r2d2rogers_Good evening02:24
r2d2rogers_got hte hangout started02:34
r2d2rogers_forgot to email earlier... will see if anyone shows up02:34
r2d2rogers_howdy waynew02:35
waynewhey r2d2rogers_02:35
waynewhow goes it this fine tuesday evening?02:36
* waynew usually forgets about the weekly chat02:36
r2d2rogers_pretty well, trying to get set to put cyanogen on my android phone02:36
waynewI think this is my second time making it :P02:36
=== r2d2rogers_ is now known as r2d2rogers
* waynew is not familiar with cyanogen02:36
r2d2rogersit's more vanilla google distro of android02:38
waynewbut I do have an android phone^_^02:38
waynewooooh yeah02:38
waynewI knew I had heard the term somewhere02:38
r2d2rogersless crufty02:38
r2d2rogersI have one person in the google+ hangout02:40
waynewyeah, I've got a samsung galaxy s... and it does have a bit of cruft on it02:40
r2d2rogers::Nods:: I'm on a Captivate02:40
waynewthought about dropping by the hangout... but I don't have a webcam on here, so...02:41
r2d2rogerssounds works too02:41
r2d2rogersno video doesn't lock you out02:41
waynewwell, no real mic to speak of either ;)02:41
r2d2rogersno worries02:41
waynewjust catching up on my blog reading... 126 unread on my main account, whoops02:42
r2d2rogersyou keep up better than I do...02:42
r2d2rogersI think I subscribe to too many things02:42
waynewquite a few posts on Gurney Journey - he's an artist (the creator of Dinotopia), and usually has fairly interesting posts. Of course I'm a hobby artist... actually I'm a hobby most things, heh02:43
r2d2rogersHey __todd__02:46
r2d2rogerswaynew and kwadroke  are active here too02:46
waynewyes indeed02:46
kwadrokemostly here02:46
r2d2rogersxHey zillah02:48
zillahhey there02:48
waynewwelcome zillah02:49
zillahhow are things tonight?02:49
r2d2rogerspretty good02:50
waynewgoing swell, just catching up on my rss feeds02:50
r2d2rogerstrying ti figure out if we can think of a topic for tonight02:50
kwadrokeI do have a question for you guys...02:51
kwadrokeI'm wanting to setup a vpn for gaming. Has anyone else done this?02:52
waynewonly vpn I've done was with Hamachi02:52
kwadrokehamachi seems to be a bit over kill02:52
r2d2rogersthe only thing that comes to mind is yeah... hamachi02:53
r2d2rogerswhat about something like open vpn?02:53
kwadrokeI've got a Dyndns account so I don't need hamachi's middle man02:53
waynewunless some newer programs have come out in the last 3 years, Hamachi was the easiest way that I had heard of by far02:53
zillahive used PoPToP before.02:53
kwadrokeand I can open ports easy enough02:53
kwadrokeit's mostly going to be Windows clients connecting02:54
kwadrokeI thought about just recommending putty with port forwarding02:54
r2d2rogersWelcome module00002:54
kwadrokeand use /bin/false as the shell02:54
zillahpoptop is great for windows clients. you can use the built in vpn client.02:54
kwadrokedoes that work with WinXP -Win7?02:55
zillahand win2k02:56
kwadrokehow easy is it to setup the server?02:56
zillahfrom what i remeber ita pretty easy. it's been yeara since i've messed with it though02:57
r2d2rogershowdy johndoc02:57
kwadrokeoh pptp02:58
kwadrokeI think I may have setup this a long time ago on another server02:58
waynewOK Go! and the Muppets: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oiMZa8flyYY&feature=player_embedded02:58
johndoci did no think that came out until tomorrow03:00
waynewit was posted on GeekDad... that was hilarious03:00
johndoci was excited when i found the preview while watching music vids the other night03:01
waynewOK Go amuses me greatly... as well as the Muppets. They've pretty much embraced YouTube, I've noticed03:02
johndoci like both, but i don't care the cover really03:03
johndocthe video is cool though03:03
johndoc*care for the03:03
waynewI think my favorite bit of Muppet related trivia (so far) is on the foreward of one of the Muppet Show Tonight! videos that my dad has...03:06
waynewit was before the Alice Cooper show... and Brian Henson (Jim's son) was saying that they had pretty much convinced people that the Muppet Show was a clean, wholesome, family show... "and then my dad went out and got Alice Cooper on the show". Heh.03:08
johndoci learned my first "dirty" joke from the muppet show03:08
r2d2rogerssared to ask03:09
