KM0201how would you change the "shutdown" icon in your lxde theme?00:59
j0hndoeProblem: How do I change an individual program's icon? For example the LxTerminal, I went to accessories>right click>properties>change icon, pick the one I want saw it changes click OK, but when I go back to do step one, its like the same thing, nothing changes... ??02:58
Unit193sudo nano /usr/share/applications/lxterminal.desktop and change icon from there02:59
Unit193May want to back it up first ;)02:59
j0hndoehow do I back up stuff? what do i back up. sry im new to this things.03:00
Unit193sudo cp /usr/share/applications/lxterminal.desktop /usr/share/applications/lxterminal.desktop.backup03:01
j0hndoety, all this commands that you tell me i got it save on a linux_commands.odt file for future reference :>03:02
Unit193You can also gksudo leafpad to have a GUI text editor03:03
ubot5sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo03:03
j0hndoeok i did both commands, the gksudo one i got leafpad open but its blank,  the sudo nano open up terminal with command stuff but idk which or how to edit it03:10
Unit193Pagedown 'til you see icon=lxterminal03:11
j0hndoefound it, how do I change it to something I want?  when I do the GUI version the name of the icon is 'terminal' or other names but same looking icons, should I change lxterminal to those name?03:15
Unit193Well, you can try, but it might be easier to just to find it with locate03:17
j0hndoehow do i do that03:17
Unit193locate terminal.{png,jpg,whatever the extension is :P)03:18
j0hndoeonce i do that how do i save it? i dont see save option in the terminal03:18
Unit193then xtrl+x03:19
j0hndoewhat button is M-A  it means append03:22
j0hndoethat's after i press ctrl+o03:22
Unit193Just hit enter03:23
j0hndoehehehehe it work03:23
j0hndoety Unit19303:23
Unit193You're welcome!03:24
Unit193Did you get your grub sorted?03:24
jmarsdenj0hndoe: If everything is correctly configured, M-A means hold down the Meta key and press A.  On PC keyboards the left Alt key is usually configured to be the Meta key, so M-A probably means Alt-A on a 'normal' PC keyboard.03:24
j0hndoejmarsden: thnx for the tip.03:25
j0hndoeUnit193: not yet03:25
jmarsdenj0hndoe: You're welcome.03:25
KM0201how do i add shutdown button back to the panel.. I accidentally deleted it, and can't change it back.03:26
Unit193j0hndoe: Ask jmarsden, he's quite good at this (If he has the time as he's a dev)03:26
j0hndoeKM0201 you might have to reset the whole panel, as a last resort.03:26
KM0201j0hndoe: whats the command ot do that?03:27
KM0201i'm willing to try that03:27
j0hndoei think you delete some file or folder, then relog03:27
jmarsdenKM0201: I've heard that question asked before, but I don't remember the answer.  Is it in the FAQ already?03:27
KM0201jmarsden: i didn't look at the FAQ yet... didn't seem like something that would be there.03:27
KM0201i have to leave, i'll be back in 15min....03:27
KM0201if you think of anything, id appreciate the advice.03:28
jmarsdenKM0201: Always check the FAQ before asking a question, that's what it exists for :)  OK.03:28
Unit193Don't you just delete ~/.config/lxpanel/ ?03:28
j0hndoeya i think that's the one to reset the panel03:28
j0hndoejmarsden i got another dillema with puppy-linux 5.2.8 it wont get detected by grub2, i tried os-prober and update-grub but it still isn't working,03:31
j0hndoesudo blkid shows this /dev/sda3: UUID="8e0b4d89-244d-4662-8b15-02a5f82520f0" SEC_TYPE="ext2" TYPE="ext3"03:32
j0hndoe/dev/sda1: UUID="b652aef8-b567-412f-be51-d0a16bc0a69e" TYPE="ext4"03:32
j0hndoe/dev/sda5: UUID="0e6a102a-7cb2-406e-b002-63fe08c6e126" TYPE="swap"03:32
jmarsdenj0hndoe: Worst case, create a custom grub entry by hand in /etc/grub.d/40_custom for Puppy.03:33
jmarsdenAll the "detection" stuff is just trying to automate writing grub entries... so if it fails, write the entry yourself instead.03:34
