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openflyquestion.  using maverick kernel 2.6.35-30.58 with ixgbe driver 2.0.62-k2 i get like 2.8 gbit throughput from kvm instances00:40
openflybut upgrading to 3.4.24 ixgbe with NAPI enabled00:41
openflyi get like 80 mbit00:41
openflyanyone got any ideas on why that may be?00:41
philipballewhey I found a bug. ubuntu 10.10 and 11.04 will not restart01:40
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ckingmorning smb07:22
smbcking, Early start today?07:23
ckingsmb, normally up at 8am nowadays07:23
smbsounds ghastly... :)07:23
ckingneeds must07:24
_rubenup at 8am .. the luxory :/07:27
smbsounds like having kids... :-P07:28
FreezingColdWhat does Ubuntu compile in the kernel by default?07:28
diwicdoes bjf run a script that automatically marks things new -> confirmed? 07:29
jk--FreezingCold: you can view the config options in /boot/config-$(uname -r)07:29
smbdiwic, I think that is a bot doing things based on apport feedback07:29
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_rubensmb: just one ;)07:30
FreezingColdjk-: For things like the LiveCD though, don't they have to have everything compiled already...?07:30
diwicsmb, it's just surprising to find bjf being reported as the "changer" (see bug 832552)07:30
ubot2Launchpad bug 832552 in linux "Network problem - some pages load extremely slow" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83255207:30
jk-FreezingCold: no, they can still use modules. It needs to be compiled, but not necessarily *compiled-in*07:31
jk-(modules are still compiled on the CD image)07:31
FreezingColdAll the modules are compiled?07:31
smbdiwic, Usually things start being done in the name of whoever develops the scripts. Which is the user who runs them then. At some point it may be good to change it to a distinquishable bot name07:32
diwicsmb, okay07:32
smbdiwic, But I guess that way Brad gets to know when the scripts went wrong07:33
smbFreezingCold, Very roughly anything that can be compiled as a module is done that way. Except things marked experimental. And there is a certain set of very commonly used things that gets built in07:34
FreezingColdsmb: I thought some things had to be built in?07:34
FreezingColdWhat the main differerence from built in and module?07:34
ohsixif they have to, then the kconfig won't let you build it as a module07:35
_rubenmodules can be unloaded/reloaded07:35
_rubenand only loaded when needed07:35
smbThere was a time when loading a module had time penalties. And of course you need anything built-in that you need to access additional modules. That would matter ore when not using an initrd07:36
smbAnd a module driver only takes up memory when loaded. So the main kernel binary is smaller07:37
ohsixthere was some scsi stuff that was really slow when not built as a module back in the day, dunno if that is still true07:38
* apw yawns07:38
smbohsix, I believe there was that for any modules07:38
* smb waves to apw07:38
ohsixspecifically ones that had to wait for stuff internally07:39
smbohsix, Well I mean to load a module delayed the boot07:39
apwsmb, i think one of the issues was the locking was terrible so if you loaded loads of them there was a huge linearisation of the boot07:39
smbYeah, and more serial stuff which is now done in paralel too07:40
apwonce they sorted that out there was actually possibility to paralleised the boot more using modules than if builtin07:40
* smb thinks he and apw are saying the same in different words. But /me is not wake enough to tell immediately ... 07:41
ohsixto the endless entertainment of the people who still cargo cult rules of thumb like building everything in is faster07:41
smbOh an probably one other exception being when user-space is not clever enough to try loading a module in case it is needed and there is no other hook to make it autoload...07:43
smbapw, right? ;)07:43
smbDoh! Guess apw left his machine to succumb to relatime...07:44
apwsmb, modules> right07:45
apwsmb, relatime> also right07:45
jk-hey smb & apw07:46
smbjk-, Hello man from (down)underworld... :)07:46
jk-heh, I just queued up some Underworld songs, too :)07:47
smbGrrr... "your bug has been marked as  a duplicate of bug y" (which you cannot see because lp won't let you (timeout)07:50
apwsmb, you clearly didi not need to know07:50
smbOh well, who needs any zeitgeist anyway...07:51
