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internalkernelI did... it was sooo faint though. I didn't even know what it was, and I used to live in Cali - just made the desk bounce a little... if it weren't for the cup of tea I had, I might of missed it altogether...01:30
akgranerinternalkernel, I totally missed it here01:44
akgranerbut the cat and dog went nuts01:45
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akgranerbillfarrow, thanks for organizing the event...I'll add it to the loco directory if it hasn't been added already :-)19:11
akgranerinternalkernel, have you all talked to Firestorm yet?19:11
akgranerif not I'll be in Asheville tomorrow and can pop in there19:11
internalkernelholstein, has Scott's contact info - what's the protocol for booking something at Firestorm?19:13
akgranerOh and I need to update LD with holstein infor19:14
akgranerinfo even19:14
billfarrowakgraner: great, thanks.19:41
billfarrowwe need to fill in the click map a bit with some more USA meetings19:41
akgranerI'll be adding two for our team19:42
akgraner:-) so we'll be doing our part19:42
coxnthere was a raccoon in the courtyard at my work this morning: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tarheelcoxn/6076562601/20:15
BugeyeDcoxn: are you /sure/ that's not annie lennox?20:18
coxnBugeyeD: pretty confident, yeah20:30
holsteininternalkernel akgraner i can go buy the cafe if needed21:14
holsteinwe can pretty much just call and ask to be put on the calendar21:14
holsteini would send an email to liberty though, which i think is still scott@thefirestorm21:14
billfarrowholstein: you can affort to buy the cafe - wow :-)21:24
holsteinbillfarrow: ;)21:24
billfarrowthe little letter 'u' can change the whole world21:25
billfarrowputting the 'u' into ubuntu21:27
akgranerCan't have a commUnIty without you and I :-)22:02
akgraneror there would be no UnIty without You and I :-P22:02

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