dcorbin_workJanC: What is an appropriate term to use?  Configuration?10:58
dcorbin_workJanC: I'm referring to the entire file of information.11:00
dcorbin_workstarted events seem a tad different than the general case.  I can "initctl emit foo", or "initctl emit foo A=B", but I don't seem to be able to admit "initctl emit foo started"11:06
jhunt_dcorbin_work: I would suggest reading "man 8 initctl" and the cookbook. You don't emit the started event - upstart does it for you when you run "start foo".11:08
dcorbin_workjhunt_: I have been looking through them. I'm trying to integrate an old-style init script with upstart jobs(?).  It would be nice if the start condition was independent of what the other script was.11:10
jhunt_dcorbin_work: so, you're not trying to convert a sysv service to an upstart job, you're trying to trigger an upstart job when a sysv service starts?12:50
wraidendcorbin_work: use "initctl emit started JOB=jobname INSTANCE=" like documented in  "man 5 started"15:01

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