jo-erlendwhat kind of performance can I expect from OMAP4? Is it capable of running a monitor in fullhd and play movies without problems?01:28
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GrueMasterjo-erlend: I have seen a single panda play 1080p movies on two screens.  Yes it can.01:36
jo-erlendwow. Nice. :)01:37
jo-erlendGrueMaster, I'm very interested in a pandaboard. How much difficulty will I have installing Ubuntu on it+01:38
GrueMasterNot hardly any..  Just follow the info on the wiki (see room topic).01:39
jo-erlendand since you seem to have some experience with it... If you should compare it to a PC... What kind of PC would be comparable?01:39
GrueMasterProbably an atom based system in overall performance.  The only real downside is there isn't a SATA port, so you don't get as good of HD IO performance.01:40
GrueMasterThe panda is essentially a cell phone development platform, but it can be good for other uses like set top boxes, wifi access point, and even some server tasks.01:41
jo-erlendit is a long time since PCs surpassed my needs, so I'm considering replacing my desktop with an ARM board. I was thinking about waiting for the OMAP5, but when I look at the specs for pandaboard, it seems like a potential candidate.01:44
jo-erlendthe specs doesn't tell me as much though. You can't compare CPU speeds between an x86 and an ARM, right?01:44
GrueMasterNot really.  Pandas run at something like 1.2Ghz, and on some tasks (like video playback) they are more than sufficient.  Other tasks, like heavy duty builds (think rebuild of openoffice) it lacks a lot.01:46
jo-erlendsure. But I don't do that. I surf a little bit and I write some python code. That01:47
jo-erlends mostly it.01:47
jo-erlendwell, except for playing movies and such.01:48
GrueMasterAnd overall cpu speed can be a real misnomer (more of a marketing tool than anything).  I spent 8 years at Intel doing processor validation, and back in the day, the mobile processors based on the PIII would outperform the desktop P4 based processors at half the clock rate.01:48
jo-erlendthe OMAP3 was a little bit too slow and didn't support 1080p, but it seemed very close to acceptable.01:48
GrueMasterFor the tasks you are looking at, it should be able to handle that fine.01:48
jo-erlendGrueMaster, exactly.01:48
jo-erlendgreat :)01:49
jo-erlendand the dollar is cheap as well. That's a good bonus. Guess I'll get myself a couple to play with.01:49
GrueMasterHeh.  I have 6.01:51
jo-erlendyes, but you're a pro :)01:51
GrueMasterThese are personally bought.  Only one was provided.  But I can write them off at tax time.01:52
jo-erlendone thing I thought I could use it for, is to attach it to a VESA wall-mount and connect it to a TV. The HDMI would transmit audio to the TV, right?01:52
GrueMasterYes.  Actually, hdmi audio works better sometimes than analog.01:52
jo-erlendgreat. So then I'd install Synergy on it and I could control it with a laptop. That ought to be cool :)01:53
jo-erlendwonder if OMAP5 will come with USB3 support.01:56
michaelh1jo-erlend: I'd be surprised.  You need a ton of bandwidth...01:57
jo-erlendmichaelh1, that's probably why I want it :)01:58
michaelh1jo-erlend: yeah, something that isn't USB like SATA would be nice...01:59
jo-erlendyes, but is it likely that it'll provide both USB and SATA?01:59
jo-erlendother than that, these things seems kinda perfect for a home mikroserver.02:00
michaelh1jo-erlend: SATA seems unlikely on a phone targeted OMAP5.  The Samsung Orion has a port though, but I don't know if it works.02:01
jo-erlendI'm amazed by how cheap they are.02:05
jo-erlendI grew up with 8088 and 8086. Everything is amazing nowadays,, come to think of it :>02:06
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twbIs ubuntu arm equivalent to debian's armhf?  From the wiki page in /topic it looks like it, except maybe the thumb2 stuff.05:13
twbHm, that page has "How does this differ from Debian's armel port?" but not the same for Debian armhf05:14
julummeis there a known fix for the headless natty image on beagleboard to get the network interface up ?06:29
julummealready in the system configuration phase, it complains that there were no network interfaces detected06:30
julumme(I suppose technically the image "headless omap" image for natty06:31
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janimoanyone running oneiric with latest kernel on the panda? 3.0.0-1203-omap407:10
janimoI get no ethernet with it07:11
