ryaxnb_lies, os x works a little under virtualbox, especially hackintosh os x00:02
ryaxnb_just not very well00:03
sn9must be a recent development, then00:04
MArkDudeaaditya: sent invite for music on Sat night01:10
aadityaMArkDude: got it01:10
MArkDudeIt's one of the events Arielle is a promoter for01:11
MArkDudeAfter DVLUG- Stacy will be doing a show in WC- at redhouse01:11
MArkDudeStill have not seen Bassy Stacy live01:12
MArkDudeShe is the chick from the pics I took01:12
MArkDudeOh- did I put you on circle so you could see comic stuff?01:12
MArkDudelemme check01:13
MArkDudeYou were on + list but not FB01:14
MArkDudeyou are now on both01:14
MArkDudeHere is the post, it only has one pic of newly found zombie girl01:15
MArkDudeAnyone else on _ intersted in a dark comic- let me know- I can put you in circle01:16
MArkDudeUndead love between vampire and zombie girl01:16
aadityaI can see it on G+. Does that mean I'm on the list?01:18
MArkDudeYou are sir01:25
MArkDudeStory is pretty dark is it not01:25
MArkDudeSome good humor also01:25
MArkDudeHave a fair amount of women involved in doing it- I want to avoid how women are usually cardboard in comics01:26
MArkDudePlanning on doing 2 or 3 more shoots01:29
MArkDudeI have a pro person with makeup vomunteering their time01:29
MArkDudein exchange for her using the pics01:30
MArkDudeHmmm, you are doing the reaction people do when they get shoked a bit aaditya01:40
aadityaMArkDude: I am indeed shocked at all this goring and creepiness.01:41
aadityaHow do you even think of such shady stuff? :P01:42
MArkDudeWell I said dark01:42
philipballewwhat part of ubuntu controls restarting the system? the kernel?01:42
MArkDudeImagine being undead01:42
MArkDudeand knowing you would outlive all your loved ones01:42
MArkDudeWell I blame my 1st love from highschool on much of this01:43
MArkDudeZombie girl is modeleld after her01:43
MArkDudeI have plenty of help also01:43
MArkDudeThis is being crowdsourced01:43
akkphilipballew: "controls restarting" is a pretty general phrase. What aspect of restarting?01:44
MArkDudeI actually got a volunteer to take a pic of a mouse skull they are doing taxidermy with01:44
MArkDudeNo dont send it to me- just a pic is fine01:44
pleia2kernel, acpi, depends on what you're doing01:44
MArkDudeMy last ex was a bit dark also.01:45
philipballewakk, well when i click restart or type sudo restart my desktop hangs01:45
MArkDudeNomally I like girls a bit geekier01:45
MArkDudeanyway- good some of the other details are not in yet01:45
aadityaMArkDude: I like the outline so far.01:45
akkphilipballew: Could be the kernel freezing, could be X, could be the desktop (but that's less likely).01:46
MArkDudeWell I want to over do the story01:46
pleia2or a service taking forever to stop (depends on the "freeze" though)01:46
MArkDudeAnd pic the parts that will work best and leave rest01:46
pleia2this sometimes happens for me when connected to network filesystems, takes ages to shut down01:46
philipballewakk, i dropped to a tty and it still did it01:46
akkIf ctrl-alt-F2 takes you to a different console then it's something higher level than X or the kernel; if that doesn't work and neither does ctrl-alt-del then it's almost certainly either X or kenrel.01:47
akk(more likely X)01:47
MArkDudehttps://www.facebook.com/notes/mark-terranova/undead-love/10150283422284130 FB post01:47
philipballewakk, well if i drop to a tty and it still does it. that elimanates the posibility of it being x right?01:48
akkThen probably the kernel. Do the keyboard LEDs (caps lock, num lock etc.) flash? That would mean a kernel panic.01:48
akkAnd when you say "drop to a tty" you mean quit X entirely? Or leave X running, but then go to another console and type reboot?01:48
MArkDudeSo at one point she cuts her heart out to stop how her heart feels. Zombie girl comes up and starts teasing her. And points out that her skill to be able to survive would be AWESOME- during Aztec times01:49
philipballewi press ctrl + alt + f101:49
