snap-lprinter acquired.00:28
snap-lJoDee is watching the Voyager episode where Janwway and Seven of Nine reenact Anne Sullivan and Helen Keller00:39
rick_h_is that good or bad?00:59
snap-lit's pathetic01:00
rick_h_ah, well in that case...01:00
snap-lAlso, loving this printer.01:16
snap-lEveryone should get one while they're on sale at Staples.01:16
snap-lIt's a behemoth01:16
rick_h_what did you end up getting?01:16
snap-lBrother MFC-8480DN01:21
snap-lEthernet, with Linux support01:22
snap-lIt has a telnet server.01:25
jjesseeveryone having a good night?02:39
_stink_car broke down on the way home from work :P02:54
_stink_but after that, sure.02:54
jjessehope it isn't too expensive02:54
_stink_yeah, hoping just the fuel pump.02:54
snap-l_stink_: glad to hear you are ok03:43
brouschrick_h_: did you see the manning deal of the day?12:05
brouschhalf off Sass and Compass in Action12:07
brouschi swear they stalk you12:07
rick_h_yea, I saw that, didn't end up getting it12:11
rick_h_honestly, not sure there's enough there for a book, but not a fan of manning stuff12:11
rick_h_reminder _stink_ snap-l widox and company CHC moved: http://coffeehousecode.appspot.com/locations/detroit.html12:23
rick_h_brousch: did my first app engine push lol12:23
snap-lrick_h_: I might be late because JoDee's teaching right up until 8pm12:28
brouschoh crap, it's wednesday already12:31
rick_h_brousch: yes it is sir12:31
rick_h_snap-l: ok, cool12:31
rick_h_krondor: ^^ as well12:32
rick_h_krondor: how did the android meeting go?12:32
krondorrick_h_:  bad turnout (5 people).  Though I did help a guy root and get cwm recovery on his galaxy tab 7"12:33
brouschkrondor: why do you think the turnout was bad?12:34
brouschi'm prodding ptenhoopen_ into getting an android group going here12:34
ptenhoopen_krondor:  What was the purpose of the meeting?  user group?12:34
ptenhoopen_brousch:  Hopefully soon!12:35
krondorbrousch: a few people messaged said they were out of town or sick.  Probably would have had near 10 otherwise (seems to be the average).12:35
krondorptenhoopen_: yeah user group12:35
brouschgroup attendence does drop in the summer12:35
rick_h_yea, that's true12:35
ptenhoopen_For dev? Or general usage/modding?12:35
rick_h_but it's also a new group12:35
krondorI think the group needs more presence to attract more people.  A dedicated website maybe not just a link off of i3's and some more focus on what content will be discussed meeting to meeting.12:35
rick_h_krondor: yea, details sure helps12:36
snap-lalso, pie12:36
rick_h_sucks, to really get things off the ground really does require a bunch of work/planning12:36
krondorptenhoopen_:  we are kind of covering all things while we figured out the interest levels.  It seems a mix of people so far 1/3 dev 1/3 hacks 1/3 just user (I got this phone what can I do etc...).12:37
krondoronly two formal topics so far have been how to setup the android dev environment on linux/windows and last meeting was how to root (also why root).12:37
ptenhoopen_We're thinking of starting a dev group in GR.  But maybe the usage part might be cool too.12:38
rick_h_if I was going to do dev, I'd try to do mobile dev vs just android I think12:39
krondorI actually thought more general hackerspace members at i3 would be more interested in the; how to interface aurdino to android12:39
rick_h_then you'd have enough to skip the usage stuff more12:39
krondorrick_h_: that's true we had a couple of guys show up for the build env. topic that were iphone devs that were looking at getting into android.12:40
rick_h_yea, I mean you might get some that switch attendence depending on the topic12:40
rick_h_but some would come to both, and overall get a wider net12:40
ptenhoopen_rick_h_:  I considered covering more than Android too but the people I talked too were more interested in that than iOS.  We'd probably cover phonegap stuff too.12:40
rick_h_ptenhoopen_: cool12:40
krondorI was at this angelbeat conference thingy.  Compuware was there telling everyone to scrap their web app dev and make phone apps.  They literally said "we've all been assuming the browser is the future platform when we should have thought android and ios were".12:45
