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ochosihi everyone, any more feedback on greybird gtk3?08:11
Olbihello :)09:40
Olbiwhen will be daily iso's?09:41
Olbiok, let's start testing next daily iso :D11:50
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charlie-tcaGood morning13:45
=== ChanServ changed the topic of #xubuntu-devel to: Xubuntu Development | Oneiric Ocelot Feature Freeze in effect | #xubuntu for support | Schedule: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OneiricReleaseSchedule | Wiki: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu | Xubuntu Community meeting 2011-08-28 at 22:00 UTC | Oneiric Alternate images are building
charlie-tcamr_pouit: one for you to look at, please - Bug 83279413:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 832794 in xfce4-smartpm-plugin (Ubuntu Oneiric) "xfce4-smartpm-plugin version 0.4.0-0ubuntu4 failed to build in oneiric (dup-of: 829513)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83279413:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 829513 in xfce4-smartpm-plugin (Ubuntu) "FTBFS with libnotify 0.7" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82951313:59
charlie-tcawell, never mind. It appears you are too fast for me14:01
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charlie-tcaXubuntu alternate images just posted; please sync or download now to test them14:26
Olbii done it, ned only testing now14:33
* madnick current have 18 Xubuntu Virtual machines O_o14:35
charlie-tcaOlbi: if you done it early, you don't have today's alternate images14:38
OlbiI have now LiveCD14:38
Olbi64 bits14:38
charlie-tcaThe desktop images worked today, but the alternate images had to be done again14:38
Olbimadnick: for what so many?:P14:38
* charlie-tca only has about 80 VBox machines set up14:39
madnickIve been doing alot of testing :) Mostly for Plymouth and LightDM14:39
madnickThey changed stuff almost every day for a while :P14:39
charlie-tcawhich reminds me, I have to remove some old releases again, my VBox partition is 90% full14:40
charlie-tcaOTOH, my oneiric is giving me headaches. I have to ssh in to run some commands to reboot the machine, or it hangs with no mouse or keyboard.14:42
madnicktodays image?14:43
charlie-tcano, my install I had since alpha114:45
charlie-tcaJust the machine I use daily14:45
madnickoh :14:45
charlie-tcaThe new installs don't seem to have that problem14:45
charlie-tcaI think I will just reinstall for beta1, it should be a good time for it now14:46
madnickBeta 1 is tonight right?14:46
charlie-tcano, freeze is tomorrow, but beta1 won't be out for another week. We start testing it Tuesday14:47
madnickokay :)14:47
charlie-tcaThis weekend images are the first ones that might be used for beta114:48
ochosimadnick: how did the lightdm stuff go yesterday?14:51
madnickochosi: :(14:52
ochosithat means "not well"?14:52
madnickochosi: no time to finish, we are using a slighly modified version of gtk-example-greeter14:52
madnick1 sec14:53
ochosihm right14:53
ochosiit's a bit boring but then again better than nothing14:53
madnick+ droid sans14:53
ochosia pity you couldn't make those grey areas translucent black14:54
knomehuh, we're back at *that*?14:54
knomewhat happened?14:55
ochosihey knome 14:55
madnickUI Freeze14:55
madnickBut 14:55
knomebut is the other lightdm theme ready anyway?14:55
knomeso, we might get it in with FFe?14:55
madnickNo its not ready, thats the problem14:56
knomewhat's not ready in it?14:56
madnickIt would take quite some time14:56
madnickAlot of stuff :) the theming might be close to ready14:56
ochosieven applying the theming of the mockups to the gdm-greeter layout would make it look a lot better14:56
charlie-tcaThere won't be an FFe for UI freeze14:56
madnickBut there is some stuff, like handling sessions, autologin, and list users etc14:56
madnickWe'll get them next release :P14:58
