Ian_Corneanyone with dual monitor setup here, with different screen resolutions?00:13
coz_Ian_Corne,  not me,, dual with same res00:14
Ian_Cornei think/hope alot has to do with udev crapping out like it's doing00:15
Ian_Cornehmm coz_00:16
Ian_Cornecould you try putting one screen on a smaller resolution?00:16
coz_Ian_Corne,  sure but  at this point I dont have 11.10  installed so its likely not going to help,, I am going to install this weekend ,, sorry00:17
Ian_Cornewell it didn't work for me on 11.04 either :p00:17
Ian_Cornesomething about virtual resolutions00:17
coz_Ian_Corne,  oh!00:17
coz_Ian_Corne,  let me try  here00:17
Ian_Cornebut i was on fglrx then, opensource drivers now00:17
coz_Ian_Corne,  oh I have nvidia00:18
coz_Ian_Corne,  and the smaller res on the secondary monitor,, although  too big ,, is fine00:18
Ian_Corneopensource drivers or the blob?00:18
Ian_Corneblob probably?00:18
coz_the blob00:18
Ian_Cornemeh doesn't matter, they're diffrent from what i'm using anyways00:18
coz_yeah sorry00:18
Ian_Cornehaha, np00:19
Ian_CorneI'll ask again tomorow, when there's people awake :)00:19
coz_Ian_Corne,   I have had very very little expeirnece with ati00:19
coz_Ian_Corne,  although nourveau on fedora dual screen worked really well  ,,00:20
Ian_Corneyeah, i've had a dual monitor setup on another box for 4 years, worked great, but they were the same size00:21
Ian_Corneand it used the nvidia-settings00:21
coz_although I hit the bug with nouveau with compiz  when the video ram filled and things got weird00:21
Ian_Cornehow did you knwo the ram was full?00:21
Ian_CorneI've got 2GB on this card so I should be fine for a while :p00:21
coz_Ian_Corne,  smspillaz  was talking about the bug  as it happened to me,, I described and he verified it lol    a lot of good that did :)00:22
coz_apparenlty its too much for nouveau  + compiz + dual monitors00:22
coz_Ian_Corne,  things slowed down to a very slow crawl and video distortion  if I tried opening or closing anything00:23
Ian_Corneoh, i've been getting screen artifacts on both nvidia and fglrx and gallium :p00:23
coz_Ian_Corne, ooo  what fun... yes :)00:24
Ian_Corneon my laptop, when it comes back i have to unity --replace & exit in a terminal to get it back upto anythign i can see through :p00:29
DanaGweird... wmi events seem to be generated in the future?00:44
Ian_Cornentpdate ?00:45
DanaGer, wrong tab00:45
DanaGconsidering 'w' is short for 'windows'.00:45
Ian_Cornegot the compiz ppa also running on my laptop now01:23
Ian_Cornelets see if suspend behaves nicely now01:23
Ian_Corneit doesn't01:25
GTRsdkwhich package provides mono csc or al?02:52
obviousTroll2Hey all. Are users reporting problems with flash in +1?  Mine has been shot for a few days now.05:32
urlin2u64 bit?05:32
urlin2uyes others report this, the sevenmachines ppa has a package .05:32
obviousTroll2I'll check it out. Thanks urlin2u!05:33
urlin2uobviousTroll2, no problem05:33
PeddyWhen I set the boot resolution in the grub file, my boot screen is entirely black until the login screen. Help!05:39
urlin2uPeddy, which grub file     /etc/default/grub   and what reolution05:42
Peddyurlin2u, /etc/default/grub and 1680x105005:42
urlin2uPeddy, is it the only OS on the computer?05:43
Peddyurlin2u, it's not, I have several other kernels and distributions, as well as Windows. But the grub was installed from this one.05:43
urlin2uPeddy, have you tried smaller resolutions and the original?05:44
Peddyurlin2u, I have not - do you suggest I set another resolution, or remove those lines entirely?05:45
urlin2uI would try the original05:45
urlin2umine says this  #GRUB_GFXMODE=640x480  not even being used05:47
Peddyokay I will try that and report back - thanks for your help!05:47
urlin2uno problem read thoise four line it may be card realated05:47
Peddyit's always worked, I think upgrading to the 3.0.0-9 kernel is the problem.05:48
urlin2uPeddy, I think t is the upgrade of stuff I know nothing about, lol05:48
bullgard4_[GNOME 3] What document descibes the function of the "Guest Account"?06:14
IdleOnebullgard4: basically the Guest account is so you can let someone else use your pc with a default GUI and without them having access to sudo06:28
IdleOneso, they won't be able to install/remove anything06:28
bullgard4_IdleOne: All settings that the guest has made are lost after the computer is rebooted? I found a line in /etc/passwd that includes  :/tmp/guest-Tyohdf: .06:32
IdleOnebullgard4: I am not certain about the settings being reset06:34
bullgard4_IdleOne: Thank you for your help.06:35
vega__is gnome classic still in oneiric?06:40
IdleOnevega__: no06:47
vega__just tested unity on natty and support for multiple screens seems to be .. well, not really polished06:51
billybigrigger_IdleOne, any idea how i can add an http link to the unity launcher?06:58
billybigrigger_ie sabnzbplus06:58
IdleOnehmm nope06:58
IdleOneI think it has something to do with .desktop file06:58
IdleOnenotice the .06:58
bullgard4_vega__: My advice: Get a free partition and install Ubuntu 11.10 on it. Then select GNOME 3. GNOME 3 will be the future.07:19
htorquehey guys! do you know if there's a built-in short version for 'bzr version-info'?07:28
litropyThere's something wrong with the new effects in Cheese 3.0. They have a magenta overlay -- it's as if the other colors haven't been implemented. But here's the catch: within the effects panel, _and_ the actual picture taken, it's fine. It's just the live video that has the bug.07:32
litropyCould someone point me in the right direction?07:33
makaraif I install Ocelot Alpha, will the automatic updates bring it up to the full release in October, or will I have to download that CD again?07:37
IdleOnemakara: yes it will get you to final release07:38
nocturnHow can I change the font size in Oneiric?  Defaults are huge...07:38
zniavregnome-tweak-tool ?07:38
jbichanocturn: also see System Settings>Universal Access07:42
ubottuIf you install a development version of Ubuntu Oneiric and keep up with package updates, then you will be upgraded to the official release of 11.10 when it comes out. To make sure, type « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » in a terminal.07:43
makarajbicha, what about that?07:45
IdleOnemakara: same applies for alpha07:46
IdleOnealpha will go to beta and beta to final07:46
IdleOnesometimes we don't even get a beta07:46
makaragood news07:46
IdleOnelast cycle it was all alpha's iirc07:46
jbichano, there's always a beta07:52
nocturn1Universal access works, but font smoothing is lost, tweak tool did it for everything but window titles07:52
* nocturn will try logout-login07:53
devurandomI just installed Win7 x64 and then Ubuntu 11.10 alpha3 (oneric), but there is no boot selection being displayed. The system boots straight into Win7. I also tried to use EasyBCD as described in the official wiki, but that starts a "grub4dos" with / being the Windows partition.08:40
devurandomHow do I properly setup a dual boot system with Win7 x64 and Ubuntu 11.10 x86-64?08:41
rockthegodi just installed ubuntu 11.04 in my win7 laptop on a seperate partition08:41
rockthegodbut after they completed the installation and asked to reboot08:41
rockthegodim not able to view the boot options08:41
devurandomHaha, same issue here... Yours also boots straight into Win7?08:42
rockthegodcan someone help me08:42
rockthegodyes devurandom08:42
rockthegoddoes it somehow  depend on the hardware?08:42
devurandomI just asked about the very same problem...08:43
rockthegodor is it something with win708:43
rockthegodim rather new in this linux thing08:43
rockthegodwhat is this easybcd thing youve mentioned above08:43
devurandomhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBoot#Master Boot Record and Boot Manager08:44
devurandomdoesnt work for me though.08:44
rockthegodive tried the 11.04 version08:45