krondorI still feel phone apps are an interim step toward the browser is the platform again w/ html5 webgl etc...12:45
brouschright, because a mobile app means the web is dead12:45
krondoryeah I was just thinking really compuware?12:46
brouschnobody uses a computer at work or at home for surfing the web. they all use ipads now12:46
krondoreven if they all used ipads.. do you really want an app for each tiny website?  Installed locally?12:47
snap-lkrondor: It would appear that every single vendor out there would like something like that. :)12:48
brouschno, it is silly12:48
snap-lThen you can see their logo on your home screen12:48
snap-lWElcome back to 1995. "Set our site as your home page"12:48
* krondor goes to install the great lakes crossing app12:49
brouschi think a mobile version of your web site is more important than app for most companies12:49
snap-lOf course Compuware is going to say that, though. They're still floundering trying to figure their place in this world. ;)12:50
snap-land apps = $$$12:50
brouschan app should provide a specific set of tasks12:50
snap-land Compuware would be more than happy to sell you that app. ;)12:50
krondorI really didn't get their pitch actually because here they are trying to sell vantage to people to monitor their website performance (simulated clicks and measures of response time and such), then telling people to scrap their web dev.12:51
krondormade no sense to me12:51
snap-lkrondor: Ahem, let me translate.12:51
snap-l"Stop developing web apps in house, and let us do everything for you. We're experts in this field, and you have no hope to survive. Make your time".12:52
krondorsnap-l:  ah, ok now I see the light.12:52
krondorbrousch: ++ and yet another reason to root12:52
snap-lbrousch: This is why Apple is very adamant about keeping control of the iPhone experience.12:52
snap-lIf you let the carriers have control, you get bullshit.12:53
snap-lmarketing has no taste.12:53
brouschat least you can uninstall PC crapware12:53
brouschhopefully the google/moto phones will not have crapware12:54
snap-lbrousch: This goes back to the 286 days, if not earlier12:54
* brousch realizes google is an ad company12:54
snap-lhalf-hearted, half-baked versions of shit software.12:54
snap-lbrousch: Google is very sensitive to the user experience12:55
brouschthis is why any phone i buy has to be on cyanogenmod's supported list12:55
snap-lwhich is why their landing page is very clean12:55
snap-lIf nothing else, Google has th same aestherics as Apple12:56
snap-lor very similar.12:56
snap-lSo, since we're PC developers now, does that mean in 10 years if we don't adapt to mobile development, we'll be regarded the same way that mainframe developers were regarded when we started in this business?12:58
Wolfgersnap-l: What do you mean you don't code everything in Java ME? How archaic!13:00
snap-lWolfger: Don't make me replace you with an EJB.13:00
ptenhoopen_brousch:  I looked at the cyanogen device list and thought it would be bigger.13:01
ptenhoopen_I'm getting a Droid 3 and it isn't listed.13:01
ptenhoopen_Only the original Droid appears on the list.13:02
snap-lptenhoopen_: Could be an older list13:03
brouschlocked bootloader i think13:03
snap-lNoticed that with printer / scanner lists that are volunteer-supported.13:04
rick_h_krondor: I have a friend that hired out some mobile stuff to compuware13:05
rick_h_not happy, project was a mess13:05
rick_h_was a fun conversation at pyohio this year13:05
rick_h_mobile web is the win13:05
rick_h_you're just going to try to reinvent the web, links, clicks, tracking, insight into customer experience/etc you just don't get ootb with mobile dev these days13:05
snap-lThere's certain things that work well as web, and other things that you want to have an app13:06
snap-lmessaging apps are 100% better as mobile apps13:06
rick_h_though I do wish the tools were better, thinking of redoing bookie's mobile from group up without any toolkit like jquery mobile13:06
rick_h_snap-l: why is that?13:06
snap-lrick_h_: Well, on the iPhone it means that we don't have to keep Safari up all the time13:06
snap-land you can have push notifications13:07
snap-lGoogle talk is a PITA as a web app on the iPhone13:07
