jimbakerm_3, is the corresponding branch actually merged in yet? it's not marked as being so in bug 82815200:04
_mup_Bug #828152: default formula config values not available to hooks <Ensemble:Fix Released by bcsaller> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/828152 >00:04
jimbakerbcsaller, ^^^00:05
bcsallerjimbaker: yeah, missed the first comment I see00:05
jimbakerbcsaller, thanks for merging it in00:33
jimbakerm_3, enjoy!00:33
bcsallerjimbaker, m_3: sorry, forgot to go back to it. That was important as far as the feature is concerned too00:34
jimbakerbcsaller, np, just unfortunate it had been hiding in plain sight in the kanban00:36
bcsallerjimbaker: I think what happened was I committed with --fixes (trying that out) and it got the status out of sync00:37
jimbakerbcsaller, you mean --fixes against something besides trunk?00:38
jimbaker(i use --fixes all the time)00:38
jimbakerlooking at the log not too closely, apparently i'm the only one who does so ;)00:39
jimbakeror at least consistently. i did see usage by hazmat at r29800:40
jimbakerbcsaller, i don't --fixes actually changes anything in lp however. i always have to go and still mark it as "fix released"00:42
bcsallerI though it set it to 'fix committed', not sure00:43
jimbakeragain, that's something one would set manually as i understand it00:44
jimbakerbut at least the fix is now in!00:44
hazmatjimbaker, i tried it but it had an effect00:45
hazmatodd one that is00:45
hazmatit would link trunk to the bug report00:45
jimbakerhazmat, i believe it simply and only adds the metadata to the log 00:46
jimbakerso it's redundant with respect to [f=XXX], but possibly useful once we always use it00:47
hazmatjimbaker, i've seen it happen more than once00:47
hazmatjimbaker, take a look at one of your merge proposals https://bugs.launchpad.net/ensemble/+bug/82539800:48
_mup_Bug #825398: Store Ensemble version number in topology node and verify ops <Ensemble:Fix Released by jimbaker> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/825398 >00:48
hazmatsee how's it linked to trunk00:48
hazmatand linked to it on the kanban00:48
hazmati find that an anti-feature00:48
hazmati can see its use when we use fix-committed and have actual releases though00:48
hazmatbut for our current usage modes, its more interesting to me, to see the merge proposal branch linked00:49
hazmatso i stopped using --fixes00:49
jimbakerhazmat, ok, so it linked trunk into the bug, changing the kanban to report lp:ensemble for the fixing branch?00:50
hazmatjimbaker, its the metadata gets processed by launchpad00:50
jimbakeryes, that would be anti-feature00:50
hazmatonce the commit that has --fixes lands in trunk, it updates the branch to link to the bug00:50
jimbakerso possibly more useful in a more complex scenario because we can see where the fix is00:51
hazmatjimbaker, its a different use case it solves, we typically want to see which branch the bug fix/feature impl landed in, and the merge proposal discussion00:52
hazmatthe --fixes use case is to show someone looking at the bug the current location of the fix00:52
hazmatwe already have fix committed bug status which would denote that its on trunk, and fixed release to show  its been released..  on bug status00:53
jimbakerhazmat, yes, it makes sense now00:53
hazmatjimbaker, i'd suggest we avoid using --fixes, it doesn't match our use case00:53
jimbakerit would be sort of nice if the kanban showed the originating branch00:53
jimbakerbut in the meantime, we can just stop using --fixes00:54
hazmatbcsaller, not sure why i was so dense about cloud init, looking at the updates its very clear why not.01:03
bcsallerhazmat: so you did get a chance to see it, let me know if you need changes. In the meantime I am improving the script01:04
hazmati suppose either would have worked.. but this seems cleaner01:04
bcsallerhazmat: also it currently doesn't arrange for the agent to run but I expect that will be triggered again by data in /etc01:04
hazmatbcsaller, looks good, a couple over 80 lines01:05
hazmatbcsaller, what's /etc/ensemble supposed to be again? 01:05
bcsallerhazmat: its the variables that get sourced by the script to control its behavior. Cloud init can write stuff there as well and then resuse the same scripts01:05
