* wrst shuts server down to move to a permanent location00:12
Unit193He died...00:13
* cyberanger shuts server down to move to a top secret undisclosed location00:15
* wrst notes teh move was a success00:19
Unit193You sure it was a good move?00:24
wrst_hopefully Unit193 :)00:28
=== wrst_ is now known as wrst
* cyberanger is done moving to a top secret undisclosed location deep in the cherokee national fores...ah drat00:33
wrstha ha cyberanger00:37
Unit193Normally has good ones :D  You can still hide a little in there00:40
cyberangeranyone seen the news lately?00:47
vychuneearthquake in DC NY and GA00:47
cyberangervychune: I thought it was one quake in VA felt along the east coast as far as NY & GA00:49
cyberangerthe bit I was getting at was the epicenter was only 10 miles from North Anna Nuclear Generating Station00:51
cyberangerthat's as close as it gets00:52
vychunewhat you said lol00:53
cyberangermakes me wonder if I'm gonna be activated, relatively close, saturated celluar networks in the area00:57
cyberangerthat plant keeps wanting a 3rd reactor onsite :-/00:58
vychunenational guard?00:59
cyberangerdarn, missed that question, of all the things I am, that's not on the list01:30
cyberangerRed Cross & ARES are the two that'd be likely here, there's some local groups too01:31
cyberangerand then my own efforts (namely swissknife-router)01:31
cyberanger5.9 vs 6.2, small margin to design limits (which have been reevulated at TVA plants of the same design & lowered recently)01:33
cyberangerone of the four diesel gennys failed, wow01:34
cyberangernot hearing anyone being activated, guess local networks naturally returned to normal, due to call volume returning to normal01:53
pace_t_zulugood day all17:07
Unit193Howdy pace_t_zulu17:07
wrsthowdy pace_t_zulu, Unit19317:12
Unit193wrst: Good afternoon!17:12
wrstand Unit193 the server is working after the move still ;)17:13
Unit193I really needs to get something of a server setup so when this crashes everyday, it doesn't matter as much17:14
wrstUnit193: i have a little atom powered box in a mini? itx case works nicely for me as a file/print server17:15
wrstoh and irc17:15
* Unit193 older Dell Optiplex GX26017:16
Unit193I would like to move irssi and something else to it, but I'll have to live with the hangups for now :/17:17
wrsti have one of those optiplex's at the house not bad machines17:18
pace_t_zuluhey wrst Unit19317:18
wrsthowdy pace_t_zulu you doing oK?17:19
cyberangerG'Day Mates17:23
Unit193cyberanger: Howdy mate, still alive?17:29
* cyberanger checks his pulse17:34
cyberangerhow are you Unit19317:35
Unit193Hmmm... I seem to be about 117 :P17:44

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