snap-ltwitter is usable as an app on the iPhone13:07
brouschthink about irc as a mobile webapp13:07
rick_h_yea, I guess. Native notifications, real background, etc not really going to fly on iphone web is it13:08
snap-lInternet Radio is a scosh more usable as an app (but not that much)13:08
rick_h_there's Blazeix13:08
brouschalso anything that needs to work offline13:08
rick_h_Blazeix: reminder, new location for CHC tonight13:08
rick_h_the chc website is updated13:08
rick_h_brousch: yea, but the amazon reader app has me rethinking that13:09
brouschor anything that needs to be accessed by more than 1 app (contacts)13:09
Blazeixrick_h_: ok, thanks!13:09
rick_h_if they can do that offline...things are getting a lot better than I thought they were13:09
brouschsupposedly html5 offline stuff is a PITA for dev13:09
rick_h_brousch: yea, that's apis. There is defintely a need for more api stuff13:09
snap-lrick_h_: Also, networking on a mobile device can go from awesome wifi at home to boondocks bits13:10
snap-land loading a website over boondocks bits is not fun. ;)13:10
rick_h_snap-l: yea, but if you do the app right, that first time you get the site from wifi you should have 99% of hte bits you need for the next call13:11
snap-l(boondocks bits are bits that are made of wood, so they get caught in the phone)13:11
nullspacehmm I wonder if mobile borwsers support deflate ...13:11
snap-lnullspace: gzip compression, or something else?13:12
rick_h_nullspace: yea, they all do gzip13:12
nullspacewell that will help13:12
brouschis there a way to detect someone's speed and serve up a lower-bandwidth site?13:12
snap-lbrousch: Not reliably13:14
nullspaceI suspect you pass them large image that's never used and have a js call back home once it's loaded, but I'd guess that would be pretty hit or miss13:14
rick_h_yea, it's something you'd just do as a user selectable option13:14
rick_h_start low bandwidth, save a local cache setting13:15
snap-lnullspace: Depending on how low-bandwidth they are, you might never finish that transaction. :)13:15
brouschuser selectable options suck when the widget for the user to select it takes forever to load13:15
rick_h_well that can't be allowed13:15
brouschi think there are proxy services that will downsize images and compress for you13:16
nullspaceyou could roll your own13:17
rick_h_meh, you're just moving hte problem out of your control at that point13:17
nullspacebrousch: are you talking as a website dev or as a user frustrated with websites ?13:18
snap-lYou might as well serve up gif files at that point, and welcome 1995.13:18
brouschi suppose the biggest issue is giant javascript libraries, but you can get around that by using Google's jquery so it's more likely to be cached.13:18
brouschand images, which you can get around by detecting mobile and serving smaller versions13:18
snap-lbrousch: Never assume cache13:18
brouschnullspace: dev13:18
nullspacesnap-l: you know you have the <table> love13:19
snap-lnullspace: Some days, I'm all about the tables. :)13:19
nullspacebrousch: run yslow against your site13:19
snap-lespecially when I have a table that I need to represent. ;)13:19
rick_h_snap-l: I disagree, plan and assume cache13:20
brouschnullspace: i'm just musing in general, not a specific site13:20
rick_h_brousch: get slimmer libraries13:20
rick_h_zepto vs jquery if you're doing mobile13:20
rick_h_you don't need IE6 fixes in the code13:20
rick_h_don't use all of jquery ui, etc13:20
rick_h_get the widgets you use, that's it13:21
brouschdoesn't that mean more requests?13:21
rick_h_and again, get things down on initial page load, but count on cache for rest of app use13:21
rick_h_brousch: no, you should be building your JS13:21
snap-lrick_h_: I think we have a topic for lococast. ;)13:21
rick_h_snap-l: hah, ok will make a note13:21
brouschug, now i have to dynamically program my js too?13:21
rick_h_brousch: no, you need to "build13:21
rick_h_" it13:21
brouschand compile my css?13:22
rick_h_same for css13:22
nullspacerick_h_: don't forget about a JS and CSS compressor13:22
rick_h_nullspace: == biuld13:22
rick_h_err build13:22
snap-lblergh, I really hate compressors.13:22
rick_h_I just do minify + gzip13:22
