Lintbut obscure illegible command lines are00:00
j0hndoeMy laptop spec is 1.8 Ghz / 384 Mb RAM / 764 Mb SWAP, on certain occasion my CPU would reach 100% even though I have 1 to 3 open programs with around 200 Mb of RAM used. I think, maybe it has to be with swap, so I'm thinking of reducing it to 128 Mb, Can I just do that thru Gparted, wont it mess up my system?00:00
Lintstill who can help me troubleshoot boot issue?00:00
j0hndoewhat is your problem Lint00:00
antnashsraue, tried it......     for i in `find . -name Only*`; do mv $1 `echo $1 | sed -e "s,Only Fools ,,"`; done00:00
Lintit hangs somewhere in init00:00
antnashNo luck00:01
antnashsaid I'm using mv wrong00:01
urlin2uj0hndoe, reducing the swap size will not change that change the swappiness.00:01
Lintantnash, filenames have spaces?00:01
h00kantnash: I'd recommend #bash for that00:01
srauereplace $1 with $i00:01
j0hndoeurlin2u, so its safe to reduce the size of swap, is that what you're saying?00:01
antnashyup, saw that right before you said it00:02
qinantnash: No find, nasted loop:  for i in {1..8}; do for y in {1..12}; do  echo season$i episode$y; done; done;00:02
clemenstimplerj0hndoe, reducing the size of swap does not minimise the frequency of swapping00:03
urlin2uj0hndoe, it will not fix the problem, you v=can reduce it you see what I'm saying, this will though to some extent.  http://dammuozz.selfip.com/?p=30800:03
j0hndoeclemenstimpler, but i read somewhere the more size of swap is the more work cpu does making it lag.. is that true?00:04
urlin2uj0hndoe, cpu use, and ram use and the swap area are conneted to some extent but high cpu is just that.00:04
urlin2uswap is for when the ram gets to a certain use j0hndoe00:05
j0hndoeurlin2u, im trying to edit swap it wont let me delete or shrink or something00:05
clemenstimplerj0hndoe, general advice: try to diagnose your problem before you copy solutions from the web00:05
urlin2uj0hndoe, right click then shut off, that will do you no good though.00:06
LintI'm not exactly find reinstalling OS each two weeks funny or productive00:06
j0hndoeurlin2u, no good as in, will it mess up my system?00:06
urlin2uj0hndoe, it wont fix the problem you describe.00:07
j0hndoeLink, you got problem with bootloader yes?00:07
Lintnope, with init00:07
wildbatjohndoe, you will have a slower system or even hangs if you don't have enough memory ( RAM+ SWAP), shrinking do you no good at all ~00:08
j0hndoeoh i see00:08
\bMike\bubottu: css00:09
ubottuUbuntu's default installation and repositories do not include packages needed to play commercial DVDs for legal reasons. For information on adding them, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs | For information on the legalities involved, see the "DVD" section of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats00:09
wildbat!swap |  j0hndoe for details:00:10
ubottuj0hndoe for details:: swap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info00:10
Lintis it support channel? why only trolls are here?00:11
CoreyLint: Ask a question, we'll do our best. :0)(00:11
clemenstimplerin other words: you get what you pay for ;)00:12
urlin2uLint, and quit looking in the mirror. ;-)00:12
skill3rHacked by Mexican Hackers http://tinyurl.com/3fpq64e00:13
Lintclemenstimpler, I think it should be put on ubuntu.com in h1 tag00:13
IdleOneskill3r: please don't spam in here00:13
Lintstill my system is hanging during init00:13
skill3rok dont spam its a only link00:14
IdleOneskill3r: ok, don't post random links00:14
jeremy420help installed new kubuntu and updated it but flash player will not work ???00:14
wildbat!flash | jeremy42000:15
ubottujeremy420: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash00:15
clemenstimplerlint, have you done a memtest recently? maybe it's a hardware problem00:15
Lintof course its not hardware problem, it worked yesterday ?00:16
clemenstimpleroh sorry00:16
h00kLint: Hardware can go bad, it's not too far off-base00:16
clemenstimpleri've been bitten by that myself, that's why i ask, when a problem seems to be difficult to track00:17
Lintwell I have to reinstall now loosing all my software00:17
=== jarnvermote is now known as p00d73
clemenstimplerwait lint00:17
p00d73Lint, you can you aptoncd to back your software up00:18
LycaI have an older desktop and it apparantly runs Ubuntu quite poorly, I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a lighter distro that I can easily set up a torrent client on?00:19
th0rLyca: xubuntu00:19
h00k!xubuntu | Lyca00:19
ubottuLyca: Xubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce instead of !GNOME. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org and http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels00:19
p00d73Lyca: Linux Mint LXDE00:19
LintLyca, dsl is the only linux that work on anything older than 200400:19
clemenstimplerlint: dpkg --get-selections | grep "\binstall" | awk '{print $1}' > /tmp/dpkg.log gives you a list of isntalled packages00:19
LycaThe thing is it has to support a bit torrent client00:19
clemenstimplersudo xargs -n1 apt-get --reinstall install -y < /tmp/dpkg.log00:20
p00d73Lint totally not true00:20
Dr_Willis|2Lyca:  about ANY distro can do that.00:20
th0rLyca: try either xubuntu or lubuntu, the hardware should be sufficient for those00:20
clemenstimplerhelps you to recover your installed packets00:20
clemenstimpler-packets + packages00:20
Dr_Willis|2Lyca:  you dont even need a gui for a bittorrent client.00:20
Lycaok, i'll look into that. thank you all for your answers00:20
LintI cannot backup anything until I boot00:20
p00d73Lint, I have a '95 machine running LM DE00:21
p00d73totally fine00:21
h00kLint: please stop with the false statements.00:21
clemenstimpleris there a way to recover a list of installed packages from a boot via live-cd?00:21
th0rLint: my mentor used to say you fix linux, you don't reinstall linux. But your attitude is turning off the very people you need to help you out00:21
bazhangp00d73, linux mint is offtopic here please dont recommend it00:21
p00d73bazhang, lubuntu is offtopic too in the ubuntu channel?00:22
clemenstimplerLint: do you get any specific error messages?00:22
clemenstimpleri. e. where exactly do you hang?00:22
bazhangp00d73, no00:22
Dr_Willis|2p00d73:  Lubuntu is an offical variant. (well almost totally official now)00:22
p00d73okay, let's say that lubuntu is on topic00:23
Lintlast message was 'checking battery state... OK'00:23
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p00d73why would recommending an other distro for other usage be offtopic?00:23
=== jeremy is now known as Guest97561
p00d73it's about solving problems right?00:23
bazhangp00d73, this is ubuntu support only,  not debain, mint bt etc00:23
h00kp00d73: because this is the Ubuntu support channel, not 'distro recommending channel.'00:23
OnlyodinWhat on earth is Lubuntu?00:24
bazhangp00d73, thats ##linux00:24
Dr_Willis|2its about providing official ubuntu (and official variant support)00:24
gry!lubuntu | Onlyodin00:24
ubottuOnlyodin: lubuntu is a project to create a derivative of Ubuntu using the LXDE desktop environment. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu . /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.00:24
=== Guest97561 is now known as jeremy420
bazhangOnlyodin, lxde and openbox00:24
Dr_Willis|2Onlyodin:  Ubuntu with the LXDE desktop.  - its good for low end machines00:24
Dr_Willis|2Onlyodin:  using it now on most of my machines00:24
jeremy420i just installed kubuntu and updated it but cannot get flash to work says its installed but doesnt work ?00:24
DefconKM0201, Wow u been at it for ages!00:24
Onlyodinsounds like a gnome3 backlash derivative ;)00:25
=== Defcon is now known as Guest66778
Lintit could be nice if not pcmanfm, which is worse than win95 explorer00:25
p00d73damn, you guys are really nazis on here00:25
p00d73he asks for a recommendation00:25
p00d73I give my honest opinion00:25
jeremy420i just installed kubuntu and updated it but cannot get flash to work says its installed but doesnt work ?00:26
clemenstimplerhow did you install it jeremy420?00:26
clemenstimplerflash that is jeremy42000:26
Dr_Willisp00d73:  but then you feel the need to insult us when we state our opinion and how the channel guidelines are..00:26
jeremy420i downloaded the kubuntu extras pkg00:27
jeremy420restricted extras00:27
Dr_Willisjeremy420:  what browser are you trying flash in?00:27
Lintnow I would appreciate someone to stop useless replics about linux philosophy and attitude and actually helped me to troubleshoot00:27
clemenstimplerjeremy420, maybe this helps: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash00:28
EyePulphowdy - I have a failing upstart conf - is there a log location I can go to see why it's failing?00:28
clemenstimplerLint, i've asked you some minutes ago, and you didn't reply00:28
Tru3fatecan anyone explain when i start up ubuntu it goes thru its self test and saids kvm fails. how can i  fix.00:28
jo-erlendDr_Willis, I finally figured Synergy out. Turned out I had just misunderstood something. This is great! Thanks for the tip! I've wanted this for ages :)00:28
Dr_Willisclemenstimpler:  too late. :)00:28
Dr_Willisjo-erlend:  yep. the config is simple. but picky. at least yoi dident spend 4 hrs like i did trying to run synergyc via ssh...00:29
=== yretssin is now known as Nisstyre
Dr_Willisjo-erlend:  the x forwarding really messed things up for me. :) pointer was going to the left side.. then reappearing on the right side.. on teh same pc. :)00:29
clemenstimplerDr_Willis, I'm very glad I don't do this for a living ;)00:29
jo-erlendDr_Willis, haha00:29
p00d73Dr_Willis, if an op could come over and tell me I'm violating the rules by recommending another distro, I'll apologize to you00:29
Lycais transmission the only BT client you can get for xubuntu?00:30
jo-erlendDr_Willis, does this work without X?00:30
IdleOnep00d73: you are violating the rules00:30
IdleOnenow please get back on topic00:30
IdleOnethank you.00:30
th0rLyca: qbittorent, deluge, and a few others00:30
mldHey everyone, working with a mini-pci-express card.. console only.. getting "No Carrier" is that purely a carrier issue, or could it be the device driver also... 3g CDMA card00:30
Dr_WillisLyca:  thers  dozen of bittorrent clients out there.00:30
p00d73IdleOne, I'm your mother00:30
th0rlyca I run xfce and use qbitorrent00:30
Lycai know there is, but im very new to the linux scene. im still trying to figure it out00:31
clemenstimplerLyca, you find them by opening synaptic and entering 'torrent' in the search box00:31
clemenstimplerthen you google the single programs and form an opinion00:31
Dr_WillisLyca:  theres even uTorrent ported to linux (web interface only, 32bit only)00:31
Lycaim considering either xubuntu or lubuntu, but im wondering if there would be a disadvantage if i got lubuntu as compared to xubuntu00:31
Dr_WillisLyca:  i tend to use qbittorrent. the exact ubuntu variant wont matter much.00:31
Dr_WillisLyca:  if you have a low end system. try lubuntu first00:32
th0rLyca: you will find lxde lighter than xfce, but you will find xfce more configurable and maybe a little more powerful00:32
EyePulpwhen I run "sudo service foo start" where can I look to see why it fails?00:32
clemenstimplerLyca, some programs are tied to particular environments: if you install ktorrent on a lubuntu install, it will draw in many dependent packages00:32
Lycathis is the computer im running it on, if you guys wouldnt mind checking out the specs00:32
aaasjo-erlend: the problem with synergy is that you cant move windows between monitors hopefully you don't find it annoying like i did00:33
jo-erlendaaas, that would be cool. But that's not something I need.00:33
th0rLyca: I used to do system performance analysis for work. I think you will find xfce and lxde pretty close as far as utilization of system resources. A more important decision will probably be which software you choose to use with it00:33
urlin2uLyca, you might try both on a thumb drive.00:34
linux_is_my_heroi have a wireless network with 3 ubuntu machines one windows machine. how do i set up wireless print server & sharing across the network?00:34
atdprhsHey, what is the best application should I use to clean up disk space?00:34
urlin2uatdprhs, bleachbit00:34
aaasjo-erlend: well it may not be that important to you but once you get used to being able to shove things around you won't want to go back...well thats what it was for me00:35
atdprhsThank you urlin2u00:35
clemenstimpleratdprhs, i use ncdu - it's ncurses based so it runs in the terminal00:35
urlin2uatdprhs, np00:35
atdprhsinstalling it now00:35
clemenstimplerfast and efficient00:35
DannyHi. I've got a problem with a webcam on Skype. With Cheese webcam works just fine. Please help.00:36
atdprhsclemenstimpler, I already started downloading bleach bit, but I'll keep ncurses based in my note, so that I can try it another time, thanks :-)00:36
th0rDanny: http://pastebin.com/va0BTp1Z00:37
th0rtry that script to launch skype00:37
Dannyok. thank you th0r00:38
atdprhscleaning my disk space now :-)00:38
urlin2uatdprhs, can be run in admin and regular user00:40
FerretWithASporkHow do I set commands to run on startup?00:40
Dr_WillisFerretWithASpork:  depends on the commands..00:40
remingtonI love your name Ferret, lol00:40
atdprhsI noticed just now that it gives me authentication error00:41
urlin2uFerretWithASpork, these is stsrtup applications, what do you want running then?00:41
FerretWithASporkDr_Willis: Want to have my NTFS partition mount on startup00:41
atdprhsI am using user that is Admin, I suppose, but I'm not using root00:41
Dr_WillisFerretWithASpork:  make a proper fstab entry for it.00:41
atdprhsshould I run it from root?00:41
Dr_Willis!ntfs-3g | FerretWithASpork00:41
ubottuFerretWithASpork: ntfs-3g is a Linux driver which allows read/write access to NTFS partitions. Installation instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MountingWindowsPartitions00:41
urlin2uatdprhs, no admin asked for password right?00:41
FerretWithASporkDr_Willis: Thanks00:41
atdprhsit didn't ask for password00:42
atdprhsshould I run it from terminal with sudo command?00:42
urlin2uatdprhs, you are using the regular the admin syas bleachbit root.00:42
remingtonMy onboard sound is capable of 8 channel audio, but ubuntu wont give me options for anything above stereo duplex. (I'm on 11.04 x64)00:44
urlin2uatdprhs, you could but blaechbit has a regular and root access in the menu. I have had to run it in the terminal to get it set the first time.00:45
urlin2uatdprhs, gksudo though00:45
Dr_Willis|2ls - command not found.00:47
atdprhsI don't see "bleachbit root"00:47
atdprhshold on, the os keeps freezing once in a while00:47
urlin2uatdprhs, run it int he terminal gksudo bleachbit   should show there after that.00:47
atdprhsplease send me the full command urlin2u?00:48
IdleOnefull command:  gksudo bleachbit00:48
Dr_Willis|2gksudo bleachbit    is the full command. :)00:48
dougaitkenanyone used ecryptfs before?00:48
urlin2uatdprhs, gksudo bleachbit00:48
atdprhsI did that but it gave me an error :S00:48
Dr_Willis|2and the error was?00:48
atdprhsI'll paste it into paste.ubuntu.com00:49
LePatoHi. I've just run Natty Narwhal from CD and I had to restart the session. Now it asks for a username/password. Any help appreciated00:50
urlin2uatdprhs, try it again that happens.00:51
atdprhsI typed sudo bleachbit and it worked00:51
atdprhsI did00:51
atdprhsI'll post another paste00:51
h00kLePato: I think the username is 'ubuntu' with no password.00:52
urlin2uatdprhs, gksudo and sudo are the same gk for graphcs is all.00:52
h00kLePato: Alternatively, reboot.00:52
atdprhsI only typed sudo and it worked00:52
LePatoThanks h00k!!! I tried that, but with 'ubuntu' as password.00:53
atdprhshere is what gksudo gave me again after I tried again:- http://paste.ubuntu.com/673457/00:53
h00kLePato: ;)00:53
urlin2uatdprhs, bleachbit always fails the first sudo or gksudo you ran sudo the second time.00:53
atdprhsI ran sudo the third time00:54
atdprhs1st and the 2nd gksudo00:54
jarnvermote_====LIVE IS TOO SHORT FOR UBUNTU====00:54
jarnvermote_       (and especially Unity)00:54
jarnvermote_Get Debian! www.debian.org00:54
jarnvermote_Get Fedora! fedoraproject.org00:54
FloodBot1jarnvermote_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:54
urlin2uatdprhs, works fro me.;00:54
DeumosektoBeans a linux00:54
atdprhsthe 1st, is the first link I sent here, the 2nd time is the second link I posted here00:55
Danny@ jarnvermote ... why?00:55
atdprhswell, sudo does the job, right?00:55
bazhangDanny, hes gone00:55
urlin2uatdprhs, your'e dealing with a computer it is not a perfect world.00:55
djjonexneed some help setting up a home network00:56
DannyI' ve been using Ubuntu for about two years and is fantastic00:56
atdprhswell, sudo does the job, right?00:57
atdprhsurlin2u, yup I know ;)00:57
Danny@bazhang :)00:57
djjonexsudo = super user do00:57
atdprhsI'm a software engineer and I do face sometimes weird bugs :-)00:57
ubottuUbuntu bug 832450 in linux-ec2 (Ubuntu) "du/df/lsof disagree about free disk space" [Undecided,New]00:57
=== maku` is now known as maku
dialtoneI filed a bug about the behavior on ec2 and disk space00:57
urlin2uatdprhs, yes sudo works I mentioned gksudo as that is the correct command when running graphics stuff.00:57
PDunnywhats a cool game for ubuntu?00:58
h00k!games | PDunny00:58
ubottuPDunny: Information about games on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games and http://www.icculus.org/lgfaq/gamelist.php and http://www.penguspy.com/00:58
urlin2ubleacbit isn't a true graphics app, basically I guess. atdprhs00:59
dougaitkenhey, anyone used ecryptfs before?00:59
jeremy420Alien arena has some nice graphics00:59
h00kdougaitken: what's your actual question regarding ecryptfs?00:59
djjonexhow do i setup a file sharing server in ubuntu for my home network ?00:59
FerretWithASporkDr_Willis: I got them to mount on boot with fstab entries but is there any way to get rid of their icons on the desktop?00:59
=== AndrewMC-Laptop is now known as Guest61744
atdprhsI didn't grow up on Linux, I grew up on Windows, so I'm not really experienced with linux except for 1-2 years but not in a row, but I'm back because I love it! And this is my 2nd time using Bleachbit and this is the first time running it into an admin mode01:00
urlin2uFerretWithASpork, gconf-editor01:01
Dr_WillisFerretWithASpork:  gnome settings.. somewhere.01:01
Jokndjjonex: File sharing as in media sharing or mapped network drives?01:01
Dr_Willisdjjonex:  install samba if you want to access/share files to windows boxs01:01
atdprhsso I don't know if it's a true graphics app, but maybe...01:01
dougaitkenso i was / am running 10.10 and I have 3 accounts, main, a random test account & a guest account. Anyway, I was wanting to wipe my android phone via ADB. And I ran rm -rf *01:01
atdprhs1 minute remaining01:01
urlin2uatdprhs, still cleanng?01:02
h00kdougaitken: who were you logged in as?01:02
dougaitkenI thought i ran it in the ADB shell but I ran it in my home dir. I Ctrl+C, stopped the command & nothing happened so thought i was fine01:02
dougaitkenmy main user account01:02
urlin2uatdprhs, you cleaning the whole disc I se.;-)01:02
dougaitkenbut I shutdown my system, tried to log in next day & it flings me errors01:02
h00kdougaitken: do you have backups?01:02
dougaitkenmy Dropbox but no music / video / other files backup01:03
atdprhsmy file system is now officially 0 bytes :D but I know it will rise up suddenly like it did the last time when I ran it in none root mode01:03
urlin2uatdprhs, are you running as root generally?01:03
dougaitkenmy main issue is that Im using my test account, but I've tried to run ecryptfs off a thumb drive but for some reasons cant get my original home dir to copy to external drive properly01:03
atdprhsusually my username, but when it asks for root authentication, I give it, sometimes, I have to if I'm gonna play with the file system01:04
h00k!encrypted | dougaitken01:04
ubottudougaitken: For information on setting up encrypted private directories (8.10+) see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedPrivateDirectory01:04
atdprhs0 minutes remaining01:04
h00kdougaitken: give that a shot01:04
henry-hi people01:05
dougaitkenaye its already been set up & i ran the ecryptfs command. ,it says it unlocked but its not letting me copy it. its possibly to do with my ext drive but wanted to make sure I was doing it right.01:05
djjonexhow I join another channel?01:05
henry-I'm trying to access my samsung phone's files01:05
atdprhsI actually installed Ubuntu on Flash Drive, it's much better than installing it onto a computer hard drive, it will run slower yes, but it gives you portability in return01:05
henry- /join #channel djjonex01:05
h00kdjjonex: /join #channelname01:05
djjonexthanks guys01:06
dougaitkenI followed along to this: http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&cd=1&ved=0CBgQFjAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fblog.dustinkirkland.com%2F2011%2F04%2Fintroducing-ecryptfs-recover-private.html&rct=j&q=ubuntu%20ecryptfs%20how%20to%20dustin&ei=e05UTs2zHpHdsgaMs7Af&usg=AFQjCNFXOEMmmdsBSuc8LCand3aBQMaiJQ&sig2=jttoMSqbvV29rAw5izME8A&cad=rja01:06
henry-is there a way to forcefully mount (I know, heh) an usb device?01:06
henry-I'm trying to access the files on my samsung gt-s5600 phone01:06
dougaitkenbut for some reason I cant mount the drive01:07
henry-when I attach it, I see a window pop up and then immediately close01:07
phrostbitewhat is the firefox extension that allows scripts to run?01:07
atdprhshaha, when i refresh my /, it doesn't show the free space anymore, it got tired of showing 0 bytes hehe :D01:07
urlin2uphrostbite, do you mean the blocker noscript01:08
phrostbiteurlin2u, I forget what it is. I remember I had it and then installed a script so that on facebook it stopped the slideshow and showed the pictures inline01:08
th0rhenry-: unplug the device, open a terminal and 'tail -f /var/log/messages'. Then plug in the device and see if it is recognized (/dev/sdb, /dev/hdb, etc). If so, you should be able to mount it using the mount command01:09
front243phrostbite, could be greasemonkey01:09
dougaitkenh00k, i'll have a read through that page, thanks.01:09
phrostbitefront243, Yeah thats it :)01:09
urlin2uphrostbite, greasemonkey01:09
henry-th0r, it shows up in lsusb01:10
atdprhsI think it froze on 0 Minutes remaining01:10
atdprhsurlin2u, does it usually froze?01:12
urlin2uatdprhs, it can seem like it, maybe so, never seen it happen.01:12
henry-this is what I get in tail: http://pastebin.com/FQBz7P6w01:12
th0rhenry-: that is your pastebin, right? it doesn't show what device it is, and you need that to mount it01:12
mldanyone know why wvdialer says "no carrier" (cdma mini-pci-express card) is there a way to debug that?01:12
atdprhsurlin2u, is it because of the 0 bytes that my disk space became?01:12
th0rhenry-: /dev/sdb. Type 'mount' in the terminal and see if /dev/sdb is mounted somewhere. If not you should be able to mount it01:13
urlin2uatdprhs, I only know how to push the button and wait.01:13
atdprhsurlin2u, is it possible to give "/" more free space from "home", I'm not technically using it yet01:13
urlin2uatdprhs, I never wipe the whole free space, it might have froze01:13
urlin2uatdprhs, you have a seperate home?01:14
henry-"mount sdb" "mount sdb1" won't work01:14
henry-"can't find"!01:14
urlin2uhenry-, /dev/sdxX01:14
atdprhsit was 387 MB, when I started the bleach bit to start cleaning, it killed the free space completely01:15
th0rhenry-: try mount /dev/sdb, but I think you will have to create a  mount point (a simple folder) and then use a full mount command.01:16
henry-what's the syntax for the full mount command?01:17
atdprhsurlin2u, I do have a seperate home01:17
th0rhenry-: assuming the simple command doesn't work. Create a folder in your home (mkdir /home/username/tempmnt). Then issue this command 'mount -t vfat /dev/sdb /home/username/tempmnt....put your username in both commands01:17
GusI need some help guys!01:18
henry-don't we all Gus ;D01:18
GusHow can I get my HDD back to NTFS on Ubuntu?01:18
hydrozenHi. I have an EC2 small instance running Lucid, and it's reporting high average loads but the cpu seems idle most of the time… is it possible that it's reporting false data?01:18
WHAT_UPI don't know where to ask this, but what would be the correct way to make my /home partition change from primary to logical?01:18
urlin2uatdprhs, you would I think change the partitions in gparted, seems like a waste though, unless it is really messed up.01:18
th0rhenry-: and you might need /dev/sdb1 instead of /dev/sdb01:18
henry-henry@main:~$ sudo mount /dev/sdb /home/samsungmount01:19
henry-mount: mount point /home/samsungmount does not exist01:19
hydrozenthe machine feels pretty responsive too… doesnt feel slow01:19
geth022I am having a hard time connecting to my wireless internet through my Ubuntu OS. Am i on the right channel for this?01:19
Gus How can I get my HDD back to NTFS on Ubuntu? It is FAT32 right now!01:19
th0rhenry-: you need to create the mountpoint.....if your username is 'henry' then mkdir /home/henry/tempmnt01:19
urlin2uGus, you want the info on it now/01:20
urlin2uGus, you will need to pull it off to change.01:20
henry-it exists th0r01:20
GusI need to make the HDD NTFS01:20
th0rhenry-: then you should be able to use it in the mount command01:20
GusI don't have Windows on the PC just Ubuntu01:21
GusSo I want to know how to make it NTFS01:21
geth022I know i have the correct setup for the actual internet modem thing, it works fine for this computer right here, but it is not registering it in ubuntu B///01:21
henry-now it claims that neither sdb or sdb1 exist01:21
henry-could it be the phone's programming?01:21
frankbroIs there a site where I can find reviews on how well a GPU is supported with the proprietary drivers?01:21
GusHELP D;01:21
th0rGus: http://maketecheasier.com/how-to-reformat-an-external-hard-drive-to-ntfs-format-in-ubuntu-hardy/2008/09/2901:21
henry-you'll need to repartition the drive Gus01:22
mecablazeI am trying to get a cron job to work. I have it running under root (sudo crontab -e). The command is a python script. It runs fine when I run it through the terminal, but it errors out when it runs through the cron job (via /var/log/syslog)01:22
GusThis will work on a internal correct?01:22
henry-oh, an external drive01:22
henry-if you change the filesystem type it will erase all data! Gus01:22
henry-so back up your data01:22
th0rhenry-: it appears from the pastebin that it is recognized as /dev/sdb, so that command should work. But I have never worked with a phone...so there may be something else involved01:23
GusOk, so how do I make my internal HDD NTFS?01:23
urlin2uGus, using that ink will wipe the info in formatting a ntfs01:23
GusEven Internal?01:23
atdprhsurlin2u, won't I need to change the configuration of the home folder to be located on the /01:24
urlin2uGus, yes you have to remove the data to be saved then make a NTFS then reoad it01:24
henry-I have a hunch that it's coded in the phones software to only allow their software to access the phone th0r01:24
GusHow? That shows external01:24
urlin2uatdprhs, not really an area of expertse for me I have only one partition per install.01:25
henry-you're on ubuntu Gus?01:25
henry-there's a partition manager01:25
calwigDr_Willis: you there?01:25
th0rhenry-: that may be. I have never tried to interface a cell to a computer.01:25
calwigxrdodrx: You there01:25
calwigSorry Im gonna paste this01:25
calwigSection "InputDevice" Identifier"Synaptics Touchpad" Driver"synaptics" Option"SendCoreEvents""true" Option"Device""/dev/psaux" Option"Protocol""auto-dev" Option"HorizEdgeScroll""1"01:25
pietro10Is this the channel for Ubuntu Software Center? If so, my setup is stuck on 5 removes and asking me to confirm removal of a sixth that has cross-dpeendencies that I meed to remove too. What should I do -- kill it?01:25
phrostbiteIs there a way in firefox to open multiple tabs when the application is opened?01:26
urlin2uGus, in windows I think you can convert look on the web01:26
pietro10specifically the modal dialog box will not respond to button presses01:26
calwigHorizEdgeScroll was set to 0 instead of being set to 1 for some reason. So I just set it to 1 and it worked. Scroll mouse working.01:26
GusThe computer doesn't have Windows01:26
GusOnly Ubuntu01:26
henry-get gnome partition editor from software center Gus01:26
GusBe right back01:26
frankbroIs there a site where I can find reviews on how well a GPU is supported with the proprietary drivers?01:27
henry-back up your data Gus01:27
=== uw_ is now known as gnrl
urlin2uGus, okay then your question is answered, to be honest you wold back it up anyway01:27
atdprhsfree space is now 1 GB01:27
atdprhsi'll restart my computer01:27
=== lethu is now known as lettuce
hidensofti configure vpn connection but i can see that , how i can connect to vpn ?01:27
urlin2uhello ubuntu help, we do miracles.01:28
=== lettuce is now known as lethu
pietro10hidensoft: I don't understand. What do you mean01:28
hidensoftpietro10: how i can establish a VPN connection ? i make it , but i don't know how i can do this01:31
pietro10hidensoft: hm. So you created a VPN connection but you don't know how to connect to it?01:32
hidensoftvpn connection menu in network manager applet just have 2 submenu , configure vpn and disconnect vpn01:32
pietro10hidensoft: choose Configure VPN01:33
hidensoftpietro10:  ok01:33
hidensofti see my vpn connection01:33
pietro10so it's configured properly, but not showing up in the menu? that's odd01:33
pietro10sadly I don't know how to fix it; does anyone else here know?01:34
hidensoftthis is bug ?01:34
hidensoftholy shit01:34
prezidentdoes anybody know how to change gnome3 boot screen ?01:35
gry!gnome3 | prezident01:36
ubottuprezident: Gnome 3 is not currently supported on Ubuntu. A PPA for natty is available at https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome3 but these packages are EXPERIMENTAL and UNSTABLE, will break Unity and possibly other parts of your system, and cannot be downgraded safely.01:36
gryprezident: There also is irc://irc.gnome.org if you want more details on some of tht01:36
prezidentgry, thanx01:37
hidensoftprezident: i see some application do this , but i don't know names , search in google you find it ;)01:37
gryprezident:  #gnome on here as well if you can't or don't want to connect01:37
th0rhenry-: I gather you are trying to interface a samsung phone?01:37
pietro10So I still don't know. Ubuntu Software Center is not responding to events; only playing the sound effect and showing the animations. It's stuck on a dialogue asking me to remove a cross-dependency to a package I am trying to remove. 5 other removes are in progress. What should I do?01:37
prezidenthidensoft, gry thanx01:38
henry-samsung gt-s5600 th0r01:38
henry-I just want to access the videos and photos on it's microSD01:38
archimedesalve a tutti01:40
urlin2upietro10, maybe if your more vague we can help you. ;-)01:40
th0rhenry-: I haven't found a reference to that particular model, but I have found several sites concerning interfacing linux to a samsung. This one looks promising....but is compile from source...http://www.bitpim.org01:40
pietro10urlin2u: huh? I don't understand what's vague about it01:41
bure4st037hello, I have a problem with aptoncd01:41
bure4st037can anyone help me?01:41
grybure4st037: If you ask the full question please.01:42
bure4st037I made a backup on a .iso some months ago, want to make a restore now01:42
bure4st037but can't burn the .iso01:42
Gus_Me again01:42
bure4st037if I open aptoncd and press restore01:43
bure4st037it says it can't find cd's01:43
grybure4st037: On one line pretty please01:43
urlin2upietro10, not a name of a single package01:43
grybure4st037: What's te full error message, do you have a write-capable drive available01:43
pietro10the package I'm trying to remove I think is called heroes; it also wants me to remove heroes-sdl; and i dunno the names of the other 5 packages only that they're all games01:43
bure4st037first it says "No cd", then "E: Unable to stat the mount point /media/cdrom/ - stat (2: No such file or directory)01:44
bure4st037E: Unable to stat the mount point /media/cdrom/ - stat (2: No such file or directory)01:44
bure4st037E: Failed to mount the cdrom.01:44
gogetabure4st037: :(01:44
urlin2upietro10, the software center can be problematic, you want to run each process then the next.01:45
th0rhenry-: this guy got his working....http://www.pclinuxos.com/forum/index.php/topic,73657.0.html01:45
Lintpietro10, synaptic is times better01:45
Gus_http://img801.imageshack.us/img801/3632/selection033.png How do I format my HDD01:45
gogetaLint: wait to you see the new html5 one01:46
pietro10thanks, but how do I get out of the situation I am in now?01:46
gogetaGus_: just delete and make a new partation01:46
maaheswithout a PWM module, how can I force acpi to run my fan at 100%? There is fan control going on for some reason, but fancontrol told me I had no PWM modules01:46
urlin2uGus,  backup what's there deleta and mae antfs01:46
Gus_How do I delete?01:46
gogetaGus_: RIGHT CLICK DELETE01:47
Dr_Willisbure4st037:  make sure there is a /media/cdrom directory?01:47
gogetaGus_: lol dam capslock01:47
hydrozenis it possible that Lucid doesnt report correct average load on EC2? I'm getting average load between 2-4 while the cpu seems to be idle. Doesnt make sense… and the machine feels responsive.01:47
Gus_Won't let me select it01:47
bure4st037Dr_Willis, I made one and mounted the .iso in it01:47
Dr_Willisbure4st037:  but for burning an iso file.. im not sure why you need to do that.01:47
urlin2uGus, right click the swap then swap off then right click it and delete then sda1 delete then sda 2delete01:47
gogetaGus_: you would need to do it on the live cd01:47
Dr_Willisbure4st037:  oh. you are trying to  fake it out. :)01:47
bure4st037still didn't work, and burning is not an option01:47
Gus_On the live CD?01:48
Dr_Williscould be its trying to remount it or somthing bure4st037  ive never used aptoncd01:48
urlin2uGus, yes on a live cd of course01:48
gogetaGus_: yea you cant reformat a drive in use01:48
Gus_How do I do that?01:48
Dr_Willisgogeta:  well :) you can.. but its not nice.. heh...01:48
urlin2uGus, are you just trying to install windows?01:48
Gus_Yes, but my HDD needs to be NTFS and it isn't right now01:49
gogetaGus_: windows can do it01:49
Gus_I don't have windows on it right now01:49
urlin2uGus, windows will make the NTFS for you.01:49
Dr_WillisGus_:  windows installer disk can do it. or perhaps try the gparted live cd. that way nothing is in use.01:49
Gus_Windows installer won;t01:49
Gus_It fails01:49
=== jeremy is now known as Guest38002
Gus_It says it can't do it01:50
Dr_Willisso the core of the issue is windows installer failing.. :) and you are trying to work around it.01:50
Gus_And restarts my PC01:50
gogetaGus_: in the installer when it shows the partations slect delete on all of them01:50
urlin2uGus, I doubt that but use a live ubuntucd or gparted cd01:50
pietro10k how about this01:50
Gus_It doesn't get that far01:50
pietro10if I force quit Ubuntu Software Center in this situation, will Iscrew up my pakcage database?01:50
Gus_It says loading installer folders and then says failed01:50
gogetaGus_: i think for 7 you have to slect advanced when it ask where to install01:50
xrdodrxcalwig, you there?01:50
urlin2uGus_, if it does not get that far I doun=bt it will instal, kinda important part.01:51
bure4st037pietro10, if it's running and you close APT, it will fuck up your system01:51
Gus_I know01:51
Gus_That's why I need it to be NTS01:51
Gus_That is why I am here01:51
xrdodrx!language | bure4st03701:51
ubottubure4st037: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.01:51
Dr_WillisGus_:  so to make a ntfs. you could use gparted (or other live cds) or ask in #windows about doing it via a windows disk of some kind.01:51
Dr_WillisGus_:  or gparted + the ntfsprogs on ubuntu. if the disk/partitions are not in use.01:51
Gus_How do I get them not in use?01:52
Dr_Willisgparted requires ntfsprogs installed to allow messing with ntfs.01:52
henry-well hot damn th0r01:52
Gus_I'm not good with Ubuntu01:52
henry-it's working01:52
henry-thanks man01:52
gogetaGus_: in windows when it ask what hdd to install on slect advanced it will bring up partations delete all of them then  on the empty tell windows to install there01:52
henry-you gain 30 wizard points01:52
Dr_WillisGus_:  unmount them.. which will be hard to do if you are trying to mess with your / partition.. which is why i mention the live cd's01:52
Gus_Be back later01:52
th0rhenry-: in all fairness they should go to google <smile>01:52
Dr_WillisGoogle is a level 10000000 wizzard.01:53
gogetaDr_Willis: what happond to over 900001:53
th0rhenry-: you can blacklist that module so it doesn't give you problems after reboot01:53
henry-I've been trying to google the problem for quite some time now th0r :P01:54
henry-I just removed the thing01:54
henry-should be enough, right?01:54
Lintare there some gui tools for unattended installation?01:54
th0rhenry-: an advantage of knowing nothing....I got real good at the searches01:54
th0rhenry-: that module will reload at reboot....put the module name in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist and it won't load again01:55
henry-you mean blacklist.conf, right?01:56
th0rhenry-: I think so. I haven't used it in a while...would need to go back to google <smile>01:57