MArkDudeShe would have been leader after surviving that01:49
MArkDudeblack humor I tell ya01:49
akkX is still running, then, so it's still possible that it's having trouble killing it, but that does make it more likely the kenrel.01:49
akkFreezes as in keys don't echo, hitting return doesn't do anything etc?01:50
philipballewno. hiting keys does nothing at all akk01:50
akkMost likely kernel, then. Some buggy driver that doesn't handle some piece of hardware on your system.01:52
philipballewi could remove unnessery hardware maybe01:53
philipballewi have pci devices that dont work still inside the desktop01:53
akkOr maybe try rmmoding lots of modules one by one, see if any of them causes a problem.01:53
philipballewthe desktop does still shutdown just fine01:53
akkYou can run poweroff and it works, but reboot doesn't?01:54
philipballewi type sudo shutdown -h now and it works great but sudo reboot doesnt01:54
philipballewseriously! and annoying!!! it reboots in 10.04 but not 10.10 or 11.0401:56
nhainesThere's no standard way to halt the system on x86.01:56
philipballew32 bit indeed01:57
nhainesI read an interesting article about that on Planet earlier this month, I think.01:57
philipballewakk, maybe its worth filing a bug?01:57
akkIsn't there an ACPI state, or something like that?01:58
nhainesakk: wouldn't that be nice? :)01:58
akkphilipballew: It's definitely worth filing, but IME it probably won't get any attention since it's hardware specific and won't be reproducible for other people.01:58
philipballewakk, i might remove "weird, odd pci componets" and see if that works first02:01
akkphilipballew: d says he's seen this -- "It's usually a bug in the BIOS, and it's usually fixable" -- maybe by setting a boot-time kernel parameter.02:01
philipballewhow would i do that?02:02
akkHave you googled on your computer model (or other hardware-specific stuff)? boot-time params like that are usually FM (friggin' magic)02:02
akkso finding them isn't at all obvious, but often someone else has figured it out and it shows up in a search.02:02
philipballewwhat kinda stuff can i do by finding this :)02:03
akkWhat's the hardware?02:03
philipballewemachine t642002:04
MarkDudeaaditya: what about Kali- and the necklace of skulls? As well as skirt of limbs?02:10
aadityaMarkDude: scary stuff, yes.02:11
aadityacan tie into the story nicely. She's the symbol of destruction of the evil.02:11
MarkDudeMy sister almost named my niece Cali02:12
MarkDudeI gave her link to Kali- no more mention02:12
MarkDudeWell for that to work- I would need to include at least one Indian02:13
MarkDudeKnow of any?02:13
MarkDudeRumor has it there are a few in the Valley02:13
MarkDudeDiversity at moment now is Jewish and white, so diversity would rock02:14
philipballewakk, so what would you say i google?02:17
akkdunno -- I'd start with something like emachines t6420 reboot linux and adjust from there (might have to drop the i6420 and see if it's a general emachines problem).02:19
akkmaybe throw in freeze or hang02:19
akkgoogling is an art and you often have to try lots of terms02:20
philipballewi like the advanced search function02:21
philipballewit helps sometimes02:22
MarkDudepleia2:  you around? Or are cats holding you down?03:14
bkerensatoo many cats03:38
grantbowher tweet stream shows lolcats, no pirate cats03:39
MarkDudeOne of her cats acts like a a pirate03:44
MarkDudeWhat about you bkerensa - interested in a dark comic?03:44
* bkerensa doesnt read comics :P03:45
MarkDudeFair enough03:45
MarkDudegrantbow: you could translate it swahili on your trip03:45
akkHaha, just seen on facebook: "5.9? That's what us Californians use to stir our coffee with."04:03
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MarkDudegrantbow: say hello04:49
MarkDudeRemeber ,me, I am going to Africa (to save the world by teaching) and teachimng use of technology (in my MOther Teresa like fashion)04:50
MarkDudeYou nee not include parenthetical bits04:50
