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pittiGood morning05:39
jibelmorning pitti05:40
pittihey jibel, bonjour05:42
jbichagood morning05:42
jbichapitti: simple-scan has a ubuntu-desktop branch05:42
robert_ancellcan anyone point out what is wrong with this "bzr mu --version 0.0.3 ~/bzr/unity-greeter/unity-greeter-0.0.3.tar.gz" - it just updates the changelog but doesn't pull in any of the new files05:44
pittijbicha: ah, pushing there, sorry05:45
pittirobert_ancell: looks fine05:45
jasoncwarner_morning, pitti05:45
pittihey jasoncwarner_05:45
* robert_ancell scratches his head05:45
jasoncwarner_pitti: if you update, you should get a new compiz...been running it all day and it has been much more stable for me05:46
pittijasoncwarner_: already updated last night05:46
pittiI lost my theming (back to Ambiance)05:46
jbicharobert_ancell: I've had headaches with bzr mu, I just reported bug 832496 about a different issue today05:46
ubot2Launchpad bug 832496 in bzr-builddeb "[bzr-mu] New version was not found in <bzrlib.plugins.builddeb.upstream.UScanSource object>" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83249605:47
pittiand using dash with keyboard si still a nuisance05:47
pittibut at least it didn't crash yet or destroy the apport-gtk popups :)05:47
robert_ancelljbicha, ah, cheers05:47
jasoncwarner_pitti: yeah, dash + keyboard aren't working well right now, but hoping unity today fixes those (have to and check the changelog)05:47
jbichaand hopefully, this unity bugfix is more substantial than last week's :-)05:47
pittijbicha: ah, I think I ignored it because the previous oneiric upload wasn't there either05:49
* pitti commits that as well, though05:49
pittiyay, amd64 retracer chugging away happily now \o/05:49
pittijbicha: branch updated05:51
RAOFHey pitti.05:55
pittihey RAOF, how are you?05:56
RAOFPretty good!05:57
pittiI'm off for about an hour for a run05:58
RAOFI think I've got all the security complaints on the colord MIR resolved, so once that's processed g-c-c and g-c-m can get built.05:58
RAOFHave running fun!05:58
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jbichaI'm having some big problems with gconf but I need help figuring it out06:26
jbichaone example: I just reinstalled yesterday & cleared my gconf settings, I went to gnome-terminal to disable the Alt shortcuts06:27
jbichato switch tabs so that I could use that in irssi, but the settings don't actually get written to gconf06:27
jbichathe other bigger problem is in the metacity keybindings, run_command_terminal is supposed to be Ctrl-Alt-T by default in Ubuntu06:28
jbichaand show_desktop should be Super-D but this isn't what's actually happening06:29
jbichaah, I think this is the first issue: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=65687306:31
ubot2Gnome bug 656873 in general "gconf-editor has sync issue to set value" [Major,Unconfirmed]06:31
glatzormorning mvo06:48
glatzormvo, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/aptdaemon/+bug/831965 do you have got any idea where this exception could be tiggered?06:50
ubot2Ubuntu bug 831965 in aptdaemon "aptd crashed with SystemError: E:Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1) (dup-of: 799982)" [Undecided,New]06:50
ubot2Ubuntu bug 799982 in aptdaemon "aptd crashed with SystemError: E:Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (2)" [High,Confirmed]06:50
glatzormvo, actually we should catch all SystemError exceptions in Worker._apply_changes06:51
glatzorand map them to a TransactionFailed one06:52
jbichamaybe my keybindings problems are compiz's fault; does compiz mess with the metacity settings?07:06
mvoglatzor: yeah, that sounds sensible07:06
mvoglatzor: note that we use DPKG_UNTRANSLATED_MESSAGES (patches/01_add_dpkg_untranslated_messages) so the terminal log will be english07:07
pittiRAOF: I replied to bug 78582807:09
ubot2Launchpad bug 785828 in libdbusmenu "memory leak in label_notify_cb" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/78582807:09
pittiRAOF: I tried to build the source three times, but that single extra line was about as much as I could reduce the noise07:09
RAOFpitti: That's rather annoying :/07:10
glatzormvo, we already map the error. so I don't know why the exception is not already handled properly07:10
RAOFpitti: In that case, I'll wave it through.07:11
glatzormvo, every SystemException from apt.Cache.commit() is mapped to a TransactionFailed error with the code ERROR_PACKAGE_MANAGER_FAILED07:11
pittiRAOF: you'll fish it out of rejected?07:18
RAOFpitti: Unless you can easily just upload it again.07:18
pittiRAOF: no, I'd have to re-download and upload, out of rejected is faster07:19
pittiRAOF: I can accept it, too07:19
pittimvo: guten Morgen07:19
mvoglatzor: lp keeps timing out for me on the master bug07:20
pittimvo: http://paste.ubuntu.com/673267/ > I've seen that happen when you mix static and GI bindingd07:20
mvopitti: guten morgen!07:20
pittimvo: what I did is to edit /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/gobject/constants.py07:20
mvopitti: oh, ok. I will hunt some more, I thought that all mixing was gone for good07:20
pittimvo: and add these lies to the top:07:20
glatzormorning pitti07:20
pittiimport traceback07:20
pittiprint '--------- static module import! --------------'07:20
pittiprint '-------------------------------------'07:20
RAOFpitti: Ok, done.  Sorry about that.07:20
pittimvo: that makes it rather easy to see through which deep dependency chain it gets pulled in07:20
pittihey glatzor, servus!07:21
glatzormvo, yeah, the timeout is because of the high number of duplicates. I already talked to people at #launchpad07:21
pittiRAOF: no need to be sorry at all -- it's good that you spot and complain about such things07:21
pittibah, and there we are again -- LP timing out in the retracers :(07:21
glatzormvo, but the master bug doesn't provide any additional information07:21
mvo<rant>makes perfect sense to timeout for bugs that affect a lot of people</rant>07:21
pittimvo: I had some of these as well -- I used /+text for them07:22
pittithat usually works07:22
mvothanks pitti, the traceback helped07:24
pittimvo: you can of course also just raise an exception there07:24
mvoglatzor: hrm, I had hoped that there would be a hint somewhere. I have seen sometimes that the defered eat the exception handling,07:25
rickspencer3hi huats07:33
huatshey rickspencer3 !07:33
huatsmorning everyone07:33
pittihey rickspencer307:33
pittibonjour huats07:33
huatsbonjour pitti07:34
rickspencer3bonjour mes amis07:34
rickspencer3mvo, pitti ... obviously SC is broken in natty, only 1 person bought Photobomb so far, and no one reviewed it07:35
rickspencer3I guess the system got overwhelmed by it's popularity and knocked off line07:35
rickspencer3it's the only possible explenation07:35
pittiyeah, I've seen it installed on thousands of machines, something must be wrong07:38
jbicharickspencer3: there was an earthquake over here, give us a few weeks to recover!07:38
glatzormvo, but un-reproducable?07:42
mvorickspencer3: just look at the popcon data instead, we need to use 64bit INTs there now for the first time07:44
rickspencer3just doing my job07:45
dholbachdo you have a bug report about a not vanishing alt-tab dialog already? :)07:51
chrisccoulsongood morning everyone07:55
dholbachok, back to unity-2d - I can see anything with the alt-tab thing open all the time07:56
pittihey chrisccoulson07:56
chrisccoulsonhi pitti, how are you?07:56
pittichrisccoulson: pretty well, thanks! happy that retracers are back up (mostly)07:57
pittiit was a 13 hour hackfest, but oh well :)07:57
chrisccoulsonexcellent, it's good that they are working again :)07:57
pittiamd64 is currently catching up; haven't started i386 yet, but will soon07:58
pittijbicha: what is the last word on aisleriot? I thought the license problem was ok now?08:01
jbichapitti: upstream forgot to include their COPYING.LGPL in their Makefile so it wasn't in the tarball08:01
pittijbicha: right, but I thought it would be in the next release, and until then debian/copyright would suffice?08:02
pittihey rodrigo_08:02
jbichapitti: well we talked to them a while ago and they did improve their licensing stuff significantly08:03
pittibonjour seb12808:03
jbichaI think we should put it in Ubuntu now and I'm waiting for a sponsor08:03
pittijbicha: I agree; I'll upload now08:04
jbichapitti: thanks08:04
seb128hey desktopers08:04
seb128hey pitti, how are you?08:04
seb128hey jbicha08:04
pittiseb128: happy :)08:04
jbichaseb128: good morning08:05
pittiseb128: the retracers didn't do anything over night, LP kept timing out on searchTasks()08:05
pittiseb128: but I found a cheesy workaround08:05
seb128pitti, something making you happy?08:05
seb128great ;-)08:05
pittiseb128: (only grabbing bugs since August 1, and once these are done, working backwards)08:05
rodrigo_hi pitti, jbicha, seb12808:05
pittiseb128: and I fixed some more remaining crashes which happen on old/weird bugs, and it doesn't break permanently (keep lock file) on LP timeouts any more08:05