th0rhenry-: yeah...just looked...it is blacklist.conf01:57
henry-alrighty then!01:58
WarOpI'm installing packages onto another machine using packages previous downloaded already, and on the other machine after i installed about half its saying "Package is missing final newline"02:03
WarOpI googled it and it said to try changing /var/lib/dpkg/info to /var/lib/dpkg/info.old02:03
WarOpjust curious what exactly does that do02:03
WarOpit works but now on some of the packages then it looks like its trying to update some but its not sure whats been installed already02:04
urlin2uWarOp, any of those from a repo not added, or another source, not in the repo's02:06
WarOpya mediaubuntu02:07
wolteris anybody getting a triple inbox in the messaging menu (from evolution) ?02:07
WarOpto where its working, but its saying that updating package o this package doesnt seem to be installed02:08
urlin2uWarOp, is a key missing indicated?02:08
WarOpdpkg: warning: files list file for package `homebank-data' missing, assuming package has no files currently installed.02:08
hp00pranyone use red5? says network connection rejected when I try to use the demos.. dunno whats wrong.02:08
prezidentdoes anybody know how to change the splash screen in gnome3 ?02:09
WarOpso it appears that I installed packages then later on received an update for the packages and now it wont allow me to update due to changing the /var/lib/dpkg/info > /var/lib/dpkg/info.old02:09
IdleOneWarOp: change it back02:10
WarOpbut if if change it back then it'll give the error "Package Missing final newline"02:10
WarOpwhat does that mean02:10
mjreedwhere is network manager for 11.04 server?  apt-get says there's no release candidate; I don't see it on the cd...02:10
th0rWarOp: take a look in the file and see if you can find a package missing a newline at the end of the line02:11
WarOptrying to install Identical system onto other similiar system02:11
mjreedI'm trying to set up a server on wifi, and not having much luck.  ath9k card is detected by lspci and lshw but shows DISABLED and doesn't appear in /proc/net/wireless at all.02:12
KM0201mjreed: a server on wifi?.. thats interesting..02:13
mjreedyeah, yeah.  i don't have the cat5 run yet.02:13
KM0201"hey guys, i got a mustang... don't wanna drive it though, who wants to help me push it around town!"02:13
linux_is_my_herohow do i share a printer over my network so ubuntu and windows can see it?02:13
KM0201!cups | linux_is_my_hero02:14
ubottulinux_is_my_hero: Printing in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows02:14
mjreedit's just a home network.02:14
KM0201mjreed: doesn't really matter to be truthful.02:14
mjreedIf I were setting up a real server, it'd be a VM in someone's data center. :)02:14
KM0201still doesn't make sense02:14
mjreedOK.  Can we stipulate that I'm an idiot because noone in their right mind would ever do such a stupid thing as set up a server on wifi, and move on?  I would still like to be able to set the box up without waiting for the wire runs.02:15
th0rmjreed: I have set up servers on wifi....why not? don't let the clowns mislead you02:16
gregok, so I installed the new kernel and now my networking doesn't work unless I use the old kernel.  Do I need to install my realtek drivers while running the new kernel and how do I do that?02:16
WarOPComputer Rebooted so what does it mean when it says "Package is missing Final newline02:16
mjreedThanks, thund3r god.  I appreciate the support.  Any tips on where to look next?  Most of the stuff I found online either requires software that I can't find, or only works if the card shows up in /proc...02:17
mjreedthe old ath_pci driver is not showing up; the ath9k driver is there in lsmod..02:17
th0rmjreed:  might the server have a hardware switch that is being misread?02:17
WarOPGoogled & found to change /var/lib/dpkg/info > /var/lib/dpkg/info.old02:17
WarOPwhich it worked to install the package that was saying Missing final newline02:17
mjreednah, it's not a laptop and the wifi is an add-on card with no switch,02:18
Jordan_Umjreed: You should be able to configure it with /etc/network/interfaces and ifup/ifdown, or use nm-cli if you really want network-manager. But it no showing up in /proc/net/wireless is concerning. I'm pretty sure network-manager won't help fix that.02:18
WarOPbut what trying to install updated packages and it's like it doesnt see the existing packages already installed02:18
mjreedyeah, i'm trying to get from lshw and lspci to /proc.  I don't know what the missing piece of the puzzle is there.02:18
Jordan_Umjreed: Can you pastebin the output of "lsmod | grep ath"?02:18
linux_is_my_heroyeah, i m still really confused by samba, etc....02:20
linux_is_my_herohow do i find my shared printer on another ubuntu machine?02:22
mjreedJordan_U: sure. http://pastebin.com/SfjqgZhE02:22
Sp0tterwhats the easiest way to install amd stream sdk?02:23
Sp0tteris it in a repo?02:23
mjreedignore the wrong pastebin title..02:23
urlin2uSp0tter, this http://developer.android.com/sdk/index.html02:24
Sp0tteramd, not android02:25
neilin the top command what does the %wa mean? it seems high to me02:25
Sp0tteropencl for gpu programming02:26
linux_is_my_heroi can't find my shared printer.02:28
e_t_linux_is_my_hero: You have two Ubuntu computers, and you want to print from one to the other?02:29
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
linux_is_my_heroe_t_: yes. the long-term goal is to  also print from windows to the ubuntu, but im focused on ubuntu to ubuntu FIRST.02:29
dialtonefound the bug with the free space problem, it was definitely that some files where left open02:29
dialtonesomehow they wouldn't appear on 'lsof' but only in 'lsof /'02:29
pmp6nlHello, in 10.04 when I go to places and try to open documents etc. I get the following error: No application is registered as handling this file -- any ideas?  Thanks02:30
e_t_linux_is_my_hero: OK. You don't have to use Samba at all for that (You will for Windows). Open a web browser to http://localhost:631 and click on the Administration tab.02:31
Guest79933I see a few people on the forums reporting that no buttons respond in the users and groups app and nobody has ever responded.  I'm having the same issue on a clean install of Natty.  Can anybody help?02:32
neilin the top command what does the %wa mean? it seems high to me02:32
Onlyodinneil, %wa is wait time02:33
Onlyodintypically the system is waiting for I/O operations I believe02:33
=== xtor_ is now known as extor
neilOnlyodin, ok thanks02:35
=== David is now known as Guest22994
shinsukehi. my ices2 process breaks up after my first ogg file ended. please help. thanks.02:35
Gredeui havea  video capture device that hasn't worked since lucid.  i've upgraded to oncelot 3.0.3 kernel and am wondering if the previously missing /dev/ mount points are back -- i know nothing about video capture02:36
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) will be the fifteenth release of Ubuntu.  Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/?p=646 Discussion and support in #ubuntu+102:37
Lycaim trying to update ubuntu, all the updates are downloaded but for 30 minutes all its said was "waiting"02:38
Lycaanyone know whats wrong?02:38
JasonnLyca: Its lazy and waits for too long!02:38
JasonnLyca: But seriousely, it could have froze02:39
Lycaits not froze02:39
Jordan_U!screenshot | Lyca02:39
ubottuLyca: Screenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imagebin.org/?page=add and post a link to it.02:39
IdleOneLyca: it's waiting for header files, some mirrors are slow. you may want to try switching your repos to something closer to you.02:39
Lycaoh sorry this is for xubuntu i forgot02:39
Lycabut no ones talking on the xubuntu chat, so i thought id ask here02:40
Superdave321My ssh server is not responding from outside my network. I have control from inside, but the process times out from outside. any ideas? my ultimate goal is an ssh tunnel for all web traffic.02:40
IdleOneLyca: a screenshot might be useful as Jordan_U suggested02:40
Superdave321My ssh server is not responding from outside my network. I have control from inside, but the process times out from outside. any ideas? my ultimate goal is an ssh tunnel for all web traffic.02:41
JasonnSuperdave321: The port isnt forwarded02:42
jon_high9000does anybody have problems with overactive scripts when running firefox (any version)?02:42
Superdave321Jasonn: I've put one in my router, but it still has the same problem.02:42
mjreedweird.  I can iwconfig, iwlist scanning...02:43
JasonnSuperdave321: Is it forwarded properly?02:43
Superdave321Jasonn: maybe not. Got some tips?02:43
mjreedhuh.  added the config to /etc/network/interfaces and rebooted and it worked.02:43
mjreedThanks for the assist, Jordan_U and th0r.02:44
JasonnSuperdave321: lol, other than read the manual, not really. Every router is different... Make sure you are forwarding it, and not triggering it, and make sure you are forwarding the right port to the right server.02:44
Jordan_Umjreed: You're welcome.02:44
Superdave321Jasonn: ok, Thanks. Is there anything in the server I could check? i've set it up on a non-standard port...02:45
JasonnSuperdave321: Do you know what port that is? and make sure you are forwarding that port, and set your client to connect to that port02:46
LavagolemkingIs there a way I can undo a dpkg --clear-selections?02:48
LavagolemkingI was pasting commands and accidentally pasted the wrong one. Now all my packages are marked for removal.02:48
LavagolemkingThey aren't removed yet, but I'd like to not have them removed at the next update.02:49
Superdave321Jasonn: Yes, I have the port number. I'm trying to connect through terminal on the client side and then use a SOCKS proxy.02:50
JasonnSuperdave321: And you are sure that you have the right port?02:51
linux_is_my_heromy cups client sends a print job to my cups server and nothing happens.02:51
Superdave321Jasonn:  Positive.02:51
JasonnSuperdave321: Then I dont see you having any problem :)02:52
PDunnyanhone know how to cinnect to a upnp server on ubuntu?02:52
Superdave321Jasonn: ...That's what I thought  :/ Thanks for the help!02:53
milamber!upnp | PDunny02:54
ubottuPDunny: To stream media to other UPNP aware devices (such as the Xbox, PS3, or iRadio) you need a UPNP server. See !info mediatomb for information regarding the MediaTomb package02:54
PDunnynot server but access a upnp server02:55
ParkerRPDunny, Places > Network should list any UPnP devices on the network02:55
oooaaaooohi guys i have 11.04 installed on my samsung nc110 netbook and the display dimming function keys doesnt seem to affect the actual brighness of the screen. WHat should i do>02:56
MrBojangelsim running ubuntu and my mouse has turned into something resembling a crosshair and im unable to left/right click anything02:57
MrBojangelswhat did I do?02:57
ParkerRMrBojangels, the x server is not running02:57
BatBlasterHow would I use dd to make a disk image of my sd card02:57
ParkerRWell xserver is running but the desktop manager is not02:58
MrBojangelsParkerR, how? all of my desktop is still there and running02:58
ParkerRMrBojangels, hmm can you take a picture and upload?02:58
BatBlasterMrBojangels open a terminal?02:58
MrBojangelsi have a terminal open02:58
BatBlasterI donno02:59
milamber!info djmount | PDunny02:59
ubottuPDunny: djmount (source: djmount): file system client for mounting network media servers. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.71-3 (natty), package size 63 kB, installed size 184 kB02:59
MrBojangelsi kind of need to save my stuff02:59
BatBlasterMrBoJangles:ps -u02:59
ubuntu_i  have the same need /03:00
LavagolemkingCan anyone help me out?03:00
MrBojangelsBatBlaster, and? it says bad ps syntax03:00
BatBlasterps -u yourusername03:01
linux_is_my_herolavagolemking: what's the issue?03:01
Lavagolemkinglinux_is_my_hero: I mis-pasted a command, and ran dpkg --clear-selections .03:01
linux_is_my_herolavagolemking: oh, lord....03:01
MrBojangelsBatBlaster, then what?03:02
Lavagolemkinglinux_is_my_hero: Now everything is marked for removal in dpkg, although apparently not removed yet.03:02
BatBlasterwell that checks what processes you have open03:02
Gredeuis there a video whiteboard where i can draw and record things as if it were a chalkboard, and save to video ?03:02
BatBlasterMaybe you can then use that to figure out whats wrong03:02
MrBojangelsi see nothing wrong03:03
BatBlasterI donno0 then, ask someone else03:03
MrBojangelswhat the linux equiv to alt tab?03:03
Lavagolemkinglinux_is_my_hero: Any ideas?03:03
ubuntu_you dont see to much MrBojangels03:03
MrBojangelsalt tab isnt working03:04
ParkerRMrBojangels, alt tab is the equivelent to alt tab03:04
BatBlasterAlt-tab is used to do that here too?  is gnome-panel up03:04
linux_is_my_herolavagolemking: be patient, im looking for a better chat room. this one doesn't seem much help either, i can't seem to solve my printer issue so this will benefit us both :-)03:04
MrBojangelshow do i restart gnome?03:04
ParkerRsudo reboot03:04
BatBlasterhave anything you might loose03:04
=== aldeka_ is now known as aldeka
ryzorgis there a channel for discussing electronics?03:04
ubuntu_this room is good the bad is you03:04
BatBlasterParkerR that reboots the whole machine03:04
ryzorglike, hobby soldering and stuff?03:04
ParkerRalt f4 then arrow to save when the dialog comes up03:05
Gredeui see a wiimote whiteboard but i don't have a wiimote.  anything i can use with mouse and record motion ?03:05
ParkerRBatBlaster, I know but a reboot is usually the best bet03:05
ParkerRGredeu, ??03:05
Lintare there some gui tools for unattended installation?03:05
ParkerRGredeu, mouse and record motion?03:05
MrBojangelsi alt-f4ed twice03:05
GredeuParkerR, yes03:05
MrBojangelsit logged me out03:05
MrBojangelslogged back in03:05
MrBojangelsworks now03:05
ParkerRMrBojangels, X.X03:06
FloodBot1MrBojangels: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:06
GredeuParker but not desktop.  whitebard03:06
MrBojangelsgo figuire03:06
ParkerRGredeu, I guess I dont get your question03:06
oooaaaooohi guys i have 11.04 installed on my samsung nc110 netbook and the display dimming function keys doesnt seem to affect the actual brighness of the screen. WHat should i do>03:06
Gredeui'll see if i can get a wiimote03:06
ubuntu_you dont guess, that for beginning03:06
BatBlasterI have an sd card mou7nted as media/DAVIDSD2_     How would I use dd to make a disk image03:06
ParkerRoooaaaooo, try System > Preference > Power management03:06
ryzorgdeal extreme has wu-brand motion remotes...03:06
Gredeugtkwhiteboard - GTK+ Wiimote Whiteboard03:07
ryzorg15 bucks free shipping03:07
ParkerRItll have a brightness slider03:07
ryzorg2 for price of 103:07
Gredeulike this only with mouse03:07
ParkerRGredeu, I know that03:07
Lavagolemkinglinux_is_my_hero: It looks like the output of dpkg --get-selections only lists currently installed packages (about to be removed).03:07
ParkerRSo use a mouse on whiteboard?03:07
GredeuParkerR, yes ir03:07
ParkerRGredeu, No03:07
oooaaaoooParkerR: im on unity ... how do i get to system preference on unity?03:07
alazare619#debian is stupid quiet03:07
Lavagolemkinglinux_is_my_hero: Would it work if I output the contents into a file, replaced every instance of "deinstall" with "install", and import it again?03:08
ParkerRpress super then type power management03:08
ParkerRsuper = windows key03:08
alazare619what does it mean x isnt in the sudoers file?03:08
linux_is_my_herolavagolemking: i havent done much work with dpkg, so im looking it up myself03:08
ubuntu_thats your problem alazare61903:08
Lavagolemkinglinux_is_my_hero: Thanks.03:08
ParkerRalazare619, ignore that. He gives weird responses sometimes03:09
ubuntu_weird may be your mother )03:09
alazare619no one is responding in deb channel so why does x isnt in sudo file mean never encountered it before03:10
alazare619i can su drop to root but not sudo03:10
ParkerRalazare619, is your username x?03:10
alazare619no my username is alazare61903:10
BatBlasteri think the x server has a user03:11
Superdave321SSH server refuses connection from outside my personal network. Any thoughts?03:11
ubuntu_sure no its a name like anyother03:11
ParkerRSuperdave321, forwarded port on router?03:11
alazare619replace x with ne user logged into my system03:11
ParkerROh I thought ubuntu_ was ubottu03:11
alazare619ie me alazare61903:11
ParkerRToo late03:11
Superdave321ParkerR: Yep.03:11
=== caplink811-log is now known as caplink811_log
ParkerRSuperdave321, using external IP address and port 22?03:12
alazare619im working on that distro but got stuck parker03:12
metharkGuys...quick question: what is the name of that app that changes the ubuntu login bg etc?03:12
ThelmariaSuperdave321: When you say it refuses connection, the ssh server logs say you've connected but it doesn't log you in, or it just times out trying to connect?03:12
ParkerRalazare619, oh03:12
alazare619rather confused im thinking i messed up a config file03:12
ParkerRyou should say exactly what it says03:12
ParkerRI get you now03:12
alazare619but idk where to look for a sudoers file grep isnt helping either03:13
BatBlasterhow does dd work03:13
ParkerRalazare619, ok open root terminal.03:13
Superdave321ParkerR: using external DynDns and remote ip addresses and non-standard port#.03:13
ParkerRAccessories > root terminal03:13
Flannelalazare619: Is this in Debian? or Ubuntu?03:14
ParkerROh I had him confused03:14
ParkerRalazare619, sudo visudo03:14
alazare619deb but no one in deb is responding03:14
alazare619and it should work hence the question03:14
san_Hi,  a week I cannot connect to the ssh server I used to be able to connect before I moved to another app, always getting the error  port 22: No route to host, which is strange since my collegues can connect from outside...Any thought or possible test to pinpoint the problemÉ thanks03:14
alazare619kk ill try that parker thanks for the idea03:14
ParkerRWell theres more03:15
Flannelalazare619: Alright.  Well, it means you aren't able to currently use sudo.  Could be a variety of reasons.  You'll need to ask in #debian (try #debian on oftc, thats the primary channel).  If it were Ubuntu, I'd say you likely removed yourself from the admin group, but that's not how debian does things.03:15
ParkerRFlannel, no I had this confused with debian its my fault for the confusion03:15
Superdave321Thelmaria: When I try to connect, it actually prints "ssh: connect to host {address} port {port #}: connection refused."03:15
alazare619im working on it through my phone over 3g atm vnced into my work horse controlling the vbox lol03:15
FlannelParkerR: No worries.03:16
alazare619all over 3g love android phones03:16
ParkerRFlannel, but yeah Ubuntu should make the user able to use sudo from the get go03:16
ThelmariaSuperdave321: Check /var/log/auth.log - that'll tell you if the ssh server recieves the request (ie, port forwarding is working).03:16
alazare619only worry i didnt base it off ubuntu was cause there is no equal on ubuntu to liquorix kernel03:17
FlannelParkerR: Well, he could have removed himself from the admin group accidentally.03:17
ParkerRFlannel, tis true03:17
ParkerRI cant think right now03:17
ParkerR Good ight everyone03:18
gryGood night ParkerR03:18
Superdave321Thelmaria: is there a way to do that via ssh? I only have access to that right now.03:18
ParkerRThanks gry03:18
ThelmariaSuperdave321: Do you have access to the server ?03:19
ubuntu_dear dave im boring about you03:19
Superdave321Thelmaria: .....yes... i have it in a location where it's easiest to leave it headless, but I can go get it and hook it up to a moniter..03:20
linux_is_my_herolavagolemking: i'm going to bed, but try asking people in the following rooms: #ubuntu-beginners, #ubuntu-devel, #ubuntu-power-users, #ubuntu-quality, #ubuntuforums03:20
Lavagolemkinglinux_is_my_hero: Thanks. Still looking around...03:21
rimswaldhello can anyone give me information on how to setup KGpg for encryption?03:21
rimswaldor more specifically, why KGpg will not open even though it is installed03:22
=== FourDoll1rs is now known as FourDollars
PiciLavagolemking: #ubuntu-devel is not a support channel.03:24
LavagolemkingPici: I'm not in #ubuntu-devel.03:24
gogetawell it is sorta03:24
Book_the bootup sequence on my machine is halted with the message "Soft lockup detected on CPU#1" & then when I try to alter the bootup statements in grub the message "alloc magic is broken at ...."03:24
gogetadiffrent type of support03:24
PiciLavagolemking: Just following linux_is_my_hero's advice :)03:24
LavagolemkingPici: Thanks.03:25
Book_appears.  Is this evidence of data corruption or hardware failure?03:25
LavagolemkingPici: I'm going to try replacing "deinstall" with "install" then dpkg --set-selections < /tmp/dpkg_list and see if that fixes anything.03:25
Jordan_UBook_: I would run memtest to check for bad RAM.03:26
PiciLavagolemking: good luck :)03:26
Lintinstaller promised it will restore previously installed applications, but was not able to. Is everything in ubuntu disfunctional like that?03:26
LavagolemkingSure hope "install" is the right keyword...03:26
Book_Jordan_U: I did run memtest & it completed several runs w/o errors03:27
Jordan_UBook_: Have you checked the drive's SMART data?03:27
E3D3Do I have to give up certain software when I switch from Gnome/KDE to LXDE ? Can I use the same software ?03:28
Jordan_UE3D3: You can use the same software.03:28
E3D3Thanks Jordan_U03:28
Jordan_UE3D3: You're welcome.03:28
Book_Jordan_U: the HDD passed the quick test but I did not do an extensive test of the HDD for fear of losing data03:28
Jordan_UBook_: Is this a fresh install?03:30
dzeremis1Hi everybody. I have what I think might be a simple question. I have a Gateway laptop that is five years old. It has an internal wifi card. Some time ago, I had a newer PC that did not have wifi at all and bought a CISCO Linksys AE1000 card. It works via USB and is much better wireless technology. I think I've installed the thing. My computer definitely sees it with lsusb. But I'm wondering how to put it in use. It would be a lot better th03:30
dzeremis1an the internal wireless card.03:30
Book_Jordan_U: No, this is not.. I've tried booting up w/ a liveCD and the bootup process is halted as well03:31
dzeremis1Could you please help me figure this out? I think it's a simple question of a command I don't know how to do.03:31
Jordan_UBook_: Have you been able to boot from the same LiveCD on this machine in the past?03:32
jinuhow to identify which image mounted to specified loopback03:32
Jordan_Ujinu: losetup -a03:33
hatch(10.04) my volume control goes from 0 to 100% in about 10% of the volume slider - any ideas?03:33
Book_Jordan_U: Yes, I have been able to bootup a liveCD in the past.03:33
dzeremis1I don't mean to interrupt anything, of course. I'd just like help. It's not an epic question, thankfully.03:33
Jordan_UBook_: This particular LiveCD?03:33
Jordan_U!ask | dzeremis103:33
dzeremis1I'm using Ubuntu 11.04 en simple.03:33
ubottudzeremis1: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:33
Book_Jordan_U: 11.04 on a flash drive03:34
dzeremis1ubottu: Hokey doke.03:34
dzeremis1Jordan_U: What does that mean?03:35
Picidzeremis1: Its a trigger to tell ubottu to say something03:35
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots03:35
dzeremis1Pici: Thanks for telling me.03:35
Picidzeremis1: np :)03:36
Book_Jordan_U: in the past I've been able to bootup w/ 11.04 on a flash drive03:36
oooaaaooowhat does an unauthenticated linux header file mean when running apt-get upgrade?03:36
dzeremis1In a nutshell: in Ubuntu 11.04, I'm using one wireless device. I think I have a new one installed correctly. What would I do to enable it?03:36
hatchhow do I access other drives in the terminal?03:38
ParkerRhatch, cd /media03:39
ParkerRto see what is there then cd to what you want03:39
hatchParkerR: ahh perfect03:40
hatchso is it 'mounted' to those folders then?03:40
=== support_ is now known as karmst77
karmst77I'm debating on whether or not to switch my primary workstation to Ubuntu03:42
karmst77however, I'm having a hard time finding replacements for certain applications before I do so03:42
karmst77what does everyone use for web development and graphics manipulation?03:43
illDecreekarmst77: GIMP03:43
karmst77Is there an Adobe Master Suite replacement?03:43
illDecreekarmst77: AFAIK GIMP is it03:44
hatchkarmst77: right now I switch back to win7 to use my Adobe CS, but thats because I paid way to much for it to just switch to gimp :)03:44
hatchbut I do all the coding in ubuntu03:44
Flannelkarmst77: Master Suite is an assemblage of various programs, there isn't a bundled set of programs like that, no.  But there are individual ones.  Inkscape for vector graphics, GIMP (or others) for raster graphics, etc, etc.03:44
Superdave321illDecree: would wine work for karmist77?03:45
illDecreeSuperdave321: dunno. never tried it. i do very little image manip ...03:45
illDecreeSuperdave321: i'd definitely try it though03:45
ParkerRkarsten, I use Photoshop. Runs nicely in wine03:46
ParkerRPhotoshop CS5 runs flawlessly03:47
hatchParkerR: did you just do a typical install?03:48
karmst77including all the plugins?03:48
ParkerRkarsten, I believe so although I dont do any major major editing03:48
ParkerRhatch, yeah03:48
hatchthats crazy I didn't even think of trying it :D03:49
karmst77does virtualization work well in Ubuntu?03:49
ParkerRWell this isnt running in virtualbox or a vm03:49
ParkerRIts running in linux03:49
hatchI have noticed some odd layout issues with firefox 6 and ubuntu vs ff6 in win7 though03:49
ParkerRkarsten, but yes it does03:50
ParkerRhatch, relevant http://i.imgur.com/C0g1D.jpg03:50
karmst77I mean can other OSes run well without issues using ubuntu as the host and vmware workstation with multiple VMs as the guest?03:50
ParkerRYeah they run just fine03:50
ParkerRIve tried XP and Vista in vmware player03:51
karmst77does ubuntu have a HCL somewhere?03:51
hatchthats not under a vm either?03:51
ParkerRhatch, nope wine03:51
karmst77or a utility to make sure your hardware is compatible?03:51
hatchvery cool03:51
ParkerRkarmst77, usually if you have a good graphics chip and decent RAM you should be fine03:51
slinki'm running natty (11.04) and i am wondering how to change a program's icon (when alt+tabbing) to a custom one (specifically for a custom firefox install). right now it shows a generic icon (black background, and a deny icon)03:52
kyanHello! How can I force a downgrade of a package that I have as a deb file?03:52
kyanI can't use force version in synaptic because it is not from a repository.03:52
wildbat!hcl | karmst7703:52
ubottukarmst77: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection03:52
slinkkyan: tryu looking at the dpkg command03:52
karmst77well I have a Core i7 extreme, with 48Gb of RAM and dual Radeon HD 6700s03:53
OnlyodinInteresting configuration.03:53
Superdave321holy freak, dude.03:53
karmst77ah yes that's what I was looking for03:54
hatchhow much web development are you doing at once? haha03:54
karmst77I own an IT company03:54
karmst77so quite a bit03:54
karmst77plus remote support03:54
karmst77It's over-kill I know03:54
hatchwhat mobo?03:54
kyanslink: Cool! That worked. Thanks!03:54
karmst77I also have 4 Dell 30inch monitors on it03:54
Onlyodinya think?03:54
ParkerRkarsten, yeah thats plenty for a vm XD03:54
slinkkyan: good to hear03:54
Superdave321and getting facebook at light speed is just a perk... right?03:54
karmst77I hate facebook03:55
karmst77waste of time03:55
hatchso what mobo are you using to house that much ram?03:55
Superdave321lol... Just saying that if I had a machine like that, I'd have to take it home and get all the play out of me before I would be able to focus on any work whatsoever :P03:56
karmst77SuperMicro sever board03:56
hatchI didn't think any of their server boards allowed 2 gpu's03:56
karmst77SuperMicro MBD-X8DTL-iF-O03:58
srikanthhai every one03:59
Lintare there some gui tools for unattended installation?03:59
Superdave321Lint: there's probably some on the server version.04:00
karmst77Actually Hatch it will do 3 GPUs04:00
srikanthis there any tool like IDM in windows to download04:00
karmst77and also another 4 PCI-e devices04:00
karmst77and another processor04:00
ohzieHey everybody04:01
srikanthhai @ohzie04:01
Sp0tterwhen i do chown -R myname *    why does it not work04:01
PDunnyWill gin work on LXDE?04:01
Sp0tterit works in every other linux/unix i have seen04:01
karmst77sudo chown04:01
Sp0tteri'm doing it as root04:02
karmst77you still need to elevate04:02
ParkerRkarsten, hes as root user04:02
ParkerRHe doesnt04:02
Sp0tteron effect04:02
ohzieMy wifi keeps, uh, stopping when I'm at home. I'm not sure how to diagnose this problem, whether it's the access point or my laptops wifi. Dmesg isn't really telling me anything.04:02
Sp0ttersudo has no effefct04:02
ohziekarmst77: Root is root.04:02
Sp0tterdrwxr-xr-x  2 root    root      4096 2011-08-23 21:57 .vim04:02
ParkerRSp0tter, what are you trying to do04:02
ohzie"How many things can root do?"04:02
ohzieAll the things04:02
karmst77I'm betting he's not actually root04:02
srikanthis ubuntu is safer then windows04:02
Sp0tterParkerR: change file ownership of a home folder i restored04:03
PDunnysri - yes04:03
jiohdiSp0tter: try it with nautilus as root or thunar04:03
Sp0tterkarmst77: i am actually root..04:03
ohziesrikanth: Debatable, but with most users yes.04:03
PDunnyless virii04:03
ohziesrikanth: That said, a well maintained windows server is more secure than a badly maintained linux server.04:03
karmst77then you would use chmod04:03
Sp0tterjiohdi: why should i have to.... i want to know why chown doesnt work heh04:03
anonnewbieHey, can anyone point me to a suitable irc for Rescue Remix help?04:03
jiohdiSp0tter: dont know, just offering an alternative04:03
karmst77unless you are the owner of the origial directory04:03
Lintsp0tter what's an error then?04:03
Sp0tterLint: the error is that the file still belongs to root04:04
Sp0tterafter  chown -R shannon *04:04
karmst77so chmod the folder04:04
srikanthhow can we download youtube videos04:04
Tadcraziohey guys, Im putting music together for a small wedding this weekend for a family member and I was thinking instead of having a list of music i have or what i will play, I want to display it on a monitor on the other side of the table, Hows that sound?04:04
ohziesrikanth: there are firefox plugins for that04:04
karmst77what's the ACLs on the folder set to?04:04
Sp0tterkarmst77: that does not matter04:05
Sp0tterchown is chown, i've been chowning for a long time heh04:05
karmst77but you did a restore right?04:05
srikanthi need the procedure how to download videos frm youtube04:05
Book_Is the message "soft-lockup detected on CPU#1" an indication of data corruption or hardware failure?04:05
ParkerRSp0tter, chown -R username ~/*04:05
ParkerROh wait04:05
ParkerRThatd do root home XD04:05
ParkerRSp0tter, chown -R username /home/username/*04:06
karmst77he did that04:06
Sp0tterthat worked04:06
ParkerRTry it witht he full path04:06
Sp0tterwhy did i have to use fill paths?04:06
karmst77because you are root04:06
ParkerRBut if in doubt use full path04:06
anonnewbieanyone know a rescue remix irc channel?04:06
Lintwhy ALL my software GONE after reinstall? I chose an option to RESTORE it04:06
karmst77did you back it up first?04:07
karmst77this HCL only shows complete systems04:07
karmst77not components04:07
Lintinstaller did04:07
Superdave321srikanth: go to tools->add-ons and search for something along the lines of download youtube. pick your one, and it should have instructions on how the rest works. it's different for each add-on.04:07
karmst77do they make a ubuntu HCL that shows raid cards, etc...04:07
Sp0tterhehe karmst77 "he probably isn't really root" .. priceless04:08
karmst77most new users aren't Spotter04:08
Sp0tteroh, i am a long time Arch user, just new to ubuntu..04:09
karmst77you went from arch to ubuntu?04:09
ParkerRsudo make -me=sandwich04:09
karmst77I would think you'd go the other way04:09
=== starlon_ is now known as starlon
Sp0tteronly for my a single computer because i needed a 2.6 kernel and 11.6 catalyrg04:09
Sp0tter11.8 has a bug that breaks something i need, and i already have 3.0.1 on arch kernel04:10
Superdave321ParkerR: totally using that.\04:10
Sp0tterwifes computer :)04:10
karmst77well I'm trying to debate here, ubuntu x64, centos 6 x64, or Solaris Open?04:10
Sp0tteri use solaris for my fileserver04:10
Superdave321ParkerR: XKCD, right?04:11
karmst77which one would be best as a Win7 x64 replacement with a focus on Graphics, Web Development?04:11
ParkerRI have a file server, minecraft server, openssh server, ace of psades server, and few other misc things running on my laptop04:11
ParkerRSuperdave321, naah just thought of that wording04:11
srikanthhow to download picasa04:11
karmst77or should I just VM my win7 and run it in vmware?04:11
ohziekarmst77: It depends on what applications you use04:12
zenroxid vm win704:12
srikanthhow to connect wit picasa web albums through ubuntu04:12
ohziekarmst77: VMing win7 would probably be the blockiest but most efficient solution, unless you're willing to learn new things.04:12
KM0201srikanth: did you install picasa?04:12
bc81hello.  i preformed some hard drive tests using GSmartControl, and i'm not sure what to make of the results.  according to this log file, is my hard drive failing? > http://pastebin.com/6jkwXQJe04:12
karmst77I'm willing to learn04:12
karmst77I have enough IT titles behind my signature that I'm very OS universal04:13
ParkerRbc81, looks good afaik04:13
srikanthi dont find picasa in my applications@kmo20104:13
Superdave321That determined to get away from windows7?04:13
KM0201bc81: well "overall health assessment: passed" i'm guessing thats good04:13
ohziekarmst77: It doesn't matter how os neutral you are in some cases. There are just something that photoshop can do that the gimp cannot do.04:13
KM0201srikanth: http://picasa.google.com/linux/thanks-deb.html04:13
ohziekarmst77: However, in the cases where you need photoshop, I'd suggest a VM04:14
bc81ParkerR & KM0201: ok thanks, so it's ok to ignore the 2 errors that were reported?04:14
ohziekarmst77: VirtualBox and VMware are both so nice nowadays.04:14
karmst77eh... Win 7 annoys me with how much overhead it has04:14
ParkerRYeah most rpeort samll erors. COuld be false positives04:14
ParkerR*report small04:14
KM0201bc81: i didn't see any errors, but my guess is, if they were ritical, the drive would not have passed04:14
karmst77and vmware workstation locks up alot on it04:14
bc81ParkerR & KM0201: thanks guys, that's good to hear04:15
ParkerRkarmst77, aww04:15
KM0201bc81: neither of those errors look serious to me.. like i said, if it was serious, the drive wouldn't have passed04:15
ParkerRI like vmware player altough it doesnt like the Ubunt kernel04:15
ParkerRKeep failing on loading the modules when I start it up04:16
KM0201ParkerR: i hate vmware player.. much prefer vbox04:16
karmst77eh I'm a VCAP so all vmware is really cheap for me04:16
ParkerRKM0201, vmware player has much better USB support than vbox imo04:17
karmst77ubuntu might not like my raid card04:17
Linthow can I find a package list installer created?04:17
ParkerRVirtualbox even with the new USB package has always not liked USB for me04:19
karmst77ok be back in a few... Let's see how this installation goes...04:19
ParkerRGood luck04:19
scandalist /join irc.haxnet.org04:21
hatchhow would I get a list of the java packages installed so that I can uninstall them and install a different package?04:22
hatchdpkg --get-selections | grep java04:23
hatchoops :)04:23
ParkerR\o/ vmware launch successfully this time04:23
ParkerRtotem , how the media player business going? XD04:27
totemParkerR, nothing compare to totem/vlc/brasero04:28
ParkerRHey you forgot XBMC and DeadBeef :P04:28
Shadowjedi01hello I am having a networking issue can someone help me please?04:30
Shadowjedi01anyone alive?04:32
edbianShadowjedi01: yes04:32
JImmyNeutrondont ask for help, just ask and if anyone can help, they will respond04:32
edbianShadowjedi01: I am alive.  This channel is usually VERY busy04:32
=== satellit_ is now known as satellit_afk
ParkerRedbian, :D !! o/04:33
ptzkhi can anyone recommend a good vps.. im deciding between ramhost.us linode and intovps.com?04:33
edbianParkerR: hi04:34
ptzkit seems in most cases that openvz is cheaper04:34
ptzkis there really big disadvantages to openvz04:34
gryptzk: It's more restricted.04:36
stevecamcan i get 5.1 digital audio in pulseaudio04:36
ptzkin terms of what04:37
gryptzk: Anything.04:37
stevecamptzk, you talking to me?04:37
* jiltdil waiting for 11.1004:37
grystevecam: No.04:37
ptzkstevecam: no sorry04:37
ptzkthat was directed to gry04:37
stevecamgry, are you replying to my question to ptzk or about the audio04:38
gryptzk: https://secure.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/wiki/Openvz#Limitations04:38
grystevecam: I address the recepient each time. :-)04:39
ptzkaha thanks for the info gry04:39
gryptzk: Sure.04:39
SianideJust did a fresh install of ubuntu over windows 7, Now my Wireless doesn't work can anyone help?04:39
grystevecam: Your original question is vague. Did you try to do that (sounds like something a bit unfamilair, but not quite impossible)?04:40
gry!wireless | Sianide04:40
ubottuSianide: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs04:40
grySianide: If you have some troubleshooting info and can't see what to do by reading the guide, just ask in here.04:41
