nlsthzn-workwell I would imagine that if -r was a valid option it would be mentioned there...00:02
bookpagenlsthzn-work: that's why I checked there, and that's why I asked if there was an option'like' -r for scp. I guess I'll just work around it then00:05
nlsthzn-workbookpage: sorry, if I had a definitive answer I would have given it...00:07
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geth022I am having a hard time connecting to my wireless internet through my Ubuntu OS. Am i on the right channel for this?01:18
nlsthzn-workgeth022: you are... might take a while for a guru to step up and assist you so please be patient (I am a bit up and down at work so I will rather not attempt half heartedly)01:20
philipballewgeth022, i can try. whats your problem01:22
geth022okee, it is simply not reading that there is indeed a wireless network01:22
geth022I am currently connected to said network now,01:22
geth022my mom's computer is doing fine, i  don't quite understand what the problem is01:23
philipballewso your moms computer connects, but yours does not?01:23
philipballewwhats the difference between yours and hers?01:24
geth022Yes, my desktop is connected locally to the modem/router/thing via ethernet, whilst my mothers (Windows 7) is wirelessly connected to the internet01:24
geth022desktop is Windows XP01:25
coalwaterhello philipballew ,geth02201:25
geth022hey dere!01:25
coalwaterso what's up01:25
philipballewokay. do you have your wireless card internally or via a say usb stick?01:26
philipballewcoalwater, his wifi wont see any networks01:26
geth022Wireless internet is being recognized on alll computers, operating systems except for Ubuntu... it is a laptop, its internal01:26
philipballewaltight. lets get to the bottom of this01:27
coalwaterdid u check the wireless guide the ubot has?01:27
coalwaterit's a wireless problem? or internet in general?01:27
philipballewgeth022, theres not a wifi switch on your laptop for a on and off function correct?01:28
geth022correct Phil, as for Coal, all other computers are doing fine with it, i had my laptop working fine on the internet with windows 7, but only on Ubuntu it doesn't worok01:29
coalwatereven by wire?01:29
philipballewget okay :) open a terminal01:29
geth022yeah :/ i tried local connection too01:30
geth022open a terminal? like command prompt?01:30
philipballewmaximize the terminal and type lspci -vvv01:30
coalwaterctrl+alt+t might open it for u01:30
philipballewyeah. but the terminal is much more powerful01:30
philipballewwhat version of ubuntu are you running01:30
geth022cool, soo typing it in now...01:31
coalwaterphilipballew: +1 to that lol01:31
philipballewthen copy and paste everything in the terminal to this site here01:31
geth022holy shit that's a long list...01:31
geth022ummmm, i'm on a different computer01:31
philipballewgeth022, it gives good info about your hardware inside your laptop :)01:31
geth022oooo, i see, well, how do you want me to communicate it to you guys?01:32
philipballewhum. connect your laptop via a cat5?01:32
philipballewdoes that work?01:32
geth022i've got Ubuntu 10.10 btws01:32
philipballewhow new is your laptop/01:33
geth022i don't know what any of that cat5 stuff means :((01:33
philipballewsay ethernet or wired connection?01:33
philipballewcan you hook it up that way01:33
geth022reasonably new, just short of coming standard with a webcam01:33
geth022no, i tried that01:33
geth022i'm new to OS01:34
philipballewit may be that the laptop is newer then the version of ubuntu therefor lacking the drivers for that model01:34
geth022*I'm new to OS's that aren't Windows lol01:34
geth022should i get the 11. 04 version then?01:34
coalwaterit can't be  just an ip conflict, or dhcp problem?01:35
geth022no ideas bros...01:35
philipballewwell heres what i want you to do. remember when you installed ubuntu 10.10 you had the cd boot into the operating system and then you installed?01:35
philipballewcoalwater, it might easily be that01:35
philipballewdo that with 11.04 and see if your internet works01:36
philipballewalso do you have a flash drive?01:36
geth022damn, ok! I... kinda... don't know where it is...01:37
geth022i have a dvd burner i can use01:37
geth022How would i go about cleaning up the two OS's i'm not gonna use if it works?01:37
philipballewsure, just copy the output from the terminal onto a text file and then put it onto the compueter with internet. then put it on the site i said or if your unsude you can email it to me and ill do it01:38