madnickPerhaps could've finished it im time, if real life didn't need me 4 hours per day almost every day :(15:00
charlie-tcaWell, let's get it done in time for alpha1. That gives time to make improvements!15:12
Unit193Is it going to be uploaded to a PPA for Oneiric so you can install it later?15:14
charlie-tcaLet's wait until we actually have it working before trying to SRU it, huh?15:15
knomeyes master15:15
charlie-tcaGet it working in the development release to Backport or SRU it to Xubuntu 11.10. 15:15
charlie-tcaOh! That means waiting until the next development release, doesn't it?15:16
ubottuDebian bug 639151 in lightdm "Local privilege escalation" [Grave,Open]16:52
mr_pouitif it's not fixed in 0.9.3, I'm sure the release & security teams must be very happy right now16:52
ochosiuuh, nice...16:55
mr_pouitgreybird 0.2.2 uploaded17:06
ochosimr_pouit: ty17:07
charlie-tcaDidn't we file something like that a long time back, and get told it was not going to be fixed?17:14
charlie-tca(long time back == this cycle)17:15
mr_pouitsecurity issues? no, we didn't file anything like that afaik17:34
mr_pouit16bit plymouth theme uploaded17:34
charlie-tcaI thought we had one about lightdm screwing up with pam17:34
charlie-tcaoh, well17:34
charlie-tcagreat about the plymouth theme!17:34
mr_pouitnow, /away to install my new hard drive17:47
charlie-tcaGood luck and have fun17:48
micahgcharlie-tca: aisleriot is back in the archive, should I reseed it for beta 1?17:49
charlie-tcaIf it works, sure17:49
* micahg will test it17:50
micahglate tonight :)17:50
charlie-tcaHell, I can run updates and see if it is there?17:50
micahgcharlie-tca: if you can, that would be great, just leave me a ping with the info, will be afk for a while17:53
charlie-tcamicahg: how do I force it to upgrade?17:54
charlie-tcaInstalled: 1:3.0.2-0ubuntu117:54
charlie-tca  Candidate: 1:3.1.1-0ubuntu117:54
charlie-tcait is in upgrades now17:54
charlie-tcawill run it and see17:54
charlie-tcamicahg: working now. Let'17:57
charlie-tcalet's go ahead and seed it again17:57
micahgcharlie-tca: k, will do later, that'll pick up the platform seed changes as well (new printer drivers)17:57
charlie-tcaThanks for watching for that17:58
ochosihey micahg 18:03
ochosii have some gmusicbrowser/freeze-related questions for you if you have time18:04
micahgochosi: if it's quick, I'm about to leave for several hours18:06
micahgwill be back around 12:00 UTC18:06
micahg0:00 :)18:06
ochosiok, i'll make it very quick:18:06
ochosinew gmb-release is due in the next two weeks, will that be early enough for you to get the packages into oneiric?18:06
micahgochosi: UI freeze is today :(18:07
micahgerr, tomorrow18:07
ochosiright, but it's not really an UI issue, is it?18:07
micahgochosi: I have no idea what changes you're making, if it's bug fix only, sure18:08
ochosimicahg: hm, nah, not really bugfix-only18:09
ochosimicahg: our ppa (shimmer) contains the latest gmusicbrowser from git (which is stable) plus the modifications we already have in natty18:10
ochosiwould you consider simply pushing that package to oneiric?18:10
ochosii know that usually you tend to get packages through debian first, but since there is no release atm, there's nothing to update in debian18:11
micahgochosi: well, I suggest preparing an FFe bug then, if you get an ACK, I can push it in, we could do a snapshot first then release, but feature freeze was 2 weeks ago18:11
ochosimicahg: right, i see. i guess i was absent at the wrong time18:12
ochosimicahg: k, then let's skip it18:12
micahgochosi: we can push the snapshot through Debian also (happens often), but if a release is expected, I'd push to snapshot to Ubuntu, then the release through Debian (assuming we're before beta 2)18:12
ochosiyes, that's what i thought would be ok18:13
micahgochosi: we still need a freeze exception18:13
micahg!ffe | ochosi 18:13