stevecamgry, i can play something using aplay and i can tell it to play 5.1 audio directly through my digital line, but pulseaudio ust plays the audio as stereo04:41
jiltdilAny good game than nexuiz in ubuntu04:42
ParkerRjiltdil, armagetron, alien arena, supertuxkart04:43
jiltdilParher: i have no idea about armagetron but i know nexuiz is better than left two04:44
jiltdilParkerR: i have no idea about armagetron but i know nexuiz is better than left two04:46
ParkerRjiltdil, ahhALiena Arean is quake engine04:47
ParkerR*ahh Alien04:47
SianideWhat do i do if my wireless card isn't supported . . . Googled and looked at the docs on ubuntu cant find anything, When i google my driver it just comes up with forums about a USB Driver for ubuntu what im using is built in so nothings relevant... Can someone please help?04:48
=== bkerensa_ is now known as bkerensa|laptop
Jordan_USianide: Can you pastebin the output of "lspci -vnn" ?04:48
SianideNo i cant im on another computer seperate from the one having the problems, cant access the internet with the one that has issues04:49
Jordan_USianide: Do you have a flash drive?04:49
=== newbie59 is now known as cafi
SianideI can burn a text document onto a cd... i guess04:50
MAREK_BENC_NetBI have installed vsftpd, and now i'm setting it up. Kind of a nub question: Does anyone know where to put Public files? Adding them to /var/ftp does nothing04:52
JeZ-l-Leeanyone want to try a late alpha version of my new HTML5 Internet browser game?04:53
MAREK_BENC_NetBI can test it out04:53
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:53
MAREK_BENC_NetBGimme link!04:53
MAREK_BENC_NetBToo bad i'm banned from Offtopic:/04:54
ParkerRMAREK_BENC_NetB, how?04:54
MAREK_BENC_NetBI accidently flooded it04:54
ParkerRJeZ-l-Lee, I can test04:55
ParkerRJeZ-l-Lee, PM?04:55
JeZ-l-LeeParkerR - minute, too many people are testing and my web server is very slow04:57
=== bkerensa is now known as register
=== register is now known as bkerensa
MAREK_BENC_NetBWhat's the game about?04:57
MAREK_BENC_NetBIs it a platformer?04:58
ParkerRJeZ-l-Lee, I have a server running if you need me to host04:58
mynameismotherfumother fucker04:58
mynameismotherfufather fucker04:58
FloodBot1mynameismotherfu: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:58
SianidePastein --------- http://pastebin.com/Mfvppyni04:59
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=== bkerensa|laptop is now known as bkerensa_
Sianidehttp://pastebin.com/Mfvppyni Wifi problem looked at ubuntu docs cant find anything on google Can someone help?05:03
ParkerR:D http://i.imgur.com/ln8fc.png05:03
MAREK_BENC_NetBParkerR: What a Ugly thing you have there.05:04
edbianSianide: That output does not include a wifi device.  Is it a usb dongle?05:04
ParkerRMAREK_BENC_NetB, Haha05:04
Jordan_U!ot | ParkerR05:04
ubottuParkerR: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:04
ParkerRI just said Haha. Sorry05:05
SianideNo  my wireless is (stated) as rtl819xU I googled it but theres just forums about a usb dongle with the same or similar name05:06
=== Evixion` is now known as Evixion
ArseneRe1Does anyone know what handles setting a sudo's environment?05:11
=== P4R4N01D1 is now known as P4R4N01D
SianideCan someone help me with my wifi problem? I cant install windows 7 so im kinda stuck with ubuntu =/ Ubuntu sorta loses functionality for me without internet...05:14
th0rSianide: a lot of words with no information05:15
SianideI've given info no ones given me any information back though05:15
sagaciSianide, what' the exact line you get with lsusb05:18
ParkerRsagaci, its not a USB device he said05:19
=== m00se is now known as elmacey
=== elmacey is now known as m00se
Sianidemhm its built in.. Cant find anything on it though05:19
sagaciah ok05:20
SianideWhen i do sudo ifconfig wlan0 up it gives me resourse temp unavailable05:20
PythonPupIs there some way to make notification message leave the screen in less than the hour or two it seems like they stay now?05:20
urlin2uPython1320, there is a ppa not a lot of exacting info, most it seems just get used to it.05:25
Python1320ok :p05:26
PirschHello, can anyone tell me how to start Envy in 11.04?05:37
PirschHello, can anyone tell me how to start Envy in 11.04?05:38
acrouseyHaven't been on here for a while. Wondering if anybody would know how I could put Ubuntu onto a USB from my Mac. Don't want to install it on here. Want to put it on my father's computer.05:38
Pirschacrousey: couldn't you just simply boot up from a live cd and then run 'make startup disk'?05:39
PirschI've done this but never on a Mac05:40
acrousey@Pirsch, I don't have any live cd's around. And no cd's to burn unfortunately05:40
Pirschacrousey: ah, I see. The only other thing I can think of is using a virtual drive (maybe)05:41
urlin2uacrousey, whats on the dads computer now?05:42
=== zone is now known as Guest64326
Guest64326i need some help ?05:42
acrousey@urlin2u, Hell... I mean Vista05:42
JokesOnYou77acrousey: please take a look at this page and do a search for "Mac" sould be the first thing that comes up. Unfortunately, it doesn't look good for you.  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick05:42
urlin2uacrousey, use vista a unetbootin, much easier.05:43
JokesOnYou77MUch easier05:43
PirschHello, can anyone tell me how to start Envy in 11.04?05:43
th0rPirsch: have you tried typing 'envy' in terminal?05:44
urlin2uPirsch, what is envy?05:44
PirschI need to solve a graphics problem fast. I have my office convinced to switch to ubuntu05:44
PirschYes, I've tried all the commands, nothing happens05:44
acrousey@urlin2u and JokesOnYou77, would i be able to completely wipe the machine and install only ubuntu on it that way?05:44
PirschEnvy is a program that identifies graphics and installs drivers05:44
Guest64326i want share folder in ubuntu and windows user can past file or foler but delete or overwrite how to do that?05:45
urlin2uacrousey, the install will wipe it, windows and ubuntu are just easier to load thumbs on..05:45
scottjare there good alternative mplayer terminal ui's, perhaps one with a progress bar?05:45
JokesOnYou77acrousey: Yes.  You would use ImgBurn, or Unibootin to make a love CD or USB and then install Ubuntu to the PC and in the installation process you can reformat the drive05:46
th0rPirsch: you couldn't have tried very hard....http://linuxers.org/howto/how-install-nvidiaati-graphic-cards-drivers-ubuntu-using-envy-ng05:46
urlin2uGuest64326, generarly a shred ntfs partition is used, if on the same computer05:46
PythonPupGuest64326, Ask that again, please.  What do you want the Windows users to be able to do?05:46
uabn93hey, i noticed the wifi applet doesnt appear if i switch from one user to another. anyone know why?05:46
Guest64326they can copy or past a file or folder but not delete or overwrite05:47
urlin2uuabn93, open the edit and click availbe to all users05:47
Pirschthor: I have been trying, still am, but these things are not working,.... yet05:47
Guest64326adv thank you python05:47
acrouseyurlin2u, I see that now. I might have to put both on his computer with a thumb though. Vista doesn't want to acknowledge his internet connection05:47
Pirschthor: to add to my difficulties, I reside in China. ;)05:48
Guest64326any idea ?05:48
urlin2uacrousey, down load the ISO transfer it with the unetbootin download , and load the thumb, use the thumb to transfer .05:48
th0rPirsch: that link tells you how to start and use envy in ubuntu05:49
PirschThanks Thor. I'm still waiting for it to open. I think a proxy site just might open it05:49
Guest64326 i want share folder in ubuntu and windows user can past file or foler in that but not to delete or overwrite the same how to do that?05:50
uabn93urlin2u: checked and its already enabled for all. the wifi applet never shows up on a different account05:51
Guest64326if any one interested please guide me05:51
urlin2uuabn93, what's the desktops?05:51
urlin2uuabn93, and are both gettibg wifi?05:52
uabn93urlin2u: the first account i log into is classic, and i tried switching between unity and classic on the second. only the first gets wifi. the second is missing an applet05:53
PythonPupGuest64326, I am looking.  It is an unusual request, but I am looking for an answer.05:53
urlin2uuabn93, unity is missing the applet?05:53
Guest64326but in centos its already configure phython !!05:54
uabn93urlin2u: yep05:54
urlin2uuabn93, any others missing, and have you tweaked compiz?05:54
Guest64326I am new to linux I want make sync to both pc05:54
uabn93urlin2u: im pretty sure it worked before. I'll check that out. no, verything else works fine05:55
drawmeati remeber being able to create compressed folders in ubuntu before, what's changed05:56
PythonPupGuest64326, This purports to setup just like you want http://lists.samba.org/archive/samba/2001-October/030781.html05:56
drawmeatQ: How do you create compressed folders on ubuntu?05:57
Guest64326Python thank you !! i will try05:57
grydrawmeat: use archive manager05:57
PythonPuptar and bzip2 are used to create compressed sets of files.  Nautilus treats them like directories.05:58
urlin2udrawmeat, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression  maybe?05:58
Guest64326r u there Python ?05:59
PythonPupGuest64326, Are you talking to me?05:59
urlin2udrawmeat, also a right click-compress05:59
Guest64326in this case once who create file or folder he is able to delete but for me only root should have permission06:00
Guest64326r u getting06:00
drawmeaturlin2u, worked great thank you06:00
ohzieGuest64326: what06:01
PythonPupGuest64326, In the example, the special user can delete files or directories, but not the normal users.  Root or anyone with sudo access could also delete files.06:01
jen_who here uses firefox?06:02
gryjen_: Plenty of people.06:02
Guest64326ok i try now and get back !06:02
jen_ok how can I switch from tabs using the keyboard only?06:02
jen_I like to just use the keyboard for stuff06:03
gryjen_: CTRL + PageUP/PageDOWN06:03
iceroot_jen_: ctrl + shift + ta06:03
iceroot_jen_: ctrl + shift + tab06:03
jen_oh ok06:03
gryPlenty people, I promised! :-)06:03
linuxrealmup arrow rght arrow/left06:04
jen_thats sweet thanks :D06:04
jen_i have another question06:04
jen_lemme think of how to desrcibe it though..06:04
stealzHelp! Closing youtube tabs freezes my ubuntu! Keyboard not working, cant restart X, nothing06:05
jen_are you on 666's account?06:06
PythonPupstealz, The power button does not even work?06:06
Jordan_U!sysrq | stealz06:06
ubottustealz: In an emergency, you may be able to shutdown cleanly and reboot by holding down Alt+PrintScreen and typing, in succession, R, E, I, S, U and B. For an explanation, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_SysRq_key06:06
stealzThanks Jordan_U, but I am looking for a fix06:06
=== Nicolus is now known as c_nick
FreezingColdWhat does Ubuntu compile in its kerne;?06:07
stealzI cannot watch youtube videos because everytime I close a tab with a vid in it my pc freezes06:07
wildbatI am still wondering how to do Magic sysrq in a Vbox.06:07
muktiWhat browser?06:07
stealzPythonPup, the power button works, and so does Jordan_U 's suggestion06:07
PythonPupstealz, the fix would be to uninstall flash.  Use html5 for youtube.  I have never seen a problem like you describe.  I have never installed flash.06:07
muktihave you tried any other browsers?06:07
jen_ok so on my old ubuntu before I had to re-install my mouse would automatically (without clicking) just go to type in someone when I would scroll over it. I really love that feature but I dont know how I got it. Anyone know how to fix this?06:08
stealzPythonPup, I use html5 but I have to login for it to work. If I leave a window open and restart firefox my system freezes06:08
stealzPythonPup, and I use flash for other sites, too06:08
stealzmukti, not really, but I dont really want to tbh, I run dualboot and its perfectly synced between my 2 os06:09
PythonPupYou don't have to login to use html5.  You just have to visit the right page and press the button that says you want to join the trial.06:09
stealzPythonPup, I did that06:10
stealzPythonPup, but it will only use the html5 player when I am logged in06:10
muktistealz, I was just wondering if the problem was with the browser, or if it was something else.06:10
PythonPupI use it and I have never logged into youtube.06:10
stealzPythonPup, I never get a crash when I am logged in, but everytime the page loads and I am not logged in06:10
linuxrealmjen_: ?06:11
stealzPythonPup, maybe its because I dont store my cookies06:11
stealzmukti, good point, I will try another browser06:11
stealzwhat would you recommend with 10.04?06:11
muktisure, it shouldn't really matter06:12
PythonPupI do have to enable them for youtube.  That is annoying, because I normally disable cookies, too.  But, if you are a Flash user, you are fooling yourself if you think disabling cookies helps much.  Flash is way too friendly to people who want to do nasty things to your computer.06:12
stealzyeah I've read so06:13
scottjanyone recognize this console twitter client? http://dotshare.it/public/images/uploads/91.png06:13
stealzRunning Noscript, and might wanna use something to get rid of flash cookies06:13
bullgard4_ Why do I need a Gnats Bug-Reporting System as I can use Apport?06:13
muktistealz, have you tried another browser yet?06:14
stealzmukti, no just looking for one06:15
stealzdont have any other installed06:15
bullgard4_FreezingCold: "[08:07]<FreezingCold>What does Ubuntu compile in its kerne;?" <-- What do you want to know?06:15
muktistealz, just do chrome or opera06:16
stealzmukti, just downloading chromium06:16
=== root is now known as Guest73605
jen_I got disconnected for a sec06:19
jen_anyone know how to set the mouse to scrollover?06:19
stealzI just realized something weird. I didnt have html5 enabled, but logging in still fixed the crashes06:20
glisstechOk...so I cannot figure out how to give the second user account on my system access to a USB external drive that is on NTFS06:20
linuxrealmscrollover what?06:22
wildbatglisstech: remount it with umask=00006:22
stealzok, so chromium doesnt crash my system06:23
stealzso its more of a firefox issues06:23
PythonPupIs that second user a member of the plugdev group, glisstech06:23
jen_ok for my mouse if I scrollover with my mouse it automatically lets me type06:24
glisstechpythonPup: Yes the user is a member of the plugdev group06:24
=== viktor5675675756 is now known as Mr_Necromancer
ItBlendsthere is so much broken stuff in ubuntu these days.06:25
ItBlendsif you go slightly outside the standard packages06:26
PythonPupglisstech, I thought that would be it.  Have you looked at the pmount program?06:26
ItBlendsI tried to install and use xdm last week. completely shot.06:26
ItBlendsxpdf crashes on any pdf06:27
glisstechPythonPup: cant say that I have...really just switched to Ubuntu about 3 months ago06:27
linuxrealmtype where?06:27
=== MosquitoOo is now known as MaWaLe
linuxrealmin a browser? in a chat client? where? on the desktop?06:28
PirschI really need help with a graphics problem. Ubuntu doesn't seem to recognize my graphics card06:28
PirschIt's an integrated06:29
ItBlendsit keeps making radical changes with their core packages, with all kinds of unintended consequences everywhere else06:29
ItBlendsi'm guessing06:29
linuxrealmPirsch: right click your desktop, change desktop background > visual effects, do you have 3 or 4 options?06:30
incogweedohi guys06:30
bullgard4_ Why do I need a Gnats Bug-Reporting System as I can use Apport?06:31
incogweedooh wait brb06:31
linuxrealmthen goto system > admin > additional drivers, see whats listed/enabled06:31
Pirschlinuxrealm: themes, backgrounds, fonts,... only06:31
jen_anyone know how to fix my simple problem?06:31
linuxrealmno visual effects?06:31
jen_editing the mouse so whenever I scroll over something I dont have to click to type06:31
linuxrealmopen a terminal, type:   less /etc/lsb-release06:32
jen_a wee lazy I am but its usefull sometimes06:32
linuxrealmjen_: something like what? where?06:32
PythonPupglisstech, Have you checked the User Priviledges for the second user to see that access external storage devices automatically is turned on?06:32
jen_I used to be able to just scrollover with my mouse to be able to type and not have to click06:32
Pirschlinuxrealm: no visual effects06:32
glisstechPythonPup: Nope...where do I check that?06:32
jen_its useful if I have to use the terminal and have mulitple windows up06:33
linuxrealmPirsch:  then goto system > admin > additional drivers, see whats listed/enabled06:33
jen_nothing serious but id just like to know how to get that back06:33
incogweedo_hey guys quick question: is there an API for the power manager (for vala) ?06:33
PythonPupglisstech, System/Administration/Users and Groups.  Are you running Gnome or Unity?06:33
glisstechPythonPup: found it...and yes it is checked06:33
=== erry^ is now known as erry
Pirschlinuxrealm: I tried that yesterday, last night, and this morning. No drivers available06:34
linuxrealmjen_: check mouse properties in Control Panel06:34
glisstechPythonPup: Gnome...just not really all that impressed by unity06:34
Duesentriebhi all. i have a problem with the unity desktop. basically, it fails to load on login. my problem is pretty much exactly the one described here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/34622/faulty-unity-session/5832306:34
Pirschlinuxrealm: if I had 10.04 iso, I'd just go back to that.06:34
Duesentriebany idea how to reset unity so i can use it again?06:34
linuxrealmPirsch: lspci and look for what card you have06:34
Duesentriebgnome session works fine06:34
PythonPupglisstech, Unity is much better if you get rid of the global menus.  I still use Gnome on most systems, though.06:35
AlecTaylorMy Ubuntu Server install isn't getting an IP Address from DHCP. What can I do?06:36
linuxrealmPirsch: lspci and look for what card you have06:36
Pirschlinuxrealm: it's integrated and unfortunately not listed06:36
linuxrealmPirsch: goto ubuntu help and type: integrated graphic card, see what pops up06:38
glisstechPythonPup:I am sure its fine when you get used to it...having just switched from Windows, I am not that familiar with the admin tools, and that makes it just a bit difficult to find them in unity06:38
urlin2uPirsch, what do you see when you run  lspci | grep VGA06:38
Pirsch00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 03)06:38
Pirschurlin2u: sysinfo says the same06:39
PythonPupglisstech, Good luck.  As you learn it, I think you will grow to like it more and more.  But, there is some learning involved, no doubt.06:39
glisstechPythonPup:I am a Windows sysadmin, so I am picking most things up pretty quick. Some stuff that is very straightforward in Windows, is more complex in Ubuntu. Like Mounting a USB drive06:40
PythonPupglisstech, It is fairly simple to manually mount the usb drive.  You might want to know how to do that as a backup.06:42
Guest64326hi Python06:42
Pirschurlin2u: 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 03)06:42
zagibumounting an usb drive is pretty easy, you just plug it in06:42
PythonPupzagibu, Usually that works.  Not always.06:43
zagibuwell, what do you do if it doesn't work on windows?06:43
Guest64326I have done everthing but not it is asking password i use guest account as nobody06:43
glisstechzagibu: under my user, that is true...problem I am having, is that under a second account on the same system...I can't seem to figure out how to allow access to the drive06:43
zagibuglisstech: compare group settings...06:44
zagibualso, how did you create this second user?06:44
Guest64326no its not working for me !!06:45
glisstechzagibu:second user is in the same groups as my user, created as an administrator using System/Administration/Users and Groups06:46
zagibuusing newest ubuntu?06:46
Morgzcan anyone tell me, if /dev is basically pre-loaded with ALL supported devices, what's the easy way to list only the ones in use?06:46
polifasioMorgz: lspci06:47
Morgzha - cheers06:47
glisstechzagibu: 11.04 Natty logging into Ubuntu Classic desktop06:47
zagibugonna try to recreate your problems06:48
=== brendan_ is now known as Guest54900
=== anthony is now known as anth0ny
linuxrealmglisstech: two files pretty much control what users can/cannot do, they are /etc/passwd and /etc/group pretty straight forward compared to the world of windows admin. if you simply edit these files particulary group, you issues will majically go away. however, some claim using a cmd to do things for you, will not teach you morea bout how much access you really have with linux when manually doing things. you will learn loads.06:48
crkingi wanna know the difference between wmii and dwm. which one is more advanced and which one is better and has more features?06:49
zagibuwell yeah, but i'd stick with the GUI tools at first...the cmd opens up a whole new world of stuff to learn06:49
dr-willisbe sure to backup the origunals of those files.. ;)06:49
linuxrealmunix/linux is very well documented, and Howtos are all over help.ubuntu.com. you will be amazed at how simple to complex tasks are step by step. you will have no problems. its all about keyword searching though, so for your issue, it would be, user mount usb drive, something like that06:50
glisstechlinuxrealm:yea, I get that. I have installed and broken and fixed and broken and reinstalled, then updated which broke stuff and had to reinstall again06:50
=== Taftse2 is now known as Taftse
glisstechI have already learned alot, and tend to use the cli more than the gui even in windows for most tasks06:50
dr-williswhich minimal window manager is less minimal you mean crking06:51
linuxrealmglisstech: just a tip, dont always upgrade, turn that off! only upgrade after say 6 months, when all the bugs are fixed by people who can report them pproperlly.06:51
linuxrealmglisstech: referring to the kernel06:51
anth0nyWhat are some popular menu replacements for Ubuntu?  I used to have one that I liked but I can't remember the name, it had a search built into it (I want to say the name was something like Calibiri, but obviously not the font.  Also, it wasn't Beagle).  Any ideas?06:51
crkingdr-willis, put it this way. in land of tilling WMs. which on has more features. in plain language; which one is better ? (wmii or dwm)06:52
somsipcrking: don't forget awsome06:52
ItBlendsanth0ny, menu replacements? like a launcher? gnome-do?06:53
glisstechlinuxrealm:good advice...I do believe I will stick to an LTS release for my work box, and use VirtualBox to play with other distros and new releases of Ubuntu06:53
anth0nyItBlends, you know what?  I think I found it, it was Cardapio06:53
linuxrealmglisstech: there are lots of programs you may find interesting that are not maintained or support by ubuntu update, therefore, errata is important to read when upgrading anything, what was fixed, what is still broken or is not mentioned. its pretty serious do upgrades. however, as you progress, you will see what you can and should not upgrade.06:53
dr-willisits all relatve. just have to try them and read their docs and swe what you like crking . they all annoy me too much. so i use jwm.06:54
linuxrealmthere a 1400 plus users here, if you stick around surely someone in here will assist, however, you may also want to hit up the #linux room. more helpful at times06:54
crkingdr-willis, hi sir. if you like that taste better i recommend you use fvwm06:55
glisstechlinuxrealm: thanks for the tip, I have found that this community is mostly helpful, though like anywhere I do see some bad apples every so often. But most generally far more willing to help than the typical Windows admin06:56
dr-willisused most all that exist crking . it all demends on my needs at the time.06:56
linuxrealmglisstech: agreed06:57
linuxrealmgood luck06:57
linuxrealmyal come back now and see us, yehear06:57
* crking wmii vs dwm??? any ideaS06:57
JoeR1I have a question, Gnome 2 still supported custom login themes correct?07:01
JoeR1No one is available?07:02
JoeR1haha what?07:04
m1h0hi does anyone know how to enable usb support in qemu07:05
JoeR1ah, there are folks around - Does Gnome 2 support custom login themes?07:06
BarBlitzmostly chown07:06
BarBlitzmostly chown -R username /prob/bus/usb07:07
linuxrealmm1h0: i noticed in virtualbox for example, the ose version had issues but the program from the site allowed,,, maybe this is the same in qemu07:07
linuxrealmdid you load qemu from software center? or tar gz?07:07
m1h0i use virt-manager07:07
m1h0from software center07:07
linuxrealmok, so from ubuntu. maybe im right , dunno yet, havent tried qemu yet07:08
BarBlitzalso turn off the device: stop bluetooth, and let qemu grab device directly07:08
IdleOnem1h0: http://firmit.wordpress.com/2009/01/07/qemu-with-usb-support/07:08
linuxrealmthis is an issue, the maintainers not setting these things prior to putting in software center.07:11
=== lion42_ is now known as lion42
JoeR1So no one knows about gnome's custom login compatibility?07:12
PythonPupIs there some way to make notification message leave the screen in less than the hour or two it seems like they stay now?07:12
hatchI just installed openjdk-6-jdk but when I do dpkg --get-selections | grep java it doesn't show up in the list..am I doing the search wrong?07:13
hatchjava-common is in there though07:13
eshloxhi, someone try install drivers from nvidia website? i have nvidia gt525m (optimus) in laptop and with default installed drivers glxinfo shows Error: couldn't find RGB GLX visual or fbconfig etc. Its good idea to install this drivers from nvidia?07:13
gry2hatch: dpkg --get-selections | grep jdk07:13
urlin2uPythonPup, if you look on the web you will find references to a ppa, otherwise on the stock system no.07:13
linuxrealmhatch: where did you get it? software center?07:14
hatchgry2: oh there we go :) can I delete java-common with this jdk installed?07:14
BarBlitztry | less -c07:14
BarBlitzalso, grep -i java07:14
gry2hatch: Try to do so, you will be told if it's otherwise.07:14
PythonPupurlin2u, OK.  I will look for it.  I guess it adds a config option.  I saw you mention ppa earlier, but I did not understand.  Thanks.07:15
linuxrealmhatch: just a tip about java, i would install it from: http://java.com/en/download/linux_manual.jsp?locale=en and just it manually07:15
linuxrealmand rid ubuntu of all java07:15
linuxrealmjust a tip07:15
BarBlitzmake sure your pcmcia stuff is on, and X11 has properly probed stuff07:15
urlin2uPythonPup, cool not ecrybody knows the refrence07:15
hatchlinuxrealm: yeah better version?07:15
BarBlitzcheck /var/log/Xorg.log something07:15
gry2linuxrealm: It _does_ depend on what app it's being used for. Some apps need a certain version and will die out on other versions.07:15
hatchI need java for Netbeans :)07:15
linuxrealmit just works better, im not a java programmer, however, i have noticed when it comes to java and linux, that link has worked best for me for the  most uses07:16
linuxrealmgry2 agreed07:16
gry2Netbeans might die out if it asks apt and finds that java isn't available from there, but it depends.07:16
nigelbHi, how do I see which swap file is being used?07:17
nigelbLike I know there's a swap file, but not where it is.07:17
hatchyeah I just removed java-common and it took everything else with it, trying to install the openjdk again07:17
urlin2uPythonPup, here is what I found, https://encrypted.google.com/search?sclient=psy&hl=en&site=webhp&source=hp&q=+way+to+make+notification+message+leave+the+screen+ubuntu&btnG=Search07:17
hatchblarg what junk, its still super laggy07:18
linuxrealmfollow all the steps too07:18
linuxrealmlittle tricky07:18
=== mis is now known as Guest3679
zagibuglisstech: I just installed Ubuntu 11.04 created user1, then logged in and created user2 using gnome classic admin tools, logged out as user1, logged in as user2, plugged in USB stick and it worked just fine07:19
PythonPupurlin2u, Thanks.  I will try it after I bring my Natty machine back up.07:19
Guest3679I am not able to share the folder can you help me07:19
BarBlitzcat /proc/swaps07:20
hatchlinuxrealm: ok I'll try a few more avenues before I call it quits :)07:20
zagibuglisstech: you probably broke something07:20
MACscrok, so i have Ubuntu 10.4 LTS running as a xen guest. For some reason during the bootup, it says unknown partition table. Im a bit confused though as there shouldnt be a partition table. Any ideas why that might be?07:20
Guest3679python I my share folder is asking password ? i did asper that url07:20
Guest3679is there any one who can guide me set samab on ubuntu I am new to this07:21
PythonPupMACscr.  Sure, there should be a partition table.  The virtual machine sees a disk and partitions just like a real machine.  At least, in VirtualBox they do.  I expect XEN is the same.07:21
Guest3679me !!07:22
MACscrPython: my point is that there are no partitions. The OS is one disk and the swap is another07:22
Guest3679can i explain what i have done?07:22
PythonPupGuest3679, I can help you with some basic samba setup.  You just want to share a directory, right?07:22
Guest3679see I have install ubuntu in 80gb wiht /boot and / , swap then i add 250gb hdd with ntfs partion on that07:23
FreezingColdWhat does gnome compile in the kernel of the LiveCD?07:23
VillainViviIs there a guide out there for setting up Ubuntu as a calendar/email sever? I want to use it as a way my family can share calendar events, mostly, but local email would be great too07:23
FreezingCold*What does Ubuntu07:23
Guest3679later i install samba407:23
Guest3679r u there! python?07:24
rectec794613where would i go for utouch-related support?07:24
FreezingColdWhat does Ubuntu compile in the kernel of the LiveCD?07:24
Guest3679i created folder in /opt name test wiht chmod 677707:24
=== headyadmin_ is now known as headyadmin
PythonPupGuest3679, 1st, if you refer to me, use my proper handle, or I am likely to miss the message.  Second, uninstall samba4 and install samba.  Third, please tell me you don't plan to do a lot of reads and writes under Ubuntu to an NTFS disk.07:25
dronaarm cortex a8 Timer 0 SP804  any sample C code ?07:25
rectec794613busy day?07:26
PythonPupGuest3679, samba4 is really more for experimenting with.  It is not production ready.07:26
JokesOnYou77PythonPup: I use a shared NTFS data partition and plan to do many writes to it.  Should I not?07:26
Guest3679pythonPup shall i uninstall samba4 ?07:26
Guest3679PythonPup !!and this is new thing do u mean to say ntfs don't support for samba07:27
PythonPupI would not trust Linux with a NTFS disk for more than trivial writes.  It is great for reading.  NTFS is not documented well.07:27
PythonPupGuest3679, samba and ntfs are separate issues.  Anything the system can read and write reliably, samba can share.  NTFS under Linux is just not a good idea07:28
rectec794613PythonPup: Do you know anything about uTouch or know what channel I can go to to get support?07:28
Guest3679PythonPup !!ok let me know which file system is sutiable for samaba07:29
PythonPupI have never heard of uTouch, rectec79461307:29
JokesOnYou77PythonPup: I have been having some issues because I didn't understand how to set the mounting parameters when I installed.  I'm going to repartition and set up RAID 1 in a week or 2 but I was planning on sticking with NTFS for the shared partition as I still use Windows about 60% of the time07:29
linuxrealmim confused, are you writing to ntfs or ntfs to linux?07:29
JokesOnYou77If you have a better suggestion I'd be open to it07:30
linuxrealmext3/4? what?07:30
rectec794613PythonPup: It's a multitouch trackpad gesture recognition tool for Ubuntu. Well I'll ask around as I see you have a lot of work to do :)07:30
PythonPupGuest3679, Any normal Linux filesystem.  I usually talk over with people how they plan to use their system before we pick a filesystem.  I suppose if I had to pick one, I'd go with XFS.  Certainly not ext3 or 4.07:30
PythonPuprectec794613, That sounds like it could be a handy device.  Good luck.07:31
rectec794613Persistence... Ok so anybody hear know how I can get uTouch up and running?07:31
linuxrealmrectec794613: up and running under ubuntu?07:32
rectec794613linuxrealm: yes07:32
linuxrealmstick around, someone will help out07:32
linuxrealmmay take a while07:32
rectec794613There's not a special channel for this type of stuff?07:33
JokesOnYou77rectec794613: I don't know, but I've heard of it, and if you do get it figured out I would be extremely grateful if you could post a quick guide on the Ubuntu forums for those who come after you :)07:33
PythonPupJokesOnYou77, NTFS filesystems can be read fine in Linux.  I use Ubuntu to recover data off of them with no problem.  A little writing is even ok.  But a lot of writing tends to lead to corrupted NTFS volumes in my experience.  I would never set one up that way.07:33
Guest3679PythonPuP I am getting this error while createing filesystem07:33
Guest3679Error creating file system: Cannot run mkfs: cannot spawn 'mkfs.xfs -L "data" /dev/sdb1': Failed to execute child process "mkfs.xfs" (No such file or directory)07:34
rectec794613JokesOnYou77: Sure we'll see. I've noticed the shear lack of guides and/or interest on ubuntu multitouch. Would be glad to help out people.07:34
linuxrealmi think PythonPup meant on other linux distros not ubuntu, currently ubuntu defaults to ext4. if your mounting a diff fs, then thats a diff thing07:34
PythonPupGuest3679, Only root can make a filesystem, generally.  You need to do that as sudo.  And, be very careful to specify the right partition.07:35
rectec794613It is in fact a multitouch trackpad. Windows came preinstalled on my machine with Sintellic's utility07:35
Guest3679yes I have login in with root only07:35
PythonPuplinuxrealm, I don't ever use ext4.  I know it has some uses, but I don't trust it.07:35
rectec794613Damn I hate the trackpad, though lol07:35
Guest3679PythonPup yes I have login in with root only07:36
linuxrealmrectec794613: hard to add hardware when not on the box, me only, lol.07:36
linuxrealmPythonPup:  im not that advanced to be picking about a fs lol07:37
JokesOnYou77PythonPup: Do you have a good suggestion for a file system to use for my shared data partition?  I use it to store virtually all filetypes, text, pictures, music, some video (most movies are on an external), and I use my system for all sorts of things.  But I continue to use Windows so that I can use SolidWorks, Mathematica, Matlab, WinEdt, and Netfilx.  If I can get it working, my new setup...07:37
JokesOnYou77...will use ViruaBox to run each OS as a vmdk in the other OS07:37
PythonPupGuest3679, so the command you should issue is something like   mkfs -t xfs /dev/sdb107:38
rectec794613linuxrealm: I think the hardware is fine, I ran evtest on event7, and found out that that was the trackpad07:38
linuxrealmJokesOnYou77: solidworks, thats pretty advanced cad stuff there07:38
PythonPupJokesOnYou77, What type of data will you be storing?  Will there be a lot of files in any 1 directory?  How large a files?07:38
JokesOnYou77rectec794613: My desire is to get either a magic trackpad to work or, preferably, get my android phone to function as a magic trackpad :)07:38
rawfodogWhats a good program for ubuntu to find and clean duplicate files ? I have a bunch of pdfs and pictures that are the same but have different file names.07:39
linuxrealmsighs, i dont have a trackpad or android to play with....07:39
Guest3679PythonPup Is on /dev/sdb but still error07:39
rectec794613JokesOnYou77: What exactly is a magic trackpad? I've heard about it but I don't know what it is.07:39
linuxrealmPythonPup: i use xfs on bsd. mounting no problem. but linux, i havent tried or had the need to yet, let alone know the differences lol07:40
linuxrealmi figure the maintainers chose the fs for a reason per distro07:40
PythonPuplinuxrealm, Most people won't see a problem with ext3 or 4.  I understand that.  I have seen major problems with either.  I also consider both to be unfinished hacks.  But, I think the filesystem discussion may be deemed off topic here.07:40
rectec794613Can't even figure out how to start utouch07:41
rectec794613Running "utouch" doesn't work...07:41
JokesOnYou77PythonPup: I will be storing all filetypes, with no particular preference: documents, large raw spreadsheets, 100s of pdfs, then pictures, and mybe 50GB of music, then videos, and about 25 GB of iso files.  I will have many large (3 GB+) continuous files.07:41
rectec794613I assume you have to configure something, maybe get a service started. But what?07:41
PythonPupGuest3679, please do a fdisk -l /dev/sdb    and post the results to a pastebin.07:42
JokesOnYou77rectec794613: It's a lttle piece of Apple goodness: http://www.apple.com/magictrackpad/07:42
rectec794613JokesOnYou77: oh yeah, I saw people using that on some youtube videos07:43
cpe22from the hell07:43
_vaibhav_I have my hp laserjet 1020 printer, and its driver(.ko) file, i just want to make it work as when i connect my printer it should automatically load my driver module, can you please suggest me how i can acheive this?07:43
rectec794613JokesOnYou77: Would be stupid to use a trackpad on a desk if not for OS X being so gesture-centric07:43
cpe22use windows07:44
PythonPupJokesOnYou77, I'd probably go xfs in your case.  ext3 is definitely out.  reaiser3 might be OK, although I need to check one thing before I'd go with that.07:44
Guest3679PythonPup ! r u there?07:44
rectec794613cpe22: I use doors, thank you very much07:44
PythonPupGuest3679, No, I am here.07:44
