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diploMorning all07:12
daubers13 left to upload07:18
MartijnVdSdaubers: http://www.youtube.com/user/onlysevenleft ? :)07:34
MooDoohello all07:45
brobostigongood morning everyone.07:49
freakyclownyou lot get up late!07:56
brobostigonmorning christel07:57
christelMooDoo: hows the pregnancy coming along, it cant be long to go now?07:57
christelheya brobostigon :)07:57
brobostigonchristel: :)07:57
MooDoochristel: still a week till the due date, but she's measuring 42 weeks already....she's ready for the baby to come now07:59
christelhow exciting :D07:59
MooDooyeah :)08:00
* brobostigon pre-sends MooDoo varius kinds of ear-defenders.08:01
ubuntuuk-planet[Matt Daubney] A quick hack to cheer up a rubbish couple of weeks - http://daubers.co.uk/2011/08/24/a-quick-hack-to-cheer-up-a-rubbish-couple-of-weeks/08:03
MooDoobrobostigon: already got a two year old in the terrible twos stage, already have perforated ear drums :D08:03
brobostigonMooDoo: eeeek, ohwell,08:04
JamesTaitGood morning all!08:06
* brobostigon cant tell jokes, he reackons.08:07
brobostigonmorning JamesTait and Myrtti08:07
diploMooDoo, a warning... terrible 2's don't stop at 2 :)08:08
Eckrallmorning all08:11
Eckralljust found a server on a customers site thats running 6.06, however it looks like the repo on archive.ubuntu.com is gone08:12
Eckrallis there anywhere else I should be looking for the old repo?08:13
diploI think 6.06 is EOL now08:15
lubotu3End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades08:15
diploYup, June 1 201108:16
Eckrallso they take the repo's down?08:16
BigRedSI think they get shifted to oldreleases.ubuntu.com08:16
Eckralli can understand no further updates...08:16
diploah there we go08:16
EckrallBigRedS: thanks, checking08:17
diploI was just thinking that Eckrall, we *have* to use CentOS 408:17
diploAnd we still get old updates so yeah I'd go with BigRedS08:17
diploNever ran anything that old on *buntu flavour08:17
Eckralldiplo: i didnt know how old this box was til I did an apt-get update && apt-get install that failed horribly08:18
dwatkinsEvery time I post on my blog there's a new version of Wordpress.08:23
MooDoodwatkins: it's not updated that often, when you broke? ;)08:24
BigRedSyeah, I find that. I blog about every 18 months, though08:25
dwatkinsMooDoo: broke? I havn't blogged in a couple months.08:26
MooDoodwatkins: i'm just teasing.08:26
dwatkinsI suspected you were, wasn't sure what you meant ;)08:27
MooDoodwatkins: ignore me, it's baby and oneiric brain ;)08:27
dwatkinsI'm always a little hesitant to update Wordpress automagically, since the download might be compromised in theory.08:27
dwatkinsMooDoo: nah, I won't ignore you, that's too much effort to type ;)08:27
* brobostigon tries to thinkof something useful to do to waste a few hours.08:30
gordhrm, started an upgrade on the laptop, sat down on the desktop and started debugging why my internet connection there was so slow, not a clever morning08:30
MooDoogord: facepalm! :)08:31
brobostigondrupal on my mums blog is uptodate.08:34
BigRedSI don't think I've ever seen an up-to-date drupal install, and only rarely an up to date wp one :(08:34
brobostigoni have it uptodate.08:35
MooDooyeah i tend to keep our wp blogs uptodate, don't fancy a church blog getting hacked with pron lol08:35
brobostigonyes, understandable.08:36
* brobostigon feels at a loss.08:36
BigRedSAh, but I've not seen it, so I can maintain my unenviable record...08:37
brobostigonthe latest drupal version is 7.7, and that is as drupal reports, the version that is there.08:37
dwatkinsI updated Wordpress, then it told me Chrome was out of date (as I hadn't yet restarted it to install the update it told me about yesterday)08:45
brobostigonyes, someone put a screenie on G+ about that.08:45
dwatkinsoh yes? I think I need to add you lot to my G+, brobostigon08:46
* dwatkins adds popey 08:47
dwatkinsfeel free to add me, I should be the only Dominic Watkins on there in theory08:48
* oimon appears to have purchased a douchepad08:49
brobostigondwatkins: done, added.08:50
dwatkinsMy icon is bob from Bubble Bobble.08:51
oimondirecthex: opened yours up yet?08:52
dwatkinsbrobostigon: aha, got notification :) now I just have to remember your real name maps to brobostigon ;)08:54
dwatkinsat least there's /whois ;)08:55
brobostigondwatkins: the notification you got, should show my full name.08:56
dwatkinsbrobostigon: yeah, it does - I was checking it was you and not someone else on this channel :)08:56
brobostigondwatkins: ah, :)08:57
popeyoimon: where'd you get it?08:59
oimonargos, reserved it yesterday at full price, purchased 9am today at discounted price due to price drop overnight09:00
oimonargos, roman god of brown boxes09:00
freakyclownoimon: i thought that was uranus?09:00
oimonfreakyclown: ewww09:01
davmor2morning all09:01
oimoni'm resisting the urge to open it and play before lunchtime09:01
oimoni guess i should see if it is in one piece :D09:01
AlanBelloimon: I tried argos but they were out of stock all around09:01
oimonAlanBell: stock was replenished as reservations expired09:01
oimonchecked occasionally during the evening yesterday, and snagged one around 8.30 last night at the tottenham hale branch09:02
oimonall windows in the argos had been done in due to the riots, and the automatic door was bust09:02
oimonalthough i haven't been to argos lately, maybe it's always like that09:02
AlanBellcan't reserve or buy it now though09:03
oimonAlanBell: no, especially since the price drop announced09:04
oimonsaw a tweet from directhex that he's done the same thing today09:04
oimoni'm sure the excitement will wear off soon..like the joggler and the eee pc before it09:05
freakyclownand those fancy computer things09:06
oimonfreakyclown: did you used to use another nick?09:06
freakyclowner no why?09:06
oimonhave only noticed u around since oggcamp :)09:07
freakyclownim ninja :P09:07
* davmor2 prods czajkowski should be up by now09:14
freakyclownshes in irishlandshire isnt she09:14
* davmor2 waves morning to MooDoo 09:14
dwatkinsDon't they have internets there? ;)09:14
davmor2freakyclown: yeap09:15
Hornetanyone know of anywhere still vending touchpads?09:15
davmor2dwatkins: you know she'll be back right09:15
daubersdavmor2: You only get half the bandwidth in ireland though, because it sends every packet twice..... to be sure to be sure09:15
oimonHornet: play.com..at full price :-009:15
* daubers get's his coat09:15
Hornethelpful :P09:16
HornetI meant at cheap obviously09:16
davmor2daubers: you're going to be a dead man ;)09:16
HornetI nearly had some yesterday, but the webshite was being raped and I lost them in the chaos09:16
dwatkinsdavmor2: yeah, just kidding09:18
