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Lycaim trying to update xubuntu but it still says "waiting" after 20 minutes, what gives?02:33
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JoeR1Hello folks, Gnome 2 still supported custom login themes correct?07:04
covidiuHello. Does anyone have problems with Xorg after the latest updates? Mine climbs to about 30% CPU every 8 seconds or so, and the screen flashes twice. Then it goes back to normal. The computer freezes while this happens. I have a GeForce 9400 GT. :(07:14
Sysicovidiu: what driver are you using?08:13
covidiuBut it's actually starting to look more like a hardware problem.08:13
covidiuI booted from an older USB drive and I have the same problem.08:14
grifo74hello it´s possible update bios in xubuntu , exist software?10:17
Sysigrifo74: depends about bios, everything else than acer should be updatable outside OS10:24
grifo74i have a acer10:26
Sysitoo bad, only possible with windows then10:26
grifo74isn´t importantat, windows no.10:28
paul_ukhey all, i've got a set of usb headphones.  im having trouble getting ubuntu to use them as the default device.  how do i do that?10:53
paul_ukI've noticed I don't have Settings -> Settings Manager -> Sound <--11:00
paul_ukOr maybe it's been moved.  I'm looking at docs from 2008 and 2009 sigh11:00
paul_uksorted, had to install PulseAudio Device Chooser utility from Synaptic and choose the device.  except now controls on the headphones don't work :(11:19
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Arthur_Dwhen resuming my computer from hibernation, I get trouble with gaming performance. If I do a reboot, it works perfectly fine. Any clue on where to search for such bugs, or report a new one?20:00
Sysiwhat graphics card?20:00
Arthur_DNVIDIA Geforce 250 GTS20:01
Arthur_DI've tried several other distros, and all appear to have the same problem20:01
Sysiyou propably have nvidia-driver and nouveau both loaded, there might is bug about this20:01
Arthur_Dok, so I should try uninstalling the nouveau driver?20:02
Sysiadd 'options nouveau modeset=0' to /etc/modprobe.d/something.conf20:04
Sysifor a start, reboot and see if that still happens20:04
Arthur_Dthanks a lot, will try that :)20:04
Arthur_DSysi, it seems to have helped somewhat, but still, framerates can drop from 60 to 10 in an instant, for a few seconds20:19
Sysiwhat xubuntu version?20:20
Arthur_Dshould I turn off compositing?20:21
Sysiyou can try20:21
Arthur_Dxubuntu doesn't use compiz, right?20:22
charlie-tcaright, but it does have it xfwm compositing built in20:22
Arthur_Dapparently, compositing is already turned off20:22
Sysiwhat if you relogin, not reboot?20:24
Arthur_Dcan try that. Will just do another test first20:25
Arthur_Dstill no luck20:35
Arthur_Dlogging out and in again didn't do anything20:36
Arthur_Dcould it be an ACPI issue?20:41
slartyI have reinstalled xubuntu 10.10 and am having problems with locale settings (en_NZ) and keyboard keys sometimes require two presses to register a character. This may also be the reason I can seem to log on to either gmail or yahoo as the username/password aren accepted. Any suggestions, eg articles to assist here? tx23:27
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lukinforesome launchpad triagers here? charlie-tca, are you still the one of?23:52
lukinforecan you tell me what's wrong in https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/alsa-plugins/+bug/672837 ?23:52
ubottuUbuntu bug 672837 in alsa-plugins (Ubuntu) "Pulse plugin breaks media player sound after pause" [Undecided,Incomplete]23:52
charlie-tcaI am not good with audio bugs, but I think they want you to try it the way Luke suggested in comment #5 and tell them the results23:55
lukinforei thought i've told enough to understand - that way is works23:56
lukinforeand have no meaning in using alsa-pulse plugin23:57
charlie-tcaThen you have to be specific. Those guys are the top people on audio stuff, and if they can pin it down, they will.23:57
lukinforewhat do you mean - specific?23:58
charlie-tca"tested it using pulseaudio ??? and it works/fails to work"23:59
charlie-tca"Can not test it that way because ???"23:59

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