ubottuochosi: Feature Freeze Exception. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FreezeExceptionProcess for the freeze exception process.18:13
ochosimicahg: yeah, i know, not sure i have the time to deal with that this week18:13
ochosimicahg: i already spent my "foss-time" trying to get greybird's gtk3 into shape18:14
ochosibut anyway, thanks for the heads up, i guess we can get a new version more easily in oneiric+118:14
micahgochosi: well, we'll be frozen next week for beta 1, so when you get a chance, you can file for it, I"ll hold off until there's an ACK though18:14
micahgochosi: we can always get the new version in Debian and sync right after release, but if it's important, there's still time for exceptions18:15
ochosimicahg: ok, well sure there are a lot of bugfixes, but also a few new features...18:15
ochosimicahg: k, i have taken enough of your time (and in fact i have to leave now too)18:15
micahgochosi: so you can try for the exception, ubuntustudio is also affected BTW18:16
ochosimicahg: why? are they also shipping gmusicbrowser?18:16
micahgochosi: apparently18:16
ochosimicahg: interesting, had no idea they did18:17
ochosimicahg: ok, i'm off now, i'll ping you if i get to filing the FFe bug18:17
micahgochosi: sorry, usually not in a rush, but I'm actually off today18:18
astraljavaAlright, finally got the seeds in order for Studio, time to test Xubuntu images.18:45
astraljavaSo, desktop 32-bit manual partitioning it is.18:47
astraljavaHehe, last I zsynced that image on this machine was early June. Target was still 19.7% complete, though. :D18:50
astraljava#################### 100.0% 10097.2 kBps DONE18:51
astraljavaGotta love this connection.18:51
charlie-tcano, I don't. I kinda of hate it19:03
charlie-tcaI get a whopping 150kBps on a good fast day19:04
charlie-tcahm, This just seems so wrong :(19:47
charlie-tca171.58 minutes ETA to sync edubuntu 64bit19:48
charlie-tcaSure glad I have 46% anyway ;)19:48
charlie-tcaNow I remember why I quit syncing those images19:55
Unit193I found I got much faster speeds when I just downloaded the entire file :P19:55
charlie-tcatook me like 8 hours last time I tried that19:56
Unit193Odd... I stopped doing that because I thought it would be harder on their servers19:56
charlie-tcadownload, zsync or rsync?19:57
Unit193Full download19:57
Unit193I'm now using dl-ubuntu-test-iso19:57
charlie-tcazsync uses the client to do the work (your computer), rsync uses the server, and download uses server, I think19:57
Unit193"By default, the script will attempt to use zsync if it is available as it uses fewer resources on the cdimage server."20:00
charlie-tcaright, zsync uses the client resources instead of the server resources20:16
Unit193I gathered that actually ;)20:16
charlie-tcaBut I think downloads use the server more, right?20:16
Unit193More b/w at the very least20:17
astraljavaI'd think [z|r]syncs are harder on cpu, but the full download on disks. Does it matter in Canonical's infra? Doubt it.20:24
Unit193Well, I do notice lag on the computer, but just typing "xubuntu" in terminal makes it worth it ;P20:25
charlie-tcaWe have been asked to use zsync whenever possible to help the server load20:40
charlie-tcaThey need to upgrade the servers yet20:41
Unit193You notice Lubuntu hasn't been built for some time now?20:41
charlie-tcano, I didn't. Want me to tell what is wrong with it?20:43
Unit193ummm... If you happen to know I would love to know20:45
charlie-tcaconsole-setup : Conflicts: console-terminus20:48
charlie-tcaDevs have to fix it20:48
charlie-tcaYou can't have both console-setup and console-terminus seeded. They won't work together20:49
Unit193Alright, I wonder if I sould ping him...20:52
charlie-tcaI just gave it to gilir20:54
Unit193PM'd? He is online now at support and offtopic (I'll stop now, thanks)20:55
charlie-tcano, he was in #ubuntu-release asking20:55
charlie-tcaheh, they say great minds think alike :)20:56
