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PDunnyAnyone active here?00:58
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Lopianyone know why this would be happening? http://yfrog.com/h6bbx1j02:18
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GrueMasterLopi: See bug 74613304:17
ubot2Launchpad bug 746133 in linux-ti-omap4 "Video loses sync on omap4" [High,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74613304:17
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* Jack87 wonders if folk here are considering the touchpad 06:31
AceLanof course, but hard to buy one06:36
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janimoinfinity, do you know when the .calc files in cdimage are needed? I see most but not all of the armel ones all set BOOT_SIZE_1=2 but I'd like to avoid it for mx5 if it is not strictly necessary09:13
ogra_Building dependency tree...09:13
ogra_E: Unable to locate package linux-linaro-lt-mx509:13
ogra_P: Begin unmounting filesystems...09:13
janimonot sure what thre reserved space there is09:14
ogra_janimo, hmm, that didnt go so well09:14
janimoogra_, hmm, an -image- is missing09:14
janimothe whole mucking around with cdimage is reminiscent of 'how many X are necessary to insert a lightbulb' jokes09:14
janimowe'll prevail eventually09:15
ogra_you should just copy the omap script and start from there09:15
janimoogra_, this is livecd right? I meant cdimage as the full build from livecd to publish09:15
janimoogra_, yes I use the omap script09:15
ogra_ah, good09:15
ogra_right, the above is the live-build output09:16
janimobut here I deleted the explicit kernel name in the hope of it being picked up implicitly as per infinity's suggestion09:16
ogra_welll, it still expects a toplevel metapackage ...09:17
ogra_linux-image- is the linux-image metapackage only09:17
janimoogra_, I think so too. So one still needs adding by jcrigby09:17
ogra_yes, but not called linux-mx5 but linux-linaro-lt-mx509:17
janimoI thought the implicit rule (KERNEL_FLAVOUR) was about picking up the image not the meta09:18
janimoI was wrong09:18
ogra_oh, you didnt use the other var ?09:18
janimobut then again we could have just left KERNEL_FLAVOUR untouched and created the linux-mx5 with the same result09:19
janimoogra_, no, I used KERNEL_FLAVOURS only. Did I misread what infinity told me? Sigh09:19
* janimo goes reread the logs09:19
ogra_no, because other scriptds seem to use the snippet09:19
ogra_and mx5 isnt the full uname string09:19
ogra_http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/livefs-build-logs/oneiric/ btw09:21
ogra_in case you want to check any live build logs yourself09:21
janimoogra_, can you make the change in the script on antimony and see if that fixes (LB_LINUX_FLAVOURS instead of KERNEL_FLAVOURS) instead of me doind another shoot and miss upload?09:22
ogra_no, live-build runs on the live builders ... not on antimony09:23
ogra_i dotn have any access to fiddle on them, only http access to logs09:23
ogra_so we need an upload09:23
ogra_antimony is only dbeian-cd cdimage09:24
janimoso should I just change that varname?09:24
janimodid infinity not know that off the top of his head, with a medical examination pending and all?09:25
ogra_well, i'm not sure that will do much else than KERNEL_FLAVOURS did09:26
ogra_i think we're better off waiting for a meta upload and keep the rest as is09:27
janimoogra_, agreed09:27
janimoso no upload for now09:27
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ogra_unless infinity has any brilliant idea inbetween ... though i doubt he types in his sleep09:27
ogra_(assuming thats what he does atm)09:28
janimoogra_, so livecd.sh is no longer used right?09:28
ogra_only BuildLiveCD and the stuff in the live-build subdir09:29
janimoI think we should put the 3 unused files there in the attic09:29
janimoanyone can find them in bzr history09:29
ogra_might be there to makes sure we have a reference for possible regressions09:29
janimocjwatson what do you think? ^09:30
ogra_but i agree we should drop them before final release09:30
janimowell it nevertheless confuses those looking at the code09:30
