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TadcrazioHey guys so I am putting together some music for a small wedding for a family member, and i was thinking that instead of having people write down requests or flip threw papers of what music i have i will display on a monitor the play list. Does that sound good? I also am thinking Of having it so people can request songs from that monitor. any ideas on a good way to approach this?04:09
therealdgoodAnyone know of any audio glitches in the current release of Ubuntu Studio?04:42
therealdgoodI'm getting strange intermittent pops which are very disruptive :(04:43
holsteintherealdgood: hello04:59
holsteinare you using JACK?04:59
holsteinfeel free to elaborate04:59
holsteinis this a new issue?05:00
holsteinis it all the time?05:00
holsteinwhat interface?05:00
holsteinif you are using JACK, what are your setting?05:00
therealdgoodI'm sorry, but I was away for awhile.06:23
therealdgoodI'll have to dig into this further and get back with you.06:24
dgood`Hey Scott!  I really enjoyed your appearence on Linux Outlaws recently :)16:16
pietro10Hi. What are the default font settings in Ubuntu Studio 11.04?16:33
dgood`I think it's DejaVu Sans Book.16:41
dgood`Computer's not with me so I can't check, but I remember it's Book something.16:42
pietro10did that font change last night?16:42
pietro10because now I'm noticing japanese characters (I deal with game titles for a wiki) look different16:42
dgood`I didn't update last night, so I can't say.16:42
pietro10and I still have the broken half-ubuntu half-ubuntu studio from a month ago :D16:43
pietro10On that note, isn't 11.04 going to switch to xfce? Is that in the beta disc at the moment?16:43
dgood`Yes, I think that's right.16:43
dgood`Scott said on Linux Outlaws that Gnome3 wasn't right for Ubuntu Studio users.16:44
dgood`And since "classic" gnome is going away, Xfce looks like the right choice.16:45
dgood`I'm just a user though, I don't really know.16:45
pietro10bah I'll just watch the font fix itself when I actually do move16:48
pietro10thanks anyway16:49
dgood`I've just been given an HP laptop which I've installed Ubuntu Studio onto and it has strange audo performance.  There are audible pops that occur when I open windows and launch applications.16:53
dgood`When I installed it, I didn't select any of the "use case" checkboxes, so I had to install the ubuntustudio-audio package after first boot.16:54
dgood`Do you think that would cause any problems?16:54
dgood`At this point, I don't know how to begin troubleshooting the laptop hardware versus the ubuntu software.16:55
dgood`Any ideas would be appreciated.16:55
holsteindgood`: hello18:03
holsteindgood`: are you running JACK?18:04
holsteinif you are just playing audio, you dont need to wait in here18:05
holsteinyou could try more busy channels for general ubuntu support18:05
holsteindgood`: feel free to hang here though18:06
dgood`Hello holstein.19:37
dgood`I don't know if I'm running JACK right now or not.19:37
dgood`This is the basic install plus the ubuntustudio-audio package.19:37
dgood`With pulseaudio, OSS, ALSA, and now JACK, I admit that I'm a little confused about what is going on with audio in linux right now.19:39
dgood`I'll check if jackd is running tonight when I get back to the laptop.19:44
dgood`I'm actually trying to find a good setup to DJ with and was hoping Mixxx on Ubuntu Studio would be a winner.19:45
dgood`If anyone is a DJ and wouldn't mind having a discussion about organization of the craft, I'm in for that as well.19:46
dgood`Is there usually much discussion in this channel?20:50
holsteindgood`: you are not running JACK then21:15
holsteinJACK is not something that just runs21:15
holsteinyou would need to get it running21:15
dgood`I have to start it manually?21:15
holsteinthen, it allows for a click and pop free way to create audio21:15
holsteinubuntustudio is really not aimed at media comsumption21:15
holsteinwell.. not any more or less than ubuntu is21:16
holsteindgood`: if you dont need JACK, you dont need it21:16
dgood`Right, but it is aimed at DJs right?21:16
holsteindgood`: depends21:16
dgood`I'm looking to DJ with Mixxx21:16
holsteini would suggest looking at idcj21:16
holsteininternet DJ console21:16
dgood`I'm a wedding DJ, not an internet DJ.21:17
holsteindgood`: i wouldnt lose sleep over some clicks and pops here and there when playing things in the browser21:17
holsteindgood`: sure... i would still look at idjc21:17
dgood`This is live audio.21:17
holsteinthat is for that as well21:17
dgood`Ok, I'll give it a look.21:18
holsteindgood`: look at what you want21:18
holsteinidjc would be a nice fit though i think21:18
holsteindgood`: this channel is typically pretty quiet21:18
holsteini usually suggest folk try #opensourcemusicians21:18
astraljavaWhich is partly the reason why. :D21:18
astraljavaBut it's the truth. We lack an active userbase. We're ever-grateful for holstein to actually stand in as a guard here!21:20
astraljavaSo don't get me wrong.21:20
dgood`So who is the target audience for Ubuntu Studio?21:22
holsteinyeah, im hear when i can be for sure21:22
holsteindgood`: we are working on defining that21:22
holsteinDJ's are in there somewhere for sure21:23
dgood`An interesting link for sure: Idaho Department of Juvenile Corrections21:26
dgood`Internet DJ console looks pretty cool.  I'll give it a try for sure.21:28
dgood`Thanks for the tip.21:29
astraljavadgood`: Yeah, like holstein already revealed, US is going through a makeshift at the moment. Oneiric will already be quite a change, but our real target is 12.04, as it's an LTS.21:39
astraljavaoneiric can be considered as a practice target, with the actual aim in the next one.21:39
Zburatorulcan i have some suggestions for a good VST host please?21:41
astraljavaZburatorul: Absolutely.21:46
orngjce223Mathematician's answer? :V21:49
dgood`Stupid question: What is causing the emphesized lines with my name sometimes when people reply to my questions?21:49
holsteinlike this dgood` ?21:52
orngjce223You have "mentions" turned on in your client, whatever it is.21:52
orngjce223You can turn it off if you like; most of us find it useful.21:53
dgood`Yeah, that was it.  There seemed to be such consistency with the Name: format of some replies I got that I started to wonder if there was a / command doing that.21:54
astraljavaOh dear gawd.21:54
orngjce223No, most clients just happen to have tab completion for "Name:"21:54
astraljavaI read that as "can I _give_ some suggestions..."21:54
* astraljava hangs head in shame21:54
orngjce223Oh dear. :P21:54
dgood`orngjce223: You're right. Mine does as well.21:56
dgood`emacs rcirc mode21:56
Zburatorulis the mathematician's answer all i get?22:29
orngjce223Try again and you might get a serious answer, I suppose. Unless you want to try #opensourcemusicans as more folk are in there.22:34
astraljavaZburatorul: I'm so sorry, I totally misread you.22:40
holsteinZburatorul: i would check at #kxstudio23:35
holsteini know falk packages a lot of VST's, and i think he has some nice custom frontend for them23:35

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