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ScottK2Fun day.  Multiple customer crisis and an earth quake.02:34
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ScottKHurricanes and tornadoes I'm prepared for.  Earthquakes not so much.02:34
nigelbScottK: Everything okay? :)03:30
ScottKTurned out fine, but I was on the 11th floor of a building when it hit and we don't have really serious earthquake related building codes here like in California.03:31
ScottKSo I didn't know for sure it the story was going to have a happy ending.03:31
cjwatsonScottK: phew, narrow escape07:02
cjwatsonScottK: re libsmokekate3, I notice that it has rdepends outside that source package - libkate-perl and ruby-kate.  Will you sort those out after the smokekde sync builds?08:04
ScottKcjwatson: I will.09:55
LaneyI'm guessing we shouldn't care so much about getting AA pre-approval for NEW (source) syncs from Debian?10:58
cjwatsonno need for AA approval for that11:00
Laneythought so, cheers11:00
cjwatsonNEW from Debian is fractionally more work than existing packages, but not much as we trust to Debian review11:00
cjwatsonmassively easier than NEW directly in Ubuntu11:00
ogra_cjwatson, hmm, something is wonky with the cdimage branch on antimony11:19
ogra_(did you commit directly ?)11:21
cjwatsonno, I committed then changed my mind and uncommitted, but forgot to uncommit the deployed tree as well11:23
cjwatsonfixed now11:23
ogra_ah, thx11:23
ogra_yup, works11:24
cjwatsonsorry about that11:24
ogra_i make more mess in a week than you do i a cycle :) no need for excuses11:24
Davieyogra_: Did you manage to make the tarball string conditonal?11:48
Davieyogra_: rocking!11:49
ogra_should be fine ... if the PROJECT matches uec or uec-server it is now called "Cloud Images tarball" as you asked11:50
ogra_err s/uec-server/server-uec/11:50
ogra_otherwise its just "filesystem archive"11:51
Davieyogra_: great!11:52
ogra_note that this will only affect the release, for renaming in your daily builds you will likely need to change it in your tree11:52
ogra_(the naming i mean)11:52
Davieyogra_: Yeah.. utlemming and smoser will be closing the fork eventually. :)12:02
ogra_right, just wanted to mention that you need to change it in two places12:02
Davieyogra_: thanks12:05
charlie-tcaCan someone hit the server to respin the Xubuntu Alternate images please.13:46
charlie-tcaW: Failed to fetch file:/srv/cdimage.ubuntu.com/ftp-universe/dists/oneiric/main/binary-i386/Packages.bz2  Hash Sum mismatch13:47
charlie-tcaE: Some index files failed to download, they have been ignored, or old ones used instead.13:47
charlie-tcamake: *** [apt-update] Error 10013:47
cjwatsonin progress13:56
charlie-tcaThank you13:57
stgrabercan I get a rebuild of Edubuntu? It failed to build last night and I need to test an up to date livefs. Upgrading the latest one is a 500 packages upgrade so that won't work with aufs :)14:57
cjwatsonstgraber: running14:58
stgrabercjwatson: thanks14:58
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astraljavaHey guys, as I understand it, the image spin for Ubuntu Studio was recently changed. I'd like our seeds updated, so that we could continue testing the images. Normally, TheMuso has uploaded them, but seeing that he's probably asleep at the moment, I wondered if there's anyone else who could do that for us?18:41
tumbleweedskaet: I don't think UI freeze matters for new universe packages (wallch), but I do agree that the exception shouldn't be valid forever18:46
astraljavacjwatson: I don't suppose you have time to upload Studio's seeds? Pretty please? :D18:49
charlie-tcacjwatson: Congratulations!19:05
ScottKtumbleweed: I agree.  U/I freeze is "talk to the docs people so they can keep up", so unseeded packages aren't really relevant.19:21
seb128could somebody review bug #833172 for dx? it's needed for unity cjk support19:49
ubot4Launchpad bug 833172 in xapian-core (Ubuntu) "[FFE] CJK support (affects: 1) (heat: 12)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83317219:49