dwatkinsHornet: I assume you tried your local Dixons.09:18
oimonat this point you'll have more luck in your local pub09:21
Horneter yes :)09:21
Hornettried my local everything09:21
oimoni've already come across a fail on my touchpad in the first minute09:31
daubersoimon: You're supposed to charge the battery first :p09:35
oimonwont connect to my 2 wireless networks at work.09:35
oimonso i setup wifi hotspot on my phone to get past setup and then it can't connect to the server :(09:35
freakyclownmaybe this is why HP wants to get rid of them....they suck!09:36
Adriannomcalc is autoreplacing any mention of "pi" in my urls, so that the links break.  is there any way to stop this?09:37
BigRedSAdriannom: have a poke around for Autocorrect in the menus09:49
BigRedSthat might be doing that09:49
BigRedSI can't remember where it is, though09:49
dwatkinsI thought HP dropped support for WebOS.09:49
Adriannomyeah i've been looking BigRedS, no luck unfortunately09:50
Adriannomoh wait09:50
oimontouchpad can also run about 70 percent of the more than 8,000 apps designed for HP's WebOS phones09:52
Adriannomtried adding "pi" as an exception to autocorrect but it didn't work.  it doesn't seem to be listed under the tons on autocorrect replacements09:53
Adriannomit also doesn't even appear as the pi symbol until i click on the link (you can see it in the address bar)09:54
BigRedShm, peculiar09:58
BigRedSthat sounds like the sort of thing that should have a bug filed against it09:58
* Laney draws papers scattered over all of those nice neat surfaces on popey's office plan10:09
freakyclowni think it says something that we dont get to see the other end of the room10:10
popeythere is no other end10:13
popeynote at the bottom there is a door and a windows10:13
popeythats the other end10:13
freakyclownok so linuxy question for everyone10:13
freakyclownsay i happened to have a dir that had ~25,000 images in10:14
freakyclownwhats the fastest way from the cli to split that into folders of about 1000 each10:14
AlanBellhow are they named?10:15
popeyfreakyclown: import them into shotwell, it will automagically sort them by date YYYY/MM/DD10:16
Laneyhow do you want them split?10:16
freakyclowni just need them split into roughly 1000 per folder10:16
davmor2popey: I see two obvious flaws with your office plan, 1) Your legs are gonna hurt with no chair ;) and 2) It's way way way way way way way too tidy :D10:16
freakyclowni hate shotwell.. it annoyed me10:16
popeydavmor2: I will take photos when it's done, it wont be that tidy :D10:17
davmor2popey: YAY!10:17
davmor2popey: if you don't mind me asking how much is that gonna cost you?10:17
andypiperpopey: how did you go from "fastest way from the cli" to "shotwell"10:18
popeyandypiper: magic10:18
MooDoohello davmor210:19
* andypiper nods approvingly, noting that popey is indeed... magic10:19
AlanBellfreakyclown: maybe do it by first char of the filename10:19
oimonok the excitement of the touchpad has worn off now :)10:19
Laneyi'll have it10:19
andypiperhow are you loving webOS10:20
Laneyfiver and a packet of wotsits10:20
andypiperI have to say, I think it's the most beautiful mobile OS I've ever used / seen10:20
andypiperstill crap10:20
* andypiper has a Pre2 laying around somewhere10:20
* popey stops the clock!10:20
andypiperhe's lightning sharp, that popey10:21
daubersandypiper: I had a pre plus, the hardware was too poo to run the OS properly10:21
andypiperzomg the boot time on the pre2... shocking10:21
daubersIf it wasn't for the hardware being so pathetic, it would have been really good10:21
daubersWent the other way this time and got a Galaxy S2 as the hardware is pretty good :)10:21
* andypiper strokes his HTC Sensation10:22
* popey strokes his magic10:23
oimonno kindle app for touchpad inthe uK :(10:24
* TheOpenSourcerer got an email from a friend who works at HP. Saying did I want a touchpad (16GB) for £69.10:24
popeyget me one :D10:24
TheOpenSourcererThen he failed to buy them. They sold out their internal firesale in 4 minutes,10:24
oimonmaybe they can make it work better :-S10:24
shaunoso we should be expecting them to hit ebay shortly?10:25
TheOpenSourcererBut never mind - I figure there'll be tons on eBay soon (slightly used).10:25
davmor2oimon: I could of told you that it would have nice concepts but suck :D10:28
directhexTheOpenSourcerer, they're up there. £200 starting price, by and large10:28
oimondavmor2: me too. i didn't have high expectations,10:28
oimonbut thought it would at least have kindle or skype10:28
oimondue to what i read on the internets10:28
davmor2oimon: what you want to look at is getting android or linaro/ubuntu on it :D10:28
davmor2oimon: then you'll have a usable tablet :D10:30
Laneyfreakyclown: C=0; for i in *.jpg; do [ $C -ge 1000 ] && C=1 || C=`expr $C + 1`; echo mv $i $C/; done10:30
oimonstill haven't figured out how to close an app10:30
Laneygolf time10:30
popeyoimon: is there an M for you to RTF out of?10:31
oimonah, figured it out10:31
oimonyes, there's a manual but...10:32
oimonso many questions10:32
daubersoimon: Normally you just flick it off the top of the screen10:32
oimondaubers: correct :)10:33
davmor2oimon: theres a button called power if you click on it the horrible saga all goes away ;)10:33
* daubers enjoyed doing that on the pre10:33
oimondaubers: know how i can get skype on this?10:33
oimonlots of mention of it but no actual downlaod in the app store10:33
daubersoimon: No idea :) I only had a pre, and that struggled loading email10:34
oimonmulti tasking is v good though10:36
davmor2oimon: they're both in there according to UK based reviews kindle and skype.  I'm wondering if they got pulled the minute that HP said they weren't supporting it10:36
davmor2oimon: have you had a look on amazon to see if the app is listed on there site the android and iphone ones were10:38
directhexoimon, go into settings/accounts10:39
oimonstill loading..10:40
oimonanyone wanna buy a touchpad :P10:40
davmor2oimon: I got a tenna lying about somewhere :D10:41
oimondirecthex: did you know this was gonna happen?10:41
oimonstill loading ..10:41
directhexoimon, did you update to 3.0.2? there are severe speed bugs on 3.0.010:41
oimonhow to update?10:41
directhexsettings/system updates10:41
directhexthere's also a bug in 3.0.0 where sometimes apps fail to start...10:42
davmor2oimon: did you even glance at the manual?10:42
oimonthis is all very linuxy10:42
directhex3.0.0 did them no favours, really, since it's the version on display units10:42
oimonthe manual is 5 pages long, then starts in french10:42
davmor2oimon: the pdf version on the tablet?10:43
oimondirecthex: i haven't done an update..did it take long?10:43
oimonmaybe their servers are getting slammed today10:43