apwsmb, who can say given i 1) cannot say it, and 2) have no idea what it does07:51
smbapw, and 3) there does not seem to be anything missing when it crashes (again)07:52
FreezingColdWhat's the safest way to restart OpenSSH?  I'm connecting over SSH btw.08:05
apwFreezingCold, i believe you can /etc/init.d/restart ssh when connected thought it and it doesn't restart the connected sessions ... but really you should test on a system you don't care about08:07
jk-apw: init.d is *so* last year08:09
smbThe challenge is to remember what has been converted and whatnot... :-P08:10
apwright ... indeed.  ssh probabally is08:10
apwand i've even mixed the two syntaxes havn't i08:10
smbapw, thinkso08:10
smb/etc/init.d/openssh restart08:11
smboh no08:11
smbopenssh is last year too08:11
smbSo only /etc/init.d/ssh restart08:11
smbor restart ssh08:12
diwicapw, btw, the lack of hw volume sync when switching ports in pulseuadio, I think that is fixed now. Can you verify?08:20
apwdiwic, i assume that is a pulse update yes ?08:21
diwicany 0.99.2 based one should do it08:21
diwicapw, ah sorry, it is not yet fixed08:23
apwdiwic, ok the affected machine is dist-upgrading ...08:23
apwdiwic, bah, thats annoying08:23
diwicapw, just asked upstream about it.08:23
philipballewmy computer hangs on reboot but shutdowns fine. can someone help tell me whats wrong09:15
apwphilipballew, it would help to know what sort of computer and which release09:16
philipballewwell apw its on 10.04 10.10 11.04 and it is a emachine t642009:24
smbphilipballew, Have you tried https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BIOSandUbuntu#Reboot_Methods ?09:24
philipballewi should mention is shuts down fine09:25
philipballewjust not re-boot09:25
smbpower off and reboot are done differently 09:26
apwyep, as smb says that likely means a buggy bios and we need to try the alternative means of rebooting to see if any of them work09:26
apwif they do then the kernel can be quirked to use one that works09:26
* apw adds emachines bios writers to his "first against the wall" list and then uses his fork-lift to return it to the shelf09:27
philipballewi ran reboot force, pci, efi and acpi09:27
philipballewyou were the one apw a few weeks ago who told me to :)09:27
apwphilipballew, could well be, i could never remember even 1% of the irc conversations i have, i'd need another fork-lift for my brain09:28
smbever? :)09:29
philipballewhaha, also my bios not wont detect my cd drives...09:29
philipballew^ not buying a emachine again09:29
philipballewbut that is irrelvent09:30
philipballewand well, as a ubuntu member and user i figured i should see if a bug needs to be reported09:32
smbI think pci, efi and acpi may be the first things to be broken. And I believe f(orce) is a modifier to be used with any. You may try t(riple fault), k(eyboard controller) or r(eboot vector) if you have not yet.. You see the rebooting message as the last thing on the console, right?09:34
philipballewwhen i reboot it has the xubuntu logo and the text on the screen saying how its shutting down proccess. then it says will now restart and then it hangs09:35
smbRight, so at least from the description it sounds like being right at the final point of triggering a reboot and that not working for some reason...09:37
smbSo for completeness, I would at least try the other three methods above...09:39
philipballewthat means having to manually hold the power button down and risk hardware damage09:41
smbAt that point you are mostly shut down09:42
smbOk, there is a few more stop start cycles to the hard drive09:43
philipballewwell i dont want to break the desktop if i dont have to i guess09:43
philipballewi might try to remove all pci devices to see if any were causing the problem to09:43
philipballewnot sure if thats messessery09:44
philipballew*nessessery 09:45
smbMaybe an last resort  option. Actually, is that a desktop machine (not a laptop / netbook). Just wondering whether they do not have reset buttons...09:45
smb(just to avoid the power off)09:45
philipballewits a desktop09:46
* apw thinks that taking the entire macine appart to see if its the cards is more likely to break it than powering it off acouple of times10:05
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ashwinipatankarI need to change the parameter of /proc/sys/fs/mqueue/* , any way to do that  ? specially msgsize_max12:47
