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mrevellGood morning08:08
dpmmorning henninge. We need to schedule a full oneiric export so that we can build the langpacks in time for beta-1. There is an export already scheduled for today, but it is at 14:00UTC. Since full exports seem to take ~24h lately, I'd like to schedule the export earlier than that today. Could you help me or point me to someone who could?09:00
dpmCurrent schedule: https://dev.launchpad.net/Translations/LanguagePackSchedule09:00
jincreatordpm, do you know what happens to language-support-fonts-** packages at Oneiric?09:02
dpmjincreator, I know there were some changes there, but the best person to talk to is pitti on the #ubuntu-devel channel09:04
jincreatorI see. Thank you!09:04
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henningedpm: sorry, missed your ping09:26
dpmhenninge, no worries09:31
henningedpm: maybe it would be safer to deactivated tomorrow's run for lucid?09:33
henningedpm: Couldn't lucid do a week without an update?09:33
henningeor move lucid to saturday09:34
dpmhenninge, yeah, we can do that. I'd still like to advance the oneiric one to earlier on today09:34
henningedpm: can do taht since we'll be messing with the crontabs anyway.09:35
henningedpm, so there was no run yesterday, so the field should be clear to start the run any time09:35
henningedpm: is that okay or do we need to wait for anything before kicking it off?09:36
dpmhenninge, sounds good. We can start the oneiric run already, if that's possible09:37
henningedpm: it seems there was a full pack created in the last run?09:40
dpmhenninge, the last one was this week and it was a delta one IIRC, but let me check...09:42
henningedpm: they are scheduled for 22h UTC, btw.09:43
henningedpm: so the last full run took about 16 hours.09:44
dpmhenninge, ah, I see what happened: pitti requested the export already before Tuesday, but I thought it would be exported until Thursday (I mistakenly thought exports started at 14:00, not 22:00)09:44
dpmit would *not be exported, I meant09:45
henningedpm: ok, so no need for action ;-)09:45
al-maisanhello there, is there a way to copy a package from the primary archive to a ppa?09:46
bigjoolshey al-maisan09:47
bigjoolsyes, use the syncSource() call on the API09:47
dpmhenninge, hm yeah, I think we'll leave it like this. I wanted the full export to happen on Thursday, but I guess the Tuesday one will do, since it will mean less work.09:47
bigjoolsit's kinda discouraged though as it wastes resources, and you can depend on the one in the main archive09:47
al-maisanhello bigjools, ah, I see, I was looking for a "point-and-click" way ..09:48
al-maisanyeah .. the package I am interested was uploaded to oneiric ..09:48
bigjoolsal-maisan: there's nothing "supported" although you may stumble across a way :)09:48
al-maisanhe-he :) I see09:49
henningedpm: you can schedule another one today if you want. Since it is still well below 24 hours, it should be fine.09:55
dpmhenninge, yeah, good point, I think I'll do this anyway. However, the last one took ~18 h and was not available until ~16:30 on the next day, which would be quite late on a Friday09:57
bigjoolsScottK: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/teeworlds/0.6.0-2~natty1/+build/2623704 is endlessly retrying because it seems to have a broken dependency-wait of "None", I'm going to kill it unless you can upload a newer version with a fix09:58
henningedpm: yes, 16:30 CEST09:58
henningedpm: which is 16.5 hours from 22 UTC ;-)09:59
dpmhenninge, good point :P10:09
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karlpI'm having problems getting a password reset email from login.launchpad, is this a known issue?11:27
karlpI've been waiting on emails for a few hours now11:29
wgrantkarlp: Could you file a support request using the link at the bottom of login.launchpad.net?11:29
wgrantThe SSO support team will help you sort it out.11:29
karlpthe one that says, "our service might be having a problem"11:29
karlpyeah, that seems like a viable solution, you get a form saying, "I'm having problems with [resetting]" [submit]11:30
karlpA member of the Global Support Services team will be in touch shortly to discuss your needs.11:30
karlphow exactly will they do that?11:30
wgrantDidn't you enter your email address?11:31
karlpbut they seem to be having problems sending me a mail, I don't have much faith that they will be able to do any more11:31
karlpand only if the email was cached in a cookie from earlier11:31
karlpit certainly isn't on that form11:31