bioterrorit would be easier with legacy grub ;)03:35
j0hndoejmarsden, ok ill try that.03:37
jmarsdenbioterror: Probably, but then you're creating a very custom setup and you'd better know exactly what your'e doing, or you risk losing ability to boot Lubuntu as well as Puppy etc.03:37
j0hndoebioterror, isn't grub2 better than the legacy grub ?03:37
bioterrorj0hndoe, depends from who you ask03:37
bioterrorif you need GUID, you have no option ;)03:38
KM0201jmarsden: i know how ot read an FAQ....03:38
jmarsdenKM0201: Cool, when you get an answer, add your question and its answer to it then :)03:38
KM0201jmarsden: naa.. i don't do that03:39
jmarsdenYou do it you want to actually contribute back to the community...03:39
KM0201jmarsden: some people contribute in other ways, i don't edit FAQ's, etc..03:39
bioterrorwhat would happen if we all would contribute by keeping things to ourself03:40
Pegasus_RPGis there a netboot lubuntu image?03:40
jmarsdenPegasus_RPG: Not officially, and not any that I know of unofficially either.03:41
Pegasus_RPGusing the standard ubuntu one causes it to download a bunch of different packages, causing lots of cache misses for me03:41
bioterrorPegasus_RPG, you mean PXE?03:41
Pegasus_RPGbioterror: yes03:41
bioterrorPegasus_RPG, I have not tried to boot lubuntu from PXE03:43
bioterrorwish I had energy and time03:43
Pegasus_RPGI'm currently using ubuntu's standard image then I'll do apt-get install lubuntu-desktop03:43
bioterrorbuut mini.iso ;)03:43
Pegasus_RPGbut I would like a more direct way :)03:44
KM0201well, that didn't work03:44
Pegasus_RPGbioterror: should it just be a matter of dropping lubuntu's initrd.gz and linux files onto the PXE serveR?03:46
bioterrorlubuntu uses same initrd's and kernels as ubuntu03:46
Pegasus_RPGso what's different? the preseeds?03:47
bioterrordifference is what it starts to load after them ;)03:48
bioterrorinstead of gdm it runs lxdm which runs openbox and then lxde stuff03:48
KM0201well crap, now i lost nm-applet04:02
KM0201well, igot my shutdown button back, but i lost my freaking networking applet.04:11
jmarsdenKM0201: If you want to learn a little, restore the config folder from backup to an alternate location, diff it with what you have now, then based on that, create a fully working folder of config info that does what you need with both the shutdown button and the nm-applet.04:14
KM0201jmarsden: i restored my backup.. .. but for some reason my neworking applet didn't come back.04:14
KM0201i backed it up before i reset it...04:15
KM0201but resetting it didn't work anyway, i just got a blank panel04:15
jmarsdenwell, if you are giving up on fixing it, you can try something more radical like     apt-get purge lxpanel, reboot, apt-get install lxpanel (but I make no guarantees it will work for you!)04:16
KM0201no, i understand, this just shouldn't be that difficult really.04:17
KM0201if i had networking before i started this, and i restored my old config, i should have a panel.04:17
KM0201basically like a new install.04:17
KM0201i'll try your way though04:17
KM0201jmarsden: that basically worked...   purge the panel, delete ~/.config/lxpanel   then reinstall lxpanel (yes you have to delete the .config folder.. don't know why it wasn't removed by purge)04:24
jmarsdenOk, good.04:25
poluxhello all06:48
poluxPhillw : thank you for your help Lubuntu is configured is Good06:59
bioterrorphillw says you're welcome ;)07:00
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silverarrowwill gnome player ever be equipped to play dowloaded youtube videos?16:20
hyperairit can.16:21
hyperairwait a sec16:21
hyperairwe're talking about gnome mplayer right?16:21
silverarrowyes, the default in lubuntu16:22
silverarrowit's pretty good, I like it16:22
silverarrowI have downloaded two or three videos from youtube it will not play16:22
hyperairit does support playing flv files.16:22