johndocit's not too bad03:09
johndoci remember it was the crab with the funny accent and he said "What do you get when you cross an elephant and a rhino?" *short pause* "ellufino" which as a kid was funny picturing a half elephant half rhino until about a week later when i realized he actually said "hell if i know"03:10
johndoci had retold the joke to my parents half a dozen times never getting the reaction i expected, just scrunched eyebrows and a stern talking to03:11
waynewI'm sure that was confusing for a young child03:11
r2d2rogersso what can we do for topics for next week to get more people interested in participating?03:12
johndoci told that story to my wife last week when i saw the preview for the ok go thing and she's still laughing (of course she knows my parents)03:12
zillahr2d2rogers: netcat ;)03:13
zillahnetcat is always a fun topic03:15
waynewwow... voxel based storage http://www.wired.com/geekdad/2011/08/coming-soon-supermans-memory-crystals/03:16
r2d2rogersyeha that's gonna be cool03:16
r2d2rogerszillah: you up for doing a demo or talk ? :)03:17
kwadrokesounds like isolinear rods from DS903:17
zillahpossibly. what would we use netcat for?03:17
zillahid love to use it to stream audio to anpter computer but ive never actually done it :P03:18
zillahi could try to do a general intro03:20
zillahwould we just do it on google hangout?03:20
* waynew has heard of netcat before, but doesn't remember what it is/for... 03:21
waynewso I guess that would be interesting ;)03:21
r2d2rogersTHat would be the main talk channel I'd think03:21
r2d2rogersI don't know how easy a screen cast would be on the hangout03:21
r2d2rogersI don't the the resolution is high enough03:21
r2d2rogerswe might have to think about that one a bit03:21
zillahnetcat is used to pipe network traffic waynew03:21
r2d2rogersbut I'm very interested in learning more about using netcat03:22
kwadrokeif done right it can be done on a screen cast03:22
zillahmaybe a terminal window with a big font03:24
kwadrokeuse webcam studio http://www.ws4gl.org/03:25
kwadrokeit can capture part of a screen03:25
kwadrokeI've used it for game streaming on ustream.tv03:25
zillahfor windows?03:26
kwadrokefor windows I use ManyCam03:26
zillahah ok03:26
kwadrokeit does the same thing03:27
r2d2rogerskwadroke: what all does the defcon group do project wise?03:31
kwadrokewe haven't nailed down a particular project yet03:32
kwadrokewe have presentations and such03:33
r2d2rogersIs the defcon group synonymous with the hackerspace group or is there just a lot of overlap?03:35
kwadrokea lot of overlap03:35
kwadrokethe hackerspace is being started by the defcon group03:36
kwadrokebut it will be a seperate entity03:36
r2d2rogersI'd love to see a project space be established03:38
kwadrokesame here. one of the reasons I joined in03:41
r2d2rogersI have a bunch of altoids tins that need projects03:41
r2d2rogersa modular something would be cool...03:41
kwadrokethat reminds me, I need to get the flip-flops out of the car03:42
kwadrokeI'm making a scanline generator for the LCDs in my arcade cabinets03:46
kwadrokeand they use flip-flop ICs to make the lines03:46
r2d2rogers ok03:48
r2d2rogersthere are al sorts of hands on projects that would be cool03:49
r2d2rogersplaying with GPG keys and encryption would be a good defcon topic03:50
kwadrokewe talked about that... just no one's all that familar with it03:50
kwadrokesomething we're still wanting to do03:51
r2d2rogerscheck out the howto's on Ubuntu's site or debian keysigning info03:51
kwadrokeyeah. I've got a book on it too03:52
r2d2rogersI need to make a new key03:56
r2d2rogersI managed to forget my password or typo consistently when I made it03:56
zillahgoing to sleep guys. i'll look into doing something about netcat and let you know04:06
kwadrokeyeah about to head home myself04:07
johndocwhat's up guys?17:08
kwadrokenot much17:08
johndocwhat happened to the...dawg guy that use to be in here?17:09
kwadrokehaven't seen him in awhile17:12
johndocah, i rarely come in here17:12
kwadrokeit's usually pretty quiet in here17:14
kwadrokeexcept tuesday nights17:14
kwadrokeunless someone starts talking17:14
module000haven't idled here in ages :P17:30
kwadrokeI'm usually on here during the day17:32

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