tgardnerapw, do you remember the system tap config option ? bug #83260613:12
ubot2Launchpad bug 832606 in linux-ti-omap4 "Build dbgsyms for use by systemtap" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83260613:12
tgardnercking, ^^13:12
tgardnerah, its not just one option. CONFIG_RELAY, CONFIG_DEBUG_FS, CONFIG_DEBUG_INFO, and CONFIG_KPROBES13:15
ckingI've no idea what's required to build it13:16
ckingbit lame, sorry13:16
tgardnercking, it turns out to require a number of options.13:16
* cking hopes it does not add much bloat13:16
tgardnercking, its stuff we already have enabled.13:17
tgardnerogasawara, 'Review non-modular modular table'. wtf is that ?13:26
ogasawaratgardner: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/Specs/KernelOneiricConfigReview#Non-modular_modules13:31
tgardnerogasawara, ah. the description cause a short circuit in my logic path somewhere13:32
ogasawaratgardner: basically the list of modules which should be =m but are not so need review as to why13:33
ppisatitgardner: i'm on it, and it seems everything is already there13:35
ppisatitgardner: some sample scripts i'm using work13:35
ppisatitgardner: but i had a failure with something that was supposed to work13:35
tgardnerppisati, you're referring to systemtap ?13:36
hertontgardner: it seems the patch for CVE-2011-2699 isn't applied on maverick master-next13:42
ubot2herton: ** RESERVED ** This candidate has been reserved by an organization or individual that will use it when announcing a new security problem.  When the candidate has been publicized, the details for this candidate will be provided. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2011-2699)13:42
tgardnerherton, checking13:42
brendandsconklin - hi13:45
apwtgardner, i suspect you didn't push maverick ... meant to mention it13:45
sconklinbrendand: good day, what's up?13:45
brendandsconklin - quick talk about the two up-coming kernels13:45
ppisatitgardner: yep13:45
sconklinyeah, go ahead13:45
apwtgardner, sounds like you got to the bottom of the systemtap thing13:46
brendandsconklin - we have a resourcing problem next week, in that one lab will be unmanned all of next week, as our engineers there are sprinting in london13:46
tgardnerherton, pushed13:47
brendandsconklin - so we need to make a decision on whether to test like, tomorrow13:47
brendandsconklin - at the very latest13:47
sconklinbrendand: you need to make a decision by tomorrow about whether to test when? Next week?13:48
sconklinIs next week unavailable in any case?13:48
sconklinAre you saying that the only opportunity to test is the rest of this week?13:49
brendandsconklin - essentially, yes13:50
sconklinCurrent status is here: http://people.canonical.com/~kernel/reports/sru-report.html13:50
brendandsconklin - yeah, i see there are 3 bugs still to be verified for both of them13:50
sconklinthere are three bugs requiring verification. The same three for Lucid and Maverick.13:50
sconklinThey will probably not be verified by tomorrow. However, if testing resources exist now and won't next week, you could test on the hope that verification will pass on all these (and I think it will)13:51
brendandsconklin - that's going to be the plan. if you need to respin, then i'm afraid there'll be a delay in getting cert testing done. let's up it all works out13:52
sconklinbrendand: no, I think that's a good plan as long as it's ok to parallelize the tasks a bit. And if we have to respin, we'll just have to wait. 13:53
sconklinlet me make sure the latest Lucid respin is actually in -proposed13:54
sconklinbrendand: yes, Lucid in -proposed is good13:56
lamontValueError: invalid literal for int() with base 10: '173-updates'13:57
apwlamont, that doesn't look like a valid number to me, it has letters in it13:58
ogasawarabug 82525913:59
ubot2Launchpad bug 825259 in nvidia-common "File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/NvidiaDetector/nvidiadetector.py", line 87, in __get_value_from_name v = int(name) - ValueError: invalid literal for int() with base 10: '173-updates'" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82525913:59
lamontand  yet, that would be why dist-upgrade fails.13:59
lamontbah.  stale mirror? ogasawara ?13:59
ogasawaralamont: was fixed last week I believe?  possibly a stale mirror.13:59
apwor you need to update nvidia-common first then dist-upgrade14:00
lamontogasawara: only I'm running an oneiric kernel on a natty system14:02