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pleia2MarkDude: was out being a tourist05:24
MarkDudeI have 2 questions05:26
MarkDudeDo you like dark humor- want to see my comic outline- it is just starting05:26
MarkDudethe other is check your PM05:26
pleia2MarkDude: not really into comics, sorry05:29
iheartubuntu i know weird. elenin was in alignment today and there was the quake on the east coast. coincidence? the next elenin alignment is going to be on september 6th05:31
* iheartubuntu drinks some beer05:31
grantbowfelt that quake. usgs map isn't updated yet17:04
grantbowcoffee stirer17:04
pleia2aw, nothing here17:04
akkDidn't feel it here.17:05
grantbowhttp://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/recenteqscanv/FaultMaps/122-38.html will update in a few minutes17:05
akkooh, is the hayward finally going?17:05
pleia2http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/recenteqsus/Quakes/nc71625585.php ?17:06
grantbowpleia2 did you get that from a list? map isn't showing that one yet17:09
akkThe one grantbow pasted says 9:42 am but the color is for "last day", not "last hour" *confused*17:09
pleia2grantbow: I clicked on the us map http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/recenteqsus/ then kept clicking toward the red thing17:09
pleia23 clicks in it gets you to the event page17:10
grantbowso recent gets update before the one I linked. makes sense.17:10
akkUSGS didn't send me any notifications. I must have some address registered with them that I didn't move to the new ISP.17:10
grantbowakk, the blue ones were last night.17:11
grantbowdented/tweeted as K6CBK, my second ID I just started17:14
nhainesYokoZar: Great blog post!  I liked it.  Sorry about the interview though....20:54
YokoZarnhaines: I hadn't even asked for a job, heh20:55
nhainesYokoZar: ninja interview!20:56
YokoZarnhaines: yeah pretty much20:56
nhainesYokoZar: well, at least you know you won't fall for that again, hehe.20:57
pleia2I've had a couple of those, I always manage to botch them before I realize what's going on20:57
pleia2it's annoying20:58
YokoZarnhaines: pleia2: I think the secret is to not answer calls from strangers unless you're awake20:58
pleia2but my problem is confidence, I build it all up for interviews but not casual conversation20:58
pleia2so I think I'm having a casual conversation and being all modest... doh!20:59
YokoZarIt's a trap!20:59
nhainesIt took a while to realize that LUGs and speaking deals were Serious Business even if I *was* just doing them because I liked to.  :)21:01
pleia2yeah, I always have my pro, non-shy hat on at those now21:01
pleia2and I learned that when an acquaintance asks you out to lunch you need to drink confidence juice first21:02
pleia2may be nothing, but just in case..!21:02
YokoZarpleia2: I know you didn't intend it that way but "confidence juice" reads an awful lot like "profuse amounts of alcohol"21:03
pleia2well, that works too21:03
YokoZarI wouldn't know21:04
pleia2stops me from being so shy anyway21:04
nhainesWent bowling a couple of months ago and got some Jameson from the bar.  When my coworkers asked what I was drinking I told them and said "It tastes like courage."21:04
YokoZarThe other surprise job interview is all these parties I've been invited to in Silicon Valley lately.  Everyone's got a startup...21:04
nhainespleia2: It makes me sing better too.21:04
YokoZarnhaines: Disagree.  It makes you sing, period.21:05
nhainesYokoZar: I've always thought I sounded better.  So that's proof!  ;)21:05
YokoZarMan one of my least favorite things is playing Rock Band with drunk people...21:05
nhainesYay, I'm testing U1 Files 1.0.3 for Android.  :)21:09
philipballewsteve jobs just resigned. the fate of apple will now be un-determined.22:48
sn9uncertainty is awesome22:50
ryaxnbi think apple will be ok22:54
MArkDudeWe all kniw that Skynet will eventually take control of Apple - using technilogy from the Goog of course23:33

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