gary_posterbenji, hiya.  There's not an OCR AFAICT.  Do you have time for https://code.launchpad.net/~gary/launchpad/sqlprofiler/+merge/72765 (pretty small) or should I ask around a bit?12:22
benjiI'll be glad to take a look.12:22
gary_posterthank you benji12:27
gary_posterbac benji danilos gmb, call in 312:27
gary_postergmb, Skype?12:31
gmbStill signing in...12:31
gmbgary_poster: Go.12:31
gary_posterbac, hiya?12:31
bacgary_poster: re: call scheduling, i need to be afk from 3:45 - 4:30 today12:56
benjigary_poster: The branch looks good.  I had one small suggestion and one question on the branch.12:56
bacso if we could work around that it'd be good12:56
gary_posterbac, ok, I'll try to make it early13:29
gary_posterbenji, ack, thanks.  Will look after call.  Saw the Memory Error suggestion; makes sense13:30
gary_posterdanilos, sorry, first day of school took longer  than I expected :-)13:30
gary_posterdanilos, but ready now13:30
danilosgary_poster, heh, no worries, let's chat13:30
gary_postergmb, danilos and my call is going over because I started late.  I'll ping when I'm ready, ok?13:58
gmbgary_poster: no worries13:59
gary_poster<doctest xx-potemplate-admin.txt[50]>(1)<module>()14:05
gary_posterbenji or bac, are either of you available for a call now-ish?  If it is even mildly inconvenient, tell me, no worries.15:11
benjigary_poster: I'm available.15:11
gary_posterawesome, thx, will call15:12
benjigary_poster: http://benjiyork.com/blog/2008/02/programmable-python-syntax-via-source.html15:57
benjigary_poster: http://morepypy.blogspot.com/2011/04/tutorial-writing-interpreter-with-pypy.html16:05
gary_posterbac, I'll plan to ping you after 4:30 today, and we'll talk tomorrow if needed17:44
bacgary_poster: ok17:45
gary_poster-> doctor17:58
* bac -> CHR19:00
bacdon't forget we're swapping, benji19:00
benjibac: thanks for the reminder19:00
bacbenji: i'm afraid i didn't get very far on chr...sorry19:42
bacRT is a mess19:42
bacthere has to be a better way...19:42
benjino worries19:43
benjibig thunderstorm here, may loose power/connectivity20:09
gary_posterbac, you here?20:30
gary_posterbac, sorry, was pinging you earlier, but looks like my connections was so-so20:38
gary_posterwould you be available for a call in 2 or 3 minutes?20:39
bacgary_poster: available now20:47
gary_posterbac, ok.  Working on a testfix.  I'll ping you when I'm done to see if that works for you.20:48
bacgary_poster: ok20:48
gary_posterbac, now?21:10

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