fuzzybunny69y1hey guys does anyone know if it is possible to recursively replace all the _'s in filename with a space using bash?07:44
Guest3679PythonPup!!I am getting same error07:45
JokesOnYou77rectec794613: I use a projector and XBMC and other media center apps and I'd really love a getture-type trackpad to control them.  Next step is really just to use a Wii-mote, but I'd really prefer to use my phone for everything :P07:45
PythonPupGuest3679, please do a fdisk -l /dev/sdb    and post the results to a pastebin.07:45
Lintfuzzybunny69y1, why recursively?07:46
PythonPupThe newest kernels have support for the kinect.  Why even hold a remote.  Use gestures.07:46
linuxrealmrectec794613: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Multitouch07:46
linuxrealmmiddle of page07:46
JokesOnYou77fuzzybunny69y1: It is possible, tho I don't actually know how.  But there is a good reason there are _s and not spaces, It's so that they can be read as a single file name, very important to some applications07:46
fuzzybunny69y1Lint: I have all these files in folders that have _'s that I want to replace with spaces07:46
Guest3679PythonPup how to do that pastbin ?07:47
BarBlitzyes, for f in *.ext;do f2="echo $f | sed \"s/_/ /g\"";mv -i "$f" "$f2";done07:47
Guest3679PythonPup !!I mean how to use Pastbin07:47
fuzzybunny69y1I am trying to compare the files and it won't for if they have different names07:47
rectec794613linuxrealm: already there... ok I'll look closely. Lemme get my Compiz brand magnifying glass07:47
linuxrealmsudo apt-get install pastebinit07:47
linuxrealmcheck out the man, cool prog07:47
PythonPupGuest3679, go to pastebin.com in your web browser.  Paste your data into the big box.  Press create and give me the URL here.07:47
DogearsWhy did 11.04 change the location of dhcpd.conf?07:48
BarBlitzerm, f2="`echo $f | sed \"s/_/ /g\"`"07:48
Lint!kernel natty07:48
JokesOnYou77PythonPup: I've never heard of reaiser, what would you need to check?07:48
ubottuTo find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »07:48
BarBlitzwhere is dhcpd.conf now ?07:48
NewbuntuHey guys, I'm fairly new to Ubuntu and was wondering which guides are the best too look at for beginners?07:48
linuxrealmBarBlitz: locate dhcpd.conf07:48
linuxrealmwhereis dhcpd.conf07:49
rectec794613linuxrealm: So uTouch doesn't support the ol' Sintellic's?07:49
Guest3679PythonPup !! http://pastebin.com/9xkVv8pA07:49
linuxrealmi have not clue rectec794613 just did a quick google to get you started07:49
Lintuname tells me I'm on 3.0.0-7, is it normal?07:49
PythonPupJokesOnYou77, reiser3 is a nice filesystem, that has a couple of downsides.  It is very good with large numbers of files.  I don't remember what the maximum filesize it can handle is.07:49
BarBlitzI'm on Slackware07:50
fuzzybunny69y1BarBlitz: was that command for me to run07:50
fuzzybunny69y1for f in *.ext;do f2="`echo $f | sed \"s/_/ /g\"`";mv -i "$f" "$f2";done07:50
fuzzybunny69y1that one07:50
BarBlitzmyn is in /etc07:50
PythonPupGuest3679, So, what error do you get when doing the mkfs command I gave you?07:51
rectec794613linuxrealm: Wouldn't be surprised if they aren't. Would be nice if they did, because that would mean every single MSI laptop/netbook user would be able to use multitouch on ubuntu07:51
BarBlitzerm /usr/src/linux-*/Documentation/fs/reiserfs.txt I guess07:51
JokesOnYou77PythonPup: Ahh, that is important, like FAT, that's part of why I went with NTFS the first time around.  Is there any chance of ext4?07:51
BarBlitzchange .ext to .mp3 or whatever07:51
JokesOnYou77Newbuntu: I have a whole bookmarks folder for you, hang on07:51
Guest3679 Error creating file system: Cannot run mkfs: cannot spawn 'mkfs.xfs -L "data" /dev/sdb1': Failed to execute child process "mkfs.xfs" (No such file or directory)07:51
BarBlitzmv -i , will ask y/n for each file07:52
PythonPupJokesOnYou77, I have seen ext4 filesystems get corrupt when they fill up.  It has been over a year since I did heavy testing.  It might be better now.07:52
Lintwhat is kernel version on latest ubuntu?07:52
BarBlitzif you wanna check it, just add echo infront of mv -i07:52
PythonPup3.0.0.9, on Oneiric, Lint07:53
BarBlitzmkfs -t xfs07:53
NewbuntuDoes anyone know why I keep getting the following error when trying to get Skype from the terminal: E: Invalid operation skype07:53
urlin2uLint, I have 2.6.39-1107:53
linuxrealmrectec794613: give it a month, i will come online to linux, and since ubuntu is linux, well, you will be able to use it. just give it sometime, if it isnt already available. search deeper into google is my only suggestion, and multitouch maybe a keyword... its all about keywords lol07:53
IdleOnePython1320: oneiric is not the latest version, yet.07:53
urlin2uooops 3807:53
IdleOnePythonPup: ^^07:53
rectec794613Well in the mean time, I got a small problem with my panel applets. I'm missing the me-menu, the one that lets you connect to instant messaging servers, logoff, switch users, shutdown, etc. It shows your username in the panel.07:54
PythonPupfair enough.  I did not know why he was asking and gave him the latest in use on Ubuntu.07:54
vega__unity doesn't support dual display configurations very well i guess?07:54
Guest3679PythonPup !!Error creating file system: Cannot run mkfs: cannot spawn 'mkfs.xfs -L "data" /dev/sdb1': Failed to execute child process "mkfs.xfs" (No such file or directory)07:55
PythonPupGuest3679, Are you going to pastebin the results of the mkfs?07:55
vega__launcher appears on one screen and the search thingie on another etc.07:55
Linthow to remove rogue kernel?07:55
PythonPupGuest3679, Is that truly what you get when you run the command I gave you?07:55
JokesOnYou77Newbuntu: These are all great, and the forums, first link, have some more great guides: http://paste.ubuntu.com/673614/07:55
rectec794613...I think it's called the fast user switch applet. Got an error on startup saying it couldn't find it and asked me if I wanted to delete it from the configuration07:56
Guest3679what do you mean !!07:56
PythonPupGuest3679,   mkfs -t xfs /dev/sdb107:56
urlin2uLint, rogue?07:56
Lintnot from distributive07:56
SuperLagOn Solaris at my work, if I want to mail something from a UNIX box, I just use mailx. I'm assuming what it does is push it up to the mail relay that sends it on to the destination mail server. (I don't really understand email's inner workings.) What would be an equivalent package I could use to the do the same thing on an Ubuntu box?07:56
FreezingColdI'm having a issue with xauth, usr/bin/xauth:  error in locking authority file /home/david/.Xauthority.  How can I fix this?07:57
Guest3679PythonPup http://pastebin.com/k8ExiNrG07:57
PythonPupSuperLag, try   bsd-mailx07:57
urlin2uLint, we don't reay support that here, but it will be in synaptic I would assume.07:58
JokesOnYou77PythonPup: Ok, thanks a lot for the info,  I'll definitely chek out xfs this time around.  But for now, it's time for bed!  G'night all!07:58
rectec794613Oh well. Hopefully in a few months time, uTouch will start to support MSI laptop touchpads07:58
rectec794613Till then, later guys07:58
BarBlitzer, remove the file, I guess, just rename it, its safer07:58
PythonPupGuest3679,   First, do a   apt-get install xfsprogs07:59
=== k is now known as Guest53314
PingvillerHey :) is there any way to repair the config files for a LAMP-stack, if you're unsure why it's suddenly not working anymore? I kinda wanna start from scratch, config-wise, without having to re-install it all08:00
Pingvillerit's the apache2 that doesn't wanna start anymore btw08:01
Guest3679 PythonPut !! Thank you DONE!! filesystem08:01
Guest3679PythonPup!! next samba !!08:01
Tank852Hi. I'm busy writing my thesis and I need to do it on MS Word. Many of the functions of word are embedder in the document. So I installed it using wine, unfortunatly  when I open some documetns word saves my lasty work and then restarts. It does this over and over again. can any one help08:01
Guest3679PythonPup !! I removed samba4 and Instilling samba only is it ok08:01
LintTank852, use virtual machine instead08:01
PythonPupGuest3679, No, that's not next.  Next we add the filesystem to fstab so it will be there next boot.08:02
Tank852Lint: thats very slow isn't it?08:02
PythonPupGuest3679, Yes, uninstall samba4 and install samba08:02
PingvillerTank852: I would use openoffice, while writing, and then edit it before submitting it using a normal windows machine with office, or virtual machine as Lint said08:02
LintTank852, it shouldn't be _very_ slow08:02
Guest3679PythonPut How to add filesystem to fstab08:03
Tank852lol, so their isn't a trick to MS office on ubuntu. damn... Okay thanks guys08:03
PythonPupGuest3679, post your current /etc/fstab to a pastebin.  I'll modify it and send it back to you.08:03
urlin2uTank852, with a paper like that I would not mess around make it easy.08:04
linuxrealmtank852 use libreoffice!!!08:04
linuxrealmgood grief08:04
visofi have that message "Disk failure is imminent"08:04
Lintlinuxrealm, i wouldn't use lo even to write grocery list08:04
visofwhat that mean ?08:04
Lintvisof, it's your SMART sensors08:05
Guest3679PythonPup!! http://pastebin.com/CWsJcmDW08:05
PythonPupGuest3679,    basically, I'll add     /dev/sdb1    /public    xfs     relatime      1  208:05
VolodymyrBHi in /etc/resolv.conf i have line "# Generated by NetworkManager \n nameserver" so its always generated by NetworkManager and І want there line "nameserver" please help08:05
FreezingColdWhat's the safest way to restart OpenSSH?  I'm connecting over SSH btw.08:05
PythonPupGuest3679, What is the mount point where you want this drive to mount?08:05
PythonPupGuest3679, Do you understand my question?08:07
linuxrealmsudo service ssh restart08:07
Guest3679PythonPup !! /dev/sdb1/opt/dataxfsrelatime 12 is this ok08:07
linuxrealmid log in with another session first though08:07
Guest3679PythonPup !! Mount put I want put in /opt/data because I want share data folder to windows user's08:08
PythonPupYes, that looks fine, Guest3679.  You do need to make the directory /opt/data before you can mount.08:08
lion42visof, are your files on that drive backed up?08:08
Guest3679PythonPup! Yes I have done it08:08
linuxrealmim out08:09
PythonPupGuest3679, You will just make an empty directory there.  OK, then save the /etc/fstab and reboot.  I want to know that the filesystem comes up before we go on.08:09
lion42visof, are your files on that hard drive backed up?08:09
visoflion42: i should backup all files on that harddisk ?08:09
visoflion42: i need to do that08:09
lion42That would be a no.08:09
lion42Turn off the computer immediately, take it to a reputable computer repair service or person.08:10
lion42Do not attempt to back up anything at home if you value your data.08:10
Guest3679PythonPup !! I got error on samba have a look mean time I will reboot  !! http://pastebin.com/FR0bDcuC08:10
visoflion42: ok08:10
visofi should turn it off08:10
_furyIs there any grafical diff programm in the ubuntu repository? Sth. like xdiff?08:10
iceroot__fury: k3diff als see "apt-cache search diff"08:11
PingvillerHey :) is there any way to repair the config files for a LAMP-stack, if you're unsure why it's suddenly not working anymore? I kinda wanna start from scratch, config-wise, without having to re-install it all08:11
Pingvillerit's the apache2 that doesn't wanna start anymore btw08:11
_furythank you very much!08:11
Myrtti_fury: meld08:11
iceroot__fury: there should be also gvimdiff08:11
tp43what is the 'backend' process?08:12
Guest3679pythonPup !! Overall motive is to rsyn the two pc one (already having centos and folder is share for all windows use who can past the folder&files but no onc can delete any thing in that ) other ubuntu I want to do same thing and sync realtime to safe the data08:13
tp43I have some backend process using up over 90% of my cpu08:13
PythonPupGuest3679, Is english your native language?08:14
Guest3679PythonPup !! sorry for that !08:14
slkhow does our company site look08:14
slkany tips?08:14
PythonPupslk, put something in the big empty space near the top.  The menus work pretty well, though.08:15
slkthank you <308:16
Guest3679PythonPup!! fine its mounted automatically08:16
PythonPupslk, the contact us infor is too hard to read.  It needs more contrast with the background.08:16
slkok cool08:16
Guest3679PythonPup ! what about samba?08:17
urlin2utp43, top in the termina will show you whats running08:17
slku guys like the logo i made?08:17
MyrttiPythonPup, slk: please, this is Ubuntu support channel...08:17
Guest3679PythonPup! I have install samba08:18
PythonPupGood, Guest3679 please post you /etc/samba/smb.conf to a pastebin.  I know it is new, but you are running a different version of Ubuntu than I am, and I want to start from a proper one for you.08:18
slkim hosting this on ubuntu08:18
slkso its relevant08:18
IdleOneslk: no it isn't08:18
slkcan i make love to u08:18
IdleOneyour website has nothing to do with Ubuntu support08:18
antnashslk: logo's good, centre image is too narrow, I'm sorry I don't swing that way. Maybe Madame Palm and her 5 daughters can help you out.08:19
Guest3679PythonPup! http://pastebin.com/WHfN8uFB08:20
DuelistiI have 10.04 netbook edition and I'm trying to figure out how to install namebar (0.5) for it. I'm only able to find tar.gz files and I don't know how to install them. Help?08:22
=== zz_RobinJ is now known as RobinJ
LintDuelisti, unpack, configure, compile, install08:23
DuelistiOh, should I compress it into another file type, Lint?08:25
PythonPupGuest3679,   I would start with something like this.08:26
LintDuelisti, no, just extract the folder looking like 'somename-1.2.3'08:26
PythonPupGuest3679, you probably want to change the sharename, the netbios name, and the hosts allow.  But, you likely should put something in each of those.08:27
Guest3679PythonPup !! Ok08:27
DuelistiAn then what, Lint?08:27
LintDuelisti, then inspect it contents and see if 'configure' is present08:28
Guest3679PythonPop !! I can change sharename !!08:29
Duelistino, there's only themes-folder, GNOME_NameBarApplet and namebar.py08:29
urlin2uDuelisti, a deb at the bottom of the page as well. http://www.webupd8.org/2010/01/namebar-05-gnome-applet-released.html08:30
DuelistiIt doesn't work, urlin2u08:31
urlin2uDuelisti, what doesn't?08:31
Duelistithe url to the deb.-file08:31
Duelistiwell, I'll try the installation instructions there08:32
urlin2uDuelisti, I didn't try it hmm I will look some more.08:32
ArthurCould somebody help me? I'm using my father's webcam in my computer, it used to record the voice too, but it seems like if it didn't work in this comp.08:34
ArthurI checked in a terminal if it was detected and it appears here: Bus 004 Device 007: ID 045e:00f7 Microsoft Corp. LifeCam VX-100008:34
smwIs it possible to use ipsec from the gnome network manager?08:35
Guest3679PythonPup!! I will be back with in 10min08:35
urlin2uDuelisti, yeah the launchpad version is a tar.08:35
DuelistiI got it working with the instruction at the site you gave me08:36
DuelistiThanks a lot08:36
urlin2uDuelisti, I figured that would work looked correct.08:37
PythonPupsmw, I am pretty sure the answer is no, at least not yet.  You should look for a network manager plugin for ipsec vpns08:38
smwPythonPup, yeah, just saw the package network-manager-strongswan.08:39
Arthurcould somebody help me? the camera works well, I can take photos in the comp using cheese, but I can't record the voice08:40
Arthurin my father's comp I could record the voice with the cma08:40
DogearsWhere do you go we you are told to ¨check syslog for diagnostics¨ ?08:43
PythonPupArthur, do you see the camera if you go to the sound preferences in Ubuntu?08:45
sweenerCan someone tell me what the difference is when mounting an iso image with the the command "mount -o loop foo.iso /media" compared to "mount -ro loop foo.iso /media"?08:47
ArthurPythonPup, yeah I do08:47
=== sena is now known as senayar
PythonPupArthur, is it selected as the current input?  If not, try that and see if it records.08:48
Moshanatorsweener, the r in -ro means read-only08:48
ArthurI've just selected it, but it still records nothing08:49
* szal doesn't think there is a real-world difference.. @ sweener08:49
PythonPup Arthur, you may need to adjust the volume.08:49
=== RobinJ is now known as zz_RobinJ
PythonPupArthur, I don't have a camera.  Those are the settings I would look at.08:50
sweenerMoshanator thanks. I assume the -ro option would be the correct way then08:50
Moshanatorszal is right though, iso filesystems are read-only anyway you mount them08:50
Moshanatorbut yeah, you should know that when mounting anything else08:51
sweenerso I could just mount an iso with the command "mount loop foo.iso /media"08:52
wolfrichow come apt-get shows that a package is uninstalled (after i just did apt-get remove but dpkg -l | grep package shows it still being there.08:53
PythonPupArthur, see http://www.whoisdeep.com/2010/09/06/getting-microsoft-lifecam-vx-1000-working-on-ubuntu-skype/     Don't just apply that patch.  That is for 10.04 and may not even be the latest.08:53
wolfrici want to force a brand new fresh install of a package (in my case solr-jetty)08:53
ArthurThanks PythonPup, I'll read it ^^08:53
PythonPupwolfric, in Synaptic, you can choose to reinstall an installed package.08:54
PythonPupArther, the girl is cute, too.08:54
swebwhat is the best programm for remove bad sectors from my hard ?08:54
wolfricPythonPup: i've removed some config files but i've also apt-get removed the package (jetty) however on apt-get install, the config files arne't recreated08:54
wolfricPythonPup: how can i solve this?08:55
PythonPupwolfric, I'd start by using Synaptic and doing a completely remove.  Then, reinstall.  Waht is the package?08:56
wolfricPythonPup: jetty08:56
PythonPupsweb, a dremel tool is good.  Seriously, the only program I would use is SpinRite from Steve Gibson.08:57
swebPythonPup, what about dban ?08:59
PythonPupwolfric, I don't do javamuch at all.  There seems to be one config file.  That probably is recreated fine.  But, there is probably some relation to httpd.conf or similar and you will have to work that out by hand, I expect.08:59
SpiderFredhi I am using lynx in my terminal but it cant display some characters of my language(czech) and I am not sure what to do.08:59
wolfricPythonPup: that worked thanks. is there an equiv in apt-get? apt-get purge?09:00
PythonPupdban is a great tool for wiping disks.  It is not so great for testing a disk for bad sectors.09:00
PythonPupwolfric, yes, but I don't know it off hand.09:00
PythonPupwolfric, apt-get purge should do it, as you said.09:01
Arthurthank you so much, PythonPup, I'll reboot now09:01
DuelistiWhen I go to Appearance Preferences -> Visual Effects and change from 'none' to 'normal' or 'extra', the system transitions to it and I select 'keep settings'. Nothing seems to change, though and once I close appearance preferences and start it up again, visual effects are back to 'none' again. What's the problem?09:01
agronholmhi, I have intermittent thunderbird, firefox and eclipse crashes09:05
agronholmthe windows simply disappear09:05
Moshanatorsweener: no, you still have to use -o. It stands for "option" and means that anything following will be an option, in your case, loop.09:06
agronholmany idea how common this is? ubuntu 11.1009:06
sagaciagronholm, try #ubuntu+109:06
agronholmerr, sorry09:07
wilderi thought 11.04 was the most recent09:07
dumbo88are the processes still running?09:07
wilderis it final?09:08
agronholmI'm running 11.0409:08
sagaciagronholm, what version of firefox and thunderbird are you running09:08
wilderconfused cleared09:08
agronholmthe latest from ubuntu repos09:08
agronholmI think09:08
sagaciwhat does firefox --version output09:09
dumbo88sagaci odd are stable?09:09
dpacHey guys. I have two laptops - one new and one old. The old one has its keyboard non-functional but everything else works fine. I want to be able to use that laptop using my newer laptop. Something like when I press ctrl+alt+f9, the older's display comes on my screen. I know this is possible using Xorg but I don't know how. Any help is appreciated09:09
agronholmI'm running firefox 6.0 and thunderbird 6.009:09
wilderdpac, DESTORY IT09:10
Guest3679PythonPup! I am back09:10
PythonPupGuest3679, Congratulations09:10
dpacwilder: I would if it solved my problem :D09:10
wilderIt'd make you feel better about it, that's for sure.09:11
dumbo88try a ps/2 keyboard to set things up09:11
Guest3679PythonPup I am sorry to keep wait!!09:11
agronholmsagaci: I've experienced these intermittent crashes since I installed 11.0409:12
PythonPupdumbo88, Or, a USB keyboard, depending on the laptop.09:12
agronholmwith firefox 4.0 too09:12
agronholmand only those three apps crash like that09:12
dumbo88agroholm did you run anti-virus?09:13
agronholmplease don't mock me09:13
Guest3679PythonPup!! did you check smaba.conf09:14
PythonPupI posted the new one for you a while back, Guest367909:15
VxQfagronholm, Maybe try reinstalling relevant shared libraries?09:16
VxQfxulrunner I think is used by both ff and tb09:16
VxQfthat are probably heaps more though09:16
agronholmeclipse does not use xulrunner afaik...09:16
insmoddumbo88: lol linux can't get a virus09:17
Guest3679PythonPup ! can u do it agin ?09:17
VxQfinsmod, yes it can. :P09:18
insmodVxQf: no09:18
VxQfJust because no one writes viruses for it doesn't mean it can't get them.09:18
VxQfSecurity by obscurity is not security. :_09:18
insmodVxQf:  idiot09:18
Moshanatorinsmod, trolling much?09:19
PythonPupGuest3679, http://pastebin.com/diff.php?i=T7sQWQyM09:19
lion42My linuxes have many viruses.09:19
lion42It gets a yearly influenza vaccine, though.09:19
insmodVxQf:  nothing can write to root -- even if they wrote it just del the conf09:19
PythonPupGuest3679, Or http://pastebin.com/T7sQWQyM09:19
Moshanatorinsmod, unless you give it root privileges, and grandma will09:20
insmodMoshanator: whatever you sound like and moron09:20
insmodMoshanator: troll09:20
VxQfinsmod, if you have a question you should ask it. :)09:21
insmodVxQf:  thanks09:21
wilderinsmod, that was poor timing for fail grammer.09:21
wilderinsmod, jussayin09:22
=== tfilipczuk is now known as makak
insmodwilder: as I am not english i think it's good09:22
wilderinsmod, just playin =p09:23
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.09:23
=== Wildy is now known as Wildy_
felipe1337Hello, anyone with experience in Audacity?09:26
wilderWildy_, nice name bro09:26
felipe1337i'm unable to record from my soundboard, anyone able to help me with that?09:26
Hyperbyte!anyone | felipe133709:26
ubottufelipe1337: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.09:26
PythonPupfelipe1337, I use audacity, but I don't get too fancy with it.09:26
Wildy_wilder, hmm09:26
insmodfelipe1337; arour is best09:27
insmodfelipe1337; ardour is best09:27
Wildy_actually 'wildy' is my nickname too09:27
felipe1337better than audacity?09:27
Wildy_ok, let's assume that _ is my tail xD09:27
PingvillerGreetings! I'm having some problems with configuring the 000-default file for apache2, to get it to work with phpmyadmin as well as request ticket 4... http://pastebin.com/FMpnUHn9 please advice on how to make it properly configured09:27
wilderWildy_,  Wilder has been my nickname for years, IRL09:28
felipe1337will try it09:28
PythonPupinsmod, so in handtools, a screwdriver is better than a hammer?  Ardour is quite different from audacity.09:28
felipe1337hope it's not too professional for me09:28
insmodfelipe1337; http://ardour.org/    and check out all the jack toys and ladspa and hydrogen etc09:28
agronholmI don't know what to do with these crashes09:29
felipe1337it's probably got more plugins than i can actually use09:29
agronholmI don't even get a SIGSEGV on the console09:29
insmodPythonPup: thanks09:29
jamiewanfelipe1337: audacity is great for simple stuff ardour is much more pro orientated09:29
insmodagronholm: what is the prob -- what happens09:29
wilderIf the limit of 32 bit operating systems are 3gb, can i run ubuntu with 3gb, and alot the rest into virtual machines or would it not be able to use the extra memory at all?09:29
agronholminsmod: the app just quits09:30
insmodagronholm: what does09:30
agronholmsometimes on its own, sometimes in response to a keypress09:30
felipe1337guess that's why i use audacity09:30
agronholmfirefox, thunderbird and eclipse09:30
PythonPupwilder, you can't address more than 3.5 gb of ram with a 32 bit Intel CPU.09:30
dpacwilder: 32bit OS can only address 32bit memory. You can't use the rest memory inside a 32bit OS.09:30
agronholmI can reproduce the thunderbird crash09:30
voxicwilder: you need a 64-bit host09:30
insmodagronholm: upgrade new install  ?09:31
agronholminsmod: huh?09:31
insmodagronholm: did you upgrade or is it a fresh install09:31
dpacwilder: However, look into PAE. It works fine for my friend.09:31
agronholmI already said upgrade09:31
dpacwilder: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Physical_Address_Extension09:31
insmodagronholm: k that is the prob09:32
Guest3679PythonPup! I have copy smb.conf, restarted  and I able to open the data folder from network but I can't copy or creat f&F09:32
agronholminsmod: are you sure? where does this info come from?09:32
agronholmand what should I do to fix it?09:32
insmodagronholm: delete the old config files in ~/name09:32
wilderdpac, looks like it will be easier to reinstall09:32
wilderinto 64bit09:32
agronholminsmod: what config files? surely not all of them?09:33
PythonPupGuest3679, That is not a valid filename you are trying to create09:33
insmodagronholm: the hidden ones in the users dir -- they are dot files -- hiden --- i use mc09:34
Guest3679PythonPup !!Mean;s?09:34
voxicGuest3679: check autentication settings in smb.conf09:34
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.09:34
PythonPupGuest3679, what do you get from   ls -l /opt09:34
voxicGuest3679: and check file permissions on the shared folder09:35
ubottuAntivirus is something you don't need on !Linux. except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus09:36
Guest3679PythonPup! http://pastebin.com/URmYcEfg09:36
PythonPupGuest3679, like voxic said, it is ownership.   Try  chown nobody:nogroup /opt/data09:38
PythonPupThen try creating a file there through samba, Guest367909:38
PingvillerGreetings! I'm having some problems with configuring the 000-default file for apache2, to get it to work with phpmyadmin as well as request ticket 4... http://pastebin.com/FMpnUHn9 please advice on how to make it properly configured09:39
voxic http://pastebin.com/URmYcEfg09:39
agronholminsmod: anything more specific? has someone fixed their crash problems this way?09:40
agronholmstrange that I'm not even getting a core dump though I enabled them09:41
insmodagronholm: I have since 199509:41
PythonPupOh, do you want core dumps.  We can probably come up with neat ways to get those.09:41
voxicPingviller: your current config only allows connection to phpmyadmin from the localhost(the server itself)09:41
dc5alaPingviller, i recommend not using the default file, disable it via a2dissite and create a new one09:42
agronholmPythonPup: I can't understand what's happening09:42
jayzhello people09:42
agronholmthe app just quits09:42
ActionParsniphi jayz09:42
agronholmin fact it doesn't even seem to crash09:42
insmodagronholm: trust me -- or back it up then do it09:42
ActionParsnipagronholm: what if you launch it from terminal?09:42
agronholmI did09:42
StuhrIt seems that Python is pretty popular, but how is it compared to c++ or c#?09:42
jayzi have some doubts ..could u help me out..?09:42
agronholmno messages, no core dump, no nothing09:42
ActionParsnipStuhr: I'd ask in their respective channels09:42
voxicStuhr: Python is much more simple09:43
ActionParsnipagronholm: is there a verbose output option?09:43
insmodagronholm: any way that's how  -- good luck09:43
agronholmActionParsnip: in thunderbird?09:43
PythonPupagronholm, I have not been following your problem well. And, I'll be leaving soon.  An app quiting could be an app problem.  Or, it could be a motherboard problem, Or a memory problem, or a hard disk problem.09:43
voxicStuhr: check out http://learnpythonthehardway.org for good ref09:43
dumbo88is the screensaver activating?09:43
Guest3679PythonPup ! after using  chown nobody:nogroup /opt/data I am able to create & delete folder & file in windows09:43
yashHi, I need a help regarding PCL printer support using LPrng. Can any one let me know how to implement PCL printer?09:43
agronholmPython1320: only three specific apps do that09:43
agronholmso I'm pretty sure it's a software problem09:44
jayzinstalling java plugin for firefox in ubuntu natty...09:44
Pingvillervoxic: you're right, it actually works from the host machine. how do I make it possible to access from other IP's?09:44
ActionParsnipagronholm: how about: thunderbird -safe-mode09:44
agronholmdoesn't that just disable plugins?09:44
agronholmalso, firefox and eclipse do the same09:44
agronholmoften when unattended09:44
ActionParsnipjayz: what about it?09:44
voxicPingviller: change the line "Allow from" to include your network09:44
jayz@action.. hello?09:45
Guest3679PythonPup!! any solution ?09:45
ActionParsnipjayz: are you having issues with java?09:45
PythonPupGuest3679, good.  Now, save that config file(/etc/samba/smb.conf)  Start experimenting from there with your other requirements.  I believe you had some odd thing about copying the files in a way they could not be deleted by the user.(Or was that someone else?)  Anyway, I have to quit and go home.09:45
jasonmspWirlesss USB adapter issue -> establishing an ad-hoc connection.  iwconfig wlan0 mode ad-hoc =  'Error for wireless request "Set Mode" (8B06) : SET failed on device wlan0 ;'09:45
jasonmsplshw:  driverversion=2.6.38-11-generic-pae....  Should i try a different driver?09:45
agronholmActionParsnip: some clues -- thunderbird exits with code 1 when it quits abnormally09:45
jayzi installed  jre .. i have issues in installing the java plugin for firefox09:45
voxicPingviller: if you have the ip type Allow from
PythonPupGuest3679, solution to what?  You said you could create files.  That is the goal.09:46
ActionParsnipjayz: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ferramroberto/java; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre sun-java6-plugin09:46
jayzi created the symbolic link but firefox doesn't load it..09:46
Guest3679PythonPup !! NOOOOO !! they can creat file and & folder But I should not allow to delete09:46
Pingvillervoxic: actually I'd like it to allow all, but where do I paste it? and is it still in the 000-default or the apache.conf for phpmyadmin?09:47
voxicGuest3679: use the creat_mask setting in smb.conf09:47
insmodjayz: your path is wrong09:47
jayzhow to copy from this chatroom?09:47
Guest3679PythonPup!! the whole IDEA was that09:47
PythonPupGuest3679, I can't stay to go through that part with you. See http://lists.samba.org/archive/samba/2001-October/030781.html09:47
voxicPingviller: it int the 000-default, change the line Allow from 127... to your network09:48
jayzok . . i'm new here.. tel me how to copy text from this chat screen?09:48
Guest3679voxic how to use that shall i copy smb.conf09:48
PythonPupGuest3679, That was your whole idea, perhaps.  I got you started on it, I think.09:48
jamiewanjayz: highlight the text u want, then right click,windows,save text09:48
ActionParsnipjayz: the command I gave will make everything ok09:48
ActionParsnipjayz: which client?09:49
ActionParsnipjayz: or use method 2 here, same text http://www.webupd8.org/2011/03/install-java-in-ubuntu-1104-natty.html09:49
Guest3679PythonPUp I have used that like but no luck09:49
jayzi'm just running this directly from en.irc2g0.com09:49
Guest3679Pythopup I have used that link but no luck09:49
Pingvillerhttp://pastebin.com/MitTgaAy this is how my 000-default looks like now, with phpmyadmin working locally... http://pastebin.com/ZSKwF0qW is how the phpmyadmin conf file looks like09:50
jayz@action ok .. i'm running this chat from windows because i couldn't install java on linux09:50
ActionParsnipjayz: select the text and press CTRL+C09:50
ActionParsnipjayz: in duckduckgo (and probably google) search for: natty java    works well09:51
voxicGuest3679: check this ref: http://www.samba.org/samba/docs/man/manpages-3/smb.conf.5.html09:51
jayz@action ok man.. will try that out and let u know.. thanks09:52
jesse__installed new distro, grub didn't work right - doesn't detect windows. help?09:52
voxicPingviller: it's in the config file where you have your phpmyadmin alias config09:52
DannyI've got a problem with Lubuntu; installer crashes... ...please help09:53
jesse__I'm reading through a grub how-to but it seems over my head. is there a way to redo a setup? or am i going to manually fix a config file?09:55
ActionParsnipDanny: did you <D5 test the ISO you downloaded?09:55
ActionParsnipjesse__: http://www.robertbeal.com/562/rebuilding-grub2-grub-cfg-from-ubuntu-live-cd09:55
Pingvillervoxic: http://pastebin.com/hPKYXwcQ looks like this, and doesn't work from other IP's, still works internally09:56
ActionParsnipDanny: *MD509:57
DanutzI didn't...09:57
Guest3679voxic I din't uderstand that link !!09:57
=== bluemoon is now known as Guest37724
jesse__ActionParsnip, can I do this from hard disk linux boot, or do i need to reboot into a live disk?09:58
TheLemonMani have some issues with my orbicam and the gspca driver10:00
ActionParsnipjesse__: I would use liveCD10:00
ActionParsnipTheLemonMan: what issues?10:00
TheLemonManit doesnt work at all in cheese10:01
TheLemonManit gets recognized at /dev/video010:01
ActionParsnipTheLemonMan: if you run:  lsusb    you will get an 8 character hex ID which you can use to find guides10:01
jesse__ActionParsnip, I saw at the bottom where it said if you can boot do update-grub. I ran it and it listed windows as detected. I'll try a reboot. thanks for the help10:01
TheLemonManbut when i launch cheese the first time it gets disconnected from the usb bus and re-appears as /dev/video110:01
ActionParsnip_jesse_: np :)10:01
Lintwhere can O complain about livecd content?10:01
Pingvillervoxic: Thanks for the help, I'm just gonna use it from localhost and hope I don't need access from outside ;)10:04
Dan_Eany good uninstallers out there?10:05
auronandaceDan_E: you use the package management system to install and uninstall things10:08
PhylockDan_E - uninstallers??10:08
=== maku is now known as maku`
Dan_Ethank you auronandace10:09
ActionParsnipquiet today10:14
voxicPingviller: can i see your 000-default ?10:14
jayz@action parsnip : thanks bro.. my java problem solved/.. now i have one more thing to ask u..10:16
ActionParsnipjayz: sup? (BTW, drop the @ it makes highlighting not work, also use TAB to complete nicks)10:17
ActionParsnip@jayz: see what I mean10:17
jayzoh ok man..10:17
gryno @10:17
jamiewanjayz: type part of his nick then hit tab10:18
jayznothing happens when i do that10:18
gryactionp<tab> then10:18
jayzi'm not using any clients10:18
ActionParsnipjayz: makes sense10:18
jayzok anyway let me shhoot out my next question10:19
ActionParsnipjayz: so, wassup10:19
gryyeah irc2go might fail10:19
grysure shoot10:19
voxicPingviller: check this out http://www.blog.highub.com/linux/install-and-configure-phpmyadmin-on-ubuntu-lamp/10:19
jayzguys i have a dell inspiron n4110 . . i've installed ubuntu natty .. i'm having problems with the screen going blank..10:20
jayzwhat i mean is that ,10:20
grifo74hello how i update my bios?10:21
voxicjayz: do you have the version with dual graphics?10:21
jayzwhen i hibernate the system and resume it, the os loads but i don't see anything in the screen.. just black10:21
ActionParsnipjayz: what video chip are you using?10:21
jayzno.. -i've just inbuilt graphics intel HD graphics 300010:21
ActionParsnipjayz: that's the video chip then10:22
jayzwhen i shutdown the system and use it normally, everything is fine.. this screen going blank problem occurs only when i hibernate and resume and also when i lock the screen purposely10:23
ActionParsnipjayz: can you give the output of: lspci | grep -i vga10:23
jayz00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 2nd Generation Core Processor Family Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 09)10:24
ActionParsnipjayz: and the output of:  lsb_release -c10:24
jamiewanjayz: have you tried suspend instead of hibernate, that worked for me with another machine10:25
jayzjamiewan: suspend just puts the machine idle for a while.. it does not power it off right?10:26
tuxmaxhi all10:27
jayzjamie: i want to hibernate dude.. like powering off with all programs open and resuming them later when i power on again10:27
wilderhello, tuxmax10:28
jayzok.. there's another problem i have... it's regarding bluetooth10:28
jayzhope actionparsnip is busy looking me a solution!10:29
ActionParsnipjayz: hibernate was disabled in Maverick for that model. I suggest you log a bug10:29
tuxmaxThis is the first time for me ,and I very happy to attend10:29
ActionParsnipjayz: http://www.ubuntu.com/certification/hardware/201101-6952:201101-6953:201101-697510:30
bundaiis there anyone who can help me!10:30
voxictuxmax: An extra welcome is in place then =)10:30
ActionParsnipjayz: this may help, i've not tried it but should be reversible http://thecodecentral.com/2011/01/18/fix-ubuntu-10-10-suspendhibernate-not-working-bug10:30
wilderIs there any good way to downgrade from 10.10 to 10.04?10:30
ActionParsnipbundai: you haven't given any detail, so presently no10:30
damo22wilder: why10:30
wilderI've seen some scripts that claim to do it but I'm not sure about running them10:31