philipballewthen after that try 11.0401:38
geth022ok!, i'll be back in a few minutes ok? i'mm go do that01:40
philipballewalright. i will probably be here. if not someone should01:41
coalwaterhey philipballew do u know how to mark several lines in nano to cut them01:43
nlsthzn-workcoalwater: if you have a mouse higglight them and copy paste using ctrl+shift+c and -v01:45
nlsthzn-workI think that should work...01:45
philipballewdo you have a mouse coalwater01:45
* nlsthzn-work hasn't tried it himself01:45
coalwaterbut i was wondering of hte keyboard way01:46
coalwateri'm currently using putty to my home pc01:46
E3D3When I open a new document in Dolpin file-manager it opens new instances of Emacs editor or Conkeror web-browser but I prefer to open them in the same/one window. How can I do that ?01:46
coalwaterE3D3: it's usually a preference, check dolpin prefrences, cause nautilus has that setting01:47
coalwatero wait, ur case is a lil different01:47
geth022oh hey, it's got like two hour estimated time to completion, so i might have to log on tomorrow01:48
coalwateri'm not sure how u can do that, because dolpin or any explorer just calls the excutable, and that opens a new window01:48
coalwaterhey geth022 , sorry u know i came lil later than when u started asking, so i want to ask something01:49
E3D3okay, i experimented with the arguments but I can't find info about it.01:49
E3D3coalwater: Still thanks01:49
geth022yup! shoot01:50
coalwaterwhen u use the cable , does the info say that u have an ip ? or does it say that you're not conencted01:51
geth022it says i am not connected, no network connections01:51
coalwaterand there's an option in the network applet, it says enable networking, u make sure it's not disabled01:51
geth022i'm finding network connections but not a network applet...01:52
geth022could you tell me whereabouts that's at?01:53
urlin2ugeth022, looks like a pizza top panel01:54
urlin2upizza slice geth02201:54
coalwaterpizza lol01:54
coalwaterbut yea it's on the top panel, on the right01:55
urlin2utriangualtubular man01:55
geth022oh i checked there, it said no network devices available01:55
coalwaterso it can't see the device01:55
geth022nope, does that definitely mean i need a new driver/versionofubuntu?01:56
* nlsthzn-work wonders what ifconfig shows...01:56
* philipballew and ifconfig -a01:57
urlin2unlsthzn-work, lol01:57
geth022what am i looking for?01:58
coalwaterwrite ifconfig -a in a terminal01:58
coalwaterifconfig -a01:59
geth022i did, shows the same as it did befre01:59
coalwaterand what was before lol, i didn't see that02:00
geth022what doo i need to see?02:00
coalwaterit will say the interfaces u have, and the ip's in each02:00
geth022i see the Ethernet Controller, Network controller,02:01
geth022zat whatti need?02:01
ubot2For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.02:03
nlsthzn-workgeth022: can you possibly copy paste what you see on a usb device and then copy it into pastebin (see above)?02:04
nlsthzn-workthat way we can see what you see :)02:04
coalwateror use pastebinit! :D02:04
coalwatero nvm02:04
coalwateru don't have internet LOL02:04
geth022lol, no connection br ;)02:04
coalwateryea lol forgot :D02:04
geth022umm, i kind of have to make my way uot with some friends right now.02:04
* nlsthzn-work is going home now... best of luck geth022 and coalwater 02:05
geth022Can i email it later, or contact u at a later time?02:05
geth022tnx u!02:05
coalwateru can come back here, maybe ull be lucky and find someone more useful02:05
geth022mmkay, thank you for trying tho!02:06
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Guest79933I see a few people on the forums reporting that no buttons respond in the users and groups app and nobody has ever responded.  I'm having the same issue on a clean install of Natty.  Can anybody help?02:28
urlin2uGuest79933, manage groups or advanced settings?02:32
Guest79933manage groups responds but I can't add a user or go into advanced settings.  The buttons just don't do anything02:42
E3D3I bought today 4GB RAM but System Monitor shows only 2,8 GB. What is wrong ?02:47
E3D3Do I have to fill in a coupon to receive the other 1,4 GB ?02:48
E3D31,4 = 1.202:48
stlsaintE3D3: are you running 64bit os?02:48
E3D3I dont know ?02:48
E3D3I have an Celeron02:48
E3D3Where can I see if Ihave an 64bits OS02:49
stlsaintE3D3: run command: grep processor /proc/cpuinfo02:50
stlsaintE3D3: um did you install 32bit or 64bit?02:51
