tgm4883Apparently I need to brush up on my networking01:31
tgm4883barely passed a prelimenary tech screen01:31
thefinn93tsk tsk01:32
tgm4883Yea I didn't know what type of DNS record IPv6 addresses are stored in01:32
tgm4883and how many bits was in a MAC address (although I knew, I just did the math wrong :( )01:33
thefinn93what type of DNS records are IPv6 addresses stored in?01:33
tgm4883There were only like 6 questions01:33
tgm4883I was told it was A records, looking it up now it looks like it might be AAAA records (quad A)01:34
thefinn93that is longer than i can sit still for just now01:36
tgm4883yea I just browsed it01:36
tgm4883I figure I'll wait until I see when my next interview is, then start studying before that01:37
tgm4883I think it's just a trick question, and that A record suffices01:37
thefinn93well best of luck to you01:38
tgm4883although it would mean moving, and leaving the oregon team01:39
bkerensafor win02:24
bkerensatgm4883: You coming to the Global Jam in Portland?02:25
tgm4883bkerensa, when is it?03:04
bkerensaSept 3rd from 2-4pm in Portland03:05
tgm4883Yea I should be there03:05
thefinn93ok better03:19
thefinn93does anyone here know any ruby?03:45
thefinn93i'm trying to install something03:45
thefinn93an it's giving me annoying errors03:45
thefinn93RDoc failure in lib/rex/encoders/xor_dword_additive.rb.ut.rb at or around line 10 column 003:45
thefinn93what about it?04:00
bkerensanothing :P04:00
thefinn93it's not what I'm installing04:00
thefinn93but I think librex is somehting related to it04:01
thefinn93because when i google it04:01
thefinn93it comes up with the metasploit page04:01
thefinn93trying to install BeEF on the VPS04:02
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thefinn93bkerensa, yout here07:48
bkerensathefinn93: Hey sorry I saw your PM but my comcast got terminated temporarily (idk they are switching me to Bus Class today)17:15
thefinn93check out the trimet applet17:15
thefinn93it rocks17:15
thefinn93also,it works17:15
shantornwhats new?18:12
thefinn93I'm making a GNOME applet for Trimet arrivals18:13
thefinn93and it's actually working18:13
thefinn93which is new18:13
shantornhow does it get the input data?18:13
thefinn93the Trimet API18:13
thefinn93take a look at the code18:14
urlin2uyou have an image on line?18:31
urlin2uthe trimet applet18:33
thefinn93grab the code off github18:33
thefinn93that's the best i've got18:33
thefinn93so far18:33
thefinn93I'd like to package it up into a deb eventually18:33
thefinn93and stick it in a ppa18:33
urlin2ufor us that hate tars yipee18:34
urlin2ulooks good similar to there others I think, I ride the bus exclusively.18:36
thefinn93yeah i ride the bus and my bike18:36
thefinn93about that applet: it's still beta and wanting in features18:37
thefinn93I'm currently changing the way it stores it's config, so when you update it it'll probably lose your settings18:37
thefinn93also it uses my API key, which shouldn't be a problem for now18:37
thefinn93but I'd like to out what to do about that18:38
thefinn93maybe make several API keys18:38
thefinn93each gets 250,000 requests per day18:38
urlin2ubike here to the bus, lol. Are they contracting you for this?18:39
thefinn93i wanted it so i made it18:39
urlin2ucool for your phone, or just messing around18:39
thefinn93just messing around18:40
urlin2unot a bad hobby.18:40
urlin2uthe messing around part18:41
thefinn93i'd say so18:41
thefinn93this applet has come from two nights of staying up late and coding18:41
thefinn93it's hard to test when the bus stops running though18:42
urlin2uand caffeine?18:42
thefinn93actually no18:42
thefinn93i do like me some caffeine, but i did not partake this time18:42
urlin2uportland coffee, and beer central.;-)18:43
* thefinn93 is underage, can't drink18:43
urlin2uah, I rarely drink a beer but it's nice to have a high quality fresh choice18:44
urlin2uyou going to go to college for IT?18:45
thefinn93that's the plan18:45
thefinn93going up to Washington in a month18:45
urlin2ucool, you have a choice of schools yet18:45
thefinn93University of Washington18:45