astraljava32-bit desktop install fails miserably :-/20:58
charlie-tcafrom the desktop icon?20:59
Unit193astraljava: Anytype I would guess? I can try Desktop or Alt20:59
astraljavaNo, from the first menu.20:59
astraljavaI'm booting into the live session now, and try to install from there.21:00
charlie-tcaDoes it have a new logo in the menu?21:00
knomei'm afraid it shouldn't21:00
astraljavaI'm gonna have to see the old and the new side-by-side, it's been a while since I last tested.21:01
knomethe merge is still waiting for review by colin watson21:01
charlie-tcaold is the circle of friends, new is the mouse21:01
charlie-tcaI think I am trying to follow too many builds now21:02
charlie-tcaUnit193: if lubuntu doesn't build, let me know. I will push for the re-spin if possible21:02
charlie-tcaYou have one building now, hopefully, it will work21:02
Unit193charlie-tca: Thanks, I'll try to21:03
charlie-tcaI can check logs and stuff, you just have to prompt me to21:04
Unit193I really shouldn't make you do all the work when you aren't even part of the project :P21:05
astraljavaDon't worry, charlie's a vet, he knows this stuff even in his sleep. He's the trooper. :D21:06
Unit193Aye, and very helpful! I will learn at some point :P21:06
astraljavaIt's truly great to be here learning.21:07
charlie-tcaTook me a very long time to learn21:07
* charlie-tca is a bit slow these days21:07
charlie-tcaI will teach you what to look at and which fails apply21:08
astraljavaThanks! Hugely appreciated.21:08
astraljavajockey-backend fails, reporting now.21:08
charlie-tcareported already21:09
astraljavaOh okay.21:09
charlie-tcabug 83144721:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 831447 in jockey (Ubuntu Oneiric) "jockey-backend crashed with MemoryError in run_dbus_service() (dup-of: 831754)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83144721:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 831754 in jockey (Ubuntu) "jockey-backend crashed with MemoryError in run_dbus_service()" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83175421:09
Olbihello all :D21:10
astraljavaYeah, learnt that while actually reporting it in LP.21:10
astraljavaHi Olbi!21:10
astraljavaOkay, trying to install now.21:10
astraljavaSix minutes in, and nothing's happened thus far.21:16
charlie-tcaknome: you break my images again?21:19
charlie-tcaI suspect too many changes are happening in trying to beat the UI freeze deadline now21:20
charlie-tcaThere have been a ton of changes again to Oneiric in the past couple of days, so maybe by Friday we will have working images21:21
charlie-tcaAre the alternate images working?21:21
astraljavaSince I have zero experience with live sessions, how should I go about debugging this one? There's the circle with dots moving clock-wise, but that's about it.21:21
astraljavaIt shows nothing in VTs, unlike alternates (which is pretty much the reason why I prefer using them.)21:22
charlie-tcarestart the live session, using Ctrl+Alt+backspace if needed21:23
astraljavaX zap does nuthin'21:23
charlie-tcawill from a tty21:24
charlie-tcathen let me find the command to start ubiquity from a terminal21:24
astraljavasudo service lightdm restart works.21:24
charlie-tcaokay, then open a terminal in the live session and run 'ubiquity -d'21:26
charlie-tcaThat should start the installer and will give a debug log21:26
astraljavaIs the installer desktop icon launcher command correct? "ubiquity --desktop %k gtk_ui"21:27
Olbistarted installing Xubuntu 64 bit LiveCD, manual partitioning works good21:27
charlie-tcayes, most likely21:28
charlie-tcabut when trying to debug, we use a different command than the launcher uses21:28
charlie-tcaOlbi: glad to hear that. Are you installing from the cd menu or the desktop?21:29
Olbicharlie-tca: correct21:29
charlie-tcawhich one?21:29
astraljavacharlie-tca: ubiquity -d does nothing either.21:30