directhexoimon, it was slow, i reckon you're right10:44
directhexit's not finished installing yet, started a few minutes ago10:44
oimondid u find skype yet?10:44
directhexhaven't looked, i don't use skype10:45
directhexokay, firmware installing10:46
davmor2oimon: it might be in the updated system and not on the base unit10:46
oimonhow long did u wait until something started happening10:46
oimoni must say the reviews i read were very kind to this machine10:46
directhexoimon, the firmware update? took a few seconds. update server is slammed - 168M update last week for pre3 was much faster than this 38M update10:47
oimonah, skype is preinstalled, but called "phone and video calls"10:48
oimondirecthex: ah, i closed the windows and reopened, then started downloading, another bug10:51
oimondid you buy any accessories? touchstone or case?10:52
MezSo, anyone got an iPod classic?10:54
Mezfor some reason, banshee doesn't want to work with mine.10:57
directhexoimon, case, keyboard, touchstone. half price at pcworld11:03
oimondirecthex: you bought all those? must have cost the same as the tablet11:04
directhexLinux HPTouchPad 2.6.35-palm-tenderloin #1 SMP PREEMPT 129.2.22 armv7l GNU/Linux11:08
oimondirecthex: now running 3.0211:31
oimonhey you have a terminal app?11:31
davmor2oimon: now can you get the kindle app?11:32
davmor2oimon: also check it's not another built in service :D11:33
oimondavmor2: no, it's US only11:33
oimoni wouldn't pay more than £100 for one of these11:40
directhexoimon, that's via a dev console. but i have a terminal app on my pre3 called "xterm"11:43
oimonare you finding the whole experience a bit laggy?11:44
directhexoimon, i'm at work. i can't say i'm poking it much11:44
davmor2Mez: Just sent a reminder out to the list I will hopefully be there but late so we'll have to see how late :(11:56
oimonjust bought a pack of mint club biscuits from the co-op. don't think i've eaten a club since school days12:39
MooDoowe have the orange ones in the office12:40
Hippychickif you like a lot of chocolate on your biscuit join our club12:44
* BigRedS joins Hippychick's club12:44
MooDoolol not heard that in awhile12:44
oimonalso...TRIIIIIO triiiio12:44
MooDooum bongo um bongo they frink it in the congo12:45
MooDoonot choc though :)12:45
Hippychickmmmmm i want chocolate now....12:45
* MooDoo gives Hippychick some mint choc chip aero12:45
oimonit was BOGOF in the coop too12:45
Hippychickyay :)12:45
* AlanBell downloads latest oneiric to see if unity makes sense now12:46
MooDooAlanBell: nope :) lol12:46
oimonsome slacker hadn't put out the labels yet but the friendly till lady said hey oimon, its a bogof, you can get another :)12:46
* TheOpenSourcerer has just installed last night's daily onto Magrat. 12:46
oimonunity might make sense on a touchpad though12:47
TheOpenSourcererHad to use the alternate installer - desktop failed. :-(12:47
AlanBellit would be so easy to make it make sense, just get the BFB to open a lense of all *installed* applications categorised by their gnome menu category12:47
Hippychicki like unity on my laptop, single screen, i just dont think it works on my desktop with dual screen....12:47
oimonwhile permanently hiding the dash?12:48
MooDooi just use ubuntu classic, although i've not seen how to use this with the new lightdm12:48
oimonMooDoo: in oneiric?12:48
MooDoooimon: yeah12:48
oimoni have it12:49
oimonyou have to install a package12:49
oimonhold on, i'll check the apt.log12:49
oimonlooking in my history, i did a apt-get install gnome-panel12:51
MooDoowell i'll give that a try tonight, ta! :)12:51
oimonno prob, hope i'm right. i def have it now tho12:52
oimonalthough it looks a cross between gnome shell and gnome 212:54
oimonapprox 50x quicker than uinity on this hardware12:54
log69hi all! anyone interested in helping me test my software: tomld? security related stuff. I'm about to release my first stable version soon. my site: http://log69.com/tomld_en.html12:57
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LaneyWe are writing to let you know that we have cancelled the following item from your order:13:27
LaneyTitle: HP TouchPad 9.7 inch Tablet PC (16GB, Glossy Black) - UK Version13:27
MooDoobummer :(13:29
Hippychickdont shoot me but what are these touchpads you all keep going onabout?13:40
ikonia-remotethey are directhex's nemasis13:40
BigRedSHP tablet that was massively reduced a couple of days ago and sold out within about five minutes13:40
ikonia-remoteBigRedS: are people still snapping them up ?13:41
Hippychickahh, might have to have a look later13:41
BigRedSikonia-remote: nah, they sold out13:42
ikonia-remoteBigRedS: totally gone now ?13:42
BigRedSikonia-remote: pretty much#13:43
BigRedSfrom what I gather13:43
ikonia-remotewow, be interesting to see what people end up doing with them13:43
daubersGAH! Would it kill F/OSS developers to have some actual explanation of what a blasted function does _somewhere_!!!!!!13:43
kirrusdaubers: yes.13:43
BigRedSdaubers: read the code and patch the docs kthx13:43
kirrusAnd yes, I've said exactly that a couple of times :(13:44
ikonia-remoteso why keep saying it ?13:44
oimonthere are more people in #touchdroid than in #touchpad ...kind of says something13:44
daubersBigRedS: I've just spent half an hour chasing my tail trying to find out what a function does, but sometimes it seems to just set a pointer to point at the function itself!13:44
kirrusended up having a lengthy email conversation with the dev for them to explain their configuration syntax..13:44
daubersLovely, the docs seem to say "You need to use this" but doesn't say what "this" is, or what it does13:49
* daubers prepares to waste another hour or two wasting his time digging through someone elses spaghetti13:50
daubersseriously, would one line of //This function calls such and such to act upon something  kill someone13:50
MartijnVdS*sigh* explain the WHY not the WHAT13:51
MartijnVdSthat should be printed in BOLD every time some book/howto explains commenting13:52
BigRedSWell, if you're exporting functions, what's pretty handy, too13:52
MartijnVdSBigRedS: high-level what, yes13:52
daubersMartijnVdS: If I even had the what I could figure out the why, since I have neither, I'm wasting my time13:52
MartijnVdSBigRedS: but prefixing every line like this:13:52
MartijnVdS // Add 1 to i13:53
MartijnVdS i += 1;13:53
daubersFFS! Now I found part of something it's calling that references me to a file that no longer exists13:54
daubers*mumble mumble mumble blasted samba*13:54
BigRedSMartijnVdS: no, obviously not. But he's not wanting to read the code that supplies the function, just know what it is that the function does13:54