janimoseems to do much more than it actually does09:30
ogra_livecd-rootfs was always brilliant in confusing people ... especially its massive amount of documentation :P09:30
janimoogra_,unrelated: what about switching to ext4 before oneiric?09:30
janimowhat could go wrong?09:31
ogra_live-build could not support it09:31
janimohmm, does it not support it on non-armel?09:31
ogra_nothing beyond that, though i fear the u-boot stuff a bit09:31
janimowell linaro has switched to ext4 by default09:31
janimoand I test hwpacks like that09:31
ogra_well, we can just try, but i suspect there are a good bunch of additional changes, it wont just be a switch we change09:32
ogra_and the u-boot changes will bind our resources soon09:33
janimoany other ext3 assumptions in the code?09:36
janimoeven the ext3 tools we call should work on ext409:36
ogra_cdimage has some and debian-cd too09:36
ogra_jasper indeed as well09:36
ogra_for debian-cd changing CONF.sh might suffice09:37
ogra_cdimage needs changes in bin/buildlive and bin/download-preinstalled-filesystems09:37
janimowe touch those these days anyway for imx5309:38
janimothe linaro issue I ran into with ext4 is covered in our kernels09:38
ogra_well, let me do a test run09:38
janimoCONFIG_LBDAF is set09:38
* ogra_ changes buildlive ... that should suffice for seeing if live-build can cope on the buildd09:39
ogra_ok, ac100 ubuntu-server build running with ext4 as default09:44
ogra_lets see what comes out09:44
ogra_argh !09:45
* ogra_ slaps forehead 09:45
ogra_silly me... i shouldnt test with a tar.gz image :P09:45
ogra_luckily we have two buildds09:46
* ogra_ fires off an omap server build on the other machine09:46
janimoI wish there was an easy way to install a local cdimage setup to test these before uploading things09:49
ogra_well, even then you couldnt easily make sure that everything is always 100% in sync09:50
ogra_it consists of to many parts to be really reliable09:50
janimoworking on these components is by far the most unpleasant for me, beats autoconf mucking in broken packages :)09:50
ogra_you should join the cdimage team ... doing the changes on antimony makes working easier09:51
janimoogra_, remember I woved not to join this team when I had to fight headless last cycle :)09:51
ogra_and there are several levels of bzr trees, so its easy to roll back09:51
janimoisn't it the same craziness just via ssh?09:51
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janimoor can you do exaclty what the build setup does in cron?09:51
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ogra_i actually use the cron commands doing testbuilds09:52
ogra_with additional env vars set to limit the build to one arch09:52
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ogra_janimo, did you recently test any of our desktop images ?10:32
ogra_on ac100 the greeter is so slow its close to unusable10:32
ogra_janimo, hmm, so ext4 will need more changes in live-build it seems10:35
ogra_i dont get an image file (everything else including logs , initrd and kernel files looks fine)10:35
ogra_bah, so there is no ext4 support at all10:42
julummeI'm running custom kernel by Robert Nelson, which I compiled for beagle/ubuntu.. now when compiling lirc serial module for it, I run into a compiling issue: scripts/genksyms/genksyms: 1: Syntax error: "(" unexpected10:45
janimoogra_, I tried testing panda a week ago, but did not come up :(10:45
julummeI checked in the linux source "../scripts/genksyms" with 'file genksyms'10:46
julummegenksyms: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked (uses shared libs), for GNU/Linux 2.6.15, not stripped10:46
julummescripts are not normally compiled in part of the kernel compilation ?10:46
janimoogra_, I need to test desktop images for bootcharting them, but they keep being broken when I test :(10:46
ogra_the code doesnt know it10:46
ogra_yeah, currently the archive skew breaks them once again10:49
ogra_anyway, no ext4 for us without extra effort, live-build doesnt support it at all10:49
janimoogra_, oh well, at least you tested it. Shall we file a bug on it?11:01
ogra_i think there ios a bug and an upstream patch ... one sec11:05