charlie-tcaYou went to the desktop and clicked the icon?21:30
charlie-tcaastraljava: I will have to burn it and see then21:30
charlie-tcaIt is 386 only, at least21:30
astraljavaSure, I'll re-download, and check md5sum.21:30
charlie-tcaI am burning it21:31
Olbialternate checking or only livecd?21:34
Olbiforgot, alternate isn't working today :P21:35
charlie-tcano, we have alternate now21:36
ubottuPlease read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic21:36
astraljavacharlie-tca: Sorry to sprinkle sea salt into the would that's got the knife sticking out of, but:21:36
charlie-tcaI try to keep the topic updated so we all know what is happening21:36
astraljava722,776,064 11.2M/s   in 68s21:36
charlie-tcayeah, just keep adding to it... ;)21:37
charlie-tcaI only have one hour left on my zsync21:37
astraljavaI'm soooo sorry...21:37
charlie-tcaknome: no new logo on the cd menu today21:38
charlie-tcaNever mind sorry, I just keep trying21:39
charlie-tcaI have the desktop image, booting to live session21:40
charlie-tcamadnick: there is a parser error in the plymouth script, but I haven't been able to copy it down yet21:41
charlie-tcaIt doesn't seem to stop anything21:41
charlie-tcaIt's one of them annoying "expected ? but got ? in line ???" things21:42
charlie-tcaI got a live session and the jockey crash21:42
charlie-tcaastraljava: at what point did the install fail?21:44
charlie-tcaDid you check "Install this third party software"?21:44
astraljavacharlie-tca: The installer never even started for me.21:45
charlie-tcaYou got a bad burn, or bad download, or bad virtual machine21:45
charlie-tcaI'm at the partitioner here21:45
astraljavamd5sums match, so I'm now trying unetbootin for creating the usb stick.21:45
charlie-tcaoh, installing from usb?21:46
charlie-tcaAin't that broke?21:46
charlie-tcainstaller won't start21:47
charlie-tcaI think21:47
astraljavaWell, I kinda noticed that.21:47
astraljavaSo, a known bug?21:47
charlie-tcaI seen something on that this week21:47
charlie-tcanot sure21:47
charlie-tcaI think they were trying to get confirmation on it21:47
charlie-tcaTry it again, and make sure.21:48
charlie-tcagood, every machine I start cuts my download rate in half again21:48
charlie-tcaI am trying to get these syncs done before I run another install21:49
astraljavaRight. But that's a bit weird, though. Does your router reserve bandwidth for each connected machine by default? I can't think of any other way how that's possible.21:50
charlie-tcaI don't know. I just plug things in and they are supposed to more or less work21:51
charlie-tcaI think it is something to do with qwest dsl here in Idaho21:51
charlie-tcacableOne would be even worse, if I could get it21:52
charlie-tcaMaybe I will check out the wireless providers again. I can get promised 10mB/s for less then I pay now21:53
astraljavaThat could be an option.21:54
charlie-tcawouldn't take much to be faster than what I got :(21:55
astraljavaWhat's the advertised rate?21:56
charlie-tcamine now? 3MB21:56
charlie-tcaspeedcheck gives 1.2, which they say is correct21:56
charlie-tcawireless has 10MB connections, which might be faster21:57
astraljavaDSL never reaches even close to the advertised, yeah.21:57
charlie-tcaI don't really understand all the numbers, but I don't think it gets much slower for "broadband" than what I have now21:58
madnickcharlie-tca: could you check the log? :)21:58
madnickFor the plymouth stuff* :P21:58
charlie-tcaoh, yes, I can21:58
charlie-tcalet me boot it again. It is on the live session21:58
charlie-tcaIs my computer that slow?21:59
Olbicharlie-tca: what hardware you have?22:00
astraljavaCouldn't possibly tell. What I can tell, though, is that unetbootin made absolutely no difference whatsoever.22:00
madnickI ran the script on my computer just now, the log says nothing22:00
charlie-tcaOlbi: old22:01
astraljavaSomeone's waiting for confirmation on the usb install fail?22:01