daubersActually, what I want to know is what to feed the function and what it returns. All I so far know is that I need to use it because the docs tell me too. No idea what to pass it or what to expect back13:55
* daubers falls over stunned13:56
daubersan actual function declaration with an actual comment explaining what it's for!13:57
MooDoodaubers: oi stop looking at your own code and get on with work :)13:57
daubersShockingly, this function is commented throughout so I can actually figure out why it's doing things! MY GOD! THE UNIVERSE WILL PROBABLY NOW END!13:58
* BigRedS wonders if daubers needs tranquilising13:59
daubersBigRedS: I need a holiday :(14:00
BigRedSThey're addictive14:00
BigRedSI only got back from mine on Monday and I'd like another now14:00
directhexikonia,  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UKM6NdFsJxU14:00
ikonia-remotedirecthex: can't view it14:02
ikonia-remotedirecthex: remote site is causing me a ton of problems14:02
oimonpoor popey. but you do have an ipad already?14:11
directhexLaney, amazon cancelled my order too. except i already cancelled this morning14:12
ikonia-remotedirecthex: you canceled your tablet ?14:12
Laneyargos came up trumps14:12
directhexikonia-remote, argos success14:13
directhexikonia, i've already got 3.0.2 and preware on there14:13
oimondirecthex: got a link for preware?14:15
directhexi already have the webos sdk installed, so it was easiest to install by downloading the ipk from get.preware.org and running palm-install Downloads/org.webosinternals.preware_1.7.0_arm.ipk14:16
directhexthere are other ways to install things if you don't have the sdk handy14:16
oimondirecthex: sounds like you're already up to speed with this webos stuff :)14:17
directhexoimon, i have x11 on my phone, so yeah!14:17
AlanBellwell I have the daily oneiric running in a VM and it is still completely useless for finding and running the applications I have installed14:22
MooDooAlanBell: yup :)14:23
BigRedSAlanBell: yeah, I'm running it on my PC at home, and alt+f2 and the thingy that comes up with the windows key are worse than in 11.04 unity14:23
BigRedSarguments not passed, some commands just not executed at all, no feedback whatsoever14:23
BigRedSit is purple now, though14:23
MooDoohopefully i can run gnome-panel in oneiric14:23
oimonjust received a message from my bro in law who just installed 11.04 by himself and is loving it :)14:23
AlanBellI fail to understand why there isn't a default lense that does what the gnome menu does14:24
MooDoooimon: awesome :)14:24
directhexoimon, but did he install it... on a touchpad?14:24
oimonhe's in scandinavia, i don't think TP is over there :)14:25
popey☺ oimon14:40
ikonia-remoteactivision suck, they with draw vintage games from production (ok that's fine) but then they also remove them from their website and online shop for download14:48
ikonia-remoteI've come away and left a simple game at home that runs on this crappy laptop and passes a few hours when bored, now activision have removed it so I can't even buy it again to download it while I'm away14:49
AzelphurAmazon cancelled my HP Touchpad order :(14:49
ikonia-remoteothers where saying that earlier14:51
Azelphuranyone know where else I might get one14:55
Azelphurkinda sad that amazon would wait 3 days to screw me over, makes it so much harder to get one.14:55
directhexAzelphur, tesco are the only big player who hasn't dropped prices. otherwise, you're waiting for stock to reappear14:57
popeyAzelphur: they hardly screwed you over, drama queen14:57
Azelphurthey made me not get a tablet for £89 :(14:57
popey"made" you14:57
AzelphurI ordered, they accepted the order, they didn't deliver. :(14:58
directhexforced him14:58
directhexi worked hard for my touchpad. been up without sleep for days!14:58
popeynothing to do with HP not having any left?14:58
Azelphurstock tracking: it's not rocket science14:59
Azelphurif you have x of a product, don't sell more than x14:59
popeyits nothing to do with stock tracking14:59
popeyif they run out they order more with the supplier14:59
directhexAzelphur, the confusion is the limbo between "add to basket" and "order confirmed"15:00
ikonia-remoteammusing that now the project is dead, the people want the tablet15:00
ikonia-remotethis is better marketing than HP could ever have done themselves15:01
directhexAzelphur, if i add 99 to my basket, does that mean they have 99 less stock? what if i leave them there for a day?15:01
Azelphurdirecthex: yea, that makes sense15:01
BigRedSI like the idea that all these people are buying it to stick Android on them15:01
BigRedSnice vote of confidence in WebOS there15:01
directhexBigRedS, it's retarded15:01
Azelphuryea, there's a $2000+ bounty on android being ported15:01
AzelphurI'm buying it for android.15:01
directhexBigRedS, "i got a cheap ferrari, now i have somewhere to stick the engine from my nova!"15:01
ikonia-remoteAzelphur: does it even work with android at the momen t?15:01
Azelphurdon't think so15:02
ikonia-remoteAzelphur: so you're buying a product, to use with a product that currently doesn't work, and may never work %100 in the medium / long term15:02
ikonia-remoteAzelphur: you could just buy an android tablet ?15:02
Azelphurikonia-remote: not the first time I've done it :)15:02
ikonia-remotefair enough, not for me, but good luck to you15:03
Azelphurikonia-remote: lol find me an android tablet with those specs for £90 xD15:03
directhexvery few £90 android tablets have webos, this is true15:03
ikonia-remoteAzelphur: let me find something else that is a worthless brick to you and I'll sell it you for £4015:03
Azelphurhows it a worthless brick? it's going to have android ported to it o.O15:03
directhexandroid :(15:04
ikonia-remoteAzelphur: it "may" have android ported to it15:04
ikonia-remoteand it "may" work15:04
Azelphuryea, it's a gamble, but £89 for a tablet that'd usually cost £400 is worth the gamble15:04
Azelphurplus I can always put Ubuntu on there if all else fails15:05
ikonia-remotehow can you put ubuntu on it ?15:05
Azelphurgoogle it, it's already been done15:05
directhexikonia, you can run an ubuntu chroot fairly easily15:05
ikonia-remotechroot....there we go15:05
directhexi'm tempted to get it working, just so i can run spacechem15:05
Azelphurbut yea, I'm not afraid of buying things that arn't quite finished yet15:06
AzelphurI bought a G19, G13 and G930 knowing that all of them had no Linux drivers15:06
ikonia-remoteor not started....15:06
Azelphurtook a few months, but I have drivers now :)15:06
ikonia-remotebe pretty bad luck if they couldn't get the screen or wifi or something working in android15:06
AzelphurI also bought 2 jogglers back when it was cheap, even though it had no OS's known to be working on it15:07
krimzon2if you can get <£100 android tablets, are there any unlocked android phones in that price range?15:07