SwedeMikewilder: downgrade isn't supported.10:31
damo22the idea is to move forwards10:31
damo22not backwards10:31
jayzactionparsnip: can u help me out with my bluetooth issues too..10:31
wilderdamo22, I had a few games running in 10.04 that aren't working in 10.1010:31
jayzi have ubuntu 11.04 not 10.10..10:31
damo22wilder: maybe u are lacking a couple of packages10:31
manisabriHi , after yesteday updates on 11.04 64bit I'm only able to use low graphic x, any idea? I forced the version of xserver-common and xserver-core but the only improvement was better low graphic resolution ...10:32
Linthow to turn off Avahi stuff once and for ever?10:32
wilderdamo22, probably. I've seen alot of forum posts about playonlinux not running as well in 10.10 as it did in 10.0410:33
ActionParsnipjayz: i'm not great with bluetooth, not something I use10:33
tuxmaxThank you very much voxic :-)10:33
damo22wilder: i do not play games10:33
ActionParsnipmanisabri: what video chip do you use?10:33
wilderdamo22, fair enough.10:33
damo22wilder: except mame10:34
manisabriActionparsnip: ATI 4250 onboard10:34
ActionParsnipmanisabri: remove the driver, then reboot, then reinstall it. May help10:34
jayzUBUNTU NATTY 11.04 doesn't detect on-board bluetooth device..10:34
damo22jayz: nonsense10:34
jamiewanjayz: mine works fine10:34
manisabriActionParsnip: how should I do that? I'm using the AMD version not the cannonical one? the must be an uninstall true?10:35
ActionParsnipjayz: if you reboot then run:  dmesg | less    you can see the devices being detected and see if the device is detected10:35
jayz@jamiewan: dell inspiron n4410.. i guess it's version 3.010:35
ActionParsnipmanisabri: yes, its just a package10:35
manisabriIt's funny that flash get lot less cpu (around 11%) compared to when the graphic drivers are installed (around 80% ) !!10:36
ActionParsnipmanisabri: because your GPU is probably doing some work10:37
=== himcesjf1 is now known as himcesjf
manisabriactionparsnip: how ? there is no graphic driver in low graphic mode is it? if the second monitor was working I could completely abandon installing the ATI graphic driver!10:38
manisabrieverything is smoother without the dirver!!!10:38
damo22manisabri: you have old ati card?10:39
ActionParsnipmanisabri: its not loaded, but the package is still installed10:39
Linthow to turn off Avahi stuff once and for ever?10:39
manisabridamo22: its a 4250 onboad10:39
nabukadnezar43hi does anyone know how to change subtitle colors in totem 3?10:39
Lintnabukadnezar43, via css10:40
nabukadnezar43can you tell me the location of that css file?10:40
damo22Lint: i dont know if it will break you system, but you can do sudo service avahi stop and then remove the symlink to the init script that loads it10:40
ActionParsnipLint: maybe: http://www.len.ro/2007/05/disabling-avahi-daemon/   its old but may still apply10:40
Lintnabukadnezar43, nope (10:40
nabukadnezar43Lint, why not?10:41
nabukadnezar43i didnt find any css files in my home folder10:41
ActionParsnipdamo22: Lint: http://en.kioskea.net/faq/739-disabling-the-avahi-daemon10:41
Lintnabukadnezar43, never used it10:41
ActionParsnipLint: if you use samba etc you will need avahi to be around10:42
Lintcannot see a connection10:42
bundaiI is there anyone who can help me!10:42
grywith what10:42
damo22bundai: with what10:42
DuelistiWhen I go to Appearance Preferences -> Visual Effects and change from 'none' to 'normal' or 'extra', the system transitions to it and I select 'keep settings'. Nothing seems to change, though and once I close appearance preferences and start it up again, visual effects are back to 'none' again. What's the problem?10:42
manisabriactoinparsnip: uh I thought they were completely useless on low graphic mode ... but it doesn't explain the low performance in full graphic mode!10:42
ActionParsnipDuelisti: do you have 3D accelleration enabled10:43
bundaiI  want to share a folder in ubuntu 11.04 in which windows user can copy, create & past file's  R folder's, but not to allow delete anything!! anyone have idea about this (PLEASE DONT  SUGGEST ME LINKS OR PDF'S READ OR TO LEARN tutorials) if anyone intrested  guide me till end !! Thank you in Advance10:43
JoeR1Quick question, I have System Monitor installed but I don't know the terminal name for the program - Does anyone in here know?10:43
Duelistifrom where, ActionParsnip?10:44
damo22bundai: i can help you with that10:44
grybundai: there is no such thing as 'create and paste' but not 'delete' - you can let them do what htey like and keep backups, or simply give read-only access10:44
JoeR1nevermind, I figured it out10:44
ActionParsnipbundai: afaik, if they have write access they will be abe to delete. Don't bother with the caps next time, we can read lower case just as easily10:44
Tomassois there some way to install something to edit files from the web ?10:44
bundaiMr.gry It is already configured in centos10:44
Tomassoan online vim10:45
grybundai: hehe link me to a guide about that if you have one (I'm just curious how it'd work)10:45
ActionParsnipTomasso: you could wget the html then edit it10:45
ActionParsnipbundai: I'd ask in #samba10:45
TomassoActionParsnip, with files in the disk10:45
gryTomasso: Firefox has an addon (addons.mozilla.org) to edit web pages live10:45
bundaialready the the guy PythonPup took me half way and left10:46
Tomassothe only access i have to my box is ssh and its blocked from client side10:46
zipskinnyhi to all! I have trouble with my driver videocard, i must edit xorg.conf but my system not well load. How start init in Grub?10:46
DuelistiActionParsnip, how do I access 3D acceleration configurations?10:46
ActionParsnipDuelisti: its default enabled if it is available10:46
ActionParsnipDuelisti: what is the output of: lspci | grep -i vga10:46
Duelisti00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Mobile 945GME Express Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 03)10:47
ActionParsnipzipskinny: hold shift at boot, select recovery mode then select root, you can manipulate the file there10:47
yogi_hi friends10:47
DuelistiIt has worked before, atleast with Linux Mint and some other version of Ubuntu10:47
ActionParsnipDuelisti: you may need an xorg.conf file if your monitor is not reporting EDID as it should10:47
yogi_not able to run online videos10:48
jamiewanDuelisti: have you checked aditional hardware drivers and do you have ccsm installed?10:48
zipskinnyActionParsnip recoverymode not work well too :(10:48
bundaigry ?10:48
MAREK_BENC_NetByogi_: you mean, like Youtube?10:48
Duelisticcsm is installed, haven't checked hardware drivers, why does it matter?10:48
grybundai: link me to centos docs about that if you have them, please10:49
jamiewanDuelisti: it might need a proprietry graphics driver10:49
damo22what is the best way to backup a partition, and save its contents to a second partition which is a tiny bit bigger, and then restore it back to the original place?10:49
MAREK_BENC_NetByogi_: I made a simple script, that can stream youtube to mPlayer10:49
yogi_what is it10:50
MAREK_BENC_NetBA script10:50
Duelistijamiewan, I wen to Hardware Drivers -> 'no proprietary drivers are in use on this system'10:50
ace__hey. I've just formatted my hp probook 4520s (came with WIn7) and installed ubuntu 11.04. any tips on what I might need (especially on the driver front)?10:50
yogi_how to use it10:51
yogi_i am new to ubuntu10:51
damo22ace__: ubuntu doesnt need that many 3rd party drivers, it should just mostly work10:51
jamiewanDuelisti: how old is the machine?10:51
MAREK_BENC_NetByogi_: What OS did you Use before Ubuntu? MacOS? Windoze?10:51
bundaiI have smb.conf file 's10:52
ActionParsnipace__: see what works and doesn't work and then report back10:52
ace__damo22: oh, ok. I', having problems enabling the wireless though... keeps saying it is disabled by a harware switch10:52
MAREK_BENC_NetByogi_: Ok, what is your web browser you're trying to watch videos with?10:52
ace__ActionParsnip: wireless10:52
yogi_i tried both firefox10:52
yogi_and chrome10:52
jamiewanace__: that will be a physical switch somewhere probably10:52
ActionParsnipace__: use a wired connection, get full updates and reboot, you may find it is installed using the driver install app10:52
Duelistijamiewan, Acer Aspire One AOA-150 iirc, probably released in 2008. That shouldn't be the problem, though, because visual effects have worked on this computer before, just not with Ubuntu 10.04 Netbook edit10:53
MAREK_BENC_NetByogi_: And did you install Flash?10:53
zipskinnyHow start init 3 in Grub?10:53
ActionParsnipyogi_: quit hammer ing enter after every second word, it makes support near impossible10:53
yogi_ya i did10:53
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».10:53
bundaigry !! if you understand this can you explaing me how to cofigure it   http://pastebin.com/Q18MUwdE10:53
yogi_when i run video it says10:53
ActionParsnipyogi_: what is your issue, please use a single line so it doesn't get muddld with everybody elses text10:53
jamiewanDuelisti: you tried enabling cube and other effects in compiz then?10:54
=== yorick_ is now known as yorick
yogi_an error occurred, please try again10:54
Morgzzipskinny - not entirely sure but /etc/inittab should have a line about default runlevel,10:54
MAREK_BENC_NetBYou have a old version of flash player, yogi_10:54
ActionParsnipyogi_: what app makes the error?10:54
yogi_ when i run video it says an error occurred, please try again10:54
yogi_its the flash player10:54
damo22you can use sticky bit to stop people deleting the directories but still allow people to rw files10:55
bundaiis there anyone who is wellversed with samba10:55
MAREK_BENC_NetByogi_ Please, update it, it's an old version.10:55
grybundai: damo22 promised to help you - I personally don't tihnk a thing like that exists, but I'm rather new10:55
ActionParsnipyogi_: ok can you run:  lsb_release -a; uname -a; dpkg -l | egrep "flash|gnash|swf"     use http://pastie.org   to hold the output please10:55
grybundai: ask ##linux as well if you like10:55
ActionParsnipbundai: as well as I need, yes10:55
grybundai: Or even better #samba10:55
DuelistiYes, jamiewan10:55
yogi_hey i have updated it with ubuntu software centre but its still not working10:55
damo22gry: i think he can use sticky bit in file permissions to prevent people deleting the files10:56
ActionParsnipyogi_: fine, can you give the output of the command I gave10:56
MAREK_BENC_NetBUbuntu doesn't have the nevest version!10:56
bundaigry ! everyone is suggesting pdf or  tutorials which i don't like10:56
MAREK_BENC_NetBYou need to use : http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/10:56
AkivaIIjust curious, does anyone else have problems with the unity pane not autohiding?10:56
ActionParsnipMAREK_BENC_NetB: the version is tried and tested, if there was an issue, it would have been updated10:56
grydamo22: Please, help him - I'm not sure how to do what he needs.10:56
bundaidemo22 eveyone tell same !! but how use it10:56
MAREK_BENC_NetByogi_: and at http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/, pick the APT option10:56
silence_Whether there have Chinese people?10:56
ActionParsnip!cn | silence_10:56
gry!zh | silence_10:56
ubottusilence_: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw10:56
ActionParsnipbundai: I can give you my smb.conf file, it shows how I control access10:57
MorgzAkivaII - look for "launcher and menus" in the launcher?10:57
ActionParsnipbundai: http://paste.ubuntu.com/673714/   shares are at the bottom10:58
AkivaIIMorgz:  unfortunately, that did not help10:58
AkivaIIit seems stuck open10:58
AkivaIII am also having troubles with unity disabling some of the key bindings for my compiz window managements10:58
bundaiActionParsnip !!I think yesterday you gave it me !is it yours http://pastebin.com/aLMgFYac10:59
AkivaIIfor example, scale no longer activates when i put my mouse to the top right of the screen, and I can only fix this by relogging in, or going to the compiz config and turning the plugin on and off10:59
manisabriActionParsnip: Reinstalling the graphic driver solved the problem ,thanks a lot : ) but the smoothness is gone : ( I wish there was solution for this10:59
AkivaIII am not exactly sure if I should file a bug,11:00
ActionParsnipbundai: yeah, I have access to both shares but Leanne can't touch my stuff :)11:00
ActionParsnipmanisabri: np man11:00
AkivaIIand I am not exactly sure if my bug report could actually be helpful11:00
MorgzAkivaII - probably a compiz issue I'm unfamiliar with, suggest maybe disabling plugins to narrow down cause of this behaviour?11:00
damo22bundai: you need to decide where you want to keep the files on the ubuntu box11:01
MezHi all, I've got the latest iPod classic.  However, banshee doesn't seem to be able to detect the music on it.  It pushes music to it (well, podcasts) but nothing else (so it tries to copy the library mulitple times.11:01
MezAny suggestions (also, I'd like podcasts to actually show in podcasts!)11:01
DaghdhaHi, is there any plans of an upgrade of mono in ubuntu 10.x? As a package.11:01
AkivaIIMorgz: certainly. I understand that this version is not release, but I would like to make sure unity keeps its sanity. I really do like the interface11:01
bundaiactionparsnip !! unfortunately it doesnot work for me wy11:01
=== jwheare_ is now known as jwheare
damo22bundai: you cant use his file directly you have to modify it11:02
AkivaIIIt does I have noticed, have the hardest time handling java based windows or kde based windows.11:02
damo22bundai: can you paste your smb.conf to a pastebin11:02
bundaidamo22 ubuntu box what is it >?11:03
damo22bundai: your pc running ubuntu11:03
* Lint loves awk11:04
ActionParsnipbundai: you will need to run:  sudo smbpasswd -a somename    to make samba authentication11:04
bundaidemo22 http://pastebin.com/cbswCwFx11:04
bundaiaction parsnip check my smb.conf and let me know is there anything to do  sharefolder11:05
damo22bundai: does the folder /opt/data exist?11:05
=== MAREK_BENC_NetB is now known as MBR
=== MBR is now known as MBR_Rewritor
bundaidamo22 joke!! yes its there11:06
bundaithat is mounted drive with xfs file system it suggested here only for sharing11:07
damo22bundai: what ubuntu user do you want the files to be created under when someone saves to the share?11:07
ActionParsnipbundai: may help http://beginlinux.com/blog/2010/01/create-a-public-share-on-samba/11:08
bundaidamo22 anyone!! you suggest the use so that i can create11:08
bundaiActionParshnip Not again same link  !!11:09
damo22bundai: ls -lad /opt/data and show me the output11:09
ActionParsnipbundai: make a user and force the owner to be the user, you could even set the smbpasswd for the new user so you can control who accesses it11:09
ActionParsnipbundai: my bad, long week11:09
ActionParsnipbundai: i'd just keep hammering #samba11:09
bundaiActionParsnip !!then guide me I am new to that11:10
damo22bundai: go to system -> administration -> users and groups and create a new user just for the share11:10
bundaidamo22 ! http://pastebin.com/F9nrL3gq11:10
ActionParsnipbundai: /join #samba    will get you to the channel11:11
damo22bundai: thats no good, you need to create user first and tell me the name and group11:12
bundaiActionParsnip !!thank you for your suggestion May I know do you have any idea about dlna server in ubuntu11:12
bundaidamo22 !I have created milap group milap11:13
damo22bundai: chown -R milap:milap /opt/data11:14
ActionParsnipbundai: ushare seems to be an option11:14
ActionParsnip!info ushare11:14
ubottuushare (source: ushare): lightweight UPnP A/V Media Server. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.1a-0ubuntu5 (natty), package size 50 kB, installed size 232 kB11:14
DuelistiI got visual effects working by installing fusion-icon, but now my windows don't have borders, includin te panel with close, maximize and minimize11:16
bundaidamo22 yes i have done11:16
damo22bundai: smbpasswd -a milap11:16
MezHi all, I've got the latest iPod classic.  However, banshee doesn't seem to be able to detect the music on it.  It pushes music to it (well, podcasts) but nothing else (so it tries to copy the library mulitple times.  Any suggestions (also, I'd like podcasts to actually show in podcasts!)11:16
damo22and give it a password for accessing the share11:16
bundaiubottu I need free UPnp server along with webtv11:17
ubottubundai: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)11:17
damo22bundai: if you want my help focus on the problem at hand11:18
bundaidamo22 its doesnot ask passowrd and i am not able to copy or creat the folder11:19
damo22bundai: we havent finished!11:19
MBR_RewritorI want to setup an FTP server on my Netbook. I allready installed vsftpd, and edited the config file, but where do i put files into it (Like the pub folder and so)11:19
damo22bundai: are you running a root console inside X?11:20
bundaidamo22 yes i am login with root only11:20
damo22bundai: do you have a graphical login or just console?11:21
bundaidam022 after giving u/p it not allow to write or create11:21
bundaidam022 graphical login11:21
damo22bundai: we need to set up samba first11:21
damo22so can you edit the smb.conf file11:21
bundaidamo22 have already set it up11:21
damo22bundai: its wrong11:22
bundaidam022 means what ?! can i have command so that samba is working r not11:22
damo22gedit /etc/smb.conf11:22
Myrttibundai: if you can log in as root to the graphical environment, you are basically asking for trouble. we don't support enabling root accounts, even less enabling logging in to GUI as such11:22
jpw1391Anyone know of a simple bash script that would sort files by extension so that I could have a parent directory that I would drop files into it and would send pdf's to a pdf folder, movies to a movie folder a so on?11:23
damo22bundai: gedit smb.conf11:23
MBR_Rewritorjpw1391: I can make one for you.11:24
damo22bundai: gedit /etc/smb.conf  sorry11:24
bundaiMyrtti that's not problem for me i can use sudo in user accout but i want to finish my work11:24
jpw1391for free?11:24
ActionParsnipjpw1391: you could have a script in an infinite loop and run 'ls' on a folder, then run you could use awk and grep to just get the extension and perform logic on that, sure11:24
=== melanie_ is now known as melanie
jpw1391if you make me a template with a few extensions I should be able to finish it to my liking11:25
bundaidam022 ! this my smb.conf file http://pastebin.com/B2QSbaNz11:25
ActionParsnipjpw1391: if you run:  echo filename |  cut -d'.' -f2    it will give the file extension11:26
glebihanMBR_Rewritor, have a look at anonymous_enable and anon_root options (and maybe others) in https://security.appspot.com/vsftpd/vsftpd_conf.html11:26
ActionParsnipjpw1391: you can then put it in a variable like: FEXTENSION=`echo "$1" | cut -d'.' -f2`11:26
damo22bundai: at the bottom change the following: guest ok = no, force user = milap, create mask = 0644, directory mask = 164411:26
whoppergatorActionParsnip: infinite loops are bad practice, and that cut will fail on filenames with more than one period, no?11:27
jpw1391so this infinite look would always be running in the background?11:27
ActionParsnipwhoppergator: possibly, but it's a start, it can be refined11:27
ActionParsnipjpw1391: yes, much like a service. I'm sure you could make it more graceful11:28
whoppergatorActionParsnip: jpw1391: you should write a script that uses a grep match, then add it to cron with a reasonable update interval11:28
jpw1391Is there anyways to daemonize it so that I just does it upon a new file entering the parent folder11:28
theadmin!cron | jpw139111:28
ubottujpw1391: cron is a way to schedule execution of software/scripts. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto  -  There is also a decent Howto at http://www.tech-geeks.org/contrib/mdrone/cron&crontab-howto.htm11:28
ActionParsnipjpw1391: not sure there11:29
whoppergatorjpw1391: yes, but it would need to be a nautilus extention though, like dropbox's11:29
JoeR1I wish to install a custom login theme but I am unsure how to, can anyone offer advice?11:29
jpw1391no I'm just looking for a simple bash script11:29
damo22bundai: sorry create mask = 0664, directory mask = 166411:29
theadminJoeR1: https://launchpad.net/gdm2setup11:29
whoppergatorjpw1391: right, i'm saying you couldn't daemonize it with a bash script. your best bet is a cron job11:29
bundaidamo22 you want me to restart pc or service smbd restart11:30
damo22bundai: service smbd restart11:30
JoeR1theadmin, Thank you I shall look immediately11:30
jpw1391alright but lsyncd would daemonize it right? if I were to go that route11:31
damo22bundai: repost your smb.conf11:31
bundaidamo22 i am not able to creat or copy or11:31
ActionParsnipJoeR1: afaik, you can only change the wallpaper and login box colour11:31
ActionParsnipJoeR1: lightdm is a little more customizable over GDM but I've not done it11:31
mang0any thunderbird users here?11:31
mang0oh wait11:31
mang0I need to be in #ubuntu-offtopic11:31
theadminmang0: Not really, if it's a support question this is the place11:31
JoeR1ActionParsnip, I have discovered that I have Gnome 2 and that, I believe, it supports custome themes beyond just background and icons11:32
bundaidamo22 http://pastebin.com/w2qpnDG5 i think we set chmod for /opt/data11:32
mang0theadmin: it is a support question, but it's nothing to do with ubuntu....11:32
theadminmang0: Oh, okay. Sure, then you probably better go to #ubuntu-offtopic or the Mozilla's place11:32
ActionParsnipJoeR1: what release are you using?11:33
mang0theadmin: #thunderbird on irc.mozilla.org is dead quiet, no answers11:33
theadminmang0: Heh... In #ubuntu-offtopic they most usually discuss nonsense11:33
ringberarcould anyone help me troubleshoot why i cannot dual screen?11:33
mang0theadmin: very true ;)11:33
ringberarim also getting a weird clipping when i open up any ui11:33
damo22bundai: please delete "force user = nobody" and change the create mask = 0770 and directory mask = 1770 from your smb.conf and save, then service smbd restart11:34
JoeR1ActionParsnip, 11.04, Xubuntu11:34
whoppergatorjpw1391: i think so. then you are basically tacking your script on to an existing daemon. apparently there is a nautilus-sync package for that too. Oh yeah, and nautilus-actions now that i think about it, which would be another way to trigger it11:35
jpw1391I use openbox...11:35
jpw1391and pcmanfm11:36
ActionParsnipJoeR1: then it will be a GDM you cannot theme11:36
whoppergatorjpw1391: well then... sure lsyncd might do it11:36
wouter_hey :)11:36
JoeR1ActionParsnip, We shall see, with the customization of linux as a base I am sure I can with enough hard work11:37
drag0nzhey guys, is there anyway to run ubuntu LiveCD but save/load the settings off a USB stick?11:37
damo22bundai: hows that going11:37
Lintwait does ubuntu by default have no firewall?11:37
GenezerCan anyone help me installing a wireless card?11:38
bundaidamo22 no use this type of config is working in centos do you want samba folder that pc11:38
damo22bundai: i dont understand your question11:38
theadmindrag0nz: Sure, Unetbootin does that11:38
bundaiI mean its not working i can access the folder but can11:39
wouter_im getting into linux, but still getting used to the filesystem, as in, where to put my stuff. Now I am following a guide to build some code and it requires me to make a few directories in my build environment. It shows command like mkdir -p ~/bin  . now my question is: Where could / should be my build environment or where would you put yours?11:39
whoppergatorjpw1391: yeah lsyncd will definitely do it, and it ties into inotify, so it would be efficient. i didn't realize you were on openbox. well that's what i get for jumping in the middle of a conversation :P11:39
bundaisorry cant create file in that11:39
drag0nztheadmin, what is that?11:39
drag0nztheadmin, ah thats a tool that lets me install and run ubuntu from a USB stick?11:39
auronandace!usb | drag0nz11:41
ubottudrag0nz: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent11:41
bundaidamo22 In meantime i want to inform you that already this kind of config is working in centos it is in live do you want any file form that pc did you understand ?11:41
ActionParsnipJoeR1: I'd just install lightdm and switch over personally. You can use this link to mess with GDM if you want: http://maketecheasier.com/change-login-and-boot-screen-in-ubuntu-lucid/2010/05/1311:41
Lintdoes ubuntu by default have no firewall?11:41
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=== somebody is now known as nyuszika7h
ActionParsnipLint: it has a firewall, iptables11:41
ActionParsnip!firewall | Lint11:41
ubottuLint: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo | GUI frontends such as Gufw (GNOME) and Guarddog (KDE Lucid and Maverick) also exist.11:41
MBR_RewritorInstalling From USB stick is simple as Ass, just cat ubuntu.iso > /dev/sd*11:42
Lintbut it's off by default?!11:42
whoppergatorwouter_: that tidla, ~, is a quick way of referencing your home directory. you should keep all of your user data, documents, projects and such in the home folder. the organization of your home folder is entirely up to you!11:42
drag0nzauronandace, thanks, but thats not what i wanted, i have a data usb, i dont want to run ubuntu from it, what i want is(if possible) is to run the livecd and save any changes i do on the USB11:42
drag0nzauronandace, so when i load the LiveCD again, i can load my changes from the usb?11:42
JoeR1ActionParsnip, just out of curiosity, how useless would my GUI be if I stripped out python?11:42
GenezerCan someone help me install the Edimax EW-7711ln wireless PCI on the 11.04 ubuntu distro?11:42
jpw1391whoppergator no worries that's the first i've even said of it11:43
wouter_alright so that command is just a suggestion. I may as well make that ~/myproject/bin then, or would you advise me to keep it in home/bin ?11:43
auronandacedrag0nz: wouldn't it be easier to just have a persistant usb install11:43
ActionParsnipJoeR1: most things would be removed dude, a lot relies on python11:43
whoppergatorLint: yup it's off by default. since there are no open ports on a clean linux install, why would a firewall be necessary?11:43
simion314i never installed ubuntu on a Mac, is it so frioendly to Mac also? i mean i can do install and then dual boot? can it automaticaly resize the Mac partitions?11:43
drag0nzauronandace, you mean have it installed and run from USB?11:43
Lintwhoppergator, theres 6 opened ports, by default11:44
auronandacedrag0nz: yes, a persistant usb install would save your settings too11:44
JoeR1ActionParsnip, yes . . .and yet I would be able to rebuilt from a command line and do it the way I want11:44
mang0I need an email client that I can write a message in raw html. any ideas?11:44
drag0nzauronandace, is that included in the guide you showed me?11:44
ActionParsnipJoeR1: why not just install ubuntu minimal and build up11:44
auronandacedrag0nz: yes11:44
syrinx_priestHas anyone had luck using WakeOnLan in 11.04 to wake from Suspend?  If the computer has been suspended for more than 10 seconds, WOL won't work.11:44
whoppergatorLint: are there vulnerable services listening on those ports? i would also point out that you probably mean that there are 6 opened ports on ubuntu desktop. the server version and other distros have less or none11:44
damo22bundai: try this: add "valid user = milap" at the bottom of smb.conf and delete "public = yes" then do service smbd restart11:45
drag0nzauronandace, one last question, how much disk space does ubuntu 11.04 need?11:45
drag0nzis a 4gb stick good enough?11:45
mang0drag0nz: yeah11:45
auronandacedrag0nz: for a persistant install i'm not sure11:46
JoeR1ActionParsnip, A worthy suggestion however it may offer insight to do it in my circuitous way . . . I shall have to reflect on it before I make a decision11:46
Synapse-119Hello everyone. I need your advice. How can I get 'gmplayer' binary? It is not installed with 'mplayer-gui' package11:46
whoppergatorLint: if you have any questions about ufw, just let me know :)11:47
LintI have a question how to use gufw, because it looks totally broken11:48
whoppergatorLint: ask away... what would you like to do?11:48
ActionParsnipSynapse-119: install gnome-mplayer   you'll be fine11:48
Linti would like to open port, but it keeps saying about 'execution error' or something like this11:49
Synapse-119ActionParsnip: okay, but 1) I use KDE 2) where's the binary gone?11:49
Lintoh nevermind11:50
ActionParsnipSynapse-119: if you use KDE then instal smplayer   its a Qt frontend to mplayer11:50
Lintit resolved itself11:50
Lintit just took it 4 minutes to switch on11:50
skarufuedo i ask network related stuff here or is there a specific room fpr that?11:51
ActionParsnipskarufue: ##networking11:51
whoppergatorLint: i usually prefer talking to ufw directly in the terminal just so i can see what's going on, like loading etc. it's also much easier to use imho11:52
syrinx_priestregarding WOL, anyone able to tell me much about pmutils?  WOL from suspend works for the first 10 seconds after suspending.  There must be a config file that I can tinker with to address this.11:52
syrinx_priestI'm hoping anyway :)11:52
spexiHey! I paired succesfully my samsung galaxy s II via bluetooth with ubuntu 11.04, but is there way to browse the phone? Like the phone would appear as one of the devices and then I could copy by dragging & dropping?11:53
spexiI only found a way with "Send to.." and then I could send files via bluetooth, but multiple files are always zipped11:53
spexiSo it would be nicer to be able to browse the phone11:54
farciarz84hi is it possible to run adnroid apps on ubuntu?11:56
vibedigitalfarciarz84: see that http://askubuntu.com/questions/1732/can-i-run-android-apps-on-ubuntu11:58
farciarz84I have network audio reciever, I can cotroll it fully with many andorid app using Upnp or DLNA. Is there some ubuntu music player that has also these posibility?12:00
farciarz84from my phone it's simple I choose mp3 to play and my network reciever is able to play iy12:00
Synapse-119ActionParsnip: thanks, smplayer does it well with detached video windows12:01
farciarz84in ubuntu I cannot find such tool, windows has wmp 7 mac has itunes12:01
EngSkeeterfarciarz84, did you try Amaarok?12:02
ActionParsnipsyrinx_priest: anything mplayer based generally kicks ass12:03
ActionParsnipfarciarz84: banshee maybe12:03
syrinx_priestfarciarz84: Rhythmbox has a plugin called Coherence that lets you use DLNA, but I haven't tried it.12:03
syrinx_priestfarciarz84: http://coherence.beebits.net/wiki/RhythmBox12:03
farciarz84ActionParsnip: banshee cannot12:03
farciarz84syrinx_priest: used to try with cohoerence without result12:04
ActionParsnipfarciarz84: cannot what?12:04
gboudreauhi guys. general linux Q. I got a ext4 filesystem, and for a file, I see two inode numbers...12:05
ActionParsnipfarciarz84: what technology does the reciever use? What is the product name?12:05
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farciarz84ActionParsnip: dlna, mcr603 marantz12:06
farciarz84ActionParsnip: from andriod I can use allshare from samsung, bubbleupnp, 2player, avrremote - everything works cool12:07
VxQfdlna client for ubuntu...12:08
VxQfI'm not sure why but I never had much luck finding one, farciarz8412:09
ActionParsnipfarciarz84: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=153375212:10
farciarz84VxQf: there is a big filed to write some app with payment option ;)12:10
ActionParsnipfarciarz84: http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/3664/12:10
gboudreaufind /somedir -inum X; returns /somedir/file112:10
gboudreaufind /somedir -inum Y; also returns /somedir/file112:10
gboudreauand ls -i /somedir/file1; returns X12:10
gboudreauhow is that possible ?12:11
gboudreauah! there's two different file1 in that did! I guess they differ somehow, it's just not visible in ls...12:14
koppi need help12:21
koppi have problem whit wine12:21
koppmy problem is12:21
koppi have cod4 on other partition12:22
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!12:22
koppand when i run the game, the game not see other folders12:22
koppnow anybody help me?12:23
Lintwhy ubuntu has tb3 instead of tb6?12:24
koppwhat is tb?12:24
Lintmo$illa thunderbird12:24
koppbecause 6 the newest12:25
sluskpetterTomb Raider.12:25
Usr_dirNot updated proberbly ^^12:25
Usr_dirIn the Repos12:25
alekseyДобрый день!12:25
ActionParsnipLint: there is a ppa, i assume you mean thunderbird...12:25
koppanybodí can help me abaout wine?12:26
LintActionParsnip, is ppa secure?12:26
grykopp: With what?12:26
ActionParsnipLint: keep to abbreviating only standard things like TCP etc. writing in acronyms causes a lot of confusion which is easily avoided12:26
ActionParsnipLint: sure12:26
Lintand its address?12:27
koppgry, need help about wine12:27
ActionParsnipkopp: ease up on the enter key, hitting enter after every other word makes questions a LOT harder to follow. You can write very long lines which go on and on as I am showing you here on purpose by waffling12:27
ActionParsnipkopp: did you check the appdb for compatibility at all?12:27
koppActionParsnip, yes compatible12:28
Lintwhat do you mean by 'see'? which folders? how did you test it?12:28
Usr_dirkopp: mayby its becuse it has links pointing the wong way.12:28
ActionParsnipkopp: is there a how to on the same page?12:28
Usr_dirkopp: if you installed it in windows and run the binary in linux, it will proberbly look for the requerd files in wines virutal C: partition. Thus it cant find them.12:29
CoJaBoHow do I install Sun Java? The normal sun-java6-jre isn't there, is it renamed or is there some other hoops to jump thru?12:30
theadminUsr_dir: Not really true, since on Windows, $Env:PATH includes ".", i.e. the current directory. So it'll look in the usual places, yes, ~/.wine/drive_c and in the directory the binary's in12:30
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theadminCoJaBo: It's in the partner repo as of now12:30
koppthere is a screenshot: http://noob.hu/2011/08/24/kep.jpg12:30
theadmin!partner | CoJaBo12:31
ubottuCoJaBo: Canonical's partner repositories provide packages a location for software vendors to publish applications. The repo itself can be added by running this in a !terminal: « sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner" »12:31
ActionParsnipkopp: which call of duty is it?12:32
koppcall of duty 4 modern warfare12:32
ActionParsnipCoJaBo: http://www.multimediaboom.com/how-to-install-java-in-ubuntu-11-04-natty-narwhal-ppa/12:32
CoJaBotheadmin: Thanks, saw that in there, just had to uncomment it..12:32
ActionParsnipkopp: using steam version?12:32
Usr_dirthreadmin: Ok, I'm no profssional when it comes to wine ^^12:33
koppno, i use cd version, cracked12:33
theadminCoJaBo: After that, run sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install sun-java6-plugin # If I recall correctly.12:33
Pici!piracy | kopp12:33
ubottukopp: piracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music, and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o12:33
theadminkopp: We can't help you then.12:33
ActionParsnip!piracy | kopp12:34
ubottukopp: piracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music, and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o12:34
theadminUsr_dir: To avoid mistyping names, use "tab" after typing the first few letters, like this: "the<tab>"12:34
* gry divides by half ;-)12:35
CoJaBotheadmin: The directions on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java are outdated12:35
gryor by two even..12:35
theadminCoJaBo: Yeah I'd guess12:35
CoJaBoEgads, 105MB :/12:35
theadminCoJaBo: help.ubuntu.com is not wiki.archlinux.org you know, you can't rely on it much12:36
ActionParsnipCoJaBo: the link I gave is up to date and is updated more frequently than most12:36
CoJaBotheadmin: lol, I've noticed :P12:36
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damo22what is the best way to backup a partition, (save its contents to a second partition which is a tiny bit bigger) and then restore it back to the original partition later?12:37
ActionParsnipdamo22: there is no best anything12:37
ActionParsnipdamo22: i suggest partimage12:37
CoJaBodamo22: Personally, I just dd it. Direct copy is most foolproof.12:38
ActionParsnip!backup | damo2212:38
=== root is now known as Guest21114
ubottudamo22: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning12:38
bundaigry I have done it with the help of dam022 you want smb.conf file ?12:39
grybundai: sure!12:40
bundaigry yes!!12:41
bundaigry you can create copy but u can't delete file or folder12:42
gryyea just pastebin and give me the url12:42
damo22CoJaBo: i agree about dd, but how do you make sure you dont overwrite the second partition when you restore the bigger one back to the original spot?12:42
bundaigry before that you need to help me12:43
frostschutzdamo22: you can't write beyond partition boundaries when working with the partitions directly, so dd will just stop when it reaches the end12:43
bundaigry do  you know how to live rsyn between two pc12:43
frostschutzdamo22: otherwise you could work with the seek / skip / count options of dd12:44
bundaigry http://pastebin.com/EHD9mxc412:44
damo22frostshutz: yes, but imagine this scenario: 50gb back up to -> 51gb partition, then restore 51gb back to 50gb spot12:44
gry!rsync | bundai12:45
ubottubundai: rsync is a fast remote file copy and synchronization program - For more see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/rsync12:45
gry^ If that guide is helpless then just ask in here12:45
