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oSoMoNgood morning07:00
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jibelKaleo, on a fresh install on HW, on Unity, 'View Photos' shortcut launches shotwell but on 2D it launches Eye of gnome08:22
Kaleojibel: raah, that's not good08:26
Kaleojibel: we are using the GNOME prefs08:26
Kaleojibel: unless..08:26
Kaleo  // FIXME: Need to figure out the default08:29
Kaleo  CreateShortcutFromExec("shotwell", _("View Photos"), _photo_alternatives);08:29
Kaleojibel: that's in Unity's code08:29
Kaleojibel: so the bug is in GNOME's default apps I believe08:29
Kaleojibel: any idea what package that would be?08:31
jibelKaleo, in system settings, the default photo viewer is set to 'Image Viewer' when logged in unity 2d and  gwibber (?) on Unity08:33
jibelKaleo, the package is gnome-control-center08:33
Kaleojibel: right, 'Image Viewer' is Eye of gnome08:34
Kaleoseb128: the default photo viewer seems to be set to EOG, is it a known bug?08:35
jibelKaleo, there are 3 bugs then, 1) Default viewer should be shotwell not EOG on 2D, 2) it should be shotwell and not gwibber on Unity and 3) Unity doesn't honor default application preferences (at least for the photo viewer)08:36
Kaleojibel: correct, apart from 1) could be rephrased to default viewer should be shotweel not EOG.08:38
Kaleojibel: and 2) will be fixed by 3)08:38
Kaleojibel: (or rather 2) will be fixed by 1) and 3)08:38
Kaleojibel: but actually, you are right there is something strange with 'gwibber' being set at all08:39
jibelKaleo, oh and Calendar is set to gedit. I didn't know gedit was so feature-rich :)08:41
Kaleojibel: :)08:42
Kaleojibel: I cannot find the default settings in the package gnome-control-center; maybe it's in a different one?08:43
jibelKaleo, If I login to Unity then back to 2d, the default viewer changes to gwibber, hence yesterday's report.08:43
jibelKaleo, IDK, ask on #u-desktop08:44
Kaleojibel: yep08:47
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doritoDanHi. :)09:51
doritoDanIs there an easy way to get Unity 2D onto my Ubuntu installation?09:51
doritoDanI googled up some blog that specified the steps, but it didn't seem to work.09:51
AlanBellhas the sections dropdown in the lenses gone in oneiric?09:58
AlanBellseems to be referred to as filters in the code09:58
AlanBellI always found the applications lens a bit hard to use, but now there seems to be no way to find stuff you have installed by category10:02
davidcalleAlanBell, the "Refine search" dash widget lets you browse apps by categories. A bit buggy at the moment.10:18
* AlanBell looks for the refine search dash widget10:21
jbichaAlanBell: I'm pretty sure that's a bug10:21
AlanBellI don't quite get why the default dash isn't just installed applications grouped by category10:21
jbichaAlanBell: that would be far more useful, unfortunately I think the extra click required is by design10:23
AlanBellmedia apps and internet apps get special treatment and I don't even know what they mean!10:25
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andyrockJohnLea, i think a lot about the dnd issue...11:05
andyrockwell, we cannot remove the timeout for some weird reasons...11:05
andyrockand we cannot reduce it to much (otherwise we have race conditions)11:05
andyrockbut we can remove the extra movement that sometimes we need11:06
JohnLeawhat is the max we can reduce it to before running into race conditions?11:06
JohnLeaandyrock ^11:06
andyrockfor the programmer  there are some changes... but for the user there are no changes :)11:07
andyrockJohnLea, well now i'm using 50ms11:07
andyrockreducing it to 20ms removes the extra movement11:07
andyrockbut sometimes it fails to catch dnd data11:08
andyrockbut we can use another timeout to avoid extra movement...11:08
andyrockthe user should not notice anything11:09
JohnLeaandyrock; cool, do the best you can ;-)11:09
andyrockJohnLea, ;) another thing: the reflection behind dash icons is a bug or it is by desing?11:10
JohnLeaandyrock; by design, in the renders we have it gives the Dash glass a nice sense of depth11:11
andyrockJohnLea, cool... but some icons don't have it11:12
andyrocki'm going to report the bug on lp11:12