bcsallermaybe... I think, we'll see, thats what I'm going for anyway01:06
hazmatmake sense though, we can drop some useful immutable conf there like agent ids01:07
hazmatnot clear if we can source the file in an upstart job though01:10
hazmatah. the script section is an entire block01:11
hazmatsounds good01:11
_mup_ensemble/lxc-lib-merge r324 committed by kapil.thangavelu@canonical.com01:18
_mup_local provider skeleton and utils for setting up network and zk01:18
_mup_ensemble/local-ubuntu-provider r324 committed by kapil.thangavelu@canonical.com01:20
_mup_local provider skeleton and utils for setting up network and zk01:20
_mup_ensemble/lxc-lib-merge r324 committed by kapil.thangavelu@canonical.com01:21
_mup_merge lxc-lib01:21
niemeyerMan.. long day01:22
niemeyerTime to sit in the couch and not move for a while01:22
niemeyerHave good EOD everyone01:22
hazmatniemeyer, bcsaller do we want to support multiple lxc environments simultatenously for oneiric?01:25
hazmatniemeyer, cheers01:25
jimbakerniemeyer, take care01:25
hazmati was thinking it would be better to do it with chroots, but i'm trying to keep support for it, but if we wanted to do it, it means namespacing things with the env name, which means the env name in the configuration.yaml becomes immutable after use01:26
bcsallerhazmat: like many different network bridges at the same time and all that... it shouldn't be that much worse I think, but it shouldn't be that much needed (I hope)01:32
hazmatbcsaller, indeed, although its not absolutely clear we really need multiple bridges, i structured it that way for now02:05
bcsallerand the interface to that I gave you seemed ok?02:07
adam_gcool. ensemble on oneiric should be bootstrapable again. hail smoser.02:27
smoseryeah, with 20110822.202:35
smoseradam_g, is anyone testing/using canonistack?02:36
adam_gsmoser: testing what? ensemble? cloud-init?02:36
adam_gi haven't touched canonistack, honestly, but i believe hazmat had gotten it working02:36
adam_g(ensemble bootstrap)02:36
hazmatsmoser, i've done a bootstrap and deploy on canonistack02:37
hazmatsmoser, it needs some branches though02:37
hazmattill its landed on trunk, instructions for the brave.. for ensemble+openstack.. http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/673083/02:38
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RoAkSoAxfwereade: howdy!!13:32
fwereadeRoAkSoAx: heyhey13:33
fwereadeRoAkSoAx: how's it going?13:33
hazmatg'morning folks13:38
niemeyerHey folks13:39
niemeyerHow's life?13:40
niemeyerhazmat: Shaken up?13:40
* niemeyer hides13:40
hazmatniemeyer, no stirred not shaken ;-)13:40
hazmatthere was a funny picture on twitter.. 'damage from the earthquake' and showed a some plastic chairs on a lawn, with one fallen down.13:41
RoAkSoAxfwereade: good good13:42
RoAkSoAxfwereade: did you update the cobbler-complete branch with the latest fixes?13:42
fwereadeRoAkSoAx: let me do that for you now13:43
fwereadeRoAkSoAx: blech, conflicts, might take a few minutes13:47
niemeyerhazmat: I was quite surprised with the lack major damage with a 5.813:48
niemeyerhazmat: That region doesn't sit on top of a failure, does it?13:48
hazmatniemeyer, no  its actually a very inert area, its in the middle of a plate, not an edge13:49
RoAkSoAxfwereade: hehe ok no worries13:50
niemeyerhazmat: Creepy :(13:54
hazmatniemeyer, so i'm trying to figure out if we want to support multiple environments running simulatenously in the local dev story13:55
hazmatand if so should they be isolated (separate network bridge per env) or be able to talk to each other.. at this point i'm thinking yes to the former, and no to the latter. ideally we'd be using a single zk with a chroot, but for now it could work with multiple zks13:56
hazmatthe real issue is that it would end up codifying the env name into persistent datastructures (unit dirs for example) that would mean the environment name in the ensemble yaml config would become immutable13:57
niemeyerhazmat: +1 on yes to the former and no to the latter13:58
hazmatniemeyer, so single network bridge for all local envs?13:59
niemeyerhazmat: Uh.. that's what you said above :)13:59
hazmati can't think of any good reason to restrict it for the local case ;-)13:59
hazmatniemeyer, indeed, but i added an 'or' clause which made the whole thing ambigious13:59