pittiseb128: hacking until midnight paid off :)08:06
seb128hey rodrigo_08:06
seb128pitti, that's most excellent!08:06
chrisccoulsonhi seb128, how are you?08:06
jbicharodrigo_: howdy08:06
seb128pitti, well, packaging until midnight paid off as well, we got a compiz update out :p08:06
pittiseb128: congrats about that, great job!08:06
seb128how is compiz working for everybody today?08:06
pittiseb128: stable, but I lost my Radiance theme :/08:06
pittiit's dark now08:06
seb128hey chrisccoulson, I'm great thanks, what about yourself?08:06
pittiand using the windows key/keyboard is still utterly broken08:07
pittibut it stopped disrupting the screen on popup dialogs like apport-gtk08:07
pittiand hasn't crashed yet08:07
seb128pitti, yeah, I don't know what's going on with the theme, I'm getting that as well this morning08:07
seb128pitti, keybindings is unity rather than compiz08:07
chrisccoulsonseb128, yeah, not too bad thanks08:07
pitti$ gsettings list-recursively|grep theme08:07
pittiorg.gnome.desktop.interface gtk-theme 'Radiance'08:07
pittiseb128: right, but I thought so is the theme08:08
chrisccoulsoni'm a bit frustrated that i can't get the new thunderbird theme to apply on upgrades :/08:08
seb128chrisccoulson, oh, still not?08:08
seb128pitti, are you sure it's the compiz update that broke the theme?08:08
seb128that seems weird08:08
pittiseb128: I'm not08:08
pittiseb128: I just dist-upgraded yesterday, and after restarting my session Radiance went AWOL08:09
seb128pitti, hum08:09
chrisccoulsonseb128, no. even though the preference is set correctly, the new theme isn't loaded (because only one theme extension can be loaded by the addon manager at a time, and upgraders already have an extensions.sqlite DB with the old theme marked as active)08:09
chrisccoulsonnot sure how to fix that on upgrade08:10
chrisccoulsoni might have to just patch the default theme, which is how it will be implemented when it all lands upstream anyway08:11
jbichathe metacity keybindings that are used by gnome shell aren't being set right either08:11
chrisccoulsonhowever, there are concerns that the new icons don't work so well with high-contrast themes, so using a separate theme extension has an advantage here that enabling accessibility disables the custom theme08:12
chrisccoulsoni'd lose that if i patched the default theme08:12
pittiSweetshark: guten Morgen!08:13
jbichachrisccoulson: don't we just patch the default theme for firefox?08:13
chrisccoulsonjbicha, no08:13
chrisccoulsonthat theme is upstream08:13
pittiSweetshark: do you have access to the porter machines, so that you can more easily investigate the FTBFSes?08:13
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jbicharodrigo_: have you considered building g-s-d with packagekit support?08:17
jbichaI don't imagine many Ubuntu users use gnome-packagekit but without the gsettings schema from g-s-d, the prefs gui won't even start08:19
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pittijbicha: thanks for the simple-scan update! sponsoring this as well08:20
jbichait's probably not worth my time messing with it except that it's in the archives08:20
pittijbicha: you are unstoppable08:20
jbichawell this gives me something useful to do with my time08:22
seb128pitti, ok, it's mterry's and robert_ancell's fault08:24
seb128it's the unity-greeter g-s-d which doesn't exit and prevent the session one to work08:25
seb128you can stop the running g-s-ds and restart your user one08:25
seb128or use the gtk standard greeter as a workaround08:25
pittiuh, what? how does lightdm's session affect the user session?08:25
pittiseb128: oh, g-s-d crashes08:26
pitti(gnome-settings-daemon:19784): power-plugin-WARNING **: Failed to get brightness: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.UnknownMethod: Method "GetBrightness" with signature "" on interface "org.freedesktop.UPower.KbdBacklight" doesn't exist08:26
rodrigo_jbicha, hmm, which prefs gui you mean?08:26
pittiSpeicherzugriffsfehler (Speicherabzug geschrieben)08:26
pittichrisccoulson: ^ didn't you do something with the backlight yesterday?08:26
seb128pitti, same issue than the one we had with gdm, there can only be one xsettings handler by display08:27
chrisccoulsonpitti - yeah, but it hasn't built yet (waiting on the colord MIR)08:27
chrisccoulsoni changed the backlight OSD to use notify-osd08:27
seb128pitti, the greeter one is running in :0, the greeter switch to the session but the session g-s-d can't start since there is already an handler set08:28
chrisccoulsonthat message doesn't look like anything i've touched ;)08:28
pittiwell, maybe the segfault is unrelated to that08:28
pittiso probably due to what seb128 says08:28
seb128$ grep xsettings .xsession-errors08:28
seb128** (gnome-settings-daemon:1867): WARNING **: You can only run one xsettings manager at a time; exiting08:28
seb128pitti, that warning is there since gpm moved to gsd08:28
pittihm, why does the lightdm session keep running in the first place?08:28
seb128that I need to check with robert_ancell08:29
jbicharodrigo_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/673627/ it's part of gnome-packagekit08:29
seb128pitti, it doesn't I think08:29
seb128pitti, ps ax | grep greeter -> nothing08:29
pittiseb128: check "ps aux|grep lightdm"08:29
seb128pitti, it's just that it doesn't clean as it should before starting the user session08:29
pittiI have gnome-settings-daemon, dbus-launch, notifyucation-daemon, gconfd, gelclue, gvfsd, syndaemon08:30
rodrigo_jbicha, right, the problem is that we don't have pk in main08:30
seb128pitti, right, the session doesn't keep running, just the processes it started08:30
pittiseb128: that sounds like a lot to run even while lightdm is running08:30
seb128pitti, I bet it will make robert_ancell want systemd and cgroup handling ;-)08:30
huatsseb128,  I might have a question regarding the gtksourceview3 packaging. When I build the package it says that there is a new symbol that appears... I have understood that I need to add the new symbol in the symbols file, but which release number do I need to associate with ? the first packaged release where this symbols appears or the first upstream release where it appears ?08:31
seb128pitti, those are mostly spawned by indicators that get loaded in the greeter, mterry is looking at cleaning that08:31
pittiright, what I mean is, we don't need notification-daemon or syndaemon in lightdm at all, but after starting the user session they should all go08:31
pittididn't robert rant against running all these bits in the greeter and wrote lightdm for this? :-)08:31
seb128huats, we usually use the first packaged version08:31
seb128huats, without the revision08:32
seb128huats, is 3.1.4 in your case I think08:32
seb128pitti, well the gtk greeter run nothing of that, it's a bit trickier with the unity one due to indicators and other things design added for it08:32
huatsthanks !08:32
seb128pitti, but "known bug, being worked" in short08:32
pittiseb128: thanks08:32
huatsthen I should finish it today, it was a blocker for me almost since the begining, but I wanted to understand it clearly by myself :)08:33
seb128pitti, we had a bit of a discussion about using g-s-d in the greeter, it makes some useful things08:33
seb128pitti, only a couple of options are turned on in the greeter g-s-d, theme, xrandr, power basically08:33
seb128I can see retracing \o/08:39
pittiseems that the amd64 one is chugging away happily, so I'll setup an i386 one now08:41
pittiseb128: I'm holding back the lucid/maverick/natty ones FYI, they are less time sensitive, and I haven't extensively tested that yet08:42
seb128pitti, wfm08:42
pittiseb128: ok, i386/amd64 are cron'ed now and both work08:47
pittii386 should start in 20 mins, amd64 in 508:47
seb128the amazing pitti!08:47
seb128pitti, hug, you rock ;-)08:47
pittiseb128: can you have a quick look at osageorange ~ubuntu-archive/ ?08:47
pittiseb128: thanks :)08:47
pittiseb128: just want to give you a quick walkthrough08:48
seb128pitti, is osageorange the same box that the old retracers?08:48
pittiseb128: yes08:48
pittiporter-i386 aka porter-amd6408:48
seb128ok, I'm there08:48
seb128pitti, yeah, I use the porter alias, I'm bad with names :p08:49
pittiseb128: so, ~/apport/ is a checkout of the no-chroot branch08:49
pittiseb128: it doesn't need any particular setup, just checking out the source08:49
pittiI'll merge it into trunk after some final cleanups08:49
pittiseb128: please do a bzr diff in there08:49
pittiseb128: the "created_since='2011-07-01'" stuff is my workaround for the LP timeouts08:50
pittiwe need to slowly move back until we caught the backlog, and LP doesn't time out yet08:50
pittiseb128: the other diff is that I temporarily disabled consolidation, I'll debug that next (dupe checking has almost caught up)08:50
pittiseb128: apport-retracer-{i386,amd64} are the old retracers and are now largely obsolete/useless08:51
pittiseb128: I moved all our hack scripts into the "scripts/" subdir08:51
seb128good idea08:51