rockthegodis there no one else out here who could help?08:46
devurandomirc is not realtime ;)08:47
rockthegodbut then how come we are able to talk in realtime?08:47
devurandomWell, it is mostly not used in a realtime way. You just ask your questions and wait for someone to answer. This might take from several minutes to some hours, depending on how complex the problem is and how many experienced people are around.08:48
urlin2urockthegod, have you switched the HD's in the bios to see if grub is in that one?08:48
rockthegodiv ejust got the one HD08:49
urlin2urockthegod, you ran sudo update-grub08:49
devurandomsame here, it is a laptop which is uefi capable but supports some sort of fallback to legacy bios (thinkpad x121e)08:50
rockthegodcould you please translate that...08:50
Feldegastrockthegod do you have a separate /boot partition?08:50
rockthegodim an amateur08:50
urlin2urockthegod, open a terminal and run   sudo update-grub08:50
urlin2uin ubuntu08:50
rockthegodi installed it in a seperate partition08:50
rockthegodim running windows now08:50
rockthegodcannot goto ubuntu08:51
urlin2urockthegod, was this a wubi install08:51
Feldegastso when it boots you see no boot options and it boots straight to windows?08:51
devurandomurlin2u: My install was a regular one, same issue here.08:51
rockthegodwhat is a wubi install?08:51
rockthegodno boot options and staright to windows08:52
Feldegastwubi is where you install within windows08:52
urlin2urockthegod, here is ascript you should both run and pastebin the results text.  sudo update-grub08:52
Feldegastlike a windows application08:52
rockthegodi installed from a cd08:52
Feldegastlet me get the repair steps08:52
urlin2uI would run the script it is a diagnostic tool08:53
devurandomFeldegast: Exactly. I also tried that EasyBCD tool Ubuntu recommends, but that does not help anything. It starts something that calls itself "grub4dos" which only presents a commandline and uses C:\ as root.08:53
rockthegodso i just download this script and run it right?08:53
Feldegastthe method i use is using the install cd08:53
urlin2urockthegod, in your case on a live ubuntu cd, needs to run in linux08:54
devurandomFeldegast: Is there a dedicated install cd or do you mean the regular desktop/live cd, just using the "install ubuntu" option?08:54
urlin2umight just need grub in the mbr, or purged and reloaded08:54
devurandomHm, I can try to make the firmware emulate bios only, without exporting the ef interface. Maybe that helps.08:55
devurandomEFI does not use the MBR at all, does it?08:55
Feldegastdevurandom the regular live cd08:57
devurandomdarn, disabling the efi-nterface does not help a bit.08:58
Feldegastyes, all you have to do is re-install grub to the mbr after mounting the /boot partition08:58
Feldegastefi uses mbr08:58
devurandomoh, what for?08:58
Feldegastmbr is on the hdd, and it is run by efi just like bios runs it08:59
Feldegastefi is just an extended bios08:59
devurandomAh, I thought efi runs the efi boot menu from the boot partition09:00
devurandomi.e. without going via any mbr, but directly jumping into that partition09:00
Feldegastif it does, the efi boot menu would be in the mbr09:00
Feldegastor a pointer to it would be in the mbr09:01
devurandomk, I thought that ptr was in the flash memory09:01
Feldegastthat's how you do it09:02
Feldegastyou also have to mount the /boot partion if it is separate09:02
Feldegastsudo mount /dev/sdXY /mnt/boot09:03
FeldegastTo reinstall GRUB, just use the following graphical tool : Boot-Repair.09:05
FeldegastBoot-repair can be used either from a live-CD or from a normal session.09:05
Feldegastis another option09:05
devurandommeep, does not work (tm)09:08
urlin2udevurandom, you have gpt partitons09:08
devurandomDoes windows support that?09:08
urlin2uso do others though09:09
urlin2udevurandom, you running natty?09:09
devurandomI am trying to get Oneric to work09:09
urlin2udevurandom, you brave soul you, how much experience do you have in open source?09:10
Lynouredepends on the definition of "work". :)09:11
urlin2uLynoure, hey. ;-)09:11
devurandomurlin2u: Been switching from SuSE 8 to Gentoo 1.4 at some time, if that gives you the idea.09:12
urlin2udevurandom, cool you could understand that bootscript I would run it09:12
devurandomurlin2u: That script has a problem, because the awk on the livecd has no "math support ... compiled in"09:18
urlin2udid you run it09:18
devurandomyes, that is how I figured out it has that problem09:19
urlin2upastebin what it says this script is used all the time from live ubuntu cd, 1000's of times, all over the ubuntu forum and the bot knows what it is.09:20
devurandomurlin2u: sda seems to use msdos labels according to parted. I think then it does not use gpt, does it?09:20
urlin2uon the #ubuntu channel all day and night09:20
devurandomMight be, but there are error messages in RESULTS.txt09:20
urlin2uno it wont read gpt correctly thats why I was cut=rious as that was not confirmed.09:21
urlin2umbr partitioning is whats its for.09:21
urlin2udarn, y=to bad I would wipe that gpt if it was me09:22
urlin2uyour missing this in sda5 /boot/grub/core.img, and MS is in the mbr. you running easybcd always09:28
devurandomHow did you detect that?09:29
devurandomAnd I am missing what in sda5?09:29
urlin2uI have spent alot of time in this area, and have scripts from my own computer to compare09:29
urlin2usda5 shoud be this  /boot/grub/grub.cfg /etc/fstab /boot/grub/core.img09:30
urlin2uyours  /boot/grub/grub.cfg /etc/fstab09:31
devurandomThe previous paste might have been wrong. This is one being chrooted into the oneric partition: http://pastebin.ca/207829409:31
devurandomAnd "MS is in the MBR"? "You are running easybcd always"? Where did you see that? I'd simply like to learn.09:32
devurandomurlin2u: I have "core.efi" in /boot/grub09:33
urlin2ufirst text line Windows is installed in the MBR of /dev/sda.  you mentioned easybcd is all09:33
devurandomAh, kk09:33
urlin2uin sdb1 am I right09:33
urlin2uthe efi09:34
devurandomsdb1 is the stick that booted the live system.09:34
devurandomcore.efi is in sda509:34
urlin2uI wondered if sdb1 was a boot stick, I haven't seen what is normally in a efi,boot so I could be wrong but all the normal Ubuntu boot files are in sda5 minus the ones I mention09:36
urlin2uto be honest the partitions are all normal, it looks like a standard mbr type setup, as far as the partitions go09:38
devurandomHm, so how do I get grub into the mbr?09:38
urlin2uthe link earlier is correct  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#Reinstalling%20from%20LiveCD09:38
devurandomthe anchor of the link you gave is dead. Is https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#Reinstalling GRUB2 correct?09:39
urlin2uhere is the easy default no chroot but you may have to go to the third option and chroot in and purge and reinstall grub-pc grub-common  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#Copy%20LiveCD%20Files09:40
urlin2uthat defaults to the live cd reload of grub without the chroot, the chroot is farther down 3rd option09:41
urlin2umore fun then you should be allowed to have huh. ;-)09:42
devurandomI ran grub-install several times now and your script still claims Windows is installed in the MBR...09:43
devurandomDarn, this is annoying.09:45
urlin2udevurandom, grub install from where09:45
devurandomWithin chroot09:45
devurandomCan install from the live environment because it says /dev would be missing...09:46
urlin2usudo grub-install /dev/sda09:46
devurandomThe exact command I am running since half an hour.09:46
urlin2uyou in chroot from the live cd?09:47
devurandomyes, from livecd into installed oneiric09:47
devurandom--force does not change a bit.09:47
urlin2uyour missing that grub image i would purge grub-pc and grub-common the reinstall them09:48
urlin2uin the reinstall of the grub set it asks you where you want grub in sda of course09:50
