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mhall119daker: not having a good day?/14:19
dakerno, my MPs are still waiting :/14:20
dakerwhere is cjohnston ?14:20
mhall119probably working14:23
nigelbdaker: LD or summit?14:29
* nigelb points to cjohnston14:30
dakersummit is another story ツ14:30
nigelbI reviewed most of summit related except for mine last week14:30
mhall119hey, summit just got a deployment 2 days ago14:30
nigelbmhall119: oh yeah!14:31
dakerhas anyone seen https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/?14:36
nigelbI have, mhall119's team probably made it.14:36
dakerits not open source :/14:37
mhall119most of what we make isn't open source :(14:37
nigelbmhall119: I beg to differ. Isn't alot of what ISD open source?14:39
nigelbExcept for the bits thta touch payment gateways.14:39
mhall119lots of stuff isn't open source just because it wasn't open sourced14:40
mhall119not for any security or business reasons14:40
nigelbI thought they kept growing more open14:40
nigelblike SSO.14:40
mhall119we are14:40
nigelbOr configglue14:40
nigelbhow I love configglue.14:40
mhall119but there's more smaller bits that haven't been open sourced14:41
mhall119I don't14:41
cjohnstondaker: I have two MPs still waiting for review too14:45
dakercjohnston, will try to give the LTP one another test tonight14:48
mtaylorhey all ... I'd love to talk to someone about wiki openid integration. I'm investigating SSO logins for wiki.openstack.org (use use login.ubuntu.com for all of the rest of our systems)15:58
mtaylorbut the openid plugin for moinmoin on launchpad seems to be closed source :(15:58
mtaylor(also, I'd love to get review.openstack.org and jenkins.openstack.org recognized by login.ubuntu.com at some point, although that's less pressing)15:59
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Davieymtaylor: https://code.launchpad.net/~rowan/moin-openid/bugfix looks open?16:03
DavieyAlthough doesn't have a licence :/16:05
mtaylorDaviey: haha16:06
mtaylorDaviey: beuno told me that it's upstreamed as of moin 1.916:06
nigelbmtaylor: the people you need to takl to are #canonical-isd for login.ubuntu.com16:06
mtaylornigelb: sweet. thanks!16:07
Davieynigelb: hah, i didn't even know #canonical-isd existed.. and i'm lurking in there! :)16:08
nigelbDaviey: lol, and even more bwahahah for the second :P16:08
nigelbmtaylor: I don't remember who but I think IS would know who to talk to about moinmoin openid.16:10
nigelbI remember there was a point of contact, but I don't know which exact person that was.16:10
nigelbI'll ask around and get back about that.16:10
Turlnewz2000: hi17:45
newz2000hey Turl17:57
Turlnewz2000: hi17:58
Turlnewz2000: did you get a chance to talk with the popcon guy? I forgot completely the other day, and just went to check, the data is still not being updated :(17:59
newz2000I did e-mail him, I believe it was working17:59
newz2000I can e-mail him again.17:59
newz2000Yeah, I got a reply Jul 18th saying it was fixed.18:00
newz2000OK, just notified him again.18:01
Turllooks like it's not a complete stall, seems to be updated but no so frequently18:03
TurlI just saw two same values and worried again18:04
Turlprobably the popcon server got small for such a big dataset18:04
cjohnstonfor some reason this admin team isnt being broken apart: http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-br20:44
mhall119Ronnie: ping21:28
Ronniemhall119: pong21:29
mhall119cjohnston: Ronnie: the LTP branch has a static image of a google map that links to events21:29
mhall119is there a way we can make that a dynamic map of actual upcoming events?21:29
Ronniemhall119: that map is the small to be really usefull21:29
Ronnieit only costs render time21:30
mhall119in that case, what would your thoughts be of replacing the image with the 2 links we had on the homepage previously, the ones for upcoming global and team events?21:30
Ronniean image is much more 'attractive' than the links21:31
Ronniecjohnston: strange why Fábio Nogueira is not marked as admin. One thing that i foud is that 'Fábio Nogueira' is the admin in ubuntu-br and in the admin-team of ubuntu-br21:37
mhall119yeah, not sure if he was just recently made an admin or not, but we have no profile info for him21:38
mhall119Ronnie: do you think it would be possible to generate the google maps images periodically from the command line?21:39
mhall119right now it's kind of misleading, in that it looks like it's showing you the upcoming events21:39
Ronniescreenshots from CL could be hard i think. there was a screenshot tool for translations (ubuntu manual used it) but i dont know whats that capable of21:43
Ronniei think it still would make no sense, because the marker clusters are placed in the center of multiple makers. the location of the cluster makers makes no sense on such small map21:44
Ronnieit could end in the ocean for example21:45
Ronniemhall119: also the hand made can be 'designed' to look better by dividing the markers in a natural way21:46
dakermhall119, https://code.launchpad.net/~daker/loco-directory/fix.tests/+merge/7280322:02
mhall119daker: nice! thanks for fixing that22:41
mhall119Ronnie: cjohnston: do we want to do something with the big continent-select map before we start pushing the LTP updates?22:43
Ronniemhall119: no plans (and time) here22:45
Ronniejust got my first appartment ;)22:45

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