E3D3output = 002:51
E3D3What does that mean ?02:51
E3D3processor: 002:51
E3D3 02:51
stlsaintmeans your running 32bit which will not read 4GB of ram02:52
stlsaintE3D3: run command: uname -a02:52
E3D3Linux D3 2.6.32-25-generic #45-Ubuntu SMP Sat Oct 16 19:48:22 UTC 2010 i686 GNU/Linux02:53
E3D3 02:53
stlsaintsee that "i686" there....yep....32bit02:53
bookpagecan anyone here help me with fuse?02:53
stlsaintwith a generic kernel, your not going to see all the ram02:53
E3D3Can I reinstall a 64bits version ?02:54
stlsaintbookpage: im sure someone can, probably not me as i rarely blink at fuse02:54
stlsaintE3D3: run command: grep flags | grep lm /proc/cpuinfo02:56
E3D3flags: fpu vme de pse tsc msr pae mce cx8 apic mtrr pge mca cmov pat pse36 clflush dts acpi mmx fxsr sse sse2 ss tm pbe nx lm constant_tsc up arch_perfmon pebs bts aperfmperf pni dtes64 monitor ds_cpl tm2 ssse3 cx16 xtpr pdcm xsave lahf_lm02:56
stlsaintif you see "lm" highlighted or there than you can run 64bit, but with one processor i dbout it02:56
stlsaintoh wait02:56
stlsaintthere ya go02:56
E3D3I saw it, I saw it :-)02:56
stlsaintso yes you can run 64bit02:57
E3D3So I'm under-using/abusing my hardware ?02:57
stlsaintuh, sure02:57
stlsaintgotta go02:58
E3D3Thank you very much & bye02:58
E3D3Does the choice in installable software depend on the choice between Gnome, KDE or LXDE ? I have now Gnome but think that I already have it mixed with KDE-apps but wonder if I can install the same software when I try LXDE ??03:20
linux_is_my_heromy cups client computer sees the shared printer on the cups server, but when attempting to print, the job is sent and nothing happens.03:21
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r4yhello, I have this error:11:33
r4y>./autogen.sh: 3: aclocal: not found11:33
r4yI am trying to install torrentzip11:34
bioterrorwhat's torrentzip?11:34
r4yIt for comressing mame roms.11:34
r4yAnd I am sure other things.11:35
bioterrorroms are binaries, does it compress them much?11:35
r4yI am not sure the answer, nor the question. I should find a link.11:36
geirhar4y: sudo apt-get install build-essential11:37
r4yYes I did that first.11:37
geirhainstall autoconf and automake too (I wasn't sure if build-essential covered those)11:38
r4yHere is a guide I am making:11:39
r4yDoes automake replace sudo make install?11:40
geirhar4y: ''./configure; make test'' -> ''./configure && make test''11:40
geirhaNo point in running make if configure fails11:40
r4yHere is what I have so far, but I haven't used what was suggested here yet:11:41
bioterrorr4y, did you notice my url, your torrentzip is outdated and no longer mainted, as the t7zip is a replacement for it11:42
r4yI am running Ubuntu 11.04 on VMware. I am sorry I will check it out thank you for the info.11:43
geirhar4y: Instead of saying cd /home/username/foo, say: cd ~/foo or cd "$HOME/foo"11:43
r4yGreat idea, thank you I will.11:44
r4yDoes the third one need quotes?11:45
geirhaAnother issue is that ~/Desktop is localized. On my system it's ~/Skrivebord11:45
geirhar4y: Preferably, yes. Whenever you have a $var or $(command) or `command`, you want it enclosed in double quotes... for good practice.11:46
geirhaHOME is unlikely to contain any shell syntax that could cause issues though.11:46
r4yWell, this guide is for Ubuntu users and if they costumized their Linux OS that much then they would know what to do11:46
r4yI need to go back and read. Thank you all for the info.11:47
geirhaIf you during the install of Ubuntu say you live in Spain and speak spanish, your desktop folder will be named with the spanish translation of the word Desktop.11:47
r4yWell I can't argue with you there, as you know more then I do on this subject11:49
r4ySo did configure fail?11:49
r4yThe outdated version of torrentzip worked for me the last time I tried it.11:51
geirhazlib's configure seemed to succeed11:51
r4yThank you for the help.11:51
r4yI bookmarked the newer version to share with other, so thank you bioterror for the link.11:52
r4yautomake was already installed, but I don't know what installed it, but that's that. I will try again now.11:57
geirhaaclocal is installed by either autoconf or automake, don't quite remember which.11:58
geirhaBut you generally need both anyway.11:58
geirhaLooks ok, I think you can disregard the warnings.11:59
r4yOK, next to go then, I'll be back right away12:00
r4yLooks good to me so far12:01
r4yThen next step they had was make12:02