urlin2uif you do that the space key tick the sda choice09:51
zniavre_good morning09:54
zniavre_im using gnome-panel session (fallback) does indicators will works with new gnome-panel or no ?09:55
urlin2udevurandom, here is a excellent link for what your doing as well.  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=158109909:56
devurandomThats basically what I am doing.09:59
devurandomI'll try this reinstall thingy once, maybe that helps10:00
jbichazniavre_: indicators have not been ported to the new gnome-panel yet, it still might happen before final release though10:03
zniavre_jbicha,  that will be nice    :o)  thank you answering10:04
jbichazniavre_: you can follow bug 724369 if you want updates on it10:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 724369 in indicator-applet (Ubuntu) "Port to gnome-panel 3 and gtk 3" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72436910:04
zniavre_jbicha, thank you (bis)10:08
devurandomI think the issue might be grub-efi being installed while I cannot boot anything when selecting "uefi only" in the firmware.10:09
devurandomWhich in turn might be the reason your "reinstall grub-pc" trick works.10:11
devurandomHavent tested so far, though. Atm I am pulling in about 500 updates...10:11
nocturnDoes anyone have Skype working on Oneiric 64-bit?10:13
nocturnThere seem to be missing ia32 libs...10:13
devurandomHm, efi needs a boot partition, right? And grub2 probably does not support the boot partition win7 created... And it is not even a real efi partition it seems. /efi is missing.10:14
urlin2uI'm gonna crash, but if you still have not got is=t going the ubuntu forums have some great help there that is where I learned all of this at.10:14
devurandomThanks for trying though. :)10:16
urlin2uno problem10:16
leniosdevurandom, are you trying to use efi or mbr?10:20
devurandomMy laptop supports "uefi" and "legacy". I am just trying to get it to boot Ubuntu and Win7, whatever I will end up with.10:21
leniosgpt partitions?10:21
devurandomAtm it seems the grub I installed was the efi one, but the firmware was not able to start it.10:21
devurandomlenios: I am not sure. parted says "msdos", but maybe that is just the legacy support kicking in.10:22
devurandomlenios: How would I figure out for sure?10:22
leniosi thought (g)parted had good support for gpt10:22
devurandomjust tried gparted. also says partiton-table=msdos10:24
devurandomCan I install gpt in addition to msdos labels?10:24
devurandomAnd do I need it for eif?10:24
leniosparted -l /dev/sda should say Partition Table: gpt10:24
leniosgpt + msdos is called hybrid10:25
devurandomno, says msdos10:25
leniosthen you have msdos10:25
devurandomDo I need gpt to get it to work?10:25
leniosi'm not sure about that10:25
devurandomAnd in that case I also need an efi boot partition, right?10:26
devurandomthat case = i use efi10:26
devurandomSince atm no such thing seems to exist.10:26
leniosis there a reference for your firmware?10:26
devurandomdefine "reference" please.10:26
leniossomething to help me find doc about it10:28
devurandomIt is a thinkpad x121e model 3051-5QG10:29
devurandommaybe I messed up when I installed windows. Maybe partitioning it manually made it decide not to use efi... :(10:30
devurandomAnd then maybe it decide to not use gpt either, and create no efi boot partition and so on...10:31
leniosif repartitioning is possible, i would try to reformat the disk from gparted, specifying gpt partition table10:32
devurandomYep, sounds like a good idea. I'll also get another usb stick first, so I can have a windows and ubuntu installation medium available at the same time, in case I need to reinstall yet again.10:33
leniosnot sure, but  "(EFI does not support booting from disks with MSDOS partition table!)" from http://www.novell.com/support/documentLink.do?externalID=700326310:35
devurandomDang, now that I installed grub for bioses win7 does not start anymore. Saying something about a broken bcd file...10:36
leniosoh, i know how to fix that10:36
lenioshad bad experience with that, but fix is actually simple if you have the windows cdrom10:37
leniosboot on the install cd, and click on repair on the bottom left10:37
devurandomhehe, I had to overwrite the windows boot stuff with the ubuntu stuff, because I have only one usb stick.10:38
lenioswasn't windows on gpt partition table?10:39
devurandomthe usb stick I used for installation. I had to overwrite it.10:39
leniosbut the computer's hard drive should be shipped with gpt10:41
devurandomI think windows wanted to format everything. I think everything was entirely empty when I received it.10:41
devurandomThe laptop is shipped without any os.10:41
leniosi can't help you with windows, but if you want to dual boot, you probably first need to get windows to work with gpt, get the correct partitions with gparted, and then install ubuntu (try not to install grub on the drive)10:44
devurandom"try not to install grub"? Because ubuntu does this automatically, or why?10:47
devurandomOr do you mean "try not to install the bios / non-efi variant of grub"?10:48
leniosi mean do not install grub on mbr10:52
devurandomToo late. Can I clear it still?10:52
leniosis it an efi aware grub?10:53
devurandomI now installed grub-pc, replacing the grub-efi that was installed earlier10:54
leniosgrub-pc has support for gpt partition tables10:58
devurandomok, heading for the store then, getting usb sticks10:59
devurandomAnd thanks a lot lenios!11:14
alkisgHi, I'm about to install oneiric, is the daily build installable or should I use the alpha 3 cd?11:50
drussellalkisg: I've had some success with daily builds recently, not tried today though12:22
drussellalkisg: the last daily I installed was 4-5 days ago12:22
alkisgdrussell: thank you - burning alpha 3 then.... :)12:26
alkisgAh you meant that you didn't try, not that they failed12:26
alkisgSorry, non-native english speaker, had to read that twice :)12:26
alkisgOK, burning the daily build12:27
jbichaalkisg: today's daily build might have trouble with bug 83181212:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 831812 in ubiquity (Ubuntu Oneiric) "ubiquity fails to start when called with '--desktop %k' and libglibmm-2.4-1c2a 2.29.11-0ubuntu1" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83181212:29
alkisgjbicha: thanks - I'll run it without --desktop12:29
alkisgHmm my lucid usb-creator doesn't like the oneiric .iso image though...12:30
alkisgDo I need a newer usb creator for that?12:31
penguin42yeh I think so12:31
alkisgTy, looking for some ppa...12:31
Ian_Cornetry unetbootin12:31
penguin42alkisg: There should be one in the lucid-updates I think12:31
penguin42unetbootin is great12:31
Ian_CorneI never use the ubuntu one anymore, always unetbootin :p12:32
alkisgThanks, I installed the natty usb-creator package12:38
penguin42yofel: The nautilus is started from ksmserverrc - not found a safe way to edit out yet (just filed a bug that there isn't a way to edit it...)12:39
* alkisg prefers using the stock tools provided by Ubuntu, when they actually work, that is12:39
leniosdoes anybody know what migration from update-manager -d actually do except changing sources.list and updating packages?12:53
nocturn lenios: doing -d should take care of sources12:59
nocturnand wil run the entire upgrade12:59
leniosi mean, what's different from sed s/natty/oneiric/g /etc/apt/sources.list && apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade13:00
lenios(that shoud actually be sed -i, but whatever)13:02
mvolenios: not much except for the stuff in DistUpgradeQuirks.py that will automatically work around known issues that are put into the ReleaseNotes usually13:04
mvolenios: plus it will ensure that you have ubuntu-dekstop (or kubuntu, or whatever) after the upgrade and do a bit more cleanup13:04
