _REALLY_ annoying20:44
billybigrigger_alt-tabbing through apps is THE way to go bud :P20:46
lenios_wait, there's no other way?20:47
Ian_CorneI'm more then annoyed by this "feature"20:49
billybigrigger_it's always been there20:49
BUGabundobillybigrigger nvidia 840020:49
BUGabundoits from 200820:49
BUGabundointel 8400, 2.4GHz20:49
billybigrigger_BUGabundo, not using nvidia's drivers are you?20:49
billybigrigger_what does gtkperf give you for a test time?20:50
billybigrigger_i hate glxgears, it's a POS "benchmarking" tool, like everyone uses it for20:50
BUGabundoin the mean time watch this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wCk-Eyo3KU420:51
=== jeremy is now known as Guest26485
BUGabundoTotal time:  8.8020:52
billybigrigger_finally i know what BUGabundo does on his weekends :P20:54
Ian_CorneTotal time:  9.8920:54
BUGabundobillybigrigger LOL20:55
BUGabundoIan_Corne: so I aint that bad20:55
Ian_Cornei'm on radeon20:55
Ian_Corneand on a much "better" card20:55
Ian_Corneso you're awesome!20:55
Ian_Corneno i mean it20:56
billybigrigger_my radeon 4200 M gave me 8.820:56
Ian_Corneradeon is supposed to be ebtter then nouveau20:56
lenios_is it a known bug that ttys are missing (ctrl+alt+fX) ?20:56
lenios_i don't really know how to get them back20:57
BUGabundolenios_: WFM20:57
yofellenios_: I have them, did you break init?20:57
lenios_break init?20:58
Ian_Cornewfm too20:58
billybigrigger_all is working here lenios_20:58
BUGabundoIan_Corne billybigrigger: can you guys add yours at https://plus.google.com/u/0/110546133384368429145/posts/4iYhvXHWGo420:58
yofellenios_: what happens if you run 'sudo service tty1 start' ?20:59
=== Guest26485 is now known as jakemp
lenios_ttys are services?20:59
yofelwell, they are started by init20:59
lenios_i mean, upstart services?20:59
Ian_Corne404. That´s an error21:00
Ian_Cornenot found BUGabundo21:00
BUGabundoIan_Corne: what's your g+ handler id?21:00
billybigrigger_anyone here using xchat? can't seem to follow weblinks in 11.1021:01
billybigrigger_is it just me?21:01
RRRRubebillybigrigger,  No, I get that, there's a bug in launchpad21:02
billybigrigger_BUGabundo, you link is broken21:02
yofelright click -> open link in browser?21:02
billybigrigger_RRRRube, bug id?21:02
RRRRubehang on, I'll check21:02
BUGabundobillybigrigger Ian_Corne:  your gmail !21:02
billybigrigger_yofel, yeah it doesn't work for me, i have to copy and paste the links the old fashioned way :)21:02
BUGabundoor Plus id21:03
RRRRubebillybigrigger, here's the link: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xchat/+bug/82765721:05
ubottuUbuntu bug 827657 in xchat (Ubuntu) "Right clicking on a url in xchat and clicking "open link in browser" does not work" [Undecided,New]21:05
RRRRubeBeat ya, ubottu  :)21:05
BUGabundodid it work billybigrigger ?21:08
yofellenios_: what happened?21:08
billybigrigger_yup BUGabundo21:10
billybigrigger_pasted my output on your link there21:10
lenios_i'm not sure where it broke, i need to do some more tests21:11
BUGabundonow you Ian_Corne21:11
yofellenios_: well, does starting the service do anything?21:12
yofelor restarting it?21:12
lenios_i can't tell you at the moment, i'm not in front of the machine21:12
Ian_Cornestill 404 BUGabundo21:12
yofelah k21:12
billybigrigger_anyone using this version of compiz as of today???21:12
billybigrigger_Version: 1:
lenios_thanks for your help though, i'll try it as soon as possible21:12
BUGabundobillybigrigger I'm on no 3d version :\21:12
BUGabundoIan_Corne: I'm still waiting on your Plus id :P21:12
Ian_Corneguess it :p21:14
RRRRubebillybigrigger,  I have that version (presumably after I updated tonight)21:14
billybigrigger_RRRRube, all is working good for you?21:14
BUGabundoI though it was 10635534761591166271621:14
billybigrigger_i can't login to "Ubuntu" i have no unity, or window borders...im stuck using Ubuntu 2D21:14
Ian_Cornebillybigrigger_: have you tried unity --reset ?21:15
BUGabundoIan_Corne: refresh21:15
billybigrigger_Ian_Corne, no i haven't will try that right now21:15
RRRRubebillybigrigger, Not really. Not sure if it's compiz or nvidia is my problem. I get blocks appearing on screen21:15
Ian_CorneBUGabundo: you've got 1.6K people in your circles?!21:17