ikonia-remoteI'm clearly getting board as I enjoy my vendor support15:07
Azelphurkrimzon2: check out the ZTE Blade15:07
Azelphurit's like £100 on the spot and is actually a really nice phone15:07
gordwhen the jogglers were £50? you could get ubuntu on them then15:07
gordthats why i got one15:07
Azelphurkrimzon2: orange sell it under the San Francisco brand name15:07
freakyclownyeah seen those - they look pretty cool15:08
popeywe're getting one for review on the podcast15:08
freakyclownlucky buggers15:08
popeyprobably give it away15:08
directhexkrimzon2, wait for <100 pre3!15:08
freakyclownlet me come and play with it first!15:08
AlanBellthe big one looks good15:08
popeywonder if you can flash it with webos :D15:09
ikonia-remoteI'm putting Windows 8 on my kindle15:09
MooDoowindows 8 O_o15:09
krimzon2i googled and zte blades were all a fair bit more than 10015:09
ikonia-remoteactually the kindle would make a great dumb VT 100 wise terminal style product15:09
directhexikonia-remote, i wonder how many retail customers have ever used touch-to-share15:09
directhexkrimzon2, zte blade == orange san francisco15:09
ikonia-remotedirecthex: ........none ?15:09
directhexikonia-remote, i tested it. it works!15:10
ikonia-remotevery cool15:10
directhexikonia-remote, i suspect i could count with body parts the number of people buying a cheap touchpad who own a pre315:11
ikonia-remoteha ha15:12
krimzon2I wouldn't go with orange again15:12
Hippychickpopey: oly has promised me an andypad if i get a new higher paid job \o/15:12
oimoni heard more touchpads are on the way15:13
Hippychicki now have an interview on friday :P15:13
ikonia-remotethat's a good deal, you get more money, he'll buy you something15:13
ikonia-remoteI'd like that deal15:13
freakyclownkindle has already been hacked to run ubuntu - would be easy to implement a kiosk style terminal thing15:13
popeyhehe Hippychick15:13
ikonia-remotefreakyclown: I'd be interested if it was just a vt1000 that could connect to networks and thus machines as a terminal emmulator15:14
ikonia-remotebasically a lightweight mobile terminal emmulator15:14
ikonia-remotethat would be an amazing use of the kindle15:14
popeymmmmm vt10015:14
ikonia-remotepopey: you on board ?15:14
* popey wants a vt100 or 10115:14
ikonia-remoteK100 project is born15:14
popeyno, I want a real physical VT10015:14
ikonia-remotepopey: I have a wyse in my attick15:14
ikonia-remoteyou're welcome to it15:15
popeythank you15:15
popeybut its not a VT10015:15
ikonia-remoteit can do vt10015:15
ikonia-remoteit's not a vt100 device though15:15
popeymy "I want a VT100 or VT101" means very much exactly that.15:15
ikonia-remoteI'll re-phrase, "please take my wyse"15:16
ikonia-remotetake my wyse......please15:16
ikonia-remoteold school stand up gag hac15:16
directhexkrimzon2,  http://www.carphonewarehouse.com/mobiles/mobile-phones/SAMSUNG-I5800-GALAXY-APOLLO/HANDSET&clearance=false15:16
popeyhe's here all week15:16
ikonia-remotethank you15:16
directhexthree <£100 unlocked android phones15:17
Azelphurkrimzon2: lies!15:17
BigRedSif you buy a samsung you get extra annoying-apple points, too :)15:17
mgdmpopey: want to do something like http://www.flickr.com/photos/carrierdetect/2948518209/ ? :)15:18
ikonia-remoteis the kindle open hardware ?15:18
popeyawwww mgdm15:18
Azelphurkrimzon2: http://www.prepaymania.co.uk/mobilephone/san-francisco-android-mobile-phone-orange-pay-as-you-go.html?base&source=googleps15:18
popeyI'd happily run a serial cable into another machine15:18
dwatkinsmgdm: makes me wish I hadn't given away my character terminal :)15:18
directhexikonia-remote, amazon are actively hostile to working with upstreams. they have a strict no-upstreaming policy for employee changes to stuff15:19
krimzon2hah, I suck at searching for stuff to buy, it seems15:19
Azelphurkrimzon2: I'd really recommend the blade, it's really quite fast for what it is.15:19
AzelphurYou have to take the orange firmware off it for it to be fast, since the orange firmware is a bit crap15:19
ikonia-remotedirecthex: sound a delightful policy....where can I spend my money to purchase a device for development..... ;)15:19
Azelphurbut that's easy to do15:19
mgdmpopey / dwatkins: I have enough small Linux boxes that I could do that with, just need the terminal :)15:20
popeyooo, yeah, strap something to the back of it15:20
popeyviglen :D15:20
mgdmYep :D or Bifferboard, or Arduino, or NSLU2... :)15:21
mgdmactually it'd be amusing to strap a Viglen to the back of a touchscreen and make a megaJoggler15:21
popeynot very mega with a viglen15:21
mgdmMore in terms of dimensions than performance15:22
daubersThere was an fpga board I was looking at the other day that was emulating the Z8 (?) processor15:22
ali1234you could achieve the same thing with a house brick15:22
ali1234but why?15:22
dwatkinsI'd like to build a media PC to strap to the back of my TV with a slot-loading DVD player so I can just push DVDs into the side of the TV.15:22
mgdmdaubers: Z80?15:22
daubersmgdm: Maybe, was a papilo board I think15:23
TheOpenSourcererw00t! Me and the kids soldered up our nanode this afternoon. And the blinky led test passed!16:05
mgdmTheOpenSourcerer: \o/16:05
mfraz74well done16:07
mgdmI have a Diavolino16:08
mgdmArudiono clone, no networky bits yet16:08
mgdmI might get a Nanode later on, though16:08
freakyclownbah i really need to sort my nanode mod out16:08
Adriannomikonia-remote, what model is the wyse?16:09
TheOpenSourcerermgdm: Nice thing about the nanode is it has Ethernet and USB built in16:09
TheOpenSourcererBetter start learning how to programme it tomorrow then.16:10
mgdmTheOpenSourcerer: yeah, seeing that. Probably cheaper in the long run than the Diavolino, but that was an impulse buy at FrOSCon :)16:10
TheOpenSourcererAs was the nanode ;-) - Still don't really know what we will do with it.... Just something for fun and the kids to learn16:11
TheOpenSourcererThey have both learned the basics of soldering today16:11
TheOpenSourcerer6 & 10yr16:11
mgdmMy first thing will be http://jimmieprodgers.com/lolshield/ :)16:12
mgdmwhich I also bought, but haven't soldered yet.16:12
freakyclownnanode blinking :D16:16
=== OmNomDeBonBon is now known as GentileBen
ikonia-remoteAdriannom: 310 I think.....16:52
BigRedSHm. Anyone familiar with PHP packaging?17:00
BigRedSPrior to installing php-soap I've got soap bits and pieces in phpinfo(), and I can't find out what it is that php-soap actually provides...17:01
BigRedSAh, it'd appear that there's a few different soap implementations in PHP17:01
BigRedSso one's in vanilla PHP, another's provided by php-soap17:02
TheOpenSourcererYay! How exciting... Our Nanode has just got it's first ever IP address using DHCP.