leniosi see13:05
mvobut generally speaking its fine to use apt-get (if you familiar with the tool and pay attention to the output etc)13:05
vega__there's also do-release-upgrade command13:08
vega__"This is the preferred command if the machine has no graphic environment or if the machine is to be upgraded over a remote connection."13:09
lenioscan you use a local mirror with do-release-upgrade?13:10
=== hggdh_ is now known as hggdh
alkisgMeh, the ubiquity window doesn't fit in my 1024x600 netbook screen, if I didn't know to hold down Alt to move windows I wouldn't be able to proceed with the installation13:11
vega__lenios: don't know, someone seem to have succeeded: http://blog.troyastle.com/2010/10/upgrading-from-lucid-to-maverick-using.html13:12
Jessica_LilyHey, when I enable the proprietary graphics drivers with the additional drivers tool it instructs me to reboot, so I do. When I boot back up it doesn't use them. What package would I file this as a bug against?13:18
jbichaJessica_Lily: just run ubuntu-bug and report as a display problem13:19
BluesKajHey all13:40
makarai just installed Oneric Alpha 3 and its unusable. The graphics for Unity 3D and 2D doesn't refresh properly13:49
bazhangmakara, file a bug then13:49
Ian_Cornemakara: have you updated?13:49
ubottuA schedule of Oneiric Ocelot (11.10) release milestones can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OneiricReleaseSchedule13:50
Ian_Corneyeh, alpha 3 is quite old13:50
makarahow do I update when I can't navigate?13:51
jtaylorif you can't use the console, don't use a alpha13:51
makarai'm in way over my head13:51
makarai know how to use the console13:52
drussellmakara: ctrl+alt+f1, login, apt-get update, apt-get upgrade13:52
PiciUse a dist-upgrade13:52
Ian_Cornefirst upgrade13:52
Ian_Cornethen check dist-upgrade13:52
drussellIan_Corne: exactly13:52
Ian_Corneif you see "ubuntu-desktop" will be uninstalled13:53
Ian_Cornedon't :p13:53
drussellmakara: though it's still an alpha, so some levels of breakage should be almost expected13:53
drussellmakara: it's been pretty stable for me, but not everyone's been so lucky, the odd compiz crash now and again13:53
makarawhy does the login page list GNOME if its not an option?13:54
jtaylorsince today regualr unity finally works for me :)13:54
jtaylornot more constantly crashing metacity :D13:54
drussellmakara: gnome3 is still gnome ;o)13:54
Ian_Cornemakara: gnome is an option13:55
Ian_Corne"classic" isn't, and by classic, it means gnome-panel13:55
makarait gives an error when I login with GNOME (other options are Ubuntu 2D and Ubuntu)13:56
Ian_Cornewell, gnome-shell is not installed by default13:56
Ian_Cornebut makara did you update?13:56
makaraupdating now13:57
makaraso will I have GNOME as an option when this is done?13:57
Ian_Corneyou'll need to install gnome-shell I think13:57
makarathat's unfortunate13:58
makaraGNOME2 is a good interface13:58
Ian_Corneit was ok13:58
makarawhat was wrong with it?13:59
PiciGNOME is no longer supporting it.13:59
Ian_Corne1 ^^13:59
Ian_Corneand it looks outdated13:59
Ian_Cornethere's still LXDE which is pretty much the same13:59
makarawhat does outdated look like?13:59
PiciThe main reason is that GNOME is not supporting it.14:00
makarawell if it doesn't change there'll be no need for support14:00
Ian_Cornemakara: just stay on 10.04 then14:00
Ian_Corneit won't change14:00
Ian_Corneno need to support it14:00
makarawhich solves a whole lot of problems14:00
makaramy wifi doesn't work on 10.0414:01
makaraso I'm running through the gauntlet to get things to work14:01
makarahoping linux 3 will have a fix, and can only get that with Ocelot14:02
alkisgTry installing linux-image-generic-lts-backport-natty to your 10.0414:02
makarawhat is that? from synaptic it says latest version is 2.6.38-10-2014:08
makarai think I had a newer version with my 11.04 install14:08
alkisgIf you tried 11.04 and your wifi didn't work, that won't work either, it's the natty kernel14:09
makaratell me, why would 11.10 have a newer version of linux available than 10.04?14:10
makarasurely there's less to test since 10.04 is so stable anyway14:11
Feldegastmakara it's newer14:11
makarai mean why wouldn't the updates to 10.04 have linux 3 already?14:11
Feldegastdevelopers are concentrating on the new alpha14:12
Picimakara: Because we don't upgrade packages like that on releases that have already shipped.14:12
ubottuPackages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.14:13
makaraPici: are you saying 10.04 will always have linux 2.6, no matter how long I wait?14:13
vega__makara: of course14:13
Picimakara: yes. In fact, it will have 2.6.32 forever.14:14
makarai see14:14
Ian_Cornemakara: unless you add the kernel ppa14:14
vega__not a single distro changes kernel major version inside one release ..14:14
makarais '32' ubuntu's own suffix?14:14
makarai'm trying to understand what I can expect from different versions of linux, ubuntu and updates. Like what exactly is a linux update? At what point do the wifi drivers get added? It seems Torvalds does that part. But then what is this .32 all about - could this include drivers for new Atheros chips?14:18
makaraone gets tired of guessing these things14:23
Feldegast.32 is just a version number14:24
STiK_M32 bit a d 64 bit versions.14:25
STiK_MNvm kernel version.14:26
makaraSTiK_M i don't think so14:27
Feldegast2.6.38-10-20 is a version number14:28
makaraFeldegast, I'm looking for something more profound14:28
Feldegastubuntu make changes to the kernel to so things like displaying the ubuntu logo at start up and other tweaks14:29
Ian_Cornethat has nothing todo with the kernel14:29
Feldegastsometimes things are left out or added too from the standard kernel modules compiled within the kernel14:30
Feldegastlike a module might be left out if it is not stable yet14:31
makarai think it would really be useful to know what type of modules, don't you?14:34
makarai'm just a normal user trying to get things to work so I gotta know all these things, but the high-level documentation, if it exists, isn't upfront enough14:35
makara(I'm a technical writer by the way)14:35
makara((disgruntled at not getting a reply from canonical to his resume))14:36
dupondjeYou need network connection to install 11.10 alternative ?14:36
makarafrom my miserable experience i'd say you need network connection. period.14:38
drusselldupondje: yes14:40
dupondjethats like *crap* :)14:40
dupondjeno other way to install without network ? :p14:40
makaralinux is really only for networked computers14:41
dupondjewell but there is no wireless support ... :)14:43
dupondjein the installer ..14:43
jtayloryou don't need network for the alternate installer14:48
jtaylorelse I would be screwed, I need to use ndiswrapper and windows driver for my crappy wlan stick14:48
* Feldegast has atheros wireless14:50
dupondjejtaylor: just tested, and it seems its needed :s14:51
makaraFeldegast, an Atheros AR9271?14:52
jtaylordupondje: then thats new and very very bad :O14:52
jtaylordupondje: which step needs it?14:52
jtayloralpha3 didn't so far I know14:52
dupondjeit tries dhcp autoconfig, it fails (ofc no network cable installed)14:53
dupondjethen it asks for country14:53
dupondjethen it gives you the repository14:53
dupondjebut ofc It can't connect14:53
makaraOneric warned me against using wifi (either the install or the website)14:53
jtaylorit should just continue and use the cd repo14:53
dupondjeit goes back to the repo list ..14:54
dupondjedont seem to be able to continue14:54
jtaylorare you doing an expert install?14:54
dupondjehmz no14:54
dupondjejust alternative cd14:54
dupondjeusing cli install14:55
dupondjeonly possible in expert ?14:55
jtaylorno it should also work in normal install14:55
jtaylorI'll test it in a VM when I have somebandwidth to spare14:55
Feldegastmakara not sure14:58
makaralsusb in a terminal and it'll say14:58