pittiseb128: cache-{i386,amd64} is for the new retracers, mostly to keep the apt tree and *.deb there, doesn't need any maintenance08:51
pittiseb128: if you ever have to reinstall this stuff, you can just rm -r and mkdir them08:52
pittiseb128: logs are now put into log/: dupcheck.txt, i386.txt, amd64.txt08:52
pittiseb128: the retracers are now not release specific any more, in theory they can retrace stuff from any release08:52
pittiseb128: the only release specific thing that they need is an apt sources.list for the built sandboxes (unpacking of the required debs and ddebs)08:53
pittiseb128: these are in config/<DistroRelease field value>/sources.list08:53
pittiseb128: they are shared between the i386/amd64 one08:53
pittiseb128: e. g. check config/Ubuntu\ 11.10/sources.list08:54
seb128pitti, should that sources have natty-proposed and natty-updates ddebs?08:55
seb128ups, it has08:55
seb128ignore me ;-)08:55
pittiseb128: yes, you remember the reason?08:55
pittiseb128: I also prep'ed a config/Ubuntu\ 11.04.disabled/sources.list08:55
seb128pitti, the ddebs are not archive copied to oneiric?08:56
pittionce it has caught up with oneiric, we can rename it and activate retracing for natty08:56
pittiand copy/paste/adjust accordingly for lucid/maverick08:56
pittiseb128: correct08:56
pittiseb128: the retracer should now crash a lot less on LP timeouts, it'll just retry the next time08:56
seb128is there a lock of some way?08:57
pittiseb128: and finally, ~ has the lock files now: lock.dupcheck, lock.amd64, lock.i38608:57
pittiseb128: snap :)08:57
pittiseb128: the dup checker just finished08:57
pittiit fully caught up08:57
seb128I see the amd64 lock08:57
seb128those seem much easier to maintain \o/08:57
pittiseb128: they are indeed; no chroots, no fakechroot, no separate instances per release, etc08:57
pittiseb128: finally, please check crontab -l08:58
seb128it's like the best thing since sliced bread! ;-)08:58
pittiyeah, it's so much easier, and more robust, too08:58
pittiseb128: amd64 started, so you can watch tail -f log/amd64.txt08:59
seb128why did you keep the older retracer entries commented?08:59
rodrigo_any idea of a reason the monitor would lose signal, apart from a hardware problem?08:59
seb128rodrigo_, xorg or video driver bug?08:59
seb128i.e output turning off08:59
rodrigo_I have this monitor connected to 2 computers, and seems to only happen on my oneiric box08:59
pittiseb128: just in case we need them back08:59
rodrigo_seb128, I guess so08:59
seb128rodrigo_, try asking on #ubuntu-x maybe08:59
pittiseb128: you'll see that I let the dupe retracer run in the lucid dchroot, as it's very stable08:59
pittiseb128: I let the i386/amd64 ones run in oneiric, as this has the most complete multiarch ld.so configuration09:00
seb128ok, makes sense09:00
pittiseb128: I haven't yet tested retracing oneiric crashes in a lucid dchroot; my suspicion is that gdb looks for the ld.so configuration to find libraries09:00
pittibut I haven't checked that09:00
pittibut in general it seems good to use the latest gdb etc.09:01
seb128well if that works in the oneiric environmment no reason to use lucid09:01
pittiI think natty should work as well, if the oneiric one ever goes bad09:01
pittinatty had the multiarch ld.so config already09:01
pittiseb128: ok, any other questions?09:01
* pitti goes to try the consolidation09:02
seb128pitti, not so far09:02
seb128let's see after having them running for some time09:02
seb128but that seems well architectured and easy to use09:02
seb128so I'm happy ;-)09:02
* pitti hugs seb12809:02
=== mpt_ is now known as mpt
* seb128 hugs pitti back09:02
pittiseb128: it's also quite a lot faster now09:02
pittilet's hope it catches up with the backlog in a few days09:03
seb128pitti, we should maybe change the "created_since='2011-07-01'" to 08-15 I think09:03
pitti0815 sounds nice09:03
seb128pitti, i.e get the retracing that will work and are useful first09:04
pittiseb128: WFM09:04
seb128then we can do all the old ones09:04
seb128those will fail because version changed anyway09:04
pittiok, let's see how far the consolidation gets09:05
pittiI want this working again as well09:05
pittiotherwise we won't catch regressions09:05
glatzormvo, the "aptd crashed with SystemError: E:Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg exited unexpectedly" bug seems to go crazy today.09:06
glatzormvo, we get several duplicates per minute!09:07
brycehwelll hello Apport retracer09:08
mvoglatzor: urgh, all against oneiric?09:15
seb128glatzor, mvo: the retracers were down for some weeks so the dupchecker is catching up on weeks of backlog09:16
seb128glatzor, mvo: i.e those are not filled from today09:16
seb128glatzor, mvo: if that's of any consolation ;-)09:16
glatzorah ok09:20
glatzorthanks seb128 for the clarification09:21
ronocpitti, good work !!09:31
seb128ronoc, oh btw I found a bug in indicator-session09:32
seb128ronoc, it displays "software up to date" wrongly after doing some upgrades09:32
ronocseb128, whats up ?09:32
seb128ronoc, like I selected only 5 packages to upgrade in the 90 available09:33
seb128i.e there are still 85 to upgrade09:33
seb128but my indicator session says "software up to date"09:33
ronocseb128, yeah I have seen this before. will check after beta freeze,09:33
seb128ok, no hurry09:33
seb128ronoc, seems to be easy to trigger by right clicking in update-manager, selecting only a few things to upgrade and upgrading those09:34
seb128ronoc, it acts like "update-manager is done running, the system must be uptodate" ;-)09:34
ronocseb128, yeah it seems to work fine at startup but after that it never reacts to another instance of apt running09:35
seb128(somewhat a corner case, but I like to select updates I want or need and install those first)09:35
jbichaseb128: it used to always say "Updates Available" so at least they're trying different things :-)09:39
jbichaclose a bug, open a new one...09:40
davmor2jbicha: Fail! You're meant to close one and open 2 your hearts just not in it is it ;)09:42
jbichaopening new bugs gets tiring!09:43
brycehjbicha, write a lplib script to do it for you ;-)09:47
jbichahmm, I'm just barely a programmer09:49
jbichabut it could be Python...09:49
xclaesseseb128, since clutter update in oneiric, when building empathy I get that: /usr/lib/libclutter-gst-1.0.so.0: undefined reference to `glGetIntegerv'10:00
xclaesseit's a link-time actually10:00
seb128xclaesse, seems like a clutter-gstreamer issue, it maybe needs to be updated?10:00
seb128ricotz, ^ do you know?10:01
xclaesseno update available atm... is migration still ongoing?10:01
xclaesseseb128, note that empathy does not link on clutter itself, dunno what pulls that10:01
seb128xclaesse, I've no clue about clutter-gst, we don't use it10:01
seb128let's wait if ricotz knows about the issue10:02
xclaesseok :)10:02
RAOFSomething's not linking to libGL correctly, it seems.10:03
seb128likely clutter since that's the only thing that changed10:04
seb128or clutter-gst was relying on clutter to bring the symbol10:04
RAOFThat seems likely.10:05
xclaessethat's one issue, the other is why does empathy try to link on clutter at all10:05
seb128xclaesse, because of the new call ui10:06
seb128I guess10:06
seb128it's using clutter-gst10:06
xclaesseclutter is in optional deps, but I'm not building with that10:06
seb128ok, dunno then10:06
xclaesseand it compiles fine, the error is at linking10:06
seb128well something tries to bring clutter in10:07
xclaesseI don't even have libclutter-gst-dev installed10:07
seb128it doesn't happen on our builds for sure so it ought to work without it10:07
chrisccoulsonhmmm, it's time to make the firefox apport hook attach submitted crash ID's to bug reports10:10
chrisccoulsonseb128, oh, i just went to sponsor gmime10:10
chrisccoulsondenied ;)10:10
seb128chrisccoulson, thanks10:10
seb128doh, stupid from me to ask you10:10
seb128the reason it needed sponsoring is because mathieu failed to upload it...10:11
seb128pitti, ^ can you sponsor it? ;-)10:11
seb128(will do a bit latter otherwise, I'm on a call now)10:11
ricotzxclaesse, this looks like clutter-gst misses to link against libGL since it uses this symbol10:12
chrisccoulsonshould probably be in the desktop packageset really, seeing as kubuntu-dev can upload it10:12
chrisccoulsonthey can't ;)10:12
chrisccoulsonbut could at some point10:12
chrisccoulsononeiric should come with a pair of sunglasses10:13
seb128chrisccoulson, yeah, I asked cyphermox to email cjwatson to have it added to the set10:13
seb128not sure if he did yet10:13
chrisccoulsonif the dash isn't really bright, then my screen turns in to the sun every time i try to snap a window to the panel10:13
xclaessericotz, is that an ubuntu bug?10:14
chrisccoulsonbrb, session is ruined ;)10:14
ricotzxclaesse, actually not, they are blindly relying on something would pull it in while they are using it directly in "clutter-gst/clutter-gst-video-sink.c"10:15
pittiseb128: sorry, was in meeting; sponsor what?10:16
seb128pitti, lp:~ubuntu-desktop/gmime/ubuntu10:18
xclaessericotz, ok reported: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=65722510:18