BUGabundoI have double that21:17
BUGabundothat's only what I choose to show21:17
Ian_Corneoh :p21:17
Ian_Cornemany of my friends are still fb only21:18
BUGabundohow did that guy do 27 ????21:18
lenios_3.2K people ?!21:19
lenios_how many are you adding each day to have that much21:19
BUGabundothey are adding me21:20
BUGabundodozens daily21:20
BUGabundoI keep removing ppl out of mine21:20
Ian_Cornewhat kind of people do you have in there then?21:20
BUGabundomy main reading circle has ~500 pax. but most are inactive21:20
BUGabundowb billybigrigger21:20
billybigrigger_unity --reset gives me the same problem21:21
billybigrigger_no left menu bar, or top menu bars21:21
Ian_Cornerun unity-window-decorator21:21
Ian_Corneif you can21:21
Ian_Corneit should give you something more21:22
Ian_Corneand try manually running the unity-panel too21:22
Ian_Corneok there's no unity-panel thingy21:23
Ian_CorneI'm at a loss :D21:23
Ian_Cornetry it21:23
BUGabundoanyone knows how I can get my bottom bar on gnome classic?21:23
RRRRubebillybigrigger,  I haven't had those kinds of problems with the latest compiz, but then I haven't restarted or logged out yet :O21:23
Ian_Cornego to the right bottom corner21:23
billybigrigger_BUGabundo, i don't even have an option for gnome classic :P21:23
BUGabundoit's missing21:23
BUGabundoand only shows when using no 3D21:23
BUGabundoyou need a package21:23
BUGabundoit was charlie-tca who told me21:23
lenios_package is still available?21:24
billybigrigger_yeah this compiz update totally borked my unity21:24
DanaGThat's gnome-classic.21:26
charlie-tcafallback in oneiric is not classic, it is unity-2d21:27
charlie-tcaclassic was in natty, and is a separate package now21:27
DanaGI mean, there's a package with "fallback" in the title.21:27
DanaGMaybe I am confused, after all.21:27
DanaGThere's Unity 3D, Unity 2D, Gnome3, and what?21:27
DanaGIs classic still around?21:27
lenios_charlie-tca, does the separate packages works with oneiric gtk3 libs?21:27
tensorpuddinggnome 3 has a fallback mode21:27
tensorpuddingit vaguely behaves like gnome 2, i hear21:28
charlie-tcaWon't work with gnome3 that I know of, no21:28
lenios_ubuntu 11.10 is shipping with gtk3 libs21:28
DanaGI hate this "stupid" stick so many developers have been hitting their projects with.21:28
BUGabundoahaah poor DanaG21:28
BUGabundoI'm on classic 2D21:28
DanaGThe "our users are knuckle-dragging neanderthals".21:28
BUGabundoi want 3D21:28
BUGabundobut the bottom bar is missing21:28
DanaGI haven't tried Gnome-Shell enough to hate it.21:29
DanaGBut I did immediately notice that the maximized-window-title font is glaringly different from everything else.21:29
Ian_Corneit looks slick21:29
ali1234i really hate it when they mess up the fonts21:30
ali1234more fonts != better21:30
DanaGI like DejaVu.21:30
tensorpuddingi hate it when linux users have some sort of adverse reaction to people trying to make the user experience better21:30
DanaGIt'd even look nice in Windows, if it weren't bigger for the same font size.21:30
ali1234better for who?21:30
DanaGDejaVu is actually larger, for the same font size, than anything else.21:30
DanaGBetter for people who like to have their desktops cluttered.21:31
DanaGInstead of being able to minimize.21:31
Ian_Cornechange always requires adaption, and linux people are just very vocal people :)21:31
Ian_Cornethey'll turn around21:31
BUGabundotensorpudding: meh21:32
BUGabundoI have to recogneise there are a lot I liked over the years / cycles21:32
tensorpuddingthere are problems more than just the choice of desktop environment to fix to make the experience easier21:32
BUGabundolike the notification buubles21:32
BUGabundoI still miss persistent ones21:32
DanaGOh, and closing lid, on laptop that's docked, while playing music.21:32
BUGabundotook me weeks to figure I had a wrong password on kmail21:33
DanaGNosiree, we can't have that.  You get sleep.21:33
BUGabundoI still can't use the new WM21:33
BUGabundoalt-tab sucks21:33
BUGabundono app listing21:33
DanaGI like my compiz with magic lamp, thank you very much.21:34
DanaGAnd my "slurpy" (vacuum) menu animations, set to a short-enough duration.21:35
Ian_Cornegnome-shell uses mutter, right?21:36