lamontso no new nvidia-common14:02
bobweaverHi there I was wondering what kernel is the most stable at the time ? 14:03
apwbobweaver, the latest in -updates in each series is normally the most stable we know of14:04
ogasawaralamont: hrm. could possibly ping tseliot to see if the fix is SRU'able.14:04
bobweaverapw:  I install nre kernel 3.0 and it is not stable so I want to install new one off mainline and would like to know what you think 14:05
lamontah, right.  I'm running oneiric kernel because of r8169 being a great way to not run natty14:05
bobweaverI am running 10.10 14:06
apwbobweaver, i use the latest natty kernel on my natty boxes, which is where i am where i need stability14:06
tseliotogasawara, lamont:  nvidia-173-updates is available only in oneiric, no wonder the nvidia-common in natty fails on dist-upgrade. I think we should SRU it14:06
lamonttseliot: I fully support this idea14:07
lamont            try:14:07
lamont                v = int(name)14:07
lamont            except ValueError:14:07
lamont                v = 014:07
lamont^^ because that is a horrible workaround14:07
bobweaverI tryed switching to 2.6.38-02063808-generic and nvidia has troubles ctrl+alt+f1  does nothing and also when I install nvida driver pymouth splash wont work 14:08
lamonttseliot: and to further confuse things for you, nvidia-173-updates is not installed  on the machine14:08
tseliotlamont: I'll backport it. Can you add the dist-upgrade use case in the bug report, please? (so as to support the SRU)14:08
tseliotlamont: I know, it's enough to have it available in the apt cache, there's no need to have it installed any more14:09
apwoh so having src from a newer series would bite you ?14:09
bobweaverandy I am a n00b kinda lost 14:10
lamonttseliot: in the apt cache, with a priority of 60, fwiw14:10
tseliotapw, lamont: this is how we do hardware detection now for Jockey14:11
lamonttseliot: is it just nvidia-common that I need to grab from oneiric to make my machine truly happy atm?14:11
tseliotlamont: yep14:11
apwbobweaver, i am unsure why you are on all these odd versions in the first place.  it wouldn't be something we do a lot of, we only use them for testing14:11
bobweaverohh cool14:12
* apw bitches at tgardner as his build is crawling along14:12
tgardnerapw, gomeisa ?14:12
bobweaverout of the main line what one would you choose 14:12
apwtgardner, yep, so either your parallel build code is bust, or you are killing the machine14:12
tgardnerapw, its burying things, but it'll be done in 10 minutes14:13
apwtgardner, bah why is my build not getting a fair shake i wonder14:13
* lamont finally reboots14:13
tgardnerapw, dunno, but dpkg-buildpackage seems to have some magic that really thumps things.14:13
apwseems you have 3x the processes that i do, odd ... but the machine is really struggling under a high but not outragous load14:14
tgardnerapw, I can drive tangerine into triple digits14:15
photonhi. I'm on 10.04 LTS, I manually updated my kernel to 2.6.38-something. Synaptic shows that Canonical provides only updates until October 2011 for that kernel. Is this a bug?14:17
photonShouldn't it support the kernel until 2013?14:17
apwphoton, which kernel did you install ?  where did you get it?14:17
smbapw, Do we maybe say lts backport kernels are only supported until the next one gets out?14:18
bobweaverI will try now lastest natty one hope that that works 14:19
apwsmb, the backport kernels are supported for servers currently up to the next LTS on approved hardware, is my understanding14:20
photonapw: sudo apt-get install linux-image-2.6.38-10-generic14:21
photonapw: in Synaptic it shows Canonical provides critical updates for linux-image-2.6.38-10-generic until October 2011.14:22
photonapw: I thought this kernel is used in 11.04, for which support does not run out this October, does it?14:22
apwphoton, ok thats not an official kernel for the LTS and therefore it is likely getting an 18m lable by default14:23
photonapw: does this mean I *will* get security updates for this kernel after October and this is just a default label with no meaning? Or do I need to get a different kernel to have longer support?14:24
apwphoton, to install a backports kernel you should be using 14:24
bobweaversudo dpkg -i linux*14:25
bobweaver bob crosses fingers 14:25
apwphoton, to be using the right backports kernel you should be using the linux-lts-backports-natty meta package14:25