JohnLeaandyrock; that might be a bug.  The light source that is casting the reflections is located in the centre of the screen, so the reflections will not be very noticeable for icons directly under the light source11:14
jbichaJohnLea: those reflections just look like off-center blurriness on my screen11:24
JohnLeajbicha; they are reflections through frosted glass ;-)11:43
jbichaJohnLea: sorry it just doesn't look right to me11:52
JohnLeaandyrock; I've just tested https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/764905 and USB key d&d to the trash doesn't seem to work12:08
ubot5Ubuntu bug 764905 in Ayatana Design "Drag and drop a USB key into the trash should eject the USB key" [High,Fix released]12:08
JohnLeaandyrock; should I try again on Tuesday (I am away tomorrow and Monday) after this weeks release?12:08
JohnLeaandyrock; or is there a bug and should it be reverted?12:09
andyrockfor me it works well... it's weird12:09
andyrockwhat kind of usb do you have?12:09
andyrockJohnLea, ^^^12:09
JohnLeaI have tried on 2 different computers, one Dell XT2 and one old desktop PC, both using random USB sticks12:10
JohnLeaandyrock; the left click-holding and dragging does not seem to do anything12:10
andyrockleft click-holding doesn't start the dragging?12:11
andyrockJohnLea,  it's not my fault in this case...12:12
andyrockJohnLea, btw if you can send me your unity configuration i can test "usb dragging to trash"...12:13
JohnLeaandyrock; I'll chat to Jason then when he wakes up12:13
andyrockin trunk it's works fine...12:13
andyrockJohnLea, k12:14
andyrockJohnLea, sorry, it's a typo...12:14
andyrockbtw are you running unity from tty? i mean you start unity using alt+ctrl+fN12:14
JohnLeaandyrock; no, just booting and logging in normally12:15
andyrockJanC, on which icons the left click-holding doesn't work?12:15
andyrockJohnLea, ^12:17
andyrockJanC, sorry12:17
JohnLeaandyrock; sitting in on a user testing session atm, I'll let you know as soon as it finishes and I get back to my desk12:18
andyrockJohnLea, i'm writing something test that you could do...12:18
andyrockand i've some question12:18
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andyrock1) the left click-holding doesn't work for all icons or only for usb icons?12:19
andyrock2) if the answer is "only for usb icons" can you try using two usb drives at the same moment?12:20
JohnLeaandyrock; what have you done, it is working now ;-)12:25
JohnLeaandyrock; strange it was not working earlier on two computers12:25
JohnLeaandyrock; the other computer I tested it on is currently being used, after launch I will re-test on that computer as well12:26
andyrockusing two usb drives works?12:26
htorqueanyone in here running the just released (trunk) nux 1.4.0 and unity 4.10.0? i'm getting a segfault with those (bug 833616)12:26
ubot5Launchpad bug 833616 in unity "SIGSEGV in nux::IOpenGLShaderProgram::Begin (this=0x0)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83361612:26
JohnLeaI tried using 2 and that worked, then I tried using 1 and that worked as well12:26
JohnLeaOn the other computer I'll try using 1 first, before trying 212:26
andyrockJohnLea, cool... let my know :)12:27
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jjardonkenvandine: could you remove the gnome-power-manager dependency from indicator-power package? Can you comment on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/indicator-power/+bug/833397 when done? thanks!13:05
ubot5Ubuntu bug 833397 in indicator-power (Ubuntu) "indicator power displayed 3 times on panel" [Undecided,Confirmed]13:05
kenvandinejjardon, i'll look13:06
kenvandinegood morning tedg13:09
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tedgGood morning kenvandine13:15
tedgI bet you're just thinking, wow, I haven't done enough packaging today :-)13:15
kenvandinetedg, happy UIF!13:15
tedgkenvandine, Freeze?  I thought this was "Now all your work requires more forms day"13:17
kenvandineit is be very gentle on kenvandine day13:19
kenvandineronoc, did you see the indicator-session build failure?13:20
andyrockJohnLea, have you read my comment?14:21
ubot5Ubuntu bug 764905 in unity "Drag and drop a USB key into the trash should eject the USB key" [Medium,Confirmed]14:22