pittigmime? new package?10:18
ubot2Gnome bug 657225 in general "Missing dep on libGL" [Normal,Unconfirmed]10:18
pittioh, gmime2.410:18
RAOFseb128: I believe everything's ready for colord's MIR (bug #823185) to go ahead, but it's dinner time.  Could you prod whichever MIR team member you wish to get that moved?  Thanks.10:19
ubot2Launchpad bug 823185 in colord "[MIR] colord" [High,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82318510:19
chrisccoulsonis dragging windows around appear to be really laggy for anyone else?10:20
chrisccoulsonwindow dragging is really choppy here10:20
seb128pitti, ^ how do you feel propromoting it? kees said he would probably be ok (i.e there was no issue he could think about when I asked him yesterday) once RAOF's update to run a normal user would land10:21
seb128that would unblock g-s-d etc build10:22
xclaessericotz, still wondering why that link pulls clutter at all: http://fpaste.org/WUX0/10:22
pittiseb128: sounds ok to me now10:23
pittiseb128: so go ahead10:24
ricotzxclaesse, are you sure this is the right paste?10:25
xclaessericotz, yes, that's the command that link empathy binary10:26
xclaesseand that produce the error10:26
ricotzxclaesse, you are trying to build
seb128pitti, can you do it? (it's my 1:1 catchup turn :p)10:27
seb128pitti, or I will do it in a bit10:27
xclaessericotz, building master10:27
rodrigo_more hardware-related problems, now the CD drive is not recognized :(10:28
ricotzxclaesse, ok, let me try, i havent much time to look into this though10:29
pittiseb128: ok10:34
seb128pitti, danke10:38
seb128pitti, oh btw, we got ack to turn off login sound by default in Oneiric10:38
seb128(I will try to look at that today)10:38
pittiseb128: oh, great! do we still actually have that on?10:39
seb128well I don't remember we implicitely turned it of10:39
seb128maybe it got broken? in any case let keep it off ;-)10:39
seb128(done with my call btw)10:39
pittiseb128: ah, still on in guest session10:45
seb128chrisccoulson, do you think you could have a look to bug #751900 and see if you can help Torsten?10:46
seb128ups bug #70579110:47
ubot2Launchpad bug 705791 in gnome-screensaver "T-61 Multi Monitor: gnome-screensaver does not show login dialog after resume in docking station with lid closed" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70579110:47
seb128if you have a clue about this gnome-screensaver code10:48
seb128I know you look at bit at g-s before10:48
seb128chrisccoulson, he has a tentative patch and needs some help10:48
chrisccoulsonseb128, sure, will take a look in a bit10:48
seb128chrisccoulson, no hurry, thanks10:49
xclaessericotz, ok I've understood, here is builds with libcheese10:52
xclaessethat's what pulls clutter10:52
glatzormvo, any news on the AddLicenseKey issue from the server team?10:52
chrisccoulsonbah, compiz is just sat here using 40% of my CPU10:52
xclaessericotz, and afaik ubuntu's package disabled cheese support10:52
ricotzxclaesse, ubuntu builds with --enable-call=no which prevents pulling clutter deps10:53
xclaessericotz, you probably need --with-cheese=no too10:55
xclaessewe are using optionally cheese to take a picture to set avatar10:55
ricotzi see10:56
xclaessewell, configure will default to not use libcheese if the headers can't be found10:57
ricotzxclaesse, right, i am still blaming clutter-gst for this ;)10:58
xclaessericotz, yep. thanks for your help :)10:58
ricotzyou could try to patch clutter-gst.pc locally10:58
ricotzbtw i could confirm this error10:59
jasoncwarner_seb128 & pitti - first compiz crash of the day...11:20
jasoncwarner_opened gnome-tweak-tool and it sorta spazzed out ;)11:20
seb128jasoncwarner_, use apport to send it if you can, we have retracers again thanks to pitti11:36
pittimeh gmime2.4 FTBFS11:38
seb128something to fix for cyphermox then11:39
pittiThe following packages have unmet dependencies:11:40
pitti docbook-utils : Depends: jadetex but it is not going to be installed11:40
pittiI don't see it on oneiric_probs or component-mismatches11:41
pittiand it installs fine here11:41
pittijbicha: should aisleriot have a dependency to gnome-cards-data? currently it only suggests it11:42
pittijbicha: and thus g-c-d wants to go to universe11:42
jbichapitti: no, we ship aisleriot on the CD & there's a built-in button under View to install the extra card themes11:46
pittijbicha: ah, it already ships a default theme? good, thanks11:46
jbichayes, that package used to be called extra themes or something but I decided to just use the Debian name for it11:47
jbichaactually, I think it's got 2 themes, Ubuntu & Gnome branded, I just will have to fix branding-ubuntu later this week to put the cards in the right location11:48
jbicha*2 themes on the CD11:48
=== MacSlow is now known as MacSlow|lunch
pedro_yay retracers!11:58
* pitti ^5s pedro_11:58
pedro_thanks pitti , you rock!11:58
seb128pedro_, ola senior ;-)12:00
pedro_lut seb128!, how are you?12:00
seb128pedro_, I'm good thanks12:00
seb128pedro_, how are you?12:00
seb128pedro_, you missed the european summer, it's over 35°C this week!12:01
pedro_seb128, feeling great today , happy cause of the retracers ;-)12:01
pedro_seb128, :-/ not fair, berlin was cold and so it was london12:01
seb128pedro_, let's wait for all the bugs you will have to triage and see if you are still happy :p12:01
seb128pedro_, yeah, it started being hot during the w.e12:02
seb128pedro_, but I blame it on you, you did bring the chilian winter with you!12:02
pedro_seb128, haha and the riots12:02
pedro_there were some in London, Madrid and now in Santiago12:03
pedro_all my fault12:03
rodrigo_hmm, where's libgnomekbd 3.0 branch? the u-d one has 2.3212:04
* rodrigo_ forgot12:05
glatzorpitti, what is the status of the gdbus server bindings for python? can we expect them to land soon?12:05
seb128rodrigo_, it was synced from debian so there is no uptodate vcs12:06
seb128rodrigo_, just commit the current source in the vcs and update on that or update without vcs12:06
rodrigo_ah, right12:06
seb128rodrigo_, whatever is easier for you12:06
rodrigo_seb128, was just going to try the just released 3.1.9012:07
seb128rodrigo_, yeah, well either use the vcs after updating it of just don't use a vcs, whatever is easier ;-)12:07
pittiglatzor: it's three bug fixes away, but I'm currently blocked by gnome bug 65655412:08
ubot2Gnome bug 656554 in introspection "Marshalling GVariants does not work for closures" [Normal,Unconfirmed] http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=65655412:08
* rodrigo_ -> lunch12:15
seb128hey cyphermox, how are you?12:24
cyphermoxgmime2.4 not building, I mean, why?12:25
seb128oh? :-(12:25
seb128seems like it's a build-depends installability fault and not yours?12:25
cyphermoxtrying to understand why12:25
cyphermoxor was pitti alredy checking that out?12:25
=== renate is now known as glatzor_u
pitticyphermox: I tried a rebuild, but it failed again12:26
cyphermoxseb128: other than that it's a nice day starting, how about you?12:26
pitticyphermox: do you happen to have a clean oneiric pbuilder?12:26
seb128cyphermox, days is being good so far, thanks to pitti we have retracers!12:26
cyphermoxpitti: was sbuild, but yes12:26
pittisomeone needs to create an oneiric pbuilder with just main apt sources12:26
pittiand try to build it there (or at least install the build deps)12:26
cyphermoxsure, that shouldn't take too long12:26
pitticyphermox: I checked local install, component-mismatches, and oneiric_probs, it's nowhere12:27
pittiusually this kind of thing appears due to universe deps etc.12:27
cyphermoxbuilding a pbuilder chroot with just main now12:30
seb128if you have on no need to build a new one12:30
seb128usually pbuilder login, update the sources.list and try to install the build-dep works12:30
cyphermoxwell, I no longer carry pbuilder chroots, now I use sbuild12:31
cyphermoxguess I could do just the same there too12:31
pittiI only use dchroots these days, too12:31
pittibut I don't have an oneiric one, that's why I asked if someone has an oneiric pbuilder12:31
cyphermoxhuh. hold on a sec12:33
cyphermoxmy sbuild build yesterday should say whether something was taken from universe12:33
cyphermoxeg. Get: X http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ oneiric/universe12:34
cyphermoxbut sadly, there isn't one.12:34
=== m_conley_away is now known as m_conley
seb128cyphermox, pitti: seems to work in a pbuilder for me12:36
seb128doesn't really make sense12:36
Laneyrodrigo_: I noticed on tomboy that it asked me to press "Save" when linking to my U1 account, but the save button remained insensitive and when I reopened the preferences I was told it was linked successfully. Perhaps that's no longer needed — could you check?12:40
cyphermoxseb128: pitti: might be an issue in texlive-binaries:12:44
seb128cyphermox, how so?12:46
pittitexlive-bin was just uploaded 3 hours ago12:46
pittiah, it might not have been published then12:47
pittiarmel is being published12:47
pittithe rest is in12:47
* pitti tries another rebuild12:47
pittigiven back, let's see12:47