janimotwb, ubuntu arm is armel not armhf. It uses the soft-float ABI. There is work going on to have armhf ubuntu port by next cycle07:12
twbOK, thanks.07:12
twbProbably not as big a deal for me, I'm looking at the ASUS TF101, which is A9 not A807:14
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janimoA9 vs A8 have mostly performance differences, but otherwise the same core architecture. Orthogonal to armel vs armhf07:15
twbthe wiki.d.o armhf post said they saw 40% speed improvements on A8, but expect smaller benefits for A907:16
twb"It's likely that the performance benefits are much larger on Cortex-A8 CPUs than on Cortex-A9 CPUs which have a faster VFP design and more conventional pipeline."07:16
erboI want to create a rootfs using rootstock, but with some custom packages that I want to host on a local repo. I figured I could use the --extra-mirror file:///path/to/repo, but it seems to me as if it only accepts ubuntu-mirrors. It complains about not finding the repo/dists/natty/main/binary-armel/Packages file. I just created a minimal repo using dpkg-scanpackages hoping that would work.07:18
erboAny pointer to what I need to do to get custom packages into a rootstock build?07:19
twbAny multistrap fanboys in the audience?07:27
lagogra_: You still alive?07:43
lilstevietwb: biggest issue in A8 vs A9 is that nVidia decided to kill us all by not including the NEON instruction set08:14
lilstevieA8's could all run with NEON if we wanted08:14
twbYeah, I saw that08:14
lilsteviethat is going to be probably the biggest drawback with all hardfloat, catering for the one backwards company08:15
twbYou don't need to convince me that nv are douchebags08:15
twbIf there was a strong alternative to the TF101 I'd probably be looking at that instead, just to avoid nv08:15
janimolilstevie, I was not under the impression that neon is part of hardfp ABI. It is an optional extension to VFP08:34
janimoone should still have armhf with optional neon08:34
twbMarvell Dove also lacks NEON08:35
lilsteviejanimo: it isn't no, just it is a hinderencce to not have it08:35
janimoright. tegra3 is supposed to have neon08:35
twbI saw arm's Cortex-A15 page, and that also said NEON, so I guess all A15s have NEON08:36
lilsteviejanimo: I just mean like the likes of nv and marvell not including NEON are holding hf back08:37
twbAt least it's better than armel08:38
lilstevieheh true08:39
twbSo does the TF101 just use normal nouveau/nvfb/nvidia GPU drivers?08:40
lilstevieit uses the Linux4Tegra GPU drivers if you are using the right kernel08:40
lilstevieotherwise fbdev08:40
twblilstevie: is your git repo based on the one at git://nv-tegra.nvidia.com/linux-2.6.git ?08:42
Nekoarmhf doesn't rely on NEON at all08:43
Nekowhat's holding what back?08:43
lilstevietwb: no, it is based off the asus source drop + patched up using the android kernel.org repo08:43
twbHm, OK08:44
lilstevietwb: however the one that allows acceleration is based off the chromeos kernel tree08:44
twbGrmph, yet another tree08:44
twbI hope all this work gets merged into the mainline at some point08:44
ogra_lag, i am now :)08:47
lagogra_: Hey09:00
lagogra_: On my snowball, when I start xterm using the serial console ...09:00
lagogra_: It starts but I can see lots of 1111111111111111111111111111's appear09:00
lagogra_: Any ideas?09:00
lagogra_: No keyboard is connected09:00
ogra_are the serial settings correct ?09:01
ogra_or wait, you export DISPLAY and run it from serial ?09:02
lagThe 11111111111111's aren't appearing on the serial console09:02
ogra_check ~/.xsession-errors09:02
ogra_and /var/log/Xorg.0.log09:02
ogra_if there are input layer issues you should see it there09:02
lagogra_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/673646/09:04
ogra_line 3 is intresting09:06
ogra_that doesnt look like an xterm though09:07
ogra_your power manager looks pretty unhappy ... but that shouldnt print 111109:08
ogra_to be honest i dont see anything that could cause this but i also dont see any indication of an xterm session09:10
diwicogra_, have you started to run omap etc tests on oneiric yet?09:10
ogra_diwic, what kind of tests ?09:10
ogra_GrueMaster tests the images regulary09:10
diwicogra_, checking if things work? E g the new pulseaudio version09:10
ogra_no, i dont think we have tested that much yet09:10
ogra_everyone is so focused on server stuff atm, i'll make sure we test it asap09:11
diwicogra_, as the UCM patches are currently not included09:11
diwicand I haven't heard you scream about it ;-)09:11
ogra_i think the 3.0 kernel for omap4 also lacks alsa bits atm09:11