ogra_bug 80354711:05
ubot2Launchpad bug 803547 in live-build "live-build lacks EXT4 support for binary image types" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80354711:05
ogra_geez, the mkfs stuff in live-build is super inconsistent11:44
ogra_sometimes it uses mkfs.${LB_CHROOT_FILESYSTEM}, sometimes mkfs.${MKFS} and often eough it is just hardcoded11:45
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ogra_ok, i reverted the default to ext3 again (but left the other ext4 code in cdimage, so we dont need to touch that again)12:12
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jcrigbyjanimo, ogra_: I see from comments above that you need something changed in the mx5 meta pkg?  Similar but different than what was discussed yesterday?15:03
janimojcrigby, yes, similar issue, but different metapackage name15:04
rsalvetiogra_: janimo: also, we can already replace x-loader with u-boot-linaro spl for omap 415:04
janimoogra_, has the exact error msg IIRC15:04
rsalvetiwell tested and no regression with 11.0815:04
janimorsalveti, I am all for it15:04
janimobut it is one of those cdimage jobs which only some folk can handle effectively15:04
janimorsalveti, good to hear it works well15:05
rsalvetijanimo: when can we push the new package?15:05
rsalvetior, who can we talk to to make it work? ogra_ ?15:05
janimorsalveti, hmm, the new package switches to SPL with no backwards compat?15:05
rsalvetiwould be nice to push it before beta-115:05
jcrigbyjanimo, that is the one downside15:06
rsalvetijanimo: nops, x-loader doesn't work anymore with it15:06
rsalvetithat's why we need to be in sync15:06
janimorsalveti, definitely before beta 1. We expect breakage these days. ogra would know better when to synchronize15:06
janimorsalveti, ubuntu-arm meeting ATM15:06
janimomaybe something to bring up there ?15:06
rsalvetijcrigby: #ubuntu-meeting15:07
janimojcrigby, rsalveti there should be an images topic soon, and then it can be brought up15:08
rsalvetijanimo: great15:08
nicofsHi there! Is there someone who can help me with rootstock? when trying to create a ubuntu rootfs, i get this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/674573/15:31
dmartnicofs: try as root: lsof | grep /tmp/tmp.EvKThwZJAG/tmpmount/proc15:43
dmartThis may show what process is still using that directory15:43
nicofsdmart, what process is using the image is not so much my concern as the dpkg error...15:44
dmartSometimes this is just caused by a race between some program terminating and unmounting that filesystem -- if you try again, you may find that it works15:44
nicofsdmart, been trying for 2 days now...15:44
nicofsdmart, --seed xubuntu-desktop works, so does ubuntu-minimal.15:45
dmartnicofs: oh, I see.15:45
nicofsubuntu-desktop fails at that stage. in natty, maverick and lucid15:45
dmartrootstock may spit out some logs you can look at ... I'm not sure offhand where to look, though15:45
dmartHave you got a more complete log?15:46
rsalvetijcrigby: ok, then it seems we only need a bug for that15:46
rsalvetias we need a FFe15:46
nicofsdmart, it does normally - but not in that case... they should be in the same folder as the finished rootfs...15:46
jcrigbyan explicit bug for the FFe or an existing bug to justify the FFe15:47
dmartnicofs: maybe the logs are being deleted on error, but I would hope not.  Error conditions are when you _want_ the logs15:47
nicofsdmart, what i pasted is what my console gave me... i can redirect the output of rootstock to a file and paste that...15:47
rsalvetijcrigby: bug for FFe15:47
dmartnicofs: I suggest capturing the whole log ... there may be earlier errors15:48
rsalvetijcrigby: FFe: replace x-loader with new u-boot-linaro SPL15:48
rsalvetisomething like that15:48
rsalvetifor omap 415:48
jcrigbyrsalveti, ok got it15:48
rsalvetijcrigby: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FreezeExceptionProcess15:48
nicofsdmart, yes, i just need to run it again for that... can't scroll back so far in my console...15:48
janimorsalveti, the uboot+SPL blueprint's last WI suggest UBOOT still boots with xloader.15:55