andyrockDBO ^^^14:22
JohnLeaandyrock; yes, just read it. Jason, what do you think ^14:25
andyrockwell i think that we use HasSister function14:25
andyrockthat check if there are other icons of the same type (app, lense, device, etc...)14:26
andyrockwe use this function to avoid moving a launcher that cannot be movede14:26
andyrocke.g the workspace swithcer icon14:26
andyrockJohnLea, do you have understand?14:28
andyrocki know my English sucks :)14:28
andyrockanother solution (insted of fake hidden device icon)..14:30
JohnLeaandyrock; yes, I understand, this is most definitely should change! ;-)14:30
andyrockadding another parm to HasSister14:30
andyrockit should be true if the icon can be trashed14:31
JohnLeaandyrock; launcher icon fixed when type has no sister seems like a strange piece of logic.14:31
andyrockfalse otherwise14:31
JohnLeaandyrock; so specific application is either fixed or moveable?14:31
andyrockmmm no...14:32
andyrockJohnLea, sorry i had to restart... btw when DBO wake up we should talk with him14:39
DBOandyrock, explain your problem in one word or less please :)14:41
andyrockDBO... if there is only one device launcher icon, it cannot be dragged to the trash14:41
andyrockhassister function problem i think14:41
DBOandyrock, oh yeah fair enough14:43
DBOI'll make an exception for those types14:43
andyrockDBO, ok thx :)14:43
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om26erDBO, Hi i got this http://imagebin.org/index.php?mode=image&id=16961015:04
DBOom26er, video card?15:05
om26ersame with alt-tab15:06
om26erno icons15:06
DBOom26er, video card?15:10
andyrockJohnLea, https://code.launchpad.net/~andyrock/unity/other-dnd-fixes15:27
om26erandyrock, do you see any of my message here in this channel?15:27
andyrockit's a weird hack but it should be good...15:27
om26erI think i was disconnected and nothing came through15:28
andyrockom26er, yes... the message between jason and you?15:28
andyrock*messages -.-15:28
htorqueom26er: <DBO> om26er, video card?15:28
om26erandyrock, yes15:28
om26erhtorque, thx15:29
om26erDBO, N10 is the chipset gma315015:29
om26er00:02.1 Display controller: Intel Corporation N10 Family Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 02)15:30
DBOom26er, interesting... glxinfo please15:30
om26erDBO, here http://paste.ubuntu.com/674574/15:31
andyrockhtorque, would you like testing my branch?15:34
htorquesure, but gotta switch systems, as i somehow broke this one (complains about missing N3nux4View12DoGetFocusedEv symbol...)15:35
andyrockdo you have a touchpad?15:35
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andyrockif you want test... here the procedure:15:36
andyrock1) put the gedit icon on the launcher15:36
andyrock2) create a .txt file on the dekstop and put it on the center15:37
andyrock3) dnd the .txt file as fast as possible (using the touchpad)15:37
andyrockwith just one movement15:37
htorqueonto the launcher or random?15:38
andyrockthe launcher should be triggered15:38
andyrockthe important thing is ("as fast as possible with just one movement")15:39
AlanBellI have built a lens, how do I get the dash to load it?15:39
AlanBellI branched and build unity-lens-applications, I am intending to make a more menu-like lens but I don't know how to test it15:40
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andyrockAlanBell, if you installed it using --prefix=/usr15:40
andyrocki think that a login/logout (unity or compiz --replace)15:41
andyrockshould be enough15:41
AlanBellok, so sudo make install --prefix=/usr15:41
andyrock./autogen --prefix=/usr15:41
AlanBellok, then make; make install15:42
htorqueandyrock: does the launcher hide mode matter (i've set it to never hide)?15:42
htorqueandyrock: should this currently be an issue? with latest trunk this seems to work fine.15:43
andyrockhtorque, mmm no... make sure the the icons dim15:44
andyrockhtorque, you should move really really fast15:44
andyrockand with one movement15:44
htorqueandyrock: it worked with current trunk and with your branch. i moved the pointer above the file, used one hand to click while the other one was already moving at high speed. ;-)15:47
andyrockhtorque, do you have a very powerful pc?15:48
htorqueandyrock: hm, it's a core i5 thinkpad15:49
