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andrejzi have approved some additional templates and updated the list of templates for which priority needs to be set08:13
andrejzit's about 200 templates in total08:13
andrejzany help with assigning priorities would be very welcome08:13
dpmandrejz, good work, looking at the list now08:38
andrejzjust send the email to UTC08:38
dpmthanks andrejz08:40
andrejzno prob08:42
andrejzi think it makes sense to set the priority now as no new templates are expected (string freeze tommorow)08:42
RawChidDo I understand it correct that after the freeze of tommorow, the strings won't change anymore for oneiric?08:51
RawChidI see UserInterfaceFreeze, BetaFreeze @ schedule08:52
dpmRawChid, correct08:53
dpmalthough bugs and string freeze exception requests mean that there are sometimes changes after that08:54
RawChidSo UserInterfaceFreeze means  'translatable' string freeze?08:55
RawChidOr implies.08:56
sagaciimplies :P08:56
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