rsalvetijanimo: it was tested, but the test result is not posted there15:56
nicofsdmart, i could try --no-root - maybe that helps...15:56
janimobut is still works then with xloader? I thought xloader does not boot uboot, from what I understood15:57
janimothe new uboot that is15:57
rsalvetijanimo: nops, just updated the bp15:57
rsalvetiit doesn't work with x-loader anymore15:57
rsalvetibecause to remove duplicated code, some part of u-boot was moved to spl15:58
janimorsalveti, thanks for the clarification. I filed the FFE for uboot and linked the bp, so it helps if it is clear15:58
rsalvetiso once you build with spl, it doesn't work with x-loader anymore15:58
rsalvetijanimo: great15:58
dmartnicofs: don't know -- I suggest you just repeat whatever you did last time, but capture the full log.  The first line of your paste looks like the end of an error report, rather than the whole report16:01
dmartnicofs: The "script" command is useful for logging terminal sessions16:01
nicofsdmart, i just started and appended " &> logfile"16:02
jcrigbyrsalveti, I don't understand this line:Please note that we expect requesters to have an updated package already prepared and tested! You will need this anyway to provide proper build logs.16:03
rsalvetijcrigby: just to know that you already built the package locally and tested16:05
rsalvetiand that we already did with 11.08 release16:05
jcrigbyrsalveti, ok so the version in the ppa fills that part16:05
dmartnicofs: that also should work16:07
nicofsdmart, just takes quite a while... i guess about 15mins16:08
nicofsdmart... ok different error... my bad... have to start again16:25
nicofsjust ran out of memory...16:45
janimorsalveti, linaro-media-create also needs to be uploaded, as it now assumed uboot.bin right?16:48
janimoI tried 3 times today until it downed on me that what we were discussing today may be relevant to my error, not finding uboot.bin16:48
janimoI mean lmc needs uboot.img on panda now. Testing 11.08 daily hwpack16:49
rsalvetijanimo: yeah, it's uploaded only at the PPA I believe16:49
janimorsalveti, so I'll add a new FFE and we need to add that too. Is it also stable enough?16:50
janimohas the same cycle as the rest of linaro?16:50
rsalvetijanimo: yes16:50
rsalvetiwould be nice to have a FFe for it too16:51
janimorsalveti, who is in charge of lmc. Can they upload or should I sponsor - asking them first if it is ok16:51
rsalvetiguess james_w can upload it16:51
janimorsalveti, actually not sure if it needs a FFe if it's a universe package and not part of default Ubuntu images16:52
janimoNCommander, does it? ^16:52
janimoit is not technically a release team supervised feature16:53
rsalvetijanimo: I thought all package updates that are not only bugfixing needs a FFe16:53
rsalvetiso even universe-only changes16:54
janimorsalveti, I may be wrong indeed. This technically fixes a bug - cannot make panda linaro images without16:54
janimoalso adds features I guess16:54
rsalvetibut is also a newer version16:54
rsalvetibbl, lunch16:57
janimoNCommander, https://bugs.launchpad.net/linaro-image-tools/+bug/834003 another FFE request18:39
ubot2Ubuntu bug 834003 in linaro-image-tools "FFE: upload 11.08 to Oneiric" [Undecided,New]18:39
janimoclosely related to the uboot one18:39
MrCurious  Anyone know if the USB speed issue has been solved yet?19:06
MrCurioussuch is life19:08
PDunnyHey guys!19:14
PDunnyCan anyone help me make a chroot to boot onto my touchpad?19:15
GrueMasterMrCurious: Keep an eye on bug 709245.  Work is being done.19:24
ubot2Launchpad bug 709245 in linux-ti-omap4 "ARM SMP scheduler performance bug" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70924519:24
MrCuriousthanks gruemaster19:25
GrueMasterPDunny: What kind of touchpad?19:25
MrCuriousyou weren't kidding.. longest bug page i have seen yet19:25
GrueMasterYou might be able to use the ubuntu-core image.19:26
MrCuriouswow! almost an order of magnitude potential gains! that is going to be a game changer19:26
PDunnyGrueMaster - HP Touchpad19:27
GrueMasterPDunny: Ok, so at least armv7.  You should be able to use the ubuntu-core image as a base.19:27