r4ybut I have seen sudo make install before so I am unsure.12:02
r4yDo make I guess12:02
r4yI should be testing it I guess. I will look for the binary.12:04
r4ywhat was that command for finding a binary with a word?12:05
r4yIt will be trrntzip12:06
geirha''type trrntzip''12:06
r4yNot found, give me a little. I have text files laying around with this kind of info for future use.12:07
geirhaWell, once you do  sudo make install  it will install the binaries in /usr/local/bin, unless you specified a different destination with configure12:08
r4yOK, I will try that and see what happens12:08
geirhaOnce it's installed there, type should see it since /usr/local/bin should be in your PATH.12:08
r4yO yes:12:10
r4yI can't remember where I saved that command in a text file, but I am making note.12:11
r4yThank you very much for the help. Great job.12:11
geirhaSomeone might have told you to use a command called which12:11
geirhaIf so, delete that from your file and replace it with type12:11
geirhawhich is a highly non-standard, useless command that overcomplicates the simple task type does.12:12
r4yI made note of everything, except I didn't understand exactly what this meant: ”./configure; make test” -> ”./configure && make test”12:12
r4yI think you are right. It was the command which12:12
geirhacmd1; cmd2   cmd1 runs, and regardless of whether it failed or succeeded, cmd2 is run.12:12
geirhacmd1 && cmd2  cmd1 runs, and if, and only if, cmd1 suceeded, cmd2 is run.12:13
geirhamake is dependant on the configure script suceeded, so there's no point in trying to run it if configure didn't suceed.12:13
r4yI think I can understand what you just wrote in the last 3 sentences, but I need a sec to think.12:14
r4yO, I see12:14
geirhaSorry about all the typos :)12:15
r4yI am low on sleep. Thank you very much for the help. Like I said I will share the link bioterror share with me.12:15
r4yI make way more mistakes when I type. You should have seen all the mistakes I made this morning. I was thinking of banging my head against the wall, but that wouldn't help.12:16
r4yI want to make some notes on what you have told me.12:17
r4yMy first note:12:21
r4yWhen ”./configure; make test” is ran, first configure runs, and regardless of whether it failed or succeeded, make test is run.12:21
r4yWhen ”./configure && make test” is ran, first configure runs, and if, and only if, configure suceeded, make test is run.12:21
r4yI forgot to add the sentence you typed after that.12:22
geirhaThose two sentences are correct.12:23
r4yI will add the type command as part of my guide.12:23
r4yThank you for all the help.12:23
r4ySo regarding what you said: Instead of saying cd /home/username/foo, say: cd ~/foo or cd "$HOME/foo"12:29
r4yI think you said cd "$HOME/foo" was the better of the two.12:29
r4yYou said: HOME is unlikely to contain any shell syntax that could cause issues though.12:31
geirha~ expands to the value of the HOME variable, so either is good.12:32
geirhacd ~/foo is shorter so I'd go with that.12:33
holsteinwhen i use $HOME, it seems auto complete doesnt work as expected, which is a deal breaker for me12:33
geirhaIn scripts though, it is generally recommended to use $HOME instead of ~12:33
holsteini'll buy that... is that because its easier to see and read in the text geirha ?12:34
geirhaholstein: Yeah, that one has been discussed on the bug-bash list. It was introduced due to a change that fixed a different issue. Chet isn't sure how to "fix" it properly.12:35
geirhaholstein: Mainly because tilde expansion is a bit more magical than parameter expansion.12:35
holsteingood to know12:35
geirhaVAR=~/foo  # here, ~ gets expanded to your homedir12:36
geirhaexport VAR=~/foo  # here it doesn't.12:36
geirhaerr, well, in bash it will also in the case of export, as a special case, but not in POSIX sh.12:36
geirhaSo using "$HOME" generally causes less confusion12:37
r4yI made some notes, but I am not at you level guys. Have fun and thank you for the help.12:39
r4yCool stuff, Take care.12:39
jp_HraniceI have a question. Which file(s) produces boot.log. I am afected two mesages disturbing system start logged in this file.13:58
jp_Hranicecan I ask in ubuntu-boot chanel ?13:59
holsteinjp_Hranice: you can ask here if you want... what messages?14:02
jp_Hraniceholstein: about mounting devices. But thre is not lines for them in /etc/fstab.14:03
holsteinjp_Hranice: you want to pastebin the error messages?14:08