Ian_Corneor also compiz?21:36
RRRRubeHas anyone got the unity plugin in CCSM working? I can't stand the launcher popping in and out and like to set it to Never autohide. But either nothing happens or compiz crashes. This worked in Narwhal just fine.21:37
Ian_Cornewfm RRRRube21:37
Ian_Cornebut ccsm is very crashy21:37
Ian_CorneI got it working21:37
Ian_Corneanyone know how i can add more workspaces to gnome-shell?21:38
RRRRubeHmm, I think there's something screwy with my graphics all round.21:38
billybigrigger_if you guys are having compiz problems...may i suggest this...http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=182794321:43
billybigrigger_seemed to work ok for me  so far :P got my unity and 3d working again21:44
IdleOne!info icc-profiles-free21:44
ubottuicc-profiles-free (source: icc-profiles-free): ICC color profiles for use with color profile aware software. In component main, is optional. Version 2.0+dfsg-0ubuntu1 (oneiric), package size 1458 kB, installed size 2696 kB21:44
Ian_Cornebillybigrigger_: ok but we're here to try out the version that releases with 11.1021:44
billybigrigger_that would be the one\21:45
Ian_Cornei don't know how much help we are with using that one21:45
billybigrigger_The compiz team has made a new pre-release snapshot available for the general community to test before it’s made available in Oneiric.21:45
IdleOnedist-upgrade always scares me. it usually wants to remove the packages it sayd it will upgrade21:49
IdleOneI am never sure what to do21:49
RRRRubeI might give this a try tomorrow, tho the comments are a little offputting! But for wobbly windows, I'll try anything :)21:49
billybigrigger_this compiz pre-release seems to be ok, better than the latest version in the repos thats for sure21:56
billybigrigger_anyone here having problems with grub picking up the new -9 kernel?22:00
billybigrigger_seems im stuck manually editing the boot line on every restart22:01
Ian_Cornebillybigrigger_: there must be something wrong22:01
billybigrigger_with what...22:01
billybigrigger_grub or compiz?22:01
Ian_Cornetry running update-grub22:01
billybigrigger_done that22:02
Ian_Corneand it just doesn't see the kernel?22:02
billybigrigger_it picks up the image and initrd for -9 just fine, exits with no errors...22:02
billybigrigger_-9 just won't show up in the grub list upon boot22:02
Ian_Cornehuh huh22:03
Ian_Corneall of a sudden22:03
Ian_Cornei've got an extra workspace22:03
Ian_Cornehow did i get it..22:03
Ian_Cornewhen all workspaces are full with windows22:04
Ian_Corneit makes an extra one22:04
Ian_Cornebut I can only change between them in one line22:04
Ian_Cornenot a grid22:04
BUGabundodon't you love to be in control?22:06
Ian_Cornewell it feels weird that they'd go to a lineair approach..22:07
Ian_Cornemost people are probably used to 4-9 workspaces by now22:07
IdleOneI use one workspace22:08
IdleOneonly keep what I am using at the moment open22:08
IdleOneI might start my browser a thousand times a day22:08
Ian_Cornewell, the life of a procastinator :p22:08
Ian_Cornework on the centre one22:08
Ian_Corneand all kinds of shit on the side22:08
ali1234most people don't even know what a workspace is22:09
ali1234and this is the kind of person gnome-shell is aimed at22:09
IdleOneplease no cursing, hurts my eyes22:09
IdleOneand also is one of the rules22:09
BUGabundoI have usually 322:11
BUGabundoeven on Windows (sorry for the cursing) I use reguallry 222:11
Ian_Cornewindows has workspaces?22:11
BUGabundowith a MSFT power toy, yes22:12
Ian_Cornei never manage to stick around long enough to have multiple windows open22:12
Ian_Corneusually steam->anything or just aoe222:12
Ian_Corneoh or samsung Kies crap22:12
ali1234why would you ever use kies22:14
Ian_Cornebecause CM isn't out (stable) yet for SGSII22:14
Ian_Corneand it's the only way to update22:14
ali1234use odin22:16
Ian_Cornei'll check it out later22:16
ali1234kies won't even let me upgrade to 2.322:17
Ian_Cornei'm at 2.3.322:17
astraljavaHas anyone been able to install from usb lately? And by lately I mean "less than 2 weeks ago."22:18
BUGabundoheymal or what ever is called22:18
Onlyodinuse me for what?22:19