rick_h_not full compress, but yea13:22
snap-lI understand taking 5K source and turning it into 1K spew saves 4k load, but if you ever need to debug it, it's a real PITA13:23
nullspacesnap-l: thus the compressor13:24
snap-land I'd rather have the source, even if I never look at it13:24
snap-lnullspace: How do you mean?13:24
rick_h_snap-l: naw, chrome and such have unmin tools13:25
rick_h_and production you're not debugging anyway13:25
snap-lI call bullshit. ;)13:25
rick_h_I mean, if you debug you're .0001% ofthe requests for that file13:25
rick_h_and there are ways around that such as debug flags to the url13:25
nullspacewell I'm speaking from using java so on compile it runs through the js and css and minifies them13:25
snap-lI'm talking debugging on the client.13:25
rick_h_snap-l: so am I13:26
rick_h_there's nothing against a mako template saying:13:26
snap-lRight, that was for nullspave13:26
brouschnullspace: i suppose on python i'd need a pre-deploy script or something that does those things13:26
rick_h_if request.params.debug: include full sources else: include minify13:26
snap-lrick_h_: Right, I get that. :)13:26
rick_h_brousch: yea, basically.13:26
rick_h_this is where a build server and push to build to deploy comes in13:26
rick_h_which if you're going to do a serious mobile app/etc you should have13:27
snap-lrick_h_: And then you have to make sure that your cached copy = the minified copy = the unminified copy.13:27
rick_h_meh, as a dev I have caching turned off almost all the time13:27
rick_h_means I get the *worst* case13:27
rick_h_so clients are only happier from here13:27
nullspacesnap-l: yeah debugging js on the client kinda goes away for us, but we built in the compressor a js tester that basically runs the js and logs errors on the server side13:27
brouschi know some my problems with learning frameworks is that you get all of this thrown at you, on top of the framework itself13:28
snap-lrick_h_: I've seen some Heisenbugs that way, though13:28
rick_h_brousch: right, understand13:28
rick_h_this is why true, all out, dev isn't easy13:28
rick_h_it's a lot more than just writing some if statements13:29
snap-lOr Excel. ;)13:29
nullspacelibs == good, frameworks == not so good13:29
brouschto do excel the right way you need to break your data out into a separate excel document and then cells to it13:29
nullspacethat's my feeling13:29
rick_h_snap-l: yea, I mean you can get some strange issues, but usually you end up with tests, and things get boxed into a few possibly issues13:29
rick_h_nullspace: bah13:29
brouschthen abstract out your macros and UI13:30
rick_h_frameworks is all about choosing the right tool for the job13:30
nullspaceI don't think I'll ever be convinced to try another framework, they seem to only bring another layer of absttraction to learn on top of compatibility issues13:32
rick_h_well my rule is never use a framework that you don't know/understand what it's doing inside13:33
rick_h_it's like any good tool, you want to use vim..great...but you better understand your .vimrc or you're trapped13:33
brouschnullspace: that's why I like Flask. tiny amount of framework, plug in the modules you need as you need them13:33
rick_h_I've used a ton of frameoworks, php, JS, python, it's all about konwing your framework13:33
rick_h_shoot, jqueryui, etc are all "frameworks"13:34
nullspaceI see jquery as a lib13:34
rick_h_I said ui13:35
rick_h_but even jquery, it gives you certain tools, forces conventions13:35
rick_h_ok, well I guess if you've never written your own jquery plugin it's more lib than framework13:35
rick_h_but if you've written to their design specs/etc it's a JS framework13:35
snap-lDepending on your definition, you can easily slide between calling libraries frameworks. ;)13:36
rick_h_go check out yui3 some time13:37
rick_h_I need to figureout how to get the office to move over there13:37
brouschholy crap, this really clears things up wrt vim for me http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1218390/what-is-your-most-productive-shortcut-with-vim/1220118#122011813:37
snap-lbrousch: That you can spend 2 hours on the internet researching shortcuts for vim? ;)13:37