hazmatto a simple yes/no13:59
niemeyerhazmat: Ok.. I misunderstood then13:59
niemeyerhazmat: I think they should be isolated.. there's no good reason to make them communicate with each other, and isolating at this point is just organizational14:00
* robbiew is getting loads of DevOpsolution shirt requests14:52
jimbakerfwereade, thanks for the headsup on the refactoring conflicts15:07
_mup_Bug #833064 was filed: orchestra has no firewalls <Ensemble:New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/833064 >15:13
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niemeyerfwereade: Btw, I know the review queue is a bit on the upper side right now.. I'll take care of it tomorrow, if that's ok15:37
fwereadeniemeyer: no worries15:38
niemeyerfwereade: I'm trying to put some focused work on the store, or we won't have it15:38
fwereadeniemeyer: there are at least a couple of little ones, and it'll be a little while before it grows again15:38
_mup_Bug #833113 was filed: test should support a JUnit XML reporter  <Ensemble:New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/833113 >15:57
hazmatniemeyer, re the multi-environment local support, so immutability of env names in config.yaml is a consequence, which i'm not sure about.. i'd rather avoid it, but i don't see any good solutions outside of some additional mapping/identifier for environments.. the problem arises in networks/disk structures referencing the environment name as part of qualified unit name resolution.. multi-env on one machine breaks the unit id is unique which we curren16:01
hazmattly use for unit state on disk.16:01
_mup_Bug #833119 was filed: Deploy Jenkins with support for EC2 functional testing <Ensemble:New for jimbaker> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/833119 >16:01
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niemeyerjimbaker: My message in the list is still unanswered.. that's really not how a distributed team works.16:02
jimbakerniemeyer, as i mentioned yesterday, i started working on this yesterday. please expect me to report on my findings shortly16:03
niemeyerjimbaker: That's not how a distributed team works..16:03
jimbakerniemeyer, thanks for the clarification16:03
niemeyerjimbaker: Email is for communication16:03
niemeyerjimbaker: I've made a simple question to open a conversation16:04
niemeyerjimbaker: I didn't expect a whitepaper back 16:04
jimbakerniemeyer, understood16:04
niemeyerjimbaker: XML report for Jenkins seems overblown.. let's start simple.  1 or 0 exit code is failure/success.. dump text output, and make available.16:05
niemeyerhazmat: Hmm16:07
hazmatbcsaller, afaics we're just using the standard lxc-ubuntu template now with lxc, and we don't need any upstream changes 16:07
hazmatis that correct?16:07
niemeyerhazmat: It sounds fine to namespace according to env name16:07
niemeyerhazmat: Perhaps user name (or id) + env name, though16:07
jimbakerniemeyer, the xml output is quite simple (as seen in XmlTestRunner), and it has the advantage that this is what CI systems in general are looking for.  the only issue here is enabling an appropriate plugin reporter that integrates with twisted trial16:07
hazmatniemeyer, i just worry about new users, who change an env name, which works fine for ec2, orchestra, but not local-lxc16:07
niemeyerjimbaker: I'll take your word for it.. I'd like to see this working this week still.16:08
hazmatniemeyer, good point re + user16:08
niemeyerjimbaker: Not in a month16:08
jimbakerniemeyer, cool, i understand the JDFI mandate16:08
niemeyerjimbaker: Not a JFDI, not a mandate.. we have a simple problem, requiring a simple solution16:08
niemeyerjimbaker: If you do it next month, we don't need it anymore16:08
jimbakerniemeyer, understood16:08
bcsallerhazmat: don't need, no, could still use, but its not a blocker16:11
hazmatbcsaller, awesome16:11
niemeyerLunch time, biab16:11
hazmatfwereade, the cloud-init-class-replace branch mp depends on cloud-init-class-add  branch but the latter is not in review?16:31
hazmatand without a merge proposal16:31
fwereadehazmat: explained in the -replace mp16:44
fwereadehazmat: I'm probably Doing It Wrong, but the -add is just to make life easier for the reviewers so you get a clear break between two reaosnably self-contained diffs16:44
