superflyhiya sakhi06:11
Kilosmorning superfly and others06:18
superflymorning Kilos06:18
Kilosmorning maiatoday pascal` 06:46
Kiloshi morgs 07:19
morgshi Kilos07:19
morgsMorning Zabunteros!07:19
Kiloslol they still sleeping or lurking07:21
superflyI'm not sleeping... I'm usually awake before everyone else07:35
* morgs plays with ibid07:38
superflymorgs: I have an ibid bot running in a couple of channels - I even wrote a simple launchpad plugin to pull bug report details off LP07:51
morgssuperfly: cool - ibid looks much easier to get up and running than knab which I used about 3 years ago07:52
morgsgithub has an irc bot which announces commits pushed to a repo - but it's not very friendly :)07:53
superflyyeah, I wanna add that ability to my launchpad plugin07:54
marcogtumbleweed: ping on global jam poster printing08:01
nuvolarianyone want my organs?09:32
superflynuvolari: don't you want them? I'd imagine at least a few are pretty important in keeping you alive.09:35
Kiloshee hee09:38
* superfly pulls his hair out at certain people on the mailing list09:39
nuvolariat this stage I don't mind leaving earth :-/09:40
Kiloswhats up nuvolari you dont sound happy09:46
nuvolariek is nie oom Kilos 09:54
Kiloswat is fout seun09:54
tumbleweedmarcog: tomorrow's a good time for me to do it10:12
tumbleweedsuperfly: yeah, don't know why I haven't written a launchpad plugin for ibid yet. We *use* launchpad for bugs, and I know launchpadlib backwards... :/10:12
tumbleweedsuperfly: so when are we going to see yours?10:12
superflyhrm, all I was doing was pulling stuff off the web page10:12
* superfly should investigate launchpadlib10:13
marcogtumbleweed: kk10:13
tumbleweedif you want to pull stuff from web pages, there's a way to get a rfc822 dump from a bug10:13
superflytumbleweed: I just use BeautifulSoup10:13
tumbleweedadd +text to the end of the URL10:13
tumbleweedseriously though, launchpadlib will do everything you want (but +text may be faster)10:14
tumbleweedscraping is prone to problems10:14
superflytumbleweed: this is what I've done: http://pastebin.com/eEx1SRCk11:19
nuvolariKilos: ag werk oom, het net te veel11:22
nuvolarikan nie by alles uitkom nie11:22
Kilosse hulle moet extra hulp kry of vir jou n appie gee11:23
nuvolarioom, ons soek ons blou vir developers, maar daar is bitter min wat die interview deurmaak11:38
nuvolari*interview + toets11:38
Kilosals java seun?11:48
nuvolarien die wat ons wel kan kry kom kan joburg af en soek joburg salarisse11:49
Kilosja dis die probleem in durbs. hulle betaal nog al die jare maar sleg met vergelyking met hier bo11:51
Kilosthey beleive that the sea, beach and bikini girls make up for poor salaries11:52
nuvolariKilos: well, it does :P11:52
Kiloshehe okk11:52
Kilosgrrr ook11:53
Kilosafternoon nlsthzn welcome to ubuntu-za14:35
nlsthznWhy thank you Kilos my good man... I am very happy to be here14:38
Kiloshee hyee14:38
Kilosyou so funny at times14:38
nuvolarihello d3s3rtdw3ll3r 15:03
d3s3rtdw3ll3rnot a lot going on here15:05
d3s3rtdw3ll3rnuvolari: howzit from Dubai15:06
Kilosd3s3rtdw3ll3r, hiya15:06
Kilosmqassive nick hey15:06
Kilosthank heavens for tab keys15:07
Kilosyou got a neighbour nlsthzn 15:12
nlsthznOnly about 350-400km away...15:12
Kilosyeah next door15:12
Kilosd3s3rtdw3ll3r, tell us a bit about yourself15:13
d3s3rtdw3ll3rbeen out of saffaland for about 10 years now, 6 of which in Dubai15:15
Kiloswhat do you do?15:16
d3s3rtdw3ll3rbeen digging ubuntu till unity but am gonna give it another go15:16
Kilosand hopefully you are using ubuntu15:16
d3s3rtdw3ll3rIT consultant15:16
Kiloslol i havent got to unity yet15:16
d3s3rtdw3ll3rat mo Im using crunchbang and debian15:17
Kilosmaverick rocks for me15:17
Kiloswelcome to ubuntu-za15:17
Kiloshope this isnt a one time visit15:17
d3s3rtdw3ll3rjust finished dl of 10.04, gonna see if the gma500 support is any better15:17
