* skellat is watching My Babysitter Is A Vampire02:17
canthus13skellat: I'm sorry. :(02:23
skellatIt isn't that bad02:24
skellatIt is good Canadian television02:24
skellatIt seems almost accidental that Disney happens to carry it in the US02:25
skellatHow goes the life in Mansfield?02:26
Cheri703good :)02:28
skellatI had to do an opening day shift today so I'm a bit thrown off schedule.02:30
Cheri703my week has been weird so far, tomorrow is busy, need to run a bunch of errands and then ubuntu hour (which I will likely attend alone)02:35
skellatWhy alone?02:36
Cheri703we haven't had it in a few weeks02:37
Cheri703few times it should have happened I guess, several weeks02:37
skellatIt happens.02:38
skellatI don't have even local folks to hold such02:39
Cheri703well, I got my ride lined up, so I'll be there and will sit for an hour and if no one shows, then I got out of the house and had a tasty sandwich, and it will still be a good evening :)02:44
jrgiffordLooks like the Cleveland ReLoCo will have some Jam - how do I get it added to the Ohio LoCo calendar? (I've been looking, but it's somewhat confusing)16:50
paultagjrgifford: sorry, I think that's in my name16:51
paultagjrgifford: let me check16:51
jrgiffordpaultag: ok.16:51
paultagjrgifford: OK. it's not, good. I'm not sure who owns it, but I don't think I can give it to anyone else16:52
paultagjrgifford: if you want me to add it, I can do that, then you can figure out rights at your own pace16:53
jrgiffordpaultag: Guess that'd work. So, you need location, time and general, right?16:54
paultagjrgifford: yeppers16:54
paultagjrgifford: jacob gilbert or Cheri703 might know as well16:55
jrgiffordpaultag: I'll get that to you sometime today - I'm going to call and double-check we've got the location, they said yes but I didn't get a confirmation email.17:02
paultagjrgifford: sure thing :)17:02
paultagjrgifford: tyt, i'll be here17:02
jrgiffordpaultag: Sounds good. Again, thanks for your help. :)17:03
paultagjrgifford: dude, of course. Anything I can do to help make Ubuntu CLE better is something I'll be doing :)17:03
Unit193Howdy Derath-Srvr17:05

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