dwatkinsTheOpenSourcerer: nice, might have to look into getting something like that - seems more capbale than the Arduino17:30
directhexi'm not enough of a hacker to make use of such devices17:31
TheOpenSourcererThey are £20 so not much money. (But you do need a FTDI-USB cable which was £12 from Farnell17:31
TheOpenSourcererdirecthex: Me neither ;-)17:31
TheOpenSourcererJust thought it would be fun.17:31
directhexi have a touchpad though17:31
TheOpenSourcererSo far it has been.17:32
TheOpenSourcererdamn you17:32
TheOpenSourcererStill it will be a brick soon enough I guess ;-)17:32
TheOpenSourcererBetter go and prepare supper for the famile17:32
dwatkinsI assume the USB cable is the same as my printer and musical keyboard use, USB A-B17:33
TheOpenSourcererI doubt it17:33
MartijnVdScould be A-mini-B17:33
MartijnVdSor A-microB17:33
TheOpenSourcererUSB to TTL17:33
dwatkinsno worries, they're only a postal delivery away17:33
dwatkinsthanks TheOpenSourcerer :)17:33
dwatkinsah I see, yes17:33
* dwatkins assumed the connector on the right was USB17:34
TheOpenSourcererYou can get them from other places too but I needed to buy a few other bits and bobs from them so...17:34
TheOpenSourcerereBay have them17:34
TheOpenSourcererand other stockists17:34
MartijnVdShas allekabels.nl expanded to the rest of Europe yet/17:34
MartijnVdSthey rock :)17:34
freakyclown\o/ so impressed at the nanode17:34
TheOpenSourcererThere is a chip inside the USB connector case.17:34
freakyclownif you guys are interested in the way i got round the ftdi cable issue ill sort out some pics :)17:35
freakyclownso im using a NORMAL usb cable :)17:35
MartijnVdSfreakyclown: you have a B socket that connects to the strange header?17:35
MartijnVdSfreakyclown: s/have/made/17:36
freakyclowngive me a few minutes and ill take soem pics :)17:36
freakyclownwill show the cool case i made too17:36
dwatkinsoh, so it is a normal USB socket? *confused look*17:36
TheOpenSourcererMust go or else family will be hungry.17:36
MartijnVdSyummy spinach & bacon pie17:37
TheOpenSourcererpizza tonight,17:37
MartijnVdS(& cheese, garlic, oregano)17:37
diplo-dwatkins, sounds like freakyclown has hacked something to allow him to use normal usb17:37
dwatkinsI just had cheese & broccili pasta for a snack, sausage and mash later :D17:37
ali1234where is the schematic?17:48
ali1234nvm i found it17:52
dwatkinsWhereabouts, ali1234?17:53
dwatkinsI don't see diagrams on nanode.eu17:53
dwatkinshaha, I forgot I even had Eagle installed ;)17:55
ali1234ah ok i see17:56
ali1234this board uses AVR software usb stack17:56
ali1234so it doesn't need the onboard ftdi chip that arduino has17:56
ali1234the one that prevents you from making real usb devices from arduino17:56
ali1234it's about time someone made something like this17:57
ali1234the arduino is really limited because of that design flaw17:57
dwatkinsI guess if you only occasionally connect the USB to programme it, it doesn't matter that it's not optimised for that17:57
ali1234yes if you only made a circuit to blink your christmas tree lights then you might not need usb17:57
ali1234but if you want to make some kind of HID controller then arduino is rubbish because it won't work with standard drivers17:58
ali1234actually even newer arduinos corrected this flaw17:58
ali1234but in a really horrible way17:58
ali1234they replaced the ftdi chip with a reprogrammable chip17:58
ali1234so you can make usb devices17:58
ali1234but then you can't reprogram it with the arduino software any more17:59
dwatkinsso you could do more with the nanode because its USB port is adaptable, as opposed to just supplying serial data like the Arduino?17:59
ali1234so nanode gets my seal of approval17:59
ali1234however, you are better off buying a maple from leaf labs anyway17:59
MartijnVdSali1234: http://ingol.nl/blog/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/seal-of-approval.jpg18:00
ali1234it's also arduino shield compatible while having reprogrammable USB, but it is based on a 32 bit arm chip18:00
dwatkinsso many choices18:00
dwatkinsI suspect my best bet (not having done anything with a soldering iron aside form build a few amps and LED chaser) is to start off with a tutorial or two on programming such a board18:01
ali1234programming these boards is easy18:01
ali1234you just plug in the cable and click program18:01
dwatkinsWell, I fixed my girlfriend's light-harp (Arduino) project, but that was mainly driven by the desire to sleep at 5am ;)18:01
MartijnVdSdeciding what you're going to use them for, that's hard :)18:01
dwatkinsyeah, Processing seems like a very simple language.18:01
dwatkinsMartijnVdS: indeedy :)18:01
dwatkinsI'd like to make a weather station, although that sort of thing already exists for the most part18:02
MartijnVdSdwatkins: that's why I didn't get into arduino things..18:02
MartijnVdSI know I'll use it for a few weeks.. and then it'll just sit there18:02
dwatkinsI need to put my Larsonator in a translucent box.18:02
dwatkinsSorry, Larson Scanner - from Knight Rider / Battlestar Galactica :)18:03
ali1234that's a project arduino is perfect for18:03
dwatkinsreally easy project18:03
ikonia-remoteI'll put my Larson Kit in my Dyson sphere18:04
dwatkinsyeah, I imagine you could programme the ATMega and then take it out and put it in a board with whatever supporting components it needs18:04
MartijnVdSyou could probably make that with a timer, some capacitors... no intelligence needed18:04
ali1234of course you could18:04
ali1234you think they had arduinos in 1976 or whenever battlestar galactica was made?18:04
dwatkinsI hear there are a lot of people making things with an Arduino when they could build the same with 555-timers, but at least they're learning something with them18:05
MartijnVdSdwatkins: sure18:05
ali1234lol, they're learning to take the easy way out18:05
dwatkinsheh true18:05
ali1234throw more cpu power at the problem instead of designing it properly18:05