d3s3rtdw3ll3rKilos: shot ma ou15:18
d3s3rtdw3ll3rsorry 11.0415:18
Kilosyou must be kinda tired from thinking up a nick like that hey?15:20
d3s3rtdw3ll3rhad the oscillating oseric tentacle running on a 1.6 duo lappie and found it to be a resource hog15:20
d3s3rtdw3ll3ror maybe the vm's were killing it ;)15:21
d3s3rtdw3ll3rKilos: prolly a hungover moment15:22
Kilosi saw some stuff about pcs going slow at launchpad i think it was but there were ways to fix it so it was even faster15:22
d3s3rtdw3ll3rKilos: well the lappie was running since 8 or 7 with numerous upgrades etc, after many a year it finally started behaving buggy, much like a winslow machine after a week15:23
nlsthznGuarenteed that a VM will be slow and cumbersome VS a naitive install...15:23
Kilosit has been very quiet here this year except when someone comes online for help then one of the experts jumps in15:23
Kiloslol you also sound like a winsucks fan15:24
d3s3rtdw3ll3rnlsthzn: yea I use a minimal deb bigmem install for my production vm's15:24
d3s3rtdw3ll3rof cors my zimbra mail servers run good ol ubuntu, uptime of 400 odd days now15:25
d3s3rtdw3ll3rKilos: yea not a fan of their business model15:26
Kiloslol i hate them15:27
d3s3rtdw3ll3rspecially now, they suing the pants off everyone now15:27
Kilosonly good for ms games15:27
d3s3rtdw3ll3ryea if only my ps3 could use the kb and mouse for fps15:28
d3s3rtdw3ll3rso hows the OSS front in Saffaland?15:28
d3s3rtdw3ll3rDubai is verrry MS centric15:29
d3s3rtdw3ll3ra bit in the dark ages15:29
nlsthznthe world is MS centric (except for a lot of America that is Mac crazy)15:30
Kilosmost of the world is. billy got a good grip15:30
d3s3rtdw3ll3ron the desktop front anyway15:30
d3s3rtdw3ll3rI think linux has marketshare on the web servers15:30
Kilosseems to me ubuntu is mainly growing by word of mouth15:30
d3s3rtdw3ll3rnow mobile devices ala android15:31
Kilosthere are too many none IT peeps that ask whats linux or ubuntu and are too scared to try it15:31
d3s3rtdw3ll3rI though ZA would be stock full of linux boxes15:31
d3s3rtdw3ll3rthats MS PR for you15:32
Kilosi think you still battle to buy a pc here without ms installed15:32
Kiloshere and there are one or two suppliers15:32
d3s3rtdw3ll3ryea exactly, its the only way they can keep linux at bay15:32
d3s3rtdw3ll3rthats why I build my own boxes15:33
Kilosand they had a good promotion with schools for support etc which they just withdrew once everyone is involved15:33
d3s3rtdw3ll3rbut ZA is full o resourceful ppl I thought the OSS front would be cooking15:33
d3s3rtdw3ll3rKilos: who Canonical or MS?15:34
Kiloslots of schools are now looking for alternatives15:34
d3s3rtdw3ll3ryea Ive had a few schools as clients had to fight tooth and nail to put services on linux15:34
Kiloswe had a chat about it a week or two ago15:35
d3s3rtdw3ll3rIll look it up15:35
Kiloslinux is too daunting for them looks like so mac gonna be happy here too15:35
d3s3rtdw3ll3rerrr I dunno, theyre just marketing and bling, no substance, why its so popular, ppl are suckers15:36
Kilosyou will have to change the mindset of teachers that only know ms15:36
d3s3rtdw3ll3rthing is, theyre teaching ICT not MS15:36
Kilosmarketing counts lots to the normal man on the street15:37
d3s3rtdw3ll3rits in their interest to broaden the exp of the students15:37
d3s3rtdw3ll3rtheyre just conditioning students to become future ms users15:37
Kilosyes but take an oldish teacher and give him an ubuntu cd and tell him to go install for his class and listen to the complaints15:38
d3s3rtdw3ll3ryea, well he needs a few hours to familiarize himself, I did manage to convert a few teachers by installing on their personal machines15:39
Kilosbut i also read there are whole cities in germany that have gone ubuntu, so there's hope for us yet15:39