thefinn93specifically the Bothell campus18:45
urlin2uclose to the MS, that is okay, different grading system there I believe as wel18:46
thefinn93yeah  i think they use 1 2 3 4 or something, not ABCD, should be interesting18:46
thefinn93and yes, close to MS18:46
thefinn93heavy ties to MS18:47
thefinn93i don't like it much18:47
thefinn93but it's ok, I'll get them all using Loonix by the end18:47
urlin2usay hello to steve b for us.;-)18:47
thefinn93...developers, developers, developers, developers...18:48
urlin2uif we last as a species ong enough open source wil be the end I think18:48
thefinn93even M$ is heavily supporting web standards in their new OS18:48
urlin2uI have heard that, actually W7 is not bad if it weren't for all the danger and maintenance needed18:49
thefinn93i have heard that18:50
urlin2uI bought W7 pro through msdnn or whatever it's called as a student 25$ basically to know a bit to help window users18:50
thefinn93yeah i imagine that'd be useful18:51
thefinn93i've considered getting it18:51
thefinn93i think UW will give me  a copy18:51
thefinn93so i might install it next to Ubuntu18:51
thefinn93for support purposes18:51
urlin2uI have spent a lot of time on the UF helping the dual booters.18:51
urlin2uubunbtu forums18:52
urlin2u3 nics over 10,000 posts18:52
thefinn93not bad18:52
urlin2uto much free time here.18:52
thefinn93i'll say18:52
thefinn93do you code?18:53
urlin2uno, just a enthusiast, more a addiction really.18:53
urlin2ugot my first computer at freegeek18:53
thefinn93i believe i did similar18:53
thefinn93oh yes, it was a Free Geek laptop18:54
thefinn93costs me all of $818:54
thefinn93including case and charger and stuff18:54
thefinn93got what I paid for18:54
urlin2uat about the age of 43 on returning to college at PSU 4 years ago, first at free geek 40$ dapper18:54
urlin2uwiped it 3 times in the first 6 months accidentally lol18:55
urlin2uthought of home I don't need that.18:55
urlin2uuh oh it's the big cheese. ;-)18:57
urlin2uhide the goods18:57
thefinn93he's leaving18:57
thefinn93he was on Jabber, not sure why he wasn't on IRC18:57
thefinn93bkerensa, y u say "ttyl" on jabber then hop on IRC18:58
* thefinn93 has to go do stuff IRL18:58
urlin2uprobably the touchpad is on18:58
urlin2usee yah18:58
bkerensa|mobilethefinn93: you sure you don't wanna go to this corporate party with me? I'm rsvp +119:38
* bkerensa is so hot23:02
bkerensanow I gotta go to Best Buy and buy a new Dual Band N Router23:02
* bkerensa responded to some mailing list stuff and other loco e-mails now I'm out the door to do some stuff23:11
* thefinn93 responded before, but forgot how to mailing list23:14
thefinn93does anyone here know how to package a python project as a .deb file?23:14
thefinn93i'd like to pack up my trimet applet23:15
bkerensa|mobileon highway to beaverton best buy23:26
bkerensa|mobileneed to get n routers while they are on sale23:26
bkerensa|mobilehmm it's next to staples23:29
bkerensa|mobilehi urlin2u23:30
urlin2uhello, just finished my fafsa for schoo, I love Sallie Mae23:30
urlin2uyou at the BBQ23:31
bkerensa|mobilenah I'm headed to best buy23:31
bkerensa|mobilegotta get some n routers23:31
urlin2uah I figuterd computer stuff.23:31
bkerensa|mobilework work work :p23:32
thefinn93urlin2u, did you do your fasfa on linux?23:32
urlin2uI might pick up a psudo ipad when schoo starts.23:32
thefinn93i've heard they won't let you23:32
thefinn93lol an iPad23:32
urlin2ugotta look man23:33
thefinn93ohh pseudo23:33
thefinn93didn't see that23:33
urlin2uno did it in windows the sig wants IE23:33
urlin2ujust easier it works but errors23:33
urlin2uin linux23:34
urlin2umore likely a twin for my 2 terra external23:34
urlin2uI have done the fafsa in ubuntu even with IE in W7 youget a unsupported browser. They want like ie6 probably worked tough23:36
urlin2ukind of jumbled there eh.23:39
thefinn93when i went there they said it had to be Windows or Mac and various popular browsers. No linux23:39
thefinn93our Web browser is not supported by our Web site. You must use a Compliant Web Browser - Standard* to view our site properly. We recommend you upgrade to the latest version of your browser according to your Operating System.23:39