hazmatfwereade, indeed the merge proposal explains it well, thanks16:45
fwereadehazmat: cool, cheers16:45
fwereadehazmat, btw, thank you very much for all the reviewing you've been doing17:01
fwereadeand, everyone, see you tomorrow :)17:01
hazmatfwereade, np, the others where small and easy, have a good one17:02
hazmatbcsaller, what do you think of using link local addresses for connecting units to zk?17:42
hazmatlocalhost is shadowed, and ip addresses otherwise are subject to drift17:42
bcsallerhazmat: I'd have to experiment to guess whats best there17:43
hazmatbcsaller, yeah.. i've been playing around, the question is having an immutable network reference, and ip addresses are subject to change and recycling17:44
bcsallerhazmat: it seems like dns would work for this though17:44
hazmatjust not sure if link local addresses are stable and always present17:44
hazmatbcsaller, i17:44
bcsallerit also doesn't seem like this is a problem we wouldn't have in other environments 17:45
bcsalleror rather if this is an issue we already have it, no?17:45
hazmatbcsaller, dns works well from the host to the container, most of our communication is in reverse, how does the host past a network reference the container that's resolvable from the container17:46
hazmat^to the17:46
hazmatbcsaller, dns resolve on the host name from the container returns
m_3libvirt creates a virbr0, assigns private (not link-local) addresses, runs dnsmasq for dhcp, and NATs through the host via iptables17:48
hazmatbcsaller, that works well17:49
m_3that dnsmasq might resolve names... dunno17:49
hazmatm_3, that works well for host resolving containers, in this case the host (runnning zk) wants to pass an address to the contains they can connect to zk on17:50
m_3right... the host is addressable(sp?) from the guests via that virbr0 interface (usually
hazmatm_3, at what address from the container ?17:53
hazmatm_3, it looks like works.. although in truth that might be an effect from a desktop installation17:53
m_3guests are dhcp-assigned via dnsmasq (running bound to the virbr0 interface of the host on
m_3that's the 'default' setup17:54
m_3dnsmasq is the crucial key for the libvirt networking17:56
m_3(with iptables if you need external bridging... not sure if you do)17:56
m_3dnsmasq is more moving parts, I understand... but don't know of a lighter way to do what you're trying to do17:57
_mup_Bug #833248 was filed: Deploying formulas no longer works <Ensemble:New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/833248 >17:58
hazmatm_3, i understand the bridge and the ip addresses, and resolving names onto the bridge, as well as what dnsmasq provides for outside world connectivity, but the question is specifically addressing the host machine from the container.. i think i've got a good solution just need to some verification, else i'll use hostname resolution18:00
hazmat^to do18:00
m_3cool, gotcha18:02
m_3that'd be nice and lightweight18:02
hazmati'm concerned that is created as a consequence of installing a desktop package18:07
hazmatper http://qref.sourceforge.net/quick/ch-gateway.en.html  section 10.418:07
niemeyerhazmat: Can you please have a look at #833248?18:09
_mup_Bug #833248: Deploying formulas no longer works <Ensemble:New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/833248 >18:09
hazmatniemeyer, woah.. yeah... i'm on it18:10
niemeyerhazmat: Thanks!18:10
niemeyeradam_g: Will be working again in a moment.. sorry about that18:10
adam_gniemeyer: thanx & np18:14
hazmatit looks like the s3 signature is wrong18:30
* hazmat can't wait for functional tests18:37
SpamapShttps://ensemble.ubuntu.com/kanban/ .. no eureka?18:38
hazmathmm.. the aws documentatoin is wrong18:44
hazmatsomeone is wrong on the internet ;-)18:44
hazmatniemeyer, i can revert back the machine-agent-uses-formula-url branch merge for now and trigger the ppa build, the s3 documentation i was using appears to be wrong, http://s3.amazonaws.com/doc/s3-developer-guide/RESTAuthentication.html ... i've copy and pasted the example code and it gets the same error18:49
hazmati'm probably getting something wrong18:49
niemeyerhazmat: Have you checked the goamz implementation?18:50
niemeyerhazmat: It has integration tests against S3 itself, so it must be right18:50