d3s3rtdw3ll3ryea well they tend to be more forward thinking, about 10 years ahead of MENA15:39
Kilosthats the big thing to have guys able to actually go and demo at schools15:39
Kilosbut the games issue is in ms's favour15:40
d3s3rtdw3ll3rmore of a casual gamer myself, might be worth looking at seeing how bits run in Wine15:41
d3s3rtdw3ll3rISnt Steam releasing a linux client?15:41
Kilosi tried aoe3 on wine and was very slow15:42
d3s3rtdw3ll3ryea only in WINE15:43
d3s3rtdw3ll3rhow'd the game run natively on the kit?15:43
superflyd3s3rtdw3ll3r: Phorix made noise about it, but Steam's official position is still "no"15:43
Kilosyeah it dont work lekker15:43
superflyd3s3rtdw3ll3r: rather look at supporting indie gamers who have Linux versions of their games15:44
superflyd3s3rtdw3ll3r: have you heard of the Humble Indie Bundle?15:44
d3s3rtdw3ll3rsuperfly: yea Im for that15:44
* superfly buys it every time15:45
d3s3rtdw3ll3rseems a worthy cause15:46
* nlsthzn also got all the games now (except for the frozen bundle)... now if only he could get some time to pay them :)15:46
d3s3rtdw3ll3rlol I hears ya15:47
superflyAtom Zombie Smasher was surprisingly addictive15:47
nlsthzntrue... I played like one round and was annoyed I had to go to bed :p15:47
nlsthznlove the story line15:47
d3s3rtdw3ll3rListen guys I gotta shoot, wife's bellowing, l8ers15:48
nuvolariok, home time16:09
* nuvolari dies16:09
Kilosmooi loop seun16:09
nuvolariheh, dankie oom16:09
nuvolarisal probeer16:09
ludozaAnybody want to hear a joke?20:23
Kilosgo for it ludoza 20:23
ludozaMost companies uses a 10 year old operating system, when they can download the latest and greatest for free.20:24
Kilosis there more20:25
ludozasorry not so good joke?20:25
Kilosi was just looking at a registry cleaner for win me20:25
Kilosthe latest has a buy option and 30 trial period20:26
Kilosthe older ones are free20:26
nlsthznwhich OS is the greatest... I missed that part...20:27
Kiloslooks like thats how they work hey20:27
Kiloswell duh20:28
ludozanlsthzn minix 3, monolic kernels is so for the 80'20:28
nlsthzneverybody knows hurd is where it's at... ;)20:33
ludozayip nlsthzn don't be just another fish in the school join hurd!20:34
nlsthznmy only issue is that the only way to do that is to use debian and as an ubuntu user I am clearly not capable of configuring it :'(20:35
ludozanlsthzn I lose interest if i must configure my OS. But for the last 3 years I have tried to move over to a OS I can configure(if I want to)20:36
nlsthznSo what are you using then ludoza ?20:40
ludozaanyway... *whistle* I'm thinking of putting out an ad for rooms I'm renting out: "Rooms to rent, if you know the difference between linux and an OS it would be a +. If you are a female disregard everything we can't make other payment arrangements"20:41
ludozanlsthzn I'm actually dual booting my "work" notebook between xp and ubuntu LTS but I find myself more on the XP side then the ubuntu side :'(20:42
Kiloswhy nlsthzn 20:42
Kilosoh work20:42
ludozaKilos yea that sucky thing that pays the bills :/20:44
Kiloseish i even get probs playing games on it20:44
Kilosnlsthzn, is it illegal to copy those games you were talking about20:45
nlsthznKilos: what games are those?20:46
* nlsthzn might have memory issues20:46
Kilosindie something20:46
Kiloswait i scroll back20:47
Kilosoh no it was the fly and that funny nick guy20:47
nlsthznyes the humble bundle is not free as an beer (and most of the games are not under any free licenses what so ever)20:47
superflyKilos: the humble indie bundle? yes, it's illegal - they are not open source, nor are they free20:47
nlsthznthat is why the bundles are such good value... you pay what you want for a set period20:48
Kilosmaybe it better i go sleep 20:49
Kilossleep tight all20:49

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