urlin2uI have done the re apply in ubuntu, the signature at the end errored, but still went through23:39
urlin2uI got that with IE whatever 9 I think and firefox, used IE no problem .23:40
urlin2umust be the IE( that got me the same page.23:41
urlin2ufafsa wants you to go to school. ;-)23:42
thefinn93fafsa want's to get in my way23:42
urlin2uis it parents stuff23:42
urlin2uincome basically23:42
thefinn93yeah but it's still annoying that they block linux23:43
thefinn93i filled it out a while ago23:43
urlin2uyeah, I have used it though the srver knows no better.23:43
thefinn93New party ('Finn Herzfeld') has joined the session:23:43
thefinn93Welcome to FAFSA on the Web Customer Service Live Help!23:43
thefinn93Finn Herzfeld: hello, Your site is telling me I have an incompatible browser, but then tells me that Firefox is recommended. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong (currently running Firefox 7.0 beta), I got the same message using Chrome 13.23:43
thefinn93this should be interesting23:43
urlin2ubetter safe than sorry in the end so I woke up W7 just for the occasion.23:44
urlin2uyou get the answer stuff yet23:44
thefinn93New party ('Kelsey Brown') has joined the session:23:44
thefinn93Thank you for contacting the Federal Student Aid Information Center.  I’m Kelsey Brown, your online Customer Service Representative.  Give me a minute to review your question, and I’ll do my best to assist you.23:44
thefinn93Kelsey Brown: What is the operating system that your computer has?23:44
thefinn93Finn Herzfeld: Ubuntu Linux23:44
thefinn93just came in23:44
thefinn93this should be lulzy23:45
thefinn93Finn Herzfeld: Ubuntu Linux23:45
thefinn93Kelsey Brown: Operating system would be Windows XP, Windows Vista, Mac OS 10.5...23:45
thefinn93Finn Herzfeld: Ubuntu Linux 11.04 Natty Narwhal23:45
urlin2uthey would love you at PSU, open source is part of the curriculum, as far as colleges go,.23:46
thefinn93that's awesome23:46
thefinn93Finn Herzfeld: Ubuntu Linux 11.04 Natty Narwhal23:46
thefinn93Kelsey Brown: That is not what I'm looking for I need the Operating System please.23:46
thefinn93Finn Herzfeld: that is the name of my operating system23:46
urlin2uran ib to a cc major running arch awhile back23:47
thefinn93Kelsey Brown: What operating system are you using? (Such as Windows 7 or Vista or XP , Mac 10.6 or 10.5 or 10.4,)  I need this in order to assist you today.23:48
thefinn93Finn Herzfeld: I am using Linux. Specifically Ubuntu. THe latest stable version. That is the name of my operating system.23:48
urlin2uis that dialogue from the fafsa site?23:48
urlin2ulol, you against the server23:48
urlin2ugotta get ion and unplug it.23:48
urlin2u.gov it is probably unix23:49
thefinn93Kelsey Brown: That is not compatible with our web site.  You will need to use a different computer in order to access our site.23:49
thefinn93Finn Herzfeld: why is that? It runs firefox fine, which renders the same across operating systems23:49
thefinn93their server is running windows!23:50
urlin2uI had a reapply last year shorter setup just clarifying data, used ubuntu23:50
thefinn93< Server: Apache/2.2.15 (Win32) mod_ssl/2.2.15 OpenSSL/0.9.8m mod_jk/1.2.2623:50
thefinn93yeah i applied last year on my Ubuntu install23:50
urlin2ueww horrible MS23:50
urlin2uI didn't check when there I have netcraft on my aurora in natty23:51
urlin2uhave you gotten a answer from the school for what your allocated?23:52
thefinn93what i'm allocated?23:52
urlin2uthe colege will tell you what the financial grants are23:53
thefinn93yeah idk23:53
thefinn93i'm not 100% sure on the whole finical thing, my dad's helping me work through it23:54
thefinn93I should probably know more than I do23:54
urlin2uin oregon there is an oregon opportunity grant and pell, these cover my tuition, except for 100-200$23:54
urlin2uper term23:54
urlin2ufree money23:54
urlin2ugood to have the dad's help, you will figure it out fast.23:56

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