rick_h_brousch: lol, yea it's good stuff13:38
brouschno, it explains that it's a language with nouns and verbs and such13:38
snap-lbrousch: ah, just shot from the title. ;)13:38
brouschinstead of just a gob of apparently random keyboard shortcuts to memorize13:38
rick_h_yea, it was making the rounds this past weekend I think13:38
snap-lI think the big problem is nobody used the old DOS-based editors13:38
rick_h_really good stuff13:38
snap-ler, I mean, not a lot of folks currently doing development used the old DOS-based editors13:39
snap-lvi - the programmer's text adventure. ;)13:41
brouschpeople told me i had to learn vim's movement commands, i thought they meant jkl;13:43
_stink_i love the anecdote about the origin of the name for grep.13:43
_stink_that's the kind of software history that makes me smile.13:43
snap-lbrousch: Yeah, there's a lot more to vi than just up / down / left / right13:43
Wolfgerthere is?13:50
Wolfgeroh, right.... yy and p too13:50
Wolfgerand G13:51
brouschi think my brain reached its newstuff quota for the day already13:55
brouschi feel like i just sat through an hour of a rick_h_ presentation13:56
rick_h_brousch: lol, uh oh13:57
rick_h_sorry man13:57
brouschnot your fault this time, it was the vim post13:57
rick_h_remember, with vim take one new command a week13:58
rick_h_don't over do it or you'll melt back to eclipse13:58
brouschi've been using gedit mostly13:58
brouschsytax highlighting without all the lag13:58
brouschnice project view13:59
rick_h_ugh, man that's like using vim without all the benifits13:59
rick_h_I mean, I can at least understand eclipse/etc users wanting their wizads/etc13:59
brouschuses tabs13:59
brouschinstead of split windows and such14:00
rick_h_tabs are evil that is all ... :P14:00
jrwrenbrousch: you didn't know vim commands are modifier verb?14:00
brouschi have been using vim or all things i previously used nano for, server admin stuff mostly14:00
jrwrenI thought tabs were the tops at first, but splits and using buffers is FAR more valueable14:01
brouschjrwren: well it never really clicked with me14:01
rick_h_yea, I off learning vim because they didn't have tabs14:02
brouschto me dd=delete this line, not delete with this modifier that tells how much to delete14:02
rick_h_then 7 came out and I made the jump and realized I was so wrong14:02
jrwrenbrousch: yeah, bummer.14:02
jrwrenbrousch: 0d$ ?14:02
jrwrenis that what I meant?14:04
jrwrenno, i was right.14:04
jrwrenoh visual.14:04
jrwreni don't use visual unless i need it14:04
rick_h_sometimes that extra step/highlight makesthings a bit more clear to users14:04
rick_h_if I say v3wd14:04
rick_h_they see the three words highlight, then delete14:05
jrwreni dno't use it because I didnt' know about it and use vi for so many years.14:05
rick_h_I use visual a ton for limited find/replace/etc14:05
rick_h_indent, etc14:05
rick_h_vi"y ...move... p14:06
brouschthat v is nice14:07
brouschvery nice14:07
rick_h_yea, you can use it all kinds of ways14:08
rick_h_vF. for instance helps visualize you're getting to the end of the line and not just to Mr. or something before hitting delete14:08
rick_h_sorry, vf.14:09
rick_h_F would go backwards14:09
brouschno more today! i have a post-it full of movement commands, and v to highlight what i'm working on14:10
rick_h_brousch: did you watch: http://lococast.net/archives/24114:10
rick_h_make v your lesson of the week14:11
rick_h_practice a movement/two a week after that14:11
brouschi think i was crying after #214:11
brouschwell if i tape these movements to my monitor it will be faster to look at them than to arrow where i want to go14:11
brouschi have gg, G, :#, w, b, {, }, #|, 0, v14:13
rick_h_^ is an important one14:13
brouschstart of line?14:13
rick_h_though 0w is a decent alternative14:14
brouschisn't that the same as 0?14:14
rick_h_first no space char of a line14:14
rick_h_so if indented 8 spaces it skips the spaces14:14
brouschuseful for python14:14
rick_h_anything that's indented14:14
krondorridiculous; http://www.engadget.com/2011/08/24/netherlands-judge-rules-that-samsung-galaxy-s-s-ii-violate-appl/14:26
krondor"EP 2,058,868 - method of scrolling / browsing gallery;" is the violation ruled on14:28