jtaylor:/ zsync needs to load 70% ._.14:59
jtaylorI wish ubuntu would ofer jigdo14:59
Feldegastmakara it's built into my EEE PC14:59
Feldegastit works, so i am not that curious14:59
makarajtaylor - it did. it failed me horribly. I ended up downloading gigs of data for nothing14:59
makarajtaylor: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/JigdoDownloadHowto15:02
makarabut I don't recommend it15:02
makarai was trying to save bandwidth and had nothing to show at the end of it15:02
jtaylorbut its not offered for 11.04?15:02
jtaylorI use jigdo to update my debian packages15:03
jtaylorits much better as it can integrate with apt-cachers15:03
makarajtaylor, it is. that's the one that failed me15:03
makarai had high hopes for jigdo15:04
jtayloris there a 11.04 template?15:05
=== ghostcube_ is now known as ghostcube
jtaylorups I mean 11.1015:06
jtaylorhm no15:06
jtaylordupondje: just tried with an iso from 05. aug works fine without net15:08
jtaylorupdating that iso to curren t will take 2 hours :/15:09
genii-aroundMeh. Latest update installed nautilus again which I had removed because it kept opening on startup in my Kubuntu15:10
Ian_Cornethat's been around of a while now, nautilus starting on kde15:11
makaracan't believe this is happening :D15:18
makarawifi won't work even with 3.0.015:18
makaraIan_Corne: what is dist-upgrade that you suggested to me earlier?15:19
Ian_Corneapt-get dist-upgrade15:20
makarawhat does it do?15:20
makarasell it to me15:20
Ian_Corneman apt-get15:20
makarai know that part smarty pants15:21
bazhang!dist-upgrade | makara15:21
ubottumakara: A dist-upgrade will install new dependencies for packages already installed and may remove packages if they are no longer needed. Please see !upgrade for the proper way to upgrade to a new version of Ubuntu.15:21
bazhangmakara, no need for the attitude15:21
makaramy apologies15:23
makaraso why would I do this dist-upgrade? what can I expect from it?15:23
charlie-tcaUsually because you prefer all packages in Oneiric upgrade when possible, instead of hundreds sitting on hold15:24
makarai would like to keep all packages15:24
PiciBecause often new packages need to bring in new dependencies, like linux-image depending on a new kernel update.15:25
charlie-tcaum, if something supercedes a package, why would you want to keep it?15:26
charlie-tcaThat seems like the reason to run LTS instead of development releases15:27
makaraok, i'm still confused, but I'll do it anyway15:28
FeldegastLTS is for stability15:29
Feldegastdevelopment releases are for the latest code15:30
charlie-tcaIsn't "i would like to keep all packages  " looking for stability?15:34
=== htorque_ is now known as htorque
makarayeah, I was just stupid getting this D-Link wifi and expecting it to work out the box15:38
makarabuy new hardware - then its bound to be unstable15:39
BluesKajmakara, what chip is the dlink using ?15:41
makaraBluesKaj: Artheros AR927115:42
BluesKajmakara, open a terminal , sudo modprobe ath9k_htc15:45
makaracan't open terminal with ctrl-alt-T anymore?15:46
makaraBluesKaj: no output15:47
makarawhat was supposed to happen?15:47
BluesKajthat's good15:48
makaraBluesKaj: I can pick up wifis in the area, but not authenticate15:50
BluesKajmakara, sudo dhclient wlan0 , or whatever designation your wifi is.15:52
BluesKajin networkmanager15:52
makarain networkmanager?15:53
makarawhen I run from terminal it just gives me a cursor - no output15:53
jo-erlendI can't get to Empathys menu anymore. Can someone confirm that?15:54
BluesKajno i didn't mean run the command in network manager, what's wifi listed as there wlan0 or ? makara15:55
jo-erlendthis is really bad. I can no longer make phone calls.15:55
BluesKajok makara then run sudo dhclient wlan0 in the terminal15:56
BluesKajno sudo makara , sorru15:56
BluesKajoh well15:56
BluesKajany output >\?15:57
makara"dhclient wlan0" : "operation not permitted"15:57
BluesKajok with sudo ?15:57
makaraas above15:57
makarano output15:57
makarajust a hanging cursor15:57
BluesKajmakara, pastebin , ifconfig15:58
BluesKajthen iwconfig15:59
makaraBluesKaj: my graphics is totally screwed up even after dist-updates so I have to do this in tty116:01
makarai'd like to logout and try in unity2D, but can't logout16:02
BluesKajmaybe you should look after your graphics issues first , makara ...I have to leave for a couple hrs16:03
makaraok, me too16:03
makaraget some mor e beers16:03
makarathanks for the help16:03
=== htorque_ is now known as htorque
makarawhen I try to update from 'Software Up to Date' it says 'Not all updates can be installed' and I get the option 'partial upgrade', which I click. Then Ubuntu wants to send a lot of bug reports, but can't because stuff isn't uptodate, so now the 'Distribution Upgrade' dialog is just going in circles16:41
Ian_Cornemakara: use the commandline interface16:45
Ian_Cornesudo rm /var/crash/*.crash16:45
Ian_Cornethen apt-get update && apt-get upgrade16:45
Ian_Corneand then apt-get dist-upgrade and show us what it wants to update16:46
makaraok. but before I do that let me tell you that before the login screen I get a page full of "failed to execute /lib/udev/input.id" errors16:49
makarai won't login, but instead tty1 all your instructions16:49
Ian_CorneI have that too makara16:49
Ian_Corneudev is broken for me too16:50
Ian_Corneand stuff like jockey (the driver installation program) doesn't work because of it16:50
makarawhat is udev?16:50
Ian_Corneand alot of stuf crashes16:50
Ian_CorneUdev manages the Linux /dev directory, and hooks userspace into kernel device events16:50
Ian_Corneyeah it's not good, that it's broken16:51
Ian_CorneAnd i've got no clue what's wrong with it..16:51
makaraits asking me to download another 100 MB for the dist-upgrade16:52
makaraI've already done this and I can't be so casual with my bandwidth if you know what I mean16:53
Ian_Corneyou won't download stuff that you don't need16:53
makaraoh, hold on16:53
Ian_Cornebut show me what the dist-upgrade wants to install/upgrade/uninstall16:53
Ian_Cornebecause dist-upgrade can break your system16:54
makarait says 195 kB/98.8 MB of archives16:54
jtayloryou should not use a development version of ubuntu when you have expensive bandwidth16:54
Ian_Corneonly 195kb extra16:54
jtaylorunfortunatly ubuntu has no debdelta upgrades like debian16:54
makaraunable to fetch lalala forbidden16:54
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.16:54
Ian_Corneshow me makara16:54
Ian_Cornewith lalala i'm nothing16:54
makaralibboost and telepathy indicator16:55
Ian_Cornei need the error16:55
Picimakara: Use a pastebin please.16:55
ubottupastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com16:55
makarahow do I copy from tty1?16:55
Ian_Corneuse that pastebinit tool16:55
makarahey that's pretty neat16:58
Ian_CorneErr http://ls.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ oneiric/main telepathy-indicator amd64 0.0.4-0ubuntu1 403  Forbidden17:00
Ian_Cornethat's a problem with the archive17:00
Ian_Corneedit /etc/apt/sources.list and remove the ls. prefix17:00
Ian_Cornei'll report this to the mirror admins17:00
genii-aroundMight want to try sa.archive.ubuntu.com17:02
Ian_Corneor za17:03
Ian_Corneseeing as you're in za17:03
Ian_Corneaccording to your 19:03:02 -!- makara [~makara@dsl-242-205-164.telkomadsl.co.za]17:03
makaraunknown mime-type17:03
Ian_Cornemakara: more clear error output please17:05
Ian_Corneand by edit, i meant use a text editor of your choice17:06
Ian_Corneto edit that file17:06
Ian_Corneyou'll need sudo17:06
makaratried that17:06
makarai'm going from unity2d17:06
makarawhat program is 'edit'?17:06
Ian_Corne19:06:08 < Ian_Corne> and by edit, i meant use a text editor of your choice17:07
makarathere's a choice?17:07
jtayloronly vim17:07
Ian_Cornevim is not installed by default17:07
Ian_Cornenano is17:07
Ian_Corneuse nano17:07
