scott-upstairsdoctormo, ping00:13
nigelbmhall119: I didn't do a thing :P03:19
dholbachgood morning07:19
dpmmorning dholbach07:27
dholbachhey dpm07:27
kim0dholbach: dpm morning07:56
dholbachhi kim007:56
dpmheya kim0 ;)07:56
kim0hey :)07:56
nigelbdholbach: I'm still suspicious. something is eating into LD again. And if the machines are seprate I don't know what :|08:11
dholbachoh are they?08:11
dholbachharvest on cranberry and summit/LD on guanabana?08:12
nigelbyeah, I believe so08:12
nigelbis there a way to verify that?08:12
nigelb(I was told they moved machines)08:13
dholbachno, harvest is on guanabana too08:13
dholbachah, it's the other way around08:13
dholbachthey are separate08:13
dholbachit wasn't my fault!08:14
dholbachI always knew it!08:14
* nigelb hugs dholbach 08:14
dholbachok, deal with it yourself! bye :)08:14
nigelbbut we improved harvest performance!08:14
dholbachstill it was useful fixes and a good learning experience08:14
nigelbyeah, but this means we're back to square one.08:15
nigelbSomething is eating memory and we don't know what.08:15
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duanedesignnigelb: was just reading about your latest Launchpad bug fix. Great work!11:21
nigelbduanedesign: Thanks! :)11:37
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scott-workdoctormo: ping11:56
* popey wonders if he should know why thats funny12:36
paultagpopey: the east cost had a small earthquake, and everyone's panicing12:37
paultagpopey: but the worst that happened was a few things got knocked over12:37
popeyah, gotcha12:38
nigelbmhall119: I'm sad. harvest and LD are on two different machines. We still have OOM.13:24
mhall119nigelb: I didn't see any new ones today, did you?13:25
nigelbmhall119: Not today, but its happening every so often. This worries me.13:25
mhall119Ng was looking into some memory settings yesterday13:25
* nigelb hugs dholbach13:32
nigelbWe did make harvest more efficient!13:32
AlanBellis there a unity lense that shows me the applications I have installed on my computer grouped by their gnome menu category?14:31
mhall119AlanBell: the application lense doesn't do that?14:34
AlanBellnot as far as I can tell14:34
AlanBellin Oneiric the section dropdown has gone14:35
AlanBelljust gives me a big list of everything with no categorisation, and I don't even trust that it is showing me everything14:35
AlanBellhalf the time it shows me stuff I don't have from software centre14:36
AlanBellI would actually like unity if the dash was replaced with a lense equivalent of the gnome menu14:37
AlanBellI was going to dive into the API and code up a lense I can use, but it seem so fundamental that someone should have already done it, or I am using it wrong14:39
dholbachjcastro, dpm, kim0: is Jono around today?14:44
dpmdholbach, I don't know, I didn't know he was going to be away14:44
dholbachI have no idea either - I just ask because of the team call :)14:44
dpmwe haven't had many people signing up for appdeveloperweek sessions yet. If you know anyone who'd be up for a session or if you'd like to run a session, I'd appreciate any help14:47
dholbachdpm, maybe also do a "demo your project" lightning talk round?14:50
dpmdholbach, yeah, I was kind of reserving that for the last day, nigelb is the lightning talks king14:51
nigelbI had big trouble getting people last time.14:52
nigelbneed to try harder this time14:52
dholbachhey jono14:59
jonohey dholbach15:01
jonodholbach, kim0, jcastro, dpm starting the hangout now15:01
jonokim0, all set?15:04
kim0yeah .. second15:04
kim0seems to be taking some time!15:06
jonokim0, what's taking so long?15:08
jonowe need to get started15:08
kim0the page is just not loading right15:09
jonokim0, restart your browser and if it doesnt work work after that lets do skype15:10
kim0changing computer15:10
* kim0 grabs a nearby mac15:10
jonodpm we lost you15:29
jonodpm_, we lost you15:30
dpm_jono, restarting laptop...15:30
dpm_it just froze15:31
kim0The Oneiric wonders15:31
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nigelbAlanBell: ping16:10
dholbachalright my friends - I call it a day now - see you all tomorrow!16:14
dpmenjoy the evening dholbach!16:14
dholbachyou too16:14
nigelbdholbach: g'nite16:14
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AlanBello/ nigelb16:29
nigelbAlanBell: do you know who's behind the moinmoin openid plugin?16:29
nigelbmtaylor was looking to use it.16:29
nigelb(for openstack)16:29
AlanBellnot sure, sorry16:29
AlanBellsavs maybe16:29
AlanBelland not sure it is a real openid plugin or a canonical single sign on plugin16:30
nigelbjcastro: hi17:04
nigelbjcastro: (I guess you're away, see PM)17:05
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jonoczajkowski, mhall119, cjohnston, nigelb all set?20:58
mhall119oh right, call20:59
mhall119one second20:59
cjohnstonjono: I'm not able to make the meeting. I have to leave in a coupe minutes. The only thing I have to say is that I'm waiting on my MP to be reviewed for the blogroll thing and that I need a list of blogs that are to be included20:59
jonowe can always cancel and reschedule21:00
jonolets do that21:00
mhall119jono: I've been slacking on cjohnston's MPs, I'm also waiting on IS to get me a database dump of loco-directorys data so I can test a script to recover our lost records21:01
mhall119jono: also, nigelb needs a list of UDS track leads for summit if you can gather them21:01
jonomhall119, is that something you can focus on this week?21:01
mhall119the MPs or the data recovery?21:02
jonodo you think we could get the blogging functionality in place for the UGJ?21:02
jonothe former21:02
mhall119I can try21:02
mhall119I was going to setup a canonistack instance for LD this Friday if I have the spare time21:02
jonokim0, around?21:02
kim0jono: yeah21:02
jonocool, I am just concious that we are getting close to the bone21:03
jonokim0, could you ping robbie, he needs something c.u.c related21:03
mhall119jono: now that summit's issues have been squared away I can focus on LD21:04
jonothanks mhall11921:04
jonoI will ping nigelb and see what he needs21:04
mhall119he's gone to bed21:05
AlanBellhi jcastro21:13

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