mikeputnamooo! ooo! my irssi + tmux: http://imgur.com/2P6zk01:32
mikeputnamwell, a little of the tmux01:32
mikeputnamwell this link:   http://i.imgur.com/2P6zk.png01:34
* mikeputnam hides his puTTY shame01:35
h00kmikeputnam: :)02:06
mikeputnamat least i get to use teh *nix all day every day even if it is from my blasted 100% Microsoft-required environment02:08
h00kIt happens.02:08
mikeputnami was grooming my 11.04 desktop install today(inside a virtualbox on this XP lappy)02:10
mikeputnamit brought me joy02:12
h00kI had my Oneiric installs break :(02:12
mikeputnama little apt-get install build-essentials02:12
h00kbut I have my VM in our datacenter, so as long as I can launch the Citrix plugin I need, I'm good.02:13
mikeputnamsome apt-get install libevent-dev02:13
mikeputnamwe were able to get a "utility server" provisioned so that we can RDP into it, then run our client dev tools against the server from there02:14
mikeputnamthat's nice02:14
* mikeputnam slurps his New Belgium RANGER02:15
mikeputnam(it was fajitas night again)02:15
h00kI had some delicious salmon02:18
h00kand a Sumer Shandy02:18
h00kHi, Cheesehead15:07
Cheeseheadh00k: Good Morning15:09
CheeseheadToday I'm learning Blogger and Picasa15:10
h00kCheesehead: cool. I don't use Blogger, but I use Picasa15:12
h00kI'm a recent convert back from Flickr15:13
h00kMostly because of Google+15:13
CheeseheadI'm testing Blogger for my spouse - see if it's an appropriate platform for her writing career15:29
h00kMy sister writes on occasion, I got her set up on Wordpress15:30
CheeseheadShe uses wordpress now, but is annoyed at the complexity.15:31
CheeseheadAnd her publisher can;t seem to keep their hosting stable15:31
CheeseheadSo a whole different platform seems appropriate to evaluate for her alternatives15:32
h00kmakes sense, hosting is important15:34
CheeseheadHer publisher's host is fine, but her publisher doesn't know what they are doing, so thye keep rearranging the website15:35
Cheeseheadand hiding all the content people are there to see15:35
CheeseheadGreat way to go broke15:35
h00kIt's not terrible once you manage it on your own, anyway15:39
h00kI mean, once you get it down how you like it15:39
h00kToday marks year 5 of Pluto being downgraded as a planet.16:52
mikeputnamdang. missed Cheesehead.16:53
mikeputnami was going to share: http://mashable.com/2011/07/05/google-blogger-picasa-rebranding/16:53
mikeputnamblogger.com to become "Google Blogs"16:53
h00kAlso, Picasa to become Google Photo, maybe Google Pictures16:57
h00kone of the two16:57
h00kOh look, the article covers that16:58
twopoint718h00k: cool (about Pluto), maybe we can all agree that we lost a planet but gained five /dwarf/ planets. It's like when you change a dollar for four quarters.17:03
h00kI supose that works, yeah17:07
twopoint718the "Pluto Files" with Neil DeGrasse Tyson is a really good Nova show if you haven't seen it.17:10
mikeputnam11:53 < mikeputnam> dang. missed Cheesehead.17:26
mikeputnam11:53 < mikeputnam> i was going to share: http://mashable.com/2011/07/05/google-blogger-picasa-rebranding/17:26
mikeputnam11:53 < mikeputnam> blogger.com to become "Google Blogs"17:26
mikeputnamsince you are reasearching blogger17:27
Cheeseheadmikeputnam: Thanks!19:20
CheeseheadI miss empathy's notification of an inbound message. Irssi have anything good to notify if I've been pinged?19:32
h00kCheesehead: I have irssi-notify script on my vps that works, but probably something with terminal bell or something19:35
mikeputnamhilight_nick_matches = ON19:45
mikeputnamor the    hilights =      directive19:46
mikeputnamand terminal bell to taste19:46
mikeputnamand those settings live in ~/.irssi/config19:47
Cheeseheadmikeputnam: Thanks. I will try those...later...19:52
h00kRick Schwai is going to do another Intro to Ubuntu talk at the Rhinelander Library20:51
h00kI have to add it to the LoCO events list21:02

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