madnick!info plymouth oneiric22:01
ubottuplymouth (source: plymouth): graphical boot animation and logger - main package. In component main, is required. Version 0.8.2-2ubuntu25 (oneiric), package size 119 kB, installed size 500 kB22:01
charlie-tcano, I don't even remember where I saw it22:01
charlie-tcamadnick: will have it in a minute22:01
astraljavaNo worries, I'll ask on -release.22:01
madnickIll spam the bot 1 more time, need to know if there is a different version :)22:02
madnick!info plymouth natty22:02
ubottuplymouth (source: plymouth): graphical boot animation and logger - main package. In component main, is required. Version 0.8.2-2ubuntu23 (natty), package size 110 kB, installed size 476 kB22:02
charlie-tcaOlbi: Hardware test; 2.8 GHz P4, 64bit; 1GB RAM; nVidia MX-4000 w/64MB memory22:02
Olbicharlie-tca: my is Athlon II x3 425, MSI 785G-E53 and 4GB DDR3 :) and integrated HD4200 :]22:03
knomeOlbi, if you want HW comparisons, mine is at http://wiki.knome.fi/computers:start22:03
Olbicharlie-tca: second for tests is Athlon II x2 450, Gigabyte GA-870A-UD3, 4GB DDR3 and Sapphire HD 575022:03
Olbiknome: cool stuff :)22:04
knomeOlbi, mmh, some could be better22:04
Olbinow I want for tests get 9600GT :]22:04
madnickmine is: Packard Bell, Sandy Bridge i7, 16GB RAM, 2TB hdd, ATI Radeon (some gaming thing, with a gamer as art on it) :P22:05
Olbimadnick: awesome :D22:05
astraljavamadnick: Gaming? ATI? REALLY?!!22:05
knomemadnick, ehm, is there ever been use for the ram >8GB?22:05
madnickknome: no swap!22:05
Olbihehe :D22:06
Olbi10 VBoxes :D22:06
knomemadnick, no swap on my pc either..22:06
madnickHonestly, I got this computer because I simply had money to spend22:06
knomewon't get old anytime soon22:06
madnickWith the facts in hand, I shouldve never done it :)22:06
knome(read 1 year)22:06
madnickmy old station was good22:06
OlbiI need 2 computers cause I'm testing hardware on Linux and publish it at http://osworld.pl22:07
knomei will upgrade to >8GB as soon as there is any reason for that. :P22:07
OlbiI have upgrade from 2GB to 4GB cause price was good :]22:07
madnickI dont even like this computer, because 16 bit Assembly is annoying, and EFI is really annoying22:07
astraljavaYeah, just hope Sandy Bridge support progresses for linux.22:08
Olbiprocessors are good support but igp is crap :/22:08
charlie-tcamadnick: it's in /lib/plymouth/themes/xubuntu-logo/xubuntu-logo.plymouth22:08
astraljavaOh it's only for graphics?22:08
charlie-tcabut I may have to reboot to get the message22:08
madnickcharlie-tca: hah! i did not touch that one :P22:08
madnickIll check22:09
madnickwhat it says in it22:09
madnickcharlie-tca: was it there yesterday too?22:09
charlie-tcadon't know22:09
charlie-tcaI don't pay enough attention to the screens when starting the session22:10
madnickcould you copy the contents of it? because it would take me a while to download the live session today22:10
Olbiknome: nice site wiki.knome.fi :)22:10
knomeOlbi, thanks. it runs the same theme than open.knome.fi, with the theme modified slightly22:11
madnick00:09 < madnick> what it says in it22:11
madnickneed to paste link to my paste22:11
knomemadnick, you're making no sense now. :)22:12
madnickknome: i was in virtualbox22:12
knomeoh right :P22:12
madnickand pasted 22:12
astraljavaknome: I suspect he needs toothpaste.22:12
madnickinto this terminal, but it was in vbox22:12
knomeshouldn't vbox shared clipboard work??22:12
madnickit have never done so for me22:12
knomehave you installed the guest additions?22:13
knomethat's the reason, i suppose22:13
knomewell it's not too hard, but i suppose you don't want to do that everyday when testing22:13
charlie-tcaI seldom install guest additions in my test machines22:14
madnickIt breaks some stuff22:14
madnicklike Xephyr22:14
madnickGuest additions that is22:14
charlie-tcamadnick: rebooting to copy the message22:14