cyphermoxpitti: texlive-binaries Breaks: texlive-base (<< 2009-12) which hasn't made it yet12:49
seb128I'm wondering if we need those docbook-utils build-depends?12:49
seb128I've been building things for a while without it and I didn't notice issues12:50
seb128like I drop the control line usually since it started bringing and hundred mb of latex12:50
pitticyphermox: ah, so I'll sync texlive-base12:50
seb128which I refuse to install and keep downloading for nothing12:50
cyphermoxok, trying to build without it12:52
cyphermoxmaybe this is a dumb question, but is there a tool that facilitates comparing what makes it in two different bu12:53
cyphermox*binary packages12:53
cyphermoxI usually diff and vgrep but it's painful12:53
pitticyphermox: debdiff12:54
pitticyphermox: it's very handy, shows you the added/removed files, and wdiff of the control section12:55
cyphermoxoh debdiff directly against the .deb?12:55
cyphermoxI fail :)12:55
pittitwo debs12:55
pittiseb128: FYI, ~/apport is lp:apport now, I just merged the branch into trunk12:56
seb128pitti, \o/12:57
cyphermoxhrm, who wants an update of NM to 0.9.0? :)13:05
pitticyphermox: sounds a lot better to me than 0.8.9997+git.20110721t045648.36db194!13:06
pitticyphermox: FYI, I synced texlive-base, once it's published I'll re-try the gmime build again13:06
cyphermoxyeah, pitti, it's partly why I want to push it... I'll file a FFE bug now unless you tell me that's not really needed13:07
pitticyphermox: depends on the delta13:08
pittiif it's just bug fixes, no FFE needed (by definition)13:08
pittiif it has new features/UI/changes API/ABI/D-BUS API/behaviour, it will13:09
cyphermoxnah, looks like bugfix to me (and if not I already had the change from a cherry-picked patch)13:11
pittithere's not too much room between 0.8.999+something and 0.9.0 anyway :)13:11
pittibut still worth checking the changelog13:11
pittiAPI/ABI breaks are rather inconvenient this close to the beta13:12
cyphermoxthe only issue is with the libnl3 stuff which complicates things, but it's already largely in13:12
cyphermoxI'll upload the 0.9.0 release of nm-applet too, there's practically no change and this will reduce the version number to something sane13:12
cyphermoxthen before I make a new upload in P for NM, we'll rethink the numbering to something shorter ;)13:13
pitticyphermox: version+git<date> is usually sufficient13:14
pittibut <date>.<commitid> is ok as well13:14
pittitwo commit IDs seem a little exaggerated, and also it's not quite clear what they mean13:14
cyphermoxit's not two13:14
cyphermoxit's date<t>time13:14
pittihow is "045648" a time?13:14
cyphermoxI was thinking about dropping this altogether and keeping just the commit13:15
pittibut if you include a time, then a commit ID seems redundant13:15
pitticyphermox: but commit IDs in git aren't monotonous13:15
cyphermox045648 as opposed to 165648 ;)13:15
cyphermoxoh, right13:15
* Laney uses date.rX.commit where X is a sequence starting from 113:15
cyphermoxwell, anyway just the dane13:15
pittijust like anything else in git, it wasn't designed for humans :)13:15
dobeypitti, mvo: hey guys. either of you know how to override a GtkWidget method in Python with GIR API? i can't find any docs/examplse on it :(13:15
pittidobey: I don't know either, I'm afraid, I never tried; #introspection on irc.gnome.org might help13:16
cyphermoxLaney: guess I otherwise could use the bzr commits from the mirrored branch for nm, although that seems wrong, even if it would give something like just ver+bzr2934813:16
pitticyphermox: at least they are monotonous, but I think date+commit ID usually works fine13:17
pittione seldomly does more than one upload a day13:17
cyphermoxpitti: you haven't touched NM have you? ;)13:17
pittiand if you do, and the new commit ID happens to be smaller, <date>.1+commitid :)13:17
cyphermoxoh, right, *upload*13:17
pitticyphermox: I actually did, but I don't usually upload new snapshots three times a day13:17
=== MacSlow|lunch is now known as MacSlow
cjwatsoncyphermox: there are still a lot of evolution reverse-deps on http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/nbs.html - do you need help?13:32
seb128mvo, does apturl need to recommends libgtk2-perl?13:33
cjwatsonI did a few easy ones13:33
mvoseb128: its for debconf gtk13:33
cjwatsonsflphone uses libedataserverui and doesn't look easy to port13:33
cyphermoxcjwatson: actually, there are two which bothered me a bit13:33
seb128mvo, hum ok, any plan to move away from that for next cycle?13:33
cyphermoxtracker and mail-notification, but it's also due to other things like gtk2/gtk3 IIRC13:33
cjwatsonseb128: in favour of what?13:33
seb128mvo, I'm trying to make sure we are on track to kick gtk2 out of the CD for the lts13:33
cjwatsonoh, GTK 3 you mean13:34
seb128cjwatson, a gtk3 solution?13:34
cjwatsonI thought this was more anti-perl religion :)13:34
cyphermoxhmm.. perl.13:34
seb128well, I'm fine with perl as long as I don't have to fix bugs in perl code :p13:34
cjwatsonso, uh, what's happening with perl gir support then?13:34
dobeyperl is nice, if you use it for sane things13:34
pitti(well, it's actually pretty much the last package which holds big chunks of perl libs on the CD, too)13:35
seb128cjwatson, that's a good question, I need to check13:35
cjwatsonpitti: I'm aware of that13:35
dobeywriting gtk+ apps in perl isn't sane though :)13:35
cjwatsonoh give it a rest :P13:35
cjwatsoncdebconf is making some progress again13:35
pittibut fortunately for oneiric the CD size matter is pretty much done, at least for desktop13:35
pittiI still need to figure out what happened to the alternates13:35
cjwatsonI don't know if it will be ready for P though; I wouldn't like to bet on it13:35
seb128cjwatson, is that likely to be something you will have time for in the next cycle? (cdebconf)13:35
seb128cjwatson, well assuming it's not a risky change for a lts13:35
seb128you just replied to that :p13:36
cjwatsonit's not unrisky13:36
cjwatsonalso, next cycle will be tricky for me with a baby on the way; I'm likely to have to cut back13:36
cjwatsonfortunately I'm not the one working on cdebconf in Debian at the moment :)13:36
seb128I've a feeling we will not get gtk2 out of the CD next cycle anyway13:36
seb128would it only be due to firefox and libreoffice13:36
cjwatsona debconf gtk3 frontend is probably more realistic, provided that the bindings are in place13:37
mvoseb128: I guess its just a matter of porting the debconf perl frontend13:37
pittiseb128: if we can get rid of at least gtk2-webkit, that'd already help a lot13:37
mvoseb128: eh, debconf gtk313:37
seb128pitti, that's basically up to u113:37
cjwatsonand I suspect that gtk3 perl bindings would be a lot smaller than libgtk2-perl13:37
cjwatsonat least they ought to be if done right13:37
seb128cjwatson, I assume so if they use introspection13:38
seb128let's see13:38
seb128cjwatson, mvo: thanks13:38
cjwatsonI think they do13:38
cjwatsoncyphermox: I was wondering if it might be practical to reintroduce a gtk2 libedataserverui for a while13:38
cjwatsonotherwise we have to do gtk2->3 ports in order to fix nbs ...13:38
seb128cjwatson, or drop those sources13:38
pittioh, speaking of reintroducing, we need to reintroduce the ealier gnome-menus13:38
seb128I would be favor of dropping outdated code for libpanel-applet and e-d-s13:39
pittilots of rdepends on NBS, and if for nothign else we'll need it for s-c13:39
seb128cjwatson, the panel applets are in the same situation13:39
cjwatsondropping or not is up to you guys but it needs to be cleared up either way ...13:39
seb128well a difference is that for the panel we can't add back an old source13:39
seb128it would work for e-d-s13:40
seb128in fact debian did that13:40
mvopitti: there is a freeze exception for the gtk3 version pending, that would elliminate the need for s-c13:40
cyphermoxsome other things indeed fail because of panel bits13:40
=== m_conley is now known as m_conley_away
seb128chrisccoulson, btw do you still plan to work on the lock screen gnome-shell looking issue?13:45
chrisccoulsonseb128, mdeslaur already has a fix for that. do we want the gnome-shell look when not in unity though?13:46
chrisccoulsonas his patch reverts the new style unconditionally13:46
seb128it would be better yes13:46
seb128did you have a patch doing it in a conditional way?13:46
seb128njpatel, what's the recommend way to test for a software if it's in an unity session?13:46
chrisccoulsonseb128, i had one to hide the panel13:47
chrisccoulsonbut mdeslaur has also reverted the dialog changes, to add the user name back to it13:47
chrisccoulsonwhich we would also want13:47
njpatelseb128, check com.canonical.Unity exists or not13:47
njpatelseb128, also XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP13:47
chrisccoulsonoh, i just looked at GDMSESSION ;)13:47
njpatelgives Unity now13:47
njpatelwhich is nice13:48
seb128we should have a boilerplate C function on a wiki or something that you can copy13:48
mterryseb128, btw, ecryptfs & lightdm still seem to hate each other when autologin is in play13:49