ogra_i have to check that forst ...09:11
ogra_(i'm currently a bit focused on ac100 work and getting the last beta workitems done)09:12
diwicogra_, no sound news on ac100, I assume?09:13
ogra_diwic, no, suspend made some progress but sond not yet09:14
diwicyeah, hadn't had a moment to do anything here either09:16
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ogra_janimo, hey, i added mx5 to cdimage and fired off a first livefs testbuild10:16
janimoogra_, cool10:16
ogra_for server (so archive skew doesnt bite us)10:16
ogra_lets see if something comes out at the rear end :)10:16
ogra_janimo, do we have a landing page for mx5 install instructions etc ?10:17
janimothis makes the live image, but did you add the boot/post-boot scripts too?10:17
janimoogra_, only the linaro one10:17
janimoI'll add one to our wiki once we have the images10:18
ogra_http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-server/daily-preinstalled/20110824.1/ ... have a look, i re-arranged the arch specific bits for preinstalled images a bit, mx5 will currently just say "For i.MX5x boards"10:18
ogra_but i think it would be good if it also pointed to a wikipage with instructions10:18
janimoogra_,  will push here as well bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-cdimage/debian-cd/ubuntu/ ?10:20
ogra_or just pastebin the change and i'll add it10:20
janimoogra_, skeleton page: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM/MX510:25
janimoI wonder if they could work on MX51 too, the kernel supports it.10:26
janimoAlthough if Uboot, as I suspect is different, it is too much to add mx51 back10:26
ogra_well, i left everything generic for now in the texts10:27
ogra_k, i'll add that page to the arch stuff10:27
ogra_that page can then have instructions how to modify the image for mx5110:28
ogra_(if thats possible by i.e. just replacing u-boot.bin10:29
ppisatijanimo: it seems the .ddeb kernel pkg should do it (at least it works for i386 and amd64), testing it now...10:35
ppisatijanimo: talking about the systemtap support10:35
janimoppisati, thanks. There may be binaries already, but then I just did not find them :)10:48
janimothe linaro systemtap wikipage points to some older binaries10:48
ogra_Building dependency tree...10:52
ogra_E: Unable to locate package linux-mx510:52
ogra_E: Unable to locate package linux-meta-linaro-lt-mx510:52
ogra_P: Begin unmounting filesystems...10:52
ogra_janimo, ^^^10:52
ogra_seems to need some livecd-rootfs changes10:53
janimoogra_, I wrote that part before the packages landed, but I thought I had gotten the names right .hmm10:54
ogra_janimo, i guess thats the automatic bit trying to do the generic kernel installation10:55
ogra_it somehow assembles the package name from flavour etc10:55
janimoah linux-image-linaro-lt-mx510:55
janimooh, so the naming convention of the package is not in line with others? :(10:56
ogra_it has linaro in the package name10:56
ogra_it should still work if you seed it as you do atm though10:56
janimoogra_,I  will commit a change10:59
ogra_yep, tell me if it hits ports.u.c, then i can trigger a new build11:00
janimoalthough I wonder where the linux-mx5 was gotten from, that is not put in the file11:01
janimois that the automatically generated name?11:01
ogra_likely, yes11:02
ogra_infinity knows that code deeper :)11:02
ogra_i never know where he pulls the code snippets from he shows me :P11:02
janimoI had the source package name added initially, before it was built and  I thought binary name would match11:03
ogra_yeah, with the binary it shoudl work, if not, we need to dig deeper and add it to the pattern that aut-creates the package names11:04
ogra_though i fear that will get hairy, while adding -linaro- might be trivial, adding the -lt- could get tricky11:04
ogra_you could indeed most easily work around it by just making the meta create a binary linux-mx5 metapackage :)11:05
janimoogra_, it is probably linux-$SUBARCH11:05
janimowe have linux-omap omap4 and ac10011:06
janimobut not linux-ac10011:06
ogra_we do11:06
ogra_linux-ac100 exists11:06
janimosorry, but not linux-mx511:06
janimocontradicted myself above11:06
janimothe linux-SUBARCH packages just seem to depend on the generic image binary11:08
janimonot sure why the indirection11:09
janimojcrigby, ^. Would it be too much hassle or counter to linaro naming conventions to provide a linux-mx5 package that depends on the current generic mx5 image ?11:09
janimothat is the way ubuntu kernel packages are from what I see11:10