apwelse you won't get any updates at all even if they are available14:25
apwthey are only supported currently i beleieve for servers but they will be recieving -security updates for that14:26
photonE: Couldn't find package linux-lts-backport-natty14:26
apwlikely any support datage in synaptics is suspect14:26
tgardnerphoton, linux-image-server-lts-backport-natty14:27
photoninstall a server package on a desktop system won't break things?14:27
apwdoh, yep14:27
lamontwell then.14:27
lamontbooting with certain usb drives plugged in causes the machine to take forever to boot, complaining about read errors...14:28
tgardnerphoton, it'll work fine, but you can also install linux-image-generic-lts-backport-natty14:28
photonok, thanks, installing now.14:28
tgardnerapw, despite your build annoyances (to me) it still completed in 15m9.060s14:30
* apw has asked for clarification of the support dates from the powers that be, noting that synapics needs updating14:31
photonthank you apw. the backport-natty package is now installed. how should I continue? the newest kernel that is shown is still only linux-image-2.6.38-10-generic.14:32
photonor does the backport package simply ensure that I get updates even after October?14:33
* photon is kind of new to this, apologizes.14:33
photontgardner: are you still there?14:41
tgardnerphoton, have you rebooted ?14:42
* photon rolls eyes14:42
bobweaverwell that did not work nvida current wont even install now 14:58
hertontgardner, ppisati: I see we're missing cherry-picking commit 76597cd upstream for fsl-imx51 and ti-omap4 (maverick, natty) (the cve crasher fix)14:58
bobweaverwhat is pae ? 15:00
bobweavercompaired to mainline kernels 15:00
tgardnerherton, looking...15:00
bobweaveris it better to get kernel from synaptic or from mainline ? I cant seem to get just the right one nvidia-current either wont install or installs then ctrl+alt+f123456 dont work 15:02
bobweaverjust not my day today I guess 15:03
bobweaverI guess I will try 3.0.3-030003 now 15:04
bobweavercant belive it is this unstable 15:05
bobweaveror that noone will tell me which one is the most stable for 10.10 15:05
bobweavernvidia-current (260.19.06)...                                                                      [fail] 15:06
bobweavergreat 15:06
bobweaveroh this gets better 15:07
bobweaverall  nouveau are now not working and I lost xsession 15:08
* bobweaver turns green 15:08
apwbobweaver, why are the official kernels not good enough?  15:22
apwbobweaver, and i have told you, the ones in the archive are the most stable those in -updates15:23
apwbobweaver, you are installing what seem like mainline kernels, which are even labelled as of unknown quality and for testing only15:23
bobweaverandy that is the only way that I know how to do it 15:24
apwif they break you get to make little sculptures with all the little shiney pieces15:24
bobweaverI try synaptic but it crashes  15:24
apwbobweaver, but what is it you are trying to do15:24
bobweaverinstall a stable kernel 15:25
bobweaverthat can handle nvidia 15:25
bobweavercurrent 15:25
apwwell all of the -updates kernels have paired up nvidia drivers, ones which ahve been tested15:25
bobweaverit fails every time 15:25
apwwell that is a little out of our expertise.  i am not sure random kernels from god knows where is going to help any15:26
bobweaveror when it dont fail ctrl+alt+f1 dont work 15:26
bobweaverI need that 15:26
bobweaverctrl+alt+f1 15:26
bobweavermaybe I am not installing right 15:27
* ogasawara back in 2015:27
bobweaverthis is how I do it 15:27
bobweaverdouwnload the three files 15:27
bobweavermkdir name 15:27
bobweavercd name 15:27
bobweavercd ..15:27
bobweaveropps 15:27
apwyeah but if you want the latest official kernel you should be able to get that using update-manager15:27
apwdoes update-manager not work for you?15:28
bobweaversudo mv three files to name 15:28
bobweavercd name 15:28
bobweaversudo dpkg -i linux*15:28
bobweaverI see that there are patches on the mainline page do I have to put them in the folder when installing kernel ? 15:29
apwthat is a reasonable command set to install a non-standard kernel, but you want a stable supported one right?  those don't come from the mainline kernles page15:29
bobweaverohh thanks 15:29
bobweaverHow do I use update manager 15:29
bobweaverto do this 15:29
bobweaversudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade ??15:30
apwupdate-manager installs the latest and greatest of everything ... thats its job15:30
apwthere is a command 'update-manager'15:30
apwif you do manual updates you are in riskier territory15:30
bobweavernot installed 15:30
bobweaverinstalling 15:31
apwhow on earth have you manaaged to not have update-manager !?!  this is not a normal install (any more)15:31
bobweaverob@bob:~/Downloads/3.1$ update-manager 15:31
bobweaverThe program 'update-manager' is currently not installed.  You can install it by typing:15:31
bobweaversudo apt-get install update-manager15:31
bobweaverbob@bob:~/Downloads/3.1$ sudo apt-get install update-manager15:31
bobweaverit si kubuntu 15:32
bobweavermight have something to do with it ?15:32
apwmaybe no idea what you are meant to do there :(15:32
bobweaversays I have to reboot brb 15:33
ckingapw has enough fun with unity15:33
bobweaverthanks for helping me bro 15:33
* apw looks up the word fun just to be sure15:33
smbmust be the kind of fun where you bedn over15:33
ckingho ho15:35
bobweaverok installed update manager launched it and it says that there is no updates to install 15:39
bobweaverquestion do I have to uninstall all kernels that I have from main line. then install one from say synaptic then update-grub then try up-date manager again 15:42
apwbobweaver, now i am confused as to where you are, what kerenls do you have installed, perhaps pastebin the list 15:43
bobweaversure 15:43
bobweaverthat is update-grub15:46
bobweaverlet me know if you want to see any thing else 15:46
bobweaverright now I have loaded 3.1.0-0301rc2-generic15:47
apwbobweaver, so you don't have a single official kernel at all ?15:47
bobweaverno 15:47
bobweaverI removed it 15:47
apwbecause it didn't work?15:47
bobweaverwhen I had the bright idea to install 3.0 15:47
bobweaverno there was a nvidia bug 15:48
bobweavercould not use ctrl+alt+f1 or f2 or f3 ect 15:48
bobweaverto drop gui 15:48
apwusing nvidia or nouveau ?15:48
bobweavernouveau for when I cant load nvidia 15:49
bobweavernouveau is deafult right ? 15:49
* apw tries to remember if nvidia drivers do c-a-f1 or not15:49
bobweaveruse to work 15:50
bobweaveruntill I re-install 15:50
bobweaverlspci -nn | grep VGA 15:50
bobweaver02:00.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: nVidia Corporation C77 [GeForce 8200M G] [10de:0845] (rev a2)15:50
tgardnerapw, pushed 'UBUNTU: [Config] Restore prepare-% target' to oneiric15:51
apwtgardner, thanks :)15:51
tgardnerapw, read the commit log, yuo'll enjoy my bit of english prose.15:51
* apw suspect that #ubuntu-x might have some ideas on the nvidia side of issues15:52
* apw wonders how we ever coped before distributed vcss came on the scene15:52
apwtgardner, shouldn't that be w*nkers ?15:53
smband what is preapre ? :-P15:53
tgardnerapw, I thought that might be a bit obscene in some cultures. tossers is just understated enough...15:53
tgardnersmb, argh! mis-spelling. well, it'll just have to remain.15:54
smbIts not as I would not be able to parse, but the opportunity to ask was just too sweet.15:55
apwtgardner, heh but so not very british :)15:56
apwwould you like some scones ?15:56
* smb would like some ice-cream...15:56
tgardnerapw, I thought tossers and w*nkers were related ?15:57
bobweaverOnce again I would like to say thank you so much for helping me. See I did not even know the difference between main line and the other one that you pointed out. Thank You again 15:57
* herton -> lunch16:01
bobweaverapw:  Andy you are the greatest man everything is working so good right now 16:44
bobweaverused synaptic to get kernel 16:44
bobweaverthen removed all others from mainline 16:45
bobweaverrebooted and installed nvidia reboot again and everything I mean everything works 16:45
bobweaverI can not thank you enough 16:45
apwbobweaver, sounds good.16:45
bobweaveryou made grey water turn clear 16:45
bobweavermaybe one day I can return fav to you or someone else 16:50
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ckingsend apw a beer ;-)17:03
* tgardner --> lunch17:39
hertonseems I'm completely blind today, just ignore my 'adding to CCs' messages...19:15
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apwherton, happens, only really embaressing when someone upstream is on there20:27
* herton -> eod20:53
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