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BluesKajHiyas all14:07
BluesKajhi willwh16:18
willwhhow's it going BluesKaj ?16:23
BluesKajok here, some rain ..but we need it16:25
willwhI hear that16:30
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khooverwell, just got ubuntu19:08
khoovereh, just making sure, you guys are reading me as khoover, not IRC, right?19:09
billybigrigger_i read ya loud and clear19:09
khooveralright. pidgin looks weird with the non-monospace font.19:10
willwhpidgin is horrible for irc, imo ;]19:14
khooveraha, well, what's a better one, then? since i'm new.19:15
willwhif you want a native IRC client - I'd strongly suggest x-chat, if you want something with a gui :)19:15
willwhapt-get install xchat19:16
khooverah, k.19:16
billybigrigger_that's what i use19:16
billybigrigger_willwh, you using xchat in .04 or .10?19:16
billybigrigger_web links don't seem to open for me in 11.1019:16
willwhI don't, I use irssi :]19:16
billybigrigger_ahh :P19:16
khooverwell, let's try xchat, then. it have server-connect scripting built in?19:19
khooveralso, i'm loving aptitude.19:19
willwhkhoover: yeah aptitude is great19:20
willwhkhoover: you mean for passing ident / etc?19:20
khooverwillwh: yeah19:20
khooverit has it?19:20
willwhoh yeah19:20
willwhis a decent enough guide for it19:22
willwhobviously, replace ChatSpike with Freenode :p19:22
willwhhttp://xchat.org/faq/ <- helpful19:23
willwhbillybigrigger_: stop unplugging your router19:23
billybigrigger_ubuntu 2d it is19:24
billybigrigger_feckin compiz19:24
khooverok, that was annoying19:25
willwhwhat? :]19:25
khoovercomputer decided to shutdown instantly. probably using too much19:26
khooverCPU w/ boinc19:26
khooverah well19:30
khooverany way to limit BOINC to ~90 properly?19:32
khooverwhy is it that i seem to crash so often running boinc on full throttle?19:38
cyphermoxkhoover: nice it?19:52
cyphermoxkhoover: otherwise: http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/cpu-usage-limiter-for-linux/19:53
khooverproblem with both of those is that they're process specific. w/ BOINC, it's really several different apps being coordinated by another one, with apps coming and going rapidly. >_<19:55
khoover_bah, just happened again19:59
willwhstates "Use at most X% of CPU time"?20:01
willwhin general prefs20:02
khoover_still manages to crash. probably cause my laptop has rather crappy cooling.20:03
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willwhkhoover: I wouldn't run boinc on a laptop ;]20:07

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