* iulian looking.20:01
iulian1.2.7-1 is already in Debian.20:04
iulianOh wait.20:04
iulianThe patch is not included.20:04
seb128the patch is a svn backport, it will be in 1.2.820:05
iulianIndeed. I hope you guys tested it and nothing breaks. If it does, then it will be quite bad.20:08
seb128dx has been testing it and some canonical oem team people have been testing it20:09
seb128it also got reviewed and included in upstream svn20:09
iulianBrilliant. Approved.20:10
seb128iulian, thanks20:11
skaettumbleweed,  ScottK,  fair enough,  right now the FFE process says exceptions considered up until beta.  Any objection to taking a pass through the universe ones with open ended FFEs, and date limiting them if they're still open as of Beta Freeze?20:11
tumbleweedthat sounds good20:12
cjwatsonastraljava: sure (I did a while back, unsolicited)20:14
cjwatsonastraljava: not sure what you mean by "the image spin for Ubuntu Studio was recently changed" - I did change the daily build time to reduce the change of clashes20:15
cjwatsoncharlie-tca: thanks :)20:15
astraljavacjwatson: Yeah I was referring to the time actually, sorry for the poor wording. That's actually why I asked for the upload, cause I just recently pushed a new commit, and wanted that to be included for the spin this evening. Thanks for your help!20:18
astraljavaProbably missed today's images, though. Seems my commit hit LP a minute before the amd64 image was created. :) Oh well, there's always tomorrow.20:21
cjwatsonyou've missed todays, yes20:22
astraljavaNo prob. Thanks again for your help!20:22
gilircjwatson, is your changes on daily build time affect lubuntu ISO ? the generation stopped since the 1820:50
charlie-tcagilir: console-setup : Conflicts: console-terminus20:52
charlie-tcawell, let me fix the link there, then20:52
charlie-tcaThat seems to be the issue20:52
gilirah, I forgot to look at the log, thanks charlie-tca :)20:53
charlie-tcaNo problem20:53
charlie-tcaJust gave the information to Unit193, so had it handy20:53
cjwatsongilir: no, I didn't change Lubuntu's build time.  Would you like to be subscribed to failure notifications?20:56
cjwatson(I thought I'd done that, but you're not listed)20:57
charlie-tcaTook me forever to learn to look in the logs. I thought cjwatson was going to murder me, he had to tell me so many times20:57
cjwatsonconsole-setup is fixed20:57
cjwatsoncharlie-tca: heh20:57
* cjwatson is a pacifist :)20:57
charlie-tcaThat's a really good thing. cjwatson is patient, too.20:58
jibelgilir, latest is 24 and fails because ubiquity-frontend-gtk tries to overwrite '/usr/lib/libwebcam.so.0', which is also in package libwebcam0 0.2.1-120:58
cjwatsonyeah, that's fixed too, latest upload20:58
cjwatsonlivefs builds are pretty sensitive to the state of the archive20:58
charlie-tcagilir: if everything is fixed, you can ask for a build now20:58
gilircool thanks :)21:00
cjwatsonI've kicked off a Lubuntu build21:01
gilircjwatson, thanks :)21:04
cjwatsongilir: should I subscribe you to failure notifications?  if so, tell me an address to use21:05
charlie-tcagilir: that's a email tells you when the image fails to build, and gives a log of the failure.21:06
gilircjwatson, yes, that should be perfect, you can use my gilir at ubuntu address21:08
gilircjwatson, also, is it possible to build alternate image ? is there something special to do to the seed or to the ISO build system ?21:09
cjwatsongilir: notifications> done21:09
cjwatsongilir: it's possible, but I think at this point new images require an FFe ...21:10
cjwatsonI can take care of the work if you get it approved21:10
gilircjwatson, ok, I can write the FFe, do I need to affect it to a special project or package in launchpad ?21:11
cjwatsonuh, I guess just lubuntu-meta or something, then reassign it to the ubuntu-cdimage project after approval21:12
cjwatsonbut make sure the ~ubuntu-release team is subscribed21:12