PDunnyGruemaster - Would the kubuntu-mobile project be suffice? It has most of the features I am looking for in it just not sure how to make the chroot19:28
GrueMasterI don't know.  I don't work with that image.  It might though.19:29
GrueMasterYou could probably just loop mount the image and chroot into it that way.19:30
PDunnyok .... hum .... not in my ubuntu partition right now:/19:31
PDunnyHave yall had much luck with cellphones/tablets yet?19:32
PDunnyThe touchpad community is essentially begging for something more than just webos so if you need testers for OMAP4 devices .....19:32
GrueMasterI thought the HP system was snapdragon.19:35
prpplaguethat is what i thought as well19:35
PDunnyIt is snapdragon but from the research I have done it looks like it is OMAP419:36
* PDunny newb not sure19:37
GrueMasterBoth are dual core iirc.  They may look the same for the most part.  Need to check /proc/cpuinfo.19:48
PDunnyI had seen somewhere that it was on a compatable list as an omap4 processor so entirely possible I was wrong, of course I bookmarked it on my ubuntu partition19:49
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acesofskydo you know the offcial forum for ubuntu arm support21:54
GrueMasterTry #ubuntu-arm.  Oh, wait...21:55
GrueMasterWhat can we help you with?21:55
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austeregrimSo kind of generic question.. would an ubuntu image just replace my android system partition?21:58
austeregrimor are we looking at modifying partitions for space?21:58
GrueMasterWhat is the platform?  We currently are only supporting TI dev platforms (beagle, beagleXM, panda), although there has been work in the community for other platforms.21:59
austeregrimI've got a Toshiba Thrive... it's been on my mind21:59
austeregrimand unfortunately not close enough to the other Toshiba Android device for me to say it'd be a simple push...22:00
GrueMasterUnfortunately, it is not a platform that is currently being worked with, but someone in the community may have something based on ubuntu.  I know there is a community behind the Toshiba AC100, which uses the same basic core hw.22:01
GrueMasterI don't know if there is an active community yet for that system.22:02
austeregrimthe AC100 doesn't seem close enough to the Thrive for me to think the Hw is compatible.22:02
GrueMasterThey are both nVidia Tegra2 dual core Arm Cortex A9.  That in of itsself is a major step in the right direction.22:03
austeregrimI'm just trying to wrap my mind around how it would be booted, first of all... there is about 600mb of space in the System Partition to use22:04
austeregrimactually there may be more.22:04
austeregrim688M according to df22:05
GrueMasterWhat about other partitions?22:05
infinityWe tend to repartition our ac100s a bit.22:05
austeregrimdata - 2g, cache - 1007M22:05
GrueMasterI believe the ac100 image uses a larger partition, like the user partition.22:06
infinityThough you can dual-boot android and Ubuntu if you feel the strange desire.  It's just irksome.22:06
austeregrimstorage - 9G22:06
infinity(When we dual-boot, we just take over that storage partition)22:06
infinityWhen not, we reparition and turn system+data+cache+storage into one nice large one.22:07
austeregrimcan't partition the thrive, we only have fastboot22:08
infinityWe only have fastboot on the ac100 too.22:08
infinityNot sure how that relates. :P22:08
austeregrimthats when it gets scary for me I guess. lol22:09
infinityI'm willing to bet that the Thrive is pretty much just "an ac100 without a keyboard".22:09
infinityI'd put pretty good money on it, even.22:09
infinityBut without touching one, it's hard to know for sure. :/22:09
austeregrimI've looked at the hardware, too many other differences.22:09
infinityCare to come visit? :)22:09
austeregrimvisit where?22:09
infinityCalgary, AB.22:09
austeregrimToo far22:10
austeregrimalthough I could probably give simple access to a shell, as close to touching one I can give.22:10
austeregrimunless you're willing to come to California ;-)22:14
infinityWell, I'll be in Santa Rosa in early September. :P22:15
austeregrim7 hour drive to there22:16