pittimterry: ecryptfs and autologin?13:49
pittihow does that work?13:49
seb128mterry, how can you autologin on ecryptfs?13:49
pittiif autologin works with ecryptfs, we're doing something wrong13:49
mterryWell, right now the UI lets you do it, then you get .ICE errors and such13:50
mterryHow did GDM handle it in the past?13:50
pittimterry: ah, we need to port our old gdmsetup fix for that to the account settings?13:50
seb128it should probably not let you do it13:50
seb128mterry, it shouldn't let you turn autologin on for ecryptfs account13:51
pittimterry: gdmsetup checked if the selected user had an ecryptfs and if so, disabled the autologin option for him13:51
mterryI see13:51
seb128bug #28444313:51
ubot2Launchpad bug 284443 in gdm "gdmsetup: Don't offer autologin for ecryptfs users" [Low,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28444313:51
mterryhah, delightfully low bug number13:51
seb128mterry, see 42_no_ecryptfs_autologin.patch in the gdm patches13:52
seb128mterry, if you have interest in ecryptfs btw, bug #28444313:53
ubot2Launchpad bug 284443 in gdm "gdmsetup: Don't offer autologin for ecryptfs users" [Low,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28444313:53
seb128ups bug #81666913:53
ubot2Launchpad bug 816669 in gnome-control-center "encrypted-home support in new user dialog" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81666913:53
seb128it's something we didn't come to do which is a regression compared to natty13:54
kirklandautologin + ecryptfs should never work;  the "security" there would be a total farce13:54
kirklandany progress on the lightdm + ecryptfs login bug?  the one where lightdm is creating some files before $HOME is mounted?13:54
seb128kirkland, that one got fixed a week ago13:55
kirklandseb128: hmm, let me reboot and try then13:56
seb128kirkland, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~lightdm-team/lightdm/trunk/revision/106013:57
mdeslaurchrisccoulson: just to be clear, you're not expecting me to do anything with gnome-screensaver, right?14:05
seb128mdeslaur, upload your fixes? ;-)14:06
chrisccoulsonmdeslaur, oh, yeah, i forgot - you've got your hands full with nspluginwrapper!14:07
mdeslaurseb128: as chrisccoulson said, my patches unconditionally revert the gnome-shell look. If you're ok with that, I'll upload it. If not, chrisccoulson needs to fix it.14:07
mdeslaurchrisccoulson: hehe14:08
rodrigo_BigWhale, hey14:08
seb128I would say "get that in for ui freeze, we can fix the conditional behaviour later"14:08
seb128chrisccoulson, mdeslaur: ^14:08
mdeslaurseb128: ok, I'll upload it in a few minutes then14:08
rodrigo_BigWhale, diod you see/test the fix for the introspection problem you were having?14:08
seb128mdeslaur, thanks14:08
chrisccoulsonseb128, ok, makes sense14:08
chrisccoulsoni need to get the new thunderbird theme in before UI freeze anyway ;)14:09
GunnarHjrodrigo_: Hi Rodrigo, I downloaded the latest git source yesterday, and have written a pure Ubuntu patch that applies to it.14:14
seb128GunnarHj, hey14:14
seb128GunnarHj, do you know about language-selector not letting install input methods in Oneiric?14:15
seb128GunnarHj, like if you select chinese (or any other language) in the installation list, you can only select the translation checkbox14:15
GunnarHjseb128: Hello Sebastien.14:15
seb128the input ones are never active14:15
GunnarHjseb128: No, I had no idea. Is there a bug report about it?14:16
seb128GunnarHj, not that I know, I just noticed it in testing, I wanted to see if somebody else can confirm before reporting or if that's a known issue14:16
GunnarHjseb128: I'll look at it later today.14:17
seb128GunnarHj, thanks!14:17
seb128GunnarHj, do you want a bug about it?14:17
GunnarHjseb128: No, that can wait for now.14:18
=== m_conley_away is now known as m_conley
rodrigo_GunnarHj, cool, I'll upload it with the next upstream release we upload in ubuntu14:19
GunnarHjseb128: Btw, did you look at bug 770091?14:20
ubot2Launchpad bug 770091 in ubiquity "Unsolicited attempt to import files and settings" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/77009114:20
seb128GunnarHj, no, I will try to have a look today, thanks for the reminder14:20
GunnarHjseb128: Tnx.14:20
GunnarHjrodrigo_: You said in about two weeks, didn't you?14:21
GunnarHjrodrigo_: I ask, because I'd like the functionality to be in place in Beta 1. Thinking of preparing a patch for the current orig that is as similar as possible, and that can be upload right away.14:26
pittiis that only me, or does compiz take a constant 30% CPU for other people, too?14:31
pittiseb128: ^ seems the new compiz did not get only better :(14:31
seb128pitti, chrisccoulson had the issue before14:32
seb128dbarth, njpatel: ^14:32
dobeymvo: are you aware that aptdaemon.gtk3widgets doesn't actually work with gtk3 on natty? :)14:32
seb128it's around 21% for me and used almost 1 hour or cpu time since this morning14:32
rodrigo_GunnarHj, in 2 weeks, yes14:32
pittidobey: on natty it uses GTK214:33
chrisccoulsonseb128, pitti - yeah, it's still doing it here14:33
pittidobey: yeah, it shuold have been called gtk-gi-widgets or so14:33
chrisccoulsonmy laptop feels like it's melting14:33
dobeypitti: well, even if you have the gir for gtk3 installed, it totally breaks :(14:33
njpatelpitti, open your dash, is the spinner spinning?14:33
dobeypitti: because Vte requires 2.0, and it loads 3.0 before Vte gets loaded14:33
=== tkamppeter_ is now known as tkamppeter
dobeyso fun times14:33
dbarthseb128, pitti: noted14:33
njpatelpitti, (on any of the lenses)14:33
seb128njpatel, it's spinning for me14:34
seb128on the application lens14:34
njpatelyeah, it's fixed in trunk, will be part of the next update14:35
njpatelsorry, that was my bad14:35
mvodobey: I wasn't aware of this, but i'm not that suprised, like pitti said, we use gtk2 there by default14:36
GunnarHjrodrigo_: Ok. Then I'll try to make that patch. Are you able to fix it so that the Language Support launcher is shown on the cc window?14:36
rodrigo_GunnarHj, what do you mean?14:37
dobeymvo: right. just making my life difficult at the moment :)14:37
chrisccoulsonhmmm, patching css is not fun :/14:37
rodrigo_dobey, btw, when you uploaded couchdb-glib, you didn't update the lp:~ubuntu-desktop/couchdb-glib/ubuntu branch14:38
rodrigo_dobey, I've done it, but remember to do so next time, please14:38
dobeyrodrigo_: i don't have write permissions to that. and i wasn't aware i should have proposed it to merge into there14:39
rodrigo_dobey, yes, I know, that's why I tell you :)14:39
rodrigo_no problem, just so that you know14:39
GunnarHjrodrigo_: Currently the Region and Language launcher is shown also in Ubuntu, but language-selector is going to be used in Oneiric, right?14:39
dobeyrodrigo_: what a pain :(14:39
rodrigo_GunnarHj, if we can't get all the stuff in the upstream one, yes14:39
rodrigo_GunnarHj, but there's still work going on upstream14:40
rodrigo_dobey, best thing is to just propose a branch against lp:~ubuntu-desktop/couchdb-glib/ubuntu and let the person (me) who does the review do the full sponsoring (merging, uploading)14:40
dobeyrodrigo_: that would be easy if said person weren't on holiday i guess :)14:41
rodrigo_dobey, then seb128 ort any other ubuntu-desktop member can do it :)14:41
GunnarHjrodrigo_: The impression I had is that quite some work remains to be done. Such as maintaining LANGUAGE, input method setting, installing langpacks...14:43
rodrigo_GunnarHj, maintaining LANGUAGE?14:43
rodrigo_GunnarHj, input method setting is available in the layouts tab, not sure though if that covers all the cases14:44
GunnarHjrodrigo_: Yes. Have a look at the language-selector UI about LANGUAGE.14:44
rodrigo_GunnarHj, and installing langpacks, yes that's hard to do cross-distro, so I was thinking on just patching g-c-c to have a button14:45
rodrigo_GunnarHj, looked at it, still not sure what you mean14:46
GunnarHjrodrigo_: Ubuntu does not only set a locale, but also the priority list in LANGUAGE.14:48
rodrigo_GunnarHj, and what is that priority used for?14:48
GunnarHjrodrigo_: Fallback when translations are not complete.14:49
rodrigo_GunnarHj, and where does it store that setting?14:49
pittinjpatel: hm, I restarted (broke some other stuff, I had to), it's gone now14:49
pittimvo, dobey: in oneiric it actually does use GTK3, FTR14:50
dobeypitti: yeah, in oneiric it's not a problem because vte is using gtk314:50
njpatelpitti, yeah, most likely it will come back if you search for something in the dash14:50
njpatelit's fixed in trunk14:50
GunnarHjrodrigo_: It's stored in ~/.profile.14:50
pittinjpatel: confirmed14:51
pittinjpatel: cheers14:51
rodrigo_GunnarHj, hmm, how is it stored? the env vars there can just have 1 locale, not a list of14:51
GunnarHjrodrigo_: LANGUAGE is different. A value can consist of "de:es_ES:en"14:53
rodrigo_GunnarHj, ah14:53
=== Zdra is now known as xclaesse
rodrigo_GunnarHj, hmm, does it work, it doesn't seem to store there anything other than the language I select14:54
rodrigo_ah, now it works14:55
