bazhang<Lint> Lyca, dsl is the only linux that work on anything older than 200400:20
h00kFor reference, [ Whowas p00d73 (~jarnvermo@78-21-38-84.access.telenet.be) ]00:32
bazhangthat p00d73 guy again00:54
h00kAnd came back.00:55
h00kCare to set a +b?00:55
h00kor shall I?00:55
h00kor a forward, probably more appropriate.00:55
bazhangor maybe he's bored enough and its past his bedtime00:57
h00kI wouldn't mind seeing him here, though.00:58
h00kwell, I suppose I'll wait.00:58
bazhang* [bure4ust037] (~AndChat@78-21-38-84.access.telenet.be): AndChat01:06
h00kthgood catch.01:07
IdleOneoh look01:08
h00k*good catch01:08
IdleOnebazhang has hawk eyes01:08
h00k..oh, a root@ :(01:08
h00k20:08 ::: netjoin/#ubuntu Caelus (~root@
h00kbut they quit.01:08
bazhangaww he quit01:08
h00kand they quit.01:09
h00kI am slow, apparently.01:09
PerfieM#ubuntu-offtopic Cannot join channel (+b) - you are banned01:41
PerfieMHow freakin classy01:41
PerfieMSo is someone going to actually explain to me why rww raged and decided to ban me?01:46
IdleOnePerfieM: from where and when?01:47
PerfieMApparently saying "where dem guurls @@?" and "I'm a girl" is like a federal offence :/01:48
PerfieMand uhh, couple days ago?01:48
IdleOnePerfieM: the ban in #ubuntu-offtopic was not set by rww but given your ban history and behavior in uubntu channels in the past i don't see your ban being removed anytime soon01:49
PerfieMWell, I agree with the "given my ban history" but I wasn't even doing shit all in that chan, other than making friendly conversation. And if it wasnt rww, it must have been funkyhat.01:50
PerfieMEither way, NOT COOL BRO01:50
IdleOnePlease mind your language01:50
IdleOneno need to curse01:51
IdleOnePerfieM: I'm not sure exactly how to put this without it sounding insulting but you are very trollish and the ubuntu ops like to keep trolls out of our channels.01:51
PerfieMMee? Trollish? Ha.01:52
IdleOneSo, sorry to tell you this but the ban will not be removed. give it a couple weeks and come back and talk to rww or funkyHat and maybe they will reconsider01:52
PerfieMgaaah, BS01:52
IdleOneDr. Allcall code blue, Dr. Allcall code blue.02:55
IdleOneJohnny mnemonic.02:57
IdleOneit's what they used in the hospital to call all the doctors to an emergency02:58
IdleOnethought maybe Jordan_U would catch it and come to -ops-team02:58
elkyHmm. I wonder if trolls will ever figure out that if they are getting banned from everywhere, there is a common denominator.02:58
elkyyeah, i'm avoiding hunting for what is reliably causing this import script to die without any messages anywhere.03:01
Flannelelky: tariffs03:22
eshloxhi, i would like take #kubuntu-pl or/and #kubuntu.pl channels for Polish users kubuntu linux distribution, both channels have been long since abandoned, and their founders long ago not logged, to whom should I notify about this?12:07
elkyeshlox, the correct place to ask is in #ubuntu-irc12:08
eshloxok, thanks12:09
bazhangsee the message from trond about marvind?12:55
bazhangah the spambot just quit12:57
ikonia-remoteguys - marvind in #ubuntu = on join spam bot13:20
ikonia-remotejust hit me as I joined from web chat13:20
ikonia-remote[14:20] <marvind> Hi, ikonia-remote. I'm a spam bot and this is a piece of spam: please visit http://www.drobos13.com/ for the best thing since sliced bread. I won't bother you again.13:20
LjL2ikonia-remote: can you identify? i haven't received that when i joined myself13:21
Piciikonia-remote: that user isn't online anymore.13:21
ikonia-remoteLjL2: I actually can't, the freenode webchat won't work for me, I'm not sure why, due to the site I'm on13:21
Picioh, they just quit :/13:22
ikonia-remotePici: oh, they just did that literally 2 seconds ago13:22
Piciikonia-remote: roger.13:22
ikonia-remoteas I can't identifiy at the moment, I'll drop out, I only joined to report that as it hit me as soon as I connected13:22
PiciI reported the same host in freenode13:22
bazhang* marvind has quit (K-Lined)13:23
marienzyes, these are being reported in several places13:24
ikonia-remotebba i n#ubuntu13:31
ikonia-remotemute quit13:31
Piciikonia-remote: go back to vaction.13:32
ikonia-remotegoing off in #freenode about getting fucked by gay men13:32
ikonia-remoteI'm working and board13:32
ikonia-remotehence why I'm killing a few hours13:32
ikonia-remoteif it was a vaction I would be not here and doing "fun" stuff13:32
h00kwhat is this, I don't even13:32
h00kPici: this is going to be a good day.13:33
PiciI know as soon as I deop, they'll show up again.13:35
h00koh, you're still opped13:35
h00kI keep forgetting my slash key or mistyping when I try to switch windows.14:51
h00kI end up all .24 in different channels.14:51
Myrtti[18:33] < eypal> so no people from Canonical Ltd. here? [18:33] ~~~bfiller [~bfiller@canonical/oem/bfiller] has joined #ubuntu15:34
h00k...holy crap, that was pretty cool.15:39