MartijnVdSali1234: Yes, everone should write ASM first, before they learn modern/high-level languages18:05
MartijnVdSali1234: just so they know what it's built on :)18:05
ali1234no, they should learn hardware design first18:05
MartijnVdSali1234: oh of course, gates and stuff18:05
ali1234RC circuits first18:06
dwatkinsali1234: I couldn't agree more having seen how some people build electronics projects18:06
MartijnVdSali1234: building an analog scope, then upgrading it to digital18:06
dwatkinsas in discrete... ah right yes18:06
MartijnVdSali1234: would be a nice project18:06
MartijnVdSoscilloscope, that is18:06
dwatkinsWe learned how to work with flip-flops in my school electronics class18:06
MartijnVdSI don't know if it's usual to abbreviate it to "scope" in English like it is in Dutch18:07
ali1234you know when i was at university this is actually how they taught18:07
ali1234starting with hardware design classes and assembler18:07
dwatkinsOscilloscope Sure, 'scope' suffices.18:07
ali1234they didn't teach C/java until second year18:07
* dwatkins throws a question mark at the previous sentence18:07
ali1234everything else was pure maths18:07
MartijnVdSdwatkins: we had simple 'connect the wires' boards with several switches, several AND/OR/NOT gates on them18:07
dwatkinsMartijnVdS: I kinda wish we had those for the less able people in the class ;)18:07
MartijnVdSdwatkins: we connected 20 together for a simulated traffic light installation :)18:07
dwatkinshehe, neat18:08
dwatkinsI vaguely remember making a counter.18:08
dwatkinsThis reminds me, I was going to make a speed-o-meter, I'm pretty sure I don't need an Arduino for that.18:08
dwatkinsSaw a really nice project to make one just like what they have in Back to the Future on the dashboard, even down to making the plastic box look identical.18:09
diplo-Hmm, think i may have a go at writing a XBMC plugin tonight18:11
gorddiplo-, its horrible18:30
gordi wrote one... not a fun time18:30
diplo-First test failed, install failed :(18:30
diplo-Find out how to turn debugging on i suppose18:30
gordthere is a log file18:31
diplo-ah okay, will go and find that I guess.18:31
gordy'know whats awesome about xbmc development18:32
gordthey bundle their own python18:32
gordits hideously out of date18:32
gordit makes it neigh impossible to test outside of xbmc because of conflicting problems =\18:32
MartijnVdSsound wonderfgul18:33
diplo-Well as i am fairly new to python ill get to those issues no doubt18:33
diplo-found log file18:33
diplo-Could not read add on description18:34
* diplo- goes in search18:34
diplo-Not erroring now, but also not displaying.. getting closer18:42
MartijnVdSfreakyclown: is it just pin rewiring?19:04
MartijnVdSah it's not :)19:05
freakyclownnope its that little red breakout board19:05
freakyclownwhich is the ftdi controller19:05
MartijnVdSyeah, but I didn't see the underside in image #119:05
MartijnVdSbut that looks like a reasonable solution19:05
freakyclownyeah i like it19:06
freakyclownmeans i can carry it around in its new case and just plug in a normal usb cable :)19:06
ali1234why don't you just use the onboard usb?19:17
MartijnVdS\o daubers_19:29
MartijnVdSgrowing a tail now? :)19:29
HazRPGhey all \o19:33
HazRPGjust got back from the zoo :)19:33
MartijnVdShey haz19:33
HazRPGhmm, my sister is having trouble with her mp3 player and banshee19:33
brobostigonevening HazRPG :)19:33
MartijnVdSHazRPG: on a stable release, or oneiric?19:34
HazRPGMartijnVdS: hey :)19:34
HazRPGMartijnVdS: natty :)19:34
daubers_MartijnVdS:  Indeed, because I'm here an over there :p19:34
MartijnVdSHazRPG: what kind of mp3 player? maybe it needs some fiddling in /usr/share/media-player-info19:34
HazRPGbrobostigon: hey :)19:34
HazRPGits a creative zen style 30019:34
MartijnVdSHazRPG: there are several Creative Zen devices in that dir already19:35
HazRPGlsusb says "Bus 001 Device 020: ID 041e:2016 Creative Technology, Ltd"19:35
MartijnVdSHazRPG: czech it out :)19:35
HazRPGMartijnVdS: czech?19:35
MartijnVdScheck :)19:35
MartijnVdSpronounce them, they're similar :)19:35
daubers_\o/ Working from home tomorrow. Almost finished tidying the masses of electronic components off my desk19:36
HazRPGlol yeah, I instantly assumed it was a terminal command19:36
MartijnVdSdaubers_: *WIPE* ?19:36
MartijnVdSdaubers_: easiest way to clean a desk.. put your arm on it and wipe19:37
daubers_Also, amazingly the Nanode talk has nearly had more viewers than the Digital Image Forensics talk19:37
HazRPGMartijnVdS: ah, hers isn't in there... zen style isn't there at all :(19:37
daubers_MartijnVdS: Ah… no :) Some of it's important and/or expensive and/or going to make me slightly richer (maybe a few bob once in a blue moon)19:37
MartijnVdSHazRPG: figure out what it's similar to, then add it19:39
HazRPGMartijnVdS: cool, I'll try that :)19:40
MartijnVdSHazRPG: and file a bug on the media-player-info package19:40
MartijnVdSHazRPG: if it's not USB mass storage, you might have to poke around with libmtp, that's more fiddly19:40
MartijnVdSit tends to want a recompile before it will recognise a new device properly19:40
HazRPGwell it's a USB mass storage device19:48
HazRPGnot sure which is similar, but going to have a quick look now19:49
MartijnVdSprobably one of the other Creatives19:50
MartijnVdSHazRPG: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/media-player-info -> check current (and old) bugs for how to get support for new devices19:51
=== daubers_ is now known as daubers
marsilainenhi all, I'm having an issue with a lucid machine which has two network interfaces20:01
marsilainenone of the interfaces (wlan0) is set to pickup dhcp and seems to be working fine20:02
marsilainenI'm trying to make the other interface (eth0) use static20:02
marsilainenalso, I want to be a dhcp server on the eth0 interface20:02