Ian_Cornectrl+x to save and quit17:08
makaranano it is17:08
makaraok, 'ls' all over the place17:08
Ian_Corneyes, remove "ls."17:08
makaradid the dist-upgrade17:09
makara0 for everything. nothing to change.17:09
makaraso I'm uptodate17:09
Ian_Cornecan't have gone that fast17:10
jtaylorupdate again first17:10
makarawhat does ls stand 4?17:15
genii-aroundHm. But maybe not if it's some message all over the place.17:16
Ian_Cornemakara: ls is the tld of a country17:17
Ian_Corneit indicates an ubuntu archive mirror in that country17:17
Ian_Cornei have no idea what country ls is :p17:17
makarathe underdog17:18
makaradone. now another 217MB17:19
makarais this all unique stuff?17:19
makaraare we not going backwards I mean - its all one layer on top of the other17:20
jtaylorits all newer than what you have, but it may not be the newst, depending if your mirror is up to date17:20
jtayloryou can check here: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archivemirrors17:21
Ian_Cornemakara: just a word of warning, this wont be it, regarding to bandwith17:21
Ian_Cornethere'll be alot more updates comming your way17:22
osmosishas there been any testing done on Samsung Series 9 laptops?17:22
makaraif its local that's fine17:22
makaramight lose you on irc though17:22
Ian_Cornemakara: local as in your country?17:23
makaramy international bandwidth cuts off after 10gig and then the local lasts another 20gig after that17:23
Ian_Cornewell by removing the ls.17:24
jtaylorhm 20gb can be eaten quickly by updates17:24
Ian_Corneyou're now drawing international bandwit17:24
makarait's all international until I use it up17:26
jo-erlendwhen I upgraded to Oneiric, I thought I'd get upgrades every day. That doesn't seem to be the case?17:41
Picibeta freeze is today, so you'll be seeing a slowdown in updates.17:42
genii-aroundStrange, that seems to be the case here.17:42
jo-erlendI haven't gotten any upgrades for several days.17:42
Ian_Cornejo-erlend: maybe your archive mirror is slow in updating?17:43
Ian_Cornenot all mirrors do so well for dev releases17:43
jo-erlendIan_Corne, ah. That might be it. :)17:43
Ian_Corne19:21:05 < jtaylor> you can check here: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archivemirrors17:43
kyubutsu0.o  beta freeze!?17:45
Ian_Corneyeah, already17:45
Ian_Corneand there's ALOT broken :p17:45
kyubutsustill   :(17:45
Ian_Cornebut I think that just means there's no new versions allowed to be uploaded17:45
jo-erlendIan_Corne, that was it. Thanks. :)17:46
Ian_Cornealtho I think they'll make an exception for compiz and networkmanager17:46
Ian_Corneor at least I hope17:47
=== davidcalle_ is now known as davidcalle
BluesKajmakara, get the d-link wifi running ?18:17
makaranot yet BluesKaj18:18
Ian_Cornedid the dist-upgrade come through?18:18
BluesKajI have a few suggestions , but no guarantees , makara18:19
alkisgAny known problems with aptd using 100% cpu usage all the time?18:19
makaraIan_Corne the new servers are slower for me, so the upgrade is taking some time18:20
Ian_Cornethat's normal18:20
makarai'd like to hear your suggestions BluesKaj18:20
BluesKajfirst try this , to see what state it's in makara .  sudo ifconfig wlan0 up18:20
makarano output18:21
BluesKajthat's fine makara , now, iwlist wlan0 scanning18:22
makarano scan results18:22
BluesKajmakara, sudo iwlist wlan0 scan|grep -i essid18:24
makarainterface doesn't support scanning18:25
makaraok, 3 ESSIDs available18:25
makaraone is 'vikramasila' - mine18:25
BluesKajok , sudo iwconfig wlan0 essid 'vikramasila18:26
BluesKajwithout the '18:26
BluesKajok , sudo iwconfig wlan0 essid vikramasila18:27
makarano output18:27
BluesKajok, not asking for pasphrase ... open network manager check the settings there18:28
makaraIan_Corne - updates finished with error on libreoffice emailmerge deb 'failed to fetch' because of undetermined error [ip: 80]18:30
makaraBluesKaj - I will type the password into the dialog18:30
makarai set my router to WEP18:31
BluesKajwpa is more secure18:31
BluesKajwpa2 actaully if available18:32
makarai saw other people with problems in 11.04 on WPA so I'll change later if that's ok18:32
makaranothing happened18:33
BluesKajmakara, np , as long as you have really good passphrase :)18:34
psaldenhey folks, can I still set overall font sizes in oneiric?18:35
* BluesKaj wonders if the ath9k_htc driver is even installed18:36
makarawhen i do 'tailf /var/log/syslog' i get a lot of this: pastebin.com/QCvmbBtY18:39
makarathis is the blighter I was getting back on 11.04: pastebin.com/2ZgLBKh218:42
makarai've seen someone else with this on launchpad18:43
makarai updated to pre-release kernel, i dropped to WEP security, i changed the wifi channel - all 3 apparently worked for some other people18:45
jo-erlendthe newest upgrade removed unity. Unity2d still works though. Any good reason for this?18:46
bjsnidermakara, those are errors in the printing system18:49
Ian_Cornebroken packages18:49
Ian_Cornejo-erlend: always check before doing dist-upgrade18:49
Ian_Corneyou'll have to wait now18:49
bjsnideruse wpa2 if available because it's a lot faster than wpa18:49
jo-erlendIan_Corne, oh, I don't mind. I think unity2d is quite nice, so if I "have to" stick with it for a while, that's fine by me :)18:50
BluesKajbjsnider, what's command to see if a module is installed, will lsmod show the ath9k_htc driver ?18:51
BluesKajfor makara 's d-link wifi, bjsnider18:52
bjsnideryou can certainly try modprobing that module18:52
bjsnidermodprobe ath9k should be enough to get that chip working18:53
BluesKajyeah , we did that a while back18:53
BluesKajjust ath9k ?18:53
bjsniderwhat happens with modprobe ath9k_htc?18:53
BluesKajmakara, ?18:53
bjsniderath9k is the module that handles all atheros 9000 chips18:54
bjsnideror most of them anyway18:54
makarahere's the bug reports I found in launchpad and some others: paste.bin.com/RV97WMWk18:54
makarathe strangest thing is that it did work on one single occasion18:55
BluesKajmakara, try modprobe ath9k18:55
makarano output18:56
bjsniderath9k will then load other modules related to it such as mac80211 and others with ath9k in the name18:56
Saviqhi all, trying to net-install oneiric here, but can't get linux-headers-3.0.0-9 to install, it complains about no space left on device on a 40G-free volume :/18:57
Saviqit's a luks/lvm/btrfs setup, but I got natty on there no issues18:58
Saviqwanted to get clean oneiric on it, but can't get past that thing :/18:58
makaraBluesKaj, bjsnider: i see a new option in 11.04 to require IPv4 addressing for the connection to complete. Won't this interfere with my crossover ethernet and DHCP that its getting from my laptop?19:00
makarawhat is 'direct probe'? what is it asking for?19:01
BluesKajmakara, using a crossover cable or ethernet with the laptop, it shouldn't be connected  to anything for wifi configuration19:08
BluesKajbbiab , got some stuff to do for a few mins19:09
makarasomehow I think we're in too deep on this one http://forums.fedoraforum.org/archive/index.php/t-268123.html19:34
BluesKajmakara, did you see my post above ?19:35
makarasure, whenever you have time BluesKaj19:45
makarai'm just tinkling away here19:45
BluesKajmakara, have you considered wicd-gtk , i run wicd-kde on my other pc which uses a belkin ralink usb wifi adapter and wicd's latest offerings are really quite good they replace the default network manager when you install19:48
BluesKaj!wicd-gtk | makara19:49
BluesKaj!wicd | makara19:49
BluesKaj!info wicd-gtk | makara19:50
ubottumakara: wicd-gtk (source: wicd): wired and wireless network manager - GTK+ client. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.7.0+ds1-6 (oneiric), package size 111 kB, installed size 744 kB19:50
jtaylor:O just logged int, thats one large password box we have now ^^19:50
makarayeah I tried wicd19:51
BluesKajmakara, and , no luck configuring?19:53