h00kReminds me of http://bash.org/?8857515:39
Pici!guidelines > NickHu15:58
CoreyI'd not want to be a Canonical rep here. :-)15:58
jpdsDealing with him.15:58
ubottuThe operation succeeded.17:01
h00kubottu: tell LordShiva about guidelines17:20
h00ktoo late.17:20
Picithings like that make me angry.17:31
h00kwhat a tool.17:32
h00ka pdpc supporter as well.17:32
h00kPerfieM: what can we do for you?21:49
ubottuThe operation succeeded.21:49
PerfieMhook: some old, just looking for some answers.21:50
h00kPerfieM: some old what? In reviewing, it looks like you were told to come back in two weeks to discuss it21:51
PerfieMreally? two weeks? I must have misunderstood21:52
IdleOnePerfieM: you forgot our conversation yesterday?21:53
PerfieMIdleOne: I dont recall you telling me to come back in 2 weeks21:54
IdleOnelet me paste it for you21:54
PerfieMplease do21:54
IdleOnethere ya go.21:55
IdleOneI missed the top part but you can find the entire convo in !logs21:55
ubottuOfficial channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ . LoCo channels are now logged there too; for older LoCo channel logs, see http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/21:55
PerfieMoh wow, I totally didn't even read half of what you sound during that conversation21:57
IdleOnethat is also a reason why we will not be removing the ban.21:57
IdleOnehave a nice day!21:57
PerfieMthis blows21:57
Myrttiyou know, it would really help your situation if you wouldn't response like that21:58
PerfieMMyrtti: what, you gonna ban me from this channel too?21:58
Myrttiit doesn't give the people deciding about your bans hope about *you* considering your actions and situation21:59
MyrttiPerfieM: no, I'm trying to help you understand where you might be going to the wrong direction, and how to help yourself21:59
PerfieMyou guys are hilarious21:59
IdleOnePerfieM: I would really like to see you in our channels because I think you could actually be a productive member of the Ubuntu community but your attitude towards the rules and advice given to you from ops is just fail.21:59
IdleOnethink about it for a while and come back in TWO weeks.22:00
PerfieMIdleOne: but I thought I could, you know hang in here and get to know you guys on a more personal term.22:00
* h00k points to the topic22:01
IdleOnePerfieM: you know we don't allow idling in here22:01
IdleOnecept for me :)22:01
MyrttiPerfieM: unfortunately for your plan, we keep this channel clear of spectators so we have a good idea who's issues are being addressed22:01
PerfieMIdleOne: We wont be idling since we'll be discussing our wonderful lives.22:01
Myrttisorry, that won't be happening22:02
PerfieMMyrtti: you're welcome to join too, I mean, I'm not that fond of you, but I'm sure that can change :)22:02
IdleOnePerfieM: take some friendly advice, come back here in two weeks with a different approach.22:02
Myrttinow, since you clearly aren't interested in getting things sorted out, I'd ask you to leave and come back in two weeks.22:02
PerfieMI am interested in getting things sorted out! Thats why I'm here!22:03
Myrttiyour attitude doesn't reflect that22:03
IdleOnePerfieM: there is nothing to sort for minimum two weeks. Please part the channel.22:03
PerfieMIdleOne: I just want to know why I got banned. Telling me I'm a troll doesn't answe anything.22:04
IdleOnefeel free to message funkyHat and ask him22:04
IdleOneNow please part the channel voluntarily22:05
PerfieMFINE I WILL22:05
IdleOnethank you22:05
funkyHatHi PerfieM22:05
IdleOneok funkyHat all yours22:05
PerfieMfunkyHat: chief, just send you a pm22:06
PerfieMfunkyHat: I dont care if I'm banned from the next decade. I just want to know ( as I have stated about 50 times ) the actual reason on why I got banned22:08
funkyHatPerfieM: because you have persistently tried to bring up subjects that are against our channel rules, dispite being warned several times22:10
PerfieMfunkyHat: why did I say?22:10
PerfieMI dont remember doing or saying anything that went against channel policy22:10
PerfieMand bro, I haven't been warned once in #ubuntu-offtopic22:11
funkyHatPerfieM: you were kicked a few times. If you don't take that as a warning then I don't know what you would take as a warning22:12
PerfieMI remember getting kicked once, and that was right before you decided to ban me, right after rww started babbling about god knows what.22:14
PerfieMAll I'm looking for is something I said, or some sorta action I did that must have ticked you off. Give me that, and I'll be outta your hair.22:17
PerfieMUgh, what a bust. I'm outta here.22:21
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)22:51
ubottuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)22:51
bazhangzero1234 now in -ot ^22:53
IdleOnejust ban him/it22:55
bazhang* Zero1234 has quit (K-Lined)23:00

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