wgrantThere is an email address field on https://forms.canonical.com/lp-login-support/11:32
karlpnot on my page11:32
karlpanyway, more to the point, I just want the password reset email to arrive.11:32
daniloskarlp, have you tried using https://login.ubuntu.com/+forgot_password as well?11:32
wgrantkarlp: Huh, interesting. In Firefox the email address input only appears when you select Other.11:33
karlpdanilos: I have now, but it looks like all the other canonical SSO password resets.11:33
wgrantkarlp: Try selecting Other and entering your address there. GSS will hopefully be in contact with you.11:33
wgrantSSO isn't managed by the LP team, so we can't do much.11:33
karlpenter your email, and captcha, and they say, "check your email!"11:34
wgrantAlternatively, you might be able to track someone down in #canonical-isd.11:34
daniloskarlp, I believe LP login is just a re-branded Ubuntu SSO11:34
ScottKbigjools: It's an LP bug.  How about you fix that.  The depencies are satisfied in backports, but Soyuz isn't pulling from there correctly due to it being NotAutomatic.11:52
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danilosthis channel is now 7 years and 1 day old! wow, it's been a while11:58
nigelbdanilos: \o/12:04
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al-maisandanilo_: how do you know ?12:22
danilosal-maisan, hey-hey, /msg chanserv info #channel tells me that12:22
al-maisanah, nice :)12:23
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bigjoolsLaney or tumbleweed, should that bug closing work on all change logs for versions between the last publication and the one being synced, or just the one being synced?14:35
Laneybigjools: all bugs in the generated changelog15:01
bigjoolsLaney: not sure that answers the question!15:01
bigjoolsit doesn't generate a changelog15:01
Laneyyou generate the changelog from the last published version, right?15:02
Laneyall lp bugs mentioned in that changelog should be closed15:02
bigjoolsnot quite15:02
bigjoolswe have the change log in the debian package we're syncing15:02
bigjoolsthe question is do we *only* look at the changelog for that version?15:03
Laneyno, all intermediate versions too15:03
bigjoolsok, thanks15:03
Laneythat's what you'd get if you passed -v to dpkg-genchanges15:04
Laneywhich is what we're trying to emulate here15:04
bigjoolsright - the web UI will only show each version's changelog, which I think is an improvement on the old way15:04
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nxvli have a script that uses this line to connect to LP:20:15
nxvlLP.login_with(sys.argv[0], 'production', version='1.0')20:16
nxvlif i change 'production' for 'staging' (i need to test a new feature) i get a cert missmatch error20:16
ahasenackhi, if a launchpad recipe uses nesting to fetch debian/* from another branch, what20:17
ahasenackhappens if the current branch already has debian/*?20:17
nxvlthat's what i get ^^20:17
CarlFKhttps://launchpad.net/~carlfk/+archive/ppa/+build/2745281  "Start in 3 hours.  Build score:2505"20:45
CarlFKI think I started 3+ hours ago, so 6 hours total20:45
CarlFKis this typical?20:45
ahasenackI would say yes20:47
ahasenackspecially on freeze day, I bet several packages are being rushed through20:47
ahasenackmine took 8h or so yesterday20:47
CarlFKk - thanks.20:52
micahgahasenack: PPA and main archive builders are separate20:58
ahasenackok, then I don't know why it took so long yesterday, maybe I as just unlucky and there were several ppa builds20:58
micahgahasenack: see /topic :)20:59
ahasenackit too long to fit in my xchat topic bar :)20:59
micahgahasenack: archive rebuild in progress20:59
ahasenackmicahg: ah, well, that's what I meant somehow, it's slow because something else related to a release is going on20:59
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nigelbso there was a buildbot failure.22:21
nigelbHow do I know if I caused it?22:21
lifelessnigelb: a) ECHANNEL. b) you don't.22:23
lifelessbut we can make buildbot public now.22:23
* lifeless rt's it22:24
nigelbsorry, just got reconnected. My channels are a mess :)22:24
ahasenackhi, if a launchpad recipe uses nesting to fetch debian/* from another branch, what happens if the current branch already has debian/*? "no defined"? Or is the existing debian directory removed before nest puts the new one in place?22:32
lifelessI think22:32
jelmerahasenack: yeah, you'll get a conflict and the build will be aborted22:53
james_wwill it?22:55
james_wit looks to me like it does a bzrdir.sprout to the existing dir, does that fail if there are files already in that dir?22:56

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