Prettodoes anyone got [invalid utf-8] in the user menu?19:54
Prettosomething like this http://t.co/cn93ou719:55
htorquePretto: yes, known bug19:56
Prettohtorque: that weird white square too?19:56
htorquebug 81185219:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 811852 in Session Menu "Top-right bar shows "nvalid UTF-8]"" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81185219:57
makaraBluesKaj: none. something I haven't tried yet is a firmware upgrade19:57
htorquei see no white square: "@Pretto's Tweets are protected." ;)19:57
makaraso i do that now if i can19:57
Prettohtorque: http://p.twimg.com/AXttstZCEAI-A8t.png19:58
htorqueoh, whoops - i thought you're talking about the lightdm greeter - no, i don't get that stuff in the actual session19:58
Prettohtorque: it's a greeter bug or unity-panel?20:00
htorquesorry, no idea - if it's in the session it's not a greeter bug i guess :)20:01
makaraany idea how to check the existing firmware version from the file /lib/firmware/htc_9271.fw ?20:01
Prettoit covers left icons as nm-applet20:01
makarathe latest I can find is mid-may http://wireless.kernel.org/download/htc_fw/1.3/20:02
bil21alcan any one help me i have an error while upgrading i m not understanding it can u help??20:03
jtaylorbil21al: please post the error (e.g. in a pastebin)20:03
bil21alYour system does not contain a ubuntu-desktop, kubuntu-desktop, xubuntu-desktop or edubuntu-desktop package and it was not possible to detect which version of Ubuntu you are running.20:03
bil21al Please install one of the packages above first using synaptic or apt-get before proceeding.20:03
makaraif I place a previous version in /lib/firmware/, will it revert, or just ignore the older fw file?20:03
bil21alYour system does not contain a ubuntu-desktop, kubuntu-desktop, xubuntu-desktop or edubuntu-desktop package and it was not possible to detect which version of Ubuntu you are running.20:04
bil21al Please install one of the packages above first using synaptic or apt-get before proceeding. this is the error jtaylor20:04
jtaylorhm you apparently did an unsafe dist-upgrade which removed your main meta package :)20:04
jtaylorwhat kind of desktop are you using?20:04
jtaylorregular ubuntu, xubuntu etc?20:05
bil21alregular ubuntu  32 bit20:05
jtayloropen a terminal and do: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop20:05
jtaylorwhen upgrading development release take care you don't remove important packages like ubuntu-desktop, this can happen often due to archive being not totally up to date20:06
kyubutsu!pastebin > jtaylor20:06
ubottujtaylor, please see my private message20:06
jtaylorkyubutsu: ? I know about pastebin20:08
bil21aljtaylor : it run now what to do20:08
kyubutsuah, i see20:09
jtaylornow the error you had before should be gone20:09
bil21alok thank you sir jtaylor:20:09
makarawhere I'm up to with the wifi direct probe issue: I see a20:27
makaraaction on http://wireless.kernel.org/ page around the artheros chip. anything changing is bad news already20:28
BUGabundoevening terraceos20:38
Ian_Corneso much screen corruption..20:41
Ian_CorneBUGabundo: I'm seeing you on my stream now20:42
BUGabundoyou don't even have me circled lol20:42
Ian_Cornei do20:42
BUGabundowe are in which alpha/beta?20:48
BUGabundoI lost track20:48
PiciThe last alpha, whichever that is.20:48
BUGabundoaccording to /topic, it is20:48
ubottuA schedule of Oneiric Ocelot (11.10) release milestones can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OneiricReleaseSchedule20:48
BUGabundoI just read /topic20:48
BUGabundoits faster20:48
BUGabundoa friend was saying he was upgrading to Beta20:49
BUGabundocaught me of surprise20:49
PiciBeta freeze is today iirc.20:50
zniavregood evening20:56
zniavrewhere should be theme for UI with the new appearence chooser ? into usr/share/themes ?20:56
bil21ali have just update and unity is not starting up21:21
bil21alwhat to do21:21
Ian_Corneit's gone21:21
Ian_Corneif you did dist-upgrade21:21
bil21ali have dist upgrade21:21
bil21alwith terminal21:21
Ian_Corneand did you not notice21:21
Ian_Corneoh it's back now21:22
Ian_Cornethe package got fixed :)21:22
Ian_Cornewhat is not starting bil21al ?21:22
bil21alnow what i do?21:22
Ian_Cornedo you get a desktop?21:22
bil21ali m using gnome now21:22
bil21ali get destop21:22
bil21albut no launcher and indicator sesion21:23
Ian_Corneyes ok21:23
Ian_Cornego to unity21:23
Ian_Corneload it21:23
Ian_Cornethen go to a tty21:23
Ian_Cornelog in21:23
Ian_Cornewrite "export DISPLAY=:0.0"21:23
Ian_Cornethen apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager21:24
Ian_Cornethen run ccsm21:24
Ian_Corneand go back to tty7/8 where your x is running21:24
Ian_Corneand enable the unity plugin21:24
bil21alwhat is tty explain21:24
Ian_Cornectrl alt f121:25
Saviqhmm what's "Ubuntu desktop USB"?21:25
bil21alIan_corne: export display=:0.0" do nothing and i run apt get  instal compiz seting  some thing instal now tel me what i do now?//?21:43
Ian_Cornenow type in21:44
Ian_Corneand it will start in your halfstarted unity session21:44
Ian_CorneI don't know why people who don't even know what a tty is bother with alphas but ok21:44
bil21ali dont use ccsm it is not installed now?21:45
Ian_Corneif you did exactly what I said and typed in ccsm in the tty, it should now run in your unity session21:45
bil21alok i again folow ur previous steps21:47
RRRRubeI use Firefox as my default browser, yet every now & then Apport will open Chromium to submit a bug report to Launchpad. Does anyone else get this, or is there a setting I can change?22:02
DaekdroomIs anyone else's session indicator displaying [Invalid UTF-8]22:11
VanillaliteMine is Daekdroom I flagged it as a bug on launchpad22:11
DaekdroomWhich bug #?22:11
DaekdroomRRRRube, you should change the default browser22:12
RRRRubeFirefox is already set as my default browser.22:12
ubottuUbuntu bug 834137 in indicator-session (Ubuntu) "user menu says [Invalid UTF-8]" [Undecided,Confirmed]22:12
VanillaliteI'm using the dev version of chrome (chrome NOT chromium) and it's telling me flash isn't installed.... any ideas?22:13
RRRRubeWell, it seems I'm talking rubbish. After a bit of googling, I found a way to update preferences from the command line, and Chromium was set for "auto mode" (which I think made it the default). I hate it when apps take over your preferences without asking!22:17
OnlyodinI just applied updates and rebooted, now the panel says "[Invalid UTF-8]" where it would normally say my username22:30
DaekdroomOnlyodin, it's been reported as bug #83413722:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 834137 in indicator-session (Ubuntu) "user menu says [Invalid UTF-8]" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83413722:31
Ian_Cornedoes anyone here know what that "online accounts" thingy does?22:32
OnlyodinIt's for messaging accounts isn't it?22:33
Ian_Cornei added my gmail :p22:33
Ian_Cornebut i don't notice anything22:33
Onlyodindoesn't look like there's anything except google22:33
Onlyodinperhaps it's meant to auto-login to google websites?22:34
Ian_Corneand thunderbird doesn't import those settings22:34
Ian_Cornethere's switches to turn on and off: "mail" "Calendar" "Contacts" "Chat"22:34
Ian_Cornebut i have no idea what it actually does..22:35
Onlyodinmaybe it's just a placeholder for upcoming features :)22:35
OnlyodinWhen I resize gnome-terminal windows I used to see the dimensions of the window as it resized (cols x rows).  This no longer appears - is there a way to re-enable this, or is it more likely a bug?22:37
Ian_Corneit looks cool, if it would integrate my contacts with the ones stored on the computer22:39
Ian_Corneand everything else22:40
wwooopshey, has anyone gotten 11.10 to install in VBox 4.1?22:51
wwooopsunder a Linux host22:51
Ian_Cornenot tried it sorry22:51