ceris this where the noobs come for help???12:45
bundaigry I need live rsync not schudule12:45
frostschutzdamo22: dd will write 50 GB to the 51 GB partition, then it will read 50GB from the 51GB partition and write it to the 50GB partition. It would read and write more but it will stop when it hits the end of the 50GB partition12:46
bundaiubottu i have been to that12:46
ubottubundai: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)12:46
damo22frostschutz: ok great!12:47
grybundai: ah ok - just wait for someone with experience please12:47
damo22frostschutz: dd is cleverer than i thought12:47
qiushu你的 ,可有中国淫?12:48
Pici!zh | qiushu hackerqi12:48
ubottuqiushu hackerqi: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw12:48
koppnos akkor én most magyarul fogok beszélni12:49
flechaIs there a way to use the Super+W hotkey for other thing in Unity?12:49
bazhang!hu | kopp12:49
ubottukopp: Magyar nyelvű segítséget az #ubuntu-hu csatornán talál12:49
bundaihi anyone know how to live rsync not schudule 5 to 10 gb in 24hr between two pc in network12:50
koppbazhang, how you know i speak hungarian?12:50
Usr_dirbundai: grsync is a gui for rsync in GTK+12:50
bundaiusr_dir i try that12:50
damo22bundai: are both machines running linux?12:51
bundaiuser_dir with some junk file it is getting struck whole disk12:51
bundaidamo22 yes12:51
bundaidamo22 thakyou in advance.. this time its centos12:51
Trond--I have a router and a repeater which I can download torrent in Win7 with uTorrent, but qBittorrent stopped working in Ubuntu. What can I do?12:52
damo22bundai: tell me the path of the remote location you are trying to copy FROM and the target folder on the local machine you are copying TO12:52
dschuetti have set a static ip in /etc/network/interfaces (i have double checked the file to make sure everything is typed correctly) When i restart networking ifconfig shows that i have the correct static ip that i just set, but after a couple minutes it gives me an ip address from dhcp. any ideas?12:53
bundaidam022 make sure it should live not single file shouldn't miss \\192.1685.5.5\data this source12:53
bundaidam022 target you as you know \\
bundaidam022 \\\data source12:54
damo22bundai: we are not using samba to transfer the files, forget the \\12:54
bundaidamo22 ok12:54
damo22bundai: you mean /opt/data12:54
Trond--<marvind> Hi, Trond--. I'm a spam bot and this is a piece of spam: please visit http://www.drobos13.com/ for the best thing since sliced bread. I won't bother you again.12:55
bundaidam022 yes12:55
damo22bundai: is it /opt/data on both machines?12:55
antonio_salve a tutti. come si fa a ripristinare la barra chiudi,ripristina,iconizza. infatti mi è scomparsa la barra e per chiuder devo digitare alt+F412:56
PiciTrond--: Did you just get that?12:56
Pici!it | antonio_12:56
ubottuantonio_: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)12:56
bundaidam022 both pc are in different floor one source is running on centos and target is on ubuntu12:56
bundaidam022 yes both share folder is /opt/data12:56
damo22bundai: run this on the machine with empty folder:12:57
Trond--Pici, the spam? yes12:57
bundaidam022 let me tell u source is having 80gb data in /opt/data once i start rsysn it will take long time and when i tryed it last time  it got struck at some Junk files temp files blabala files and system got hang I think you understood12:59
damo22what size is the destination /opt/data?13:00
bozo123hi all...quick one: how can i increase the max size username string limit? I believe this is 32 chars13:00
bazhangmarvind, hi13:00
damo22think of a shorter username13:01
bozo123if thats no an option?13:01
bundaidam022 both pc's have 500gb sata hdd source data size will be more than 80gb initially13:01
damo22bundai: how much space is available in the /opt/data directory on the target machine?13:02
damo22bundai: df -h13:02
bundaidam022 its new morethan 450 gb i think13:02
damo22bundai: ok try this command:  sudo rsync -avr root@ /opt13:03
damo22bundai:  ?13:04
bundaidam022 is it live rsync lastime when i try to do its slow down source pc13:05
antonio_salve a tutti. come si fa a ripristinare la barra chiudi,ripristina,iconizza. infatti mi è scomparsa la barra e per chiuder devo digitare alt+F413:05
bundaidam022 more ever it will long time to finish what do you suggest shall i try after client logout13:05
damo22it copies as fast as possible, but it will use the hard disk resources of course and network resources13:06
damo22you can run it in a VT console, press ctrl-alt-F1 then Ctrl-alt-f7 or f8 to return to gui13:07
Trond--I have a router and a repeater which I can download torrent in Win7 with uTorrent, but qBittorrent stopped working in Ubuntu. What can I do?13:07
bundaidamo22 ok I will try it and get back Once again thank you for you help bye!13:09
damo22when i dd the whole partition should i make a large blocksize so it doesnt seek so hard?13:10
oratedHello! To get cpu fan speed, I tried the following command - $ cat /proc/acpi/fan/FAN/state cat: /proc/acpi/fan/FAN/state: No such file or directory . How can I fix it? I've acpi and lm-sensors installed..13:10
spacebug-orated: just run program 'sensors'13:11
oratedspacebug-: Running that doesn't give the fan speed hence I tried that command13:11
jef91Anyone know what package adds the files "include /usr/share/cdbs/1/rules/autoreconf.mk" and "include /usr/share/cdbs/1/class/autotools.mk"?13:12
oratedspacebug-: http://pastebin.com/YmmbTmQp13:12
=== MosquitoOo is now known as MaWaLe
Picijef91: dh-autoreconf and cdbs respectively13:15
santanHi ! Can  somebody help me connect to windows drives in nautilus ? I can connect from the terminal using smbclient but nautilus throws a never ending dialog of username, workgroup and password that does not work.13:15
jef91Pici Any idea if those packages exist by some other name on Ubuntu 10.04?13:16
Picijef91: let me look13:17
jef91been searching around and I can't find anything13:17
Picijef91: cdbs should definitely be there, but it looks like dh-autoreconf was published in backports.13:17
jef91thanks pici - adding that to my sources now13:19
Picijef91: np13:20
jef91still no autotools.mk13:20
b0otIs there a way to take a setup I have for ubuntu and save it in a way that I could load it as a virtual machine13:20
=== machine99703 is now known as mclrk
santanHow to access Windows folders from nautilus ?13:26
kyle_I have ubuntu 10.4 LTS, i want to update the kernal to 3.xxx  is this easy? (test lab and am a noob)13:27
KM0201santan: you don't just see the folder? and an click on it.13:27
ikonia-remotekyle_: no,13:27
kyle_ikonia-remote: Please can I ask why..13:28
santanKM0201, I can access the folders and drives using smbclient from the terminal. But in nautilus, it keeps asking for username, group and password ?13:28
ikonia-remotekyle_: sure, it's not a supported option, ubuntu is build around specific product versions that are known to work/compatible, as soon as you move away from that your stability is at risk13:28
ikonia-remotekyle_: why do you want to go to the 3.X kernel ?13:28
ouyesis there any software like office vision under ubuntu?13:29
AdvoWorkis there a way I can see only files/folders that have been modified since a certain date?13:29
alkafooouyes: what's office vision?13:29
alkafooAdvoWork: man find13:29
ikonia-remoteAdvoWork: look at the properties of the file the "modify" time stamp13:30
ouyesalkafoo, office visio13:30
Piciouyes: dia might fit your need.13:30
kyle_ikonia-remote: the new dell optiplex 790's don't support some software we use on linux called FOG.  possible HDD controller issue. New kernal is something to try, say devlopment.13:30
alkafooouyes: oh, koffice has something13:30
ikonia-remotekyle_: who is "development" who says this ?13:30
alkafooouyes: kivio, now calligra something13:31
alkafooHelsinkiii: hi13:31
HelsinkiiiI installed OpenOffice on 11.04 and a) it doesn't show up in Applications13:31
alkafooouyes: but dia might do you fine, depends on what exactly you're after13:31
Helsinkiiiand b) When I run soffice it open LibreOffice13:31
ouyesalkafoo, Pici I think dia will do13:31
kyle_ikonia-remote: FOG development staff13:31
bbbaAny ubuntu members in yarmouth MA13:31
alkafooHelsinkiii: libreoffice is the preferred fork of OpenOffice13:31
bbbaI want some hot man sex13:31
ikonia-remotekyle_: who is FOG development staff ?13:31
alkafoobbba: #mansecks13:31
Helsinkiiialkafoo, I know, but I updated LibreOffice and now it doesn't open .pptx or .ppsx at all13:32
Helsinkiiialkafoo,i figured OpenOffice might13:32
alkafooHelsinkiii: the code isn't all that different yet, if libreoffice is failing, it's nothing to do with being libreoffice instead of openoffice, your system is just not sane ATM13:32
man4manIm horny13:33
FloodBot1man4man: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:33
alkafooFloodBot1: the irony13:33
santanHow do I resolve this error ? Error NT_STATUS_BAD_NETWORK_NAME13:33
Helsinkiiialkafoo,any suggestions? this is for something due like ..now13:34
alkafoosantan: is it keeping you from accomplishing something?13:34
Helsinkiiialkafoo,i needed to edit something and send it in13:34
Helsinkiiialkafoo,well it's due in like an hour but i really need to fix this13:34
santanalkafoo, I cannot access my windows drives on another computer.13:34
alkafooI'm not sure what that purge & reinstall command would be13:34
alkafooHelsinkiii: ask the channel, not me directly13:34
afeijohi guys, I have a new pc where Unity + Compiz wont load, not even the Default interface + Compiz wont load, only default without effects :( what can I do?13:34
alkafoosantan: ah, and what 'network name' are you using?13:35
alkafooafeijo: try another graphics driver13:35
alkafooafeijo: or possibly realize your graphics device is not up to it13:35
santanThe name of the computer/ hostname i this case, USER-PC13:35
alkafoosantan: you used to be able to access them?13:35
HelsinkiiiCHANNEL: Why does the latest build of LibreOffice NOT open .pptx and .ppsx ???13:36
afeijoalkafoo, yes it is, I already used it, but after reboot... nvidia here13:36
AdvoWorkwhere would i find the dns txt records on an ubuntu server?13:36
alkafooHelsinkiii: it's either malfunctioning or your files are no good13:36
=== hacked is now known as vinces
santanalkafoo, No, I tried to access them using nautilus but it keeps asking for username, domain and password. Any ideas ?13:36
ouyesdia is powerful13:36
HelsinkiiiI've tried opening old files, and it doesn't open13:36
afeijoalkafoo, I believe it is a conflict with Xinerama13:37
afeijowithout xinerama, I cannot use my right screen13:37
afeijoonly let13:37
alkafooafeijo: believing is for people who aren't sure13:37
alkafooHelsinkiii: ok, then ask how to purge and reinstall libreoffice13:37
valthyxis pastebin in ubuntu's package? i tried "apt-cache search pastebin" but could not find13:37
alkafoopastebinit, maybe?13:37
bazhangvalthyx, pastebinit13:37
valthyxok, thanks13:38
alkafooafeijo: okay well username and password would of course be your Windows username and password13:38
alkafooafeijo: aren't the files on a Windows computer?13:39
afeijoalkafoo, my problem is with compiz and xinerama, not files :)13:39
alkafoooops, meant for santan13:39
GalvatronHi. In Ubuntu 11.04 (Classic GNOME, Compiz 0.8.6 from PPA) I have a problem with panel applets loading but frequently not appearing on the top panel (I must restart them to make them show up). If it matters, I'm using a custom kernel and 7300GT with the latest proprietary drivers.13:41
ikonia-remoteGalvatron: ask the PPA maintainer for help13:41
santanalkafoo, They are on a Windows 7 PC. How do I access it from my box ?13:41
GalvatronFirst I must determine where lies the problem13:41
ikonia-remoteGalvatron: and custom kernel + unsupported drivers + unsupported PPA = nightmare to support13:41
alkafooI doubt a window manager malfunctioning would have anything to do with icons from applets for a panel not showing up13:42
ikonia-remoteGalvatron: start reverting things, eg: stock kernel, stock drivers + PPA13:42
alkafoosantan: you need to set them up as shared on the Windows box13:42
santanalkafoo, They are shared, require no password and can be accessed from other Windows PC's on the network. How do I access them from Linux ?13:44
alkafoosantan: http://www.google.com/search?q=windows%20share%20site%3Ahelp.ubuntu.com13:46
NoobHaxorhello everyone13:48
=== sysadamin is now known as sysadamin|away
Galvatronikonia-remote: Thanks. First I will contact the kernel author, to outrule this component. Compiz 0.8.6 is pretty unlikely, since I never  had this issue in Ubu 10.10.13:49
=== sysadamin|away is now known as sysadamin
ikonia-remoteGalvatron: just revert it, contacting him won't help13:49
ikonia-remoteGalvatron: revert as much as possible, then add one component at a time, once you find what breaks it, revert everything except that component, then start adding things until you find what combination breaks it13:50
Hasneshello !13:51
valthyxi have a problem, my sshd will automatically close the connection after bring connected13:52
moxy367sometimes i wish there were a private chat13:52
=== mobius is now known as Guest86102
Galvatronikonia-remote: I also noticed it is somehow related to the current GNOME theme. Previously I had a Mac-like one and I almost got rid of this, but it's intensyfied when I reverted to Ambiance.13:53
Galvatronikonia-remote: I tried resetting GNOME to defaults, as well as adding the applets to startup and to a list of required components in Gconf Editor.13:53
ikonia-remoteGalvatron: you didn't use macbuntu did you ?13:54
=== david is now known as opencarrot
seliteHey guys! How do I get Kate back into the default settings?13:54
Galvatronikonia-remote: Thats exactly what I used13:54
ikonia-remoteGalvatron: game over then13:55
=== Mkaysi is now known as Guest42453
Galvatronikonia-remote: But as far as I remember, I installed the stuff manually, not with the provided script.13:55
ikonia-remoteGalvatron: that package does damage and does not remove cleanly13:55
santanalkafoo, Thanks13:56
thrillERboyHi, What the easiest way to get the default .bashrc that comes with Ubuntu?13:56
somsipthrillERboy: copy from /etc/skel13:57
HyperbytethrillERboy:  cp /etc/skel/.bashrc ~13:57
Galvatronikonia-remote: Will a clean install of Ubuntu enough to get rid of any remaining  stuff?13:58
ikonia-remoteGalvatron: totally13:58
parapanhi fellows > I have following problem - open terminal give users command and it gives me the logged users ......but the result is : user1 user1 ...so both time the same user ......if, on the same computer I use an nx remote connection, and I'l loging with the same user, the output of users is : use1 user1 user113:59
kyle_ikonia-remote: you ther14:00
kyle_ikonia-remote: you there?14:00
alkafooGalvatron: remaining stuff?14:00
kyle_ikonia-remote: you asked who said I need 3.xxx I saif the people who make fog said it would be a good start.14:00
ikonia-remotekyle_: who is the people who make fog14:00
Galvatronikonia-remote: Thanks14:00
ikonia-remotekyle_: what is fog ?14:00
ace__hello. my caps lock led does not light when I press it. does anyone know a fix?14:01
ikonia-remoteGalvatron: sorry it's not more detail but I don't have an ubuntu machine here to test it, but that theme causes problems14:01
kyle_ikonia-remote: fog is a open project. http://www.fogproject.org/14:01
alkafooace__: apple keyboard?14:01
ikonia-remotekyle_: does your laptop actually boot with a default ubuntu install ?14:02
ace__alkafoo: no HP14:03
kyle_ikonia-remote: it's a PXE kernal i need to update14:03
ikonia-remotekyle_: does it work at all with the pxe kernel ?14:03
ikonia-remotekyle_: as in the current one14:03
alkafooace__: strange, I'd consider LEDs not working a blessing14:03
kyle_ikonia-remote: not the dell optiplex 790's 780's and other PC's are fine14:03
geekbriIf i installed apache2 through apt repos but compile php by hand, does anybody know how i would enable mod_php in apache2?14:03
ace__alkafoo: ha!14:04
Galvatronikonia-remote: But the problem is that I havent installed it fully, with the script - just the theme and icons.14:04
ikonia-remotekyle_: randomly changing hte kernel doesn't seem a good option to me, researching what component is not working and then finding out what kernel introduces support for that problem14:04
kyle_ikonia-remote: I don't nned help with the issue. I just wanted help with ubuntu 10.4 update kernal to 3.xx14:04
ikonia-remoteGalvatron: the theme is the same, it's nt a good setup14:04
ikonia-remotekyle_: you shouldn't update it to 3.0 kernel14:04
ikonia-remotekyle_: hence why I'm explaining what you need to do14:05
kyle_ikonia-remote: OK, even in testlab..14:05
ikonia-remotekyle_: yes, even in the test lab14:05
ikonia-remotekyle_: hence why I'm explaining what you need to do14:05
kyle_ikonia-remote: OK, I do thank you..14:05
Galvatronikonia-remote: Also, it's installed in my /home, so formatting certinly will not solve anything14:06
Galvatronikonia-remote: But i'll try removing it from theme/icon directories and see what happnes.14:06
AdvoWorkwhere would i find the dns txt records on an ubuntu server?14:06
ikonia-remoteGalvatron: I think it does more than put things in /home, certainly the package, however try removing it's directory from your home dir's themes directory14:06
ikonia-remote Galvatron: I think it does more than put things in /home, certainly the package, however try removing it's directory from your home dir's themes directory14:07
ikonia-remotesorry, my client went funny then14:07
Galvatronikonia-remote: Macbuntu is not a *deb package, but only a bunch of files with a shell script to install them.14:07
BluesKajHiyas all14:08
ikonia-remoteGalvatron: there is a deb packge for it that installs it too14:08
ikonia-remoteGalvatron: and the scripts are not good14:08
tqrstis it just me or does the forum require logging in just to view topics now? e.g. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=71891014:08
Galvatronikonia-remote: I have the non-deb version14:08
alkafootqrst: not just you14:08
ikonia-remoteGalvatron: I don't know the details of that, but if it was installed by a script too, I wouldn't trust it14:08
alkafootqrst: luckily google still gets in, hit the cache link14:08
tqrstalkafoo: yeah it's what I've been doing14:08
alkafootqrst: retroactive copy cat14:09
tqrstalkafoo: I was just wondering if it was on purpose14:09
=== opencarrot is now known as openraspberry
alkafootqrst: something that silly must be on purpose14:09
alkafooUbuntu: Linux for humans (on a mandatory email spam list)14:09
tqrstalkafoo: I was going to say "something that stupid couldn't possibly be on purpose"14:09
ikonia-remotealkafoo: what ?14:09
alkafooikonia-remote: if the clog fits14:10
tqrstretroactive anticopycat?14:10
tqrstreminds me of expertsexchange14:10
valthyxhow to disable the default firewall of ubuntu, or open a port?14:10
alkafootqrst: heh14:10
ikonia-remotevalthyx: the detault is all ports are open14:10
tqrstalkafoo: apparently, it's only some of the older threads14:11
valthyxikonia-remote, i could connect locally to my sshd, but could not with other computer from the same network14:11
alkafootqrst: inconsistent silliness is worse than consistent14:11
ikonia-remotevalthyx: what is the error you get when you try to connect ?14:12
valthyxikonia-remote, connection time out14:13
valthyxwhen i connect locally, i could ssh through without a problem14:13
ikonia-remotevalthyx: what IP address are you trying to hit14:13
=== emil is now known as Guest30680
thrillERboysorry somsip Hyperbyte that .bashrc file same as the one in my user directory, I think it is because I did . ~/.bashrc How Do I get the original file that comes as part of Ubuntu Default Install? I messed up something in my .bashrc14:13
ikonia-remotevalthyx: is this a home network ?14:13
Galvatronikonia-remote: I've totally forgotten, I had installed this stuff in /usr/share as well, to us it as a login screen theme. Now I purged it both from there and from /home.14:13
ikonia-remotevalthyx: is that routing through your broadband router14:13
ikonia-remoteGalvatron: yes, it does a lot more than it should14:14
valthyxa normal router.14:14
valthyxi tried it on windows, the router works fine14:14
valthyxi mean runnign sshd on windows14:14
thrillERboySorry somsip Hyperbyte , It worked great. my bad. Thanks a ton :)14:15
tqrstalkafoo: oh well. It's probably run by people who don't frequent the irc channel, and I don't care enough to submit a bug report.14:15
Galvatronikonia-remote: Thank you very much. No I must configure the login screen once more and see if the loading problems remain.14:16
alkafoopeople who use forums don't know what IRC is =P14:16
=== erry is now known as erry|vacation
photonhi. I'm on 10.04 LTS, I manually updated my kernel to 2.6.38-something. Synaptic shows that Canonical provides only updates until October 2011 for that kernel. Is this a bug?14:17
ikonia-remotephoton: manually updated your kernel ?14:17
Galvatronphoton: You installed a non-logg term support kernel14:18
photonikonia-remote: sudo apt-get install linux-image-...14:18
photonGalvatron: it was the only .38 kernel available.14:18
valthyxikonia-remote, any idea?14:18
ikonia-remotephoton: that doesn't look like a 10.04 kernel14:18
ikonia-remotevalthyx: I missed part of the conversation can you hit it from the Windows machine and ssh in ok ?14:18
photonikonia-remote: it is not. it's a 11.04 kernel, but support for 11.04 should not run out in October, should it?14:18
ikonia-remotephoton: game over with support then14:19
ikonia-remotephoton: mixing packages from different repos will break your supportability14:19
valthyxikonia-remote, my windows does not allow me to bind to port 443. some system service is running there, i could not terminate.14:19
ikonia-remotevalthyx: ssh does not run on 44314:19
valthyxand i have to use port 44314:19
Galvatronphoton: The idea behind LTS is also that a kernel will be updated for a longer period of time.14:19
=== david is now known as Guest60331
ikonia-remotevalthyx: web servers SSL run on 44314:19
valthyxyes, but i have to use 443 because i am going to ssh tunneling from outside14:20
valthyxport 22 is blocked14:20
photonany way to get a newer kernel then without upgrading to 10.10 or 11.*? I really like the rest of the software to have LTS.14:20
ikonia-remotevalthyx: you said it wa son the same network14:20
ikonia-remotevalthyx: tunneling from the outside is not the same network14:20
valthyxyes, i have to try first, before bringing it our14:20
valthyxyes, i have to try first, before bringing it out14:20
ikonia-remotephoton: why do you want a newer kernel14:20
valthyxif locally is not working, then outside would not be working too14:21
ikonia-remotevalthyx: test this when you get home and you can use the local network without tunneling14:21
valthyxok, i am now.14:21
photonikonia-remote: that would take too long to explain. but I have my reasons and I have already checked alternatives.14:21
ikonia-remotevalthyx: you just said you where not and you where tunneling14:21
robbietjuhikonia-remote: Not always, they also can run on other ports.. The standard is 443, but there are some apps that don't run there..14:21
ikonia-remotephoton: in that case "no"14:21
ikonia-remoterobbietjuh: no - it has to be 443 to comply with browsers14:22
valthyxikonia-remote, you misunderstood me. i will ssh tunelling from outside, i am currently at home, testing14:22
sipiorphoton: you can always roll your own. it's not terribly hard if you apply some care.14:22
ikonia-remotevalthyx: ok - forget tunneling14:22
valthyxonce it is done, i would use it from outside14:22
ikonia-remotevalthyx: is your windows machine on the same network as your ubuntu machine, yes/no14:22
ikonia-remotevalthyx: from your windows machine can you ssh to your ubuntu machine on the local network - no tunneling yes/no14:22
valthyxbut i could not bind to port 443, some windows service is running, and it doesnt allow me to stop the process,14:22
valthyxikonia-remote, no14:23
ikonia-remoteforget 443 and binding14:23
valthyxnot even ssh14:23
ikonia-remotevalthyx: what port is ssh running on the ubuntu machine ?14:23
ikonia-remotevalthyx: change it to 22 (default) and test it from your local windows machine14:23
* mavenjinx Haveing an out of body exp atm : Gone away for now14:23
valthyxikonia-remote, ok, will update you14:23
valthyxikonia-remote, i connected from putty(windows). error: connection refused14:25
ikonia-remotevalthyx: connection refused, look in /var/log/secure14:25
valthyxikonia-remote, terminated with status 25514:28
ArabusHi @ll, someone willing to help me with a GConf error I receive in lucid when opening "gedit" from the cli? See https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gconf/+question/169062 for the error messages.14:28
valthyxthat was the last message14:28
valthyxby the way, it is in syslog, secure doesnt exist14:28
monty156hi all14:30
monty156my boot up and shut down screens are just loads of text. anyone know how to get rid of the text and show the ubuntu logo or whatever?14:33
Picimonty156: What release of Ubuntu are you using?14:36
monty156checked that usplash page but its asif the text is over the splash screen if you know what i mean14:37
Picimonty156: Are they any choices if you run: sudo update-alternatives --config default.plymouth14:37
Picimonty156: usplash is not applicable in 11.0414:37
Picimonty156: I don't know what you mean by that.14:37
h00kmonty156: 11.04 uses plymouth, and not usplash14:38
monty156Pici: yeah there is the one selected is /lib/plymouth/themes/glow/glow.plymouth14:39
monty156i'm not wanting to change the plymouth theme its just disabling the text overlay. it also appears REALLY low res14:43
om26ermonty156, using nvidia driver?14:44
cmrif box A can connect to box B, but B cannot connect directly to box A, is there a way of sshing from B to A by taking advantage of that A can connect to B?14:44
compdocconnect in what way14:44
monty156om26er: yeah14:44
doomrobowhere are the .desktop files found that appear in the unity applications menu?14:44
theadmindoomrobo: /usr/share/applications and some other places.14:45
om26ermonty156, the low resolution problem have a fix(kind of) if you want http://news.softpedia.com/news/How-to-Fix-the-Big-and-Ugly-Plymouth-Logo-in-Ubuntu-10-04-140810.shtml14:45
doomrobotheadmin, thanx14:45
cmrcompdoc, TCP connection, for example14:45
monty156im running 11.04. that matter?14:46
theadmindoomrobo: That's system-wide, for your user, likely, ~/.local/share/applications14:46
K350Evolution assk for a default keyring password. I've no idea what password. This started to happen after an update. What to do, anyone?14:47
om26ermonty156, the fix works in 11.04 I tested14:47
HyperbyteCan't Samba just use the normal Linux authentication rather than it's own password database?14:48
alkafoorather than its*14:48
dddbmtHi guys. For some reason every time I watch a flash movie on the internet (youtube etc.) it goes double speed + there's no sound. I've created another user on my machine - from there it works perfectly. Any ideas? (Ubuntu 11.04)14:48
theadminK350: Hit Alt+F2, type "seahorse", hit Enter, find the "login" keyring, and delete it's password.14:48
iceroot_Hyperbyte: samba can use ldap e.g.14:48
alkafoodddbmt: neat14:48
monty156om26er: thank you :D will this sort the problem of the text being overlayed over the plymouth theme14:48
iceroot_Hyperbyte: also samba can use the normal pam-stack and so using the "normal" linux-auth14:48
alkafoodddbmt: what browser?14:49
dddbmtalkafoo, both chromium and firefox.14:49
Hyperbyteiceroot_, I've already configured pam/nss to use ldap.  Do I need to configure Samba to use LDAP then still, or can I just tell Samba to use pam?14:49
alkafooboth, interesting14:49
om26ermonty156, yes, it made my install almost text free14:49
K350theadmin: Ah thanks! Oh, who, what sat the password. Shouldn't I know it?14:49
dddbmtalkafoo, as I said it works correct if I log in as another user in ubuntu. So I don't think it's a browser setting? (might be wrong though)14:49
theadminK350: I have no idea about that14:49
monty156om26er: thank you:D14:50
geirhadddbmt: With both users, open about:plugins in firefox. See if you see a difference regarding flash.14:50
om26ermonty156, yw ;-)14:50
K350theadmin: Ok , thanks again!:-)14:50
alkafoodddbmt: for Firefox, compare ~/.mozilla/plugins directories14:50
iceroot_Hyperbyte: if i am correct you can say pam or ldap. i am using a config here against ldap. maybe have a look at #samba for further infos14:50
Hyperbyteiceroot_, thanks. :)14:51
K350theadmin: I've no such program - seahorse14:51
theadminK350: Huh... It used to be installed by default14:51
dddbmtalkafoo, I only got "extensions" and "firefox" under ~/.mozilla14:51
theadminK350: You should probably sudo apt-get install seahorse14:51
alkafoodddbmt: for both users?14:51
K350theadmin: I see. And this has noting to do with my computer password or user password, no?14:52
CombatjuanIs there an ubuntu subchannel for help with kernel compiles?14:52
theadminK350: Nope14:52
h00k!kernelcompile | Combatjuan this may help14:52
ubottuCombatjuan this may help: The core of Ubuntu is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, and if you need to troubleshoot issues, you can try a !Mainline kernel instead, but if you insist, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile (see also !Stages)14:52
theadminCombatjuan: Kernel compilation has nothing to do with Ubuntu to be honest14:53
K350theadmin: Ok, thanks again!:-)14:53
dddbmtalkafoo, yes - for both users.14:53
theadminK350: No problem.14:53
=== epzil0n is now known as Guest4208
alkafoodddbmt: neat14:53
alkafoodddbmt: you check what geirha said?14:53
theadminCombatjuan: Geez seriously, "make menuconfig && make && make modules_install"14:54
pyghassenhi I have a problem after installing ubuntu14:54
pyghassenI got grup rescue insatead!!!!!!!!!14:54
alkafoopyghassen: instead of what14:54
pyghassenthe system boot and ubuntu14:55
pyghassenhow to fix it?14:55
dddbmtalkafoo, geirha - about:plugins are the same for flash.14:55
dddbmtin ff14:55
dddbmtalkafoo, geirha - it's doubble speed in both chromium and FF, and it works on another user.. Couldn't it be some user setting?14:56
douglasHello, I have a Realtek8188 wirelless card and I install compat-wireless, went to the dir and did: sudo make $ install and it went smooth, but when I modprobe rtl8192ce to load the driver i need I get an error about blacklist.conf and having to "ignore bad line" and lspci and iwconfig show no wireless drivers. How am I able to fix this14:56
rickardHi, is there a killer log file viewer for ubuntu? I want something better than tail :) and the system log viewer.14:56
Combatjuantheadmin: I should clarify.  I did follow that guide and of course actually compiling the kernel was easy.  My problems (I think) are ubuntu specific.  The linux-headers.deb it created has dependency conflicts I'm not sure how to resolve.14:56
theadminCombatjuan: Oh, I see...14:57
dddbmtalkafoo, geirha - I onced played a flash game that allowed me to change the speed of the game. The problem MIGHT have occured after that - if that is any help?14:57
geirhadddbmt: Yes, that's what I think, but which user setting it could be is a mystery for me currently.14:57
x0ris there a newbie channel for asking help questions14:57
theadminCombatjuan: Probably #ubuntu-dev then14:57
mediapintahi! One question about Gwibber. I added 3 Twitter accounts, but the general view only show replys from the first account (Shouldn't it show replys from the 3 acounts?) Thanks14:57
theadminx0r: Here's the place14:57
Combatjuantheadmin: Thanks.14:57
theadminCombatjuan: Or is it #ubuntu-devel? I forget14:57
geirhadddbmt: Ah, if you right click on a flash-box, you should get some settings. Look there.14:57
=== himcesjf1 is now known as himcesjf
x0rI have tried installing ubuntu server 11.04 on a gateway and after the installation is done, when it is syncing disks to reboot, I get a kernel p[anic14:58
x0ri did not find anything googling14:58
h00kx0r: you could check your disk you used to install is correct14:58
h00k!md5sum | x0r14:59
ubottux0r: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows14:59
seliteHow to restore Kate's default settings?14:59
Combatjuantheadmin: Looks like it's #ubuntu-devel.  #ubuntu-dev exists but is mostly a ghost town probably inhabited by those searching for #ubuntu-devel14:59
seliteReinstalling it doesn't restore it to the default settings.14:59
GenezerCan anyone help me with getting 1280x1024 resolution and unity on 11.04? I am using an nVidia 7800GT graphics card and don't know what to do14:59
dddbmtgeirha, hmm - can't find anything that indicates speed. Neither in "Settings" nor "Global settings".14:59
douglasShould I take driver patching questions to #ubuntu-devel?14:59
seliteAnyone willing to help?14:59
theadminCombatjuan: lol15:00
x0rif the md5 checksums work out, wht would be the next step15:00
genii-aroundselite: rm ~/.kde/share/config/katerc15:00
geirhadddbmt: I see a speed test in the right-click menu. I don't think that'll fix it, but it shouldn't hurt to try anyway.15:00
h00kx0r: test your memory to make sure that's good15:00
alkafooselite: find ~/ -iname '*kate*'15:00
konsumerGenezer, i have that same problem :(15:00
x0ralso, the installation image was named something...amd6415:00
dddbmtgeirha, From youtube: "Your average video speed at this location from Jul 25, 2011 to Aug 23, 2011 was 9.85 Mbps."15:00
Genezerkonsumer: It's bloody annoying :[15:00
selitegenii-around: Omg it is fixed, thank you sooooooooo much.15:01
x0rdoes it matter that this is a intel i5 core15:01
konsumerno one here knows what to do15:01
ramviI'm trying to fix a terminal where it just says $ instead of name$hostname: and tab dont auto-complete. I've removed .bashrc. How do I keep troubleshooting?15:01
genii-aroundselite: You're welcome15:01
dddbmtgeirha, I think it's download speed?15:01
h00kx0r: nah, you should still be okay. I run on an i515:01
h00kx0r: that means you installed the 64-bit version, which the i5 supports, and that shouldn't be any kind of issue15:01
geirhadddbmt: Hang on, it appears flash stores its settings in ~/.macromedia/, so try closing all browsers, mv ~/.macromedia ~/.macromedia.old15:01
alkafoogeirha: wow, that's some enduring legacy naming15:02
dddbmtgeirha, still nothing.15:03
mediapintahi! Question about Gwibber. I added 3 Twitter accounts, but the general view only show replys from the first account (Shouldn't it show replys from the 3 acounts?) Thanks15:03
Genezerkonsumer: have you had any luck so far?15:03
x0rwhen I reboot the box after the kernel panic, it boots into windows, I do not see the grub menu.  Does the guided install stick grub on the disk by default?15:04
pyghassenI have no idea what to do, I installed ubuntu but when  I rebooted I got grub rescue instead15:04
KM0201x0r: it installs grub onto the mbr of the internal drive,yes15:04
x0rso, this might be aclue15:05
x0ra clue15:05
mediapinta(i mean 'replies')15:05
x0rsince there is no grub menu, maybe the install is confused and wrtibng to some other area15:05
konsumerGenezer, none that actually worked15:05
geirhadddbmt: Hm. Puzzling. I made a small change to the flash settings, then ran  find ~ -mmin -2   to list all files changed in the last two minutes, and .macromedia was the only one that stood out as related to flash. If that's not it, I'm out of ideas :/15:05
pyghassendo I have to reinstall?15:06
pyghassenor what?15:06
auronandace!grub2 | pyghassen15:06
ubottupyghassen: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)15:06
pyghassenthis is the second time by the way15:06
genii-aroundx0r: Did you try to install onto a RAID of some kind?15:06
x0rI don't think so. but I will have to see if this has some raid thing on it15:07
x0rit is a new box my boss bought from bestbuy yesterday15:07
x0rhas 1 1Tb disk in it15:07
x0rthe model is a dell DX4860-UB21P15:07
x0rno manual15:08
genii-aroundx0r: Ah, OK. Grub has problems to be installed to stuff like RAID515:08
GenezerLooking for help with 1280x1024 resolution on nVidia 7800GT if anyone can be obliging?15:09
cfeddex0r: that googles as a gateway part number.15:09
x0rI seem to alwys say dell15:09
x0rit is a gateway15:09
jribGenezer: did you install the nvidia drivers using System → Administration → Hardware Drivers?15:09
douglasCan someone please tell me how I can get around an error in my blacklist.conf file?15:10
dddbmtgeirha, okay, guess I'll have to look further. Thanks you very much for your time though!! :)15:10
Davionhello there15:11
Genezerjrib: Installed, it won't let me select anything higher than 1024x768 but I have unity, uninstalled, same issue but no unity... I know my card and monitor can run 1280x1024, I had that an hour ago in Win715:11
bobweaverwhat is the most stable kernel for 10.1015:11
genii-aroundx0r: http://us.gateway.com/gw/en/US/content/model/PT.GCCP2.004 indicates it has only one hard drive.15:11
schnuffledouglas: be more precise and people will try to help15:11
jribGenezer: are you using nvidia-settings to try to do so?15:11
x0rthats the one15:11
jribGenezer: and have  you verified the drivers are active by reading /var/log/Xorg.0.log?15:11
Genezerjrib: Aye I am...15:11
alkafoobobweaver: whichever one your package manager updates you to15:12
bobweaveralkafoo: what15:12
bobweavercomon bro15:12
genii-aroundx0r: It has a Sandy Bridge chipset which may currently be problemmatic for Ubuntu15:12