Ian_Corneoh one more annoyance about the switcher now: It tabs cross workspaces...22:36
Ian_Corneand my laptop still has the old, good switcher22:36
Ian_Cornei want it back!22:36
Ian_CorneIt's back! I had to disable switcher and enable static switcher22:40
Ian_Cornein between running unity --replace twice because any change to ccsm crashes it22:41
BUGabundoRT @Reuters FLASH: Steve Jobs resigns as CEO of Apple22:41
Ian_Cornei hope he's not ill22:42
charlie-tcaHasn't he been ill? cancer or liver or ??22:46
Ian_Cornebut he's stepping down to be head of the board22:47
Ian_Corneso maybe it's not illness related22:47
Ian_Corneapple shares are gonan go down anyways probably22:47
poolieis it just me or is the panel broken in oneiric unity today (and yesterday)22:53
Ian_Cornepoolie: i think billybigrigger_ has the same22:54
Ian_Corneor had22:54
Ian_Cornehe installed compiz ppa and it worked then22:54
billybigrigger_yeah, it might work without the ppa22:54
billybigrigger_i went into ccsm and enabled the unity plugin because it wasnt loaded22:55
billybigrigger_poolie, try that before installing the new compiz from the ppa22:55
poolieheh, really22:56
poolieso yes, the unity plugin had somehow got disabled23:17
pooliewas'nt me23:17
pooliebug 83342323:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 833423 in unity (Ubuntu) "unity plugin was spontaneously disabled" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83342323:17
BUGabundoanyone seeing my Plus posts on your stream?23:38
billybigrigger_BUGabundo, don't know about my stream but seeing a butt load of emails coming through from you :P23:39
Ian_CorneBUGabundo: I set my stream to a certain circle, you just post to much for all circles :p23:41
BUGabundoI post mostly for one circle23:41
BUGabundowith 3k ppl in23:41
BUGabundobut can you see my posts or not?23:41
billybigrigger_i just added to you my circle so i guess i'll start seeing you23:41
BUGabundosome see them, others don't23:42
Ian_Corneor no23:42
Ian_CorneThere are no posts shared with you yet.23:42
Ian_CorneI see the gtkperf thing23:42
BUGabundowhat is the last one you see?23:42
Ian_CorneI used to see all you posted23:42
Ian_Corneonly the gtk thing23:42
BUGabundoyou are in my circles23:42
BUGabundoand in my posting circle23:42
BUGabundoso you should see all23:43
BUGabundoplease send feedback23:43
BUGabundoneed to get this fix ASAP23:43
billybigrigger_post something again and ill see if i see it23:44
billybigrigger_i just added you to my circle like 2 mins ago23:44
BUGabundoI just did23:44
Ian_Cornebtw BUGabundo23:45
Ian_Cornegoogle will shut you down23:45
Ian_Corneif you don't use your real name23:45
Ian_Corneon google+23:45
BUGabundoI'm by the book23:45
BUGabundothe Profile manager said so23:45
Ian_Corneok :p23:45
billybigrigger_BUGabundo, where am i supposed to be seeing your stuff?23:46
Ian_Corneeither in 'incomming'23:46
Ian_Corneor just your stream23:46
Ian_Cornebut this really isn't ubuntu+1 material :p23:47
billybigrigger_nothing in either of those places23:47
BUGabundostrem, if you have me cirfcled23:47
billybigrigger_Ian_Corne, i hear ya23:47
Ian_Corne /join ubuntu-offtopic23:47
Ian_Corneyou're not even there BUGabundo !23:47
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
billybigrigger_whats with unity always changing colors?23:50
billybigrigger_anyone have a link to a step by step on installing windows AFTER ubuntu? need to get win7 installed on the gf's laptop before i leave for work23:54
IdleOneinstall it and then you need to reinstall grub223:55
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)23:55
IdleOnewindows will eat the mbr by force.23:55
urlin2uIdleOne, just wait for the sp1 it does wonders to23:57
IdleOnewouldn't know, never tried/installed windows723:57
IdleOnedoes sp1 kill mbr also?23:57
urlin2ugot it cheap to help those using it23:57
billybigrigger_heh this is horrible, the things i do for love...23:57
billybigrigger_ok here goes wish me luck :P23:58
urlin2uyeah the sp1 did in my case It might be fixed now23:58
urlin2uthe mbr is my specialty I just laughed23:58
urlin2unot a specialty per-say but dual booting is where I'm most experienced, although with limitations.23:59

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