GunnarHjrodrigo_: With my suggested patch it would have done.14:55
mvodobey: I think its best to use the gtk2 on natty and smaller and gtk3 on oneiric, that is what update-manager is doing too (but of course u-m only needs to support a single version for your its slightly more complicated as you will have the same code running on multiple versions, right?)14:56
dobeymvo: yes, i am just trying to support both and it is very difficult, because upstream doesn't want to support gi for gtk2 it seems :(14:57
=== Zdra is now known as xclaesse
rodrigo_GunnarHj, hmm, I'm thinking we could just add the .desktop magic so that language-selector is shown in unity and the upstream region panel in gnome14:58
rodrigo_GunnarHj, at least until we have all features in the upstream one, but for this LANGUAGE thing we're going to need some design, so too late for 3.214:58
cyphermoxseb128: totem> what was about the gir for totem? we already have a gir binary for it, so I'm not sure if things really need to be moved around for this14:58
GunnarHjrodrigo_: I feel there are quite some issues we ought to discuss further, and time is running out for Oneiric. I think that the right thing to do now is to keep language-selector in Oneiric.14:59
mvodobey: yeah, I ran in a lot of issues with static vs dynamic bindings and that you can't mix them at all14:59
seb128cyphermox, the typelib is in the gir binary, the .gir is in totem and should be moved to libtotem-dev (with the corresponding replaces)14:59
GunnarHjrodrigo_: Sure, that .desktop magic sounds great; I just don't know how it works. :)15:00
rodrigo_GunnarHj, I think the only not doable thing is the LABGUAGE thing15:00
rodrigo_GunnarHj, ok, I'll patch g-c-c and language-selector15:00
dobeymvo: i'm not even mixing bindings in this code. it's just that differences between gtk3/gtk2 APIs is pain, and some things aren't in the GI :(15:00
cyphermoxah, ok15:01
seb128mvo, hey, could you update libsigc++ to 2.2.10? asking you because you did the previous update and the new version is needed for the glib cpp binding to build, they are ftbfsing with the current version15:01
mvodobey: right :( yeah, I feel the pain, what I wanted to say is I guess that the whole transition is really bumpy15:01
GunnarHjrodrigo_: Maybe LANGUAGE is the trickiest one. I'm not sure that ~/.profile is the best storing place going forward either; that's one thing I'd like to talk about.15:02
mvoseb128: I can have a look, I assume there is no debian version yet?15:03
seb128mvo, no there isn't15:03
seb128mvo, thanks15:03
dobeymvo: bumpy is an understatement. feels like falling down the side of a jagged cliff :(15:03
GunnarHjrodrigo_: Great if you patch g-c-c with the l-s launcher.15:03
mdeslaurchrisccoulson: you had a patch for the gss that was conditional with getenv? can I see it? (I may fix this right)15:04
mvodobey: well put, I had this feeling a couple of times when reading the gir xml to figure out how to call something15:04
seb128pitti, could you nudge https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-desktop/+archive/ppa/+sourcepub/1909467/+listing-archive-extra please? danke15:06
seb128rodrigo_, hey15:08
rodrigo_hi seb128 :)15:08
seb128rodrigo_, how are design tweaks going? did you have time to work on those?15:08
rodrigo_seb128, oh, had a look on Friday, but then forgot, sorry15:09
pittiseb128: done15:09
seb128rodrigo_, well at least the theme selection ui?15:09
seb128rodrigo_, ui freeze is tomorrow :-(15:09
rodrigo_seb128, will have a look now after I buiuld this package15:09
seb128pitti, thanks15:09
seb128rodrigo_, ok thanks15:09
rodrigo_seb128, theme selection ui should be just a couple hours work, so will try to write a patch for that15:09
seb128rodrigo_, thanks15:10
seb128rodrigo_, that's the one we should try to land fore tomorrow evening if we can15:10
rodrigo_seb128, ok15:10
pittigood night everyone!15:11
seb128'night pitti15:13
seb128pitti, will you still be around in 15 minutes? ;-)15:13
seb128pitti, I will need an unity build nudge once that nux build is done15:13
seb128pitti, if not don't worry I will find another buildd admin15:14
rodrigo_good night pitti, and, for when you're back -> https://code.launchpad.net/~rodrigo-moya/language-selector/show-in-new-g-c-c/+merge/7273715:24
rodrigo_seb128, now I remember why I stopped looking at this, since I sent a mail to john lea about the ugliness of the theme selector in the background panel15:26
rodrigo_seb128, and about adding other options, like fonts, etc15:26
rodrigo_seb128, will try to ping him now15:27
seb128ok, thanks15:27
seb128rodrigo_, well it seems like for this cycle we will not do a lot over that small tweak15:27
seb128we can discuss it doing it better next cycle15:27
seb128but yeah, feel free to discuss with him15:27
rodrigo_I think we could just mimic the gnome-tweak-tool 'interface' settings UI15:28
seb128rodrigo_, btw do you know if the color thing in g-c-c should show in the ui somewhere?15:28
rodrigo_seb128, yes, there should be a 'color' panel, don't you get that?15:28
seb128rodrigo_, ignore me, I got the g-s-d update but not g-c-c yet15:29
* rodrigo_ ignores and bands seb12815:29
rodrigo_s/bands/bans :)15:30
seb128rodrigo_, oh, it failed to build15:30
seb128stop ignoring me!15:30
* rodrigo_ whistles15:30
seb128lacks a build-depends on libnotify-dev15:30
seb128No package 'libnotify' found15:30
seb128rodrigo_, https://launchpadlibrarian.net/77951896/buildlog_ubuntu-oneiric-i386.gnome-control-center_1%3A3.1.5-0ubuntu1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz15:30
rodrigo_hmm, no package libnotify?15:31
seb128rodrigo_, you needs to build-depends on libnotify-dev I guess?15:31
* rodrigo_ looks15:31
rodrigo_I thought it already was15:31
rodrigo_it doesn't indeed15:33
mptseb128, hi, you suggested that I turn accessibility off, but I don't see how to do that in Gnome 315:33
* rodrigo_ fixes15:33
mptEverything's off in the "Universal Access" settings15:34
seb128rodrigo_, http://git.gnome.org/browse/gnome-control-center/commit/?id=7962a25ecfa01b93087dd95c6e128381aeb8f2db15:34
seb128rodrigo_, that was added between 3.1.4 and 3.1.515:34
seb128I guess you overlooked it while doing the update15:34
dbarthpitti: sorry again, can you bump the score of https://launchpad.net/~unity-team/+archive/compiz-testing/+builds?build_state=pending15:36
rodrigo_seb128, uploading a fix in a minute15:36
seb128mpt, dconf-editor org.gnome.desktop.interface toolkit-accessibility15:36
seb128rodrigo_, thanks15:36
seb128dbarth, I think he's off, try asking on #ubuntu-devel15:36
dbarthseb128: oh, who in particular as htose special powers?15:36
seb128dbarth, doko15:37
mptthanks seb128 :-)15:37
seb128mpt, I'm not sure if we have an ui for it, doesn't seem so :-(15:38
mptseb128, well in theory we shouldn't need one15:38
mvoseb128: libsigc++ uploaded15:49
seb128mvo, thanks \o/15:49
chrisccoulsonmercurial patch queues are really neat16:04
mvois it just me or is the gtk3 spinner in pygi broken? http://paste.ubuntu.com/673933/ does not spin for me even though a debug print tells me that the active property is true16:10
seb128mvo, it works here16:11
seb128your example spins16:12
mvoseb128: hm, on my other box it does too16:12
seb128mvo, do you run the ppa pygobject on the broken box?16:12
mvoseb128: I wonder if its pygi 2.90 ? that is the only difference between the two machines I can think of. or are you using 2.90 as well?16:13
seb128mvo, no, that box I'm on is stock oneiric16:13
seb128let me try on my ppa box16:13
seb128mvo, no, it works on my ppa box as well16:14
mvobut *shrug* if it works for the rest of the world …16:15
nigelbrickspencer3: Hey, around? Got time for a PM?16:57
rickspencer3nigelb, sure, I always have time16:57
=== _LibertyZero is now known as LibertyZero
GunnarHjseb128: Can you possibly sponsor https://code.launchpad.net/~gunnarhj/language-selector/type-error/+merge/72755 ? Seems to be a critical thing, judging from incoming bug reports...17:07
seb128GunnarHj, can do, it's not a real issue it seems but apport makes those noisy17:10
seb128i.e it will trigger each time somebody run into it and the clicks,bug reports add17:10
GunnarHjseb128: But doesn't it cause crashes?17:11
seb128GunnarHj, well I've not checked the code, often in python you get an exception but you program can keep running17:11
seb128well anyway let's get the fix in17:12
GunnarHjseb128: Thanks!17:12
seb128thank you for working on it!17:12
dobeypitti: are you still here?17:52
mdeslaurseb128, chrisccoulson: just uploaded gnome-screensaver that changes appearance conditionally on Unity17:52
chrisccoulsonmdeslaur, thanks18:00
chrisccoulsonwooh, i've just added a nearly 300kB distro patch to thunderbird18:01
chrisccoulsonthat's crazy ;)18:01
chrisccoulsonmost of that is svg icons though18:01
ogra_hmm, why do i have window frames in maximited windows18:05
chrisccoulsonogra_, because compiz loves you18:06
ogra_chrisccoulson, 2d :)18:06
chrisccoulsonogra_, it's still a compiz bug18:06
ogra_seems the default for the gconf key changed18:06
ricotzmterry, hello18:10