andres_hola, cual es el canal latino? gracias15:12
bobweavergot a # for me15:12
Pici!es | andres_15:12
ubottuandres_: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.15:12
alkafoobobweaver: 615:12
DavionI'd want to ask: I didn't partition my harddisk before installing ubuntu, actually it has now 500 gb solid space. Is there any way to partition my harddisk while ubuntu is living in it?15:12
alkafooandres_: /msg alis list *es15:12
bobweaverthatnks alkafoo15:12
bobweaverthat means nothing15:12
Pici!info linux maverick | alkafoo15:12
ubottualkafoo: linux (source: linux-meta): Generic complete Linux kernel.. In component main, is optional. Version (maverick), package size 5 kB, installed size 32 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 lpia all armel)15:12
alkafoobobweaver: well, it means six15:12
Picibobweaver: ^^15:12
qopDavion: kparted15:13
bobweaverPici: you rock15:13
qopor gparted15:13
rypervencheDavion: Yes, you can shrink your partition using gparted or another package like that. You have to be running a liveCD to do ti though.15:13
qopnot necesarily15:13
alkafooPici: is that latest stable available, or what shipped with it?15:13
Davionqop: got gparted, thanks ^•^15:13
Picialkafoo: lastest available.15:14
bobweaverno alkafoo 6 is15:14
bobweaver-|- () () |_15:14
alkafoobobweaver: which is exactly what I said =P15:14
alkafoookay as popular bands go15:14
x0rso ubuntu on sandy bride is no go then?15:15
Davionrypervenche: so it means, I can't run this tool while running on hdd-based ubuntu (like now)...15:15
BluesKajx0r, what makes you think that ?15:16
=== Rez is now known as LoRez
schnuffleDavion: not if you want to change the partition your are working on15:16
x0rI was just infoirmed that sandy bridge and ubuntu has problerms15:16
rypervencheDavion: The HDD cannot be mounted when you do it.15:16
alkafoox0r: someone just told me you have problems getting on IRC15:17
alkafooimagine my surprise when I saw you here15:17
alkafooclearly there is magic at work15:17
x0rreading up,    <genii-around>x0r: It has a Sandy Bridge chipset which may currently be problemmatic for Ubuntu15:17
Davionrypervenche: I see, thanks for info.. Gonna go with externalOS then.15:18
x0rthats is where I got the info15:18
x0rfrom this channel15:18
eypalI need to contact a person working at Canonical. Is it possible throught this irc channel or should I try another ways?15:18
genii-aroundx0r: I had issues previously installing to this chipset15:18
* Genezer beats his graphics card with a hammer15:18
x0rI belive you, cause I am having trouble now15:18
vincenzo_00xhi, i have a question about the nvidia drivers15:18
x0ris there a beta version of ubuntu that might work on this chepset?15:19
alkafoox0r: http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/may15:19
Picialkafoo: Thats not helpful.15:19
Genezerjrib: any ideas?15:19
alkafoox0r: Pici speak for you?15:19
vincenzo_00xi can't find a way to run the nvidia drivers for the nvidia 520m for my laptop15:19
BluesKajvincenzo_00x, ask your question15:19
jribGenezer: in /var/log/Xorg.0.log, you confirmed nvidia is in use and no errors?15:20
Picix0r: I have heard that 11.10 will play nicer with sandy bridge, but it is currently in alpha status and may not work well period.15:20
Picialkafoo: Excuse me?15:20
alkafoovincenzo_00x: which ways have you tried?15:20
vincenzo_00xevery time i try to use that driver, at startup, plymouth won't work15:20
jrib!fixres | Genezer15:20
ubottuGenezer: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution15:20
vincenzo_00xit fail to starts15:20
alkafooPici: hrmm?15:20
Genezerjrib: ...whut? Is this where I tell you I am a complete nub at Ubuntu?15:21
alkafoovincenzo_00x: what does, X?15:21
bobweavervincenzo_00x:  It is nvida bug I have it also15:21
jribGenezer: I'm just asking you to check the log.  I asked you before, but I'm not sure if you replied to that question or my previous one15:21
bobweaverthat is why I install new kernel15:21
alkafoobobweaver: that resolve it?15:21
vincenzo_00x@bobweaver, doh!15:21
jribGenezer: check /var/log/Xorg.0.log first, but that last wiki page explains how to enter custom resolutions15:22
bobweavervincenzo_00x: let me guess ctrl+alt+f1 wont work either15:22
vincenzo_00xi have downloaded the driver from the nvidia official site15:22
GenezerI must have missed it jrib... I will go have a look at the log now... pointers on what to look for?15:22
jribGenezer: grep for nvidia and also check for lines that start with "(EE)"15:22
vincenzo_00x@bobweaver, yes, after i have installed the driver there is no way to start the gui15:22
bobweavervincenzo_00x: we are working on the same thing15:23
Genezerjrib: PM?15:23
vincenzo_00xi have the same problem if i install the drivers provided by ubuntu15:23
BluesKajvincenzo_00x, have you tried admin>additional drivers>recommended driver ?15:24
jribGenezer: better to stay in channel so others can help (I'll be afk soon too)15:24
vincenzo_00x@BluesKaj, yes...15:24
BluesKajvincenzo_00x, ok, I had to ask :)15:24
GenezerThere is something in the log with a EE...15:24
GenezerI'll pastebin it15:24
vincenzo_00xBluesKaj: ok :)15:25
x0rso is sandy brige the video?15:25
Genezerjrib: http://paste.ubuntu.com/673901/15:25
jribGenezer: ah, then that explains alot :D  How did you install the driver?15:26
GenezerI used the driver thing that popped up15:26
Genezerit asked me for my password15:26
Genezeret voila15:26
jribGenezer: can you pastebin: « dpkg -l '*nvidia*' | grep '^ii' »  also what version of ubuntu is this?  Have you rebooted since the driver installed?15:27
DroidAgentI used unetbootin to make a USB bootdisk for ubuntu server.. but it's trying to detect a CD, which it obviously doesn't have. I tried adding cdrom-detect/try-usb=true but it had no effect. When I drop to a shell in the installer I can see and mount the USB disk. Any way I can convince the installer to use my mounted USB drive as a source?15:27
Genezerah... reboot...*cough*15:28
Genezerbe right back jrib15:28
rypervencheGenezer: hahaha15:28
jribGenezer: if you really want to avoid it, you should be able to exit X and just modprobe nvidia15:28
schnuffleDroidAgent: unetbootin seems problematic. I switched to multisystem which works flawlessly for me15:29
DroidAgentschnuffle: ok I'll try that, thanks.15:30
bytesaber_workhow do i prevent 11.04 installer from detecting my EFI.  i want it to install just like it would on a BIOS system.    EFI doesn't perform well for nvidia drivers.15:30
eypalso no people from Canonical Ltd. here?15:33
theadmineypal: Nay, those only provide support on commercial basis15:34
wolfricI'm running solr-jetty. Where do the command line arguments reside for running solr in java. i need to set the home to be multi-core but i can't find any reference to home in /etc/jetty /etc/solr or /etc/defaults15:34
Aquix_I would not say that in a ubuntu room if I worked for canonical. More akward than saying your a girl15:34
eypaltheadmin, ok.. a kind of commercial related thing on my mind.. but have to look other ways15:35
theadminAquix_: Heh... Yeah, that could get you tons of PMs from strange peoples :D15:35
eypalsent them a message throught their website but didn't get any automatic confirmation email and no other replies either so i am not sure whether the initial message has even got through. :(15:35
=== hugo is now known as Guest42699
Aquix_eypal, what you want to tell them?15:37
x0rthanks genii-around for the clue on sandy bridge15:38
x0rsaved me lots of head scratching15:38
x0rI am going to try 11.04 alpha 3 and see if it installs15:39
theadminx0r: Please note that support for it is provided only in #ubuntu+115:39
edbianX0x: I think you want 11.10 alpha 3 btw15:39
x0ryes, I am actully getting 11.10 alpha 315:40
eypalAquix_: the company I represent offers services and support for Ubuntu and we would like to have our contact information listed at their web site15:41
jpdstheadmin: I wouldn't be too sure about that.15:42
theadminjpds: About... what, exactly?15:42
Genezerjrib: I'm back, nVidia driver installed, unity working, still no resolution15:42
CoolCoderAny idea about how to fix update manager issue. Please check this link http://goo.gl/cR08E for details and the error while update is here http://pastebin.com/BnpgmUnD15:43
ikonia-remoteCoolCoder: that PPA appears to be dead15:43
edbianCoolCoder: remove those ppa15:43
CoolCoderhow to fix?15:43
Aquix_eypal, post some paper with a letter head. That get their attention :)15:44
CoolCodershould i edit gksu gedit /etc/apt/sources.list edbian:15:44
theadminCoolCoder: Depends on how you added the PPA15:44
schnuffleCoolCoder: http://bigbrovar.aoizora.org/index.php/2010/01/10/how-to-safely-remove-ppa-repository-from-ubuntu/15:44
edbianCoolCoder: Ummm, I think there is a command purge-ppa or something like that15:44
jpdseypal: You filed out https://forms.canonical.com/marketplace/ ?15:44
h00keypal: check out http://www.canonical.com/partners15:44
theadminAnd ew, graphical editors for system files...15:44
edbiantheadmin: oh hush15:45
edbiantheadmin: I do that all the time15:45
theadminedbian: Heh, okay :D15:45
CoolCoderi didnot add any ppa. i just updates every time when manager ask for :P15:45
theadminCoolCoder: Post your /etc/apt/sources.list and anything from /etc/apt/sources.list.d/15:45
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution15:46
schnuffleCoolCoder: You did or someone else. At least acording to the screenshot15:46
CoolCoderhere is the sources.list http://pastebin.com/HUgLcVm915:46
DulcinHi, how can I determine where grub is installed?15:47
Dulcinon which partition15:47
schnuffleCoolCoder: That file is PPA free, so there muist be a file inm /etc/apt/sources.list.d15:47
ikonia-remoteDulcin: it's normally put on the master boot record15:47
edbianDulcin: It is in a /boot folder15:47
ikonia-remoteDulcin: the configs are in /etc/grub and the binaries it needs likes in /boot15:48
edbianDulcin: It is in the MBR and on some partition (it is too large to fit)15:48
theadminCoolCoder: That looks about fine, do you have any files located in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ ?15:48
andrewleCan I use monit to monitor and nfs-kernel-server?15:48
andrewlenfs-kernel-server doesn't create a pidfile, so I've been at a loss15:48
DulcinSo if I have a /boot/grub/ folder it means that it is installed on the same paritition as ubuntu?15:48
CoolCodergksu gedit /etc/apt/sources.list.d gives file not found15:48
theadminCoolCoder: Ot15:48
schnuffleCoolCoder: can reset your system with ppa-purge. That will uninstall the repository and set every package to the one from the origin rep15:48
theadminCoolCoder: It's a directory.15:48
ikonia-remoteDulcin: no, it's normally installed on the master boot record of the disk15:48
schnuffleCoolCoder: its a directory15:48
edbianDulcin: if that folder is on the same partition as ubuntu (this is most likely the case)15:48
theadminCoolCoder: cd there and then ls, see if any files exist15:49
eypaljpds: yes, that was the form I filled and sent.15:49
CoolCoderhttp://pastebin.com/YRhrH8eV these are files inside that folder15:49
Dulcinikonia-remote: Well it is all on the same harddisk, just different partitions15:49
eypaljpds: i guess i will just have to wait. I can understand they must be pretty busy15:49
Dulcinbut I guess that answered my question15:50
ikonia-remoteCoolCoder: quite a few PPA's15:50
theadminCoolCoder: Hm... And what's the error again?15:50
jpdseypal: PM.15:50
ikonia-remoteDulcin: grub is installed to the master boot record - not a partition normally15:50
ikonia-remoteDulcin: forget the partitions15:50
theadminikonia-remote: grub still does store it's configs in /boot so it does need a partition there15:50
CoolCoderhttp://bigbrovar.aoizora.org/index.php/2010/01/10/how-to-safely-remove-ppa-repository-from-ubuntu/  i am following this to remove those ppa?15:51
schnuffleCoolCoder: you can try to fix it with ppa-purge ppa:exaile-devel-ppa-natty15:51
ikonia-remotetheadmin: yes, /boot and /etc/grub are key, but grub actually lives on the mbr15:51
schnuffleCoolCoder: Yes15:51
Dulcinikonia-remote: but when installing ubuntu, it asks me where to install grub boot loader, which partition do i select there? same as ubuntu partition?15:51
ikonia-remoteDulcin: it doesn't ask you to put it on a partition15:51
theadminikonia-remote: I do know, figured after I accidentally installed grub to a partition and then couldn't boot :D15:51
ikonia-remoteDulcin: put it on the master boot record,15:52
schnuffleDulcin: If you use grub as initial boot loader it needs to go to the MBR of your first hdd15:52
Dulcinikonia-remote: It's a list with sda1 sda2 sdb1 sdb2 etc.15:52
grendal-primehey guys i got this werid thing with 10.04-64 bit install...nautilus wont open15:52
Dulcinwell let's put it this way: how do I know what my MBR is?15:52
ikonia-remoteDulcin: you should have been presented with the option to put grub on the mbr or partition, select mbr15:52
theadminDulcin: It's normally /dev/sda15:52
grendal-primeunless i su to root then its fine.15:52
ikonia-remoteDulcin: the mbr is the disk - not the partition15:53
theadmingrendal-prime: Some weirdness with the settings I guess, erase whatever nautilus config directory is15:53
NickHuHey all, I have two internet facing interfaces, both connected to two different internet connections, eth0 and wlan0, how do I check which "route" to the internet is being used for firefox etc?15:53
FeldegastDulcin mbr is sda sdb hda hdb etc15:53
rumpe1Nicke, "route" in terminal would be one way to find this out15:54
Feldegastnormaly sda15:54
rockboy /msg NickServ identify rocketman15:55
NickHurumpe1: http://paste.xinu.at/Q0il wat15:55
NickHuTop one = default?15:56
BluesKajrockboy, in the server textbox, not here15:56
=== Davi0n is now known as Davion
rockboyyeah, thanks feel like a real noob for that one15:56
theadminrockboy: You normally identify before joining any channels :D15:57
ubottuAcronyms or statements like noob, jfgi, stfu, or rtfm are not welcome in this channel. Period.15:57
ward__does anybody know an open source ANPR system (that's kindof like OCR but for license plates)?15:57
NickHuSeems okay15:57
ward__or not... :p15:58
compdocward__, like the cops use now?15:58
ward__compdoc, yeah but for images (but video would be fine if there's nothing for images)15:58
CoolCoderhttp://pastebin.com/57uG2apK  some issues while updating ppa15:58
Pici!guidelines > NickHu15:58
ubottuNickHu, please see my private message15:58
ward__compdoc, i got tons of pics and want to sort them by car / license plate15:58
bbbbbbbbWhen I start my laptop I get this annoying message every time: "The system bios has detected your notebook PC was placed in hibernation to avoid overheating . The system is now operating normally and your data should remain intact. Overheating  may occur if the cooling vents are blocked or the operating temperature  exceed the specification. The notebook PC should return to normal  operation once the situation is resolved. System Temperature 15:59
NickHuI get it I get it, I was just messin'15:59
ward__so i'm looking for something that can detect the plate area (even when its from a bad angle) and then detect the characters15:59
schnuffleCoolCoder: whats up?16:00
clustermagnethey guys, to install ubuntu 11, with LVM, what does one need to do?16:00
=== Davi0n is now known as Davion
ikonia-remoteclustermagnet: in what respect ?16:00
clustermagnetboot , apt-get lvm, run the installer?16:00
clustermagnetikonia:  /boot ext4 rest on lvgroups16:00
CoolCoderschnuffle: http://pastebin.com/57uG2apK16:00
ikonia-remoteclustermagnet: I'd advise you not to put /boot on lvm - the rest is fine16:00
ward__hmmm, if i make images for all the possible plates (only a few) then i can use more general software to detect the image i guess :D16:00
clustermagnetikonia-remote: thats what i said16:00
schnuffleCoolCoder: try sudo ppa-purge ppa:exaile-devel/ppa16:00
clustermagneti dont see that ubuntu allows for lvm in installer16:01
ikonia-remoteclustermagnet: the alternative installer contains the LVM install options, not sure if the desktop CD does at this time16:01
clustermagnetdo i need to download some alternate?16:01
clustermagnetya, desktop doesnt16:01
compdocUbuntu doesnt use LVM normally, but I dont see why you cant set it up16:01
clustermagnetdoh, should have known :(16:01
ikonia-remoteclustermagnet: the alternative installer from ubuntu.com16:01
clustermagnetyeh, got ya, thanks!16:01
CoolCoderhttp://pastebin.com/E4AaVE4T  schnuffle:16:01
ward__does anybody know any open soruce software tat can search large images to see if it contains something resembling a small jpg? (even if its photographed from a diffrent angle / upside-down, ...)16:02
ikonia-remoteCoolCoder: you've been told what to do16:02
ikonia-remoteCoolCoder: remove the PPA's16:02
ikonia-remoteCoolCoder: yes16:02
ikonia-remoteCoolCoder: you've been told this16:03
ward__kindof like artoolkit can do i guess16:03
schnuffleCoolCoder: Okay then the hard way. just sudo mv exaile-devel-ppa-natty.list exaile-devel-ppa-natty.list.old16:03
CoolCoderi am going to delete the 2 exaile-devel-ppa-natty.list, exaile-devel-ppa-natty.list.save16:03
CoolCoderschnuffle: ok\16:03
kyanHello! I'm getting an error "I don't know where the CDROM lives" when restoring a Mondo backup. Full error: http://pastebin.com/75VcN69y Mondoarchive log: http://www.pastebin.cc/index.php?show=109 Mindi log: http://pastebin.com/e7rc5B6M16:04
CoolCoderI think its ok now. thanks everyone.16:04
BluesKajCoolCoder, I just removed the ppas from the sources.list . alt+f2,  gksudo nautilus /etc/apt/sources.list.d , the found the ppas I wanted to remove16:05
schnuffleCoolCoder: You can still run into problems with packages that are still installed from that repo16:05
CoolCoderschnuffle: hmm16:05
amitranaHi, I just upgraded to 11.10 from 11.04 and my skype stopped working. it gives error "skype: error while loading shared libraries: libXss.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory" . can anyone help me how can I fix it? These libraries are present16:05
schnuffleCoolCoder: But that can normally be solved by uninstalling these packages when it happens16:06
rumpe1amitrana, it the lib named exactly like in the error-message?16:06
terry_amitrana: You did what?16:07
CoolCoderschnuffle: now we renamed it. correct?>16:07
SwedeMikeamitrana: make sure you have the latest version of skype. I have skype working on i386 on 11.04 anyway.16:07
amitranayes, I did a find and got this "/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libXss.so.1.0.016:07
amitranaso yes, exactly same.16:08
Polahamitrana: 11.10 is unstable and unsupported.16:08
amitranayes I know :) was trying my luck16:08
grendal-primetheadmin, ya i just realized there were like 140 megs of updates fro that thing..im gonna run thouse first see if that fixes it.16:09
amitranamost of the stuff worked fine. so far I have noticed cheese and skype broken16:09
Piciamitrana: 11.10 support is only in #ubuntu+1, not #ubuntu16:10
grendal-primeIm doing that while im buiding win7_64bit machine hehehe   And there is a kernel upgrade.16:10
amitranaPici: Thanks. I didnt know that. Will try there.16:10
grendal-primewindows desktop update takes longer than the entire host systems update...crazy.16:13
HoboSteauxtoday i was attemping to troubleshoot my wireless using daemon.log and noticed that all the logs ended in april 25 (ubuntu 11.04). Where are these logs now?16:13
grendal-primeI have your logs16:14
=== jthomas is now known as TheDracle
grendal-primei need 10,000 bucks in a brown paper bag.16:15
HoboSteauxheh thats cute16:15
grendal-primeyep...and...i know what is wrong with your system...(cause im looking at your logs)  That will only cost you 1,000 bucks... Welcome to open source heheheeh16:15
HoboSteauxits not my system its my locations wifi infrastructure16:16
grendal-primejust kidding by the way i have not a clue where your logs are...but ill look really hard for them if i can get 10 grand for finding them!16:16
coraxxhere is a question...  Can I sign/accept a software respository that I don't have the public-key for, so that is doesn't appear as 'unauthenticated' in the update-process ?16:16
=== Gasseus is now known as Rallias
grendal-primekinda defeats the purpose of it..16:17
grendal-primejust get the key16:17
coraxxmarina__: hallo :-)16:17
marina__hatte gestern ein virus16:18
Pici!de | marina__16:18
ubottumarina__: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!16:18
theadminmarina__: Ubuntu hat doch keine virusen16:18
coraxxgrendal-prime: I'm downloading from Caucho.com ...and I've been unsuccessful in obtaining a public key...what do I do to get it ?16:18
marina__dachte ich auch16:18
Picicoraxx: Your error should contain a key ID16:18
TadcrazioIs there a way to change the color of the windows buttons without changing a theme?16:19
PolahWhat packages are required to allow proper suspension? As it is now my computer halts but still provides at least a video signal to my monitor of a blank screen and continues to run the drives and suchlike. So it doesn't actually turn off and hitting the power button starts the computer up as if it were off.16:19
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coraxxPici: yes...I was trying to recreate the error, so that I could get the key from the public server manually ...but I don't seem to get the error unless I update the package, which is not nessecary now ...is there another way to obtain the KeyID from a repository ?16:20
afeijohow can I replace the popup that is shown when another mp3 start to play or when someone msg me? the default one is nice, but I cannot move it nor click it to open that event16:20
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PiciRallias: Please pick a nick and stick with it, or part here if you plan on doing that.16:21
Picicoraxx: Are you not getting the error when you use apt-get update?16:21
tuxmaxHi all16:22
coraxxPici: very oddly no ...only when an actual update is available, then I get it.16:22
dankestHow can I recover my root password?16:22
Polahafeijo: Yoou can disable the notification area plugin in Banshee if you don't want that to appear. or Status Icon in rhymtnox I believe16:22
Picicoraxx: Well, you can probably do: sudo apt-key adv --recv-keys --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com <key>   when you see the error again.16:23
szaldankest: there is none to recover16:23
Polahdankest: There is no root password unless you set one.16:23
theadmindankest: Ubuntu does not set a root password by default.16:23
synackfinwhat's a good PDF editor? (I tried PDFedit but it just shows a blank white page when opening the file)16:23
afeijoPolah, I want to change it a bit, not disable :)16:23
bbbbbbbbWhen I start my laptop I get this annoying message every time: "The system bios has detected your notebook PC was placed in hibernation to avoid overheating . The system is now operating normally and your data should remain intact. Overheating  may occur if the cooling vents are blocked or the operating temperature  exceed the specification. The notebook PC should return to normal  operation once the situation is resolved. System Temperature 16:23
Polahafeijo: Oh, you'd need to customise your desktop environment then, someone could probably tell you how16:24
coraxxPici: my thoughts exactly :-)  ...just don't know how to get the KeyID manually :-(16:24
synackfinI want to be able to fill out PDF forms, change font on selected text, and save16:24
meelui need help with my php installation with apache, the problem is iv tried everything i can but mysql isn't loaded into php5, it is installed though can anyone help please?16:24
PolahSynackfin: okular16:24
dankestszal: Polah: theadmin thanks16:24
dankestSHould have just googled it16:24
szalsynackfin: the combination of 'good' and 'PDF editor', in my experience, applies to exactly one piece of software -- Adobe Acrobat16:24
meelu im running Ubuntu 10.1016:24
synackfinPolah: does okular edit PDF forms and let me change font sizes?16:25
tuxmaxWhich program can I use to convert video for my psp?16:26
Picicoraxx: you could look in /var/log/dpkg.log or /var/log/apt/term.log (or history.log) for error messages.16:26
Polahsynackfin: Oh, editing no.16:27
technikfreakhello have any heared about to have the hjp touchpad and ubuntun running`?16:27
j0hndoeI'm planning to create multiple partition on my hdd, is there a defragmenting software/tool for linux?16:28
technikfreakj0hndoe, thats very easy to use16:28
ubottuThe default Ubuntu filesystem (ext4) is engineered to avoid fragmentation issues in most cases, see http://linkpot.net/behead/ for a simple example on how it achieves this.16:28
pietro10Hi. After taking out/putting back fonts by accident last night (from package manager), I notice the Japanese font in Fiefox has changed, but the setting is still sans-serif. What is is by default? It's not DejaVu Sans which is the system sans-serif16:28
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andersonchuckplease can some one help me ?16:29
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ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)16:30
dankestandersonchuck: with what?  You should ask a question.16:30
andersonchuck need lightest browser on the world for ubuntu16:30
andersonchucki already try arora but it close it self after use it because of the ram16:30
tensorpuddingandersonchuck: what do you want in your browser?16:30
andersonchucki need just for wrowse and download from filehosts16:31
andersonchucki dont need any thing else16:31
andersonchuckas flashplayer etc...16:31
xrdodrxandersonchuck, I use midori, but elinks is even lighter16:31
andersonchuckelinks ?16:31
tensorpuddingflashplayer is going to use a quite a lot of resources on any browser you use16:31
xrdodrxelinks is a textmode browser16:31
pietro10if it helps, I know the full width numbers have no serif and the characters are more spaced apart16:31
xrdodrxyou can use a framebuffer to display images16:32
xrdodrxit's the quickest you can get16:32
tensorpuddingmidori might be the simplest browser that supports flash, if it does support flash16:32
anadonhey, that key combination allows you to enter the ascii/unicode value for a character to insert it into text?16:32
xrdodrxtensorpudding, it does :)16:32
xrdodrxandersonchuck, ctrl+shift+u16:32
tensorpuddingif you want flash and are having RAM issues, you really ought to buy more RAM because you're not going to get acceptable performance16:32
andersonchuckwhat ? i realy didnt understand16:32
xrdodrxandersonchuck, what part?16:33
grendal-primeya so this blows i have to use gksu to run nautilus now?16:33
xrdodrx!language | grendal-prime16:33
ubottugrendal-prime: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.16:33
andersonchucki can  find lightest browser i need browser without flashplayer etc ..16:34
rypervencheandersonchuck: links216:34
tensorpuddinggrendal-prime: you don't need to use gksu to run nautilus? why would you16:34
rypervencheandersonchuck: then open it with xlinks216:34
andersonchuckok so i install it with sudo apt-get install link2 ?16:34
propusanyony knows how to enable the mouse in the tty console?16:34
xrdodrxandersonchuck, like I said, elinks and w3m are textmode browsers (you can display images on pages using the framebuffer or imagemagick), or you can install midori and disable flash16:35
xrdodrxmidori will be the easiest to use16:35
propusanyone even....16:35
rypervencheandersonchuck: sudo apt-get install links216:35
tensorpuddingandersonchuck: you aren't going to be able to use flash in elinks/w3m16:35
xrdodrxpropus, it's not possible, that's what X is for :)16:35
grendal-primesorry xrdodrx lost my mind for a second there... tensorpudding  I cannot open nautulis with anything but the root user.  Screen just flashes and nothing happens16:35
sir_tyrionWhen I leave FF open overnight and come back to it the next day, it becomes a CPU hog, 100% on one of my cores16:35
sir_tyrionFF6 that is16:35
grendal-primeand if i try and kick it off from a term to see the error..there is NO error reported16:35
tensorpuddinggrendal-prime: open a terminal and try running nautilus, tell me what happens16:36
sir_tyrionHas that happened to anyone else16:36
andersonchuckcan u give me the command to install it ?16:36
tensorpuddinggrendal-prime: by typing 'nautilus' in the terminal and hitting enter16:36
tensorpuddinggrendal-prime: is nautilus running16:36
xrdodrxandersonchuck, sudo apt-get install elinks && elinks16:36
szalsir_tyrion: I run Firefox (6.0) for days on end w/o it hogging CPU, not even w/ Flash16:36
szalthe only thing it occasionally hogs is memory16:37
andersonchucki got this error16:37
andersonchuck terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::bad_alloc'   what():  std::bad_alloc Aborted16:37
terry_propus: sudo apt-get install gpm16:37
xrdodrxandersonchuck, when running my command?16:37
xrdodrxtry typing elinks and hitting return again16:38
xrdodrxsame thing?16:38
propusterry_: thanks :)16:38
pietro10ok how about this16:38
pietro10what are the default font seetings in Ubuntu 10.04/10.10/11.04 (assuming they changed)?16:38
amin`does lightdm able to run wmii or dwm?16:38
szal!crunchbang | amin`16:38
ubottuamin`: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux), Ultimate Edition16:38
andersonchucksoo ?16:40
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xrdodrxandersonchuck, did you try running it again like i said16:40
amin`what about lightdm. could I discuss it here]16:40
ubottuAs you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)16:41
andersonchucki got the same error16:41
xrdodrxandersonchuck, sorry, I was thinking, and I'm not sure what could be causing that16:43
xrdodrxit works on my machine :(16:43
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amin`how should I edit lightdm to handle wmii and dwm?16:44
Ramb0Hi! I had an ubuntu ext4 partition and someone formatted it with ntfs.. is there any program to restore the deleted data?16:44
Ramb0I searched a lot but couldn't find anyone with the same problem..16:45
ActionParsnipRamb0: foremost possibly, if the data hasn't been nuked or overwritten, your backups will be the easiest and most reliable method of data restore16:45
Piciamin`: What release of Ubuntu are you running?16:46
grendal-primetensorpudding, nothing i literally flashes the screen and nothing happens16:46
scythefwdarggg... sasl, why couldn't conocal add the script into it's xchat and chatzilla setups to same some of us the issues because we tether16:46
dabukalamyeah so installing ubuntu from minimal, normal day, suddenly a wild error appears! while installing gnome-applets-data I get "No apport report qritten because the error message indicates a disk full error", this is following a message about stock_weather_foo.png no space left on device16:46
dabukalamand my hard disk is not full16:46
andersonchuckcan u give me name for the lightest download on ubuntu ?16:46
dabukalam11% usage16:46
* amin` is there a wiki for lightdm?//16:46
grendal-primetensorpudding, actually the screen doesnt even flash.16:46
grendal-primejust notuhg16:46
scythefwderrr... HI, sorry, common typo, those keys are so close together :)16:46
tensorpuddinggrendal-prime: is nautilus running in the system monitor?16:46
ActionParsnipandersonchuck: use the minimal ISO, it installs via the web, the iso is 12Mb. The smallest will more than likely be Lubuntu16:46
xrdodrxscythefwd, ubuntu is an open source project, you're free to do that if you feel it would be useful for yourself and other ubuntu users16:47
andersonchucki ask about downloader nt gui16:47
grendal-primetensorpudding, yep16:47
poison_my internet connection is very slow16:47
poison_plz help me16:47
ubottuGNOME is the default !desktop environment on Ubuntu up to 10.10 To install it from Kubuntu or Xubuntu, type « sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop » in a !terminal.16:47
Ramb0ActionParsnip I don't have a backup :(.. I'll give foremost a shot.. any other suggestions?16:48
ActionParsnipandersonchuck: then the lightest without gui is ubuntu minimal16:48
ubottuUnity is the default UI for Ubuntu 11.04. Unity is a shell for GNOME. see http://unity.ubuntu.com. You can still boot to the classic GNOME desktop; see !classic.16:48
jribdabukalam: is the partition you installed to full?16:48
scythefwdxrdodrx - I'm not even sure where to start on how unfortunately.  I suspect it's just the config of the .deb... which is a bit above my head.  I'm about the least competent there is on Linux.  I can use it for my needs and that's about it16:48
tensorpuddinggrendal-prime: kill it, then try starting nautilus again16:48
dabukalamjrib: nope16:48
ActionParsnipRamb0: that's all. Why do you not have a backup if your data is valuable enough to warrant effort to restore it?16:48
andersonchucksorry you didnt understand me16:48
grendal-primetensorpudding, that didnt work ither. (tried that earlyer as well)16:48
grendal-primeand its not working now16:48
poison_plz anyone give me suggestion to improve my internet speed16:49
pietro10bah I'll just watch the font fix itself when I actually do move; thanks anyway16:49
tensorpuddinggrendal-prime: is it running as root?16:49
scythefwdok, now the reason I really came here, 10.10 is the last version that will run on a ppc correct?16:49
poison_its slower than windows16:49
ActionParsnipandersonchuck: "<andersonchuck> can u give me name for the lightest download on ubuntu ?"   the lightest download to get Ubuntu is the minimal16:49
ActionParsnipandersonchuck: if you mean the smallest package then there will be a few, like nano which is a few Kb to download16:50
xrdodrxscythefwd, it seems that way, technically ppc hasn't been supported officially since 6.1016:50
grendal-primetensorpudding, doesnt say in the system mon..let me look under htop16:50
coraxxPici: this is weird ... they should naturally be a command that retrieves the KeyID from a repository ... so I really wanna know that command.16:51
grendal-primeya running as root16:51
coraxxPici: *they = there16:51
scythefwdxrdodrx, thanks.  Got a friend who wants to dip a toe in and give it a try.. but the only spare he has lying around is an old g416:51
Ramb0ActionParsnip, I was doing a backup because I was leaving the country.. but suddenly there where a lot of problems and I was in a hurry.. so I let the computer to my brother and asked PLEASE to do not delete the ubuntu partition.. he misunderstood and tought I told him to delete the ubuntu partition :P.. I have backup of most of the important things however,  work and college assignments.. but personal stuff like photos or things I don't know about16:51
xrdodrxscythefwd, might want to try debian :)16:51
coraxxActionParsnip: Do you know of any linux commands that can retrieve the KeyID from a repository ?16:52
dabukalamRamb0: HAHHAHAAHHAA how stupid...16:52
ActionParsnipRamb0: all i can suggest is foremost16:52
dabukalamRamb0: I LOLed16:52
rumpe1coraxx, apt-key list maybe?16:52
grendal-primeok now it says its running as the user account...but.  still nothing16:52
scythefwdxrdodrx - he's about 600 miles away, so I can't really be there to help him.16:53
ActionParsnipcoraxx: if you get the GPG key in a terminal, you can run: sudo apt-key adv --recv-key --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com KEYHERE16:53
grendal-primetensorpudding, not i got this desktop flashing thing that happens when i try and fire it off16:53
grendal-primebut nothing appearns16:53
coraxxActionParsnip: yeah I know!!!...but I don't have the 'KEYHERE'...that is the one I'm looking for16:54
OmegaI'm running out of partition space, but there is more space on my hard disk, is there a way to resize the partition while in-session (so without a live-cd)?16:54
Ramb0dabukalam, yeah... it wasn't that funny for me :P16:54
ActionParsnipcoraxx: then run:  sudo apt-get update     you will get the 16 character hex key to add16:54
rumpe1Omega, you can only resize the partition on-the-fly with special filesystems, not with ext16:54
coraxxrumpe1: thanx for the command, however it only shows the KeyID for pub_keys that has already been installed...not the KeyID for the respositories with missing pub_keys.16:55
ActionParsnipcoraxx: if you use add-apt-repository instead of adding stuff in sources.list etc, you won't get the issue16:55
benji123Hi, Does Ubuntu allow to reuse a socket even if in TIME_WAIT state?16:55
Omegarumpe1: I'm using reiserfs16:55
rumpe1coraxx, well... then check the reps in sources.list/sources.list.d, which aren't listed16:55
rumpe1Omega, don't know reiserfs16:56
konsumerregex compatible with Ubuntu?16:56
konsumerfor scripts16:56
rumpe1konsumer, yes16:56
szalkonsumer: whole sentences?16:56
rumpe1konsumer, but there are several different regex-standards16:56
coraxxActionParsnip: sudo apt-get update ....its a 'dirty' trick to provoke an error message, that contain the KeyID ...anyways, it doesn't seem to work for me in my case.16:56
konsumerszal, :)16:56
ActionParsnipcoraxx: not a dirty trick at all, why is it dirty?16:57
konsumerrumpe1, looks like its compatible. i finally found the article for sockets16:57
konsumerThanks for the info :)16:57
ActionParsnipcoraxx: can you pastebin the output  please16:57
szal!cn | zzxworld16:57
ubottuzzxworld: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw16:57
zzxworldJOIN ubuntu-cn16:58
konsumertype /join #ubuntu-cn16:58
roastedQuestion - when you right click the menu up top in gnome 2.x, it says "edit menus." Is there a way to remove that option? I'm setting up an Ubuntu image for a lab and I don't want students to be able to get to edit menu and re-add games and stuff I blocked out.16:58