niemeyerhazmat: Well.. I suppose txaws should be too18:50
hazmatniemeyer, they don't generate signing urls, they use additional headers afaicr18:51
hazmatie. with Authorization: AWS XXX header 18:52
niemeyerhazmat: Indeed18:52
hazmatcomparing against boto18:53
niemeyerhazmat: Quite surprising18:53
niemeyerhazmat: The algorithm is very close to the normal one, though18:54
hazmatniemeyer, it is exactly the same just with additional quoting18:54
niemeyerhazmat: and the Expires18:55
niemeyerhazmat: Is it including the Expires as a query parameter? Also, are you sure the canonicalization is right?18:56
niemeyerhazmat: Would be worth taking another signer algorithm, and trying to pass it in a URL for testing purposes18:56
hazmatniemeyer, its using expires, i'm comparing against boto right now18:57
hazmatniemeyer, ah.. the bucket key also needs quoting18:58
niemeyerhazmat: Phew, cool18:59
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hazmatniemeyer, bcsaller, jimbaker can i get a +1 on https://pastebin.canonical.com/51668/19:48
* niemeyer checks19:48
jimbakertaking a look19:48
hazmatsome reformatting, but the basic change is urllib.quote(path)19:49
niemeyerhazmat: I think the strip may be dropped19:50
niemeyerhazmat: It looks good in principle.. I have no idea if the actual algorithm is right or not, though, so my review isn't really worth much in this case19:51
niemeyerhazmat: +1 with real interaction working19:51
hazmatniemeyer, yeah.. in progress on testing that19:51
* hazmat gets some caffiene19:51
jimbakerhazmat, looks reasonable, and strip is unnecessary - it's already padded with =19:53
hazmatah.. that's why testing is odd20:03
hazmatthe old formulas stick around20:03
niemeyerhazmat: Bump ensemble.state.topology.VERSION?20:04
hazmatniemeyer, in s3.. still digging through it, i'm not hitting pdbs and prints that i'd expect to20:04
hazmati'm not concerned about zk compatibility yet20:05
lynxmanhazmat: ping20:52
susanbhave a quick question re: hadoop formula - where do I find it??20:55
hazmatlynxman, pong20:56
_mup_ensemble/trunk r327 committed by kapil.thangavelu@canonical.com20:58
_mup_[trivial] fix for broken s3 signed url mechanism [r=niemeyer,jimbaker][f=833248]20:58
_mup_The s3 bucket and key name paths needed to be quoted as well for the signed url signature.20:58
_mup_This prevented formula deployment.20:58
niemeyerhazmat: Woohay!20:59
hazmatnew ppa build requested20:59
lynxmanhazmat: hey, I'm trying to deploy formulas with ensemble on Canonistack, just as a test to make sure that all is in place for our Ensemble + Openstack sprint next week21:00
hazmatjimbaker, looking forward to functional tests, there's also the corbertura plugin for coverage (which has a compatible xml report option)21:00
lynxmanhazmat: unfortunately the problem reported by TREllis is still there, is there any update on this from your side?21:00
hazmatlynxman, i've got some branches that allowed me to deploy formulas successfully.. i should have the branches into review this week, but it might be next week b4 their merged, trying to focus on lxc atm, but i hadn't heard about the sprint.. the instructions for using the branches are at . http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/673083/ .. 21:02
hazmatlynxman, is there any info on the ensemble+openstack sprint out there?21:03
lynxmanhazmat: yeah I've done exactly that, it doesn't work :)21:03
hazmatlynxman, cool, so what's the problem?21:03
lynxmanhazmat: This https://pastebin.canonical.com/51673/21:04
lynxmanhazmat: which is exactly the same problem that TREllis reported a couple days ago21:04
lynxmanhazmat: the Sprint is about writing a white paper for deploying openstack and workloads over it using orchestra + ensemble21:05
hazmatlynxman, can you paste  your redacted environments.yaml file?21:05
lynxmanhazmat: so we use ensemble to deploy openstack then ensemble again to deploy workloads over that openstack :)21:05
hazmatlynxman, turtles all the way down, cover page of the white paper ;-)21:05
lynxmanhazmat: lol21:05
lynxmanhazmat: https://pastebin.canonical.com/51674/21:06
jimbakerhazmat, i will definitely take a look at adding in corbertura after we get solid functional testing in place. right now just finalizing the jenkins setup, the junit xml stuff is working fine21:08