ricotzmterry, could you take a look at http://people.ubuntu.com/~ricotz/clutter/ -- http://people.ubuntu.com/~ricotz/clutter/clutter-1.0_1.7.10-1~ubuntu2_source.changes18:11
mterryricotz, small detail, but shouldn't the version be -2~ubuntu1?18:16
ricotzmterry, i know, clutter isnt uploaded yet, so perhaps it will still get -1 as next version, just wanted to make it syncable in any case18:18
mterryricotz, k, let me sponsor here18:19
ricotzmterry, thanks, i hope the symbols will match now18:19
ricotzi cant testbuild it :\18:20
ricotzmterry, use the changes file or rebuild with -v1.7.10-118:20
mterryricotz, can't testbuild?  you mean on armel?18:21
ricotzyes, on armel18:21
mterryricotz, the patch for SONAMEs seems a lot simpler than the patch in the bug it points to.  This has been tested?  (by Ricardo?)18:26
* mterry also doesn't have an armel machine18:26
ricotzmterry, i dropped this patch and readded it again :(18:27
ricotzso it was there before18:27
mterryricotz, pushed.  and thanks for the reminder about the .changes; I do tend to forget about that18:30
ricotzmterry, thanks :)18:30
mterryIs anyone here familiar with trapping TERM signals?18:33
seb128mdeslaur, thanks for the gnome-screensaver work19:31
mdeslaurseb128: np19:34
tkamppeterRAOF, hi19:53
seb128tkamppeter, it's like 6am for him, he's probably sleeping19:55
seb128mterry, did you screw your cowboy upload? ;-)19:56
seb128(it's not showing up on the changes list)19:57
mterryseb128, it wouldn't be a cowboy upload if I didn't screw it up.  I got the accept email19:58
tkamppeterSweetshark, hi20:01
mterryseb128, I think oneiric-changes is just being crazy.  Launchpad shows it as uploaded20:02
seb128mterry, right, I see, you broked oneiric-changes and don't want to admit it!20:03
mterryseb128, heh20:04
seb128mterry, but yeah, it's showing on launchpad so seems all good ;-)20:04
seb128cyphermox, thanks for the totem update!20:06
seb128kenvandine, what happened the gnome-contacts mir bug? ;-)20:06
seb128mterry, btw do you feel like you have enough things you can pick on to keep busy or are you looking for bug lists, or things that need to get done?20:07
kenvandinesorry... forgot :)20:07
* kenvandine is racing for UIF 20:07
seb128kenvandine, the beta freeze is tomorrow, do you think you could write it today?20:07
mterryseb128, at this point, I'm just picking up lightdm/deja-dup stuff that I know I can fix, then looking at the QA report for extra stuff20:07
kenvandinei will20:07
seb128kenvandine, thanks20:08
mterryseb128, did that lightdm live cd issue get fixed?20:08
seb128mterry, not that I know of no20:09
seb128mterry, oh, your upload is showing up on the list now ;-)20:09
mterryseb128, that seems like a beta blocker...  I'll look a bit20:09
seb128mterry, ok, yeah the qa page "oneiric" category is probably a good list of "need to be fixed" bugs20:09
seb128mterry, indeed, thanks20:10
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GunnarHjrodrigo_: Still there?21:20
kenvandineseb128, gnome-contacts MIR bug 83338321:30
ubot2Launchpad bug 833383 in gnome-contacts "[MIR] gnome-contacts" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83338321:30
seb128kenvandine, thanks21:31
GunnarHjseb128: I had a look at that greyed out options in l-s that you mentioned before. I have no idea on when or why it happened. Think it's more a pitti thing to look into.21:34
seb128GunnarHj, ok21:34
seb128GunnarHj, thanks for having a look anyway, you can confirm the bug then?21:35
GunnarHjseb128: Indeed I can.21:35
seb128ok, great21:35
chrisccoulsonhmmm, thanks gnome-settings-daemon for re-arranging my displays whilst I was away :/21:36
GunnarHjseb128: Btw, I can add that I installed an older version (0.37), and the problem is present there as well.21:38
seb128GunnarHj, ok21:39
seb128kenvandine, I've assigned you bug #82943621:39
ubot2Launchpad bug 829436 in geoclue "geoclue version 0.12.0-1ubuntu9 failed to build in oneiric" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82943621:39
seb128trying to dispatch a bit ftbfs bugs21:39
kenvandinegood times :)21:40
seb128kenvandine, it's to test but I think http://cgit.freedesktop.org/geoclue/commit/?id=90669619d1d621080ef00dcb8db1c3d206ee0bfe might be enough to fix the issue21:40
seb128dunno who decided to fail builds on unused variables21:40
kenvandineseb128, looks like it21:40
seb128seems like a stupid thing to break builds on21:41
kenvandineyeah... kind of painful21:41
kenvandinebamf is out of control on those21:41
seb128like ok it's non optimal but it's not likely to create bugs21:41
kenvandinevery unlikely21:41
cyphermoxseb128: re ftbs, I'm going to look at n-m-pptp, and was already working on trying to fix indicator-network so that it at least builds and pretends to work21:41
kenvandineand nobody wants to fix 100 or so of those errors in bamf21:41
seb128cyphermox, thanks21:42
cyphermoxI'll pick at others once done :)21:42
seb128bug #83317221:42
ubot2Launchpad bug 833172 in xapian-core "[FFE] CJK support" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83317221:42
seb128is somebody who is not over his work day wanting to look at that and get it uploaded before his end of day?21:43
seb128it's the cjk patch for xapian from dx21:43
seb128it's a backport of 2 upstream commits to their svn which will be in the next stable update and got a ffe21:43
seb128so it's basically "checking that it applies, build, and that unity and i.e synaptic still work"21:44
cyphermoxunity as in the app list of installable apps?21:44
seb128didrocks put an earlier version in the ubuntu-desktop ppa and dx and oem has been testing those patches21:44
seb128so they should be ok21:44
seb128cyphermox, yes, like open the application lens, type a name and check that it still list things21:45
cyphermoxhm, I wonder if this fixes my entering deadkeys in the search21:45
seb128njpatel is working on the unity side21:49
cyphermoxok. I need to run now (lift is here) but I can upload in an hour or so if nobody does it before21:50
seb128cyphermox, it's likely not going to be in your upload set21:52
seb128but if you can do an update ask RAOF or whoever is on work shift to sponsor it if you can21:52
seb128otherwise we will pick it up tomorrow morning european time21:52
seb128cyphermox, thanks ;-)21:52
RAOFMorning cyphermox :)22:01
chrisccoulsonoh, wow. it's nice when people announce API breaks, so I can fix my extension before it actually happens - http://groups.google.com/group/mozilla.dev.platform/browse_thread/thread/13d0295f867d845a#22:03
chrisccoulsonit's not often that happens22:03
ricotzjbicha, hi22:24
ricotzi think it isnt really usefull doing merge proposes against full-source branches without adding some debdiff to make a review simpler22:27
ricotzi mean a diff of debian/* only22:28
jbicharicotz: ok, I'll add a debian/ diff22:29
jbichathat makes sense as the other stuff isn't useful22:30
ricotzexactly ;)22:30
ricotzjbicha, try to clean up the build-deps like dropping the gir1.2-* build-deps which are pulled by their -dev package22:32
jbichahmm, actually there isn't a place to upload files in the merge proposal, I could just paste it in or pastebin it22:32
ricotzand add gir1.2-soup-2.4 to gnome-shell deps22:33
ricotzjbicha, yeah, or put a diff in your people space and link to it22:34
ricotzjbicha, and of course a merge with conflicts isnt good either22:37
ricotz23568 lines (+7833/-6327) 95 files modified (has conflicts)22:38
ricotzText conflict in debian/changelog22:38
jbicharicotz: ok, I'll work on cleaning this up22:39
ricotzjbicha, while there is no real branch for gnome-shell, you probably want to use a bug adding a package files and a debian-only-diff to it22:40
cyphermoxMorning RAOF22:44
jbicharicotz: what do you mean by adding a package files?22:44
jbichaI should just open a new bug requesting the new gnome-shell version, right?22:44
ricotzjbicha, i mean *.dsc diff.gz and tarball22:45
ricotzjbicha, yes, and subscribe ubuntu-sponsors22:46
ricotzjbicha, maybe the best to ping bigon before he uploads it first :P22:47
jbicharicotz: well if I do a merge proposal I don't need the *.dsc, diff.gz or tarball, just the debian/ diff, right?22:47
jbicharicotz: do you mean bigon's uploading to Debian or to Ubuntu?22:48
ricotzjbicha, yeah, probably, the tarball can be downloaded easily while sponsoring22:48
ricotzto ubuntu like he did with mutter22:48
ricotzjbicha, bye23:00
chrisccoulsonw00t, new thunderbird theme coming now!23:20
jasoncwarner_chrisccoulson: awesome!23:25
jasoncwarner_tell me when I should push enter on my keyboard to get it ;)23:25
chrisccoulsonjasoncwarner_, i'm just uploading it now23:25
chrisccoulsonthe patches to implement it are absolutely huge23:26
* jasoncwarner_ notes that chrisccoulson should make internets faster so I can get it now...hate waiting23:26
chrisccoulsonit takes 2 hours to build as well ;)23:26
* jasoncwarner_ notes that...and keeps hitting enter anyway ;)23:32
chrisccoulsoni definitely need a faster internet connection23:33
chrisccoulson2/3 uploaded now ;)23:33

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