austeregrimwhat are you doing up there?22:16
infinityLinux Plumbers.22:17
austeregrimI just wonder why it isn't as simple as pushing a new system partition to get a different linux distro booted on these arm devices.. or could it be? and it's just not ready yet?22:23
austeregrimI mean I understand the requirements that the kernel needs to know what it's on, etc.22:23
GrueMasterPart of the problem is the vendor.  Some (most) vendors don't want you mucking with their default OS (Windows 7, Android, OSX, etc).22:25
GrueMasterSo they don't make it easy for you to do so.22:25
austeregrimTablets though have seemed to be fairly easy to root, and like the thrive, fastboot isn't locked.22:26
GrueMasterTry to get factory warranty service on a system that originally sold with Windows 7 that you have installed Ubuntu on.22:26
Lopiwhat fs type is http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/11.04/release/ubuntu-11.04-preinstalled-headless-armel+omap.img.gz22:27
GrueMasterThat may be true, but have they posted specs on how to get the HW to work in the kernel?22:27
austeregrimno... lol... of course not22:27
GrueMasterLopi: The file is an image of an SD card with a fat32 partition and an ext3 partition.22:28
LopiGrueMaster: how can I mount it?22:28
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GrueMasterIf you want to mount the fs with -o loop, there is a bit of a process to do it.  First, use gunzip to uncompress it.22:29
Lopiyeah I did that22:29
GrueMasterThen type "file ubuntu-11.04-preinstalled-headless-armel+omap.img" to find out the partition locations.22:29
GrueMasterTo mount a partition, type "sudo mount ubuntu-11.04-preinstalled-headless-armel+omap.img /mnt -o loop,offset=$((512*<partition start point>)).22:30
GrueMasterGive me a sec and I can give you an exact example.22:30
Lopiwill this cause any issues if I'm using emulated filesystems?22:31
GrueMasterI'm assuming you are doing this on a Linux desktop system.22:31
GrueMaster(i.e. Ubuntu Desktop).22:32
Lopiyeah I am22:32
Lopiwhat I'm asking is22:32
Lopican I get rid of these partitions and create a new image with this image22:32
Lopion my device, the ramdisk mounts the nand then mounts a loopback image to create an emulated fs22:32
GrueMasterYes, but it is not easy.22:32
Lopithen pivot roots, etc.22:32
GrueMasterSo, back to the mount process, on my system "sudo mount ubuntu-11.04-preinstalled-headless-armel+omap.img mnt -o loop,offset=$((512*144585))" will mount the second partition.22:34
LopiI see22:34
GrueMasterBut I think what you would want to do is beyond the scope of the preinstalled images.22:34
Lopican I generate my own natty rootfs with rootstock?22:35
GrueMasterPart of the boot process of these images is to resize the ext3 partition to fill the SD card being used, from 4G to 32G.22:35
GrueMasterIt also runs oem-config to customize the image to the user.22:35
Lopiyeah that would be a problem :/22:35
Lopililstevie was telling me about this22:36
GrueMasterYou might have a better time taking our new Ubuntu-Core image and expanding on it.  It is smaller than the headless image by quite a bit, but is usefull to start with as a chroot environment.22:36
Lopihm okay22:37
infinitySomeone needs to remind me to purge rootstock with fire for the next cycle.22:37
Lopiwhere can I get ubuntu-core22:37
GrueMasterYou also can't boot directly to it as there is no kernel, but you can boot a kernel and have it mount a filesystem with ubuntu-core as /22:37
infinityI'll need a spec to make sure that whatever functionality it has lives sanely elsewhere.22:37
infinity(And don't download "current", it's not actually current... But the dated directories are)22:38
Lopibtw, this is for Ubuntu on the iPad22:38
infinity(This will be fixed tomorrow :P)22:38
Lopiyou can see the linux kernel "booting" on it here: http://yfrog.com/hsu4bigj22:38
GrueMasterLopi: Then ubuntu-core is probably your best starting point.22:38
LopiGrueMaster: thanks for the help22:39
Lopiit's going to be awhile before I have interaction with the image, but I figured I might as well get it booting now ;p22:41
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