madnickcharlie-tca: thanks :)22:14
charlie-tcaI suppose you want all of it at once, too :)22:14
madnickknome: revursive x servers22:15
knomehuh, right22:15
astraljavaWell, didn't see any bug reports regarding ubiquity failing from usb. If no-one responds in -release either, I'm gonna file it tomorrow if it still fails.22:16
Olbigo for shower :)22:16
astraljavaNah, I'll just file it instead. *grin*22:20
charlie-tcamadnick: caught it:22:20
charlie-tcaParser error "/lib/plymouth/themes/xubuntu-logo/xubuntu-logo.script" L:193 c:2 : Expected ';' after an expression22:21
Unit193Encrypted LVM doesn't really select, just goes back to the Partitioning Method screen on AltCD22:21
charlie-tcaencrypted lvm is still broken, isn't it?22:22
Unit193I would call that broken :P22:22
madnicki think i see the error22:22
madnickfsck_done_fading = 1;inputbox22:23
charlie-tcaNot sure that is the same bug, Unit193 22:23
charlie-tcawill you file a bug for it?22:23
madnickwhat can i do about that?22:23
madnickShould I ask mr_pouit 22:24
madnickTo remove that faulty thing22:24
charlie-tcafix it and give mr_pouit the fix22:24
charlie-tcabug fixes are okay22:24
charlie-tcaI can file a bug for it if mr_pouit needs one to put that in22:24
Unit193charlie-tca: I don't know what's wrong, all I can say is "It dun work" :P22:25
charlie-tcawell, that is not so good a description22:25
Unit193Exactly. You can't select that without going in a loop22:25
charlie-tcaokay, give that one a day and try again, then. 22:28
charlie-tcaI think that should be fixed tomorrow22:32
charlie-tcaokay, I made the machine stop at the error, now I broke it22:32
madnickcharlie-tca: did that error break anything for you in plymouth?22:36
charlie-tcano, it comes on when plymouth stops, same time as the "speech-dispatcher, starting bluetooth, pulseaudio, samed, checking battery state...22:37
charlie-tcaI suppose if you have a fast computer, you don't get to see those?22:38
madnickit is 6 characters that are present for no reason, probably a mix up during my paste22:38
charlie-tcano problem, at we caught it now.22:39
charlie-tcaThis is why I test. I can break most anything ;)22:39
charlie-tcamadnick: Is there a way to have lightdm working by September 15?22:52
charlie-tcaor is it going to take too much time and energy that you need to spend on other things?22:53
Unit193Will do22:54
charlie-tcawill do what?22:54
charlie-tcaOh, okay22:54
Unit193Was away a little22:55
madnickcharlie-tca: i could try :)22:56
madnickLike hopefully, i should be done even before that if i go at it22:57
charlie-tcaLet me know. I need to know if we can or not. This is a no-change, gotta happen by date, if we decide to do it22:58
madnickIll let you know22:58
charlie-tcaI will go talk to people and ask for an exception , if you can make it happen. Otherwise, we will wait for LTS to make it happen, without preasure22:59
madnickReason Im not 100% sure is that im going away the 5th, and im not sure how long i will be away22:59
charlie-tcaThat's why I didn't want to pressure you. If it seems too much, better to wait23:00
charlie-tcaWhat we have is fine for Oneiric.23:00
madnickI can try to finish as much as i can before that (dont tell them anything yet) and then if its close to finished, we could ask for it? if thats possible?23:01
charlie-tcasure, that is a good way to deal with it. That way, if you can finish it, I can push people where needed. If not, you don't feel preassure to push yourself too much.23:03
madnickI could tell you why I am going away, and why its important, but not in a logged channel :P23:04
madnickBut ill try23:04
madnickbefore that23:04
charlie-tcait's okay23:06
knomemadnick, lol23:06
astraljava"I could tell you why I'm going away, but then I'd have to kill you. We wouldn't want that, now would we?"23:08
charlie-tcaum, let me think about that. ;)23:18

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