htorque2.66 GHz, dual core + hyperthreading15:49
andyrockhtorque, okok.... thx btw :)15:50
htorquealso tried it with the hypersensitive trackpoint and it worked. yw!15:50
andyrockmy house x58le sucks :) but i love it...15:51
htorqueit's a bit older but the specs aren't that bad? :-)15:54
andyrockwell when it works well but i'd prefer something better15:56
andyrockbut i'm just a student15:56
andyrockand i've no money...15:56
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om26erI reported it as bug 83390516:15
ubot5Launchpad bug 833905 in unity "Icons not visible in the launcher or alt-tab switcher" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83390516:15
om26erandyrock, if you got some time would you like to fix this mis-alignment in the screenshot? http://imagebin.org/index.php?mode=image&id=169617  (ignore the blank launcher)16:17
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tkamppeterHi, anyone who can help someone whose desktop is a complete mess?17:06
tkamppeterI have installed the newest Unity and after some time working in it, the window decorations are not sensitive to the mouse any more.17:09
tkamppeterNo one here?17:28
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om26erDBO: is this merge http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~unity-team/unity/trunk/revision/1443 supposed to fix the blank icon?19:15
om26erDBO: that was quick19:16
* om26er builds19:16
DBOkind of an important bug19:16
torosI am testing unity 4.10.0 on oneiric right now… and I don't see any icons on my launcher19:42
torosis this normal (=known bug)? :)19:42
torosthe icons are there, I can hover over them, I can even click them19:43
torosthey are just invisible19:43
torosfound it \o/ https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/83390519:44
ubot5Ubuntu bug 833905 in unity (Ubuntu) "Icons not visible in the launcher or alt-tab switcher" [Critical,Fix committed]19:44
bognarandrastoros: \o/19:47
torosbognarandras: \o/19:47
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doritoDanCan somebody tell me how to download Unity 2D onto my Ubuntu?23:19
doritoDanIt should be possible via apt-get, right?23:19
RAOFdoritoDan: If you're running Oneiric you should already have it.  In natty you can apt-get it, I believe.23:23
doritoDanWhat's Oneiric?23:23
doritoDanAnd what's natty23:23
doritoDanI'm new to mid-level Linux stuff23:23
jjohansendoritoDan: natty is short for natty narwhal which is the dev name for the Ubuntu 11.04 release23:28
doritoDanI'm using the LTS version, like 8.04 or whatever it is.23:29
doritoDanBecause I'm running it on VMware.23:29
doritoDanWhich is also why I want Unity 2D; VMware can't provide the hardware emulation required to run regular Unity.23:29
jjohansendoritoDan: as far as I know you can't easily use unity/unity2d in lucid23:29
doritoDanThat's a shame.23:30
jjohansendoritoDan: you can try to use the unity2d ppa, that was set up for natty23:30
jjohansenoh btw oneiric is the release that is currently in development/just entering beta23:30
doritoDanHow do I use it?23:30
jjohansenyou may need to pull in some other packages as well, /me isn't sure of all the requirements23:32
jjohansenif you need a newer kernel there is a natty backport kernel for lucid23:32
doritoDanYeah I tried this23:34
doritoDanbut it didn't work23:34
jjohansendoritoDan: like I said it isn't easy, I know there are other requirements, but I have never tried it my self though I know it can be done23:39
doritoDanNevermind then.23:39
doritoDanThanks for assisting me though. :-)23:39
jjohansendoritoDan: if you are in a vm, you could do an test vm/snapshot upgrade it and then install unity2d23:39
jjohansennot sure if that is worth the hastle though23:40
doritoDanHow do you mean23:40
jjohansendoritoDan: well most vm let you snapshot your system so you have a rollback point.  You can do what ever you want to it, and if you don't like it restore to the snapshot23:41
doritoDanI'm not worried about breaking the system23:41
doritoDanThere just doesn't seem to be a good solution23:42
doritoDanfor this.23:42
doritoDanBut thanks. :)23:42
bittin_intresting: http://twit.tv/specials9123:56

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