eshloxhi, i would like take #kubuntu-pl or/and #kubuntu.pl channels for Polish users kubuntu linux distribution, both channels have been long since abandoned, and their founders long ago not logged, to whom should I notify about this?12:10
topylieshlox: one of them should probably be dropped (#kubuntu.pl most likely, as its name is not standard for ubuntu channels)12:49
topylithe irc council could get ownership of #kubuntu-pl and assign access to your team as required12:49
topyliif the channels are dead, there might not be much of a team though12:51
eshloxirc council == each of freenode staffs?12:53
topylino, the ubuntu irc council. it's handy to have staff on the access list as well, though12:55
Picieshlox: the IRC Council is the Ubuntu team that is in charge of Ubuntu's IRC presence. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/IrcCouncil for more info, or you can mail them at irc-council@lists.ubuntu.com12:55
eshloxok, so i will send email, thanks12:58
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topylieshlox: also, if the channels are unused, it might actually be easiest for the polish team to simply have #kubuntu-pl redirected to #ubuntu-pl. not saying this is necessarily so, just something to consider12:59
topylimight be less to worry about for you, just one team of operators and such :)13:00
Tm_Tand one active channel is more than two not-so-active13:02
PiciOne of them forwards elsewhere.13:03
topylistrange #elsewhere too13:03
Davionhello there17:49
Davionsomeone is insulting at #ubuntu-tr and there's no operator but chanserv only17:49
k1l_since there is a  *!*@freenode/staff/* on access list you can ask in #freenode or ping some staffer here if noone reacts17:56
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PerfieMso, what is this channel?21:51
FuchsPerfieM: it is all about cake21:51
Unit193And ice cream21:51
PerfieMwonderful, I love cake21:51
FuchsPerfieM: jokes aside, IRC operators coordination, if you have a problem with #ubuntu-*, you might be right here21:52
FuchsPerfieM: how can we help you?21:52
IdleOnethis channel is for basic ubuntu irc questions and also for requesting ubuntu/member cloak be enabled and other "Not sure where to ask" questions21:52

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