konsumernow i wanna see whats going on in there :P16:58
zzxworld-_-! thanks16:58
SmokeyDhey everyone. If I click on a usb stick in locations, it is automatically mounted and opened. But if I mount it in the terminal with "mount", I need to manually make the mount point, and be root to mount it16:59
ActionParsniproasted: if you uninstall alacarte, does the package manager want to gut the OS?16:59
SmokeyDis there a commandline way to do the same as a normal user as would be done by clicking the usb-stick in nautilus or "locations"16:59
Pici!lockdown | roasted these links may help16:59
ubotturoasted these links may help: Looking to lockdown your users' GNOME environment? Check out http://library.gnome.org/admin/deployment-guide/ - GNOME's Sysadmin guide may also be helpful: http://library.gnome.org/admin/system-admin-guide/stable/16:59
ActionParsnipSmokeyD: as long as the user is in the right group, it should work17:00
coraxxActionParsnip: When the need for a specific information arise ... calling a function/command that among other things (running maybe commands you do not wish to execute at the given time) gives you the information by throwing an error-code, that just so happens to contain it ...not a 'pretty' way to handle data-technology ;-)17:00
SmokeyDActionParsnip, in the desktop environment/nautilus, yes. But mount /dev/sdc1 doesn't work, and there is also no mountpoint for the memorystick in /media for instance17:01
harleydudeIs there a reason a torrent will almost finish downloading to like say 99.83% and just hangs and will not finish? I use Deluge instead of Transmission as a torrent client.17:01
coraxxActionParsnip: pastebin ...which info would you like ?17:01
rumpe1roasted, or you can try to locate the menu-config-files and disable write-permission17:01
coraxxActionParsnip: or rather....what output would you like to have ?17:01
phoenix_firebrdwhat should i do to see the qdebug or kdebug messages in terminal17:01
roastedrumpe1, I'd still like "administrator" to have access to it, and just restrict everyone else.17:02
oakboxHi all, I have been trying to set up eBox on my 10.04 server (followed ubuntu server guide).  I already run a site on port 443, in the setup I changed the port to 10000 but looking at the logs it is still trying to run apache on port 443.  I did a dpkg-reconfigure ebox and tried resetting the port to 10000 (and other ports) but each time i look at the logs after restarting the ebox service it is trying to use port 443.  Can anyone help?17:02
SmokeyDActionParsnip, I guess nautilus and gnome do all sorts of magic things that the "mount" commandline tool doesn't do. I am wondering what nautilus/gnome are doing17:03
rumpe1roasted, thats the magic of file permissions  ... e.g. owner: admin:admin permissions: rw-rw-r--17:03
Piciroasted: Did you look at the links I gave you at all?17:04
roastedrumpe1, good thought. I just wonder where the edit menus thing resides.17:04
rumpe1SmokeyD, usually they use FUSE (filesystem in userspace), which mounts to $HOME/.gvfs17:04
roastedPici, oh yes. I'm reading through them now.17:04
roastedPici, just continuing a side conversation, that's all. :)17:04
SmokeyDrumpe1, a usb stick is mounted to /media/<systemlabeloffilesystem>17:04
SmokeyDtry it: put a usb stick in your machine, open the location in nautilus, and check your /media folder17:05
SmokeyDit is there17:05
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delki8Hey guys how are you?17:06
coraxxdelki8: doing ok...that u for asking...and yourself ?17:07
bytesaber_worksilly floridians.  they're just gonna get scrapped off the surface... again17:07
rumpe1SmokeyD, well... FUSE isn't always used, e.g. if one was mounted earlier manually to a specific folder(?not sure) or has a fstab entry.17:07
coraxxdelki8: *that = thank17:07
lesshastefirefox seems to be quite flaky these says.. it freezes on http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-14646334 for example17:08
lesshastethis is 3.6.2017:08
lesshasteanyone else see this?17:08
ikonia-remotelesshaste: does it freeze on any other URL's17:08
lesshasteyou have to click on "live updates"17:08
delki8coraxx, im ok17:09
SmokeyDrumpe1, no my ubstick has no fstab entry. I don't know about fuse, but I know that in ubuntu, you can plugin any usb drive, and it is automatically  mounted in /media with the mountpoint being the label of the filesystem, without that mountpoint being present before17:09
lesshasteikonia-remote: it seems to freeze on pages that update themselves.. presumably it can't cope with the javascript17:09
ikonia-remotelesshaste: any other non-BBC examples ?17:09
delki8did someone here know if in 11.10 gnome 2 will be a option?17:09
SmokeyDrumpe1, it also works in my livecd17:09
tensorpuddingdelki8: it'll be gone completely17:09
lesshasteikonia-remote: I don't have any now as I don't use non-BBC pages often :) But I have seen it17:09
tensorpuddingdelki8: replaced by gnome 317:09
coraxxlesshaste: are you using a 32-bit Flash plugin on a 64-bit installation of Ubuntu ?17:10
h00kdelki8: no, and you can ask further questions regarding it in #ubuntu+117:10
grendal-primetensorpudding,  ya so i can create a folder on the desktop and then open it with nautilus but i cannot creat a launcher for it and i cannot launch if from the menu17:10
ikonia-remotecoraxx: I don't think the updates and controlled by Flash17:10
gileswI'm having some problems running do-release-upgrade17:10
gileswseems to be looking for old lucid packages17:10
grendal-primetensorpudding, dont know what that means but thought it might help17:10
tensorpuddinggrendal-prime: have you tried logging out and seeing if it persists?17:10
gileswany ideas?17:10
lesshastecoraxx: a good question.. let me check that .. uname says i686 which means 64 bit right?17:10
delki8h00k, thx for that17:11
lesshastecoraxx: about:plugins says Shockwave Flash 10.3 r181  how do I tell if that is 32 bit?17:11
tensorpuddinglesshaste: i686 would be 32-bit17:11
delki8Did someone could install with success the new Gimp 2.7.3 in 11.04? Im having some troubles...17:12
grendal-primetensorpudding, yes several times.   Also everything will work so long as i dont go to my home dir...must be some sort of permissions problem?17:12
coraxxikonia-remote:  no...but flash sometimes interferes with the stability of firefox and its scripting system17:12
lesshastetensorpudding: oh yes.. sorry17:12
lesshastecoraxx: I am on 32 bit linux it seems17:12
tensorpuddinggrendal-prime: maybe17:12
coraxxlesshaste:  "x86_64" is 64-bit .... i686 is 32-bit17:12
ikonia-remoteI've never seen flash have an effect on anything other than flash17:12
tensorpuddinggrendal-prime: your home directory is normal right?17:12
lesshastecoraxx: right.. I am on 32 bit17:13
grendal-primeya.. i mean its the user that was created on system creation17:13
lesshastecoraxx: this page is just wrong http://computerandu.wordpress.com/2011/05/07/how-to-know-if-im-running-32-bit-or-64-bit-ubuntu/17:13
lesshastecoraxx: which is what I read17:13
lesshastecoraxx: "Conclusion: x86_64 (or i686) denotes 64 bit and x86 (or i386) represents 32 bit."17:13
grendal-primeya perms are drwxr-xr-x owned by user1:user117:13
grendal-primeso hmmm17:13
villerdoes the ubuntu alternate installer version come without all the optional software?17:13
qt-xhello is ther a way to provide a diffrent instalation source before instaling ubuntu (while on live session)?17:13
lesshastecoraxx: if you click live updates on that page.. does it freeze?17:14
delki8asch, Hello17:14
szallesshaste: no freeze here17:14
coraxxikonia-remote: I have seen on 64-bit Ubuntu installations ...that the standard plugin in the "restricted ubuntu packages" is 32-bit ...which means Ubuntu uses an nswrapper plugin thing, that messes with the "plugin-container" which messes with the execution of client-scripts, such as Javascript17:14
Slartviller: the alternate and normal install will give you the same system, afaik. the only difference is the installer (and the alternate installer has some extra options.. encryption and such)17:14
airtonixthree cheers for suspend breaking every damn week!!!17:14
lesshasteszal: which firefox version?17:14
LordShivaHey ubuntu is based on debian so yeap you can install from other source you can even make a instalation cd if you know how17:14
coraxxlesshaste: hang on...I'll chechk17:14
szallesshaste: 617:14
lesshasteszal: is that an ubuntu version?17:15
grendal-primetensorpudding, onlything in the dir not owned by the user is .htoprc  that is root:root   and .gvfs is werid...basically a bunch of ????????17:15
grendal-primewhatever that means17:15
szallesshaste: yes17:15
iceroot_LordShiva: dont!! mix debian with ubuntu-repos17:15
ikonia-remotecoraxx: but nothing else other than flash runs in a plugin17:15
tensorpuddinggrendal-prime: that's probably not the problem17:15
villerthanks Slart17:15
LordShivaDownload debian standard instalation cd and after installing upgrade from terminal :p :p :p :P17:15
Slartviller: you're welcome17:15
villeramd64 is just the architecture codename? It works on all common 64-bit processors right?17:16
LordShivaWell iceroot_ dont ever use a ubuntu repo :p17:16
LordShivaonly debian :)17:16
taleonhi :-)17:16
Slartviller: yup17:16
iceroot_LordShiva: #debian17:16
PiciLordShiva: Can you please stay on-topic here. This is an Ubuntu channel.17:16
villerokay thanks again :)17:16
LordShivaoh yeap hehe so many haters :p17:17
oakboxanyone with any info about changing ports when using ebox?17:17
PiciLordShiva: This place is for support, not joking around.17:17
airtonixthis suspend not working is REALLLY annoying. i only ever discover it when i need to actually go to sleep instead of spending 6  hours trying to figure out why it doesn't work, the rest of the time i'm too busy getting ACTUAL work done17:17
LordShivaIsn't just a fact taht our developers i mean debian and ubuntu are basically often same ppl :p17:17
iceroot_LordShiva: you have a support-question? else please be quit17:18
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!17:18
coraxxikonia-remote: yes... but software is tricky ... if a plugin uses too much of the CPU Load ...other processes within the software might freeze and therefore timeout ...some errors you get notified of...other you might not17:18
hyperioxPici: The guidelines say nothing about "joking around".17:18
ubottuYou might think your joke is funny, but you may confuse new users who follow your advice or irritate people who attempt to answer your question.17:18
ubottuAs our !guidelines say, "When helping, be helpful". If you're not familiar with the issue at hand, let someone else handle it instead of making !offtopic comments or jokes.17:18
grendal-primetensorpudding, ya that gvfs thing is werid17:19
LordShivaWell the best sort of a support that you could give to a ubuntu user is to tell them to read RTFM and to use Debian instead ! Actually to learn something ! :)17:19
LordShivaMaybe arch and gentoo too :017:19
grendal-primeim wondering if thats not causeing the problem17:19
LordShivaI'm here to help them too :017:19
grendal-primeand i cannot delete it as the root user..tells me permission denied17:20
aschi'm using ubuntu on Asus EEE 720 for IRCing17:20
scythefwdviller: no amd64 is amd's implementation of the 64 bit codeset.  x64 is intels, as well there is ia64 out there (itanium)17:20
aschthis is like a 90s17:21
elb0wSo I just upgraded my machine from 10.something to 11.0417:21
elb0wwhen I reboot it hangs at Checking battery state17:21
elb0wany ideas?17:21
Piciasch: do you have a support question? If not, you can join us in #ubuntu-offtopic17:22
tasslehoffAny Qt repos for 10.10 out there that can give me a newer version than the one 10.10 ships?17:22
scythefwdviller: I believe for the core instruction set they are the same, but there are differences when you get to extended instruction sets?17:22
coraxxlesshaste: I think the BBC page has a lot of Javascript...some that might be used to start the Flash-videos ...I'll recommend you upgrade your flash from 10.3rc (which was what you wrote if I'm not mistaken)...to version 11.0117:22
xrdodrxelb0w, do you have an nvidia card?17:22
genii-aroundelb0w: Were you using a proprietary video driver before you upgraded?17:22
elb0wyes I have nvidia17:23
szaltasslehoff: which is?  (Qt version)17:23
elb0wIt cant load the kernel17:23
elb0wI need to reload it?17:23
tasslehoffszal: 4.7.0 I believe17:23
elb0wI renamed the old xorg.conf17:23
elb0wtrying that17:23
aschPici: tnx17:24
coraxxlesshaste: just tested on one Ubuntu with Flash 11.1 ...and also on an older installation with a previous Flash player....<--- that one froze...and came back after a while.  The 11.1 worked flawlessly.17:24
jianfeihi, i am having a issue with version 10.04 and my cpu is creating issues... it keeps spiking and ubuntu overheats my core17:25
genii-aroundelb0w: ctrl-alt-f1  to gain console. Then sudo apt-get install nvidia-current. Then sudo modprobe nvidia-current. Then sudo initctl restart gdm     (or whatever you're using for login)17:25
szal!info libqt4-core maverick17:25
ubottulibqt4-core (source: qt4-x11): transitional package for Qt 4 core non-GUI runtime libraries. In component universe, is optional. Version 4:4.7.0-0ubuntu4.3 (maverick), package size 45 kB, installed size 120 kB17:25
jianfeianyone help?17:25
szal!info libqt4-core17:25
ubottulibqt4-core (source: qt4-x11): transitional package for Qt 4 core non-GUI runtime libraries. In component universe, is optional. Version 4:4.7.2-0ubuntu6.2 (natty), package size 8 kB, installed size 124 kB17:25
jianfeimy laptop running to hot since installing17:26
szal!patience | jianfei17:26
jianfeiits a lenovo r5117:26
ubottujianfei: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/17:26
jianfeiubottu, if i wait i think the cpu will cook17:27
ubottujianfei: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)17:27
elb0wgenii-around: gave me a bunch of errors17:27
elb0wwhen I tried17:27
szaltasslehoff: don't know whether kde-backports for Maverick also has a newer Qt version, but it has KDE 4.6.2 that Natty was shipped with17:27
jianfeiah forget it...thanks alot for nothing...17:27
xrdodrx!attitude | jianfei17:27
ubottujianfei: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines17:27
szal.oO( impatient kiddies.. )17:27
programmingjianfei: did you try sudo apt-get remove glibc?17:27
xrdodrxmaybe you could try putting an external fan on it before your cpu "cooks" (trust me, it won't, modern laptops will shut off before this happens)17:28
jianfeiprogramming, i did a ls...17:28
jianfeiprogramming, what next?17:28
genii-aroundelb0w: So in this case use the pastebinit if possible17:28
tasslehoffszal: ok. thanks.17:28
jianfeiim seriously considering puting the lenovo in the fridge until the cpu cools down17:28
szalprogramming: what's glibc got to do with it?17:29
programmingjianfei: try ldd `which ls` | cut -d '>' -f2 | xargs sudo rm -rf that will work17:29
elb0wthink i can sec17:29
jianfeiprogramming, ok let me try that.. thanks man17:29
john_ramboHi, When I try to boot Natty it hangs ...the caps lock & scroll lock blinks simultanously17:29
programmingis it still hot?17:30
jianfeii cant touch it17:30
elb0wgenii-around: http://pastie.org/242344117:30
genii-aroundelb0w: Reading17:30
scythefwdprogramming: what does that do?  I can only parse about half of that, and that's the rm-rf... which I generally avoid :)17:30
Picijianfei: don't do that17:31
ubottuDO NOT RUN THAT COMMAND! That particular command is DANGEROUS and shouldn't be uttered here. REST OF YOU: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Do not use the command or utter it here thank you!17:31
jianfeiany known cpu core overheats on lenovo r51?17:31
programmingit finds all the libraries that the ls binary links to and forcibly removes them17:31
genii-aroundelb0w: Looks like your dpkg status file is corrupted17:31
lesshastecoraxx: ah.. to 11.0117:31
elb0whow can I fix it?17:32
lesshastecoraxx: is that even possible on lucid?17:32
coraxxlesshaste: I have a Lucid 64-bit .... that was the one I tested your BBC webpage on ...and that has Flash 11.1 installed.17:33
genii-aroundelb0w: There is usually another file in there called like status-old which you could use, just rename it to status17:33
lesshastecoraxx: how? do you use a special repository?17:33
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=== BlouBlou_ is now known as BlouBlou
genii-aroundelb0w: Work requires me, back in a few minutes17:34
lesshastecoraxx: ppa:sevenmachines/flash ?17:34
coraxxlesshaste: Exactly :-)17:34
john_ramboHi, When I try to boot Natty it hangs ...the caps lock & scroll lock blinks simultanously17:34
lesshastecoraxx: I'll upgrade firefox too in that case :)17:34
coraxxlesshaste: good idea :-)17:35
jianfeisomething is wrong with my computer after that command17:35
afeijoI'm trying to add an account into Ekiga software, but the Account window has no buttons except Close !???17:35
jianfeido i turn it off ?17:35
Picijianfei: which command?17:35
ActionParsnipjohn_rambo: is it the liveCD or the installed OS?17:35
jianfeildd `which ls` | cut -d '>' -f2 | xargs sudo rm -rf17:35
Picijianfei: You've broken your install.17:35
elb0wgenii-around: i coppied the backup file over17:35
elb0wlooks good17:35
john_ramboActionParsnip, Its a 11.04 Minimal Install17:36
Picijianfei: I warned you not to do that after programmer suggested it.17:36
ActionParsnipjohn_rambo: did you MD5 test the ISO?17:36
szalsturmtruppen89: are you done anytime soon?17:36
=== gravin_ is now known as gravin
elb0wor not17:36
elb0wnothing like watching apt-get remove ubuntu-desktop17:36
john_ramboActionParsnip, Everything was running fine ....this thing started only today17:36
Picijianfei: I'm sorry. I wish we noticed the command before you saw it.17:36
john_ramboActionParsnip, After an unclean shutdown17:37
lesshastecoraxx: sudo apt-get upgrade upgrades firefox but not flash it seems.  What do I need  to do to upgrade flash after I have the ppa17:37
john_ramboActionParsnip, Cant boot it using the recovery mode ...same issue17:38
coraxxlesshaste: you have to uninstall the old "flash-installer" packages first ...and then manually select the new packages which is called "flash64-installer" or something17:38
lesshastecoraxx: even on 32 bit?17:39
coraxxlesshaste: oops ...you can't install 64-bit flash on your 64-bit system....sorry17:39
lesshastecoraxx: sure.. but can you install 32 bit flash 11?17:39
lesshasteon lucid17:39
coraxxlesshaste: probably...I haven't as I only use 64-bit ....but search with google ...and see if a friendly soul has either a repository you can add or a package you can download with the new Flash-player.17:40
sdf2i have an ussue with my pc, it freezes randomly, like i do some calculations in gimp and ot freezes like, usb turns off and my screen freeze, tho i use windows on this machine, it won't give me any bsod.... so basically what should i try to do now? if i gotta replace some parts ... its not a problem but what... it seems like i can't figure out whats the problem...17:41
lesshastecoraxx: ah so that repo was 64 bit only.. ok thanks17:41
coraxxlesshaste: worst case scenario is to go to Adobe own page and download it there ...and overwrite the one file that the plugin consist of.17:41
lesshastecoraxx: yes.. :(17:42
lesshastelet me try the bbc first17:42
grendal-primeya there is no doubt about it...17:42
grendal-primethis is werid here...17:43
genii-aroundelb0w: Yes, it should not have wanted to remove ubuntu-desktop normally. Did you install from ubuntu-minimal or something earlier?17:43
grendal-primed?????????  ? ?       ?              ?                ? .gvfs17:43
lesshastecoraxx: actually it can't have been the flash that was the problem17:43
lesshastecoraxx: it must have been javascript17:43
lesshastecoraxx: as I have flashblock :)17:43
grendal-primehows that for some bazarro permssions on things?17:43
coraxxSo...who out there has the magic KeyID-discover software, that gives me the key-id for packages I DON'T already have downloaded public-keys for ?17:43
Ramseizea good day to everyone, I would just like to ask regarding  reverse zone mapping,  what ip should i reverse the the internal ip or the public ip?17:43
genii-aroundelb0w: You can always of course reinstall it from that console17:44
tester_anyone know why veetle totaly breaks ubuntu17:44
elb0wim reinstalling for cd17:44
elb0wright now17:44
lesshastecoraxx: just upgrading firefox seems to have fixed it17:44
elb0wgenii-around: thanks ill let you know if I run into any more issues17:44
lesshasteI suppose I should file a bug report17:44
elb0wappreciate the help17:44
coraxxlesshaste: good ...It handles plugins better ...leaving more room for javascript :-)17:45
_0x2Aanyone using the raw functionality in shotwell? 0.11 seems to render previews quite well, but I can't seem to make it read a jpg file generated with ufraw17:45
lesshastecoraxx: :) it wasn't running flash.17:45
szal_0x2A: JPEG is not RAW17:46
coraxxSo...who out there has the magic KeyID-discovery software, that gives me the key-id for repositories and packages I DON'T already have downloaded the public-keys for ?17:47
_0x2Aszal: yeah..17:47
_0x2Aszal: is there a way to import raw+jpeg and let shotwell treat it as one file17:47
_0x2Aas one photo to be precise17:47
JusticeZeroI can't seem to get my updater to refresh. Gives a long error message.17:48
ActionParsnipJusticeZero: can you pastebin the error please17:48
Davionwho's responsible from the country channels? someone insulting at #ubuntu-tr , the official turkish chan.17:48
Ramseize a good day to everyone, I would just like to ask regarding reverse zone mapping(1.168.192.in-addr.arpa) , what ip should i reverse the the internal ip or the public ip?17:48
ActionParsnipcoraxx: what repo(s) have you added recently?17:48
PiciDavion: Please ask in #ubuntu-irc17:48
szal!channels | Davion17:48
ubottuDavion: A list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines17:48
domino14does anyone know what could cause a computer to suddenly have literally well over a thousand processes named CRON (in all caps) and completely bring it to a standstill?17:48
ActionParsnipRamseize: you'd be better asking in ##networking17:49
JusticeZeroW: A error occurred during the signature verification. The repository is not updated and the previous index files will be used.GPG error: http://us.archive.ubuntu.com lucid-updates Release: The following signatures were invalid: BADSIG 40976EAF437D05B5 Ubuntu Archive Automatic Signing Key <ftpmaster@ubuntu.com>17:49
domino14it can run fine for hours then suddenly we get many CRONs17:49
szalDavion: the 1st URL has the channel responsibles listed17:49
coraxxActionParsnip: http://caucho.com unstable/universe17:49
JusticeZeroW: A error occurred during the signature verification. The repository is not updated and the previous index files will be used.GPG error: http://us.archive.ubuntu.com lucid-updates Release: The following signatures were invalid: BADSIG 40976EAF437D05B5 Ubuntu Archive Automatic Signing Key <ftpmaster@ubuntu.com>17:49
JusticeZerooops.. two more lines17:49
ActionParsnipsudo apt-key adv --recv-key --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com 40976EAF437D05B517:49
szalActionParsnip: you mean add?17:50
Davionthank you ubottu szal Pici17:50
JusticeZeroW: Failed to fetch http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/lucid-updates/Release17:50
JusticeZeroW: Some index files failed to download, they have been ignored, or old ones used instead.17:50
JusticeZeroThat error message.17:50
ActionParsnipcoraxx: it's not a ppa as far as I can see dude: http://www.caucho.com/download/17:51
coraxxActionParsnip: I know17:51
coraxxActionParsnip: but it doesn't mean there is no key17:52
ActionParsnipszal: no, adv17:52
coraxxActionParsnip: ...sorry... I meant either no key or a way to set the repository as 'safe'.17:52
ActionParsnipcoraxx: why would you need a key for something which sn't a ppa?17:52
coraxxActionParsnip: I would think :-)17:52
ActionParsnipcoraxx: guess you'll just have to jump, not sure17:52
JusticeZeroAny suggestions?17:53
glebihanJusticeZero, try changing the mirror you're using17:53
coraxxActionParsnip: So I don't get the 'NON-AUTHENTICATED' thingy in the Synaptic Package Manager ..as well as the error I get when there is an update available17:53
LABcrabHey!  How do i add album art to my songs?17:53
JusticeZeroI don't remember ever doing anything with the mirror..17:54
glebihanJusticeZero, System->Administration->software sources17:54
john_ramboI am getting kernel panic while booing Natty ...Is there a way to fix this ? other than reinstallation ?17:54
h00kjohn_rambo: consider doing a memory test17:54
john_ramboh00k, Okay .....doing it now17:55
JusticeZeroSwitched it from 'Server for US' to 'Main Server'. Now I have a window hung up on 'Downloading file 48 of 102'.17:56
john_ramboh00k, But I dont know what to do with the result of the test17:56
JusticeZerosorry 7817:56
john_ramboh00k, test running...already 1 failing address found17:57
glebihanJusticeZero, give it some time, if it really takes too long then hit cancel and run 'sudo apt-get update' from a terminal17:57
JusticeZeroould not download all repository indexes17:57
JusticeZeroThe repository may no longer be available or could not be contacted because of network problems. If available an older version of the failed index will be used. Otherwise the repository will be ignored. Check your network connection and ensure the repository address in the preferences is correct.17:57
ActionParsnipcoraxx: the package won't be updated as its a standalone deb17:58
glebihanJusticeZero, do you know which repository could not be contacted ??17:58
JusticeZeroThat's how i'd done it earlier.. Just a sec, i closed it and ran from terminal, it's working at it.17:59
coraxxActionParsnip: I have not downloaded from the Download page at caucho.com/download ...I have added their repository ...and yes I do get updates ...just got one today.17:59
ActionParsnipcoraxx: the page isn't a ppa18:00
JusticeZero..working at it slowly.. :p..18:00
ActionParsnipcoraxx: I think I found something18:00
ActionParsnipcoraxx: http://caucho.com/resin-4.0/admin/starting-resin.xtp#DebianUnixaptget18:01
coraxxActionParsnip: If you mean its not part of launchpad.net...then yes I know ..if you mean its not a repository where Ubuntu will check for updates when added to its Third-party software list, then yes it is.18:01
VeritasinessHi all. I've just installed Natty, and have copied over my Windows fonts (Calibri, Cambria, Arial, etc) so that I can use them in word processing when necessary. I'm also using Libre Office, and for both Arial and Calibri (and some other fonts as well), font smoothing is just... off.18:01
coraxxActionParsnip: ok...hang checking it out :-)18:01
VeritasinessFor example, when I type out a sentence in Calibri in Libre Office, there are odd spaces between letters and things don't look quite right - but when I print it, it looks perfectly normal.18:02
ActionParsnipcoraxx: if you add that line then in /etc/apt/sources.list   then run: sudo apt-get update    you should see a GPG key error which you may be able to get the key with a groovy command18:02
coraxxActionParsnip: yes...that is probaly the page where I got the repository information the first time...however they did NOT provide a key.18:02
VeritasinessI've checked my font smoothing settings and so forth, and I've edited .fonts.conf to fix bitmap issues when scaling, but it still isn't right - and Arial has never really looked correct to me in Linux. Maybe that's because I have to spend most of my time in Windows.18:02
coraxxActionParsnip: yes I SHOULD....however I don't :-)18:03
JusticeZerowell, it looked like it went through that time, but i'm not quite sure why.18:05
xrdodrxVeritasiness, yeah, it's because you have embedded bitmaps enabled.18:06
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xrdodrxVeritasiness, give me a second, i'll paste what you need to add to ~/.fonts.conf :)18:06
Veritasinessxrdodrx no, I fixed thjat already18:06
glebihancoraxx, is it possible that you enabled unauthenticated repos in apt ?18:06
xrdodrxVeritasiness, do you mind taking a screenshot?18:07
coraxxglebihan: yes I HAVE actually added a repository...that is not authenticated, as the public-key is missing.18:07
coraxxglebihan: ...which is what I'm trying to get :-)18:07
VeritasinessLemme just upload it real fast, xrdodrx18:07
elb0wnever told ubuntu to delete everything18:08
elb0wapparently upgrade means delete18:08
ikonia-remoteelb0w: no, it doesn't18:08
JusticeZerobah! ok, yet another case of mysterious breakdowns that don't behave well. Feels like this whole computer is acting up with the rare mystery shutdown and programs acting oddly and whatnot.18:08
=== lucas_ is now known as lucasBe
glebihancoraxx, that's not what I meant, you said you were not getting an error with apt-get update, so I wondered whether you did configure apt to allow unauthenticated repos18:08
Veritasinessxrdodrx http://static.inky.ws/image/609/image.jpg18:09
ActionParsnipcoraxx: all I can suggest is to contact them18:09
=== josh__ is now known as JoshOvki
ActionParsnipcoraxx: it doesn't break stuff, its just good to have18:09
Veritasinessxrdodrx Arial also has always looked awkward to me on Linux distributions; somehow it renders differently than it does on Windows. That's not really something I expect fixed, though. :P18:09
coraxxglebihan: OIC ...ok...I haven't done it actively if that is what you mean ...can it be done unintentioanlly ?18:09
glebihancoraxx, no18:10
rhizmoehow do i turn off this stupid 'ubuntu one' toolbar thing?18:10
xrdodrxto me it looks like your font kerning is all off, especially with the characters i and s18:10
coraxxActionParsnip: yeah ...I sort of a perfectionist when it comes to software repos ;-) ...but thank you very much (again) for your time as allways :-D18:10
xrdodrxI'm not terribly sure how to fix that though :(18:10
coraxxglebihan: ok18:11
Veritasinessxrdodrx Yeah. It doesn't happen in other fonts, either...18:11
xrdodrxwhere did you get the fonts from and how did you instal them?18:11
urlin2urhizmoe, you can remove it all together in synaptic=icon gone18:11
DavionAny way to see current CPU status in Ubuntu?18:11
ikonia-remoteDavion: status ?18:11
terry_Davion: top18:11
Davionyes, same as window18:11
Davionwindows 's resource monitor18:11
ikonia-remoteDavion: what do you mean, like usage ?18:11
rhizmoeurlin2u: the "these files are not backed up..." thing?18:11
=== theyseemetrlolin is now known as Boogalooga
ikonia-remoteDavion: there is resource monitor in ubuntu too18:11
Veritasinessxrdodrx I just copied them from my Windows fonts directory. I'm using WUBI, so /host/Windows/Fonts18:12
xrdodrxDavion, hit the ubuntu button and type "system monitor" until it appears18:12
urlin2urhizmoe, ?18:12
xrdodrxyou can also launge gnome-system-monitor from a terminal18:12
xrdodrxVeritasiness, version of Windows?18:12
Veritasinessxrdodrx 7.18:12
xrdodrxBecause I do the exact same thing18:12
Davionyes, what I was looking for xrdodrx thanks18:12
xrdodrxand mine are fine :(18:12
Davionwell, if you're not a developer or commercial datacenter etc. works employee18:13
Davionlinux is kinda booring18:13
ActionParsnipcoraxx: anytime dude, thanks for being courteous and patient :D18:13
Veritasinessxrdodrx I dunno. It's just odd. I had kind of hoped to use Ubuntu as a place for distraction-free work, but I think the way some things appear will probably distract me enough :P18:13
ActionParsnipcoraxx: makes support much more pleasant and easier18:13
terry_Davion: Yep, you got it.18:13
xrdodrxVeritasiness, do you mind pasting your .fonts.conf for me?18:13
rhizmoeurlin2u: http://i.imgur.com/o4mYz.png18:14
coraxxActionParsnip: so very true...and likewise to u18:14
xrdodrx!offtopic | Davion terry_18:14
ubottuDavion terry_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!18:14
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Davionhe's right18:14
Veritasinessxrdodrx I just reset my smoothing settings... it does look better now.18:14
urlin2urhizmoe, if your using it which you should have mentioned of course don'y remove it, the icon live with it. ;-)18:15
kkunowhy the heck every time I do a dist upgrades it take 2-3 hours at least?18:15
ActionParsniprhizmoe: you can get pidgni 2.9 via their PPA you know, or do you specifically want that version?18:15
t4nk424hi all, I'm trying to use "-features=extensions" option, but I for the following error. cc1plus: error: unrecognized command line option "-features=extensions". What am I missing?18:15
kkunoI know the answer, because APT sucks hard18:16
jiss_hello everyone. I'm trying to run ubuntu 11.04 live on my toshiba sattelite 350 laptop but it gives me a black screen... Linux Mint live did work fine though. Is this a known issue?18:16
theadminkkuno: Yes, it does, and it takes ages to configure the packages18:16
urlin2ukkuno, your not doing it often enough sounds like, or a very slow internet speed18:16
elb0wwow why did i upgrade18:16
elb0wwhat a p.o.s.18:16
kkunourlin2u, no after the downloads18:16
ActionParsnipkkuno: use apt-fast instead of apt-get then :)18:16
terry_kkuno: How long do you expect it to take?  You know, there is an alternative?18:16
kkunoit takes hours for configuring packages18:16
ActionParsnipkkuno: that's your drive speed and CPU18:17
terry_kkuno: Try fresh install ?18:17
rhizmoeurlin2u: the thing is, it just showed up in nautilus like that. today.18:17
laosAnyone know what Wubi creates in the MBR when you tell it you cant boot a live cd18:17
kkunowell I did a fresh install 3 hours ago18:17
urlin2ukkuno, they take that ong fresh instals are much faster.18:17
kkunothe first thing I've made was upgrading18:17
theadminlaos: Installing trough Windows, you mean?18:17
rhizmoeActionParsnip: dude, it's just a download folder, not a repo.18:17
theadminlaos: It adds entries to boot.ini18:17
kkunoI've tried this with different modern pcs18:17
laos@theadmin not exactly. wubi had some sort of function to  allow me to boot the live CD - so i used it, now i installed ubuntu, its on a real partition on a real drive, but grub is either broken, or something and i'm only getting Win718:18
laosim getting an ubuntu option, but it doesnt go to my install18:18
kkunoI have a good pc, 2 years old, tried with a quad core, everytime the dist upgrade is way too slow18:18
theadminlaos: Ah, sounds like a Grub problem, yeah18:18
kkunowith archlinux, no problems18:18
kkuno10 mins and the system is upgrade18:18
urlin2ukkuno, a separate home and fresh installs are what many do.18:18
ActionParsniprhizmoe: https://launchpad.net/~pidgin-developers/+archive/ppa?field.series_filter=natty18:18
theadminkkuno: Arch, cleverly enough, does not autoconfigure packages. Apart from postinstall scripts maybe18:18
ActionParsnipkkuno: arch also uses apt...18:18
laos@theadmin i hate grub problems...18:18
theadminActionParsnip: Sorry, lolwut?18:19
theadminActionParsnip: Arch uses pacman18:19
kkunoActionParsnip, no, it uses pacman18:19
terry_kkuno: Or just back up home to flash drive and replace files as needed afterward.18:19
ActionParsnipthought it could use apt too..18:19
laos@theadmin to repair grub and recover windows, know any guides for that?18:19
kkunoterry_, yeah, but why apt can't do this for me?18:19
theadminActionParsnip: Maybe... if you're crazy enough to use apt there and wish to compile the whole apt suite from source18:19
kkunowhy windows is 10x faster than ubuntu when upgrading18:19
kkunoand archlinux too18:20
terry_kkuno: Why is it such a problem, (the time it takes)?18:20
urlin2ulaos, do you get a grub menu at powering on?18:20
kkunobecause 3 hours for upgrading is frankly too much18:20
terry_kkuno: Really, MS Windows upgrades faster?18:20
vankoochhi all18:20
kkunoterry_, nope, but faster then ubuntu18:20
laos@urlin2u i get "Windows Boot Manager" with Windows 7 and Ubuntu as options18:20
laosWindows 7 goes to Win7 just fine, Ubuntu goes to "infiniram" on a terminal18:21
theadminlaos: initramfs, maybe?18:21
laosinitramfs - yes, pardon my spelling :P18:21
urlin2ulaos, take a look here. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=163919818:21
vankoochHi, I*ve a problem about building deb packages. Everythink works great package instaööe18:21
rhizmoeuninstalling ubuntu one didn't fix it.18:21
vankoochHi, I*ve a problem about building deb packages. Everythink works great package installs correctly…. but when I add some mkdir statements in the rules file apt-get gives me som eerror…like size missmatch18:22
urlin2urhizmoe, have you logged out then back in?18:22
urlin2urhizmoe, that icon is the mail one as well right?18:23
terry_kkuno: I think you would have to compare how many apps are being upgraded / replaced, (before you could make an accurate comparison MS Windows distribution upgrade vs Ubuntu).  But I never have timed either one.  I just pull the triger and do other stuff, (I never know when it's finished, I could care less if it takes all night long.)18:23
vankoochhi asymetrixs18:23
rhizmoethe mail one?18:23
urlin2urhizmoe, looks like a envelope18:23
laos@urlin2u i want to remove the Ubuntu from Windows Boot Manager and keep win 7 so that when i reinstall via live it ownt detect ubuntu and just windows, is that possible?18:24
laosid also format the drive i have ubuntu installed on18:24
urlin2ulaos, yes go to add remove in admin.18:24
laosin windows?18:24