bjsniderBUGabundo, i switched to the chromium stable ppa and the result is a lot less ram usage and other bugs are gone23:06
bjsnideri've had chromium on all day without any more ram than when it started23:07
BUGabundoshould I just switch to ubuntu LTS too ? :P23:07
bjsnideroh come on23:07
BUGabundoits using 1.2GBs of ram23:07
BUGabundofor ONE tab23:07
bjsniderit's still a fairly cutting edge version, the number is 13.0.782.21523:07
BUGabundobjsnider: just poking your buttons23:09
bjsnidernone of the chromium processes here are using more than 70mb23:09
BUGabundoShockwave Flash23:10
bjsnideri don't think there's any care taken in building the dailies at all, i think they're just thrown into the build system23:10
Ian_CorneI think it'd be far more useful if you test the beta releases instead of the dev23:11
bjsniderright, there is a beta channel too23:11
bjsnideri chose the stable channel because the daily build was so unusable23:12
BUGabundohow fun would that be?23:12
urlin2ubjsnider, the dailies are just the OS with the updates up to date at that time.23:12
bjsniderBUGabundo, you are constantly complaining about it23:12
BUGabundoI'll downgrade23:12
BUGabundoand see23:12
bjsniderurlin2u, i'm talking about chromium-browser23:12
bjsniderthose dailies are created by a bot. there is no care taken to make them stable or useful23:13
Ian_Cornei ran them a while too, because i loved being on the real edge23:16
Ian_Cornebut i fell off to often :p23:16
OnlyodinWhen I resize gnome-terminal windows I used to see the dimensions of the window as it resized (cols x rows).  This no longer appears - is there a way to re-enable this, or is it more likely a bug? Should I Report it as a bug?23:16
bjsniderBUGabundo, you'll get a warning about your user profile being from a newer version. you need to go to ~/.config/chromium and remove the Default/Web Data file23:16
Ian_Cornei think that was a compiz feature Onlyodin23:17
Ian_Cornetry going through ccsm23:17
Onlyodinah ok23:17
BUGabundotrip to the past23:19
theangryaussieteI just read the article about the features of Oneiric Ocelot here: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/08/visual-rundown-oneiric-update-11-10-unity-software-centre-icon/ and wanted to give it a shot. Which build has these new features as shown in the article? The Daily or the Alpha 3?23:21
ali1234theangryaussiete: my install is newer than the alpha 3 and it doesn't look like that yet23:25
ali1234just running an update now and i will let you know23:25
theangryaussieteali1234: Okay, take your time.23:26
ali1234my install was only updated a couple of days ago23:26
ali1234anyway it doesn't matter what you install from, you get all the same thing through updates in the end23:26
ali1234assuming the update actually works23:27
Ian_Cornetheangryaussiete: do you know what you're getting intO?23:27
Ian_Cornehave you used ttys?23:27
theangryaussieteIan_Corne: Yes. Thanks for the unnecessary question.23:28
Ian_CorneYour welcome23:29
Ian_Cornewe never ever have beginners here that don't knwo what they're doing, never, my question was stupid!23:29
ali1234ok fully up to date now. it looks nothing like those screenshots23:30
theangryaussieteIan_Corne: I see nothing wrong with trying to test out an alpha of Ubuntu.23:30
Onlyodinbah, unity just crashed altogether23:30
urlin2uIan_Corne, found a new user running natty here last night23:31
DaekdroomNatty is not +1 currently.23:31
DaekdroomThere'd be nothing wrong with that, therefore.23:31
ali1234"you only need the buttons when your mouse is in their vicinity anyway."23:31
DaekdroomUnless you meant Oneiric23:31
Ian_Cornetheangryaussiete: there is no harm in warning people that might not know what they're getting themselves into. I just asked, no need to feel attacked by a normal question.23:31
ali1234let's hide everything outside a 1" radius outside the mouse pointer23:31
bjsnidertheangryaussiete, then you need to spend more time in this channel and read all of the complaints that have no answers23:32
Daekdroomali1234, yeah. I disliked the hidden buttons. It feels like it takes longer to click them.23:32
Daekdroom(and it probably does)23:32
Ian_Cornewell, i guess you're angry, so that might explain your reaction to my question :°23:32
urlin2uDaekdroom, yeah that was my point a new user wrong channel23:33
DaekdroomHow does that work on touchscreen tablets anyway?23:33
ali1234Daekdroom: it doesn't.23:33
ali1234but neither does global menus23:33
ali1234anyway fully updated, and i don't have any of those new things23:33
DaekdroomHave you restarted Unity?23:33
ali1234i rebooted the whole machine23:34
DaekdroomYou might be using a mirror that is not synced yet.23:34
Ian_Cornewhat new things are you referring to ali1234 ?23:34
bjsniderwhatever's in that article23:34
ali1234Ian_Corne: the things in the omgubuntu blog post that was just linked ^23:34
ali1234new software centre, some new icons23:35
Ian_Cornei've got the new sc23:35
Ian_Cornebut no icon23:35
ali1234new transparent dash23:35
ali1234and i dunno what that thing at the bottom is23:35
DaekdroomThat new transparent has been there for quite awhile, hasn't it?23:35
ali1234and are those the new wallpapers?23:36
Daekdroom*transparent Dash23:36
ali1234if so, i guess purple didn't work out so good and they're going back to orange?23:36
Ian_Cornetheangryaussiete: http://ian.rave.org/~icorne/screenshot.png23:36
ali1234nice. what video card?23:37
ali1234wait, let me guess. ATI?23:38
Ian_Corneali1234: 695023:38
BUGabundostill using a bunch23:38
Ian_CorneBUGabundo: rogue extension?23:38
Ian_Corneali1234: and gallium driver23:38
valorinAnyone having trouble getting Unity to start?23:38
bjsniderBUGabundo, is this the beta channel or stable?23:38
Ian_Cornebtw they're running unity2D ali123423:39
Ian_Cornemaybe that's why we don't see the same?23:39
Ian_Corneyou can tell by the dash button23:39
Ian_Corne2d has a black logo23:39
ali1234i don't have the new SC either though, or the wallpapers assuming they are new23:39
ali1234yes i am running 3d23:39
ali1234i still have the nasty purple wallpaper23:41
ali1234most likely the UK mirror lags23:41
valorinAt least you guys have a working Unity, after the last big upgrade mine broke... and since the installer is busted too, I can't reinstall...23:42
Ian_Corne$ uptime 01:42:36 up  2:5023:42
Ian_Cornei recently rebooted23:42
Ian_Corneand it's still working23:42
ali1234unity never works23:42
ali1234even when it is working, it is still broken23:43
Ian_Cornei like it, it's ok23:43
Ian_Cornebut it could be better23:43
ali1234i would like it more if the bugs were fixed instead of constantly rearranging everything in more annoying ways23:43
valorinI like Unity. It works for me and I think it looks great.23:43
bjsnideryou could say that about just about everything except maybe the mona lisa23:43
BUGabundobjsnider: beta23:44
Ian_CorneBUGabundo: what does the chromium task manager say?23:44
bjsniderBUGabundo, well, maybe it's a lot closer to the dailies. i'm not having any of those issues with the stable version23:44
ali1234oo, a bug was fixed23:44
BUGabundoI need more upload damn23:45
BUGabundoIan_Corne: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/112892/Screenshot%2520at%25202011-08-26%252000%253A45%253A10.png23:46
BUGabundostill uploading23:47
BUGabundogmail tab alone is using 500MBs23:47
bjsniderBUGabundo, maybe valgrind could find the memory leak23:51
BUGabundotried that already23:51
BUGabundofound another bug that has then scratching their heads for two weeks23:51
BUGabundothe problem is23:51
BUGabundoto run valgrind you have to do single-process flag23:52
BUGabundoand that disables a lot of extensions23:52
penguin42BUGabundo: What about the chrome developer tools ?23:53
penguin42BUGabundo: Click on the spanner->Tools->Developer tools, select Profiles23:54

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