ogra_Package: linux-mx511:11
ogra_Architecture: armel11:11
ogra_Section: metapackages11:11
ogra_Priority: optional11:11
ogra_Depends: ${misc:Depends}, linux-image-linaro-lt-mx5 (= ${binary:Version})11:11
ogra_Description: ....11:11
ogra_just add that bit to debian/control in the linux-meta-linaro-lt-mx5 package11:12
ogra_(and massage the new binary through the NEW queue)11:13
janimoI just had my first relatively pleasant UDD experience (hope it also gets built :). First time I did not spend more on looking up debcommit & co docs for more than 5 minutes11:22
janimoI do packaging so seldom that I keep forgetting how UDD works :(11:22
ogra_i stay away from if if i can ...11:22
* ogra_ still prefers dealing with source packages11:23
janimohack code + changelog ||  debcommit || hack changelog || debcommit -r || bzr push || bzr bd -S || dput11:23
janimoUDD in a tweet :)11:23
hrwhow sync requests should go now?11:28
hrwgtk-gnutella 0.97-2 needs to be synced to fix bug 82370911:28
ubot2Launchpad bug 823709 in gtk-gnutella "gtk-gnutella version 0.97-1 failed to build on armel" [Unknown,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82370911:28
ogra_use the requestsync script as usual ?11:29
hrwbug 832692 then11:33
ubot2Launchpad bug 832692 in gtk-gnutella "FFe: Sync gtk-gnutella 0.97-2 (universe) from Debian sid (main)" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83269211:33
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ogra_janimo, new livefs mx5 build running12:37
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janimoogra_, works without the linux-mx5 metapackage?12:46
ogra_no idea, running12:46
ogra_didnt fail yet12:46
ogra_though that usually takes a while12:47
ogra_janimo, ...13:06
ogra_Reading package lists...13:06
ogra_Building dependency tree...13:06
ogra_E: Unable to locate package linux-mx513:06
ogra_P: Begin unmounting filesystems...13:06
janimoogra_, right, the missing meta package , as expected13:07
ogra_well, i had hopes we could get around it13:07
janimo did you work around it elsewhere?13:08
ogra_i was hoppig it is clever enough to recognize that we have a kernel in place already13:08
ogra_but it apparently isnt, so we should change the metapackage13:09
janimojcrigby, ogra https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-meta-linaro-lt-mx5/+bug/83274413:12
ubot2Ubuntu bug 832744 in linux-meta-linaro-lt-mx5 "please provide linux-mx5 meta-package binary" [Undecided,New]13:12
jcrigbyjanimo, ogra_ : looking at your conversation above...13:26
ogra_you should be able to just copy/paste what i dumped into the channel above13:26
jcrigbyogra_, and that replaces this:Depends: ${misc:Depends}, linux-image-${kernel-abi-version}-linaro-lt-mx5, linux-firmware13:28
ogra_just add it additionally to the existing bits13:28
ogra_(not replacing anything, i assume teh existing binaries have a usecase)13:29
jcrigbyogra_, ahh ok, this is a section that disappeared in my first meta for linaro the the linaro build was changed to deal with it.  Sorry, I didn't really have a clue what I was doing back then.  Still fuzzy on some things even now:)13:30
ogra_no, what you did is perfectly fine for your typical packages13:30
ogra_its just if we want to use your kernel with the ubuntu buildsystem that a package named linux-$flavour needs to exist13:31
jcrigbygot it13:31
ogra_if you would have done the same with omap i would have shouted ;)13:31
jcrigbyok, thats easy, I'll do it right now13:31
ogra_since there we have linux-omap already and that would clash13:31
ogra_mx5 is special here13:31
ogra_janimo, if that change has landed you can actually drop everything but the bootloader stuff from your live-build/auto/config line13:33
ogra_GrueMaster, why did you set preseed testing for preinstalled to BLOCKED ? i thought we talked about that before your vac. presseding works fine but you have to do it on cmdline13:36
ogra_(that shouldnt block testing)13:37
janimoogra_, in debian-cd what is the separation of boot and post-boot scripts for?13:52
janimothe different subarchs do not use those consistently13:52
ogra_you likely wont need boot13:53
ogra_post-boot is fine, ignore the other13:55
* janimo learns about apt-cache policy13:55
janimoogra_, ok13:55
infinityogra_, jcrigby : Don't make a linux-mx5 metapackage, it will break some other code assumptions.13:58
infinityjanimo too.13:58
ogra_infinity, huh ?13:58
infinityI have to run to a doctor's appointment, but I'll help you deal with this in a sec.13:58