snap-lkrondor: This is going to play out differently in every country.14:28
snap-lCan you imagine if Atari had patented parts of the Atari 2600?14:30
snap-lie: color cycling?14:30
snap-lOr blitting on the Atari ST?14:31
krondorso that violation is on a stock google app (cooliris wrote the gallery app for google).  Effectively means all android in the netherlands with the stock gallery app are in violation (could be banned).14:31
krondorlooking at my captivate gallery app with my xoom app side by side.. I'm wondering why the judge said the samsung galaxy tab 10.1 didn't violate.  This all seems so inconsistent to me.14:37
snap-lhttp://perlgeek.de/blog-en/perl-6/why-rakudo-needs-nqp.html <- What I read: Perl 6 sucks up it's own asshole.14:50
jrwrenyeah, imagine if double buffering was patented!14:52
snap-ljrwren: I'm sure at some point it will be.14:52
snap-lif it isn't already.14:52
snap-lof course, you do NOT want to get graphics developers pissed off at you. :)14:53
Wolfgerkrondor: can we just burn all the software patents now?16:00
krondorWolfger: I wish! It's such a mess.16:04
Wolfger"The earthquake triggered an automatic shutdown of a nuclear power plant less than 20 miles from the epicenter after it lost electricity."16:12
WolfgerI thought the purpose of the power plant was to generate electricity16:13
jrwrenoff the grid.16:13
jrwrena nuke power plant can't generate E at low enough levels for just itself.16:13
jrwrenif it comes off grid it needs to shut down16:13
WolfgerI guess that makes sense. It just feels wrong.16:14
Wolfger"The device that produces our electricity shut down when it lost electricity"16:15
snap-lHave I mentioned lately that MySQL is crap?16:17
jrwrenmost large generators are like that.16:17
snap-lmanually changing columns from latin1 to utf816:17
jrwrenmany can't start without electricity.16:17
snap-lThis is why we can't have perpetual motion machines. ;)16:18
jrwrenyour car is like that. it generates electricity, but it cannot run or start without electricity16:18
Wolfgerit needs electricity to start, and that makes sense16:20
Wolfgerbut once a car starts, it is self sustaining16:21
Wolfgeryou can yank the battery out (I don't recommend it) while it's running, and it will keep running16:21
Wolfgersimilarly I can understand that a nuclear reactor needs outside energy to start, but I kinda expect it to self-sustain once started16:22
Wolfgerall the same, I'm glad that it fails safely in an earthquake :-)16:23
snap-lHave I mentioned lately how much I fucking hate MySQL and unicode?16:50
rick_h_hah, it's a good life16:50
snap-lWell, I managed to obliterate my entire OMC database with a UTF8 change.16:51
snap-lThank God for backups16:51
rick_h_there you go, you must get some miles in while working today or you don't get your bonus17:00
snap-lI've thought about putting one of those in17:00
snap-lat least the standing desk partl17:00
brouschour accountant has a standing desk at his office17:04
brousch"In all seriousness, I want Cyberkiller for the gentle prodding."17:24
snap-lbrousch: Thanks. :)17:36
snap-lHah, he noticed it as well. :)17:37
brouscheven if you did swing that way, i'm not sure someone with the name of cyberkiller is your type17:37
nixternalhow goes michigan these days?17:37
snap-lnixternal: Missing nixternal. How are you?17:38
brouschut, who woke nixternal?17:38
nixternalok i guess. how are you?17:38
snap-lnixternal: Doing OK17:38
snap-lManaged to lose our rockstars to Florida and California17:38
nixternali needed and still do need an irc break. this shit will kill productivity17:38
nixternalwho were your rockstars?17:38
snap-ljcastro and greg-g17:39
nixternalgreg went to cali (san fran area i bet, stupid hipster) and jcastro to florida (because it is closer to his uncle fidel)17:39
nixternaljust a guess that is ^^ :)17:39
snap-lnixternal: greg for Creative Commons, and jcastro because Jill is doing her residency there17:40
nixternalwhere at in florida did jcastro go?17:40
brouschgreg-g is a hippie, not a hipster17:40
nixternalmy cousin just moved down to the st. petes area and i will be heading down there quite a few times this winter to do some bike riding17:41
snap-lnixternal: Boca raton (sp)17:41
