d3s3rtdw3ll3rtap tap (feedback noise) hello is this thing on?? (echo)08:50
d3s3rtdw3ll3rhowzit Neil14:09
nlsthznd3s3rtdw3ll3r: Hi :)14:15
d3s3rtdw3ll3rya been pretty lonely in here14:19
nlsthznI can imagine :)14:33
nlsthznd3s3rtdw3ll3r: you should join #ubuntu-za too... there is always several people hanging out14:43
d3s3rtdw3ll3rsweet Ill take a look14:44
d3s3rtdw3ll3rloaded but noone really active, its been a while since Ive IRC'd14:45
d3s3rtdw3ll3rcan you still request files from bots etc?14:46
d3s3rtdw3ll3rused to be a great way of getting movies etc14:46
nlsthznI am sure you can in the right channels for such things...14:50

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