r4yCan I change this command so username doesn't have to be changed when people use it in a guide: sudo find ~/Desktop/roms -exec chown username.username \{} \;14:08
r4yI can wait. Take your time.14:08
jp_Hraniceholstein: Skipping UUID=bd47a35f-ef59-4549-ba83-04bb0c095560 at user request14:10
jp_HraniceSkipping /mnt/data1 at user request14:10
jp_Hranicebut during start shere are displayed 2 qestions14:11
jp_Hranicethis is from boot.log14:11
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holsteinjp_Hranice: is something not getting mounted?14:13
jp_Hraniceholstein: device on /mnt/data114:14
holsteinjp_Hranice: right.. is that actually a device?14:15
jp_Hraniceholstein: I do not understand14:17
holsteinjp_Hranice: do you actually have a physical device called /mnt/data1 that is failing to mount at boot?14:17
holsteinor is that just a random message?14:17
jp_Hranicethre is no devices except swap and root in /etc/fstab14:18
jp_HraniceI do not know where it come from14:18
holsteinjp_Hranice: so that devive does not exist?14:18
holsteinjp_Hranice: does it slow your booting?14:19
holsteinwhat OS is it?14:19
jp_HraniceThere is created dir /mnt/data114:19
holsteinjp_Hranice: you created it?14:19
jp_HraniceIt is question for: skip or running manual mount ( something like terminal )14:20
jp_Hraniceholstein: Yes I create it14:21
holsteinjp_Hranice: i would look at why you created that.. and i bet the answer is there14:21
jp_Hraniceholstein: System ? Ubuntu 11.0414:21
holsteinjp_Hranice: it wont hurt to make sure you are up to date with package updates14:22
jp_Hraniceholstein: packages are up to date.14:22
holsteinjp_Hranice: what prompted you to create that directory?14:23
jp_HraniceI have 3 HDD in computer. I create it for next disk.14:25
holstein /etc/fstab is where i would be looking14:26
jp_Hranicethre is no devices except swap and root in /etc/fstab14:26
holsteinjp_Hranice: right... i would expect an error somewhere though14:27
jp_Hraniceholstein: It is OK now. Thanks.14:43
r4yHello again. I already asked this, but this is the only question I have left for the day, then I will be done for the day and can get sleep:15:36
r4yCan I change this command so username doesn't have to be changed when people use it in a guide: sudo find ~/Desktop/roms -exec chown username.username \{} \;15:36
r4yI mean so they don't have to change username to the username that that person is using.15:37
geirhachown "$USER:"15:47
geirhaOh, he left15:48
soundconjurerQuestion: I am on Xubuntu 10.04. How do I add blocklists to transmission?15:52
soundconjurerI did check out the forum and found it a bit esoteric.15:52
stricklyok guys dont jump all at once pls15:59
geirhasoundconjurer: Edit -> Preferences -> [Privacy] -> [X] Enable blocklist: [<url to your favorite blocklist here>] -> Update16:08
soundconjurerthere is no area to add the blocklist16:13
soundconjurerWhen I enable it16:14
soundconjurerand update it16:14
soundconjurerthere are 0 rules16:14
soundconjurerwell thanks anyway16:16
HoboSteauxhey, where are system logs now kept since 11.0416:18
harleydudeIs there a reason a torrent will almost finish downloading to like say 99.83% and just hangs and will not finish? I use Deluge instead of Transmission as a torrent client.16:59
philipballewif i wanna scan my harddrive to see if it is bad should i do that from a livecd?21:46
nlsthznphilipballew: yup...21:51
philipballewnlsthzn, well whats the tool to do that then21:52
nlsthznhehe... fsck21:52
nlsthzncheck out the man page for all the goodies on it :)21:52
nlsthznbut this checks file systems21:52
nlsthznin the live CD you can get SMART info with the disk tool...21:53
* nlsthzn is busy studying towards LPI cert. and is currently busy with hardware... only reason I have half an idea... but only half ;)21:54
philipballewalright, im wanting to see if the harddrive itself is bad. like physicaly21:54
nlsthznlike I said the disk utility in an ubuntu liveCD gives lots of smart data and if memory serves can run some tests...21:55
philipballewhum. ill play around with it :)21:56
rawfodog_didnt work22:36
rawfodog_oh well22:40
rawfodog_Anyone got any idea whats wrong with my wifi ?22:40
rawfodog_Before, when I used to connect it just worked.22:40
rawfodog_Now, when I startup, I have to almost STOKE THE FIRE in a sense. I open a terminal and ping a URL22:41
rawfodog_When I do this the wifi will stay connectted to the access point. It's really weird22:41
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