hazmatlynxman, hmm.. so i suspect the problem is not having the branches on your pythonpath on the admin side21:09
hazmatlynxman, you might need to set PYTHONPATH=$aws_branch_path:$ensemble_branch_path:$PYTHONPATH before  running21:10
lynxmanhazmat: aah I see, ye oldie pythonpath problem, I'll create a .pth for that, gimme just 2 mins :D21:10
hazmatlynxman, you can confirm by using.. $ python,  >>> import txaws,  >>> print txaws 21:11
hazmatand verify its at the branch path21:11
lynxmanhazmat: yeah lack of pythonpath https://pastebin.canonical.com/51675/21:12
lynxmanhazmat: will create the .pth and get back to you asap21:12
hazmatlynxman, virtualenv ftw21:13
jimbakerhazmat, of course when used with caution. but fine against trunk21:14
lynxmanhazmat: haven't played much with virtualenv :)21:14
lynxmanhazmat: been trying to for months, never got to it21:14
* lynxman clearly needs 27 hour days21:14
jimbakerlynxman, it can create quite inscrutable errors i have found21:14
jimbakerbut usually it works well21:14
hazmatlynxman, if you find one, let me know ;-).. 21:14
lynxmanhazmat: oh I will, hehe21:15
hazmatjimbaker, the multiple directory branch model not  working well with setup.py develop (stale directory pointers in easy-install.pth), is a little different than virtualenv issues, that would happen regardless of virtualenv.21:16
lynxmanhazmat: actually I compiled the eggs and put them in the new path and it works well now, just a minor misconfig issue21:18
lynxmanhazmat: you da man21:18
hazmatlynxman, awesome21:18
* lynxman high fives hazmat21:18
* hazmat grabs some more caffiene21:18
jimbakerhazmat, sure just more places for the problem to hide i think21:18
hazmatback to lxc21:18
lynxmanhazmat: best of lucks21:19
hazmatjimbaker, true21:19
hazmatlynxman, let me know if you have any problems21:20
lynxmanhazmat: I will, I'm still hammering this and it's only 10PM, plenty of time still :D21:21
niemeyerAlmost done with the schema..21:27
lynxmanhazmat: okay one last hurdle, I got it to a point where it doesn't find the ssh keypair21:32
lynxmanhazmat: exceptions.LookupError: SSH authorized/public key not found.21:32
hazmatlynxman, you need an ssh-keygen on that machine21:38
hazmatlynxman, ensemble sets up an ssh public key from your homedir onto the remote machines21:38
lynxmanhazmat: cool, this being a pristine instance didn't have one, will try that, ty again :)21:39
hazmatlynxman, you can specify it by path or contents in enviroments.yaml.. else it looks for some common ones, this should be in the docs21:39
hazmatits become a faq21:39
hazmathttps://ensemble.ubuntu.com/docs/provider-configuration-ec2.html bottom of21:39
lynxmanhazmat: excellent, thank you :)21:40
fwereadehttp digest auth is surprisingly disconcerting to work with21:51
fwereademainly because I understand the word "nonce" to mean, broadly speaking, "sex offender"21:52
hazmatfwereade, interesting colloquialism 21:52
fwereadehazmat: yeah, not a regularly used part of my vocabulary, but one it's suprisingly hard to ignore21:53
niemeyerSchema in Go is finished21:59
niemeyerWill put some docs, and push for review..21:59
niemeyerBut will do a break first21:59
hazmatfwereade, niemeyer, bcsaller, jimbaker quick reminder.. team meeting tomorrow @utc17:0022:07
niemeyerhazmat: Cheers22:15
jimbakerhazmat, thanks, it's on my calendar22:16
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SpamapSOddly enough.. at this very moment, I am using ensemble for something work related for the first time.. and its *really* quite helpful.23:12
SpamapSJust being able to say "give me jenkins in the cloud" .. *saweet*23:12
niemeyerSpamapS: Woohay! :)23:22
_mup_Bug #833432 was filed: Feature Request: allow freezing/thawing an environment <Ensemble:New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/833432 >23:26
jimbakerSpamapS, that's very nice to hear about jenkins, we will be doing the same for ensemble itself shortly23:53
_mup_ensemble/go-schema r2 committed by gustavo@niemeyer.net23:56
_mup_Ported schema verification and coercion logic from Python. (!)23:56
SpamapSjimbaker: I should have OpenID support added to the formula shortly. :)23:59

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