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ScottLastraljava, i have done my (additional) changes, do you have any more before we ask luke to germinate?01:49
falktxhehe, funny word, germinate01:50
astraljavaScottL: I need to do some mods, so I can ask Luke when I'm done.07:06
astraljava#"£$!‰@ can't get my schroot to work!17:19
charlie-tcaI am still hoping for the images to work today... 17:21
falktxeven if the images don't build, I'll create an ubuntustudio live dvd17:22
charlie-tcaI didn't know you get live dvd's. I thought studio was alternate installer only?17:23
falktxcharlie-tca: I'm just saying, I can make a custom live-dvd, personal build17:25
falktxnot official17:25
charlie-tcavery nice!17:25
astraljavaWell wasn't that a struggle.18:39
astraljavaTheMuso: I don't suppose you have time to push our seeds so that the image spin gets it?18:39
astraljavaI'll ask on #ubuntu-release just in case.18:39
charlie-tcaoh, I don't know how the seeds get updated, but the change in times for the builds shouldn't affect the seeds18:42
astraljavaIt doesn't, but seeing that the images are likely to be built soon-ish, I'd want the seeds to be uploaded so that we could in fact see an up-to-date image even tonight.18:44
charlie-tcaI guess that is an advantage18:45
scott-workastraljava: you might even ask cjwaton, i think he's done that before for us to fix stuff that he was working on18:48
astraljavascott-work: Good point, I'll hilight him just in case. Hope he won't get annoyed, though.18:49
charlie-tcaand the new time worked! ubuntustudio has a new image20:18
falktxhaha, http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntustudio/daily/current/20:19
falktx24-Aug-2011 18:4520:19
falktxno kde dependencies20:20
falktxunity is still being pushed though20:20
astraljavaYep, my commit hit LP a minute before the images were created. So they're effective tomorrow.20:22
falktxoh, no worries, if it's tomorrow20:23
falktxastraljava: so alacarte is gone?20:23
astraljavaI did remove it, yes.20:25
scott-workfalktx: how did you determine no KDE deps?21:23
falktxscott-work: no kde packages on the list of files21:23
falktxnot even kdelibs21:23
scott-workright, okay, that's the way i check, i was hoping you knew a better way ;)21:24
scott-workastraljava: so we believe that removing alacarte will prevent a long line of deps that result with unity on the image?21:24
falktxscott-work: i believe other packages will push unity too21:26
falktxnot just alacarte21:26
scott-workbut we removed enough packages for tomorrows image that we feel will not ship unity?21:27
astraljavaFrom the looks of it, it seemed that way. Unity (and gnome-session) brought a shitload of stuff with them, so I'm actually expecting to see a lot smaller .iso tomorrow.21:28
astraljavaBut since I haven't had time to re-create the simulation (read: germinate) locally, I cannot be certain.21:29
scott-workroger that21:30
scott-workthe image today does seem to be about 0.3G bigger than natty21:30
astraljavaIndeed. 2GB is getting a little bit out of hand, even though we're not counting.21:32
astraljavaBut granted, everything bloats all the time.21:32
astraljavaDo we care?21:32
scott-workI'm am less worried about any arbitrary size rather than the incremental delta.21:55
astraljavaI read that as "ever-growing image." So you're not worried about the numbers, but rather that we're bloating all the time. Am I even close?22:00
ScottLi think that is a good way to summarize how i view the size23:15
ScottLi don't think there is a "perfect" number or size for the iso, but i think i would worry if we increased 0.3GB every cycle23:16

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