hyperairpresumably your downloaded videos are flvs, right?16:23
silverarrowhmm, I'm not shore16:25
silverarrowin documents they end with .flv16:25
silverarrowI have just copied directly from youtube, and  used youtube-dl form terminal16:26
hyperairyoutube-dl, right? could you give me a sample link?16:30
hyperairi think some videos might come as mp416:30
silverarrowrandom example, I am downloading too just to check16:34
silverarrowI get the same with 3-4 videos I have dowloaded16:34
silverarrowabout 3 I downloaded a few days ago play16:35
bioterrorlower resolution cames as.flv and higher like 720p and 1080p as mp16:36
silverarrowI see16:36
silverarrowI must admit, I didn't pay much attention to resolution16:37
silverarrowit looks like I downlaoded in low resolution16:39
silverarrowall documents I downloaded end with .flv16:42
silverarrowand will not play16:42
hyperairhmm youtube-dl doesn't even work for me for that address.16:55
silverarrowit works here hyperair17:21
silverarrowhyperair, old version of youtube-dl?17:24
KM0201i use greasemonkey w/ youtube downloader script, to download YT (standard dev, mp4's or flv's.. so it may not meet your needs)17:33
hyperairsilverarrow: what version of youtube-dl do you have?17:38
silverarrowVLC media player 1.2.0-git Twoflower17:39
silverarrowI opened in terminal17:39
hyperairwait wait, i thought you said youtube-dl.17:41
hyperairnot vlc.17:41
hyperairnevermind, i just installed oneiric youtube-dl and it works.17:41
silverarrowoh sorry, I am making a mess here17:49
silverarrowi really don't know about youtube-dl, it only opens in terminal and nothing to check?17:49
hyperairsilverarrow: aha, it downloads webm format17:53
hyperairnot flv.17:53
hyperairbut mplayer works with webm!17:53
silverarrownot here17:54
silverarrowthough gnomeplaye works with everything else17:54
hyperaircan you try running "mplayer blahblah.webm" in a terminal and see whatit says?17:54
hyperairchange the blahblah to the name of the file of course >_>17:56
hyperairit does save a webm file, right?17:56
silverarrowhyperair, to no result ?17:57
hyperairif not, can you run "file filename.flv"?17:57
silverarrowfile filename.flv17:58
silverarrowfile filename.flv17:58
silverarrowfilename.flv: ERROR: cannot open `filename.flv' (No such file or directory)17:58
silverarrowhow do I add libvlccore5 from package manager?18:23
silverarrowany way about streaming downloaded youtube videos?19:14
silverarrowvlc is majorly acting up19:14
Pegasus_RPGHi again. I'm trying to netboot the lubuntu installer now. What I've done so far is put initrd.lz, vmlinuz, and the .seed file on the TFTP server and made a SYSLINUX menu entry that loads those using the command line from the .cfg file on the USB stick21:46
gentoo_drummeranyone here?21:46
Pegasus_RPGbut I get "no init found"21:46
gentoo_drummerjust wondering how I can edit the rc.xml for keybinds on lubuntu21:46
gentoo_drummeris it just doing the same thing as openbox?21:46
Pegasus_RPGgentoo_drummer: lubuntu uses LXDE so maybe search the web for that21:47
* Pegasus_RPG is new here too21:47
gentoo_drummerPegasus_RPG, ye, but lxde also includes openbox?21:48
Pegasus_RPGi don't know21:48
Pegasus_RPGif so, sure, give it a try ^_^21:48
ActionParsnipjust to show off http://dl.dropbox.com/u/8850924/Images/Desktop.png22:16
Pegasus_RPGActionParsnip: haha nice. Running on a less-than-minimal system I see?22:30
ActionParsnipnot so minimal, just libreoffice added22:31
ActionParsnip3.1Gb installed. 229Mb RAM used22:31
KM0201lol, slick22:32
ActionParsnipSize 40 lxpanel, then used imagemagic to stretch and monochrome the image to theme it22:41
ActionParsnipthe rest is stock22:41
KM0201mine is boring.. :)22:44
KM0201ah, no, it has 5.... only short1.22:49
Pegasus_RPGHow can I change the login screen background in Lubuntu?23:48

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