nixternaldoes jill work with old people or something? that is all there is in boca. that is where our condo is17:41
snap-lnixternal: Not sure offhand.17:43
nixternalcool man, glad to see everyone is doing ok. gotta head out for a bit but will be back on later probably. tell everyone i said hi and i miss then :)17:44
nixternalthem, not then17:44
rick_h_oh crap, work just sent around a "Social Media Policy"17:46
brouschyou angered them with your tweets17:48
brouschnow you will need a pseudonym to rip on people17:48
rick_h_off the hook! any computer, laptop, telephone, cell phone, and the like provided by Morpace.17:50
rick_h_I don't use any gear provided by then17:50
rick_h_and they don't claim the right to intercept the network itself17:50
rick_h_so I think I'm ok17:50
rick_h_I can sign this in good faith17:50
snap-lHeh, we got one about the internal Engage site telling us not to post sensitive stuff in unprotected areas.17:51
snap-lrick_h_: What are they cracking down on?17:51
rick_h_work is going nuts trying to get a facebook page and such going17:51
rick_h_I imagine it's something that they've run into perhaps? No idea actually17:51
rick_h_maybe HR just went to a seminar and went to a talk on this17:52
rick_h_who knows17:52
snap-lSo they expect you not to use social media stuff while at work?17:52
rick_h_"Surprisingly, anything posted on line is public and therefore privacy rights do not apply even if your page is17:52
rick_h_+set to a private status. "17:52
snap-lOh, so essentially "don't post shit unless you expect it to become public"17:53
rick_h_there's some of that in there17:53
rick_h_"acceptable" and "unacceptable" use listed out17:54
snap-l"acceptable": Making money for the company while maintaining a sense of decorum17:55
rick_h_http://paste.mitechie.com/show/KTNXGdvJqJPh7AMAePs8/ could get me in trouble i suppose17:55
snap-l"unacceptable": taking photos of your junk and posting them online with the morpace logo reflecting off of your junk17:55
snap-lrick_h_: Wow, that's overbroad.17:56
rick_h_yea, that's lawyer CYA there17:56
snap-lI guess this is the last we hear about NC dude. :)17:56
rick_h_"say anything online we can take as 'bad' and you're against the policy and we can fire you"17:56
rick_h_not likely...didn't you hear? I have a cousin that lives in NC :P17:57
rick_h_always IM'ing me stupid crap17:57
snap-lrick_h_: cousin badprogrammer17:57
rick_h_wrong side of the gene pool, you understand17:57
snap-lMy favorite was the Engage site asked us for our Twitter and homepages17:58
brouschrick_h_: Yeah, you're in trouble http://paste.mitechie.com/show/JaqfPcoSLSt3Yb7CQXO6/17:59
Blazeixooh, scary. For CHC, if you just type "31901 Woodward Avenue" into google maps it sends to a location that isn't CHC.18:51
brouschrick_h_: just watched the visual mode vimcast. visual block mode will save me so much time19:10
rick_h_that sucks Blazeix19:29
rick_h_awesome brousch19:29
jrwrenwhat is that online shared text editor?19:40
jrwrenbrain is SLOW19:40
rick_h_check out etherpadlite19:45
rick_h_they just had a release this week19:45
rick_h_works on windows as well19:46
* greg-g waves from Jackson, Wyoming19:49
jrwrenhi greg1!19:50
snap-lHey greg-g !20:01
greg-ghiya snap-l / jrwren ! :)20:09
brouschgreg-g: geez, taking your sweet time getting to cali20:13
snap-lHey, look at me, I'm filling out a survey for Staples. ;)20:14
greg-gbrousch: :P20:17
rick_h_snap-l: uh oh20:23
rick_h_greg-g: howdy, travel going well?20:24
snap-lrick_h_: And it was a pleasent experience.20:24
snap-lMan, my machine just decided to put on the Twin Peaks soundtrack disc20:25
snap-lHaven't heard this in a loooooong time20:25
greg-grick_h_: yeah, it is beautiful out here.20:31
greg-gof note: Jackson, WY is a very spendy town. Full of Mercedes and specialty jewelry shops.20:32
snap-lSOunds like Macomb. ;)20:32
snap-lAlthough you can replace the specialty jewelry scores with the "we buy gold" stores.20:34
snap-lHeh, Boxee just sent out an offer for the Boxee Box for $16920:41
greg-galright, after doing CC work for the last bit in Jackson, time to head back into the mountians :)21:54
snap-lWoo woo!21:55

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