cjwatsonprobably best to have it on an Ubuntu package to start with even if that's a bit artificial, since I'm not sure what searches everyone uses to generate the outstanding FFe list and it's possible that some people use something based on bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu21:13
cjwatson(I think bugs.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-release/+subscribedbugs is canonical though)21:13
gilirok, I'll do that, thank you :)21:14
slangasekbugs.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-release/+subscribedbugs picks up any foreign tasks attached to FFe bugs unfortunately21:36
cjwatsonslangasek: ah, unfortunate ...21:51
cjwatsongilir: hmm, bah, less than entirely useful failure mail there21:52
cjwatsonbut at least it tells you it went wrong ...21:52
cjwatson(it's usually better than that)21:53
slangasekpresumably this is the mail on a manual build?21:53
cjwatsonoh, it has a datestamp sync problem doesn't it21:54
cjwatsonwe should really integrate buildlive into the main build-image-set process somehow21:54
cjwatsonalthough I suppose it doesn't entirely help because the livefs datestamp may unavoidably be different ...21:54
slangasekyeah, exactly :/21:55
cjwatsonhttp://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/livefs-build-logs/oneiric/lubuntu/20110824.1/livecd-20110824.1-i386.out - ubiquity again, looks like 2.7.16 failed to build21:55
astraljavaIs it a known fact that usb installs are a no-go at this moment?22:02
ScottKskaet: I think for U/I freeze the important question is included in some flavor doc package or not so it's more like seeded/unseeded than Main/Universe.22:10
tumbleweedScottK: on the other hand, FFes shouldn't be open ended22:11
tumbleweedand we shouldn't grant them until they are needed22:11
ScottKTrue, but FFe is always a question of risk versus benefit.22:11
ScottKThere's no hard and fast.22:11
tumbleweedof course, they are, after all, exceptions to the rules22:12
skaetScottK, as long as we manage expectations by setting a window to upload into and don't leave things open ended, my main concern will be addressed.   Some of the packages while not seeded are nice to haves, and knowing if they'll be available, is important.22:17
ScottKI'd think the window to upload into was before the freeze, but OK.22:18
Laneywallch better be awesome, for the amount of effort it has taken...22:18
tumbleweedLaney: you should read the source :(22:19
tumbleweedunfortunately a few of us got guilted into looking at it a while ago and now feel committed to see it through...22:19
ajmitchtumbleweed: you say that like it's a bad thing :)22:27
tumbleweedwell, I wish he'd learn faster22:27
ajmitchnot everyone learns quickly22:28
Laneywhat can we learn from this, though? should people only request NEW ffe when the package is actually ready?22:41
tumbleweedwhich can obviousuly demotivate people from working post FF on something that'll require an exception22:44
slangasekastraljava: probably not; installability doesn't get looked at much in the time between milestone testing.  You're trying to install from a daily?22:45
astraljavaslangasek: Yes, Xubuntu daily, i386. charlie-tca mentioned he had learnt that installing from usb had had shown difficulties. I tried creating the stick first with usb-creator, and then with unetbootin, both of which fail to launch ubiquity.22:47
cjwatsonthere was a report about trouble with the --desktop option22:47
cjwatsonbug 83181222:48
ubot4Launchpad bug 831812 in ubiquity (Ubuntu Oneiric) (and 3 other projects) "ubiquity fails to start when called with '--desktop %k' and libglibmm-2.4-1c2a 2.29.11-0ubuntu1 (affects: 2) (dups: 1) (heat: 16)" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83181222:48
Laneyit should be the exception that NEW stuff is asked for after FF, so it's not that unreasonable22:48
astraljavacjwatson: Alright, but I also tried to initiate it by Alt+F2, "ubiquity -d", with same results.22:49
* cjwatson fixes up the ubiquity build failure23:03

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