infinityogra_: Just trust me.13:58
ogra_why ? it doesnt break for ac100 either13:58
infinityogra_: It doesn't break for ac100 because ac100 is actually your kernel flavour.13:58
infinitymx5 isn't.13:58
ogra_weird ... but we'll wait for enlightenment :)13:58
jcrigbyok, I'll wait for you smart folks to figure this out before pushing anything13:59
infinityAnyhow.  Back ina couple of hours.  Tonsil specialist appointment. :/13:59
ogra_mx5 isnt ? what does uname have ?13:59
ogra_oh my, good luck13:59
ogra_janimo, so seems we need to change the pattern matching in livecd-rootf14:00
ogra_(or live-build effectively)14:00
infinityBefore I run..14:02
infinityIn the SUBARCH case statement, something like FLAVOURS=linaro-lt-mx5 in the mx5 case statement should do the trick.14:03
* ogra_ must admit he doesnt really get why uname has any influence though, given we dont actually run the kernel14:03
infinitySince FLAVOURS normally is jst set to SUBARCH.14:03
ogra_ah, cool, thats easy14:03
infinityogra_: There's pattern matching elsewhere that makes it matter.14:03
infinityogra_: Since uname also lands in the filenames.14:04
infinityKay, gone now. :)14:04
ogra_of the build host ?14:04
infinityogra_: No, uname of the kernel is in the filenames of the kernel and initrd, and we pattern match on those like craz.14:04
ogra_ah, k14:04
* ogra_ gets it now14:04
ogra_ok, the var is actually LB_LINUX_FLAVOURS14:10
ogra_janimo, ^^^14:10
ogra_LB_LINUX_FLAVOURS="linaro-lt-mx5" should work14:14
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infinityogra, janimoe: set kernel_flavours, not the lb_ variable.14:50
infinityforgive the awful typong, lag on my phone in the waoting room sucks. :P14:50
infinityjanimo ^14:52
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janimoinfinity, I need to find those things15:05
infinityjanimo: the same case statement where you add you botloader packages for mx5, just set KERNEL_FLAVOURS to linaro-lt-mx515:07
infinityjanimo: and you don't need to explicitely install the kernek too, that variable will handle it.15:07
janimoinfinity, I see only core uses that variable ATM15:08
infinityjanimo: I can hep less awkwardly later today when I'm not typing on a touch screen with 3s latency.15:09
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infinityjanimo: it's set 10 lines up to SUBARCH, which you don't want, hence overriding it in the mx5 case.15:09
* janimo wishes for a detailed dump of infinity's and other cdimage connoisseurs' brains into a wiki or something that can feed into other people's heads15:10
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janimoinfinity, thanks. Let's hope this change will move things forward.15:10
janimodoes the linux-mx5 metapackage still has a purpose then?15:10
infinityTheree shouldn't be one.15:11
janimothis looks again like last cycle's headless-image taks, which I was assigned to and took me about 10 times as much as it would have for someone who know cdimage. Oh well15:11
* janimo tries out his still fresh UDD skills again on livecd-rootfs15:12
infinityKay, actually out of the waitong room now.  Doctor time, back later.15:13
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GrueMasterogra_: on the preseed thing, you also told me that you needed to do something in jasper to get it to work.  So I marked it as BLOCKED until that happens.15:37
GrueMasterIn fact, you still have a work item to that affect.15:38
hrwbug 80976015:44
ubot2Launchpad bug 809760 in unison2.27.57 "unison2.27.57 version 2.27.57-4 failed to build on armel" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80976015:44
hrwcan someone push 'retry build' on this page: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unison2.27.57/2.27.57-4/+build/262094715:44
ogra_GrueMaster, that WI is for one specific preseed option to switch serial on/off ... preseeding in general works fine if syou do it on the cmdline16:02
ogra_what doesnt work yet (but will hopefully tomorrow) is using a preseed file in the vfat ... that shouldnt block testing preseeding in general though16:02
GrueMasterI would prefer to test all options at once.  I don't want to test it now and mark it DONE only to have it reverted yet again because I didn't test yet another as of yet un-implemented feature.16:04
ogra_grr, my machine is wonky16:07
austeregrimogra_ keep up the good work =)16:13
rajendraHi, can anyone pls let me know if USB OTG as Host is working on panda board, on Ubuntu, kernel 2.6.3816:59
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