marsilainenin /etc/network/interfaces I have eth0 set to static with ip etc and when I start /etc/init.d/networking it gets the correct IP:
marsilainenthe dhcp server is running on eth0 fine too - a client machine connects and gets the IP address
marsilainenat some time later - within a few mins usually the eth0 address changes from to as though it has picked up a dhcp address from its own dhcp server20:04
marsilainenI'm not sure what could be causing that to happen?20:04
ikonia-remotemarsilainen: is it running a dhcp server ?20:05
ikonia-remotemarsilainen: do you see a lease file for your own machine ?20:06
ikonia-remotemarsilainen: is gnome-network-manager running ?20:06
ikonia-remotemarsilainen: what does the entry in the interfaces file say after the new IP20:06
ikonia-remoteis dhclient running ?20:06
ikonia-remoteall questions that need answers20:06
marsilainenikonia-remote: yes, it is running a dhcp server20:09
marsilainenyes, there seems to be a lease file for my machine20:10
marsilainenit's headless so no gnome-network-manager20:10
marsilainendhclient is running (needs that for wlan0 I guess)20:10
marsilainenone second20:10
marsilainenthe entry for eth0 in interfaces is:20:11
marsilaineniface eth0 inet static20:11
marsilainen    address
marsilainen    netmask
ikonia-remotemarsilainen: ok, so either a.) that file is being ignored. b.) something else is overriding it (such as gnome-network-manager) and starting dhclient on it20:12
marsilainenthere is an "auto eth0" line before that block20:12
marsilainengnome-network-manager isn't installed AFAIK20:12
marsilainenis there something else?20:12
marsilainenhow about network-manager itself (non-gnome)?20:13
marsilainendoesn't seem to be installed though20:13
ikonia-remotewhy do you have an auto line and a static lines for the same device ?20:13
marsilainenisn't the auto line just telling it to automatically start that interface when networking starts?20:14
ikonia-remoteor is it just auto eth0 without the dhcp line20:14
marsilainenauto eth020:14
marsilainenthen the block above: iface eth0 inet static etc...20:14
HazRPGMartijnVdS: what do I do after I've added one in?20:14
ikonia-remoteso what on your system could be overriding it ?20:14
marsilainenI think that interfaces file is correct because if I do: /etc/init.d/networking restart    then it goes back to
ikonia-remotemarsilainen: ok, so something has to be overriding it20:15
ikonia-remotemarsilainen: what is likley on your system ?20:15
marsilainenso it looks like that part is right and then something cuts in later and requests a dhcp address for it, but I don't know what?20:15
marsilainenI have no idea... that's why I'm here :)20:15
ikonia-remotemarsilainen: do a ps -ef and see if anything jumps out20:16
marsilainenit's a fairly much stock lucid system20:16
ikonia-remotemarsilainen: is it a desktop install ?20:16
marsilainenno, server20:16
ikonia-remoteso you used the server install CD ?20:17
marsilainenhow does dhclient3 get launched?20:17
marsilainenI see it there in the ps listing20:17
ikonia-remotemarsilainen: you need to find what's launching it for eth0 - not what's launching it,20:17
marsilainenwell yes20:17
ikonia-remotemarsilainen: having it running is fine if you're using it on another interface20:17
marsilainenikonia-remote: ok, but it's running twice, with different params, once for each interface20:19
marsilainenpointing at the leases files for the interface etc20:20
ikonia-remotemarsilainen: ok, so you need to find what's launching it then, if it's doing it for both interfaces, look at the dhclient.conf also (maybe called dhclient3.conf on ubuntu20:22
marsilainenif I run "sudo /etc/init.d/networking stop" then the dhclient process for wlan0 dies, but the one for eth0 stays20:22
marsilaineneven though both interfaces do go down20:22
marsilainenwhich seems odd...20:22
marsilainenmaybe it's running from earlier before I changed the config?20:22
marsilainenmaybe I should kill it and see if it comes back or not?20:22
marsilainenok, I stopped networking, killed that process, and started networking again20:23
marsilainennow there is only dhclient running for wlan020:23
marsilainenso maybe that has done the trick20:23
marsilainenmaybe it didn't get killed after I changed the config to make eth0 static or something?20:24
marsilainenperhaps I should have stopped networking before I made that changed20:24
marsilainenjust a guess though20:24
marsilainenanyway, fingers crossed it doesn't come back...20:24
ikonia-remotedo a reboot20:25
ikonia-remoteclean state machine20:25
marsilainensure, will do20:25
marsilainenright, well rebooted and it's come up looking correct20:27
marsilainenso I'll wait a while now to check it doesn't switch IP again20:27
marsilainenthanks for the help20:27
ikonia-remotemarsilainen: you found it on your own, so well done you20:29
marsilainenseems to be keeping the right IP now so fingers crossed it's solved20:34
AlanBellhttps://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=192756097451494 real life Monopoly game :)20:59
AlanBell!info r604022:27
lubotu3Package r6040 does not exist in natty22:27
gordaww, flash broke i latest buntus :(22:32
dwatkinsWhat kind of broke, gord?22:38
gordbroke in to tiny little pieces22:39
gordhangs firefox, doesn't load the plugin in chromium22:39
dwatkinsoh bah, any useful info from an strace?22:40
dwatkinsI assume this is 11.04, gord.22:41
AlanBelland twitter explodes22:59
AlanBellSteve Jobs has resigned22:59
gorddwatkins, erm no, 11.1023:01
dwatkinsgord: ok thanks23:01
hamitronAlanBell: twitter explodes?23:03
* hamitron dreams23:03
freakyclownshows that i follow only sensible people - took me several minutes of clicking about to find that news23:11
ging\o/ tell me it's true i hate that man23:19
hamitronnow now ping23:19
* freakyclown acks ging 23:21
freakyclownanyone got a good guide/tutorial on sending packets via the ES on nanode?23:41

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